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J.Worrall: Let's go, Young & Jacksons.
Claudius: Flanders, Rowell, Miller, Serong, Jackson not 100s for everyone
Gotigres: A big game for me with Rowell, Day, Sexton, Flanders, Ryan, Jackson and Serong captain.
EvilMonk: Pretty big for me too @Gotigres. I have Rowell, Jackson, Ryan, Serong, Clark, Flanders, Sexton,
Gotigres: I'm sure it's not too much asking for 5 goals and 120sc from Day and 150 (300) from Serong
Claudius: I can live with everyone hitting their BE, not much to ask
naicosfan: need rowell ryan jackson and flanders to hit their proj score for 2300, doubt jackson will tho
Claudius: Nice effort nf, good luck
naicosfan: cheers claud
circle52: Sorry all if Flanders spuds as I have C on him.
Troglodyte: Being interesting to see scores after JL scolded his team for getting stat happy
Legix: Okay Rowell I need you to step up today
bhg26: Luke Ryan 45 touches zero contested trog
Troglodyte: Lets hope bhg
beerent11: 6 in this.bloody hell!
Troglodyte: Might mean the extra Clark link in the chain is removed if anyone has him
original: If ever there was a day to make an early tactical sub freo..
beerent11: I see sexton is now flowered.
original: Big game please Flanders. Standard 115+ will be acceptable
Legix: Iím with us original. Need at least a 50 from Worner
Legix: You*
original: Traded Worner back out but then said stuff it, roll the dice
naicosfan: rowell what a start! keep going
JoelinToon: Please go big Touk
ausgooner: not watching the game so can anyone tell me wtf is Jackson doing out there?
Wends: Afternoon all... and dammit circle, why you do dat?!
circle52: Sorry Wends looking for a Pod after getting home too late to piut C on Merrett
Wends: hmm hopefully my reverse mozz has worked circle!
bhg26: Brought Jackson in this week as ruck cover for the year but not confident
original: Be time to sub Johnson out
hexada: its the 1st q 14 mins in, anyone can still go big, so many early crows
clay007: I find Serong so frustrating. I have him, he never looks like getting a touch when I watch.
Hadouken: Bringing in Ryan last week appears to be a huge fail.
Yelse: wtf what a fail bring in worner and he is sub
puckeey: All the debutaunts this week have been subs
Legix: Good work Young
puckeey: Other than davies
Hazza09: is Flanders butchering it?
lana2146: Ausgooner Jackson is doing what he does every week very little
Gotigres: Please stop watching Clay
Legix: No Hazza he has just gotten mostly kick ins and sideways kicks
nbartos: nice game this
Wends: Is Serong being tagged?
naicosfan: rowell u done nothing since the first 5 minutes but get 2 clangers
nbartos: no tags yet that I can see Wend
Legix: JL make the sub now please
circle52: Don't think so Wends
slydon: how much is collins? his profile isnt loading
puckeey: Johnson can you pull a hammy so worner can get on
Legix: 401k slydon
slydon: ty leg
Wends: Thx nbartos and circle
JoelinToon: Does Jackson want to take a mark?
EvilMonk: what the hell is with marks not being paid these days?
bhg26: He wants to take 15 almost marks it seems joelintoon
clay007: cmon serong
naicosfan: rowell do something ffs
Wends: Yay serong :)
naicosfan: nice another clanger u spud, bhg we need a spray
bhg26: I donít have him naicos so I donít care :)
original: anyone limping for freo or got a niggle yet?
naicosfan: fair enough
clay007: rowell going backwards, moon walking his way around the ground.
puckeey: The umps have no clue
Hazza09: the qtr has started Flanders ffs
Apachecats: Captain Ryan building nicely.Helps me getting over buying the sub.
LionBoy: So tempted to bring Jackson in this week. May be glad I waited for Rankine next week .
m0nty: new icon
BRAZZERS: sure there are better options than flogs like will schofield
don key: oh dear gcs coach may do a runner !!
Wends: Trying to find it m0nty... Brayshaw nearly could've got the purple superman icon in Q1
soup: Get going Graham you nuffie
Legix: Why is the fox broadcast jumping 5 seconds forward ever so often or is it just me
Wends: bhg didn't understand the assignment naicos
Apachecats: The L plater doing well out of his one handball and one tackle for 19 SC
original: Any freo injuries?
puckeey: None original
bhg26: I understood it wends just didnít want to do it
original: Puckeey anyone looking really tired?
Apachecats: Have you got Worner too original?
original: Flanders is bae
BRAZZERS: whos the peanut that said 15mins ago Rna was building nicely? hasnt scored since lol
Apachecats: Not wishing injury on anyone but maybe someone could go off with severe cramp or even a headache..
bushranger: Appearing a tad desperate Original . Funny keep going
Apachecats: Peanut here ,did someone ask for me?
CamT: Was Fyfe specific about when he was going to go "Beast Made" ?
puckeey: No unfortunately
don key: want to thank the admin team for all their effort in getting all the stats its a hard gig
Mantaur: Is it time to throw in the towel RE: Rowell?
CamT: "Beast Mode"
don key: wish you had him cam lol hes coaching as you you can see
Wends: Think he was referring to end of season surf safari Cam T, not in-season.
nbartos: not sure how Millar is close to 50 with Clanger anfter Clanger
CamT: That makes sense, Wends.
circle52: He has 5 tackles nbartos which is offsetting his clangers
don key: met your team in 2020 Cam josh and others there with their kids and family round cottleslow
nbartos: Longmuir ruined Fyes beast mode by dropping him after the last time he went Beast mode
don key: lol wends saw him round Scarborough
fishman_da: If Serong could just be limited in the 2nd half I'd apprecaite that. TIA!
fishman_da: Don't get me wrong ... I have Serong, one of my opponents has the C on him
fishman_da: Needs to stay under 150
Ooost: No Fremantle sub and Serong 140 ish + would be prime
CamT: Always amazes be bumping into AFL players. They are enormous, even the average sized ones.
Stu7: Serong 150 please
LionBoy: Score looks around 2150. Howís everyone looking?
fishman_da: @Lionboy - I've been battling since about Rd 3. Hoping for about 2050. Finally getting back on track but damage is done!
rmon101: Looking about the same lion
original: Letsss go Worner
LionBoy: Ditto Fish. 88000 rank after week 2.
OffaStep: 2209, Lion, but some gross overestimation from projected scores. Dogga 135?
don key: shame clarke couldnt get a game at cats hes good
fishman_da: Some of Miller's possessions have been absolute shanks
Wends: Damn... seriously considered bottomed out Brayshaw, not unhappy w Caldwell pickup this wk tho... but still, dayum!!
Ooost: proj is 2203 but have Jackson etc, Looking more like a 2100
fishman_da: @Lion ... I'm about 40k now. Just terrible. Been aggressively trading my way back ... just 8 left!
don key: Stewy must be laughing by now
original: Draft opponent has Darcy ffs
BRAZZERS: celebrating a goal gives you energy, okay buddy
hexada: fyfe can u lift just for this week
original: Real slow start LRyan and Flanders ffs LIFT
CamT: Darcy, rag-dolling Witts.
Wends: Cmon sexy lad, keep going
fishman_da: Ok ... I lead an opponent by 66. We both have Serong. He has the C on him
fishman_da: So by my reckoning he needs another 66 points to catch me.
Stu7: Come on Serong wake up
Wends: On the bright side hexada, Fyfe on the bench and can't get a F/A
fishman_da: He's the last unique so it's all down to him
fishman_da: Complete lack of chase Bailey Humphrey.
Yelse: is ryan getting tagged?
Silz90: Can't believe I paid 650k for the grass eater
original: Sub Fyfe or Johnson for Worner already
Stu7: Off the bench wethong
Apachecats: Sub Davies ,one touch back in the 1st quarter.
original: Sexton switched forward? Fml no pls no
fishman_da: Davies - 19 point handball!
m0nty: raise the bat, AB
Yelse: this has been the worst SC year to date
fishman_da: Agree Yelse. Bye rounds and Round 0 can get in the bin
OffaStep: Get in the game, Ryan.
Wends: They couldn't, could they?
original: Round 0 was a joke. Such poor rushed decisions
Mantaur: Rowell and Ryan having shockers
SonOfAGun.: no
JoelinToon: Ryan get going
Number 8: Luke Ryan has dropped anchor
Yelse: pob is the AFL loved the R0 they claimed good numbers even though R1 same teams still would be same numbers
Apachecats: No offence but I hate you Ryan
Stu7: Nice work Ando
original: That should be negative points for Sturt. Awful
fishman_da: R0 was just a powering contest vs NRL. Got baited into a bad decision
Legix: Please do something Rowell
naicosfan: this game has ruined my week, legit every other game all of my premos tonned up, but this game, jackson and rowell
original: Fishman 100%
fishman_da: powering = pi$$ing
beerent11: Why yelse?
Hazza09: im seriously done with this season
fishman_da: I swear Serong gets points simply for being near the ball. How did he get to 97?!
beerent11: Far out. Negative vibes all round this arvo.
Stu7: Come on wethong ton up before 3/4 time
Hadouken: ryan one mark and kick, straight to the bench. job done mate.
fishman_da: We need Suns to kick behinds for Ryan to get free pts. They can't score at all
beerent11: Wethong?
Stu7: Serong beer
Wends: It's Sunday late game beer, why else are we hear than to vent lol
original: Beerent, yes please
Wends: *here ;)
Apachecats: Wethong was a late out.
JaiDay12: Beer it's never happy here it seems
JoelinToon: Miller, move
soup: Touk you're the worst skipper in the league
naicosfan: 9 clangers is crazy , happy hes gone but hes still doing more than rowell
Stu7: lol original
Stu7: Young Gun
fishman_da: I've recalc'ed my Serong conundrum. I'm cooked. Only needs about 3 more touches
fishman_da: @Soup ... nah that's Toby Greene. Done nothing this year.
Stu7: Bad luck fish
Silz90: Davies 1 touch time to come off
original: Howís Davies on 0 DT but 20sc lol sub him already
hexada: cmon fyfe get on par with jackson so i got a chance
Stu7: 2 short Serong so 52 this 1/4 please mate
lana2146: Cant wait to trade Fyfe to Rankine tonight
Stu7: Off the bench Ando and finger out Rowell
fishman_da: I like supporting the Suns as the underdog but 6.2.38 aint it
lana2146: Worner incoming
original: Worner on. Letís go baby 60pt qtr
Hazza09: is sexton a trade now that Powell is back?
EvilMonk: @Hazza yes I think so
Stu7: Might just be Hazza
carl: No bye rds next session every team gets same 2wk break mid session. kk break m gets 2 wks
Silz90: Worner pls play well
Wends: Have same question Hazza
fishman_da: Serong on the bench. Ice him up, don't risk him! lol
Stu7: Off the bench serong
original: Yeh was a sexton holder and loved it but now, worrying
OffaStep: Very smutty directions for Ando/Rowell, Stu.
Wends: Such a bummer back to two trades next wk... need to ditch a minimum of three spuds
Silz90: Jackson 6 touches not good enough
Manowar: sack Hardwick, Suns season gone down the toilet
original: Hey, suns beat cats and Essendon
lana2146: Considering their roster the suns slightly over achieved so far
Silz90: No spud for manowar yet?
Stu7: Ffs serong off the pine
piesfan420: haven't watched any of the game, whats happening with luke ryan and luke jackson
lana2146: Jacksons the worst mark for his height
Silz90: Junk time for worner
beerent11: Ryan to ton
SonOfAGun.: Nah lobb is worse @lana
beerent11: 80ís are ok for sexton
Stu7: Keep,going Rowell
lana2146: Yea Lobb is a shocker SOAG
Stu7: 44 more Serong
Silz90: Rowell finishing strong let's go
slydon: keep going flanders
Stu7: Is Young playing forward?
beerent11: Resting there on occasion stu
lana2146: 1 of my more consistent H Young well done
beerent11: Itís working
Stu7: Cheers beer
beerent11: Heís killing em stu
clay007: Why is brayshaw a gun and serong not? Their stats are almost identical.
JockMcPie: compare their fantasy scores clay
lana2146: Jackson good ruck cover but much rather Curnow and Rankine F5 and F6
Manowar: that a serious question?
lana2146: Too many 60 to 75 scores
Stu7: 35 to go Serong pleaseeeee
Stu7: Please donít rest Young
Manowar: rest young, getting old
LionBoy: Clohesy now locked in as a keeper. Good Def Mid swing.
Stu7: Dissapointing Serong
original: Flanders bench ffs great. Lose draft cos need 3 points ffs
fishman_da: I mean ... you can't be upset at Serong's 120+
soup: Why is Flanders on the bench dimma you spook
exatekk: why flanders on bench? lol
BRAZZERS: flanders, rankine, curnow, heeney, zorko. you stioll got to get anoither forward. lana del peanut
Stu7: I need 150 fish
Silz90: Ryan 92 how
Stu7: So yes I will be dissapointed
Manowar: now I have to trade both Rowell & Warner...Spuds
Silz90: Brazzers speak English
OffaStep: About the standard of commentary (and spelling) to be expected from a user named after a port site.
frenzy: nice ton Clark thanx
naicosfan: oh well, shower game, thanks serong, ryan rowell and jackson bad, scored 2220 overall good week
Manowar: Port Adelaide site?
beerent11: Flanders young Ryan serong Rowell sexton. Happy.
OffaStep: *porn. Oh, the irony.
Noxious: Finished on 2285 with Jackson, Ryan, Clarry and Miller
JoelinToon: Jackson 7 disposals is so poor
Hazza09: showerhouse Dogga, 7 disposals is a joke
lana2146: I have Fisher you knob brazzers
lana2146: That makes 6 brazzers you nuff or havnt u heard of Fisher
Flagpies23: test

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