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navy_blues: arvo all lets go weagles
FoopyTime: nogo eagle go bomba
navy_blues: eagles suns would be very nice quinella
CamT: Boys are switched on. Don't even know which way we're kicking.
Hepatitis: Got a bad feeling the drug boys have a big win today
EvilMonk: Nice kick, afternoon lads. I see my selection of Zerrett captain is unlikely to bare fruit.
Kangagang: Ginbey isn't tagging Zerrett
EvilMonk: so there's still hope! <3
DANGERous: shut down Zerrett and Yeo please
LionBoy: Doesn’t feel like an exhibition in defensive strategy and application ahead.
CamT: Brockman 2 possessions and 3 of them contested.
EvilMonk: wowee, how isn't that paid? Yikes
amigaman: That was BS
BigChief: CamT disp and poss are 2 disserent things mate.
BigChief: different*
slydon: i reckon peter controlled that...
nbartos: how was that not a mark to Peter?
FoopyTime: well that happened
EvilMonk: hence you can be dispossessed :)
lock98: McGovern with a 15 point play off that non mark call
Hazza09: McGovern 19 points for a kick? geez
BigChief: Correct Evil.
BigChief: Gov got a "spoil", kick and goal assist for those points.
lock98: McGovern got a spoil gaining and a kick long to advantage in that one play before
J_Herer: Eagle must have had some nose beers this morning!
nbartos: doesnt look like a hard tag at all on Zerret, just waltzed on thru to pin it on Stringers chest
EvilMonk: Eagles look decent, could be a close game if they hold this level all 4 quarters.
Noxious: Is Nic Martin doing Nic Martin things?
Hepatitis: Love
BigChief: Wakey wakey Martin. Hand off snakey.
Hepatitis: Love listening to dons fans sook - would have to be biggest sooks in comp
nbartos: kitchen too hot for Martin at the moment
FoopyTime: yeah i love it to hep
LionBoy: Hope that continues Bart. Opp has him.
BRAZZERS: good contest
LionBoy: Lazy is a bad word but it comes to mind when you watch Withered den
nbartos: glad I held YoYo
EvilMonk: I don't think he is LionBoy but I get what you mean.
EvilMonk: Essendon heard my memo about the free kick differential. Literally paying opposite decisions all quarter lol
amigaman: Geez AFL will never forget
beerent11: Luv the guv
LionBoy: Good qtr Weagles
LionBoy: Yeah am sure he isn’t Evil but he just seems to pull out of a chase or contest pretty early in the process.
Hazza09: Cmon Ridley, I didn't pay 560k for this
LionBoy: Damnit. I hate to admit it but those ridiculous Telstra ads are growing on me.
slydon: too many bad turnovers
nbartos: mcgrath target hit % tells that story Sly
slydon: absolute braindead commentary on fox today
slydon: correct bartos
slydon: this game sucks to watch
nbartos: nice gift to Zerr
EvilMonk: lol that went about 6 meters didn't it? Or was it a funny angle?
beerent11: It’s great if you have martin guv c onand Merrett slydon
FoopyTime: deffs funny angle monk nothing to see here
EvilMonk: not as bad side on. Probably about 15m I guess.
LionBoy: Cmon Yo. Back on. Team needs ya. We need ya.
Legix: That second angle it looked right on
EvilMonk: Big clunk Duursma, would love seeing that as a Bomber.
LionBoy: Ginbey is a goodun
EvilMonk: come on Zerrett! Get more! I need you to go 150! Just do it!
Legix: Durham is a gun
beerent11: Good game too.
FoopyTime: love durham
beerent11: Nice handball riddler
FoopyTime: can we shut up about boot colours on the commentary
LionBoy: Makes me see Red Foop
McSquire: Ridley go back for turnover goal. Lottery
FoopyTime: high fend and holding the ball how is that not gone
Legix: How was that not ball
nbartos: Ridleys job sux for SC pts today
Hazza09: Thanks Ridley, another butchered trade
slydon: this broadcast is in shambles today
Birdman18: Goal turnaround because of the HTB not paid.
Birdman18: 2 goal*
FoopyTime: im just thankful we dont have kelly underwood on this game aswell
beerent11: Guv my number one starting pick. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
FoopyTime: flower yes durham
beerent11: Watch him do a hammy in the second half
nbartos: String just nurses 50m kicks - unreal
EvilMonk: delicious footy bombers! wowee
beerent11: We’re on evilmonk. Merret big c score incoming
beerent11: Stringer always looks like Simpsons character to me
LionBoy: One senses Weagles may have spent their chips. Might get ugly now.
pcaman2003: My player Martin helping oppo player Stringer kick goals. Nooo!
FoopyTime: 2mPeter rugby passing and gets away with it
RooBoyStu: R.I.P Australia Cricket
LionBoy: Wowww Roo
Silz90: What happened spud
RooBoyStu: Afghanistan beat us, we're shower
RooBoyStu: By the way last post, if I'm a spud all of you are sweet potatoes get flowered.
circle52: And was easy win to them. Aus lost at toss by choosing to chase,
Silz90: Oh wowza that's bad lol
circle52: as no T20 team has succesfully chased at that ground.
LuvIt74: What are you guys thinking will be par this week 2100?
nbartos: crazy stat circle, but Aus were still odds on to win with 20mins to go
CamT: Hopefully par is a lot less than that, LuvIt74.
beerent11: Proj 2135 atm luvit. With c on Merrett,
JockMcPie: would think 2100 is par for high up ranks
beerent11: Had 22 on field though.
circle52: Reckon par will be around 2200 with so many high scres this week. Even I am predicted 2181 with Salem and Lohmann in 18
CamT: My Predicted 2,192 but 5 players get to play.
TheOnyas: Onya Crippsy
DaicosQB: Lower table guy I have this week is going to bang a 2250 on predict so that's going to be a little rough
Noxious: Predicted 2245 even with Oliver's 32
FoopyTime: thats all durham
beerent11: Reminiscent of the g train lighting up colonial stadium back in the day
Birdman18: Holding the ball doesn't exist again suddenly in this game?
Birdman18: Wet toast have 2 goals now directly from non calls
Legix: Martin lol
beerent11: Yes Martin!
bhg26: Nic Martin makes kicking goals from 5m out a harrowing watch
Silz90: Martin makes me nervous infront of goals
Silz90: Keep going captain merrett
Legix: Surely not
Noxious: For that reason
FoopyTime: try being a bombers fan
bhg26: Oh my flowering god martin
beerent11: No Martin!
Hazza09: ffs Martin seriously
pcaman2003: Couldn't kick it from 10 to 15 mtrs. Lol!
m0nty: Essendon Edge strikes again
bhg26: Does that make martin 1 goal from 3 shots from that same spot?
beerent11: Bugger that foopytime
EvilMonk: Matthew Nichols inserting himself into the game again.
Silz90: Hope this doesn't open a can of worms now. Is martin a good or average kick?
beerent11: Cmon eagles!
FoopyTime: shrodringers kicker
beerent11: This is all very Essendon of Essendon.
Noxious: If martin gets 100 I'll be happy lol
navy_blues: cmon eagles
Birdman18: We're shower. This is what happens when you leave teams in it
sheezel420: cmon eagles
beerent11: Is he an average or bad kick silz?
Birdman18: Martin's a good kick sometimes. He's inconsistent and butchers it every now and then
nbartos: hows the space Merrett has in the middle
Legix: Martins a good kick. He just puts himself under pressure
Hazza09: Thanks heaps Ridley
pcaman2003: Martin just given a clanger for long kick to a contest. CD is useless.
Hepatitis: Dons an average group, will miss finals
Birdman18: We won't miss finals. There's too many average teams in the 8 this year
beerent11: The virus is in the house.
nbartos: not even getting kickins now Hezz
FoopyTime: hep over here just hating everything thats red
FoopyTime: looks red i hate it cause of essendon
Hazza09: Just sums up my year bartos
CamT: Martin's kicking has been fantastic. Stringer would second that.
pcaman2003: FFS Martin! Stop kicking it to Stringer
Legix: At least get 90 Ridley
sheezel420: martin isn't as bad of a kick as people think
soup: Get stuffed martin you praying mantis
Claudius: No Merrett! just stop mate!
pcaman2003: At least Martin has tonned up,so that's a relief.
Birdman18: Need to put them away now
J_Herer: Thats it bombers, finish them off!
Legix: Langford was wide open
Birdman18: How do we keep missing these easy shots running into goal?
Hepatitis: Reckon dons supporters the worst in the comp
Birdman18: Righto Hep
Legix: Hepatitis you’d complain about winning the lottery mate. Have a spell
soup: Pot calling kettle black hep
beerent11: Virus is gunning for the spud.
pcaman2003: Martin getting ripped off. 2 marks and 2 kicks to adv. for only 7pts added. BS!
beerent11: Points always slow down in the last qtr pca. Will be scaled.
Claudius: Too bad Yeo didnt actually hit targets would be on 200
pcaman2003: Slow is right beer. Hard to follow sometimes it's that slow.
m0nty: Eagle fans clearly the worst in the comp
Migz: what did we do montey
frenzy: pot calling the kettle black m0nty, Lol
SonOfAGun.: montey
Hepatitis: They get a lot the dons
bhg26: Caldwell a godsend in my fantasy
SonOfAGun.: crow throw
navy_blues: nice throw zerret
DaicosQB: Zerrett throw but good lord everything he touches turns to gold
bhg26: Nic Martin cbas?
beerent11: Got abused 4 times at the eagles norf game in Perth recently. Just coz I had a norf scarf on. I just gave em a big smile
pcaman2003: the rugby passes look good.
m0nty: Eagle fans' main problem is they don't know the rules
CamT: This throwing is getting out of hand.
FoopyTime: ill allow it merretts just trying to make sure he gets sideline tickets to the state of origin
circle52: 4 umps and none could see it as obvious throw as you can get
Jack SC: Cool Beerent had the same thing happen to me over and over as a kid against North, just for wearing a port scarf.
FoopyTime: come on monty no teams fans know the rules
Jack SC: Every club has shower fans. No one club is worse.
DaicosQB: wce fan kicked up a stink about the '18 grand final at mum's work pre covid that put them on their own level for me
Migz: every eagle fan knows the rules. if the eagles did it - cheer. if the opp did it - booooooooo
nbartos: how are Eagles under-manned m0nty? missing Kelly and a first yr player only
EvilMonk: watching Merrett then, ran the whole ground in a lap to get a kick then.
beerent11: I dunno Jack sc. norf fans sound pretty bad.
FoopyTime: you know a commentary team is shower when they keep saying a team is in with a chance 4 goals down with 2 min left
Birdman18: Remember there are any rules in AFL there's only interpretations
Birdman18: Aren't*
Migz: which dummy commentator keeps saying yeo signed up to be an eagle for life, did he forget he moved here from lions
J_Herer: gg
FoopyTime: duhram man of the match for me followed by caldwell
FoopyTime: migs hes talking about the contract he just signed to stay an eagle for the rest of his career
CamT: Barras won't get a Brownlow vote but he's been huge.
EvilMonk: damn it, Captain Merrett kick it yourself next time haha
beerent11: Cheers Zachery
Migz: i know he signed a new contract, but you aint a lifer... if you played for another club haha
FoopyTime: im sorry how the flower does laverde have 120 sc
sheezel420: merrett 6 cp and 1 tackle, bit generous score
puckeey: Merrett at ff
Noxious: Get Martin a goal
EvilMonk: he's been excellent @sheezel420. Efforts and pressure don't get counted.
thommoae: Jack sc GWS doesn’t have shower fans … and please refrain from stating the obvious. :)
sheezel420: he has been good, but stats are unlike him
carl: Zerrett goes alright, in my team from R1

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