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frenzy: lights are on, but nobody home
Yelse: Guden or daicos for C
Noxious: I'm trying to decide which game to watch
wadaramus: Blew the VC on Max last night, can't decide on the C, is the Bont an injury risk?
wadaramus: Is LDU too risky?
wadaramus: Got it on Daicos but he burnt me last time!
Noxious: Im going Gulden C, something different, hope it pays off
nbartos: Bont wins toss
Pavs: Going Bont Wada. Not sure either
naicosfan: C on daicos (no bias at all)
puckeey: Two games now and tonight. Great
Swoop35: Gulden for me
Kangagang: C'mon North!
UncleSniff: Decided to listen to my gut and go Bont over Daicos because of the potential slippery conditions on the GC. Risk.
Yelse: stupid two games on same time twice today instead of thursday game
puckeey: Was the Thursday game not profitable or something why did they get rid of it
soup: It's a joke isn't it yelse
soup: Surprised Bont didn't get 50 SC for winning the coin toss
naicosfan: i bit the bullet and brought bont in, only way ill stay in the top 1k
SwaggyP: McDonald wow give it up son
Manowar: lookin grim for Norf
Pavs: Every week soup. Need new material mate
wadaramus: Bahaha soup, good one :)
wadaramus: Obviously I hadn't heard it yet Pavs :)
BRAZZERS: i'm surprised theres peanuts out there still without bont
soup: Hahaha you must have me mistaken for someone else pavs
Pavs: A slant on the same theme Wada :)
clay007: I'm watching the sydney game, wondering how the bont is going.
clay007: I have bont captain, my oppo has ldu
soup: Not a day goes by where I don't regret going Grundy to tingles
clay007: Who is tingles?
Yelse: why tag trealor not bont
naicosfan: wtf doing english, lanky b@stard
soup: Clay, english
clay007: Intesresting nickname for him, we call him Ivan Drago
soup: Haha that's class
Hazza09: How has English turned to shower, hardest watch
wadaramus: I must break you.
mags: Go Norf! I'm liking this occasionally competitive version of the team
clay007: lol wada
Noxious: why do they not have cameras between goal and behind posts, or is that too logical
original: Almost brought in English this week. TDK here I come
pcaman2003: English a major disappointment this year. Underwhelming!
Bulky: Corr is totally useless.
Hazza09: English is entering never again status
Migz: pca. english still ranked 3rd for the season as ruck so not too bad if you have had him from the start
soup: Migz considering he was 710k and the R2 was about 200k cheaper, it's a bit disappointing if you started him
pcaman2003: Migz. I get that, but consistency and effort at times is terrible
Noxious: quack quack
soup: Weightmans power bill must be through the roof, bloke sleeps with the lights on
Migz: i can see that but hes only had 4? games under 100. grundy is #2 and go look at his early season
naicosfan: to be fair to english, grundy is on 11 at HT, so they are both on track for 40.
Fordy13: QT naicos
RooBoyStu: Go C Xerri
RooBoyStu: How long does this stupid spud icon last? There's so many muppets who deserve it before me
RooBoyStu: Flowering bullshower
Noxious: hahahahahahaha
Fordy13: first time I've seen it lol
Noxious: what did you get it for? saying spud stuff?
wadaramus: How did you earn the potato crown RooBoy?
soup: Roo it could last forever and it still wouldn't be long enough
Noxious: Naicos its not HT the second quarter just started lol
Migz: maybe when you stop being a spud
soup: Been spudding it up in FF chats since norf were last relevant
J_Herer: lol potato
RooBoyStu: Having a crack at the website, needs upgrades, offered him a contact and refuses
RooBoyStu: I talk more sense on here than all you put together, you make Fraggle Rock look like ACDC
Noxious: Yeah you deserve it then, make your own website
Noxious: Why do I have the spud Icon? Proceeds to show us why lol
Migz: i kinda like the whole basic set up of the website, only the chat could do with an upgrade to a proper live chat
RooBoyStu: soup with a name like that, pumpkin soup wouldn't be good enough for a head like yours
Migz: but i've never ran a website so dont know how hard or easy it is to implement
J_Herer: site is great, old school, simple to use
original: I keep asking. When exactly did purple name game die off
original: Bont point scoring is something never before seen
Baldfrog: HAha Rooboy luv ya spud
naicosfan: happy new bont owner here.
Flagpies23: Happy fisher owner here
Swoop35: Welcome naicos
Migz: the real question is how can powell be so bad.
navy_blues: monty cant you mash the spud and ban him for all time?
original: Powell been the greatest bait and switch of all time
brodiejay: Haha that's what I got a spud for a long time ago too. How dare you be mildly critical of a dated website!
Noxious: Dont have to worry about him making a new account, he'll make himself known pretty quickly
navy_blues: go Bont!
Baldfrog: Na Noxious I made a new account from Banned and no one remembered me
Flagpies23: A spud who goes for the Roos, and thats what you turn into
McSpud: i am the real spud
original: Website same since at least 2009. Love it. Nostalgia. When sc was pure
Noxious: No ones forcing you to use the website lol
Flagpies23: But your the best spud Mcspud
Noxious: Weightman trying to duck whenever he can
Birdman18: Give English a spud
UncleSniff: Curtis is an animal... get in under control son
J_Herer: SC players - how does bont score 69 with 58% accuracy and 3 clangers? (I only really play AF)
soup: Weightman pees sitting down
brodiejay: The content is great! A couole of years ago I just said something mildly facetious about the 1998 aesthetic. Haha
wadaramus: The Bont tax J.Herer.
Migz: the best way to score in SC is rack up contested possessions and marks (and long kicks)
J_Herer: ah ok, will have a go next year, very different scoring to AF
brodiejay: And metres gained scores well in SC too.
wadaramus: Most other players with 3 muppets and 55% DE would be on 50.
Migz: Yes, its subjective to the champion data team but even if its flawed. its still better because it matches game impact
Migz: thats not true brodie
naicosfan: cmon ldu sheezel and english lift
beerent11: Been running xerri all year with the aim to go to English. Why would I?
Migz: J_herer, google 'supercoach scoring system' my first hit is zero hanger and that basically shows most of the scores
wadaramus: Bit frustrated with LDU, he just stays on the outside and gets none of it.
DaMeatloaf: Gee whiz Im glad I kept Comben through the byes, hes in my last upgrade spot but keep going son
pcaman2003: beer. I certainly wouldn't. English is a weak dog sometimes
soup: Crab icon for English
Hazza09: Spud icon for English
nbartos: He is beating Grundy
naicosfan: spud week for all rucks, people with romar and xerri to go big this week
soup: Spud icon for Grundy too then
puckeey: I walk away to 10 secs and bont scores 15 wtf
Birdman18: Did Bont get 15 points for that spoil or something?
JoelinToon: Come on Fisher
original: 6/10 first qtr Bont touches were turnovers. Still was on like 40sc no? Ridiculous
Dogs5416: Migs, that zero hanger article is weird IMO, adding half points seems ridiculous surely ?
BRAZZERS: so? he on pace for 16 clearances and 26 contested possies lmao
bhg26: Heres a tip, if bont is ever under an injury or illness cloud slap the c on him because hes going huge
Pavs: I'm sure some of you guys don't watch the game
wadaramus: He wins contested for fun and he racks them up.
pcaman2003: Pavs. What game? :)
wadaramus: But with his DE we expect lower because others suffer horribly for the same sins.
Dogs5416: Others suffer wada but they also don't have his game impact.
Dogs5416: Bont had doubled the amount of clearances of anyone else, leading inside 50s, score involvements, 2nd disposals etc
Migz: nah dogs. it happens for the points, because the total is 3300 every match its just how the worked it out.
naicosfan: quarterly reminder to say that i am indeed happy to hop on bontsurance this week
wadaramus: Bont's first clearance went straight to the North defender, but no penalty.
Pavs: Hooray Dogs5416 gets it. Nice work. You as well pcaman :)
naicosfan: long i50 kick wada, its why luke ryan is such an sc pig
naicosfan: kicks longer than 40m i think, counts as an effective kick and therefore dont lose DE
wadaramus: I see it happen every game, and everyone else get a negaative impact on their DE.
wadaramus: Oh flower me, more arbitrary CD rules huh?!
bhg26: Thats why ryan goes at 90%+ every week naicos
naicosfan: indeed bhg
wadaramus: No, Ryan hits all his targets with cheap kicks from defence.
naicosfan: and the same with all other kick out defender
Pavs: Insert clap emoji here
alpsnal FC: Why is everyone questioning Bonts points, if you don't have him, youre a fool.. Give him x2 every poss. : )
bhg26: That too wada
wadaramus: We're just having a half time discussion, none of us are fools.
ThomasJack: Took a risk and traded in Treloar as a POD. Should of known he would be facing a tag
Birdman18: Need Dale and English to start doing something
Dogs5416: I get the 3300 migs, but what if someone ends on a 1.5, is it rounded up or down? Half points for stats is ridiculous
Birdman18: Again English just letting a pack mark happen again
original: Would you rather be a saints fan or north fan, looking to the future not the past
soup: Nord fan by the length of the straight original
nbartos: Fish TOG a worry
Birdman18: I'd rather go for Port Melbourne Original
Social: Loving Comben's form, I've had tagged to upgrade for a month but keeps putting out
LionBoy: Not sure Orig. never met one. Are they out there?
clay007: Me too social. Was keen on trading him, but now I think I'll keep him. Good dpp D7 of F7
original: Social - Putting out? Whats going on here
original: Yeh I know both a north and saints fan who were arguing about this. Id rather be a north fan from here
original: Time to sub Bont please
Dogs5416: North going nowhere over ten years. Id take saints every day
clay007: Fisher back to the bench
soup: Got the saints pencilled in for a dynasty then dogs?
Birdman18: Ffs fisher
UncleSniff: Fish subbed. Rough.
Pavs: Injured Clay
naicosfan: anyone know whats wrong with fish?
soup: FFS why fish
Stu7: Ffs fisher gulden young Gawn this is shower
LionBoy: Noooo Fish. Apart from my team last night this weekend getting freakin ugly.
original: Fiiiish noooo
soup: I reckon I'm gonna lose 500 on my proj from these two games
J_Herer: dam fish, keep going Freija, Bont, English, Sheez!!
Dogs5416: Fisher, Gawn, Grundy. Only save is bont C
UncleSniff: I need C Bont to rescue me from some of these shocking scores
Birdman18: Hopefully nothing bad. I've only got 1 injury trade left
original: Was proj 2530 gunna finish about 2300 imo lol
Ash777: Tactical sub not injury to fisher
Pavs: Not injured Clay :)
circle52: Do not think you would be alone there Soup.
naicosfan: phew, i need as many as i can not having a 23rd.
Noxious: why tactical ffs, surely not
alpsnal FC: English has flopped it for the year
LionBoy: About same prediction here Orig but Im feeling a 2100 might be on the way.
clay007: Good recovery Pavs. Weird by Norf
soup: Richards sub next game too
soup: What a Trainwreck of a day
naicosfan: if english can salvage a 75+ ill be happy
Yelse: this week turning into a disaster
Pavs: Still think it might be a little injury clay
Hadouken: soup is that def true ?
clay007: I hope you are wrong Pavs, cos don't want to trade him
Noxious: at least fish has been scaled up so far haha
soup: Yes it's true hadouken
Birdman18: For someone who's in a contract year English doesn't look like he's even trying
Hadouken: sheesh, roger. going to quickly put dowling on instead then
Hadouken: wonder if Fish will be ok for next week
beerent11: Tactical subbing may not be good for job security. Mckercher incoming.
pcaman2003: With Gulden, Heeney, English spudding i, now Fisher subbed. FGS!
wadaramus: Tactical sub one of your better players, how wil that help you win the game?!
Pavs: Don't think it was a good tactic Wada.
Manowar: see ya Fisher
UncleSniff: Ease up manowar... 75 is beating LDU prob. You must have a lot of trades LOL
Pavs: Bont is pretty good at footy
Birdman18: Fisher isn't a good player, it's just the role. If he loses it he's useless
Manowar: the SC content creators will now turn their hate from Bevo to
Manowar: yep Fisher is poo poo
navy_blues: keep going Bont
UncleSniff: Bont my captain, putting the cape on and carrying my side
runners47: Every point Bont scores is agony - went for Gulden as C over him this week
wadaramus: So it was a good tactic to take him off and bring Stephens on, is this what you're saying Manowar?
naicosfan: ldu is getting run over
UncleSniff: Fish getting scaled up haha
wadaramus: Sorry, my question is to Birdman18 too.
UncleSniff: Fisher getting subbed is grumpy Clarko. If he wanted to make a statement, should have done Simpkin
UncleSniff: He's had zero impact and is a "leader"
UncleSniff: 4 frees against too.
wadaramus: I didn't say he was a good player, I said he was one of their better players (today).
Birdman18: They wanted Sheezel to help set up from half back Wada. Obviously thought Fisher was surplus
Manowar: yes good sub by Clarkson, soft possessions was not helping North
naicosfan: english is getting no points for anything he does wtf is this BS???
StuL: So is Fisher not injured?
wadaramus: Fisher not injured.
StuL: I only just tuned in.
pcaman2003: In the words of Trump. SC is rigged! :)
wadaramus: Just that Stephens is tactically a better player.
clay007: lol pca
Fordy13: Do I take Freijah's score or roll the dice with Sexton
Manowar: roll the dice
Fordy13: yeah I think I'm always rolling the dice aha, unless he gets to 95
UncleSniff: Fisher just keeps climbing
alpsnal FC: Good last qtr fish
pcaman2003: From 75 to 83 on the bench. Go Fish!
bhg26: Chat from the bench immaculate pcaman

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