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bhg26: Flanders back in the mids, about time
naicosfan: C on nick daicos, and already butchering it
lana2146: Rolled the dice C on Nicky D
Noxious: there we go
Social: I went with the sexy man
Pevo: I have the C on umpire #3.
Baldfrog: Good choice Pevo
naicosfan: oleg markov the goal umpire?
Swoop35: Cmon naics, flanders and sexton
Noxious: i dropped like 250 off my projected after the last 2 games
pcaman2003: Pevo. Nice choice, but I'll stick with Flanders as my C.
Noxious: Went from 50 in front of my opponent to 90 behind
Yelse: i think howes disposal has gone downhill always butchering it now
Raspel31: Got stuck with Gulden pcaman but Flanders wise choice.
Stu7: Get on the ground Freddy Krueger
Legix: Good to have our guns back
pcaman2003: Raspel. Had Errol as my VC, but had to Go C Flanders with fingers crossed. Due for some luck I think.
naicosfan: flanders is bumming us
clay007: Playing on you naicos. Just killed naicos in the centre then
bhg26: Who would have thought playing Flanders who was playing near aa level back half of last year in the mid would work well
bhg26: Naicos scintillating start as captain
clay007: Similar to Laird and dawson bhg
Raspel31: Pointy ebd- opp capped Naicos- me Gulden. Should have stick with Flanders..
original: Have captained Heeney twice this year for 94 and 85. Fuming
Yelse: why daicos on the pine he was aiming for 100% TOG
bhg26: Wanted to captain flanders but didnt know if he was playing half back or mid, guess it didnt really matter in the end
pcaman2003: Hindsight always a wonderful thing Raspel. We all need a time machine.
Pavs: Is Sullivan mean't to be on Flanders?
pcaman2003: So excited about good start by Flanders, forgot Sexton. Get going Sexton.
alpsnal FC: Took the C off Flanders to put it on NDacios. I'm going to bed.
Yelse: seriously someone get on flanders
clay007: Um flanders, do they think he is Bontempelli?
Raspel31: Much as I have Naicos pcaman not looking good for the 144- phew. Go flanders and Suns.
naicosfan: flanders deserves all those points
Social: Go you stoopid sexy thing Flanders
Noxious: I was going to choose flanders but stuck with Gulden FFS
circle52: same Noxious - Thoiught may struggle against Pies with their inns
original: Please lift sexton. 80+ plz
Stu7: Come on Freddy
clay007: Naicos will catch from flanders fields
Yelse: closely on the bench for sexton great move by me
Stu7: Who did you go Gotigres Day or Freddy?
Raspel31: Scarce heard amid the guns below clay- stay down Naicos.
Noxious: Damn he definitely doesnt seem to be struggling circle haha
Social: like honey
don key: 22 non frees get 2 goals go you umps
beerent11: Never a more reliable thing than ppl complaining about cd scoring players they donít have too highly.
clay007: lol rasp
SonOfAGun.: Jaicos very disappointing
don key: just warming up pies go get em lol
Cam123: Good start Anderson, good pod with Dunkley
pcaman2003: Lift Flanders, lift!
alpsnal FC: So based on scaling, if Flanders doesn't touch the ball for the rest of the game, does he still end up on 100
Cam123: Swallow the difference
don key: think hes floundering pca lol
beerent11: Anyone brilliantly intelligent enough to captain Flanders?
don key: lots of holding going on and no frees !! including the rucks
m0nty: stats frozen I think
lana2146: Scores frozen
pcaman2003: don key. Yep! On my calculations he should have tonned already. What a spud!
navy_blues: lol scores
alpsnal FC: Matrix glitch?
bhg26: Geez harsh scaling
beerent11: Ah well. Weíll just have to watch the game.
Social: ja ganz zugefroren
Raspel31: Flanders has dropped to 1- bad 5 minutes.
Amare: traded Naicos for Richards in SC...paying off
navy_blues: sc scores starting fresh mcguirdthinks flanders has to many points lol
clay007: Agreed bgh, flanders 68 back to 1
bhg26: Naicos c not looking good with the current scores
pcaman2003: beer. Thanks for the compliment, but not really that brilliant every week.Lol!
original: Shocking 5 mins for flanders
bhg26: But flanders captainers are spewing he lost 60 something points
clay007: What's an ainsworth and who touk miller?
Raspel31: Take up our quarrel with the foe- Flanders score does not lie.
brodiejay: I have Captain Flanders. Was on track for 256 Supercoach, so I'll settle for 500 captain score if he slows down
Noxious: now hes only on 1 supercoach
bhg26: He was on track brodiejay but now hes on 1 things change
fishman_da: Someone's hacked Champion Data to work out how scoring works
clay007: Must have been an all mighty clanger by flanders fields
pcaman2003: Flanders broke SC scoring. It couldn't keep up and did a foofer valve.
Noxious: Flanders doing his best Clarry impression
original: Fishman. The way they rate players on SEN itís just roll of the dice
Social: erstarrt wie eine Nonne
navy_blues: no 50 for decent
Raspel31: Will this game be scaled up?
Yelse: seriously the ball is following flanders
alpsnal FC: If SC is broken, do they have to replay the match?
clay007: Die Nonne auftauen
Ash777: tapped onto the boot
original: Darcy can please lift. Started on fire 25 after 14 mins and scaling back since then. Hit outs tweaked? Gawn had heaps..
Troglodyte: Is there an agency temp working at CDHQ today or has Flanders actually getting his hands on the ball that much?
Social: hehe lets hope so Clay
Pavs: Only because there is no one near him Yelse
clay007: liebe es, deutsch zu schreiben
clay007: Someone said earlier that swallow was the difference, even moreso now
Yelse: frees def one way atm
Raspel31: Mein deutsch is nicht so gut aber mein Franzoeisch ist sehr gut.
shagga24: what is Flanders actually on?
Noxious: who knows
original: Who is Richardís getting subbed on for in the near future (pls)
clay007: French kissing Rasp, or just the language
Legix: Heíd be around 80-90 I reckon shagga
Raspel31: Coke and meth shagga.
Social: I think German is the funniest language in the world, especially spoken with a WWII accent :o
Noxious: Maynard what a flop
Ash777: maynard acting up
navy_blues: lol maynard
bhg26: Maynard acting tough as if he didnt go down like a sack of shower 1 minute ago
SonOfAGun.: Bang!
Legix: That was like a goldberg spear tackle
sheezel420: maynard is an absolute dog
pcaman2003: Flanders touched the ball so much his hands turned yellow.
Social: Champion-Daten haben ScheiŖe im Bett!
fishman_da: Meanwhile, at Champion Data ....
fishman_da: Meanwhile, at Champion Data .... [Loading Nick Daicos cheat code ... 3... 2... 1...]
Silz90: Mmm maynard
BRAZZERS: lol who cares about cd, maybe you should have gone out on a sat night lol
bhg26: How the flower does naicos make that kick work
clay007: How long will it take for sc to get the flower in order?
original: Impact to Sportsbet stat feed too
Silz90: Fine for maynard if may got one
pcaman2003: A guess at Flanders score? I'll go 87
Noxious: yet here you are brazzers
bhg26: You're here too brazzers
NateDoGG84: Hey all, whats going on with scores? anyone able to tell me flanders naicos and rowell sc scores please?
Raspel31: Porquoi on ne vois pas les resultats sportifs> Ca me rends mal!
Noxious: No one can see the score nate
naicosfan: wow pca
Stu7: Krueger ya spud
bhg26: Gee everyones had a purple patch
NateDoGG84: all good scores back
pcaman2003: Wowee! I guessed 87 correctly.
Silz90: Ignore brazzers clueless
Raspel31: Et alors- voila!
soup: flower sake my naicos/Flanders 50/50 did not go in my favour
original: Bring on richards!
Silz90: Whoever recommended vc on Flanders thank you. Was it beer?
naicosfan: spud central at collingwood fc
Noxious: i didnt even realise richards was sub, and my freijah score is E on the bench lol
Noxious: ive truly cooked this round
Silz90: Can't believe i paid 650k for Rowell, ruined My season
beerent11: Didnít take my own advice if it was me silz.
lana2146: Rowell looks like a must sell
Ash777: Rowell killing me
Manowar: trade in Crippa and all your problems will be solved
Silz90: Can't remember but I'm a happy man right now lol
Ash777: Rowell to Red asap
bhg26: He had 41 touches last week manowar and still didnt ton
Getup: I changed Flanders to naicos c just before the game yay me
Ash777: Red = ed richards
pcaman2003: Silz. I was sick of his inconsistent scoring and dumped him rnd 14
Manowar: you silly Goose!
Silz90: I don't mind laird or downgrading to rozzee
Silz90: Don't blame you pca who you bring in for him
pcaman2003: Silz Butters
Wends: Good evening all... Flanders C helping clear my big sook about going Rivers/Rozee over Dunkley/Evans
loginpaul: real talk Silz - loginpaul
pcaman2003: Wends. Howdy! Nice to have Flanders as C. I might have chosen right this time. :)
Getup: Would you swap jhf to rozee.? I'm not sure if should
brodiejay: DFS Australia's DVP page is your friend for VC and Captain choices. Pies give up big SC points to mids and defs
naicosfan: maybe it wasnt the right choice to dish off steele instead of rowell for bont
brodiejay: So Flanders seemed a solid as heck option, given his consistency.
Wends: Fingers crossed pca ':D hopefully no reverse mozzes needed in 2nd half
Legix: Rowell youíre gone next week
Silz90: Thanks login Paul, how's prime going in Australia?
Wends: Just saw Bont's score - did anyone offload?
Wends: Also agreed Brodie, great resource
pcaman2003: Wends. Average of 120 and tons in every game no brainer now for either VC or C. Seems pretty safe option.
Social: Pondering the same trade Getup, Rozee has more upside but injury prone... dunno
pcaman2003: Social. Took a risk on Rozee last week cos I had plenty of trades left. Bargain priced IMO.
Manowar: why would anyone offload Bont? strange question
Social: Alrightee, it will be done. JHF just not premo yet
Getup: 100k in the bank but not sitting well got 7 trades left 400k in the bank need 3 forwards to complete team might hold
Noxious: 288 traded bont out
PAFC4eva: Doesnt help when a knob posts bont is out on sc chat 10 minutes before game
pcaman2003: Noxious. Most likely newbie SC players who don't know any better.
bhg26: Some people just want to watch the world burn pafc
Manowar: sounds like you were one of the
Ash777: quack quack
sheezel420: come on captain naicos
Swoop35: Lets go naics
PAFC4eva: No i didnt fall for it but he should be kicked off sc
naicosfan: quack quack comes cody weightman playing for every free kick where possible
Swoop35: Was about to say that naicos lol
Yelse: this letting flanders run lose is a joke pies seriously
pcaman2003: Sexy Neddy boy I love you. Now double it up!
original: Time to lift sexton
Yelse: bobby is just a little of today mistakes everywhere
pcaman2003: How could you stuff that kick up Sexton? Seriously!
original: Get richards on
Hellnback: Good evening all. Just joined. Take it easy on me. Lol
Silz90: Welcome mate
naicosfan: how tf has mcrae not put someone else other than BILLY FRAMPTON on king..
Noxious: What happened to Mcreery
Legix: Welcome Hellnback
Legix: Noxious ankle I think
Hellnback: Thought I picked a team icon.
pcaman2003: Hellnback. Welcome aboard.
tor01doc: Well come Hellnback. Just be nice and funny
J_Herer: Lets go Richards!!
PAFC4eva: Which team hell
soup: Collingwood fans so bipolar.. go on about Frampton like he is Matthew scarlett one week and then bash him the next
Hellnback: Dees
Stu7: Welcome Hellnback
Ash777: Anderson > Naicos
Legix: They were holding each other
original: Flanders not scored enough this qtr
naicosfan: when has a collingwood player ever backed frampton?
Hellnback: Got the C on naicos and sexy here
pcaman2003: Hellnback. Commiserations then in that case.:(
naicosfan: supporter***
Silz90: When he dominated harris andrews in the gf?
Noxious: Rowells drop off needs to be studied
naicosfan: if you can say dominated... be for real
Getup: Pies need to get moving now
Hellnback: Thanks pca.
Legix: Donít see the double post often
Ash777: lol it hit both posts
Hepatitis: Great to see the pies getting done. No flag this year
Hellnback: Eating a different grass noxious
Legix: Hepatitis has come out of the basement. Welcome mate
Noxious: Haha not wrong
Beaza18: Did I see it correctly ? Since when did the AFL allow cameramen on gthe ground after a goal is kicked ?
beerent11: Gameís a bit too fast and open for Rowell tonight. Needs it dewy and tight. Thatís what she said.
Legix: Krueger what are you doing lol
navy_blues: go sunnies
soup: Well played kreuger ya mug at least get the kick away
beerent11: Gonna have to start looping Rowell and reville
Hellnback: Oppo has C on gulden. Need naicos to go big this q!
don key: umps need opsm yet again
naicosfan: Nick needs a huge q4
Hazza09: Flanders v Daicos C sums up this year
Social: Was that you down there Hepa, how nasty is that lotion!
Getup: Plenty of points to go
Ash777: go the suns
frenzy: big qtr Touk
Hazza09: if that was Bont before with what Nick done he would have scored +40
original: Strong finish Flanders and sexton
soup: Naicos gets points deducted for being a flog hazza, didn't you know that?
Yelse: seriously what are the pies doing playing so slow
SonOfAGun.: shower
Yelse: Naicos has done a bit this qrt hardly got SC
naicosfan: ikr yelse
Silz90: Stay low nick, my opp has the c on you
Hellnback: Never normally lower than dt
Ash777: uhoh
soup: What a goal, touk you are a disgrace
SonOfAGun.: gg pies
Getup: Naicos keep going pies
sheezel420: I love you naicos!
colin wood: what a jet. heters will hate but that was brilliant by Naicos
Kangagang: Holy crap!
Kangagang: Daicos!
original: No one near nick daicos. 4 touches then?
colin wood: haters'
Pevo: About this time BT would normally say - I think the suns will hang on.
PAFC4eva: All this biching about daics v flanders and they end up much the same ah fanfooty chat
sheezel420: he got like 30 points for that
beerent11: What a player! Saved my c.
Apachecats: Nice goal Naicos 29 SC for that.
Silz90: No free to Rowell what a joke
Wends: Flanders time to get back on and LIFT!
clay007: I said that naicos would out score flanders, only two points away.
Hellnback: Ditto beerent
naicosfan: ouch rowell
Legix: Flanders asleep on the bench
beerent11: Canít question rowells effort.
navy_blues: moore loves driving the knee into the ribs
sheezel420: I am very much questioning it
beerent11: You canít be watching the game then sheez
J_Herer: Flanders injured?
sheezel420: no need to be toxic
Noxious: First petracca now witts haha
tor01doc: Draw?
Apachecats: Been on the bench for 10 minutes Herer
pcaman2003: Flanders 20 touches at half time,so slowed right down.
PAFC4eva: Good recovery from jaicos
original: Flanders 10 mins on bench wtaf
cobrakai00: suspend Howe for faking !!
beerent11: Toxic? Gee thereís some sensitive young souls around these days.
sheezel420: flanders has earned a rest
frenzy: Flounders
Wends: flounders indeed
tor01doc: Donít mind if Suns lose this
cobrakai00: Howe staging X2 its gonna happen again FFS
Silz90: Do I move the c to merrett now fml
naicosfan: what is this scaling
beerent11: Great long goal!
Raspel31: I'm a Damo fab but to bench Flamders for 11 mins in the last???
StuL: Gotta teach him to have fun. Oo Hes Flanders machine.
circle52: What a game
Silz90: Fat lady is singing now
LionBoy: Cmon Suns!!
Apachecats: Fat lady warming the tonsils
Wends: Il a perdu son foutu esprit Rasp lol
Noxious: Keep going Touk
naicosfan: oh well got close
SonOfAGun.: ooowee
Silz90: Your right sheezel no effort from Rowell
pcaman2003: FGS! Flanders was 95 at half time. Each time I C someone, they let me down in some way.
beerent11: That couch comfy silz?
navy_blues: vn suns great job
Manowar: suck it Collingwood, you LOSERS!
StuL: Go Suns
Wends: Flanders VC only in future
frenzy: good boy Touk
Pavs: You seemed pretty happy at half time as well I noticed pcaman :)
original: Scaling killed Flanders late (thanks to 10min bench)
beerent11: Nice win
soup: Traded Graham out this week, shouldve predicted this
Silz90: Very comfy, btw I was being sarcastic bc sheezel420 has no idea
sheezel420: luv u suns
Kangagang: Garbage from Champion Data.
DaicosQB: Manowar still kisses his dad on the mouth
Ash777: 9 clangers from naicos and went missing the last 10mins
J_Herer: Well done GC
pcaman2003: Pavs. I was happy. However,short lived in the second half.
TheFilth: Manowar - geez - settle - well played Suns.
Swoop35: Flanders 27 points in the last half?
navy_blues: manowar grow up you never say anything positive
StuL: Now for us to lose
TheFilth: Ash777 - when you have to take the game on thru the corridor you're bound to have clangers. Naicos nearly won the game.
TheFilth: Credit to the Suns - instead of trying to hold on, at the end they took risks and won the game.

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