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J.Worrall: Evening all. Ryan a fail as VC - Captain Heeney or Daicos?
soup: Grundy if you have him worrall but out of those two id say heeney
frenzy: evening chaps
ReggieOz: Worried NDacois will be a late out
J.Worrall: Heeney it is, thx folks!
FreeHughsy: Carn crom
Gotigres: 100-110 from Gulden would be perfect
Gotigres: Hopefully Dawson has a big game
navy_blues: gulden C
soup: Stay low Errol and Chad and go huge jaws
pcaman2003: Had the C on Heeney, but changed to Gulden. Hope I don't regret it now.
FreeHughsy: I already miss matt crouch
circle52: Sorrypcaman but I brought in Gulden this week.
bhg26: Me too hughsy
Gotigres: I got Ryan and Gulden in this week navy and pcaman. Look how Ryan turned out. Hopefully the same doesn't happen to Gulde
Silz90: Forgot to put c on gulden
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Good luck to us this time...maybe!
FreeHughsy: this swans team looks lively AF
Noxious: Have Gulden, Grundy, Heeney, Blake and Dowling, bit in this game haha
Gotigres: so far so good pca
circle52: I have Gulden, Heeney and Dowling
navy_blues: no probs tigs we both winners then lol
thommoae: If Will hayward were one T.Greem
naicosfan: grundy is hitting 200
thommoae: If Will hayward were one T.Greene there'd be hell to pay, eh?
pcaman2003: thommoae. Is this the week Green fires up again? He's overdue!
GinniFan: C'mon Chad
wadaramus: Warner on fire.
pcaman2003: My oppo has the C on Laird. C'mon Errol and catch up lad.
soup: i want what your oppo was smoking pca
pcaman2003: soup. Bloody frustrating as hell.
bhg26: Gee hows the throw
lana2146: Upset perhaps swans due a loss
Pavs: Gulden on the bench? Thought he was working towards 100% game time
CamT: Exactly, Pavs. Why would they feed us that crap.
slydon: just re watching dusty's walk off interview. pretty special afl moment
navy_blues: dont mind adel winning just need gulden to fire
pcaman2003: Slow right down Laird. Ya killing me here.
thommoae: Green is always fired up, pca - effort no prob. He'll appreciate Jelly alongside.
Yelse: wf TOG for laird and gulden is reversed
pcaman2003: t. He's my last POD to play so hopefully goes big.hommoae
soup: shows how much luck is involved in captaincy and SC in general ay pca
DANGERous: nice start Chad.
pcaman2003: soup. I've been stinking it up this year. My worst year in SC by far.
pcaman2003: Heeney,get moving .Don't let Papley outscore you.
original: Canít wait for CD to count that as a Clanger for Dawson for a dropped mark
Pavs: You're not alone pcaman. Terrible year
Legix: What a weak free kick
GinniFan: My week was already cooked, decided to gamble the C on Chad. Not looking good
bhg26: That is a flowering ridiculous call oh my flowering goodness
Yelse: grundy to gulden to advantage didn't count
pcaman2003: Pavs.A good thing I don't gamble. I'd lose constantly:)
circle52: If they are going call that on Warner boy we see that every game after goals kicked
circle52: Not alone with worst year pcaman as this ius my worst since my initial team years ago
Yelse: i went with Grundy C hoping for 140+
bhg26: The bloke didnt even move after he was hit circle
Yelse: Laird TOG 95 is unheard of
Noxious: Laird's suspected knee injury must've flicked a switch for him
Noxious: It's like whenever Todd Marshall gets a head knock and goes for a concussion test he comes back and kicks 4
clay007: need a big half from heeney
bhg26: Amartey takes a 1 on 3 mark, yeah take him off
DANGERous: go chad, just what i brought you in for
pcaman2003: Gulden and Heeney need to fire up. I'm getting pummelled by 17th position.
naicosfan: dowling get on the field
naicosfan: seems like i brought in crouchs replacement
bhg26: How is that not downfield
Birdman18: As he kicked it BHG
Bulky: Warner about to be added to the never again list.
naicosfan: u guys shouldve expected that warner is gonna kick 4 goals a game
pcaman2003: Errol very lucky not to be pinged.
thommoae: Gulden golden apparently?
naicosfan: isnt*
suns4ever: Is there anyone more important to a team than rankine is to the crows
Vultures: If the home town umpires are anything to go by Crows by 35
GinniFan: Rankine and Dowling into my team post bye
DANGERous: thank flower i wont be getting chad's score this week. spud
soup: you guys are sleeping on strachan
pcaman2003: Where are the "elite" kicking skills Errol? Can we see them please.
Vultures: there ya go pca
lana2146: Rankine a must have
pcaman2003: Vultures. Yep! Straight to a Crows player. Lol!
pcaman2003: Gulden having a sudden purple patch. Good to see.
Pavs: Looks that way lana.
beerent11: Glad I traded in keane this week.
naicosfan: C on amartey, go you good thing!
frenzy: lol beer
bhg26: Wow, amartey stays on the ground and he kicks multiple goals
BigChief: beer didn't you say you were bringing in Amartey this week?
Pavs: Raspel a bad influence on a few of you guys :)
beerent11: Yeah did that too bigchief. Whacked the c on him too.
Noxious: Swans love a comeback
pcaman2003: Embellishment is the name of the game in this chat.
bhg26: Crows fans booing something
BigChief: Stop being a slacker Heeney.
pcaman2003: You tell him BC. He's sinking my team at the moment. Big half required.
sheezel420: chad warner oh my hehe
Noxious: Be nice if Blakey was doing a bit more
Pokerface: lift Nankervis
bhg26: Dare i say champagne footy?
BigChief: Boxey footy closer bhg :)
CamT: lol bhg26 ... worst footy I've seen in a while.
Pavs: Left opened in the fridge without a stopper champagne footy
slydon: who wants to pour acid on my eyes.... id rather that than what this garbage fire
Troglodyte: Last time these teams played wasn't there a contentious ump decision?
Legix: Commentators just realised michalanney is tagging Warner
pcaman2003: Go Heeney! He shot up to 70 quickly.
pcaman2003: Do something positive Errol. Same score at half time. Not good enough!
Yelse: when did laird get fit
soup: not looking like hes gonna catch the desk unfortunately pca
clay007: Cmon Adelaide! Someone has to beat them.
Yelse: last leg of multi Gulden most disposals and laird decides to do this
pcaman2003: My oppo with Laird C is laughing. I'll lose this at the rate it's going.
frenzy: enough rest Grundy, get on
CamT: How could anyone have Laird as a (c). One 100+ score in a month... against WCE.
FreeHughsy: chop chop gulden
pcaman2003: Omartey must've cracked the ton on fewest possessions imaginable. Good going.
pcaman2003: CamT. My oppo is 17th with shower team and beating me in 7th.
clay007: Adelaide are making Amartey look like Wayne Carey. Poor effort
suns4ever: Glad I Cc'd amarty
Troglodyte: lol go the Amartey Party
Noxious: Holy shower amartey
bhg26: Dusty 300th, Hayward 150th, Jiath 50th and Amartey 41st game
Noxious: It's like he's invisible
Gotigres: That's why I don't like playing low ranked teams during the byes pca. Anything can happen during the byes.
BigChief: Hey Horse. bhg said look what happens when you leave Amartey on the ground. LOL
Noxious: Bad free kick
thommoae: And he sells used cars in his downtime, Amartey. Sold that one.
LionBoy: Rabble
Troglodyte: Lol Crows had no intention of every winning this
Pavs: I know you are laughing bhg.
Birdman18: Wasn't Heeney on less than 50 at half time?
bhg26: Didnt know holding up 7 fingers to a teammate constitutes that
Noxious: Why didnt Adelaide get a down field free when warner did the punch after goal but Adams got one haha
BigChief: Birdman 38 SC at the half.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. The byes are a pain in the butt.
wadaramus: Good to see umpires changing the game.
Birdman18: Cheers Chief. He's gone nuts
gazza39: How soft is this game now this flopping is on par with the premier league
Zutroyz: Is Soligo the new Brodie 61% game time 75 SC
upweydons: Crazy game by Amartey
cherry9: Yeah. Meanwhile, C Heeney a 75 point qtr so far :)
BigChief: Nox it is either where the free happens or the centre which ever is closest to goal.
CamT: Soligo has the worst tank of any midfielder in the comp.
Vultures: lol wada
slydon: hes about to kick ten ffs
pcaman2003: Massive qtr Heeney. Was 39 at half time.
DANGERous: CamT i'd put Bruhn up there
Pavs: You would still be on the ground gazza
Noxious: Ah gotcha BC
slydon: 8 from 9 touches...
navy_blues: cmon wada adel has only theirselves to blame here
Legix: CamT he is Will Brodie 2.0
McSquire: How many points would an Ablett 25 possession 14 goal game get if Amarty on 157 for 8 goals ?
LionBoy: Double figure it Party Boy
bhg26: Can you give amartey 2 supermans m0nty
Devero_D: Chad has a shot to recover to 70-80.
BigChief: pcaman do you think my spray worked on Heeney at 1/2 time? hehe
Fordy13: Someone who has Amartey captain might win SC this round lmao
Vultures: undisciplined crows, tear'em a new one Mr Nicks
Pavs: beer does Fordy. I believe him.
wadaramus: So you agree with the free kick to Amartey and Adams navy?
2Ph0nes: buddy franklin who when you got the goat Amartey
wadaramus: AFL is so flowering over umpired it's pathetic.
Noxious: Have all Amarteys 9 touches been shots on goal? Since he's 8.1
Vultures: Warner was penalized for far less wada
LionBoy: Matters not Wada. Why put your team in the position?
bhg26: Yes they have noxious
navy_blues: i think adel has lost the plot that qtr undid all the effort in the 1st half wada
frenzy: nice math nox
Troglodyte: Crows would be Keane to improve this quarter...
Noxious: Thanks Frenzy, trying my best to impress everyone here
pcaman2003: It worked a treat BC. Can you do the same for Gulden please?
LionBoy: Love a microphone on Nicks right now
frenzy: lol nox
Noxious: He's probably on the phone to his mate Hinkley for advice Lion, and Ken is telling him just bomb it long
BigChief: Sorry pcaman I don't have Errol and my oppo has his ass as C
Pavs: I see what you did there Trog.
CamT: Amarty, one handball in his last 11 games.
wadaramus: Of course it flowering matters Liongboy!
Pavs: That helps Yelse
pcaman2003: Should've kept the C on Heeney after all. Fickle game!
Yelse: Need more of those @PAVS
Troglodyte: Get off his lawn Lionboy
Noxious: Think what he means is it was very avoidable wada
cherry9: Good slip n slide technique there papley
GinniFan: what a mare from Chad
BigChief: Did Laird go home at 1/2 time?
Vultures: don't smear the pap
LionBoy: Reckon Nicks will be kicking BUTTS Trog
Troglodyte: If you mean kicking the skirting boards in the coaches box then yes, he sure will
runners47: Dowling showing his true rookie colours
pcaman2003: Another Gulden clanger. Flower me.
bhg26: Grundy workrate unmatched
Birdman18: Adelaide's season is officially over now
Troglodyte: Birdman, that ship sailed Wicks ago...
Yelse: Gulden this is too close for my liking
LionBoy: They were never high in the Rankines
CamT: Absolutely, bhg26 ... huge effort from Grundy.
Yelse: Happy with Grundy C
soup: Glad I didn't take the VC on Zorko to C Amartey, should climb some ranks now
frenzy: reckon it might Hinge on this result
CamT: Great decision, Soup.
navy_blues: adel are unhinged
OffaStep: Shh! Don't Nicks them - they still might make the 8.
Birdman18: Oh I know. Just saying it's almost mathematically impossible for them to make finals now
navy_blues: ok get 10 amartey
Troglodyte: Amartey was arguably Keays to this result...
Fordy13: who's trading Amartey in next week? XD
bhg26: He has 9 keep him on for flower sake
Noxious: Ahhhh typical Horse bhg
navy_blues: benched? omg
LionBoy: Kick 10. Give us that Gulden moment
BigChief: Why take him off before he gets his 10th? Dumbass Horse.
Silz90: Golden underscored tonight imo
BigChief: 6 clangers @63% de Silz.
pcaman2003: Make that 7 now chief. The elite foot skills deserting him.
OffaStep: Get Heeney back on!
Silz90: Killed his score:(
sheezel420: dawson spud
BigChief: They sure have pcaman. And it's 8 now 55% DE also
Vultures: gyt running is Guldens forte tonight..
Yelse: omg gulden is off
pcaman2003: Gulden terrible since half time when he was 67. Too many unforced errors by foot.
runners47: Don't give Gulden a rest - he's still due for more
sheezel420: if English had Grundys stats he'd be on 70
frenzy: trash can Chad
wadaramus: 48 hitouts?
BigChief: Get out of the flower way Wicks ya spud.
Brian00173: Cant decide whether to shunt Dawson or Steele next week.
BigChief: And benched again.
bhg26: Oh my god horse youre kidding
Vultures: How are those Collingwood boys going for the Swans ?
Raspel31: II must say Heemry is avert decent chap.
Noxious: Wtf horse
CamT: Horse is a joke
Birdman18: Ffs horse
soup: Horse you are a flower head
bhg26: Working out great vultures
LionBoy: Hard hearted horse
bhg26: Horse had amartey for under 10 goals
OffaStep: Bloody plonker.
Noxious: Sheezel, English never gas Grundys stats because he gets a hit out and shuts off, Grundy is everywhere
Fordy13: Dawson has been bent over tonight, oh man.
cherry9: The sport takes itself too seriously if a bloke on 9 is benched with 2 mins to go
Noxious: Grundy 31 touches and 49 hit outs what a monster
soup: Thank God Errol is a butcher
Troglodyte: Close game, no Butts about it
Pavs: We are home Yelse. How much did we win?
Yelse: omgggg gulden with a last second kick to win my multi
bhg26: 49 hitouts and 31 touches not bad grundy
BigChief: Even Heeney unhappy Amartey benched at end.
wadaramus: I'm somewhat disappointed that I didn't travel into AO to watch that game tonight.
wadaramus: Not.
bhg26: You wouldnt want to witness the amartey party wada?
wadaramus: No thanks bhg.
ElstyBoy: rankine injured on the AFL app?
DaMeatloaf: Had the C on Grundy after stuffing up with Ryan over Bont
bhg26: Come on you dont see 9 goals everyday
Pavs: He was grimacing ElstyBoy might be something in it

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