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frenzy: evening chaps
pcaman2003: Evening frenzy.. Can't believe Flanders got scaled down to 114. Was 95 at half time. Flopped badly!
beerent11: Ranking my final upgrade this week. Apologies in advance.
Wends: Green and Whitfield only in this one... such a bummer pca - makes missing the Dunkley trade extra salty pour moi
beerent11: *rankine
frenzy: got outta jail with Naicos C
pcaman2003: Who will be your upgrade beer?
pcaman2003: You've answered my question.
Roarix: Gotta love it aye pca.. shocking
beerent11: It was rankine this round pca. All done.
naicosfan: great tom green showing us that hes still a spud
pcaman2003: beer. Wish I was done. I'm still several off. Forward line a problem area. Lack of premium fwds.
Social: Don't pay de Perryman
beerent11: I reckon thereís a clear top 5 pca. Plus curnow.
Wends: Social with the 80s cheese
SonOfAGun.: wow
beerent11: CDB had a moment wends.
beerent11: Izak giving a roving masterclass.
Wends: lol beer
beerent11: The Irish Michael Bolton
original: Ffs just saw Flanders scaled down to 114. Ggf. 11 min bench. Was 118 at 3qt
brodiejay: Can anyone tell me what the square of pixels next to Leek Aleer means? I upgraded him this week.
naicosfan: its Fog, meaning hes playing on fogarty
Wends: Whitfield a shining light in a round of mucky mud-type funk.
TorturedSC: It's a fog, he's on Fogarty
brodiejay: Riiiight. Of course it is. How could I have not known that?!
naicosfan: not very obvious, dont blame u, i had to scroll through the icons to find out.
brodiejay: Thanks for the answer lads. I truly don't understand how anyone could think that's a reasonable thing to do.
original: What a world. Blokes like hinge out scoring Tom Green. Ffs sc draft
TorturedSC: I've definitely done tha with quite a few naicosfan
Hellnback: Looks like another all poss. no points for tgreen
original: Hellnback Tom green only handballing today it seems. Low points
naicosfan: green on for another 80 today
brodiejay: Hinge has averaged right around 100 all year. Had him all season in SC, but I was expecting 105 or more this year.
brodiejay: He's been pretty good, but not as good as I'd hoped/predicted after his strong end to last season.
original: Tom green gunna go a whole game with no kicks, no tackles, no marks. Watch
beerent11: Pretty happy with my newest recruit
Roarix: Love having Hinge in draft.. along with Rankine
brodiejay: Who dat beer?
brodiejay: Rankine?
beerent11: Izak brodie
brodiejay: Yeah those would have been two Extremely good value picks roarix... assuming I can guess how draft works.
Hazza09: Tom Green back to his best
Hazza09: Another 70 coming
brodiejay: Nice beer. Rankine next week for me finishes my team. Low on trades though.
Yelse: i am annoyed how suddenly laird is getting so much TOG
beerent11: Green getting a lot of ball. Will be ok
beerent11: Star!
Roarix: Not watching this one, is Hinge ok?
pcaman2003: Roarix. Hinge got a knock and his door fell off. Apart from that he's okay.
Roarix: Lol pca.. thanks. In my draft team
soup: Start tagging rankine you nuff Kingsley
Swoop35: Tom green 18 touches 42 pts lol
Hazza09: Never again @swoop
Social: Considered Green for C, gald I didn't. Notthat Flanders finished strong either...
DrSeuss: How far have GWS fallen since the first few rounds - how long since they have kicked a goal in this game
Kidult: Green clone of Cripps needing 40 most weeks to get 110. Can't ever see him going above 117-119
Stu7: Keep going Lairdy
original: Sub hinge already
Stu7: Off the bench Lairdy
BRAZZERS: kidult you cant see green getting more that 117? , did you open your eyes last week with the 150 lmao
Stu7: Off the pine Laird
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
Kidult: @brazzers that is one score
Stu7: Laird back to his 70-75% on ground time
Kidult: the 117-119 is peak Cripps average
beerent11: Green cruising to a ton.
naicosfan: green the new big bodied crouch with tog? at crouchs starting price? who wouldve thought
beerent11: Not cruising, flying.
beerent11: Everyone was bagging him out on here half an hour ago.
Stu7: Laird ffs
Stu7: Wood poisioning
PAFC4eva: Like they did naicos beer fanfooty chat doesnt change
UncleSniff: Tom Green lamenters are where? Where'd they go?
m0nty: Brown on Butts in that contest
beerent11: Cumming on butts now.
Raspel31: Tom Green for President!
PAFC4eva: Prime minister at least rasp
UncleSniff: Rasp is over here beceause Essendon are going to miss finals.
PAFC4eva: Anyone believing state of origin talk on the news
beerent11: I like minge
original: State of origin should happen week before grand final. Give a week break, SOO then. Bang.
wadaramus: NRL envy PAFC, not sure how AFL could actually make it work.
Roarix: Hinge and Rankine in draft.. thank you for coming
Raspel31: Great golf player beer.
PAFC4eva: Clubs wont let it happen
Stu7: Keep going woody Laird
wadaramus: If the players wanted it, like the NRL players do, it would happen.
original: Keep going green
Stu7: Laird doing his thing again
Raspel31: This round has been-take your predicted score ans subtract 400.
PAFC4eva: I remember last couple origins some players were stopped by clubs
Manowar: Keep going Butts
Pevo: Lots of empty seats.
wadaramus: Yep, spot on mate, clubs and players started to put the club before state.

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