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Noxious: afternoon gents
Waddos: Sinclair stay in the mid please you are cramping my boy NWM
Noxious: I hate it when they make debutants the sub, give em a full run
wadaramus: I agree Noxious, the sub reul itself is a joke, but then you hype a young player up for their debut and give em the vest
Noxious: Like how good, whole family comes down to watch them play 3 minutes of the last quarter like Kynan Brown
Noxious: Plus what if they suck and you bring on the sub for the fresh legs and they do nothing hahaha
frenzy: howdy
Roarix: ffs NWM.. that was an easy shot and you miss everything
Roarix: Classic.. Oppo in draft has Clark.. first goal all year.. rack off lol
Stu7: Go Sinclair, Rozee
PAFC4eva: Port going to show some heart today?
Noxious: God I love Butters
Noxious: Lets hope so PAFC
naicosfan: Go butters Sinclair and Houston
OffaStep: Hail Mary C on Houston. Looking like a solid decision.
PAFC4eva: C on houste big kahunas
original: Would take 100 please boak (draft miracle needed)
Pavs: Yep Solid
Noxious: Saints give up bulk points to opposing defenders
OffaStep: That was the reasoning, Nox. He has to get near it, first.
Noxious: He will no doubt
original: Still bitter sweet got injured or sick all those weeks ago and ruined him being a huge $ increase in first half of yr
Noxious: Maybe not when hes on the bench though
Legix: Who is windy tagging? Canít see on mobile
Noxious: Meant to be butters
Pavs: Mean't to be Butters Legix
Noxious: Lets see if Butters has worked on his temper while being tagged
Legix: Cheers
Stu7: Good stuff Rozee and Sinclair r
Mantaur: Schoenmaker suffering some sopherore slump
Noxious: Cmon Sweet why you gotta do that
naicosfan: hope that umpire gets fired, flowering flog of a call
Noxious: Look same thing happened to Daicos weeks ago so they're consisten but wtf is that rule
naicosfan: nah its happened multiple times after daicos and nothing, i remember it happening to merrett and nothing happened
amigaman: AFL bringing itself into disrepute. Umpiring has dragged the sport into the mud.
Pavs: I'm struggling with the umpiring these days. Houston wasn't tackled either
Noxious: Oh there you go
Noxious: where was the prior there
JoelinToon: Go butters
naicosfan: good call there
amigaman: @JoelinToon, second that
naicosfan: okay, thats deliberate
Noxious: No deliberate?
Pavs: It was touched
pcaman2003: Arvo all. Only Butters and Rozee,with Rozee being my POD in this. Good so far.
OffaStep: Flower off Farrell, taking kick-ins. Houston needs those cheap points!
JoelinToon: Schoenmaker please do something
soup: Touk has some competition for worst captain in the league
TheOnyas: Onya Sweety
FlaggersXD: Whats wrong with Touk
naicosfan: touk isnt that bad of a captain
FlaggersXD: Less selfish than Dangerfield
Flagpies23: Whatís everyone ranked overall?
soup: 3028 flagpies but probably going to slip this round
naicosfan: 841, proj 2300 but idk how the rounds going to go
pcaman2003: 181.052, or that's how it feels this year.
Noxious: Why does no one stand proper on the goal line anymore
Pavs: Nope thats my ranking pcaman
Ooost: I'm 1088 rank, proj 2450 ish but I have Steele which isnt looking good
Flagpies23: Butters is so annoying, even when heís tagged
Stu7: Off the bench Rozee
pcaman2003: Pavs. We must be on equal footing then mate :)
Pavs: Gerard Healy could lose his shiit today with the umpiring
naicosfan: oost your on a huge round mate, all of the guys in the top 500 are proj 2250-2350, youve missed alot of carnage well don
pcaman2003: Okay Rozee,another 11 possies required this qtr, no clangers.
Pavs: Doesn't sound greedy pcaman
soup: Are we still on kelli watch for the wet toast game or did she commentate yesterday
JoelinToon: Loving the Matt Hill commentary just quietly
Noxious: Thought Rozee just hurt himself there hahaha
soup: Joe, first game I've heard him commentate after hearing the praise and it's very refreshing
pcaman2003: Never greedy Pavs, just ambitious.
Pavs: Agree Loelin wonder if he can umpire?
soup: Steele get off the pine you muggle
naicosfan: lift houston
sfenda1: butters is destroying windhager
Noxious: Is windhager even on him?
Legix: Noxious he doesnít look interested at all
Noxious: Good to see Lorenz outscoring Evans on his debut
soup: Rack off rozee
Noxious: Thinking the same Legix, doesnt seem to be having much impact on him
pcaman2003: Rozee only had proj of 72, so looking good.
soup: Windhager only looks interested when he's tagging my PODs
Legix: Brought Sinclair in this week. Looking good
Pavs: Kept him all year pcaman. Been a tough hold
Pavs: Probably explains my ranking :)
pcaman2003: Pavs. Had him from the start, traded when hammy done, bought back in cheap.
Noxious: Got him in at 400k so no complaints here
Legix: Looks like windy is running in slow motion
Noxious: Aliir got his revenge on Higgins haha
naicosfan: Bloody Kane Feral taking Houstonís cheap posies
Hazza09: Cya Steele, useless
naicosfan: On a positive note, Sinclair saving my round being a pod in the top 1k
soup: Steele to serong next week locked
naicosfan: I went Steele to Bont this week, very happy
_Wang_: Clangermakers gets a bit of it
Hazza09: do you straight trade Steele to another promo or trade around him? he looks cooked
BigChief: Gday all. Late change for Blues. showertonet in TDK out. Banks and Hewett subs.
Stu7: Sinclair awesome stuff as well Rozee keep it up
naicosfan: Huge late out for the blues BC
Noxious: I imagine plenty of people have brought TDK in recently too
navy_blues: pitto will go ok
naicosfan: Max king might be one of the most overrated key forwards, his brother is tremendously better
Swoop35: My oppo had the C on TDK
navy_blues: agree naicos
naicosfan: Same swoop
navy_blues: rain wont help pitto tho TDK would of been better
Hazza09: ffs steele
BigChief: Rich has a chance with showeronet playing. Sorry navy but he is a poor ruck.
navy_blues: no he isnt BC we have a lot more clearances from pitto rucking
Swoop35: Agree BC, taps it and then watches
navy_blues: just not as mobile as TDK and 2nd efforts arent there
Near22: Lift Houston
BigChief: navy as Swoops says he taps it and stands in the centre square. Should have picked Mirkov or Lemmey.
pcaman2003: Wake up Rozee. The qtr started ages ago..
OffaStep: Farrell playing Houston's game. FML.
Noxious: oh my god King hahahaha
naicosfan: Ffs Sinclair
Noxious: Cmon Evans first goal
pcaman2003: Rozee to do a Flanders. Great 1st half, then fall over in the 2nd..
Swoop35: Rozee seems to fall asleep in 3rd quarters
Hazza09: Cya steele, never again list
pcaman2003: Swoop. Unfortunately so! Hope he kicks into gear last qtr.
xodeus9: TDK late out, just flowering end me honestly
Swoop35: Hopefully pca, he did it last week!
Noxious: Dont see Finlayson do that very often
DANGERous: get the ball Rozee
naicosfan: 15 point qtr Sinclair wtf
OffaStep: I'm trying to be reasonable, Houston, because it was a risky call to C you. But. You are a spud. A flowering onlooker.
Swoop35: Thankyou JHF for giving rozee a cheap disposal
pcaman2003: So Rozee gets his 2nd touch for the qtr right at the siren. Sheesh!
Hughsy: And rozee goes up 10 for a kick, just great
Cascadian: Offastep I put the C on Houston after having the VC on Naicos which makes it even more annoying
Swoop35: Rozee went up 10 lol ill take it
wadaramus: Must be a bit wet and windy, pretty scrappy game.
pcaman2003: Hughsy. Houston went up 6 at qtr end even though not near ball. Think scaling happened.
Cascadian: Pcaman Houston got the kick out
OffaStep: Exact same scenario for me, Cascadian. Watched on opp VC Bont and thought, "Nah, Naicos is safe." Ouch.
pcaman2003: Cacadian. Must have missed that.
frenzy: who wins
clay007: I'm glad Houston has a problem. He usually kills me.
pcaman2003: Time to step up Rozee. You were 68 at half time. Move it!
Swoop35: Keep going rozee and butters
Hazza09: im better off playing a rookie over some of these fake premos
frenzy: Cooper the super sub
Stu7: Move you spud Rozee
Noxious: What a terrible game to watch
pcaman2003: Rozee really letting the team down by his inaction. Missing in tight contests.
Stu7: Thatís better Ring a ring a Rozee
Roarix: Houston is giving owners a problem..
Noxious: Shows its the role not the player haha
Noxious: Houston is good but Farrell is getting it
Stu7: 22 more Rozee
OffaStep: Yep. I demand Farrell's SC points!
pcaman2003: Noxious. You think Houston missing out on easy cheap points from kick ins?
Noxious: Yeah definitely, that and hes having a bit of a stinker
frenzy: get the flower off the bench
pcaman2003: I'm not complaining as my oppo this week has him. Luckily for me.
Noxious: why is butters benched ffs
OffaStep: Farrell done the bulk of the distributing. Saints blocking Houston's give & go's early. Farrell took over.
Stu7: Come on Sinclair
soup: Farrell you loser
pcaman2003: Very strange with game to be one and bench Butters. That's crazy stuff!
Noxious: at least team wise we've got 2 options but not good for supercoach
soup: Steele that's your last play in my team you flower wit
naicosfan: steele and rozee not even doing bad, houston is 30 points lower than both
Noxious: i dont care that we win that was a shower effort

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