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Yelse: afternoon every1 who is VC C for this round
carl: VC on big Max, if he stinks it up, thaan either Merret or Serong for the C
gazza39: Think TDK could go alright tonight
All Reds: Bah badum badum bah badum badum bah badum badum badum badum
circle52: same Carl Gawn VC into Serong/Flanders
frenzy: evening chaps
Apachecats: Evening all.Walsh my only starter.
navy_blues: hi all
Roarix: Got rid of Stewart.. cant wait for him to score 120
frenzy: thanx roar
FoopyTime: Whats with carlton adopting the tsunami colours?
Gotigres: Thanks for not being the sub Clark. Onwards and upwards over 60 please.
FreeHughsy: de we think worner will get more than 1 more game?
Gotigres: Me too Roarix, except I expect him to go 140
Ash777: what a cool way to start a game in a brother ruck off
BigChief: Foopy it is for respect to those who have lost their lives at hands of partner.
frenzy: tdk will dbl ton
xodeus9: De koning easiest VC of my life
Ash777: more entertaining than the mckay battle
Roarix: Meanwhile Geelong are playing 3 ruckman in the VFL on Sunday lol
EvilMonk: Evening lads, I went a cheeky VC on Walsh. Should be good I reckon
gazza39: what would i know lol
Troglodyte: Green TOG low?
SonOfAGun.: Bye bye Geelong
flibbity: why are calton supporters booing danger?
pluggerpig: also vc on walsh
original: walsh needs more CD love
flibbity: walsh drove his own head into the ground in that tackle
Yelse: wtf De koning gonna get the record tonight
Zutroyz: Evening all
EvilMonk: Cats will start a bit slow off the bye but I reckon it will be a close game.
Ash777: Stengle will look weird in a dogs jumper
BigChief: Too soon SonOfAGun.
SonOfAGun.: Huh
Zutroyz: Rozee to setterfield, thoughts?
FoopyTime: setters aint playing this week
BigChief: Not smart ZuTroy with Setterfield out inj
EvilMonk: @Zutroyz I wouldn't, I'd keep Rozee or maybe go to McCluggage or someone instead.
flibbity: didnt he get dropped?
Ash777: Is Cincotta tagging stewart?
Zutroyz: He was on interchange yesterday. Won't pull the trigger. Thanks BC
navy_blues: yes ash
BigChief: Says omitted but he has a minor knee complaint, so I heard.
Zutroyz: I've got McCluggage Evil. Salem?
CamT: Cincotta is definitely tagging Stewart and Stewart looks completely rattled.
Troglodyte: About time Walshy got a +6
SonOfAGun.: Have a shot crippa
original: lol holding call.
original: ball was out the back
flibbity: he dragged it in mate
2Ph0nes: certianly was, great decision
BigChief: I thought Williams knocked it out between his legs.
EvilMonk: @Zutroyz not a huge Salem fan either. Could you squeeze the coin for a Laird or maybe a Miller?
original: lol dragged in and pushed out the back.
flibbity: doesnt matter, he dove on it first.
2Ph0nes: lol harry weak as power
Zutroyz: Got Miller. Not enough for Laird
flibbity: forgot pushing it out was a disposal
Roarix: Stewart never gets 24 from 3 touches.. where has this been for weeks?!
Hepatitis: Why do baggers get such a good run
BigChief: flibbity if you knock it out after diving on it, it should be play on.
original: please, everyone knows you don't need to dispose the ball these days
EvilMonk: @Zutroyz I would consider a Hawk mid if you're running low. With day back and easy run, they're value
Ninty: Would be easy to play for Blues. Get touched itís a free as a forward. Able to throw the ball as a mid.
Zutroyz: Worth a look Evil. Cheers
flibbity: yes if he knocked it out. it stayed under him though
SonOfAGun.: Worm burner
original: keep trying flibbity
navy_blues: wouldnt say to much remember last game we played geelong got home with umps even neutrals were saying it
TheLegend6: Maybe cripps should've hit the target
Roarix: 33 from 4 touches.. this is painful
Roarix: Stewart accumulating sympathy points?
navy_blues: @ ninty
BigChief: Stewart getting the Bont tax? He has done SFA
Ninty: Lol @ navy
EvilMonk: Might have the most frees the big boys at Carlton, but there's a reason for it. They're hard to stop
original: stewart a few intercepts no?
flibbity: keep trying what? original?
BigChief: Should have been a mark to Jezza
Vultures: Stewart 3 tackles
EvilMonk: That's a mark, surely
circle52: Agree
Ash777: that was a very soft 50
original: 204cm bloke can stop on a dime
EvilMonk: Yeah reckon they pay them for the flower of it original. Especially in the def 50
BigChief: Evil are you watching Kayo's delayed telecast?
clay007: Cripps getting crucified by cd
NOBIas: anyone else getting gws vibes from carl outift? keep thinking it gws my brain is tricked
beerent11: De koning day in Melbourne
original: wow cripps on 15? crazy
EvilMonk: Lol yes @BigChief and I'm on mobile so my phone is probably delayed. Sorry for the 5 min old comments haha
gazza39: CD getting crucified by Cripps more like it
flibbity: pretty sure thats front on contact all day mate...
soup: At least curnow is in my team now
flibbity: yeah im on kayo too the delay is real
Ash777: yeah cripps 1 fa 3 clangers 40% accuracy is poor
beerent11: Same here soup.
beerent11: Nearly vcíd him
DaMeatloaf: Jeez glad I traded in Curnow today
original: tommy stewart is BACK baby
Kidult: the FA is counted in the clangers
DaMeatloaf: Eases the pain of seeing him get all those frees Soup
DaMeatloaf: I could be wrong but wasnít it a major stuff up the last time Scott went in without a ruck?
original: jhye clark LIFT
naicosfan: He canít if heís on the pine
clay007: Ash, I've been watching, they are not real clangers.
Hepatitis: Baggers to lose this - and not win a flag for 20 years
BigChief: Dangerfield loves playing Carlton.
clay007: I think dangerfield loves playing footy bigchief
obione05: Ppl rate Scott as the best coach, you cant be if you dont give your mids a chance
naicosfan: Walsh donít do those kicks
naicosfan: He lost 6 for that kick
Troglodyte: I voted for Kelli in the fan survey... your welcome
pcaman2003: Time for Clark to be benched again. Too much TOG, hey Scotty?
clay007: Thanks Trog. lol
naicosfan: Is this Jhye Clark or Tom atkins?
clay007: Mark O'Connor is playing well
OffaStep: Mark O'Connor is playing? Well!
BigChief: How was that play on for Weitering?
original: tv icon for miers
naicosfan: This tdk run has to be one of the best ones this year
Ninty: Getting free kicks for knocking themselves out now lol
navy_blues: charlieee
Ninty: Imagine if Hawkins name was Curnow, would have 10 free kicks per game
Kangagang: Good move bringing in C Curnow this week! :-)
navy_blues: geelong players arm hit newman high ninty watch replay
naicosfan: Ninty u didnít just say that..
RooBoyStu: Free Kick Carlton more goals than any other team
BigChief: Let go of it Ninty. Hawkins needs to retire.
navy_blues: hey spudly
Troglodyte: I thought I smelt a baked spud lurking around
Birdman18: I've never seen a worse player than Clark in Supercoach
SonOfAGun.: Voss needs to stop playing fantasia
RooBoyStu: Last comment as if I'm a spud there are more on here. Cya bye bye
Ash777: geelong leading the free kicks makes your take bad
Hepatitis: Does anyone like Carlton?
navy_blues: agree sonofagun
BigChief: Okay who ordered the roast spud?
original: birdman you must be young. let me introduce you to relton roberts
clay007: Any truth in the rumours that Stengle is looking around?
RooBoyStu: Including the creator lol no upgrades Fthis site
Ash777: stengle has offers from dons & dogs
beerent11: Rory lobb says hello birdman
EvilMonk: Lol Collingwood defending well? Bloke has pies in his head.
original: cripps makes some awful choices
OffaStep: SpudBudStu!
Ash777: dogs offer is 850k for 5yrs
original: lol hawkins
EvilMonk: You don't need to announce your departure spudboy
BigChief: I can't see Stengle leaving Cats. They have helped him soo much.
clay007: Dogs seem to get a lot of players.
Troglodyte: Tater-twot is more apt
miersmessi: how can the dogs afford that when they have Jamarra and a bunch of youngins to pay soon like sanders if bevo isnt dumb
original: jog on BT
gazza39: I actually put the VC on TDK my only hope of a SC win if he keeps going
OffaStep: He'll look great in a sub jacket, Ash.
Ninty: SDK ainít a bloody ruckman.
clay007: I agree miers
Roarix: Meanwhile you named 3 in the ressies on Sunday hahaha @ninty
RooBoyStu: More Spam than scores
OffaStep: Jackoff potato, Trog?
Ninty: Mind blowing roarix
miersmessi: Itís actually SC smart to captain the opposing ruck to geelong because we have no ruck
BigChief: Great coaching from Scott. Playing Curnow and McKay and play your best tall def in the ruck.
Ash777: dogs dont get players if more than 1 club is after them.
Zutroyz: I'm glad that Scotty addressed our shortcomings during the break and has stuck with Plan A
Ash777: Saints is another team interested in him
Roarix: Looks like the Geelong Supercats basketball team to play that one Sunday lol
clay007: lol zut
RooBoyStu: See ya tight @sses without SC Subscription
miersmessi: Dogs donít have a player talent problem they have a coach talent problem, underperforming every time
Ash777: Dogs main target is Rayner anyways
Troglodyte: Spud off already Roo Poo
pcaman2003: What is CD doing to Clark? HB direct to team mate and his DE drops further. Weird!
Ninty: Maybe theyíre just overrated miersmessi
DaMeatloaf: Stanley out Ďinjuredí but named emergency? Baffling
naicosfan: Nice Clark
OffaStep: This is a loooooong goodbye, spud. You've got a chip on your shoulder.
clay007: Is Rooboy a troll?
Roarix: Interesting Ash.. smart from them knowing he and his missus split so nothing tying him to QLD
EvilMonk: I thought Stanley had been going alright, is he actually injured?
Ash777: dogs have a consistency problem
BigChief: Just a sad little boy clay.
navy_blues: htb??
Roarix: Stanley named in the ressies Evil.. along with Conway and another young Ruckman
naicosfan: Walsh do something need a big vc score bc thereís nothing this week
clay007: Well, bigchief, time for a milo and off to bed for rooboy
OffaStep: Yeah, like diarrhea some weeks, Ash :)
Troglodyte: lol
Ninty: Theyíll probably all play reduced minutes if at all roarix
navy_blues: nice ton TDK
EvilMonk: A lot to like about Carlton footy right now. Boy oh boy, they're good
DaMeatloaf: They listed him injured at Thursday teams Monk.. He cops flak but at least he knows what to do.. SDK is all at sea
naicosfan: Tdk will go 190+
OffaStep: Except diarrhea can run for 4 quarters...
Roarix: 1 Sydney and 2 Cartlon.. while 3-13 is anyones guess
Ninty: Rhys was actually good early v Swans. Whole team went to shower when they got going
EvilMonk: @DaMeatloaf the flack probably deserved in the past, not so much now. He's improved heaps, I like him tbh.
clay007: hilarious offa
Birdman18: De Koning going 220
navy_blues: evil need to play 4 consistent qtrs a lot of the time its 1 or 2 good qtrs
BigChief: Should have kept Neale in side as ruck and leave SDK FB
Ash777: good on tdk to teach his bro ruckwork
2Ph0nes: gws back in good form
Roarix: Neale also in the ressies.. land of the giants hahaha
DaMeatloaf: Havenít had a good one since Ottens weíve just been lucky to have such good mids that it didnít matter
Troglodyte: Offa, diarrhea is hereditary, it runs in your jeans...
miersmessi: Rhys has done his job we should just blood the youth because weíre not closer than a few other teams to a premiership
Ninty: Neale not great as a ruck either
Ninty: TFK and SDK should swap jumpers at HT like they would in juniors
BigChief: Ninty but SDK is an awesome FB.
Ninty: Well cooked
BigChief: OMG Trog, that's sad and funny at the same time LOL
OffaStep: Lol, Trog. Got me thinking of Tony Francis with that gag.
Roarix: 4 draft players in this.. Walsh, Acres, Duncan and Stewart.. lovely
Ash777: Neale is will be the better ruck when he builds a tank
Ninty: Hasnít been the same since he went into the ruck and had the Batman face mask, now we ruin him more
navy_blues: no goal
TheLegend6: that should not be a goal
BigChief: Jezza played on after siren. Should be no score.
Legix: Possibly the worst umpire decision of the year
Ash777: wowee what howler
EvilMonk: That can't be a goal umpire called play on?
naicosfan: No goal there.
Ninty: No point complaining Blues, shouldíve been a 50 anyway
Yelse: This a huge stuff up by the umps
BigChief: Can they review that at 1/2 time?
navy_blues: the ump called play on cant stand as a goal
original: did umpire say he played on? confusing
suns4ever: That's not the play on signal that's the end of quarter signal
original: 18:13 remaining in the second qtr. go check out miers elbow
Legix: Bigchief they can only umpire scores, not the actual field umpires decision
navy_blues: all "goals" reviewed?? lol yeah right
original: was end of qtr signal but thought he said played on
Tea_Bagger: Surely they remove the score to hold some sort of dignity for the AFL
miersmessi: Why are blues fans so aggressive with decisions against their team
BigChief: And he ran off his line suns4ever. Didn't kick over the mark.
Ash777: want to see them explain this 1 away
rustyc: Pfft... didnt deviate off the mark. Goal.
miersmessi: I donít even think the umpires favour any team because they make up rules as it goes hahaha
circle52: Question for me is did umpire signal half time before he kicked it similar to Neale a few weeks ago.
BigChief: Laura Kane will just like last week.
suns4ever: Players always get a small curve, again umpire never called play on. It's a goal
Getup: 2 blues take each other out free blues that was nothing
original: circle wasa setshot tho, or play on you
xodeus9: Nice to be able to lock my VC loop in at half time on friday
Ash777: not the same thing suns
navy_blues: was getup if u watch that again u will see gee player take newman high
BigChief: Wrong suns4ever. Kicks after the siren need to be kicked over the mark. Ump held both arms up to signal siren gone.
OffaStep: Kolodjashnij tagged one high before the collision, Getup.
BigChief: This means Jezza needed to kick over mark and can not take the curve
Getup: Blues fans up and about love it dangerfield 4games in your opinion??? Haha
circle52: that is what I am saying if it was the polay on signal when did the ump signal half time.
suns4ever: Yeah buts its Jeremy Cameron, same thing as Cripps, bont or daicos, theyd never call it on a 'star'
beerent11: Owies xodeus?
BigChief: Surely Dangerfield doesnot get suspended when Walsh threw his headinto ground.
rustyc: Wrong BigChief... didn't do anything that any left footer does kicking for goal... Buddy did it ober a 100 times
beerent11: Got tdk in a couple of draft leagues. Could start him next year if Pitt doesnít play
navy_blues: didnt think there was much in that getup
suns4ever: Yep @rustyc, so many players go slightly off the mark and don't get called
navy_blues: rusty you are missing the point once siren has sounded you gotta kick over the mark
OffaStep: Can't be classed as dangerous, surely? No sling, Danger just swung his legs forward to use his weight in the tackle.
miersmessi: Navy settle mate youíre 6 goals up let the multi hit
navy_blues: both arms pinned
Ash777: looks worse in slow motion
Getup: That's all I'm saying nothing in it like the blues colliding play on
beerent11: Yet another dead horse being beaten to a pulp.
navy_blues: im fine miers and 6 goals might not be enough, lol seen them fold b4
miersmessi: Surely his head hit the ground due to momentum of body hitting the ground not the tackle
myteamsuks: COVID got me 1st game I missed massive FOMO
miersmessi: No chance we can 6 unanswered navy we can barely come up with a strategy to free Stewart
Getup: And if it was a dangerous tackle head hit the ground why not the concussion test just saying 🤷
CamT: Will Geelong sub Hawkins out ?
Ash777: it's similar to the 1 nic nat did a few years ago
OffaStep: Haven't read the rule wording. Is any pinned arm tackle where the head hits the ground deemed dangerous?
BigChief: Rustyc learn the rules mate.
Getup: Get Cameron in the game for god's sake scott
OffaStep: Or is it tackled with an inherently dangerous motion and pinned arms?
Ash777: nic nat got suspended because his tackle was too forceful and lacked care
BigChief: Didn't the ump say NicNat tackled him too hard?
OffaStep: "a type of tackle where an opponent is slung, driven or rotated into the ground with excessive force...
navy_blues: gee cincotta has lifted lately
OffaStep: "may include a run down tackle where the tackled player is driven into the ground with excessive force"
original: danger forward and cameron higher up the ground would worry me massively
Ash777: yes bigchief
Ninty: Classic Kolo turnover, been a while since heís done one of those
OffaStep: They'll be able to argue it wasn't excessive, I reckon.
original: dont mind him as a player tho ninty. every defender prone to them
original: danger tackle looked at. no suspension. miers offered one week for the elbow
Ninty: Lol deliberate v Clark, ump should know his disposal is shower
Ash777: brayshaw forgot the henry brothers
BigChief: It is a dumb rule Ninty.
navy_blues: great smother
Ninty: impossible to defend Curnow
2Ph0nes: if stewart doesnt ton up from here I'll eat my hat
Ash777: should just pay a fa against if the kick or handball isn't touched before going over the line
original: 2ph0nes what about Jhye Clark tonning up. what will you eat then
BigChief: Mullin subbed I think.
suns4ever: Will charlie curnow ever get a shot that isn't from a soft free?
BigChief: Last touched free Ash just like Auskick?
Ash777: nah no last touch. A lol your skills are shower rule
BigChief: haha I like that.
BigChief: Okay Walsh time to do something positive.
navy_blues: how long can the kee gifting games to hawkins
navy_blues: keep
pluggerpig: wonder if 2 brothers have ever been top SC scorers on opposing teams before
CamT: Hawkins +3 for that Out on the Full.
Ninty: Another 5 years hopefully @ navy
navy_blues: lol go for it ninty
BigChief: the +3 is DT not SC CamT. DT don't care where kick goes.
Ninty: Best ever GFC player, he deserves 200 gifted games thanks
clay007: Someone said TDK would get 200, not sure now
Troglodyte: lol he just wanted an excuse to knee his bro in the head
EvilMonk: starting next year with the SDK TDK combo lol
Ninty: Heís tried a couple of speccys on his bro now
OffaStep: Best ever, Ninty?
blashtroko: Brian thinks Boyd and Cowan are first picked each week
Ninty: OíConnor sighting :o
original: lift jhye clark
Ninty: Did I stutter, offastep?
Bulky: Come on Walsh you pretender.
naicosfan: Walsh you spud
DaMeatloaf: Hawkins limping off
original: we arent really stopping games for blokes limping off are we
clay007: tom stewart is a champion. real competitor. Hawkins to sub himself
BigChief: Here come the Cats.
Roarix: flower Stewart.. the week I trade you.. toss
original: stewart and harris andrews will be AA by default, dw
Ash777: too early on the sub there
OffaStep: Either Ablett, surely...
Ninty: Ablett Jnr if he didnít go to Suns. Snr great player but unfortunately didnít do himself any favours off the ground
Roarix: Andrews has been super again this season tbf original. Stiff last year not to return to the AA team
navy_blues: nice throw stengle
myteamsuks: Yeah nah that wasnít a throw at all
clay007: Has anyone got curnow, mckay or cameron in sc? They seem inconsistent, yet can go big.
original: have cameron in draft, know is not the same
Ash777: totally a throw
BigChief: Walsh stopped, Carlton stopped.
ausgooner: Brought Curnow in this week, hope he can ton up from here
naicosfan: Curnow!!
OffaStep: Stewart not stopped, Carlton stopped.
clay007: Curnow would be an all australian back i reckon
original: its so painful watching clark
beerent11: A lot of us did I think ausgooner. Dream run home.
beerent11: Heís a rookie original
Tea_Bagger: On point umpires gift Geelong 2 goals to keep them alive
ausgooner: beerent yep, especially those tasty games against North and the Eagles
clay007: umpires will not decide this game tea bagger
Tea_Bagger: Letís not forget about the goal on the halftime siren also. The game is in a bad place at the moment
OffaStep: Jr a traitor, Sr tragic. Sounds like 'favourite', not best, Ninty. I vote Jacko or Billy Brownless.
Tea_Bagger: They seem to decide every Collingwood game James Bond
Troglodyte: It's going to be Saad if Calton don't win from here...
DaMeatloaf: I hope itís Close trog
Ninty: Heís in the conversation either way, offastep. Definitely my fav
Social: help
myteamsuks: Geelong were no better that qtr Carlton kicked 1 goal 6 and 1 OOF
Troglodyte: But if they do win they will be Boyd by the result...
Gotigres: True to form Stewart tons up after I trade him out
Yelse: in stengle 2 goals to win multi fml
OffaStep: Legit legend of the modern era, no doubt.
Ash777: wtf scott! moving stewart forward lol
beerent11: Nothing tragic about snrís footy career offastep. Except the lack of a flag. Iím old enough to remember it.
OffaStep: So am I, beer. Off field though...
Ninty: Silly 50
Tea_Bagger: Are they doing 20m free kicks now? What happened to the 50m?
gazza39: I know Gotigres traded Dempsey, just knew he would turn it on
BigChief: What has off field got to do with how a player performed on field?
Ash777: stewart is going to be losing points he cant touch it
Ninty: Surely everyone went SDK VC and TDK C
Roarix: Hawkins update not being given.. sounds like he is done
Yelse: Is SDK gonna play this role from now on ?
gazza39: TDK my VC legit so happy days
DaMeatloaf: Scott will be Mullin over this loss for a while
Ninty: I wouldnít have thought so Yelse. Certainly not a ruckman
clay007: Game over. geelong done
OffaStep: Metatarsal, Roar? Seemed to go down without contact and no noticeable wrenching of any kind.
navy_blues: nice harry
clay007: Scott will head to miers after this to buy some things
OffaStep: Cats Rohan up shower Creek now.
gazza39: I love Super Coach lol
Troglodyte: Headin' Holmes with the W for sure...
DaMeatloaf: At the G and i cant wait to go Holmes
clay007: Voss deserves his touhys red tonight in one of his holmes
original: dumb tom stewart
BigChief: Oh no TDk head stood on.
circle52: No worse than the non one last week
Troglodyte: Come on Stewart, what are you Weitering for...
Roarix: Close the door on the cats.. they are Duncan
clay007: Stengle aint cowan anywhere
navy_blues: wd boys
pcaman2003: No Clark, no Geelong :)
Birdman18: How has Clark actually gone backwards since the 2nd quarter?
Fordy13: my multi has gone Cripps up here.
Troglodyte: Thanks navy
2Ph0nes: lol this peanut acting like he kicked the sealer in the gf lmao
original: clark vs tsatas for worst disposal
clay007: Can cripps hit the hungy mark?
beerent11: floweren catman. Imagine if that was one of your kids.
naicosfan: First goal
OffaStep: Get the witches hat icons ready m0nty, almost time for de koning...
BigChief: That guy is a flog beer.
Ninty: Shouldíve offered TDK all of the farm Acres in the world last year
DaMeatloaf: OwiesÖ this has hurt to watch
Social: We've needed a ruckman ever since Otto retired
xodeus9: TDK back on thank flower
original: Social that is 100% accurate
Yelse: cats all they been doing chasing fwds now mids
clay007: Ninty, you would have to run that by the mcgoverner
Ninty: Stanley has been serviceable but imagine if we had Grundy instead for the last 10 years
original: stop clark lol. take him off, he'd lose less points
myteamsuks: Catman is a right wing looney
Yelse: cats could have gone goldy or teakle prob sweet, soldo
DaMeatloaf: No more A grade mids to cover that hole Social
navy_blues: hey BC remember last time these 2 played? some1 was bragging how mighty their team was unbeaten lmao
navy_blues: how the mighty has fallen
pcaman2003: Lol! Every time Clark gets it, it's a clanger.. Don't touch it kid.
beerent11: Whatíre our vc/ c plans this weekend? Thinking Gawn into Merrett or Ryan.
original: why can't i bet on TDK brownlow
Social: yep kid mids with zero leadershjp experience in there does not bode well
frenzy: got no salary cap for a ruckman
BigChief: Grundy to Gawn for me atm beer.
Ash777: Scott needs to try some different players in the midfield
DaMeatloaf: Tyler Durden coming on
Ninty: Better days @ navy
beerent11: Like old times bc
xodeus9: Im getting TDK's face tattooed on my chest
naicosfan: Clarks made me enough money to dish him off next week
Social: Gulden into Ryan
beerent11: Yes Chas!
navy_blues: gawn into flanders
pcaman2003: Gawn to either Ryan or Serong.
OffaStep: A real fan would get his chest tattooed on their face, xodeus.
slydon: umps have straight given up
Raspel31: Wish England could score like this in The Euros.
nbartos: all the tanking finally paying off lol
original: slydon which call?
xodeus9: noted Offa
Ninty: Get Blicavs foot tattooed on your face
BigChief: Yes beer it was Gawn into grundy or Grundy into Gawn almost every week
clay007: flogging
beerent11: Stupid sexy is the only player left to have tonned up in every game navy
gazza39: TDK into no one lol
Tea_Bagger: How good is it listening to BT when Carlton are playing well. He doesnít talk
OffaStep: Lol Ninty.
BigChief: haha gazza. 350+ for you. So is it Daicos or Bont as your C?
pcaman2003: Onya Walshy. Nice goal!
beerent11: Great goal
navy_blues: great choice gazza
original: imagine if walsh scored like bont
clay007: I hate it when cripps does well then handballs to walsh and my oppo has walsh
BigChief: Yes Sammy Walsh. About time you kicked a snag
original: 12 cp. 9 clearances, goal, 5 tackles
xodeus9: Welcome to the TDK VC club gazza
Birdman18: Is BT commentating?
pcaman2003: Williams has turned himself invisible this half.
Yelse: one more goal stengle please
OffaStep: And 9 clangers, original...
BigChief: Birdman his mouth is moving but only dibble coming out.
Social: BT is reclining in a frothing mess
pcaman2003: Walsh got stuff all for that goal.
BigChief: Try 6 clangers offa.
gazza39: Was honestly a last minute trade to get him in, then thought he is playing no one in the ruck
Ninty: Stanley, Bruhn, Guthrie and Parfitt make a big difference it seems
OffaStep: Right you are.
TorturedSC: Clark's team mates seem to hate him. Getting hospital passes and they don't contest when he gives it to them.
TheLegend6: Cripps underscored by a long way
nbartos: Hawkins a blouse
gazza39: Lol Big Chief
xodeus9: i was a bit nervous about pittonet getting another chance later in the year. Think that's put to bed
Social: And of course Selsy ninty, elite leadership can not be underestimated
original: xodeus his injury the best thing to happen to us as Voss loved him. no chance now
Ash777: cripps's score is exactly where it should be
Ninty: Iím just saying thatís the only 4 players different since we beat the Blues in R7
beerent11: First week with Charlie.
frenzy: the makeshift ruck got alotta ball
TorturedSC: And literally just got spoiled by a teammate, kid needs to move somewhere else
Social: Fair enough, handy players true
puckeey: Holy I've just seen Clark's score
navy_blues: 10 goals very nice
Social: yeah down back TSC
myteamsuks: TDK gives Abby Holmes a hug. Here come the angry men
BigChief: Bigger margin than the 95 flag navy :)
BigChief: puckeey he had 8 clangers.
navy_blues: 95 flag was clapping geelong when they scored lol
myteamsuks: Carlton had no backline against cats last time
xodeus9: agreed original, i was always on the solo TDK train. Pitto too slow does nothing after the tap
soup: Curnow good on debut. Geelong pretenders as expected
original: walsh and stewart same same SC . awful seriously. Stewart somehow will get AA again - ugly year
EvilMonk: delicious footy bombers! wowee

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