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Wends: Green vest Cox and O'Connor
Silz90: Thanks wends
Silz90: Brought in Caldwell this week watch him spud it up
Silz90: Hep is a great bloke I know he cops alot from supporters
Pavs: Me to silz. Fingers crossed
Wends: Think positive Silz!
Silz90: Yeh i know 120+ will do us
Social: Not only do we play our 'home' game in opposition city but they make us wear white shorts as well. Fair dinkum.
navy_blues: lets go cats
Swoop35: Go cats
Silz90: We all going for cats here? Lol hope they win too
Wends: Interested to see how Humphries goes...
Swoop35: Yep silz, but congrats heppell
don key: hope bombers do ok
Ash777: yes all on the cats.
Ash777: Good conditions for cats too.
Silz90: Tom in the midfield?
navy_blues: rain should help cats id say
Social: Ja die Catsen-pussen
pcaman2003: Flanders scaled right back to 114 last game. Ripped off! Was 95 at half time.
clay007: Cats hate the rain, better suited to dogs
pcaman2003: Need Martin to make up some ground this week.
navy_blues: ess very tall clay
Noxious: He was making a joke navy
clay007: I was talking about cats and dogs, not footy, so fair to say, ordinary joke by me.
original: Got the VC on Jhye Clark
navy_blues: yes i got the jokke was saying why id thought rain would favour cats all good
Pavs: Keep the funny stuff coming clay007 ;)
clay007: Lol pavs, i thought by dry anus for jye amiss was funny, but got crickets
clay007: That is very original, original
Swoop35: Good choice original
Pavs: Missed that one mate. Very good though lol
Social: one day original, not just yet though
StuL: Started Stewart in the middle then benched him for half tbe qtr . Another player broken by Scott
Hazza09: Cmon Ridley, done ruin me 2 weeks straight
clay007: How will merrett and martin go in these conditions? My oppo has them both
Social: Nights like this you want Bartel on the field
clay007: What a big game player he was social? Champion when it mattered. Nadia does not agree
pcaman2003: Clay. Being the optimist (cough, cough) Martin should get to 120+.
Wends: Their scores appear to be stuck clay.
clay007: Being optimistic is the key pca. I was optimistic with 3 mins to go vs gold coast.
pcaman2003: Bit of stiff luck there Clay. Good fightback!
clay007: Will you guys beat the eagles at their home deck pca? Shapes as an important game for the hawks.
FoopyTime: reid back this week?
pcaman2003: clay. They're capable of it. Just need to apply our strong pressure and force errors.
pcaman2003: Foopy. Yes! Reid is back
clay007: Pca, they are one of the in form teams at moment, need to keep it going
original: Tom Stewart. Whatís gone wrong this year?
Social: No midfielders to take the attention away from him orig
FoopyTime: id probs give it to the eagles even tho im loving watching hawks play atm
navy_blues: feel sry for SDK in ruck
DukeNewc: Merrett 64% tog, very stiff
pcaman2003: Foopy/ Clay. Hoping for a good game either way.
clay007: Reid will be pumped up after a few weeks off with suspension
Ash777: heavy rain back
DukeNewc: Clay, who are in form? WC or Hawks, just to clarify
TheOnyas: Onya Jonesy
Roarix: Now we will get a good old fashioned scrap..
FoopyTime: flower i hate draper
FoopyTime: adelaide take him give us 2 firsts
Hazza09: Seriously what's happened to Ridley the last 2 weeks
Ash777: who would dons get if there's no Draper?
FlaggersXD: He's not playing Richmond
Apachecats: I bought him Hazza thats what happened to him.
Ash777: Scott is what happened
Apachecats: This weeks buy was Heeney.I could stop the Southern Aurora.
naicosfan: ridley a trap, didnt see that coming
Pokerface: they say don't trust people with two first names. But I'll be damned if i trust these players with two last names.
Pokerface: Harrison Jones. Get in the bin. Lawson Humphries? That's not even a real name
Social: Mason Redman?
Ash777: I didn't realise tom stewart is now a midfielder
Social: We don't have a lot of choice these days Ash
Legix: Merrets a star
Ninty: Evening. A few wet ducks tonight
Pokerface: Don't trust him social.
original: Ash777 itís awful
Stu7: Ffs Ridler
Ninty: Stewart ainít a midfielder just like SDK ainít a ruckman.
DaMeatloaf: Traded Stewart to Curnow last week as much as it pained me
original: Chris Scott thinks otherwise Ninty.
Ninty: What would he know original haha
Roarix: The kick turnover merchant back at it again aye
Ash777: This is why I dont have any cats players unless they're like Holmes
original: The TOG for some of the cats players Clark and Bowes both flirting with under 50% is crazy
Ninty: Like Holmes kicking out on the full, ash?
Ninty: Bowes should be playing 92% TOG. Pick 7 must weigh a hit in his tank
Ash777: I mean Holmes can play anywhere and ton up
Social: He's given that the full Logan McDonald
don key: ess playing all over them atm
Stu7: Go Ridler
Roarix: Watching Martin kick has to make even the worst kick at local football feel good.. kicks it to a 0v3 inside 50.. smh
pcaman2003: Martin the butcher at it again. Bombs straight to Geelong player. Nuffie!
FoopyTime: its 50 50 chance pca if it goes to the ops or to a team mate
Ash777: aslong as it goes over 40m it doesn't matter to cd
clay007: It is not 50-50 if you lower the eyes foopy
FoopyTime: im only counting the 50 he does kicking to uncontested team mates
Ninty: who would have thought having no ruckman at all wouldnít be a good idea
pcaman2003: Martin 12 touches, little pressure,but only on 27. Says it all pretty much I think.
FoopyTime: draper flowers it up rucking on his own
Social: It's just like a home game in upside down world
Ash777: Humphries on mega watch
Ninty: I wish the SDK experiment ended already, this is dumb
don key: dont no why you dont like him foop
DaMeatloaf: Humphries passing the eye test
Pokerface: dont trust him meatloaf
clay007: Dangerfield is a legend. He created that goal through sheer will.
Yelse: I've heard about humphries 3 weeks ago all these Cats supporters were saying once he gets in he aint coming out
DaMeatloaf: Donít trust the kid or donít trust the coach Poker?
Pokerface: he has two last names. Don't trust him
clay007: Commentator just said geelong having trouble scoring goals, the scores are level, so how is that true?
Ash777: humphry bogarts
Ash777: humphry law
lana2146: I brought Humpty in for his duels looks not bad
Pokerface: he's a funny ol fellow is Humphry
clay007: Has humphries been killing it in the vfl? Where does he play at vfl?
pcaman2003: Martin! Lol! Whoever at CD gave Martin a proj of 120 is a comedian.
Roarix: Durham is so good to have in draft.. love him
DaMeatloaf: Hahahaha weíve come full circle from Joel Corey
Roarix: Didnt do much last week Clay looking at the numbers from last week.. interesting call up but doing well
Roarix: Wow.. why did I say last week twice lol
Ash777: what do they call humphries at the club?
Ninty: HB clay. Most wanted him in over Mullin. Looks a steal being pick 63 in the draft.
navy_blues: barry
Ninty: call up because of Mullins poor form.. although he looked like quite the player v Swans.. for one quarter. Lol
Pokerface: With his lack of a real first name I think they just kind of ignore him Ash. Sometimes they say 'hey you'
Pokerface: lol navy
Roarix: So looks like Giants are pretenders.. Bombers still got some convincing to do.. Dockers contenders?
Roarix: Despite the log jam from all the way to 13th, think only 4 teams are a genuine chance.. another couple can be added
Ninty: Swans, Blues, LionsÖ Freo, Pies? @ roarix
Roarix: Yeah first 4 you mentioned genuine as things sit.. cant count Pies out and is one that can be added
Roarix: Those 5 make the 8 at least.. who knows from the other 8 teams atm
DaMeatloaf: Hows everyoneís proj after some stinkers today?
Ash777: freo are inconsistent
Social: whoever wins this I reckon
Ash777: same with pies too hot n cold
pcaman2003: Get going Martin ya spud.
Social: Schtengle! You bewdy. I hear he makes a marvellous apple strudel to boot
Ash777: love the sound of angry essendon fans
Hazza09: between Martin, green & English I don't know who is the harder watch
Swoop35: 2239 meatloaf, terrible
Social: Straight down the middle of the fairway I love it
navy_blues: ouch
FoopyTime: yup thats a shower call
BRAZZERS: umps on crack, that was obvious free
TorturedSC: Umps will need bodyguards to get home here
Social: Andrew Dillon will be fuming. We don't help these Cats!
Malaka: The umpire might as well just end the game now and declare Geelong the winner.
Stu7: Come on Merret and Ridler
Stu7: Nice work Caldwell
Ash777: same situation as Neal-Bullen last night
Ninty: About time we had a good run with the umps. Letís go.
Social: That's the first controversial one our way this year I reckon
BRAZZERS: merrett done nothing but rack up clangers this 1/4
Ninty: There was zero pressure on him anyway, as deliberate as ever
FoopyTime: 9m ninty and was in the protected zone
Ash777: agree Ninty
Apachecats: Ridley no prior opportunity -Ch 7
Ninty: Still need pressure foop.
Malaka: 4 unanswered charity goals.
Oddsy5: this last 10 minutes has been absolutely fkd umps can EAD
Apachecats: The deliberate rushed was also incorrect -Ch 7.
clay007: Trump wasn't biden his tongue when he said, never write off Geelong
FoopyTime: if there in the 9m that is considered pressure
Social: 720 degrees
FoopyTime: umps stayed out of it in the first half but have made 4 bad calls in a row that have lead to cats goals
Ninty: Thanks Malaka. Doing it for the country fans!
Apachecats: Draper free for arms chopped not paid -Ch 7
Stu7: Underwood commentating ?
FoopyTime: the flower is this umpiring
navy_blues: wow umps
BRAZZERS: lmao that peanut in the crowd
Social: Lot of bomber fans there for a so called Geelong home game
Swoop35: Geez these umps but oh well, cats are winning :)
Ash777: ch7 are shower -ch9
Ninty: Bowes shouldíve been holding
FoopyTime: honetly dont know why its at the g when its a geelong home game
Oddsy5: i feel like im in a movie right now, is everyone seeing thisÖ
Ninty: Swings and roundabouts
FoopyTime: until caroline wilson kicks it ch9 can suck me left nut
Malaka: Umpires: This has been a great game, let's ruin it.
Ninty: Thereís Goldstein, almost threw it out - Ch 7
clay007: When did caldwell become a good player? He has been huge
Oddsy5: no htb on stewart?
Stu7: Heís a gun Clay
FoopyTime: back end of last year clay but deffs turned it up this year
Ninty: no htb on Cardwell?
Apachecats: All year Clay.
Phasir: To be fair there's been 3x throws not paid against Ess this quarter to but you kings keep going off about the umps lol
Hazza09: Ridley another failed trade in, absolute joke
FoopyTime: throws dont get called for any team phasir
Roarix: Ridley died big time since HT.. come on man
Oddsy5: idc how the umps decide as long as its consistent
Ninty: Did again SDK earlier, foop.
Oddsy5: and this has been anything but that and has decided the game
Ninty: against*. Iíve never seen Bombers lose a game that wasnít the umpires fault.
Social: Feels weird to be on the receiving end of bad calls
Ninty: lol. Essendon still have more frees too.
Social: or controversial at least
TorturedSC: As someone that would be quite happy if these 2 disappeared off the face of the earth, the Ess are being stooged here
FoopyTime: ive seen plenty ninty lol but even you cant say the umps havnt made some bad calls there that the cats got free goals 4
FoopyTime: is what it is thats footy
Ash777: umps have been really bad for weeks now
Stu7: Come on Merret
Social: seem plenty against us this year too. Perhaps the umps will be spoken to now and flip.
Ninty: 4? Turn it up. Most frees were there. Bowes shouldíve been htb.
Swoop35: Great quarter stewart keep it up
UncleSniff: I'm glad people bit on Ridley... Was always a fraud. LOL
Phasir: Anyone else even have Ess playing finals this year? I've got them finishing 13th on the ladder predictor...
Social: Humphries is for real though, so glad he finally got a run
frenzy: lol Phasir
FoopyTime: i still dont feel out list is good enough to be in finals but i see you trying to do some fishing phasir
pcaman2003: So many times Martin went soft that qtr.
Roarix: The deliberate is harsh consistency wise.. Bowes 100% HTB
Phasir: Humphries a WCE NGA they passed on
Hepatitis: Love listening to dons fans sook. Best at sooking in the comp
Ash777: need dons finals drought to continue for the lols
Social: The Wright wan't a mark either, 3 taps does not constitute a strong mark
TorturedSC: Draper get's his hand to the ball a lot for very few HTA
Oddsy5: geelong r a way better team than us and always beat us but tonight feels gifted
Manowar: looks like the Peptides have worn off
Toobstars: Afl don't want geelong missing finals... lost revenue at the G!
FoopyTime: dont get me started on draper hes a waste of space
original: Price you deserve the AA youíll just claim by default Stewart and get 100+
Hepatitis: Yep manowar, dons an average group
FoopyTime: we say we are ourselves dude dont know who you trying to convince
FoopyTime: ok toobstar thats a good one
UncleSniff: Essendon finishing 9th willl be tooo sweeet
Legix: Hepatitis and manowar the two biggest grubs here. Donít take the bait foopy
Social: I thought Touhy had insufficient opportunity there, consistent with previous comments
Ash777: dons had a chance to get the game back but they didn't
Manowar: need to call James Hird for a pep up
FoopyTime: legix i like the banter its half the fun of footy
Hepatitis: Legix the fun police lol - did u enjoy the game this arvo
Roarix: Big result this.. Hawks get up and its 6 pts between 11 teams.. wow
Social: Oh contrare Toob. We only turn up at the KP. (I'm watching from home right now)
Yelse: need danger 2 more possies to win 1600
original: Bombers got many injuries?
Roarix: And 8 pts between 12.. no room for error now
Legix: I did hepatitis. Are you enjoying your season?
TorturedSC: 100 tog for Goldy from here and the bombers are a chance
FoopyTime: naa not really most injuries are to non first team players
Ninty: shouldíve traded Stewart for Humphries. What a jet
FoopyTime: flower it delist draper i dont even want the 2 firsts from adelaide anymore
Roarix: ffs.. subbed Duncan. fk you Scott, I need more draft points
Ash777: 2 first from adelaide for draper lol
Hepatitis: Correct legix - I am enjoying my season. We wonít win the flag, but neither will the #hotpies
Ninty: Iíd still take Draper, his best is very good
UncleSniff: "once humpries comes in, he wont come out" for SEN listeners
original: strong finish Stewart letís get the ton
Toobstars: Fair call Social. Probably more family friendly at the G.
FoopyTime: draper "im going to punch it 20m down field instead of taping it into our midfield zone"
UncleSniff: Essendon are terrible.
Social: Cobden VIC represent
FoopyTime: ninty ill trade you draper for a meat pie
Yelse: essendon when too tall in the wet
Yelse: danger get on please
frenzy: U drinkin Yelse, lol
Roarix: Bombers cant afford too big of a % hit..
navy_blues: wd cats
pcaman2003: Martin is a flacid c**k.He's softer than my Golden Retriever. Get some mongrel in ya Martin.
Stu7: Ridley another passenger
Social: who iznt frenzy?
Roarix: Martin deadset useless.. 6 clangers as a HB.. Find another Key defender and let Ridley get more ball in hand
pcaman2003: Stu7. What's the general consensus on Martin with supporters?
FoopyTime: positive for the game that was the first 50m penalty
UncleSniff: When the goin gets tough, Eseendon packs up their shiz.... And I'm here for it
FoopyTime: ill give ya my view pca "hes the best worst kick in the game"
Ash777: back to essendon of old
jfitty: Atlas icon for Caldwell, doing it all
original: Yelse good luck. Surely from here
Stu7: I think generally heís considered a good player pca
Ninty: 13-17 FKís, have we even got one this quarter? Bloody umps
pcaman2003: Stu7. Maybe he needs to do more CP's and start tackling too.
Roarix: Duncan gone up +6 while subbed.. love it
Ninty: Two posters called by the umps this quarter has ruined any come back
Stu7: True pca
Social: With our differential Ninty, this is a good result
Ninty: Game has been dead so Duncan will scale up yeah?
Zutroyz: I'd like to thank the rain. Kept us in it early
Gotigres: And so I get another so called premium into my side, only to destroy them. In this case Merrett.
Social: Dillon does not want Cats up there
Pavs: Very happy with Caldwell Silz.
Roarix: +8 now... more more more
original: Congrats on danger bet
Social: Catters are yappy :) love it
Wends: Did O'Connor end up going to Merrett: ie - why the go slow in Q4?
Stu7: Ridley = potato
UncleSniff: LOL at Ridleys score
original: Sub +8 is crazy. Crazy. Meanwhile in other game players who have 5 touches in final qtr wins get scaled downwards (fland
Swoop35: Happy with stewarts score from 30 at HT to ton up is great
Ninty: No wends; running with Atkins.
FoopyTime: what a kick
Ash777: forget basketball background it's all about that tennis background now
Wends: Ahh, thx ninty
Stu7: Come on ya spud merret ton up
Ninty: Knevitt! Cracker, hope he gets a good string of games now.
original: Stewart good second half should scale up to 100 right
Social: special (in Bruce's attempted baritone)
navy_blues: couldnt ask for better results today blues wise
Manowar: Brad Scott stunned mullet
FoopyTime: blues and swom looking like top 2 lock for the table to me
Roarix: Merrett and Rowell.. premos.. ffs
Ninty: Must have swapped coaches tonight
Manowar: Collingwood & Essendon both LOSERS, perfect day/night
Roarix: One of the form teams in the comp? they had lost 2 of the last 3 and now 3 of the last 4.. lol
Roarix: Pies and Bombers game is so big next week.. so many teams tryna make it.. mini elim type feel
pcaman2003: Manowar. You better hope the Blues win tomorrow,or possible retribution. Lol!
Wends: Hung onto Stewart about two months too long... now he's scoring like it's 2021
Manowar: bring it on, Blues easy!
pcaman2003: Manowoar. Just let Walsh know I want a huge game from him. Cheers!.
DaicosQB: Manowar is a sad sack of shower... pathetic freak
Manowar: thanks for the positive feedback

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