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Flagpies23: hu
Flagpies23: kynan brown sub again
Noxious: Evening gents
hinsch: Lions by 25 points Zorko a nice 140 will do as VC
Yelse: VC or captaining now not easy with all the taggers
Yelse: Wo every VC
Swoop35: Hey all, thought id make an account and join in on the fun :)
Flagpies23: Evening Men
Flagpies23: I have VC on Zorko need a nice 140
J.Worrall: Wotfun? This is serious!
dearviolet: I've gone VC on Neale. Which is risky, first time Max Gawn hasn't been a C/VC for me this year
Flagpies23: I dont know what Gawn will score, 80 is a possibility but he might also get 200
ReggieOz: Go Dees .. Not looking forward to this
bhg26: Gawn 138 and 215 last two against big O
J.Worrall: Brown in, Bowey out!
Apachecats: Zorko VC ,will take a 130 pls.
dearviolet: I might throw it back on Gawn last minute. I'm too scared
FreeHughsy: was about to say the same thing bhg
bhg26: For those interested 31% have vc Gawn in top 10%
dearviolet: Same Reg
ReggieOz: No C or VC either
circle52: Just rememver BHG those scores for Gawn were at the MCG not gabba
bhg26: Traded Clarry out, 150 incoming
J_Herer: VC on Zorko, go big son!!!
Flagpies23: I kept Clarry in hoping for a big score
circle52: I have VC on Zotko as well so you can blame me if he flops.
bhg26: He did have 51 hit outs against big O this year though circle
J_Herer: downgraded Clarry to Rossie, he was woeful last week
Swoop35: Come on VC zorko 130+ pls
bhg26: Same here herer canít wait for the inverse this week
J.Worrall: Everybody watching Ashcroft?
FreeHughsy: tempted to avoid the VC tonight fullstop and go for Mr 95% tog Gulden.
McSpud: Zorko for President
frenzy: howdy
frenzy: looping Clarry, Lol
Noxious: Traded clarry out so congrats to those that held he should go 110 now lol
Ash777: Need the luggage to perform this week
bhg26: Good to see Deeís rewarding Kynan Brown for his match saving effort last week
Apachecats: Gutless Petty just went for the back of the head.
clay007: Anyone know who lions sub is?
Noxious: Thought the same bhg, and he's only in as the sub cause someone went out injured, they were going to drop him poor kid
soup: Fletcher clay
snake_p: Fletcher Clay
Apachecats: Haha Spud ,hes better than the two that are slugging that one out.
frenzy: jasper
Troglodyte: Best 8mins of his life so far bhg
Gotigres: As I traded out Oliver expect him to beat last rounds score by QT
clay007: Thanks all, the green jacket has just been applied to his name. Well done
Swoop35: Zorko hasnt gone below 100 at the gabba all year
hinsch: There are some huge projected scores in SC this week you might need 2600 plus
J_Herer: Zorko is carrying the VC weight of our shower teams though
OffaStep: Lol
bhg26: Why would may not just pick up the ball anyway?
soup: Hinsch my opp has 2740 projected
Social: evening
Ash777: forgot I bought in Tholstrup & Zorko
hinsch: Soup I have 2620 with zero wins projected in 6 leagues
soup: flower I wish he slotted that
J.Worrall: Not much chop, that Ashcroft kid.
Flagpies23: im only projecting 2400
Yelse: VCgawn lift ffs
Noxious: I have VC zorko, opponent has VC gawn, need him to stay down
BigChief: Cmon Max need a big game from you.
puckeey: I had the vc on zorko last week and took his score by putting the c on gawn. I completely forgot to change it this week
bhg26: Damn Oliverís beaten his half time score last week
Troglodyte: Don't have gawny, happy to lay the jinx on y'all ;)
Manowar: lol, Brisbane still go with that country road crap!
Troglodyte: No coaches getting sacked tonight Manowar, so you don't need to be here
Noxious: It's not Brisbans it's Charlie Cameron lol
Swoop35: Watch oliver go massiveÖ
soup: I'd rather country roads over that kozzie chant manowar
zadolinnyj: Thatís Charlie Cameronís song
nbartos: all i needed from Coliver last week was 40 to win - dog
bhg26: Be thankful heís not kicking 100 goals every year manowar
Silz90: Come on dees I'm hoping for an upset
Raspel31: Ashcroft looks full of beans.
soup: Get off the bench Neale you midget alien
hinsch: Neale and Zorko are being saved for next week are they
DANGERous: traded oliver, so naturally he will go big
TheLegend6: any tags tonight?
BigChief: Clarry find the good stuff on way to Gabba?
soup: I think berry on viney legend
Apachecats: Hi Raspel ,long time no see.
clay007: May kicks the ball so effortlessly
FreeHughsy: berry on viney
Swoop35: Great start zorko
puckeey: Oliver isn't half bad when he doesn't give away 5 free kicks in the first half
Raspel31: I just feel I am blessed with Zork's 50% tog- every minute a blessing.
Noxious: Thank God Clarry is off so I can stop seeing his score go up for a bit
clay007: A problem with Neale, tog 53%
Troglodyte: Where's Wakefield playing? Been tearing it up in the VFL
Silz90: Early days lads
soup: Off HB trog
piesfan420: projected 2500 this week
clay007: ashcroft hasnt skipped a beat
BigChief: Looks like HF/FP Trog.
Swoop35: Did anyone keep oliver?
FreeHughsy: Good night to have the C on B.Starcevich
piesfan420: got rid of him for rozee swoop
thommoae: Is this 'song after every goal' thing now rather tired as a concept?
Noxious: Also got rid of him for Rozee
Pevo: Oliver is my emergency.
DANGERous: yeh i traded clarry for rozee too haha, feel like everyone who sold clarry did that though
dearviolet: Might be drinking myself to sleep tonight
Noxious: I wish more clubs did the song after every goal haha I love it
dearviolet: If I was a dee's player, I'd miss all my shots though
connrs: Swoop I did
Silz90: It's super cringe thommoae
FreeHughsy: Gawn's score will age like wine tonight, i reckon he will out work McInerney
Splatsa: Skidbi Toilet
bhg26: Traded Oliver but this is a one off right? Right?
Getup: Got 7 trades with 400k sitting need forwards do i trade jhf to ri
bhg26: Get out Splatsa
Swoop35: Tiktok humour splatsa?
Flagpies23: Splatsa please dont troll
sheezel420: imagine trading out oliver lmao
Legix: Keep it up seagull Zorko
Troglodyte: Nothing else to whinge about than the songs? Don't worry plenty more to come lads
Flagpies23: I know right wh0o would trade out Clarry
BigChief: I hope Cameron kick a huge bag just to annoy the troll.
Getup: To rozee gives me 500k never trade a premo to a premo been brought up with
thommoae: Not whingeing. Asking.
Hazza09: Do you want to get involved Neale?
Silz90: Lions are finishing top 4 and going all the way
LuvIt74: I traded Warner to Zerrett
Flagpies23: Did anyone get Pickett in? He is having a good run.
BigChief: Watch Warner score 140+ now LuvIt LOL
Roarix: Ashcroft back and looks like he never missed 12 months.. so clean
Troglodyte: Only way I'm getting Oliver this season is if he get's fwd status, or its a straight swap from a rook
LuvIt74: Even if Lions or any other team make top 4 i still believe its the Swans year in 2024
Roarix: That is wishful thinking Silz.. we are definitely just about back to our best, still have moments for 5-10 min
DaMeatloaf: God I hope so BC Iíve kept the Chad for now lol
LuvIt74: @Bigchief no doubt mate
beerent11: Pickett scored 62 last week and 47 2 games before that.
Flagpies23: I beleive the Pies will take it back to back with little to no injuries
bhg26: Wouldnít mind that Chief
Flagpies23: Beerent i had meant that Pickett is having a good game i misworded it wrong
Silz90: will you update your username if they win pies?
LuvIt74: Flagpies23 Thats hilarious, no chance
Flagpies23: Of course
Gotigres: Oliver already past last rounds score at QT. Just as I predicted.
BigChief: Who scores more this week Joe Richards, Harrison or Dowling?
Flagpies23: Richards
Hazza09: Is it worth bringing in Richards this week?
soup: Richards BC, others are likely subs
Gotigres: I think Richards unless he is sub BC
beerent11: I got clarry ou last week. Heíll do this maybe 1 in 5 games. Happier without the frustration.
soup: Even if all have full games I'd take Richards too
Noxious: Same question but richards, dowling or freijah
Apachecats: Joe Richards BC
Troglodyte: Why do you ask BC, not still fielding rooks at this point surely ;)
Flagpies23: Joe richards is up there as one of the best rookies right now
BigChief: I had to agree with Richards. Has a huge upside.
Swoop35: Yeah i reckon richards as well
BigChief: They are my last rook spot to upgrade Trog.
Troglodyte: I reckon Sully or Harrison get the vest before Richards
clay007: Is that an ineffective kick from May? He hit the target, but was spoilt late in the marking contest
soup: Haha sucked in may you square headed gimp
Troglodyte: Boak is my last rook
Gotigres: I went Merrett ahead of Dunkley. Already regretting it.
Hazza09: Worth trading in Richards?
Flagpies23: Ineffective clay
beerent11: 2568 projected. Weíll see.
soup: Don't worry gotigres zerrett will go 200 tomorrow
Gotigres: I'm still fielding 3 rookis if you include Sexton.
BigChief: I kept him from b4 inj Hazza.
Gotigres: That would be nice soup
BigChief: Damn beer you have me by 9. 2559 for me.
Hazza09: yes I know BC but im thinking of paying up for Richards at F7
Noxious: Yeah I held Richards since Injury also
Yelse: how long oliver spending on bench
Legix: Van Rooyen marks everything
beerent11: One of my oppos is 2600. It never goes that way bc.
Kidult: 2591 if I put Bont back on field
soup: Until he finishes his line yelse
BigChief: beer I am expecting under 2400 LOL
LuvIt74: Projected 2606 but i bet it wont happen
clay007: I don't have Rivers, cannot believe he is only on 15 pts from 9 possies
Kidult: 2501 without him unrealistic aswell
soup: Guess I'm captaining daicos tomorrow
sheezel420: vc neale great start
BigChief: Hazza he has -36 BE, so if it 1 down (to him) 1 up, why not :)
beerent11: Is he playing kidult?
Apachecats: Proj 2590 ,but it wont happen.
Kidult: Sounds like he is being given up until the bounce to run out. He is an emergency for me incase
Kidult: Could be restricted anyway to get a look at his score before making position changes with extra premium
clay007: Neale having a night off, still thinks it is a bye rd
soup: Yeah Neale have a rest mate must've been hard work spectating the match for fourty minutes
Swoop35: Zorko still hasnt come back from the QT huddle
beerent11: The extra premium is handy, although I prefer all my cash on field and trade for injuries. Each to their own.
puckeey: Is it just me or does fritsch look weird without the long sleeves
soup: Yeah I think he's gone to find someone else to cheat on his misso with swoop
soup: Is it just me or does fritsch look weird
Swoop35: Must be the long sleeves soup
Raspel31: He does have an unfortunatly shaped head soup- no debying.
pluggerpig: fritsch looks like a cartoon
circle52: where was HTB there
nbartos: tackled b4 play on called?
dearviolet: Let's go melbourne
Apachecats: Zorko lowest TOG bar Lohmann.
Manowar: Brisbane soft as, Melbourne to win easy
EvilMonk: wtf is this lmao
navy_blues: think brissy gone home
Silz90: pickett on fire and zac bailey with one touch
OffaStep: Fritz looks a lot like a young Fritzl...
beerent11: Old age apache
Manowar: try marking the ball 31, soft as
Hazza09: get moving Neale you snail
Silz90: reville looks like an 80s porn star
BigChief: Glad I didn't bring Zac Bailey in. 1 good game and back to spud city.
bhg26: Clarry taking the power now lol
OffaStep: Clarry looks like an 80s porn star.
DANGERous: ok i want clarry back haha
Swoop35: Thanks a lot oliver
Social: honestly
Noxious: Opposite for clarry, spud city into 1 good game
Raspel31: Surely time to sub Zorko- been on 3 minutes?
soup: My oppo hasn't had clarry a single time this year apart from this week, get stuffed pennywise
Hepatitis: Still see the lions winning this and taking dons spot in 4
Pavs: I see you were the problem all along with Clarry bhg
clay007: Lions lacking intensity
BigChief: Clarry is Ron Jeremy Jr I swear.
beerent11: Whoís that Martin pike lookin mutha flowera out there?
Social: can we get darcy moore on for a minute to 'negate' clarry
soup: Choccy getting busy
DaMeatloaf: Never seen a team go to sleep quite like these lions
clay007: Do the lions realise that they are not in the 8?
Silz90: similar vibes to the r0 game against the blues
bhg26: Donít know how Gawns averaging 130 when every time I vc/c him he underperforms more often than not
bhg26: Seems Iím the problem for multiple players
BigChief: Maxy giving Big O a lesson in rucking tonight.
wadaramus: CD ripping him off bhg.
Silz90: big o has been restricting rucks this year
thommoae: Beer that's Brandon Starcepike.
puckeey: This is a starcevich legacy game
beerent11: Gone the nude nut. Didnít pick him.
soup: Can someone please move that screeching child away from the crowd mic geez
BigChief: thommoae I thought it was Mil Hannaovich.
Yelse: who is screaming
BRAZZERS: this slapper in the crowd screaming all the time is annoying af
bhg26: Can that woman who is screaming bloody murder near the mic shut up please
thommoae: Lol BC - that dates you a bit. :)
beerent11: Got the sound turned down. I only listen when Kelli underwood is calling.
Swoop35: What percentage of people have josh dunkley? Seems to score 115 to 130 consistently?
BigChief: Well I am an old fart :)
BigChief: Swoop 7% ownership for Dunks.
Manowar: Its Faagan screaming like a little girl, about to lose his job!
Silz90: dunkley has 6 scores over 115
Swoop35: Really silz?? Doesnt seem like it
wadaramus: Gawn going backwards, what the flower?
bhg26: Donít know what constitutes a hitout to advantage seems like Gawn has had 15 hitouts go to dees players
Swoop35: Thanks BC
Manowar: well done Moped man
bhg26: Bring back the barrel
soup: Turn it up petty you mug
BigChief: Good effort Petty.
bhg26: Tell ya what thatís a fair roost
Swoop35: Fair crack from petty there lol
wadaramus: Helluva screwy.
soup: Holy shower I retract my statement what an effort
puckeey: Gawn is genuinely losing points for positive stats
Roarix: Super effort that qtr.. that is classic Brisbane right there.. yikes
BigChief: Did the CD kid trade Gawn out this week?
wadaramus: How does wining a ruck tap desve to be a negative impact?
BigChief: Fk off Kingy. Gawn has had more than 6 HO to adv.
bhg26: Gawn has had at least 15 hit outs to advantage anything saying otherwise is blatantly incorrect
wadaramus: Footy analysis byt the "experts" is so docile.
Flagpies23: Good job clarry prove everyone who didnt keep your wrong
DaMeatloaf: I must be one of the only ones with the VC on Dunks tonight
wadaramus: I'm sure that is what's spurring him on Flagpies.
wadaramus: Good choice DaMeatloaf.
Silz90: was dunkley dpp last year?
BigChief: Looking good for you so far loaf :)
Flagpies23: no he wasnt silz
bhg26: Clarry is doing this to get back at me. Donít you see all of this, itís all about me!
puckeey: Wait wada was that question about gawn to me?
JoelinToon: Happy I brought Pickett into the side this week
Silz90: thanks pies, he was always my first picked in the fwd line
wadaramus: The old adage proving true.
wadaramus: You can't beat the meat.
DaMeatloaf: Hope I havenít put the mozz on him lol
wadaramus: Why would you think that puckeey?
Flagpies23: no problem silz
puckeey: Idk it just sounded like it was sorry
J.Worrall: I wonder who traded Oliver?
Social: Pretty sure Dunks was M/F last year
wadaramus: No apology necessary :)
Flagpies23: Not me Worrall
BigChief: Agree Social. I think Dunks was M/F last season.
wadaramus: I did J.Worrall, one week does not make a season, he was an awful trade in for me.
Silz90: traded oliver to gulden 2 weeks ago
Flagpies23: Yes I Made a mistake ive just researched he was M/F
BigChief: Just found story on AFL site from the Traders in July 2023 and Dunks was dpp
JoelinToon: Far out Clarry gives me a stiffy
Swoop35: Geez joelin
wadaramus: I gave him the benefit of the doubt when Petracca went down.
wadaramus: He'll be a soft cock next weekJoelinToon, but enjoy this week nonetheless!
DaMeatloaf: My fwd line last year finished as Dunks, Cogs, Rozee, Taranto, Sheez and Gulden. No wonder it is a barren wasteland now
Apachecats: Keep us updated Joelin.
Social: careful.. monty will put you in his basement like he did me for six weeks
Silz90: tmi oliver is only on 63 points not 100
JoelinToon: Will do Apache
Flagpies23: Joelin going crazy
Flagpies23: What happened Social
nbartos: he cant handle a tag
Social: I used the word that Wada used below
Swoop35: True silz could only score 10 next half like last week
Flagpies23: Oh wonder what will happen to him
Apachecats: Zorko -master of the easy 6 pointers.
Silz90: zorko is a flog
Noxious: Come on Zorko
Legix: Weak as power Tholstrup
Noxious: Nah nevermind that was a flop
Social: I trust that the live game chat tribunal will be consistent
beerent11: Only one mark for max
JoelinToon: Gawn go big pls
Flagpies23: Does Monty ever chat
wadaramus: Not looking good for the big Max VC Joel.
JoelinToon: Late kick hopefully
JoelinToon: Big last half wada
Silz90: he usually makes butts and hore jokes?
BigChief: m0nty's chat is rarer than hens teeth.
wadaramus: m0nty normally chimes in during Crows games with Butts jokes.
circle52: Where was the downfield for the charge by Pickett on Starcevich. No different to Zorko
Flagpies23: Who has everyone tipped for the game
wadaramus: He can put on points quickly JoelinToon.
Kidult: Only with a stiff one
Social: bears
BigChief: Hannaovich didn't flop like Tholstrup.
J.Worrall: Joey!!
puckeey: They almost showered that
soup: The cold never bothered me anyway
wadaramus: May is a tosser.
Roarix: Fmd thats some Daniher stuff right there
nbartos: how is that not dissent? Clark from Freo way less
Ash777: what a gift free that was
JoelinToon: With you there wada
soup: Remember who freo were playing that game bartos
Silz90: anyone take a punt on rivers this week? 6 kermits
nbartos: yep Carltank
Silz90: come on soup
BigChief: May is wrong yet again. Tomlinson didn't contest the ball
wadaramus: Didn't see this coming from the Dees, good Friday night contest though.
Swoop35: Do something zorko ffs
Yelse: VC gawn failed today :(
JoelinToon: Donít lose hope Yelse
Social: gotta wait til the conditions are downhill swoop
BigChief: Is this the best game Pickett has ever played in AFL?
clay007: Daics, bont or serong for C?
Yelse: Lions lose this kiss goodbye top 4
soup: Daicos clay
beerent11: Pickett is ridiculously talented.
beerent11: Daicos for me.
Silz90: bont has been sick all week but probs go large
beerent11: Or zerret
Ash777: Bont not sick it's a back spasm
Silz90: thanks zac killing my draft side
Flagpies23: Daicos gets the C clay
Silz90: my bad - that doesnt sound good lol
BigChief: Just has not shown it often enough beer. I love what he can do.
clay007: Rumour is that he will be tagged. Tough conditions up there, hot as xxxx
Yelse: Daicos aiming for 100% TOG
BigChief: Grundy vc into Daicos C for me.
beerent11: Half backs destroy the piesÖ Flanders?
Brian00173: Rivers 16 possies...5 contested for 34pts. Wow.
Legix: Great to see Ashcroft out there
Silz90: vc zerret and c on houston
Swoop35: Thats who im going beer
BigChief: Look at all stats Brian, not just disp.
beerent11: 69% de briza.
Ash777: 3 FAs & 6 clangers brian
Silz90: 2 first rounders for petty
wadaramus: Last time I chose Daicos for C was a disaster.
Silz90: 2 bad misses by dees, hopefully it doesnt bite them in the backside
wadaramus: The projected score is not a guarantee!
soup: Couldn't see the posts properly through the tears
Brian00173: Yep... I don't disagree. But that is serious butchery. There were a few thinking about trading him in as a pod
Swoop35: Kings birthday wada?
Flagpies23: i think Flanders for me
BigChief: Then don't C Daicos please wada, just be happy to take a good score hehe
wadaramus: That's the one Swoop!
clay007: Lever and May love shouting at their mates after a goal goes through.
Brian00173: Hmmmmm.. Rivers and Clarry didn't swap jumpers this week did they?
Ash777: BT gets the songs mixed up lol
soup: BT you are a nuffie
Noxious: BT is a flowering idiot
JoelinToon: BT has no idea
BigChief: BT Sweet Caroline is NOT Country Road ya dumbass
Legix: McKenna needs to stop taking Zorkos kick outs
Silz90: bt is getting old lol
FreeHughsy: Well yous are a bunch of sunshine and rainbows aren't you lol
Flagpies23: Sorry i wasnt keeping up whos BT?
Noxious: I just can't stand BT, everything he says is stupid, I'd rather 3 Underwoods
puckeey: Gawn needs to have bont vs Collingwood type of last qtr
soup: Isn't a BT a type of sandwich flagpies?
Troglodyte: You legend Dunks
FreeHughsy: Its a financial group flagpies
Flagpies23: I dont know soup thats why im asking
wadaramus: Good game of footy, even if I have burnt my VC!
Pevo: Game is well poised. Which umpire will decide the outcome?
nbartos: ol Hipwoods been quite the link man
Hepatitis: Not a fan of the dees, great to see them on the decline
Flagpies23: get in there clarry
BigChief: Flagpies must a youngun. BT is Brian Taylor.
Kidult: Gawn unfortunately needs a roving midfield
clay007: Lol pevo
Swoop35: Brian taylor?
Silz90: htb on bailey are you bloody serious
Swoop35: Zorko lifting
Flagpies23: Yes i am a bit new to footy
Silz90: kossiii
clay007: Kosi is amazing
navy_blues: agree silz
wadaramus: Pickett got the skills no doubt.
Roarix: Kozzie always rocks up against us.. toss
soup: Back to normality next week when he struggles to get 5 touches , let alone goals
Noxious: For a huge bloke Gawn goes down real easy
wadaramus: Like a JoelinToon stiffy Swoop?
BigChief: BT played in the 80' and 90's for Pies and Tigs
BigChief: Yay Max, you got a mark LOL
Brian00173: Not sure soup, does he get some of the cba's that tracca was getting?
Brian00173: Not gunna kick 5 every week, but is very cheap if he gets mid time
costak7: Kozi got Eagles at G next week
JoelinToon: Bit more of that hopefully Chief
puckeey: That's every small forward tho soup
DaMeatloaf: Lol wada
FreeHughsy: we all know gawn wont finish below 110
nbartos: gawn just jumped 18 for that non 15m mark and kick down the line?
soup: Rivers is benefiting more brian but yeah there's been a small bump, he's just too good up forward to not play up there
FreeHughsy: he got 8 nbartos?
wadaramus: Don't begrudge hime some points he deserves nbartos, he's been getting cruelled all game.
soup: Scaling gonna be huge this quarter
Gotigres: Time to put the cape on Zorko
nbartos: my opp has him vc thats all - sour grapes if he goes bang LOL
clay007: Who wins?
wadaramus: What the flower is CD doing with Max's score, it's jut goes up and donw while the game isn't on!
Hazza09: need Neale to get to 120
soup: Ruckman scores always fluctuate in quarter breaks wada, more so than other positions
Ash777: many gawns hitouts have been ineffectual
puckeey: Oliver better ton up
Roarix: The yips are back for us..
beerent11: Hasnít looked right ash.
BigChief: That's enough resting Max.
FreeHughsy: im rethinking my statement that gawn will hit 110
BigChief: Maybe Max is still in shock that his son sang Carlton song LOL
JoelinToon: Gawn off the pine please
wadaramus: It's irrelevant now Hughsy, the VC is null and void.
nbartos: 60% at best Ash id say
frenzy: one of the great games Zac bailey
soup: Gawn not getting 10 points every time he looks at the footy for the first time in 16 weeks and everyone going bananas
FreeHughsy: still, somehow i have him as a POD
Bulky: Oliver back to being a total spud.
navy_blues: lol hipwood
Ash777: wowee 8.18
puckeey: Hipwood looks like Frankenstein
Noxious: Just kick the ball hipwood
beerent11: Thatís bullshower soup. Heís just having an off night. It happens.
original: Who is taking all Melbourne kick ins ffs it is meant to be you may ffs
wadaramus: It's hard to accept soup.
BigChief: Bris now handballing behinds LOL
sheezel420: bahaha puckey not wrong
Brian00173: Nice score recovery by Neale
beerent11: Brucie reville going nicely as emergency for Bont possibly
nbartos: has cost me dearly too soup
wadaramus: How the flower is Max back to 73sc?
Social: opted not to VC max thank ablett
Manowar: footsteps moped man
soup: Haha where's your motorbike you pleb
Silz90: hipwood looks like the guy from fall out tv show
Noxious: Brown about to get 4 minutes game time across 2 games
BigChief: I swear every Gawn HO the CD kid hits -
Silz90: 33 behinds lol
Legix: Here we go
Apachecats: Oliver out of gas?
nbartos: olivers hit a wall or what
Brian00173: And I though cd were taking the pi55 with Gawn's 79 projection......
puckeey: Spot on silz his cheekbones are vicious
Ash777: that took an eternity
Raspel31: Here we go indeed.
Social: out of nose beer perhaps
Noxious: Watch Dee's go back to back games with no goals in 4th quarter
Roarix: Bailey has been horrific this year
BigChief: Viney been huge. Tough as nails.
Apachecats: If Zorko gets to 120 I'm taking it.
beerent11: Youíd love to have Viney in your team
original: Another week may would have scored 120 with these behinds ffs (draft)
miersmessi: Iíve got Harley Reid as captain I reckon heís going big on return at home against hawks
nbartos: Brucey beating Clarry LOL
Noxious: Nooo Zorko benched
gazza39: Dont give it to Viney flowerhead
BigChief: Brown to get game saving tackle again this week?
Manowar: way to go Joe,,,hee-haw hee-haw
Bluebagg11: BT commentary literally gives me aids
BigChief: Should have know with Ashcroft back Dunks score big.
soup: Why put him on the ground now Goodwin you coke head
Swoop35: Is gawn carrying some sort of injury?
DaMeatloaf: Slam Dunked my VC
FreeHughsy: literally?
Ash777: Brown in!
Noxious: Gawn carries the whole team swoop its just caught up to him
Brian00173: I wonder if Brown's mum knows he is out this late. I'll swear that kid looks 15yo
Ash777: draw fc warming up
Swoop35: True noxious
clay007: Brissy, 10goals 20
Legix: Neal-bullen what are you doing lol
BigChief: Neal_Bullen you idiot.
Noxious: What a flowering idiot
gazza39: Gawn, flower off
soup: Hahaha sign him to the storm
Legix: Looked like he was trying to score a try
Social: probly the most deliberate OOB ever
Bluebagg11: JB commentary literally gives me Chlamydia.
BigChief: He watched State of Origin and forgot what game he plays.
Ash777: timing error at gabba once again
J_Herer: give the ball to Zorko!
Silz90: 50m penalty?
BigChief: No it's not Ash. Ball was out of bounds so clock stops until ump calls play on.
navy_blues: very lucky lions escape
Yelse: how long did the dees take to get that ball in to the 50 lol
Roarix: Lucky? We were deadset horrible most of the night.. but found a way to win, good teams do that
soup: Can't believe clarry can't run out games after going on coke all pre season, shocker
Cascadian: Soup 101 is pretty decent
Manowar: you are not a good team,
soup: He was in the 70s at HT Cas
Cascadian: soup nah he was 64 at half time
soup: Turn it up he still had a 37 point half
Cascadian: I donít care about how he got the score, I just see the number and judge it. Iím fine with a 101
BigChief: WTF Gawn lost 9 points in scaling. CD protecting their projected score.

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