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Cam123: Ryan, Jackson, Gulden, Heeney in this. Go lads
Manowar: do something Grundy
bhg26: Have Chad, Errol, Heeney, Grundy, Serong, Ryan, Jackson plus Fyfe on the bench
Noxious: Ryan, Jackson, Serong, Young, Heeney, Grundy and Gulden in this
Legix: Is Jordan tagging Clark?
bhg26: Oh and Clark in fantasy
circle52: I put C on Gulden so hope I did not Jinx him.
Noxious: Also got the C on gulden
Legix: Iíve got the C on him too
Urbs: The byes are over! We're back in business
bhg26: Good to see us off to another hot start
Raspel31: Cap on Gulden too- early days.
Swoop35: Is rowbottom going to serong?
nbartos: Serong on bench for?
Noxious: Bhg its just the standard first quarter head start for other teams, an added challenge
Cascadian: Go Lizard
FreeHughsy: Its hard to not put the C on gulden with his tog
Hazza09: Is Ryan playing KPP?
Noxious: His efficiency leaves much to be desired though
bhg26: Reckon Longmuir saying players were playing for stats has stopped the flowering around in d50 hazza
BigChief: WTF Ryan. No peroxide today.
bhg26: Plus no Pearce either hurts the scoring now as well youd think
nbartos: Ryan on McLean
soup: Is Clark getting tagged?
Urbs: Ryan on McLean, but still trying to play loose where possible.
Urbs: And yes, Jordon tagging Clark again
nbartos: Young was a great hold all season
Noxious: Agree Bartos
Stu7: That would be right trade out sharp and he goes big
Stu7: Come on C Gulden
pcaman2003: Gulden about to have another bad DE day.
nbartos: Warner running free
bhg26: Chad making himself look bad so freo dont want him, smart
Legix: Warner are you okay?
clay007: It must be tough having a name that rhymes with anus.
Bulky: Warner has been a total liability the last 3 or 4 weeks.
pcaman2003: Jackson went back to sleep again.No action for 18 mins.
nbartos: Warner didnt go down for that HTB?
Swoop35: The game has started gulden!
clay007: Grundy struggling against this ruck outfit
navy_blues: go freo
bhg26: Soft there florent
nbartos: swans a bit arrogant?
clay007: The swans love starting like this. They probably win by 5 goals from here
naicosfan: freo with their monthly reminder that they can make the top 8
pcaman2003: VC Gulden making sure my weekly trend of VC's flop
DrSeuss: What the hell is going on here. Sydney are terrible in 1st quarters but come on
Flagpies23: Lucky I didnt put the C on Gulden, Did anyone else?
NewFreoFan: Usually us with the garbage first quarters, boys lifting for Brayshaw's stint as captain
Noxious: I trust you Gulden, I'll come back here in 20 minutes and you'll be on 60
bhg26: Pearce was the problem newfreofan
Swoop35: Had the C on flanders, changed to gulden last minute. Still early though
Flagpies23: Im Keeping the C on Flanders Swoop!
nbartos: lets hope they dont try and save the win from here freo
RooBoyStu: Give Brisbane the flag now, everyone playing for 2nd
Ash777: the upset is on
wadaramus: Was looking at C candidates earlier, Flanders has tonned up in every game!
NewFreoFan: We could be 100 up with 5 to go and I still wouldn't be confident. Long way to go yet
Yelse: Brought in gulden ffs wrong week
soup: I felt the same when we were up against this mob newfreo
Ash777: accidentally put the C on Grundy >_<
Flagpies23: You just have to trust him Yelse
bhg26: This is the reverse of the last time we played each other
nbartos: jeez commentators froth on Warners every touch
original: Nice 135 today please Luke Ryan
pcaman2003: Well, if Gulden as VC fails, hopefully C Flanders will work out.
soup: The prince is charging this quarter
Stu7: Ummm today Gulden VC Gawn failed now Gulden
original: Soup, prince being Ryan?
Flagpies23: Ryan Whats happened here?
brodiejay: Yeah "The Peroxide Prince"
brodiejay: Gawn was playing Oscar McInerney, who always limits opposing rucks.
NewFreoFan: He's not peroxide today. His nan won't be able to spot him on the tele
original: LFG ryan
Birdman18: Probably a good time for Sydney to get ripped apart. Gives the other sides enough time to try the same thing
Yelse: is gulden actually getting tagged?
clay007: That is funny newfreo
soup: Didn't seem to be too limited when Gawn scored 200 on him last year and 160 earlier this year brodie
brodiejay: I have the C on Flanders too bois. Had the VC on Zorko who went 116 , but Flanders only gone under 116 three times.
navy_blues: doesnt matter if syd lose this anyway
NewFreoFan: That's why he does is clay :)
brodiejay: Big O was out for Gawn's 200 I believe... but I meant generally speaking Big O limits rucks. Even the best of the best s
Gotigres: Capt Gulden going very well for me today
circle52: Spare a thought for those of us who have C on Gulden - Lift son and bting some Gold.
FreeHughsy: wake the flower up gulden
Stu7: Would have been better off putting the C on Fyfe
original: Captain Heeney after Gawn vc. Fml
Legix: Not this week Gulden please
puckeey: This is why I'll never c a winger
Manowar: Gulden & Warner spuds
naicosfan: seems like they are using mcinerney instead of gulden
Stu7: Can someone tell me wtf is going on with Gulden? Is he on the wing?
Noxious: Yeah Stu, the winger is on the wing
bhg26: flower heeney im hitting that handball
Noxious: I have C on Gulden and opponent has it on Heeney so not so bad I guess
Stu7: Thanks Nox thought he might have been play8ng some other position like the bench
Zutroyz: Heaney reverting to type in this back half of the season
Baldfrog: BHG owes us a pi$$ up for Guldens performance
Stu7: Gulden no score this quarter unreal
NewFreoFan: free against for your opponent headbutting you in the knee is rough
bhg26: Ill talk to him at half time baldy
Noxious: Stu Gulden is the player least likely to be on the bench lol
original: Lift Ryan
naicosfan: Actual BS umpiring
Stu7: It was a joke Nox
bhg26: Yeah if that chad free is called every time players will just fall over as soon as they are about to get tackled
pcaman2003: Gulden 93% TOG for 5 touches and butchers more than half of them. Unreal
Baldfrog: Gulden scored here he comes boys
Swoop35: Please tell him to wake up bhg
Noxious: Yeww Gulden got points
bhg26: Can McLean just kick it long to himself
nbartos: there be some stupid free against Freo at some stage in crucial moment
NewFreoFan: McLean's hands are unreal
bhg26: Who puts it on that camera angle for the set shot no one has a clue whats happening
Baldfrog: Sydney will still win AFL wants it
NewFreoFan: Our 2 jey defenders having 13 games between them, expected more from McLean and Amartey
bhg26: You mean to tell me no one is on Amiss inside f50?
bhg26: But that was sexy from Fyfe
NewFreoFan: Fyfe needs to kick inside out checksides when he kicks at goal and he'd be fine
bhg26: wow what a shower half
original: Warner was nowhere at QT, not watching, has he been that good to bounce back?
pcaman2003: Have Heeney, Gulden and English, all flopping badly.
JoelinToon: Whereís Errol?
bhg26: Talking with errol now, if he doesnt rock up second half just know i tried
Swoop35: Thanks bhg
nbartos: With Warners accuracy not sure how he is close to Clark
boges11: Urbs it says Clark is tagging himself on the padlock icon
naicosfan: errol gulden or luke ryan to a 100% tog game? go ryan!
pcaman2003: naicos. Ryan and Serong keeping me in it.
Dogs5416: Gawndy has ruined me this week
pcaman2003: Fortunately I don't have Grundy, my main saving grace today so far.
Ash777: Last time sydney were top of the ladder they lost the gf
bhg26: Same with 2014 ash
Ash777: seems a cursed spot if not the last 3 teams all finished top of the ladder and won
bhg26: But we were top of the ladder in 1909 and 1918 and won the flag so ha!
NewFreoFan: 1918 a famous year for predicting trends in footy
pcaman2003: bhg. And it must of been hard in a 10 team competition.:)
bhg26: Indeed pcaman
JoelinToon: Gulden MIA
pcaman2003: hope your chat with Errol at half time worked bhg.
bhg26: JMac been huge
bhg26: For flowers sake turn it up that is ridiculous
soup: Forward status, reckon he's an option bhg?
original: Lift Ryan
NewFreoFan: agreed, nonsense umpires
NewFreoFan: HTB against Fyfe too. I'll take it, but come on umps
bhg26: Have some flowering awareness chad
bhg26: Theyve just not been very good today nff
Baldfrog: Gee go away for 2 mins and Freo get 2 goals
soup: Do something Clark you muppet
NewFreoFan: Wowee McLean
Swoop35: What is the pink down arrow next to youngs name??
bhg26: Seriously chad heen and errol pull your flowering finger out
Hadouken: wow, did Gulden forget there's a game on today. putrid
LionBoy: My TV screen must be too small. Gulden never in the picture.
soup: Wowee Errol actually has an opponent today
Baldfrog: BT must have a few accounts on here
Social: who to put the C on now Gulden's shat the bed
lana2146: lol this round is absolute chaos
puckeey: What was the free for?
original: You were golden this year Ryan and now youíre a fraud
puckeey: Don't worry it was htb
NewFreoFan: Square up HTB there for the swans, nothing in it
Raspel31: So I take 50 from Gulden as cap? Sadly I have to.
LionBoy: Guilty as charged orig. Zorko wasnít quite big enough last night. Greed doesnít pay.
LionBoy: Lions cheering for Swans. Go bloods.
MontyJnr: What do Gulden owners expect? Heís a wingman - heís going to have quiet games
clay007: Needed goal by Dry Anus
Gotigres: Same with me Raspel :(
soup: Can't just call advantage when you make every cow stop and look at you
circle52: Gukty as charged Social - Looking for a POD C after Zorkos 114 maybe should not have been so greedy.
pcaman2003: How many times this year Gulden scores big , then tanks?
LionBoy: Is there a button you can press to just take your predicted score ?
puckeey: Great hb gulden
clay007: Grundy overtakes gulden
DrSeuss: Dangerous tackle rule is a joke - what can you do in that situation
bhg26: How else is rampe actually supposed to tackle him
hinsch: Projected score was 2620 but with Heeney,Gulden, Grundy score closer to 2200, a failure Swans
NewFreoFan: Pure momentum
Swoop35: Not even bhg could wake gulden, thats how you know hes really asleep!
NewFreoFan: What's big Darcy doing roving up there
bhg26: flower Sean Darcy is kicking that its not our day
NewFreoFan: Like a gazelle
Gotigres: Hopefully after my captains score is doubled I will reach triple figures.
DrSeuss: Nice rugby league pass from Fyfe there
shancrows: Flower you Gulden you rat
bhg26: Paps thinks hes sean darcy
Hadouken: gulden 50 last qtr to get to 81
naicosfan: stay lower than english grundy
LionBoy: Iím still backing you guys bhg. Big finish coming.
bhg26: Great handball from fyfe before
NewFreoFan: Swans better finishers than us, but there's hope
circle52: To kkep my SC Sh***t this week Richards the sub along with Humphrey Pies/Suns
NewFreoFan: Great game regardless
original: Letís go LRyan. Big finish. Get to 130
pcaman2003: F me! Gulden, Heeney and English are crap, now Fisher subbed out in other game . Catastrophe round I'll call this.
bhg26: Rare Errol sighting
circle52: We always seem to have at leat one catastrophe rd each year - Gulden C, Heeney, English, Fisher, Dale, Sheezel, Jackson
Social: Would Collingwood tag? Might put the C on stupid sexy Flanders
circle52: None look like toning up can add Ryan as weel but he is best chance.
original: 80% of the team with points this qtr but not you luke Ryan ffs
circle52: Would not Soicial as I have C on him on AF,
Yelse: what happened to young
Swoop35: No social we dont tag plus half backs rack it up against us
Raspel31: I was perhaps ambitious when I said 50 for my cap Gulden- oh Errol - I would do anything just to pick again.
pcaman2003: Jackson poor again after a reasonable 1st qtr. Never seems to do enough with his talent.
runners47: When Freijah easily has more than Gulden you know things are bad...
nbartos: lucky swans
clay007: Serong going nowhere. Does he know the game is on the line?
bhg26: Hayward couldnt have kicked that straighter
LionBoy: Next goal is the important one.
NewFreoFan: In the words of Bruce, you feeeeeel the next goal's important
navy_blues: freo dont deserve to lose this
Yelse: would you play kreuger clohesy?
bhg26: flowering hell Lizard
Noxious: go the lizard
puckeey: Runners when tom powell has more points than gulden you know your in trouble
Swoop35: Wowee lizard
LionBoy: Feels like last night. Go Swannies.
NewFreoFan: Huge from Rampe
bhg26: Campbell like a freight train
Manowar: one thing we have all learnt today, Serong is soft cannot handle the tag
Swoop35: Atleast 80 gulden please
nbartos: read it well hey FreoFan
clay007: Credit to Grundy, fought back
Gotigres: Should I start Kreuger or Day?
Stu7: Come home strong Gulden
bhg26: Fyfe f7 looking good
nbartos: frees for Syd getting a bit embarassing
Stu7: Will Day Gotigres
naicosfan: fyfe beast mode 2 weeks late
LionBoy: Errol to kick the winning goal and ton up. Asking too much?
Gotigres: I mean Sam Day Stu of the GC
FreeHughsy: hope your joking stu lol
Stu7: No LionBoy sounds like a dream come true
Baldfrog: BHG can you give the crows a pep talk like you did to Gulden?
bhg26: Draper huge
Manowar: c'mon Freo you got showerney
LionBoy: Ohhh Boy
nbartos: soft free there it is
clay007: Umpire just ruined the game again. That was no free to rowbum
bhg26: Dont you want the draft pick at this point baldy
Gotigres: After you catch Serong can you then catch Bont thanks Gulden
bhg26: You barracking against us nbartos? Being subtle lol
Baldfrog: Im confident whatever you tell them wont make a difference lol
navy_blues: knew it was coming clay
Social: she's a real ding dong battle
NewFreoFan: dropping it isn't HTB?
Pevo: Can umpires get Brownlow votes?
navy_blues: nice non call for htb
bhg26: No one knows anymore newfreofan rule changes seemingly every quarter
Noxious: wow grundy
Birdman18: Why is no one on Gulden?
ausgooner: Grundy 17 at haltime wtf
navy_blues: warner ran a mile
Stu7: Kruger Gotigres
Raspel31: Oh my.
Stu7: Nice come back Gulden
UncleSniff: Gulden and Grundy from the clouds. Unreal turnaround.
Stu7: 18 more
naicosfan: cmon mcdonald show us if you are capable for the pies
Yelse: draw?
nbartos: no way
pcaman2003: Jackson 43 pts in last 3 qtrs. What a dud!
naicosfan: send him away from the pies
UncleSniff: McDonald with a pooey bed
NewFreoFan: oh my god
LionBoy: Great game.
Noxious: wow what a kick lol
Ash777: Logan off to freo
FreeHughsy: no wayyyy
Social: wowee
Yelse: what was that shot
bhg26: Any chance clark said anything to the umps?
nbartos: well done
navy_blues: yes wd freo
Noxious: take him naicos
Stu7: Young you giant spud
Fordy13: straight off the side of the boot
NewFreoFan: what just happened
FreeHughsy: on a good note gulden got 95 somehow
pcaman2003: Hahaha! .Well done Freo.
Kangagang: Amazing!
Manowar: Logan McDonald, hee-haw, hee-haw
DrSeuss: Why would you wait until after the siren? Go back and kick it and if you miss, the behind is rushed - stupid play
NewFreoFan: Great game, good bants bhg
nbartos: Umps tried
Fordy13: tried to kick the bladder out of it
Swoop35: Good last quarter gulden, thankyou
bhg26: Didnt deserve to win anyway, reality check we need to start better, cant rely on comebacks in finals
naicosfan: right bartos, they did everything to help sydney
Manowar: AFL will not be happy with the umpires, failed to get showerney a win today
bhg26: Projected score just dropped 200 in these 2 games lol
naicosfan: same bhg lol
bhg26: Lol manowar what happened when we played your mob last
Noxious: suns pies link not work for anyone else?
clay007: Me either Noxious. 404 error
Social: same, error 404
bhg26: Flanders starting mid btw since other game not working
Social: noice thanks bhg

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