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Noxious: Afternoon all
Yelse: stuck to who i bring in gulden or zorko this week
frenzy: howdy
ElstyBoy: Gulden
bushranger: Howdy gentlemen
Yelse: went zorko potential tag for gulden
naicosfan: Potential tag for Zorko aswell
naicosfan: Mcentee tags half backs
bhg26: Brisbane training with Never Tear Us Apart playing gives crows camp vibes
Roarix: If Aliir is gonna play like that from minute 2, Port are in trouble already
missmagic: another nothing to middling game from rayner,or can he pleasently surprise me?
bhg26: Dunstall fuming there
Legix: Cardinal sin from Rayner
Kangagang: LOL Rayner
Legix: Donít do this to me Zorko
Roarix: Nice prior lol
Roarix: And that isnt HTB..
Legix: Strange that Drew is tagging mccluggage instead of Neale
Noxious: I have 0 confidence in this game
_Wang_: Let's go neale you shower ****
hinsch: This might be Butters last week for me trade to Neale
bhg26: Youre shower butters
Legix: Rozee was a steal at 400k
Manowar: Hinkley get Butters off, useless
beerent11: Bit unconventional but Iím going butters down to rozee this week to finance completing my team
Legix: Good lad butters
bhg26: Negative reinforcement works people
beerent11: Keep it up manowar
naicosfan: Cheers bhg
bushranger: Too quick to dish on blokes in here. Settle lads , butters will be fine
naicosfan: Give Zorko a spray please
bhg26: It only works when theyre having a howler naicos, hes doing okay so far
beerent11: Need rozee to not get his breakeven
naicosfan: Nvm give it to Houston
naicosfan: Ahh yes, I understand
Manowar: tagging McCluggage what's the point? idiot Hinkley
naicosfan: As long as Neale isnít tagged Iíll be right manowar
Legix: Agreed Manowar. Dunks and Neale would be more appropriate
Social: my oppo has mcluggage
original: Brought Houston in sorry
Hazza09: Rozee v Curnow going to be a tough decision next week
beerent11: Mcluggage more damaging on the outside.
Roarix: Stay in the midfield butters.. shocker
naicosfan: Wtf u doing butters
bhg26: Butters getting the ball but has not clue how to use it
Roarix: JHF being a tosser today
Noxious: It's like Sam walsh
Noxious: Rozee looking decent again finally
original: Not today mccluggage ffs get to 90+ plz
bhg26: Its amazing what not playing with an injury can do to a player noxious
Manowar: bit soft he is
MontyJnr: Butters is an overrated player. Compared to the best, he plays like a deer in headlights.
original: Harris Andrewís another AA performance
naicosfan: MontyJnr rooboystu on an alt? Horrible take
Roarix: I love this kid.. Morris
Noxious: Crazy isn't it bhg, I'm no coach but geez I could do a better job I reckon
Noxious: Logan Morris looks great
TheOnyas: Onya Nealey
frenzy: lol noxiuos
bhg26: Silly boy Houston
Cascadian: How the flower did Houston lose points for that professional free kick? Play kept going and didnít impact anything
original: Lol free kick is a free kick man
Cascadian: Original but it didnít impact the play at all
Cam123: Dunkley and Houston in this one, so far so good
naicosfan: Free kick is still a clanger which is negative points
Manowar: Port below average, years of pain ahead. Bye Bye Ken
Bulky: Port will give Hinkley a 5 year contract extension after this performance.
frenzy: rozee shut up shop
Cascadian: naicos fair enough, but I watched TDK not lose any points for some free kicks last night.
Roarix: Port rather hitting our blokes than playing football.. check the scoreboard flogs
Noxious: What was the 50 for?
naicosfan: Very Unusual cascadian
hinsch: L Evans might have been a good trade in this week not bad for $102K
Roarix: Ken has told them to beat us up and instead they are more worried about the man.. wonka club
Noxious: Roarix that was an accident on neale
MontyJnr: @naicosfan Butters is a good player, his ability just doesnít match the reputation thatís all.
Roarix: JHF pushing Berry into Cameron? JHF tryna play dirty.. Neale was accidental for sure but your blokes are playing dirty
Manowar: who wouldn't want to hit Neale or Zorko
Roarix: hit Neale? for what? Zorko can understand but huh.. turn it up Manowar
Noxious: Might turn this off
EvilMonk: The big O is going huge. Afternoon lads!
bhg26: McInerney playing like prime Callum Sinclair
SonOfAGun.: Great half Hugh
jlitza: dont get me wrong mccluggage is a good player but tf does hinkley not send drew to dunks or neale ahaha
Manowar: c'mon Horne do some damage
Noxious: Only positive is Logan Evans looks decent except for a couple mistakes, but to be expected for a first gamer
EvilMonk: Are port this bad or do we think Lions are the Blues and Swans biggest challenge?
Roarix: Berry getting hit again.. wowee
Roarix: Cya Butters.. enjoy your week
naicosfan: Flowering wuss
Roarix: Just give it to him
Ooost: Dunkley :D
wadaramus: Well, that was a good quarter of footy.
EvilMonk: Classic, Port are tagging my McClugdog, they must have known he was new to my team.
Cam123: Lions will make finals. They're better than Bombers, Cats at least who are in the 8
Rynnie: JHF injured?
Roarix: Add Port who are in the 8 also Cam lol
Ooost: JHF not injured just butchering
Noxious: We don't deserve to be in the 8 though
original: Good stuff clugg ffs . Killing my draft team
Noxious: Berry might win an oscar
brodiejay: JHF looked like he dislocated a finger, which can be excruciating or a non-issue depending on person and finger.
LionBoy: Brutal half of footy.
Noxious: So disappointing to watch us play like this, Lions look much better than the start of the year too. Can't see us coming
Noxious: Back
LionBoy: Donít bet on it Nox. Lions third qtrs are woeful.
circle52: Agree with Lionboy Noxious I will not be comfortable till full time.
wadaramus: Narkle on BZT off.
Noxious: Can't see it happening lion
LionBoy: Hope youíre right Nox
Roarix: 100%.. our thirds are terrible
Noxious: Your thirds might be bad but we're just awful. Couple losses might shake things and make our big dogs make decisions
BigChief: Just turned game on and wow Ports skills are woeful. Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
LionBoy: Pressure BC. Pressure.
Social: Ruta having one of his better games
Noxious: Told ya
Roarix: Rayner just said to JHF fk you, im the better 1st pick as he threw him off
OffaStep: Reckon they'd hit it if you painted in in Lions colours, BC.
BigChief: LB not what I have seen. Fumbles, missing simple kicks and hb and dropping sitters. That's not caused from pressure.
naicosfan: Oh no
BigChief: Agree offa. It's poor and now Butters injured. :(
LionBoy: Hope both teams have very big ice baths ready.
bhg26: Oh flower off butters
Roarix: Okay smashing Port is great but we dont need butters injured pls..
pcaman2003: Butters a gonna.. Only got him in recently too. Typical of my season.
Noxious: Jinxed it roarix haha
sMiles: I never own Butters as he is a huiman cannonball and always likely to get smashed!
frenzy: lol
Roarix: Thought we would do this to the saInts.. not Port.. just getting bigger wow
slydon: butters looks like hes okay
Noxious: Ffs I can't stand ratugolea
LionBoy: Ok. I think we are nearly home.
JohnHoward: zak butters the type of guy to suck on the shared water bottles
Noxious: You reckon Lion lol
slydon: thats exactly why you get him smiles
SwaggyP: i tipped the lions but jeez this is a drubbing
Roarix: Not satisfied yet Lion.. more more more
BigChief: What are you seeing slydon? He is on the bench in pain.
Ooost: It's done Lion bros
Noxious: You're flowering kidding me
Noxious: What a joke of a call I don't care how far behind we are
DaMeatloaf: Thank you Dunks
slydon: he has movement in his wrist and wasnt wincing when he was testing motion on the cuts to the bench a few mins after the
slydon: he wouldnt be moving the wrist that freely if there was any serious damage above the wrist or in the hand
BigChief: 100 point win coming for Brisbane?
slydon: its most likely got sat on in a tackle and is a bit tender
slydon: *not the tackle shown on replay but a prior one
slydon: what did i say chief, back on no probs
BigChief: And he can't raise his arm slydon, so not all good.
DingaS2831: just 1 possie
slydon: i mean he just threw a ball around shoulder height quite easily
original: Houston should be feasting a game like today
BigChief: okay slydon you know everything. I bow to your know it all head.
EvilMonk: good debut by Evans, looks like one of the better port players on the ground.
naicosfan: Bc heís still going hard at the footy,sly is correct
BigChief: hahaha going hard at the ball. He is staying on the outside.
slydon: say what you want chief. the amount of time ive spent as a physio/orthapedic patient, you learn a bit
Noxious: Looks like the only decent one Monk
naicosfan: lol still moving around freely
DingaS2831: Rozee for 1 more
slydon: not saying hes perfectly healthy but its not going to be a persistant injury
slydon: showing all the signs of a pinched shoulder nerve
BigChief: Yes sir Dr slydon sir.
naicosfan: You still use your shoulders to run, and he is running extremely hard.
slydon: hey chief remember when you called me out for zach merrets corked calf last year?
slydon: i do
slydon: quad***
BigChief: Know it all again I see.
naicosfan: Bc why are you cut? You donít have to know everything
slydon: BC likes to be the top dog and doesnt like it when other people are more informed than him
slydon: port are crumbling this year idk how they make a significant finals run at this rate
DaMeatloaf: I'm learnding
Troglodyte: Afternoon lads. Been out with the fam all day but got a look at the FF mobile site for the first time
BigChief: You think you are all knowing slydon. You are not at the ground or in the Port dugout. So how can you know what issue is
naicosfan: They have a very tough run home
BigChief: Oh I forgot you are Dr Slydon who knows all medical issues.
Troglodyte: good little site m0nty. Lets you take the whinging with you wherever you go ;)
naicosfan: How do you know what the issue is BC, you said he was cooked?
OffaStep: Enough playing doctors and nurses, guys. Back to the game in the final Qtr.
BigChief: Please show me exactly where I said that naicos? You can't as all I said was Butters injured.
slydon: actually cant stop laughing lol
BigChief: injured is not cooked and never has been.
miersmessi: why did I tip power now Iíve lost my 5 point lead at the top of my comp
slydon: talk about getting tilted
slydon: havent you ever made a theory from an observation chief? i never said i was right. all i said was it "looks"
naicosfan: Same miers
slydon: its called an observation
naicosfan: Something along the lines of it BC.
miersmessi: Who does BC support seems like a hawks fan
LuvIt74: This Evans looks good and worth considering but job security
Troglodyte: Anyone got any extra popcorn, forgot to buy more while I was out?
BigChief: And my observation is he has not raised his arm above shoulder since injury.
BigChief: I say again Please show me exactly where I said that naicos? You can't as all I said was Butters injured.
BigChief: Fk off meirsmessi. You are not even close.
brodiejay: I've got Popcorn troglodyte. For flavours, do you want butters, sweet, or Berry to accompany your wines?
Roarix: Pls win the qtr Brisbane
Troglodyte: Make sure you all get your little tiff out of the away before the next game, should be a good one
Troglodyte: Do you have maple bacon flavour BJ?
All Reds: flower oath roarix
EvilMonk: The big O running hot!
blashtroko: butters done?
Roarix: Love the big O.. most underrated ruckman without a single doubt
miersmessi: BC confirmed Adelaide fan
EvilMonk: YES! MCluggers catch up!
BigChief: Wrong again miersmessi.
blashtroko: butters not done
miersmessi: Seeing a little correlation between hipwood bag of goals and Brisbane blowouts
clay007: Sweet been pretty sour today
miersmessi: BC confirmed tennis fan considering the tantrums
EvilMonk: @Roarix always had a respect for the Big O. He usually restricts oppo rucks and does a good job himself.
wadaramus: Butters on :)
Roarix: Pretty sure your Brisbane no BC? Swear I remember a Lions icon next to your name ages ago
slydon: are port a bottom 6 side this year?
clay007: Is brain pretty smart?
Roarix: Might be wrong and mixing names up
original: Go cluggy go
EvilMonk: He's Fitzroy if I remember correctly. Hence no icon.
wadaramus: 50% right Roarix.
BigChief: Oh hell no Roarix. You guys took OUR name. Was not a merger, it was 100% a take over.
slydon: ah so hes a fossil, that checks out
BigChief: Correct Evil. Fitzroy every day of the week and proud to be so.
LuvIt74: Butters on fire and not as soft as Butter
DaMeatloaf: Zerk-Thatcher should have that witches hat permanently
miersmessi: Can we please gather Around
BigChief: Better to be a fossil than a know it all clown.
slydon: bet youre big mad about chris skase hahahah
Roarix: Wasnt around then Chief so wouldnt be able to have a say on that.. is what it is now
EvilMonk: @BigChief as a youngster my first game I got to go see was Pies v Fitzroy at Vic Park '94 if I recall correctly.
slydon: still remember him from my childhood setting up my family for life
EvilMonk: We only won by like 2 goals, was an amazing game. Remember it fondly :)
bhg26: Ton up Dan and Dayne
clay007: It is a old day today, but the fire in here is warming me up. So much anger. Why are people so unkind?
missmagic: most toothless team in the comp,who will take up a top 8 spot another team might have been competetive in
LionBoy: AFL does not respect the Fitzroy part of our club. They do with South Melbourne. An do better.
wadaramus: I second that bhg.
CamT: Losing Fitzroy from the competition was an absolute tragedy.
Noxious: Poor Sweet
miersmessi: Why watch the footy if you donít support any team
BigChief: What poweres me off most about us getting dumped is the handouts clubs get now.
LuvIt74: @clay007 A Kamahl fan
BigChief: I support Fitzroy miers and we play VAFA. You saying I can't watch AFL now?
EvilMonk: I watch F1 and don't really support a team @miersmessi. Why do you need to support one team? It's a great sport.
clay007: I heard it the other day on Youtube luvit, made me laugh.
LionBoy: Time to get Harris a goal
clay007: keyboard issue luvit, sorry, not drinking, not sure what hax is. lol
Roarix: Power getting cheapies now.. can we not?
LuvIt74: @clay007 brings back memories when I was a young lad
missmagic: remember watching people stream from the ground last round 1996,thought what the heck is this,was fitzroy fans 4 reservs
Manowar: Has a coach ever been sacked mid match? think it's time
Noxious: At least we get to hold our spot in the 8 for one more round before we get knocked out next week lol
miersmessi: Well I just meant why does he watch specific games but youíre right I donít support a f1 team I just support OSCARRRRR
Noxious: Agreed manowar
EvilMonk: lol what is that goal ump being paid for?
Roarix: Goal umpire wanted some air time.. lol
Legix: Lmao wow
miersmessi: Would be nice if the horny one could get some goals and ton up
Troglodyte: Do we all agree that was a goal?
BigChief: miers I try to watch every game.
Birdman18: How long was Hinkley signed for last year?
LionBoy: Crowd booing Hink every time heís on screen. Maybe not lg d
Roarix: We are in some fine form with Charlie so out of form.. imagine he starts finding his groove again..
Noxious: 2 years birdman. They signed him before we even played finals
bhg26: Port will give Hinkley a contract extension after this
LionBoy: Not long to go maybe
bhg26: Neale just has to be tagged every game
BigChief: Wasn't Stinkley resigned just after their long winning streak?
clay007: Don't talk nonsense bhg! lol. I have enjoyed today
Noxious: Can we please stop talking about Ken I don't need reminders
colin wood: loving Houstons free pts today CD cheers
miersmessi: haha BC I just read Fitzroys history again, how did you lot survive as fans
Troglodyte: Good to see Kelli getting extended off the back of my fan survey vote ;)
BigChief: miers we struggled but our hearts stayed loyal. I never saw a VFL/AFL flag, but did see a finals win.
bhg26: Take the step out Zorko!
EvilMonk: More cheapies for Zorko please
Roarix: Aliir set the tone from minute 2 with his weak effort in a contest..
Birdman18: I think Ken survives. If it have been a 100 point loss he'd be gone
BigChief: Very similar to StK or Dogs fans really.
LuvIt74: My dauter was smart to have Neale as her VC, while I had Houston ffs - Its gonna be a long day
SwaggyP: Ken Hinkley is easily the worst coach in the AFL. I hope he stays on lol
EvilMonk: lol Neale looked knackered then
Ooost: Some Junk please JHF
pcaman2003: This goal umpire needs Specsavers urgently.
Troglodyte: How is he the worst if his team is in the 8 Swaggy lol
frenzy: you tauter well luvit
miersmessi: Ken and Bevo vcompeting for who will keep their job by underperforming
Bulky: Can't wait for Hinkley to trot out the "positives" in a near 100 point thumping at home.
Noxious: He's the worst trog, 100%, cant change game plan, refuses to drop underperformed players
SwaggyP: He consistently loses Troglodyte, thats why.
CamT: Hinkley's winning % as a coach is 60%. Leaves most coaches for dead.
Social: Mark Williams survived the 2007 GF so I think Ken is safe
LionBoy: Too early to call but Lions might still make finals.
BigChief: Brisbane in the 8 for now.
Noxious: Score review we need to know if they lose by 999 or 1000
Troglodyte: You sure you understand the meaning of consistent? Can't be on the 8 if "consistently" loses
EvilMonk: @LionBoy Brisbane not only make finals, they probably make it to a PF/GF again in my mind.
Troglodyte: Port are waiting until Nicks get sacked first so they don't have all the media attention
Noxious: Well, Logan Evans looks good, well done Brisbane
Roarix: Come on Lion, we "might".. we are more likely than the Bombers atm
Cam123: Hinkley's w/l record fine in regular season. Beats up on lower teams, doesn't beat the better teams when it counts
LionBoy: Long way to go Evil
miersmessi: Brisbane probably one of the teams who could actually stop Sydney especially if Ashcroft hits the ground running
Roarix: Kens problem is finals 100%
Bulky: Exactly. What is Hinkley's W/L record against top four sides. Would be in the 20-30% range.
EvilMonk: Port "overperformed" last couple of years. They were expected to bottom out and they did very well.
EvilMonk: Hinkley is a big reason for their continued reasonable success. I don't think Hinkley is a problem at all
Troglodyte: Agree monk. Just a bunch of bloodthirsty savages looking for a sacking that isn't coming
sheezel420: i love a good sack
Manowar: reasonable success? Port have won nothing
Troglodyte: Neither has any other team, its mid season lol
EvilMonk: @Manowar If that's your benchmark, Voss should have been sacked. Has won NOTHING
Manowar: sorry to upset you, but the real Magpies are going nowhere. Hinkley needs to go
Hepatitis: Heeney vs gawn - feel like only taking 125 minimum from heeney

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