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sheezel420: go norf
J.Worrall: Go Dees, go Maxy!
zadolinnyj: Go draw
Troglodyte: Go Norf, and the rook wearing the vest
bhg26: Supercoach crashed for anyone else?
bhg26: Cant make Gawn my C
bhg26: Nvm all good
pcaman2003: Big game please Maxy.You too Sheezel.and Fisher.
BigChief: Max will fire up and dominate. 135+ for the big man.
bhg26: Clayton Oliver masterclass incoming (ive lost all hope)
pcaman2003: Hope so Chief. My VC for this week.
Birdman18: Fingers crossed that break did him good Bhg
bhg26: Maybe he visitied Joel Smith and now has a pep in his step birdman
BigChief: Do I make Rankine or Dylan Moore my C?
Birdman18: Seems like that's what he needs haha
ReggieOz: Go Dees
don key: sheez and larkey for me go boys
FoopyTime: come on roos
BigChief: Expected LDU to get tagged.
FoopyTime: kanga kanga kanga
Georgeous: Zzzzz Georgie is on the bench
Noxious: Go norf
bhg26: Arent you supposed to tag players who have an impact on the game, why are teams still tagging clarry
lana2146: Xerri will hold his own against Gawny no cake walk for the big unit tonight
nbartos: hope so lana
Legix: Great goal sheez
FoopyTime: up the cheese
nbartos: he looked lethargic big Gawnski
bhg26: O captain my captain gawn this is so great
Roarix: Had Neale and Green but went Gawn VC.. icant
TheLegend6: oh clarry
shagga24: gawny always gets it done
LionBoy: I have Clarry. He looks terrible.
navy_blues: lmao clarry
Dondeal: Slow reaction from Oliver. Give the man some snow
circle52: Notalone there Roarix
sheezel420: oh clarry indeed
circle52: That was a long 50 metres
Roarix: Cant be the only one that thinks Jobe Watson is close to the worst 'special' comments commentator..
LionBoy: Got my VC with Errol. Maxie around 95 will do.
Noxious: Did clarry give away a 50 or something
FoopyTime: selwoods the worst one for me cant stand his dribble
navy_blues: yes
BigChief: Yes Nox. Clarry the clown didn't give ball back in time.
Roarix: Fair but Watson has had more time out of the game to be decent by now.. Selwood could get better with time
EvilMonk: what? Gawn was holding Xerri's arms lol
bhg26: Clarry might as well just bend over the whole game
FoopyTime: yeah nox didnt give the ball back fast enough
Noxious: Course not, might "downgrade" him to rozee
TheLegend6: Last week for comben let's finish strong lad
Ninty: Glad I traded out Clarry last week. Iíll welcome him back at the Cattery next year
Ash777: gawn going to get a ton of frees
Ninty: I canít stand people that say dribble. Itís drivel.
Roarix: Traded Clarry to Neale 2 weeks ago.. tick
Noxious: Carry again lol
BigChief: And this is why you leave your playmakers on the ground (Sheezel)
Roarix: Clarry another FA.. lol
DANGERous: lol clarry
FoopyTime: now thats a sideshow bob hair cut browne would be proud of
Silz90: Come on gawn I need a decent vc score
original: Sheezel get on the field
shagga24: LDU quiet so far
Ash777: so why is mcdonald playing back?
beerent11: Itís not the 80ís bigchief
Roarix: Surely it is Viney to stand up with Trac out.. he has been down this year
FoopyTime: petty should be back and mcdonald should be up front
Ninty: I feel like Gawn never fires out from the blocks but steadily builds a large score every game. Heís my C.
Troglodyte: Time to sub Oliver
LionBoy: Kick the goal before you high five dill.
BigChief: beer game had been going 7-8 mins. If it was later in game I understand, but not so early.
McSquire: Thatís funny Oliver
beerent11: Rotations mate.
Ninty: Sheezel only 49% TOG. Time to trade?
Ash777: lol what a stupid stat of players without petracca
2Ph0nes: gawn nevers starts well? wtf. he was on 47sc at 1/4 his last game champ lmao
Troglodyte: Only reason he came off was because preplanned after first team goal
bhg26: Clarry you are a certified bitch boy
don key: dont think fritsch should be fwd
nbartos: anyone catch the a$$ on #3 Melb water botle girl? yumm
Ninty: So not even 50?
McSquire: Yes Ninty definitely trade Sheezel out
clay007: Not cool nbartos
Silz90: Ninty trade yes
LionBoy: Donít be a dinosaur bart
nbartos: sorry
Ninty: donít need that kind of talk here nbartos
2Ph0nes: nice try at the save, you still a peanut tho
FreeHughsy: 2phones breaking out the champ early, the first of many
LionBoy: Accepted. Onward and upward.
bhg26: nbartos aka the horny one!
Social: Great to see Oliver helping to fill the Tracca gap
Silz90: Love the champ call but surprised nobody has dropped knackers yet
Ninty: I just said it feels like, canít even remember last weeks game yet alone two weeks ago but thanks for the correction.
nbartos: just appreciate nice things bhg - shoot me
McSquire: Anyone catch the idiot call by Bartos
clay007: Good point knackers. Streuth that is a funny word
DukeNewc: Maxy looks ominously angry tonight
bhg26: Enough to put it on a fantasy and SuperCoach chat page nbartos?
LionBoy: Rubbish game ahead. Iím out.
Ash777: what an expected let down from norf
beerent11: Xerri just made him angry duke.
FreeHughsy: norf ny 86, sheezel kicks 12
exatekk: grow up
Silz90: Is xerri giving Max gawn a run for money tonight
Troglodyte: Lift Fissure
clay007: No pressure from nth tonight. Why didn't they play like this against the pies?
bhg26: Clarry reminding me of how I played footy. But still has two more disposals than I normally would
Roarix: Dropping that game last week wouldve taken a bit out of them.. this is not surprising tbh
dibba23: put the C on Oliver does the negative score get doubled?
DaMeatloaf: Just like mr bartos my team has no cash
pcaman2003: Maxy hitout to advantage is 5 pts, but only gets 3. What the heck!
McSquire: Good recovery Oliver
Troglodyte: Your team must be right plonker too then Meatloaf
BigChief: yes dibba
soup: Petty loves to dish it out but can't take it, grade A flog
beerent11: If I get 50 from clarry that means 200 from him and green. Iíll take that.
Hepatitis: Petty a weak dog
OffaStep: Just like a teacher at 2 in the morning, mr bartos has no class.
beerent11: Sucks when your r1 and r2 play each other.
McLeod_23: no cash here
OffaStep: Here, no class.
brodiejay: That's strange logic beer. If you get 100 from any other decent midfielder, you'd have 250.
BigChief: I thought you had Grundy beer.
beerent11: Nope. Gawrri
beerent11: Positive Pete over here. Logic has no place in my brain.
DaMeatloaf: 2024's inflation made it's way to my supercoach stockpile Trog
OffaStep: Xawn?
bhg26: Clarry scores better on the bench than on the ground
Roarix: How good would life be is TDK was a ruck/fwd.. pretty sure he was last year.. stretching to find my last fwd to finish
bhg26: Sheer delusion is what makes up most of my brain beer. Go Clarry!
Roarix: 430k in the bank, any suggestions on the last? Got Heeney, Zorko, Flanders and Rankine already.. Sexton for now
navy_blues: curnow
beerent11: Garri?
DaMeatloaf: Curnow could be fun Roarix
OffaStep: Xewn?
beerent11: Jackson for ruck cover?
TheLegend6: jackson
CamT: Nice handball, Max lol
Roarix: Key Fwds always feel risky, no matter how good they are.. has been very good though scoring wise
Manowar: got the C on Oliver, not good
pcaman2003: Jackson
Roarix: Id take Jackson in a heartbeat if Darcy was out.. again worries me he could have a couple stinkers
beerent11: Not surprised manowar
pcaman2003: Gawny not too affected by Xerri at all. Go big Max!
original: Fisher cmon bro. Do it for Carlton
McLeod_23: Powell looks like he's playing defence
beerent11: Xerri not a great tap ruckman pca. Good around the ground and tackling.
Noxious: He is mcleod
Roarix: Clarry still in the neg..
pcaman2003: beer. So true! Which is fortunate as I have VC'd Max this week.
Manowar: you all fell for Fisher! hook, line &
OffaStep: Gawn starting to get on top. Clarko needs to pull Xerri and give Shiels the job.
navy_blues: clarry looks nothing like what we are use to pathetic actually
Ninty: Sheezel lifting, imagine if he could go 100% TOG
beerent11: Fwds all have stinkers except Flanders, heeney ,Zorko
bhg26: Pathetic is an understatement navy
CamT: Tom Powell has two SC 100+ games in his 56 game career.
beerent11: Same pca
Apachecats: Your're opponent got Xerri OffaStep?
sheezel420: sheez runs way too much for 100% tog
original: Tom Powell was a great trap this year. Fooled us clarko
Roarix: Rankine has been pretty consistent all year too beer
OffaStep: Nah. Would just love to see Clarko double down on his masterstroke.
Noxious: Clarry is positive yewww
Ninty: I didnít want to manowar but heís the 12th best forward and had a run of 140, 116, 113 and 120. Hard to ignore
LuvIt74: Was Brown or Worner the most traded in player this week?
beerent11: Manowar fisher has been a good pick champ.
McLeod_23: manowar fighting the world?
FreeHughsy: manowar what is your teams name on supercoach
CamT: What's your forward line, Manowar ?
Birdman18: Brown Luvit
FreeHughsy: im interested to see your team...
Cam123: Manowar laughed at me last week for saying Lions are better than lots of teams in the 8
Bulky: Wow. Clarry in Carlton era Paddy Dow scoring territory.
2Ph0nes: 5 tons in 13 games, put him in the sc hall of fame lmao
Ninty: Worner most traded in
Hepatitis: Melbourne will be as shower as us in a few years
Noxious: Fisher had a role change, and ever since he did he's been scoring well
LuvIt74: @Birdman cheers, thankfully i wasn't one of them, if he scores 50+ i'll bring him in
Roarix: Hahaha he isnt right about many things Cam.. think its fair to say Lions are the 3rd best atm
Pokerface: underrated comment McLeod
bhg26: Drop clarry to the 2s, embarrassing to watch
beerent11: Melbourne are so average weíre actually still in this
Ninty: Thatís why I picked him up @ nox
Cam123: Dees have no selection integrity playing Oliver in the 1s after his form in the last few weeks
Noxious: Hawks are better than most top 8 teams atm
LuvIt74: Oliver will be in my side next season at sub $400k
Pevo: I think this game will be the 'close one'.
pcaman2003: Go easy Noxious. You'll put the moz on us :)
original: Hurry up fisher
DukeNewc: If only we didn't choke to you guys noxious, we'd be in the 8 currently
OffaStep: Anyone catch the cla$$ of that Norf #3 disposal? Yumm
Ninty: Could be in every side especially if he moves clubs @ luv
bhg26: If Clarry even runs on the treadmill which he probably doesnít heíd be running on the lowest speed
CamT: Melbourne should use Oliver as a tagger. He's no value as a mid-fielder.
Roarix: Hahahaha Gawn chasing that north player
DukeNewc: Not sure he has the voodoo power of you pca
beerent11: Has to be fifty against Viney
clay007: Did someone say they would trade sheezel cos of his tog?
Roarix: He was seriously looking like he was gonna kill him
bhg26: My nan could walk faster than heís running at the moment
Hazza09: ffs fisher back to his best
Ninty: Lol offa
pcaman2003: Duke. Lol! Pity the doll is in retirement. Might get it out again next year.
Ninty: Fisher still on target for a 80+ game, not the worst when heís the kind of bloke that would junk time it
original: 45 by half time please fisher
Ninty: Yeah Iím trading him clay. Nothing but 95% TOG players for me
2Ph0nes: xerri toweling gawn up this 1/4
RgngShnBnr: powell stealing fishers kick ins lol
DukeNewc: Collecting dust in the back of the closet pca, I think it misses you, I certainly don't miss it.
beerent11: Fine for a fwd ninty.
bhg26: Put the doll on Clarry pcaman, reverse psychology
pcaman2003: Clarry having the worst mare. Maybe another long rest needed.
clay007: Clarry not even good for a rookie.
Bulky: Oliver is having a rough trot but he is more than capable of reaching 15 points.
clay007: Captain's goal
Roarix: Roos right in this.. get one more
pcaman2003: Poor Clarry! RIP mate.
beerent11: Wardlaw is 30k cheaper than clarry
bhg26: I donít hold hate towards many, but Clarry is definitely one now the lazy plow
navy_blues: 4FA clarry in a half
Stu7: How is it possible that chucky doll is this bad
original: Beerent surely not after this week
OffaStep: I sincerely hope he gets back to his best. Was an absolute bull and great to watch.
TorturedSC: Clarry brings Cousin's performances into context for me
dibba23: 3+3 = 6 which sits outside my best of 18 does that mean i can take the VC score?
pcaman2003: I think Clarry has lost his passion and heart. Shame really!
BigChief: C is always top 18 if they play no matter what they score
bhg26: Clarrys form has dropped when his supply was cut off, how didnít we see this coming!
Ash777: no coke no dees
soup: Fisher you fraud
Ninty: C score wonít be in the top 18 if a 6, though bc? Vc doesnít double either.
J_Herer: Both teams trying to lose?
Hazza09: Fisher has been a fraud since I bought him in
Ninty: That coke is a performance enhancing drug, tortured?
BigChief: Ninty that doesn't matter with C. His score always counts as top 18 even if it's not. That's the +/- of the C
carl: Clarry needs a long stint in the VFL.
shancrows: Anyone know roughly how much Clazza will drop in price :(
Ninty: I thought the doubled score still had to be in the top 18. Thatís rough if not the case!
bhg26: Permanent i reckon carl
BigChief: Well that's how I understand it works.
Pokerface: it doesnt need to be top 18, but if your captain doubled isnt top 18, you don't have anyone doubling
Ninty: Maybe weíre not giving enough credit to Phillips as a tagger. Time to sub him off again!
Birdman18: Oliver obviously get a hit over the break. He's somehow gotten worse
Ninty: That was my understanding too, poker. Youíd still hope for a 50+ so it ends up a 100+ for the top 18.
Birdman18: Hopefully someone helps him out at HT
bhg26: Need a Joel Smith cameo, its clarrys only chance
Birdman18: Didn't get*
Pokerface: Oliver please sir, I want some more
BigChief: My bad. I just read rules again and you guys are correct.
CamT: Curtis has more oil on his arms than Glen Jakovich had.
McLeod_23: Xerri dominating Max
Stu7: Powell you spud
Stu7: Powell and chucky doll 40 points between them double spuds
Stu7: Twin potatoes lol
Hepatitis: Lift max
Roarix: Come on North.. get a couple in a row now
Ash777: man wardlaw is so good
Ninty: I wish I picked up wardlaw. What a gun
soup: LDU keep going!
Roarix: Viney was hold LDU more but im okay with it for my draft
Roarix: Archer looks like he could be a player.. like him
Fordy13: Good Fisher, more of that seagull work please.
Roarix: And again.. super effort
Ninty: Clarry going large now
pcaman2003: Fisher 3 easy junk kicks within seconds. That's more like it
shagga24: pays to stick with blokes like wardlaw, I dropped him a while ago, along with others who are firing now
soup: Pca was beautiful wasn't it?
Fordy13: Piggy having a rough night.
pcaman2003: soup. Yep! But need more of it more often.
soup: Clarry needs to have a line
bhg26: or 6 soup
sheezel420: end clarry's misery goodwin
EvilMonk: Norf win this I reckon. Wardlaw is a gun eh. Might start him next year.
Legix: What a joke of a call
EvilMonk: WTF? The new htb rule was to prevent a 360. Instead he allows a 720 then pays dangerous tackle.
Roarix: Dangerous tackle?? his shoulder hit the ground.. wtf
pcaman2003: Is Clarry related to Mick Hucknall from Simply Red?
Noxious: Shocking umpiring
Fordy13: May to win the oscar for best actor.
Legix: I donít think Mays head even touched the ground
soup: No flowering way the game is dead
TimT14: May went quack
EvilMonk: That is the most horrendous contradictory call ever. They literally said they'd remove that from the game.
Roarix: And isnt the call meant to be made straight away on those.. guess you can cradle your head now and get a free kick..
beerent11: floweren mays head didnít even touch the ground
Roarix: It was his shoulder legix.. milking the free.. puss
soup: It didn't legix. He deserves an Oscar for that performance
EvilMonk: @Roarix absolutely spot on. Horrible, umpires need to apologise for that one. flowering shocking.
Fordy13: second action was May throwing his head into the turf realising he was cooked.
Hepatitis: Max cooked
Silz90: North getting bent over by umps
Roarix: Hahahaha that is so laughable watching it again.. wowee players just playing for them now cause the umps are that sh*t
soup: That square headed plow deserves a week for staging
EvilMonk: It gets worse with the replay. Worst call of the weekend.
McLeod_23: May is a hack
CamT: May should get a week for that shower.
pcaman2003: Max needs a rev up,and now.. My VC is starting to look crap again
Silz90: Can't believe I picked up wardlaw off the waiver. What a gun
Social: I swapped VC from Gulden to Max at the last minute... urgh
Stu7: Noooooo Social
TimT14: Kick a goal please wardlaw and xerri
soup: VC LDU still has potential
Stu7: Chucky doll times his half time score by 17 times
bhg26: What Clarko didnt take off will phillips?
soup: Two in the pink subbed out
pcaman2003: A bit rough Social. Who's your C?
bhg26: Clayton Oliver = Bitchiest of bitch boys
Roarix: North fallen apart since that May call.. love it
Social: L Ryan at this stage
Silz90: What does that mean soup
Stu7: Stephenís in the stink on
soup: Just announcing the sub silz
Getup: Not that i have him but Oliver wtf?
Brian00173: They wont do it, but Oliver should be subbed off for the Brown kid
Social: only other options are Flanders, Serong and Miller
Raspel31: Clarry will be bargain price next week.
Hazza09: what has happened to the sea gulling from fisher
Stu7: Donít go Miller Social
2Ph0nes: only a peanut would have oliver so you get what you deserve. dont make horrible decisions next season for once
Fordy13: @hazza they haven't missed too many shots on goal.
Getup: Wouldn't touch him rasp massive fall from grace weird he was a gun 🤔
pcaman2003: Hazza. Waiting for last qtr to seagull at his best.
beerent11: flower off 2 phones youíre a knob mate.
LuvIt74: All those crazy fools that brought Oliver in just because they thought he was value, his price dropped coz hes a spud
soup: 2phones swooping in with a negative opinion on a player, colour me shocked
Silz90: What do you mean 2phones. Can you say that again
bhg26: Hindsight is a wonderful thing
Stu7: Not helpful 2Ph0nes
Silz90: Simpkin could be handy f7 far out
soup: It absolutely is bhg, didn't you know 2phones is winning the Hilux this year?
Getup: Wow sorry for mentioning clarry
OffaStep: 2ph0nes but no one calling you, I bet.
bhg26: Dont forget the 50k soup
bhg26: Hes winning both formats
Birdman18: Oliver wouldn't even be able to get a touch in country footy
Getup: Umpires been woeful tonight at least they are consist😁
Roarix: Anddd that is HTB.. no? Stop stuffing North over umps
Legix: Stephens lol
J_Herer: Clarry heating up
McSquire: How did Oliver go back 3 for his last kick ?
Troglodyte: Just needs a full preseason without injury or drama, everyone will have Clarry R1 2025
J_Herer: Pink down, Norf could be done for the season now
Social: The nose beer helps some players and hinders others
J_Herer: Clarry with the Cats next year
Noxious: Clarry isn't a ruckman trog
Roarix: Maybe Simpkin can be the 6th fwd solution
FreeHughsy: Where that nutter manowar that was bagging fisher
bhg26: My god clarry slow down youre going to hurt yourself!
Roarix: Cats like their troubled players aye.. Clarry and the talk of getting Tarryn Thomas.. plus Stengle and Rohan
pcaman2003: Good comeback this qtr Fisher.
bhg26: Stop acting tough clarry you aint fooling anyone
Fordy13: I agree pcaman, much better. Getting around the footy a bit more.
McSquire: Melbourne nearly double Nth score but 54 less SC 😂
pcaman2003: Fordy a few early chips that qtr helped his score a bit. Hopefully tons last qtr.
Social: What was Rohan's trouble roarix.. his kid died? alps
beerent11: I bloody love George
soup: Probably talking about the physio social
J_Herer: Wardlaw 3 votes Rising Star
Roarix: Yep.. spot on soup.. disgusting to cheat on your pregnant wife
Hepatitis: Max killing me flog
beerent11: None of our business
Troglodyte: So we all agree? This is the game of the round...
bhg26: Clarry to get his lowest score ever
Social: and they all won a flag and lived happily ever after
Silz90: Agree trog close to 95k at the ground tonight
soup: Umpire just gonna ignore Ford getting molested I guess
Ninty: I am no longer supporting the Cats if they actually get Thomas. What a slap in the face to all our women that would be.
Silz90: Bookmarking that comment ninty
Troglodyte: They should bring the rookie on for a run now
Ninty: Go for it silz.
bhg26: North to do the opposite of what they did last week
TorturedSC: Should never play again Ninty, his issues are bigger than the game
Ninty: Agree tortured
Birdman18: Would love to see North come back and win
pcaman2003: Off the bench Fisher.
Roarix: Bloody Gawn.. looks like Flanders, Merrett or Serong C tomorrow
pcaman2003: Flanders is my man if Gawn under 120
Legix: Touch footy soon. What a joke call
Silz90: Umps get flowered
Roarix: Omfg no chance.. ride the dees harder umps.. why not
FreeHughsy: Put the whistle away umps
soup: Get a grip of the game you yellow idiots
beerent11: Ryanís pretty safe in Perth
blashtroko: sheezel is a fricking champion
shagga24: dangerous tackle
LuvIt74: I had Houston as VC & Gawn as C & my Daughter had the VC on Neale smart girl and i havn't stopped hearing about it...
shagga24: he let go half way through
Birdman18: Sheez +40 for that
Roarix: Come on Roos.. on the bounce now
Hazza09: Well done Sheez
Raspel31: Just happy I stuck with capping Cpmben.
blashtroko: also whats that icon that represents them playing everywhere? sheezel has been fwd, mid, back
Stu7: Clary on target for 35
PigeonPies: a spanner blash
pcaman2003: Sheezel is the man.
Hepatitis: Dees r getting a lot here
Silz90: Sheezel>daicos
beerent11: 183 for the green /clarry combo. 91.5 each. Nice.
Roarix: That was a dangerous tackle of any so far.. but of course not given.. pathetic umpiring
EvilMonk: rent free @Silz
Noxious: Clarry nearly beat toby pinks score
sheezel420: rare captain nail, ty big man sheez
Brian00173: Surprised that Dees sub off their best ball user
pcaman2003: Come on North! You can do this for sure.
soup: Up the boners!
bhg26: I cant wait for sunday night so i can get rid of the sad excuse of a footy player that clayton oliver has become
puckeey: Clarry you are definitely one of the players of all time
Silz90: Just my opinion both guns
Roarix: Was getting iced up Brian..
Brian00173: Ah ok
original: Lift fish!
EvilMonk: lmao colourful language
Birdman18: North to hit the front and Oliver to kick the winner for 50 points
Silz90: Gawn jumped up to 110 wow
pcaman2003: Get some chips Fisher.
Birdman18: Only thing saving him now
TheLegend6: Archer is a beauty
Hepatitis: Hate fritsch
EvilMonk: these shinboners are bloody awesome. Go Norf!
pcaman2003: How does Fritsch keep getting games?
soup: How tf is Gawn on 110
Roarix: North want this more.. but need the next to come before 3 min to go
Hazza09: LDU +17 for a kick? laughable
Silz90: Bloody fisher great finish
Roarix: Stephens nearly single handedly fking this comeback..
Roarix: 13 of the worst disposals for Stephens.. bench him before he throws the game
Pevo: I'm still hopeful Clarry will crack the tonne.
pcaman2003: Sometimes the SC scores have been delayed a bit I've noticed.
Hepatitis: Cmon boners stick it up these dogs
TheLegend6: Raise the bat Comben!
Pokerface: north have over 200 sc points more than melbourne
Stu7: Anyone know why Salem was subbed off, not injured?
beerent11: I love my footy team
OffaStep: Hustle, Maxy. You're leaking.
soup: LDU game winner pretty please
Silz90: Gawn down to 103, he needs a goal
Raspel31: Tactically Fritsch has had a great game pcaman- by doing simply nothing it throws the opposition.
CamT: Would have won $43,000 in a multi if Zurhaar had kicked 3 against West Coast two weeks ago.
bhg26: Yeah get on the bench clarry you bonafide scrub
Roarix: Come on Roos!
TorturedSC: Stephens in front of Payne seems silly at this point
pcaman2003: Onya Fisher. Keep going!
beerent11: Manowar does it again. Legend.
EvilMonk: that was prob a mark Petty, bit stiff
EvilMonk: come on Roos! what an effort!
beerent11: Tholstrup with Garry hocking vibes
pcaman2003: Raspel. Lol! Someone better tell him it's failing.
Silz90: Tackle is worth 30 points if they win
J_Herer: North shown us they can beat Melbourne, think draft picks boys
puckeey: 17 for one tackle?
bhg26: Give Brown all the points!
Roarix: That was HTB every day of the flower week
puckeey: I'll take it tho
Roarix: power off umps
xodeus9: LDU taking the power
TheLegend6: boooo
Hepatitis: Great to see the dees cooked - hate them
EvilMonk: sooooo closee! Bad luck norf.
pcaman2003: Poo!
Social: Results are predetermined
Fordy13: @puckeyy game saving tackle though.
bhg26: What an shower display from the dees lol
Noxious: LDU dropped a sitter
Noxious: Couldn't be happy with that as a dees fan
Birdman18: Oliver down to 465k this week. FFS gonna have to spend 100 to get someone else now at least
Silz90: Steam coming off gawns head?
bhg26: Enter Connor Rozee Birdman
Roarix: Dees flower suck.. the pretenders are showing themselves thick and fast
EvilMonk: Gawn looks like he's gone Super Saiyan, Goku style
Hazza09: how did sheezel go back -15
original: LDU should have not gone for the mark. Still, good signs kangas
beerent11: Wardlaw bird man
McSquire: Agreed BHG
Roarix: Stephens please dont play again.. terrible
myteamsuks: Traded in Rivers this week, changed last minute to Salem. Double flower
Roarix: Dees 8th is laughable.. watch them plummet from here
Roarix: We will tear them to shreds next week
JockMcPie: who said that people "fell" for the fisher trap earlier tonight.... been clowned on
Birdman18: Yeah Wardlaw over 500k this week. Best we can get though
bhg26: Summary of the game, clayton oliver flowering sucks
pcaman2003: Jock. That would be Manowar, Lol! He was wrong again!
BigChief: He also said he had the C on Clarry pcaman.

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