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navy_blues: arvo all
JohnHoward: traded out clark for fisher last minute, please dont burn me clark
original: Sheesh. Cmon Serong
suns4ever: Why would you trade Clark with the form he's in
soup: He probably meant that he reversed the trade suns, I was considering the same
Devero_D: I think he means he was debating between bringing one or the other in.
JohnHoward: yea reverse the trade, so i have enough money to afford serong next week
original: Don’t bother with Serong been a dud since I brought him in. So far today he’s staying true to this
suns4ever: Ah okay good, fisher is a fwd option now thankfully
Devero_D: Did anyone see Fyfe's clanger?
Devero_D: He's only touched it twice, two handballs on target.
FreeHughsy: he doesnt have a clanger?
BigChief: He doesn't have a clanger Devero.
FlaggersXD: Doesn't say he has a clanger
TheLegend6: He doesn't have a clanger Dev
Devero_D: Oh I'm just blind, even better. haha
Legix: Serong don’t do this to me this week
original: Legix tell me about it ffs
TimT14: Keep going sturt, kick 2 more
naicosfan: which maggot is bringing luke ryan up the ground
Devero_D: Imagine or Zorko failed, people would be melting down over Ryan.
Gotigres: Sorry everyone. Got Ryan and Gulden in this week
Noxious: Bevo definitely playing mind games, haven't put the game on yet but I'm assuming bont is fine haha
bhg26: get rid of gulden gotigres
Legix: Ryan better start taking kick outs next qtr
Devero_D: Bont has a hospital bed on the sideline just for the theatrics.
original: Serong +2 but he’s on 22 after being on 27 meh
naicosfan: passed it straight to libba original
TheLegend6: turnover that lead to goal original
FreeHughsy: i got him in too bhg... you think its a mistake
Danstar: New htb rules hasnt been applied to the dogs yet
FlaggersXD: Watch the game original
bhg26: No hughsy, Gotigres is going to ruin him like hes ruining ryan
AU_Falcon: Ed Richards is fantastic to watch
original: Thanks lads. Ffs Serong
naicosfan: lol a dogs fan complaining about umps
AU_Falcon: Ed R is fantastic to watch
FreeHughsy: Original the +2 is for DT, its doesn't account for clangers or DE
Gotigres: Sorry bhg, can't swap Kreuger or Dowling for Gulden with Ryan locked.
Hazza09: Get moving English you giraffe
Manowar: Fyfe beast
naicosfan: english is doing fine
naicosfan: ikr manowar, almost traded him in
Hazza09: Same old Fyfe Manowar, he can go after the byes
Birdman18: English is on track to score 120 Hazza
slydon: all these people freaking about scores after 1 qtr need to flippin chill
Pokerface: Young matched up on Young. Should be very even battle.
Danstar: Love how every1 gets upset when doggies supporters complain about umpiring.
Noxious: Good to see Jackson going well, is he getting in the ruck a bit?
LionBoy: Afternoon all. Opponent passed up Zorko VC for Serong today. Braver than I.
naicosfan: why is freo looking to go forward, instead of behind
bhg26: Ikr naicos its annoying
bhg26: Hows ryan supposed to get 40 touches if freo play attacking footy
Ninty: Always knew I should have captained Bont as soon as I read he was “sick”.
Birdman18: I hope it backfires for the greedy pr*** Lionboy
Pavs: And Clark taking his kick ins bhg
circle52: Slow down Bont one of my oponnents has the VC on you. even bypassed Zorko
TheLegend6: wakey wakey ryan
Ninty: Surely a set and forget weekend if they passed on that Lionboy. Some people don’t get a chance to look at sc over a w/e.
bhg26: But usually when clark takes kick in pavs he kicks it 15m to ryan, not even doing that
Manowar: maybe your oppo wants to win? instead of being a sheep!
Pavs: Yep kicked it long twice that i seen. Boo
LionBoy: Missing something. VC gets 140 pts and you opt for a higher score. I get risk reward but that is crazy.
LionBoy: Cheering for doggies today. Sorry Doggie fans.
Legix: Bont is running around doing whatever he wants
Noxious: Bont just seems to do whatever he wants
naicosfan: freo need to go back to sideways kicking, not this attacking bs
Ninty: This is sick by Bont
original: Bont being sick scared me off Captain him ffs
LionBoy: Why not tag on Bont ? Bevo ?
suns4ever: Bont vc saving my round after not choosing zorks
Birdman18: Yeah whoever captained Bont thus week is brace with the sickness
Ninty: Have Bont, Dale and Jackson. Let’s go Draper
original: Luke Ryan killling my draft teams ffs 9 player round man LIFT
pcaman2003: Is Ryan playing out of position? Not doing much kick ins either.
Legix: Dale having a great qtr
Ninty: You want Bevo to tag his own player @ lionboy?
LionBoy: Let Jackson go last week. “Upgraded” to English but feeling seller remorse at the moment.
LionBoy: Yeah that would be difficult Ninty. :)
Danstar: Umpires read my msg earlier haha
Ninty: Jackson is a keeper as a forward swing. Not many better forwards
bhg26: Bevo will tag bont like how hes tagged sanders, macrae and daniel. Put him in the 2s
Birdman18: Freo actually don't know what to do without going backwards to Ryan
Ninty: If anyone was to tag his own players it would be bevo
Ninty: Lol exactly bhg
Legix: Good man Ryan start seagulling it
naicosfan: He went from the bottom of the table to the top
Devero_D: And that my friends is why we have Ryan.
LachieMcL: freo look like billy madison background actors
naicosfan: that is actually so unfair
original: Bevo to sub Bont
bhg26: Luke Ryan and Jordan Clark are the fantasy equivalent of Kobe and Shaq
pcaman2003: Chips for Ryan. Nice work Freo. Keep giving him chips.
Pavs: Amiss great pickup and kick
Pavs: Treacy not so much.
naicosfan: seagull english, i likey
J_Herer: Lets go Freo Seagulls lets go!!
Noxious: Wow Bonf
Noxious: Bont
bhg26: This Bont bloke is not bad
Birdman18: 3 votes Bont
suns4ever: I love bont so much (when he's in my team)
Noxious: Brownlow year finally?
J_Herer: no way Nox
Troglodyte: Sharp you petulant little $hitter. Last rookie gone tomorrow
Troglodyte: Oh and afternoon everyone ;)
Legix: How was that not paid a mark
Pavs: Should have 1 already Nox. Last year
pcaman2003: English marked that,surely.
naicosfan: that is the most clear mark ever\
Hazza09: that was a clear mark for English
DraperDrip: Muppet ryan
Troglodyte: So all the midweek talk of Freo going to Bont came to nothing?
Noxious: Sorry I forgot Billy Frampton already has the brownlow locked
slydon: blood rule sorry?
slydon: how has no blood rule been called?
bhg26: Shows the umps awareness of the game sly
slydon: i swear even ryan was calling it out to the umps...
Pavs: umps not enough to notice
Pavs: Four umps
bhg26: We need 7 or 8 umps pavs, that would make the game smoother
Silz90: Is anyone getting up early for the Euros.
bhg26: Im going euros into nba finals into cricket world cup into footy silz
Silz90: Sounds perfect
Silz90: If worner holds his spot that would be handy
soup: come on clark get some cheapies
soup: the accountant!
Troglodyte: Lol English use Sharp to wipe his boots - fitting at this point
Devero_D: Fyfe wasn't on the for the first 5 min ...
PAFC4eva: Maybe i shoulda capt bont instead of taking zorks vc
Noxious: Looking forward to the cricket bhg
soup: worner hurting clark here
EvilMonk: I think it's important to realise that no matter how good my SC team goes, I can't tip AFL for shower.
EvilMonk: Picked Freo of course :P
Troglodyte: I'm sure there is a support group for the Monk ;)
EvilMonk: "They're not done yet!" lol Dwayne, turn it up.
Noxious: Didn't even recognise the Lobster
PAFC4eva: Are freo really a top 4 side?
soup: hes worse than kelli monk
Silz90: Fyfe should be on more
Birdman18: They never have been PA
bhg26: Champion Data traded him out of their sc team on his bye silz
J_Herer: wow docker shocker
Hazza09: Fyfe +3 only for a GA?
PAFC4eva: According to so called "experts" will finnish top 4
EvilMonk: +3 is Fantasy @Hazza09 I assume. DT doesn't care what happens to your touches.
Silz90: True bhg but fyfe had 3 or 4 kicks in 3 minutes. No turn overs either
bhg26: Hes only had 1 clanger too silz and has had 7 contested possessions and 5 clearances and still has less sc than fantasy
BigChief: McCauliffe and Breust subs next game.
Silz90: Who knows I was forced to keep him this week but gone next week
Troglodyte: Thanks BC. Keep up the good work
Silz90: Thanks bc I'm surprised with that one
Legix: Pearce has been denying Ryan all game
Noxious: Freo comeback time
Silz90: Come on serong I'm taking anything over 120 this week. I'm not going to risk it this week
bhg26: Can Richmond stop making mcauliffe sub and playing sonsie
pcaman2003: Good work BC. Where are you finding the info from?
soup: why do they insist on mcauliffe sub ffs
bhg26: He outplayed sonsie in 12% game time last week
BigChief: afl website under teams pcaman
OffaStep: Flower Yze! Let the man play!
Silz90: Poor goal to cough up freo.
J_Herer: lift seagulls lift
Silz90: Ryan will ton dw guys.
Legix: Serong playing full forward lol
Hazza09: Cya Fyfe, thanks for the memories
TimT14: One more sturt
pcaman2003: Thanks Chief! Cheers!
naicosfan: what did bont do to get 40 points that qtr
pcaman2003: VC on Ryan another of my weekly flops.Hope C on Heeney goes better
2Ph0nes: he dominated, thats why
EvilMonk: Freijah has been decent the little champ! Keep going, get 80 fella!
CamT: Same pcman2003. VC'd Ryan going to Grundy (c) I think.
thommoae: Bandaid darcy is kinda like bandaid Jelwood nowadays. It's a given.
Silz90: At least fyfe can't get subbed
soup: ton up at least clark + ryan
CamT: Thery won't sub Fyfe when he's about to go into Beast Mode.
bhg26: Fyfe to get 10 disposals and 2 goals in this quarter (i am insane)
BigChief: Can't sub him CamT.
LionBoy: Will be nice to farewell Macrae from my team next week. Yes I know !
BigChief: Okay Ryan time for your usual 50+ point qtr.
thommoae: That 'little champ' is 190cm, EvilMonk :)
Silz90: Manifest bhg
EvilMonk: @bhg don't be alarmed by the white jackets I've called. They should be there in 5 mins or so.
EvilMonk: @thommoae wow 191cm. He doesn't look it on the ground. Don't I feel silly? ^_^
bhg26: They have to catch me first
Birdman18: Bald hero of an umpire wasn't going to pay that high freekick
CamT: Macrae 192cm . All the dogs players look shorter than they are .
EvilMonk: "A banana" it was a drop punt Dwayne. I think he might be cooked guys.
Silz90: High fend off on serong
soup: stay on the ground clark you crab
Silz90: Dogga
pcaman2003: Happy with Jacko this week. Had a good game
Hazza09: ffs Serong
Noxious: Good to see Jackson going well even with Darcy in the team
naicosfan: why tf is serong playing so much fwd time
soup: what a goal
Noxious: Jinxed it
BigChief: Hope that's not a serious knee injury for Young.
Silz90: Treloar going under the radar this year
pcaman2003: Noxious. Lowere TOG for Darcy helping out Jackson I feel.
BigChief: #1 in AFL for disp Silz.
Silz90: Huge maybe not so "under the radar" lol
EvilMonk: he's underpicked in SC cause of injury history @Silz I reckon. But as a pie supporter, I wish we could have kept him. :(
naicosfan: english get on the grounf
BigChief: Still not enough to make mid season AA squad though which is a joke.
Silz90: True mate I know a few other pies supporters who say the same
naicosfan: treloar and grundy are the biggest blunders in our recent history
pcaman2003: Would get Treloar, but mindful of soft tissue injury history..
Birdman18: That guy who passed on the Zorko vc score for Serong will be spewing
Hazza09: does Fyfe go next week considering the hardest bye?
EvilMonk: @naicos they aren't blunders, we couldn't afford them. We won a flag with their replacements. It's just unfortunate
bhg26: Im holding till after Rankines bye hazza
LionBoy: Deservedly Bird
PAFC4eva: pies had to sell trhe farm overspent
naicosfan: the blunder part is offering others so much more, grundy also did not need to be on a million a year. especially back th
EvilMonk: Why don't the dogs play like this more often? They clearly have one of the best lists. Come on Bevo, turn it up.
Silz90: Don't think fyfe has touched it this qtr ffs
PAFC4eva: Dont think ryan getting his projected score
pcaman2003: Ryan no impact has been very disappointing. Totally feckless this game.
LionBoy: Thinking same Evil. Different team to the team we beat last week. We weren’t that good.
EvilMonk: SC projections are weird. If you look at DVP on DFS, Ryan never had a chance of 160
BigChief: Dogs will prob have a stinker against Nth after bye and lose LOL
EvilMonk: Umpires call, not enough evidence either way to overturn.
Silz90: Didn't they lose to west coast last year chief lol
bc__: Won a flag with the blunder. The blunder is history
FreeHughsy: wowee
TimT14: Bont freak - good value at $10 for brownlow
naicosfan: next round will be such a relief without bont playing
Migz: ty captain bont. what a hero
naicosfan: at least english is playing great
FreeHughsy: never thought id be regretting taking vc zorks... had C on bont
SydneyRox: hahaha i was upset when i realised i had bont capt after the VC on Ryan!!
pcaman2003: Migz. Chose Ryan ahead of Bont for VC. That'll teach me!
naicosfan: luke ryan witches hat
Birdman18: Ryan is lucky to be on 80
Silz90: No way you didn't take vc from zorko
J_Herer: Bont, English, Clark, Freijah clap clap clap
EvilMonk: The siren is probably going to beat the witches hats. Not much going on for the Dockers now though
max41: of course i pick up ryan this week
circle52: Had 6 players and Ryan 2nd lowest score after Freijah
circle52: Bont, Dale, English Jackson great
EvilMonk: @circle same as me. Bont, Freijah, Jackson, Serong, Clark, Ryan. I also have Draper on the bench making me nearly nothin
bhg26: Fyfe got his breakeven, yay...
EvilMonk: and by same as me, I mean I had 6, not the same 6 :P
Manowar: Freo poo pants today!

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