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Gotigres: Now to watch the spud Tom Green, who averaged 133 when I got him in and 90 since I got him in
bhg26: Hes in such shower form gotigres his projection is 67 lol
Gotigres: Oh wow bhg, that's pathetic
naicosfan: i hope he can get 67 lol
bhg26: Will be touch and go naicos
EvilMonk: Green will go fine now, I traded him out. He'll 130+ today guaranteed
naicosfan: if he doesnt get tagged its very possible
_Wang_: Thanks for that evilmonk
Troglodyte: Drew will go with him
TheLegend6: this crowd hahaha grim
Troglodyte: Nice chilled game ahead, no zealot fans for either of these teams
pcaman2003: Anyone watching Kayo getting buffering issues?
Troglodyte: Change to Fox Footy channel pcaman
shagga24: Kayo all good here pcman
pcaman2003: Trog. Don't have Fox Footy.
Bulky: Ugh. Kelli and Dwayne. Good night.
Noxious: Ill stay quiet trog
Troglodyte: Its a Kayo channel. Fox Footy: Sunday Ticket
shagga24: 4K not too bad either
Troglodyte: Its about 3-4 rows below the main game on Kayo home page
pcaman2003: Trog. I'll check it out now . Thanks!
shagga24: Rozee looking alright so far
EvilMonk: oh no, don't tell me, I finally get butters and he's going to get suspended right?
Noxious: It was a hit to the shoulder I think monk
TheLegend6: no chance of suspension
BigChief: You can strike someone now and it's only a fine.
StuL: Just a padlock for Butters.
shagga24: Wrong game, but geez north tried their heart out
Birdman18: I'm actually sick of watching contest only players like Rowell, Green and Steele. Never picking those players again
pcaman2003: Brought Butters in just b4 game start. Sorry everyone. Another shower decision!
StuL: Come on Butters
Noxious: Even Kayo doesn't want us to see Marshall butcher this
Noxious: But good stuff Marshall
pcaman2003: Would be perfect if Green actually got a ton this week. Been very poor so far.
StuL: Got double padlocks. Green and Butters
NOBIas: Got Butters in this week and as captain.. fml
naicosfan: 6 of my 18 this week have been tagged.
frenzy: fort knox StuL
BigChief: Tagging Butters means Rozee will prob go huge.
Troglodyte: How does Angwin get a starting spot ahead of McMullin?
wadaramus: Double taggers, boring.
shagga24: Birdman, gonna say the same thing.
BlueHorse: @NOBIas a bit like me bringing Neale this week and using him as VC and then Ryan as C -.-
shagga24: I've got all 3 and they are hard to watch every week.
Pavs: Why tag Green surely Whitfield is more dangerous
FreeHughsy: Just got Butters and Green in this one, flower tagging lol
shagga24: Add wines to that list as well
bhg26: Shush pavs
BigChief: Drew tags mids not half backs.
Troglodyte: McEntee tags the HBs BC
Pavs: Not the first person wishing that bhg
EvilMonk: I love how this new htb rule, where they blow the whistle early has just completely reverted.
BigChief: He tries to Trog LOL
Troglodyte: Just not today by the looks of it. Surely the tag on Disco proved a success?
naicosfan: Houston keep going, i brought u in for a 77 and 98 show me something
soup: That makes six of my players getting tagged this week, this week can get flowered
pcaman2003: Tagging has been the bane of SC this year. Havoc is rife!
Troglodyte: Either way just here to kill time until rage trades are open ;)
shagga24: Green can spud it up enough without a tag
Birdman18: True Shagga. Need those 2nd possession players like Bont
Troglodyte: Exciting quarter? Idun know about that...
wadaramus: This game is tough to tolerate after the Nth vs Col game.
BigChief: Agree wada as this game a snorefest.
Noxious: Boring as
pcaman2003: May have to watch the replay of the previous game..
BigChief: How was that not in the back to Boak?
Noxious: Give ratugolea 1 mil a year
EvilMonk: Kelli said he played for it @BigChief which makes me certain that it was definitely in the back.
thommoae: Okay boys - see ya all later. I'll stay here and mind the game for ya.
BigChief: Once she opened her trap I turned radio on Evil LOL
wadaramus: Let me know if things improve thommoae.
EvilMonk: it's a hard listen, agree. Think I'll do the same.
thommoae: They just did wada. :)
Silz90: Guess who put the c on butters
TheOnyas: Onya Briggsy
StuL: padlocks are doing their job.
naicosfan: hell yeah houston
BigChief: Get involved Butters. We all want you to do something positive.
wadaramus: Green and Butters.
wadaramus: You two are probably a pair of the biggest soft cocks I have ever seen grace a footy field.
wadaramus: You wouldn't know how to lift being so impotent.
beerent11: They’re both being tagged wada
Silz90: Supercoach brings out the worse of us wada
Silz90: At least Houston is playing well
wadaramus: Can they administer viagra at half time? Get around with a boner and get some kicks?
BigChief: wada has got into Pavs angry pill stash today.
Vultures: Did we win ? We showered in.. hic
wadaramus: N.Daicos busted the tag earlier, but he is a superstar, not like Spudders and Green.
StuL: Come on Green and Butters
Raspel31: You echo my feelinfs Stul.
StuL: projected is shot if they dont lift
pcaman2003: Smelly Underwood has the most horrid voice.Sounds like Roseanne Barr.
beerent11: Butters/Green hopefuls should just go do something else. It ain’t gonna improve I fear.
naicosfan: i feel like most of the comp have these two so it shouldnt be too bad, just bad for projected
beerent11: Rozee perfect m8/m9
bhg26: It will not beer but we will still complain. It is our right as fanfooty users
StuL: And i overpaid for Butters.
pcaman2003: I have Butters and Green. Oppo has Thomas and Rozee. I feel quite dudded.
bhg26: This is houstons highest score since ive owned him
original: Tom green this ain’t it
Manowar: C on Houston, winning!
bhg26: Tom Green isnt even going to get his projection of 67 the bonafide scrub
Stu7: Nice move Manowar
puckeey: I know he's getting tagged but damn green. I thought for sure you were going to get to 67
Stu7: Pca shocker hey
pcaman2003: Green lost $147k so far and still falling fast. The great spud!
pcaman2003: Stu7. My latest rounds have been laughable. Good thing it's only a game.
LuvIt74: @puckeey agree it's time for Green to go from my side bloody carnage
wadaramus: Both coaches must be happy withthe outcome of their negative coaching tactics.
puckeey: Might go below 400k
wadaramus: It's a superb game of footy.
wadaramus: Isn't it?
LuvIt74: If it wasn't for these bye rounds i would have got rid of him this week
shagga24: Green gone
original: Started green. Hurts. In my draft team too
puckeey: Should've gotten rid of him after his 5
J_Herer: the GWS boys have matured and got worse scorers...
LachieMcL: tom green became most overrated player in offseason.. bloke runs 20 km/h and cannot kick
wadaramus: It's a superb advertisement of AFL footy, sure to please the <5000 at the game.
wadaramus: Small crowd at the game.
StuL: Green started well and had us fooled
CamT: CD got it right on Tom Green .
shagga24: Follows it around, but don't grab it
puckeey: As soon as we trade him out he will ton up. It's inevitable
shagga24: Almost don't have enough trades left to get rid of him!
puckeey: I have three spots left with 6 trades
StuL: kAfter trading in Nyuon, Richardson, Jones and Dawson in the fwd line I will run out of trades
Pokerface: so banking on no injuries in 9 rounds.. yikes
beerent11: Ffs wada, turn it off and go do something else mate.
StuL: I wouldnt trade green out.
bhg26: The Amartey Party has got him down beer
J_Herer: ton up Harvey!!!
puckeey: He's not the only one bhg
jlitza: good few mins green come on mate
Cascadian: Go Housty you beautiful man
Pavs: Can see why Green was tagged. With space he is quite good
wadaramus: So outside of keeping up with your SC scores, you're actually enjoying this game beer?
naicosfan: keep going green houston and butters!
EvilMonk: So many umpires now they all think the other will look. absolutely useless.
Noxious: Houston finally having a good game again
cmperrfect: every midfielder I own now gets tagged. ffs.
clay007: Time for a drink cmperrfect
clay007: Drink responsibly though.
StuL: Come on Green and Butters. I already said that.
bhg26: I find it funny that Kelli said “unselfish as always” about Toby Greene when he has 5 behinds
clay007: Cmon Noxious, get your boys up and firing. Your boys must be these plows from gws
bhg26: Butters being outplayed one on one by Bedford is laughably embarrassing
clay007: be = beat. Too many drinks
pcaman2003: bhg. Has to be because I got Butters in just b4 the game.
JaiDay12: Clay mate it's a Sunday... I'm hoping you're Monday morning isn't early
clay007: Ha Jaiday, no, I'll be fine. Still pumped after the pies get out of jail game.
Apachecats: Been away for a while.
frenzy: hello pache
naicosfan: butters is so annoying
naicosfan: green actually wants the footy
frenzy: bring on mcmullin ffs
bhg26: Butters you bitch
beerent11: It’s not that bad wada. I don’t live and die by SuperCoach like some do. It’s just a game .
bhg26: Yay it still works
wadaramus: Big last quarter Houston, got to cover for the two tagged flogs.
pcaman2003: Naicosfan. Green double the possies of Butters and Rozee combined.
McSquire: With so many tags coming back - which midfielders will avoid and score well
Noxious: Don't let it affect your day Wada
wadaramus: That's my point beer, this is a shower game!
StuL: Green could almost ton
J_Herer: a fair few must own Butters as I am climbing the ranks this week nicely
naicosfan: hugh mcluggage
beerent11: Don’t watch it mate. Feel like we’re going in circles here. If it makes you angry turn it off.
McSquire: Just about to say same Naicos
McSquire: Libba
Noxious: No one is forcing anyone to watch the game haha go outside or something
navy_blues: i like the taggers adds a bit of unknown element to how players will or wont score
wadaramus: Go outside, the sun has just set!
Ninty: Can someone explain why Green is a house and Greene is a tractor for? I don’t get it. #icons
BigChief: Going outside would match your mood wada, dark.
Noxious: Only 5.40 here haha
Hazza09: my team is full of fake premos
naicosfan: tom green and butters are so disappointing
wadaramus: Hey Noxious, the sun has just set, what does it matter what time it is?
StuL: Butters will be getting cheap. Got him over 600.
soup: Houston slightly making up for butters and green
wadaramus: Hey BC, my point is, shower footy is a result of the AFL, if you enjoy shower footy good for you!
beerent11: The league is so even, there’s only really 6 or 8 genuine premos these days.
StuL: Other teams will tag Butters now
beerent11: 2 or 3 in each line maybe. If that.
BigChief: hey wada no one here wants to hear about your shower, so as beer said if you don't like it stop watching.
naicosfan: bedford what a way to spend your 50th game you flog
Silz90: It's time to start vc or c half backers or gawn everyweek
Noxious: Wada you sound mildly upset
Noxious: VC or C on whichever half back is playing against St kilda is the play
naicosfan: then theres bont, who everyone has but me, untaggable and just a gun
FreeHughsy: ooh an argument, can I play?
Pevo: Even Luke Ryan was tagged. Seems to be a new trend.
wadaramus: You said it's 5.40, the sun set at 5.11, I didn't quite understand what your statement meant? Hardly upset.
Silz90: Oh yes bont is back what a gun
Ninty: Good idea to stop tagging Green at HT. Love you Ken
Noxious: Yeah I don't have him either Naicos it kills me
BigChief: Tough next week Nox with StK on the bye LOL. Maybe Max into Ryan?
Noxious: Maybe you need a nap since it's getting late haha
Silz90: Your 100% right noxious they have the bye next week though lol
wadaramus: Ahh, shirking the issue with an insult, classic sidestep Noxiuos.
Noxious: Cheers bud appreciate it
Silz90: Cmon guys can't we just move on.
Troglodyte: lol thought this was going to be the zen game this week, when will I learn
naicosfan: tom green u flowering hack
JaiDay12: Wada I'd be more concerned about your coach than "shower footy", shame your club is utter shower
Pavs: BC you been selling your grumpy pills?
Noxious: Thought so too trog but some people let footy and supercoach dictate their moods
BigChief: Nope Pavs. I have all mine locked away. wada got into your stash.
Noxious: Leave ratugolea forward at this rate haha he's more useful there
naicosfan: calm with the comments all just call tom green and butters shower and leave it at that
naicosfan: no need to get personal
Troglodyte: Game still up for grabs Kelly, seriously - with 5mins to go?
FreeHughsy: JaiDay12 chimes in on the action
Hazza09: you absolute fraud Tom Green
JaiDay12: NaicosFan, don't know who's worse, Butters or Wada
Silz90: Tom Green has double the disposals of butters and only outscoring him by 12
bhg26: Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya
naicosfan: if anyone can win this game its butters
naicosfan: we seen it against the hawks
Noxious: Wouldve been nice if Hornet or Rozee stood up with butters tag but thus is the port way
wadaramus: Are you actually being serioud Obnoxious?! Why are you on this site if you don't care about footy and Supercoach?!
Troglodyte: Look like me McMullin trade is only going to net me about $50k queue I told you so from BC
Ninty: I remember when Esava kicked 3 goals in a final. Got a great roost on him when he hits it sweet
bhg26: Why the flower is Houston on the bench
slydon: shhh wada go have a tea and chill
Manowar: Ken, maybe you can apply for the Adelaide job! save on moving costs
Troglodyte: what is supercoach? asking for a friend...
naicosfan: how does thomas kick that haha
Noxious: Hinkley things bhg, he's our Amartey
Manowar: Ratugolea is poo poo
Pavs: Similar to what you play Trog but better :)
BigChief: What did I say about McMullin Trog? I am old and prob forgot.
Troglodyte: Ken is safe, still in the top 8
Noxious: Somehow trog, doesn't feel like we should be
Troglodyte: something about his jobs security if I recall correctly, which is never a given...
BigChief: Nope Trog. That wasn't me. I remember saying he is sub on other game, but nothing about JS
Troglodyte: Pavs, I have 3 kids under 4. Simpler is always better - but concede you may have a different perspective
Noxious: I miss when we were on the bye
wadaramus: Ignorance is bliss I guess.
Pavs: Leave her alone Trog.
naicosfan: what has everyone scored? 2050 here.
Troglodyte: Noted Pavs - lesson learned
J_Herer: Freo v GC will be a good game next week to see who gets into the 8
Silz90: How cheap will rozee be next week
Troglodyte: all good BC it was round 11 when McMullin got his first run. Didn't expect he'd get the vest every week
StuL: 1726 with 16 players
Noxious: 1974 for me, not bad all things considered
BigChief: Oh that long ago Trog. I may have said it then. But he is still in the 23, which is a +
Troglodyte: Hey it rage trade time! 1871 for me (DT)
bhg26: 2042, all hail Dan Houston
circle52: 2108 for me pre scaling
PigeonPies: 2163 for me, pretty happy
Tea_Bagger: 2250 solid week should be par

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