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LionBoy: Go Swannies. Win big.
bhg26: Forgot to change my vc to grundy and left it on zorko, grundy to go massive
bushranger: Errol in for me this week
EvilMonk: Errol probably going to go big today with Bedford going to Warner.
LionBoy: VC on Errol
EvilMonk: that went about 8m umpire lol
miersmessi: ffs I went vc Grundy and opp went gulden
Legix: Letís go C Errol keep racking Ďem up
bushranger: Hope so monk, I also have the Chad
pcaman2003: Nice start Errol. Keep that up.
EvilMonk: Grundy prob going huge as well @miersmessi, I don't think that's a bad pick
frenzy: 3 minutes in, Lol
Yelse: i chose zorko over gulden this week was going gulden next week gonna regret
Legix: Will Bedford be able to keep up with Warne all game?
pcaman2003: POkay T Green. Would like you to finally go big for a change.
EvilMonk: Green will go huge today guys, I finally traded him out last week so he's 150+ for rest of season.
slydon: vc on heendog, lets goooo
beerent11: This more the Tom green we know and love
miersmessi: Hopefully monk donít want 20-30 points to cost me because itís very tight against opp
Noxious: Very excited for this first game of the day
Legix: Jordan will love to Green soon. Whitfield is too fast
Birdman18: Green needs to come good. He's been so bad I don't have the cash to upgrade him
EvilMonk: that might be the right call, but wow I hate that being deliberate.
Legix: Move*
pcaman2003: Beer. Let's hope he keeps it up.
bhg26: Gruzewski going to steal the moon
bhg26: Did you not see last time we played GWS legix
miersmessi: Wow Hayward has 150 games at 25 not sure if thatís normal but thatís good isnít it
Legix: Bhg did he go to Whitfield?
bhg26: Yes he did
beerent11: Swans have elite speed and skills all over the ground.
bhg26: Theres like a special rule that taggers have where they are allowed to hold their opponent every centre bounce
EvilMonk: @bhg happens every week and it's so annoying. Some players get looked after, most don't.
bhg26: Whats the shortest amount of time its taken for someone to get leather poisoning
beerent11: I love the tag. Brings something different to SuperCoach
bhg26: Taggings fine but they need to call frees when they are there beer
FreeHughsy: know i should have VC'd Gulden
Hazza09: Why don't they tag gulden?
Hadouken: Amartey has hit his BE
slydon: blakey is a literal fighter jet. the man in supersonic
bhg26: Because no one is running from one end of the oval to the other for 95% game time hazza
beerent11: I bet you donít care if itís not your player being tagged bhg.
bhg26: No i see it every game beer, again i dont mind tagging it forces players to break free of opponents
bhg26: its what separates the best of the best if they can break tags, but if they are being held every stoppage thats bs
Birdman18: Bhg Adam Simpson had a bad case of leather poisoning late 2000's. Had over 20 in the first quarter one game
sheezel420: watch green fizzle out and score 80
bhg26: I remember danger had 16 in the first quarter against us once bird
beerent11: Not today sheezel. Not today.
beerent11: You talking about green getting leather poisoning bhg?
sheezel420: god i hope you're right
bhg26: No i meant grundy beer
EvilMonk: It's literally impossible for Green to be less than 120 this game, I traded him out :P
pcaman2003: I go away for 10 mins and Gulden, Green and Heeney are firing. All smiles :)
frenzy: try it again pcaman
bhg26: Briggs a shadow of himself in his prime (last year)
Troglodyte: Hopefully McMullin can lift with a full game, need to cash him in R17
beerent11: Oh
pcaman2003: Might have to do it more often frenzy.
beerent11: Thanks evilmonk
TheOnyas: onya greeny
bhg26: Green has scored 10 times more than he did last time he played us
_Wang_: At last tom
Birdman18: I reckon a lot of people rage traded Green this week too
Ooost: Green :D
bhg26: Make that 11 times
beerent11: Love it bird man
soup: Go captain wicks
bhg26: Amartey had this many disposals last week at quarter time
brodiejay: Lock him in for another 9 goals then bhg?
myteamsuks: Held onto green cos didnít want to lose money. We all know he can switch off though
bhg26: Tom Green trying to make up for the last 4 games in 1 game
LuvIt74: out of my 19 players 17 are premo's don't think I'll bring Brown in this week
wadaramus: Last week Amartey posed as a 100 goal a year Full Forward! I knew it was fraudulent.
bhg26: We will see brodiejay
LionBoy: Anyone tempted by Amartey this week ?
wadaramus: Just like the Crows!
Troglodyte: Or it could be the derby effect and he goes back to poo next week...
bhg26: Youre talking about the man who got 3 brownlow votes playing 1 half of footy wada put some flowering respect on his name
navy_blues: danger 1 week bann
Hazza09: Anyone keen on Rozee next week?
BigCox75: How many people traded Green out this week
brodiejay: Absolutely Hazza he'll be right around 400k after averaging 107 last year. Ended last season 111 after the bye
myteamsuks: @hazza09 definitely. Rozee will be value M8
brodiejay: Averaged 111 after the bye, to be clear.
Roarix: T.Green is M8 for me, no room for Rozee unless an injury
wadaramus: Playing one half, he played 80% bhg?
BigCox75: Rozee definitely coming in next wek
LuvIt74: I think Steele was traded out more than Green this week
bhg26: Look up our game against hawthorn last year wada
Hazza09: Rozee would be an M9 though
Noxious: He kicked 8/9 of his goals in the second half wada
frenzy: Tom Green around the same price as Rozee, just saying
bhg26: Sorry meant to say 50% game time for last years game but point still stands
bhg26: Also what noxious said
Birdman18: 2000 traded Green out this week. Thought it might have been more
Social: I've held all year, finally some reward
bhg26: Green still 50% owned surprisingly
pcaman2003: Go Errol! Magnifico!
LuvIt74: Bloody Warner
beerent11: I held through gritted teef
DidgeBird: is that convo about amartey? where are these facts coming from? he had 3 at qtr time and 4 at ht
LionBoy: Not thinking too many traded out Green. Still around 50 % owned
wadaramus: He kicked 4 in the second and 4 in the third?
frenzy: people running outta trades
bhg26: Thats what he meant wada
bhg26: Technically half the game
Stu7: What a dudd. Pick Gruzewski was whoops gamble +++
DidgeBird: 4 in the first half and 4 in the third, yes
wadaramus: He played the full game, got benched with five to go.
bhg26: Come on Chad youre better than bedford
Troglodyte: Makes sure you all get the exact details right, otherwise you won't go to heaven, or get icecream for dessert...
nbartos: grundy clanger and points go up
wadaramus: You don't get respect after 41 gamess with one good one, not from me anyway.
DidgeBird: im not arguing that wada :P but bhg said he had 0 at qtr time last week?
bhg26: Again he got 3 brownlow votes last year
wadaramus: If you're insulting someone with facts, you should get your facts right Trog.
LuvIt74: Amartey wont kick 4 goals in a game this year let alone 8 he was very lucky last week
bhg26: Playing 50% game time against hawthorn
Bulky: Curse the day I bought Warner into my side.
SonOfAGun.: The Pap
bhg26: 9 luvit
Troglodyte: lol wada
sheezel420: warner fake premo yet again
miersmessi: why did i not match opps vc on gulden
miersmessi: what happened to sam wicks ahha -12 SC
sheezel420: at least you own gulden!
beerent11: Greens going 150
Birdman18: I don't pick wingers but Gulden has been huge the last month
SonOfAGun.: Take it on the chest max
pcaman2003: Just saw Sam Wicks score. 5 clangers! Lol!
beerent11: Unless Jordan goes to him
pcaman2003: Someone tagging Heeney? Gone very quiet.
bhg26: shower score again green. Wait theres still 8 minutes in the second quarter
Stu7: Gulden stopped
Birdman18: Sydney are too good.
Stu7: Donít you mean Toby bhg?
beerent11: Sometimes I actually type in shower and flowerin. Anyone else do that?
frenzy: needs to work on his tank Stu7,Lol
Social: Never trust a pole Stu
bhg26: Yep beer
frenzy: always beer
miersmessi: dangerfield given a week? what is he meant to, let the player keep his arms free and get a handball away?
bhg26: Hes meant to let him run free miers
bhg26: flower sake chad i love ya but youre testing my patience
miersmessi: chad was never going to be a premo especially at 580-600k SC price he'd be a decent shout at 500k
beerent11: Green had to be carrying something. Moving around the field better and kicking it.
clay007: Does gulden ever have an opponent?
soup: Can't believe chad doesn't kick four goals every week
Stu7: Green is bac
bhg26: No one can keep up clay
miersmessi: well he did tweak his ankle didnt he
Birdman18: He was carry his ankle injury
CamT: Lachie Neale was carrying an ankle injury too. Soon as he got over it, he's back to normal.
SonOfAGun.: Chad!
bhg26: Hows that soup
clay007: very good player bhg, needs to be manned up
LuvIt74: I'll be trading Warner to Gulden next week this is deplorable Chad
Legix: Great goal
Stu7: Soup goal bang!
bhg26: I think every time someone says hes not kicking 3 every week he kicks one immediately lol
pcaman2003: Green already past his Proj.score.
Birdman18: I doubt Warner has ever been tagged before. Takes a while to work out how to deal with it
Stu7: Someone please complain about Gruzewski not kicking a goal
original: Tom green is back baby
soup: flowering every time I mention chads goal kicking the crab kicks one
frenzy: Amartey not going to trouble the scorer
bhg26: Its happened last two or three games now soup lol
nbartos: chad to freo
Birdman18: No one good goes to Freo
miersmessi: sydney might lose chad and mcdonald right???? please....
miersmessi: and hayward....
bhg26: Well we resigned hayward and logan says he wants to stay. Chads has another year on his contract
nbartos: hes from freo bird
LionBoy: Sydney win. Great for comp. Opens up the 8 spots.
navy_blues: results gone great for lions so far LB
Social: Unfortunately Jordan Clark went to Freo Birdman
SonOfAGun.: Pap
LionBoy: Yep. Supporting Blues and Swans for the rest of the season.
LuvIt74: Amartey from hero to negative zero
DukeNewc: Gulden a solid trade in for me it seems
bhg26: Letting his teammates flourish luvit
SonOfAGun.: Another close game
LuvIt74: Heeney died in the orifice
navy_blues: any1 down to 13th still in finals race
Manowar: trading Warner, poo poo
Social: Good thing horse took him early last week
Cam123: Wicks having a blinder
Birdman18: Manowar how many trades do you have left?
bhg26: hes having my average junior game cam
hexada: green finally doing something
bhg26: Chads disposal been poor but his score is still harsh
Manowar: 7 trades left
navy_blues: have a look at cripps last nignt thats harsh bhg
bhg26: Yeah nah thats outrageous navy lol
clay007: I agree Navy, massively stitched by cd
Birdman18: I think it depends on your efficiency when you get a disposal. So if you start off with poor DE you get less
Birdman18: Cripps started with about 20% DE
bhg26: Sydney weather once again putting on a show
clay007: The De stats were questionable if you were watching
Birdman18: Yeah I question what gets called a clanger sometimes
beerent11: Green could stop now and Iím happy
bhg26: They count points as ineffective disposals, as if locketts point after the siren would be ineffective
sheezel420: big greeny aint stoppin for no one
Noxious: Haven't had a player go under 100 so far lol I'm happy
beerent11: Is there a test match on in Sydney today or something?
pcaman2003: Yes beer! Very happy with him and Errol. Heeney doing okay too.
beerent11: Hope so sheez
pcaman2003: Surprisingly only 4 clangers between Errol and Greeny,and in the wet.
Birdman18: I think Green took his 30 possies for 80 odd points last week personally
Noxious: Have the VC on Grundy but not confident
Noxious: What's everyone else gone for VC/C?
Raspel31: Gulden must be a fit mother- tog- wow.
pcaman2003: Decided in the finish for Gawn VC and Flanders C.
Birdman18: I went Walsh VC Gawn C. Not confident
FreeHughsy: I swear CD are extremely harsh when judging guldens kicking
bhg26: I wanted grundy into gawn but tinkering with my team left the vc on zorko
navy_blues: same pca
carl: VC on Neale happy with that.
DragonLass: I have the VC on Gulden and have already made him caprain. Even if he doesn't score much in the last quarter it's fine
don key: always the way had gulden as c then changed to heeney doh lol
pcaman2003: Fingers crossed navy! My choices this year have been very suss.
Noxious: Grundy can still score well so I'll see what I do, deciding between gawn and flanders
don key: dont think have ever seen so many low scores from one team
LuvIt74: Heeney doing good now thankfully
don key: honestly think you guys can sneak into the 8 pca
Jack SC: Heeney has been on track for a ton the entire game Luvit what do you mean "now"
don key: still think its a roote changing c they should make it freeze on the first game
pcaman2003: don key. Anything is possible. It would be great, but we'll see.
don key: anyone feel that nm can do the dees tonight?
EvilMonk: @don key I picked Norf, absolutely will beat Melbourne based on form.
EvilMonk: The better question would be, do Dees stand a chance?
Ash777: it's possible with dees out
Ash777: outs even
don key: looked at nm next few games and can win if they can close out games
navy_blues: think gawn will go massive tonight
Birdman18: Well North's defence isn't so much of an issue when you're up against Melbourne
frenzy: the 8's not safe don key, lol
original: Donít stop Tom green ffs get off bench
pcaman2003: Think Dees may just sneak in, but North will scare them.
RgngShnBnr: Xerri doesn't give up big ruck scores
Hepatitis: Take heeney or gawn
Jack SC: The game hasn't ended yet.... You can't take heeney
frenzy: who subbed for peatling
pcaman2003: I'll expect this from Green most weeks now. No more crap performances.
Ash777: game on!
navy_blues: where was this intensity b4
Ash777: angwin is subbed out
Birdman18: Get Green back on
Legix: Surely not
bhg26: Onya Cleary
Ash777: well that killed it
Ash777: first touch goal debut
EvilMonk: Took a risk and got Cleary, been in the game for 5 seconds and a goal. Come on Sydney, start the guy ffs.
pcaman2003: What a way to start your career. When done young Cleary.
pcaman2003: "well"
Kidult: top scores vs Xerri are 178 Jackson, 107 Marshall and 106 Stanley. Not much else with a few around 100
lana2146: LDU to go big tonight against undermanned dees my C
missmagic: peatling must be the red headed stepchild up there,racks up ranking points
Birdman18: Green has done absolutely nothing in this last quarter
DidgeBird: monty, any orange vests for this one?
bhg26: Melican and Angwin subbed off
Jack SC: Yeah wtf is with that birdman, it's almost like he's out on his feet after running his guts out
Noxious: Take Grundy or gamble on Flanders? Maybe ryan or serong?
J_Herer: yay captain Gulden, go son!
pcaman2003: Noxious. What's the hurry? 7 mins left still.
Birdman18: He's an inside player Jack. Doesn't need to run to get points
soup: Jfc can someone get on Errol
beerent11: Nice simpsons reference m0nty.
LuvIt74: @Noxious Why not Gawn?
beerent11: 147 birdman
beerent11: Hulk for green?
beerent11: Seems fitting
Birdman18: He needed that rev up Beer
don key: think gws in a world of pain atm
Raspel31: Just imagine if Gulden tackled?
Noxious: Xerri a hard matchup
pcaman2003: Raspel. He use to a lot, but too busy getting possies today.
beerent11: Imagine if Luka played d.
EvilMonk: I don't think i've ever enjoyed watching another team other than my own like I do with Sydney 2024. They're so good.
LuvIt74: @Noxious take Grundy mate
DaMeatloaf: Really regretting going Chad over Gulden after their bye..
don key: agree evil their year for sure
Noxious: Yeah think I will
Noxious: Swans are very fun to watch monk
don key: unless the afl change the goalposts yet again lol
Noxious: Can't wait to see Gulden play a 100% tog game
EvilMonk: that's not the rule umpire. He was within the square, you're allowed to rush it.....
navy_blues: stupid ump behind the post lol
beerent11: Nah, go Gawn.
bhg26: Good onya ump, all about you mate
bhg26: Ball dont lie
EvilMonk: it completely doesn't matter, but that's just ridiculous
beerent11: Cheers Tom
Birdman18: Now everyone's going to be confused with a rushed behind
bhg26: And every other rule birdman
beerent11: Now over to you clarry. See what Tom did?
frenzy: thanx Tom
LuvIt74: only player so far to go sub ton Warner
Ash777: did blakey just whacked Hogan in head in that last forward entry when the ball go oob
bhg26: We can dream beer
pcaman2003: Gulden is a machine. 98%TOG on a wet ground.
don key: only hope gcs get beat by this margin too
frenzy: lucky its best 18 luvit
LuvIt74: @Frenzy he'll be in my best 18 as i only have 19 on field Worner & Day my only players that aren't premo's

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