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J.Worrall: Gogogo, NorthFitzKildaRoy!
Troglodyte: Sounds Vic - go the opposite team to that one
Fordy13: Evening gents
Noxious: Evening all
Noxious: Gambling on the Zorko VC
Pavs: Evening. Yep gone the same Nox
Fordy13: yeah I've got him as VC too, Nox. Ross Lyon confirmed the Windhager tag on Neale earlier in the pre game interview.
connrs: Sup lads traded sinclair in this week hopefully big game
Noxious: I predict either a 95 or a 160, no inbetween
Fordy13: should get plenty of it connrs, bold strategy though going into the R15 bye.
connrs: yeh its very bold but i've had enough of tom stewart driving me insane
Fordy13: fair enough, I'm still undecided on if I want to blow my load this week or just do one correction.
navy_blues: sharman late out apparently
Fordy13: yep, debutant in, extra ruckman for St Kilda
connrs: yeh i was the exact same fordy i went all in this week has to pay off for me otherwise im flowered ahah
Troglodyte: Need some good rooks to come through next couple of weeks
Fordy13: I have a soft enough league matchup that I can wait I think.
CamT: @connrs ... Sinclair should go huge. Might get all the kick-ins with NWM out.
Pavs: Dowling and Schoenmaker will do I reckon Trog
Fordy13: very true Cam
naicosfan: neale tag not too good, hopefully he can ton up at least, the points are in steele sinclair and zorko VC
Fordy13: I have my doubts on Schoen, he's cheap but Nas has to come back in for someone
naicosfan: i hope heroan doesnt put berry to steele
Troglodyte: got both. Busslinger might debut r16 too
Troglodyte: Bonner due to be dropped, Shoe might get a good run
Pavs: Shoe can play hope he shows it
Fordy13: a bunch of top 1% are jumping on Jye Simpkin
naicosfan: that bunch of the top 1% will no longer be there fordy, i reckon hes a trap, its a real punt
naicosfan: could be a waste of a crucial trade
navy_blues: berry to steele lol
Noxious: Simpkin 1 score over 100, I'd say he's a trap like Clarry was
naicosfan: ffs both steele and neale tagged
Noxious: Berry tagging Steele?
Raspel31: Byes are hard- and to lose Milera and Garcia. But health more important and go Sainters!
Cam123: will the saints kick over 8 goals, probably not
clay007: Who else you got in this game naicos, they are probably being tagged also? lol
Legix: Good man Sinclair, rack Ďem up
FreeHughsy: crowd is so quiet lol
naicosfan: hopefully sinclair and zork dont get tagged
Cam123: Go Dunks
Fordy13: yeah I agree naicos.
Noxious: 18 taggers on either side, just turns into a 1v1 wrestling match
Hepatitis: Reckon zorks goes huge tonight
Cam123: Saints with the 4-4-2
Noxious: I wish you could see more stats on the phone
Fromage: Zorko vc
wadaramus: Happy Friday FFer's, Zorko VC too Fromage.
Fordy13: I think most of us are on board the Zorko train tonight, gl Wada!
Raspel31: Get some Zorc on your fork- not for me.
2Ph0nes: ppl are dead set dumb af if you getting simpkin. before last week he hadnt scored above 67 lmao
Birdman18: This score is almost out of reach for the Saints already
wadaramus: Cowboys win in Canberra, giddy up, yee haar!
Fordy13: beautiful, keep getting those frees Zorky boy!
suns4ever: Commentators not picking up that that was the camera at the lions end fml
Troglodyte: Fogot I still had Steele, one last week by the looks of it
puckeey: Let's see if wilson has a more impactful first half this game
Malaka: Umpires still making the rules up as they go along.
Noxious: Am I missing something or did BT say Ashcroft
Fordy13: ikr suns ahha sometimes they have no clue.
DrSeuss: Haha did BT just call out Ashcroft on field
suns4ever: Followed up by an "Ashcroft" hahaha
soup: Get a life windhager you mug
DrSeuss: Commentators commenting on the wrong camera for free kicks then making up players on field - top quality
FreeHughsy: im still happy with steele trog, he is scored so generously that if he hits 30 disposals he gets 150
Noxious: I love a good Tagger
Noxious: Unless it's against my team then they can flower off
CamT: BT calling Ashcroft :O
Troglodyte: Need bye player to make way fro Merrett and Walsh next week Hughsy
original: dont bother w walsh
Noxious: Schoenmaker looks decent so far
Birdman18: This schoenmaker looks good
Troglodyte: Although looks like Dunks not happy to have joined the Pickles this week...
Raspel31: Do you stick with 5 for Neale as cap?
Hepatitis: Keep tagging him windhager
clay007: Make that 3 Rasp!
2Ph0nes: windhager best tagger in the afl?
FreeHughsy: how many players are yous fielding this week
naicosfan: how tf does neale have 3 clangers
DrSeuss: That free against Neale was a joke - Nice dive from Steele
clay007: Was that his dream as a young fella growing up 2phones? Agreed though!
TorturedSC: FA counts as a clanger
DidgeBird: 2phones - could be cincotta or jordan too
2Ph0nes: he's playing footy at the highest level, instead of being a peanut in FF chat. I say he's winning
2Ph0nes: good call didge
clay007: Cincotta not as good as jordan and windhager
Hazza09: Flower off windhager you grub
Noxious: Beautiful strike BT reckons
clay007: I agreed with you 2phones. Why so nasty?
OffaStep: On current form, definitely Windy.
Troglodyte: Thats it Marshall get nice and cheap
2Ph0nes: that wasnt directed at you mate lol, we all peanuts. everyone just complains about scores here lol
FreeHughsy: and it begins
clay007: Sorry 2phones, my bad!
original: thought 63% going zorko was too good an opportunity to look elsewhere. boy was i wrong
Fordy13: you beauty Zork
Birdman18: Zorko lifting
Legix: Butler what are you doing lmao
Noxious: Sucked in Butler
FreeHughsy: reported for tripping?
soup: Reported for tripping?
2Ph0nes: butler had a shocking 2 minutes lol
clay007: Is that just a fine or can he cop a week?
navy_blues: haha butler
Raspel31: I missed that boat too original- sigh. Carn Sainters!
original: v blatant trip
Fordy13: yep you can't intentionally trip, reportable offence
puckeey: Since when can you get reported for tripping?
Hepatitis: Lions win this they probs take dons spot in 8
natomate: Since always puck
suns4ever: Intentional trip has been reportable for yonks
Hazza09: drop the tag Ross you plow
Fordy13: it's in the list of offences
natomate: Intentional, Low impact, Body - Fine
2Ph0nes: you serious? you new to the sport nackers? It's been a thing for decades
wadaramus: Tripping is bad, m'kay?
clay007: Ask McKernan puckeey! Lost a brownlow for it
Fordy13: always been reportable. Will depend on intent and impact in regards to punishment
hexada: lift neale ya flog
Fromage: How many weeks for a squirrel grip?
original: raspel to make it worse 1 min before the bounce i realised i accidentally had c on zorko and vs on neale, changed the c
Raspel31: Is it too late to bring in Nwale this week?
soup: He's got a square headed gimp hanging off him hexada give him a spell
puckeey: Yeah true clay
FreeHughsy: one can only imagine what would happen to the league if windy put this much effort into getting the ball
hexada: true his stuck to him like glue soup
puckeey: It's just that it never really happens
Hepatitis: Dons an average group
Legix: Great goal Hugh
GinniFan: Sorry any Neale owners, brought him in this week.
DrSeuss: Easier to play the man than win the ball Hughsey
Raspel31: Original- tell me you're lying????
Fordy13: lmao soup, square headed gimp. I love it.
Troglodyte: Don't know why tagged players don't then go and tag their opponents best player
clay007: It is a strange thing to do puckeey. That is why it is rare!
Noxious: Say that like he wasn't always going to get tagged Ginni lol
navy_blues: go
Noxious: Clug is huge
Birdman18: Zorko going 200
Fordy13: goal assist!
wadaramus: Why does hands around the waist result in a free kick for forwards but not midfielders?
clay007: Saints need to tag zorko, mccluggage, lester, lohmann and berry. lol
navy_blues: go Mcclug
Noxious: Brisbane have kicked as many goals in this quarter as Saints did last week whole game lol
slydon: wait wtf? where NWM at?
soup: That tag is really helping out Ross! Competitive game so far
naicosfan: lyon might be the worst coach of this decade
clay007: managed slydon. wtf?
Troglodyte: Managed Slydon
wadaramus: Hangeronnerers are scumbags.
Fordy13: he's out this week slydon, family issue.
Troglodyte: Lift Zorko
wadaramus: Play the ball you poor excuses for footballers.
bhg26: No way saints are winning this, they struggle to score 40 points in a game
Birdman18: Meanwhile Steele stuck on the bench almost half the quarter
naicosfan: flower you steele and neale but sinclair and zorko vc
brodiejay: I've taken to putting VC on whichever defender is playing St Kilda. Zorko this week, so far so good.
UncleSniff: People who brought into Choccy Neale over the last 2 weeks are spewing in the toilet right now yeah?
UncleSniff: My big cash league opponent has him as VC hahaha
Noxious: So Dan Houstin in round 16 Brodie?
J.Worrall: half a quarter is an 8th
Noxious: Neale will have a sore chest by the end of the game
RgngShnBnr: Need Saints to come back. Dont want a Zorko sub
UncleSniff: Jesus that attention from Windhager must be annoying.
naicosfan: weak as power ump
puckeey: Concussion protocol for the ump
Troglodyte: take that you green maggot
Noxious: Geez hope no one brought number 17 in this week, subbed out already no doubt
soup: Hahaha trog love that
brodiejay: Yeah very possible I'll go Houston VC if that game is early. I forget what day it is on the weekend
Fordy13: here we go, Neale to get some frees and boost that score
wadaramus: Windhacker is a complete useless turd.
Hazza09: power off windhager you flog
clay007: Hipwood back to who he normally is.
Noxious: Sunday morning game Brodie so maybe not
wadaramus: I hate watching inept chumps just shove players in the chest al game long.
bhg26: Ouch
Fordy13: that fker came out of nowhere!
Noxious: Mason wood tanking
Hepatitis: Neale a pretty soft footballer
soup: flower that's gonna bruise
Legix: Horrendous call
soup: Break that plow in half next time dunkley
wadaramus: Dangerous tackle you flog of an umpire!
bhg26: Damn right thatís dangerous windhager could have been killed there!
Fordy13: blindsided, poor call.
DrSeuss: WTF Umps - that is an absolute joke
Noxious: How the flower was that a dangerous tackle
Pavs: Dangerous tackle?
UncleSniff: If that's a dangerous tackle, shut the league down now
wadaramus: ANothe stupid flowering umpire changing the course of the game.
Noxious: Scoops is paying the umpires
navy_blues: another AFL apoolgy incoming lol
hexada: atleast vc is on zorks
Noxious: What was that mcluggage hahahaha
natomate: Zork even with the intercept mark geez
wadaramus: The AFL umpiring is a flowering nightmare.
Troglodyte: Lift Zorko - outrageous score...
Fordy13: haha McCluggage on the pingas
Yelse: someone stop zorko this is ridiculous
UncleSniff: Zorko VC for 200, c'mon brother! Choccy Neale for 70 as a cherry on top!!
hawkers317: Who should i C after failed with the zorko VC
Birdman18: Clug giving Zorks a good run at the moment
clay007: Another tough year for saints supporters. Could be time to merge with the new tassie side.
Fordy13: Probably Freijah hawkers
hawkers317: Good Call fordy
Troglodyte: Zorko garbage gonna put the C on Sexy
UncleSniff: How does a midget in Zorko get this many intercepts? It's very delicious.
soup: Schoenmaker kick in, love it
Birdman18: Zorko actually needs to settle down or he's going to break the scoring record
beerent11: Anyone vc Zorko?
Zutroyz: Evening all. Just switched on. Worth watching?
clay007: Ross needs to think about the influence dorko is having
hawkers317: who else are sad Lachie Neale owners atm
Doggie Doo: Game over. Saints lucky to kick 8 goals in total.
natomate: Can Zorko go score of the season
GinniFan: Geez didn't think Lachie would be this bad. I'm screwed
Fordy13: don't need 18 this week just need Zorko VC
DrSeuss: So Reville gets his head dumped into the turf in a tackle - no call at all - ridiculously inconsistent
Noxious: Haven't had a ton out of Zorko since I brought him in so I'm happy
Noxious: Higgins you're a spastic
naicosfan: how does lyon have a job
JohnHoward: crazy to think zorko is 35, looking like brent harvey out there
Fordy13: it's worth watching if you have the VC on Zorko @Zutroyz
UncleSniff: Dr Suess, i can't begin to explain the frustration.... and im nuetral
Brian00173: Likely that Zorko stops, I've got the VC on him. My best vc OR C player the last 4 weeks was 122
obione05: VC'd Zorko after Lyon said Windhager was going to Neale and then reversed my Neale trade to get him out
Noxious: Enough bench time Zorko let's get that 200
UncleSniff: Go away Brian
Zutroyz: I do Fordy. Not sure why, but happy I did
Hepatitis: Lift Steele
naicosfan: steele is a frustrating own, he does nothing
clay007: Does Seb Ross only get a game cos his dad is the coach? lol
UncleSniff: Zutroyz, it was the easiest play.
OffaStep: With apologies to owners, hoping Zork just shy of his BE. He's supposed to be my better late than never R15 in!
UncleSniff: Naicos, I own Steele but don't own Neale. I raise and go all in...
Brian00173: Sinclair sliding under the radar a bit....
Fordy13: I think most of us could be happy with that offa
beerent11: Mcluggage will spoil the zork 200
navy_blues: marshall low score
natomate: Zorko incredible lol
clay007: Who is Zorkos match-up?
soup: His bye round is the one thing turning me off him brian
JohnHoward: cambell wouldve been an elite rookie if marshall had been injured
natomate: No one clay, hes literally running free LOL
UncleSniff: Without umpire gifts, Saints are knackered here
Birdman18: 50 possies for Zorko?
DidgeBird: pretty sure zorks has butler
natomate: Do only 28% of people own zork?
naicosfan: L neale 3 votes
navy_blues: hipwood back to normal
clay007: I thought he was on Higgins, but if it is butler, well then surely Ross the Boss makes him more accountable.
UncleSniff: a couple of SC "influencers" were talking up Butler this week. Hilariious.
obione05: anyone bring in Dusty for this week at $350k?
Noxious: God no obione lol
Zutroyz: Was going to go Ryan, Unc. Good choice in the end
Fordy13: ouch man, that's a bit nasty.
Fordy13: that's a hail mary and a half obione
soup: Quack goes higgins
Brian00173: I wouldn't even if I could use your bank obi
DrSeuss: Stop giving Free Kicks to Missy Piggins FFS
obione05: just for this week to cover a donut...hes good for a 100 i reckon and a price rise
Noxious: Something about Higgins annoys me
OffaStep: I've been twitchy on Yea, McGovern, Zork etc - the 'any minute now' brigade. Biting the bullet with Zork now.
DidgeBird: anyone keeping an eye on simpkin? concussion may have held him back early, 129 last week
Noxious: Hasn't even scored 100 once all year and the hawks are going nuts atm
clay007: Give it one more week didge, was playing WC
EvilMonk: Missy Piggins lmao
m0nty: new icon btw
navy_blues: lmao freekicklachie
UncleSniff: Umps really trying to get Neale a 2nd undeserved Brownlow?
Hazza09: deadset flog windhager
UncleSniff: What's the new icon m0nty?
Fordy13: is that the bluey icon @m0nty?
soup: Carlton fan talking about undeserved brownlows, hilarious
Noxious: I've seen Bluey before so surely not
natomate: raise the bat Zork
Brian00173: Raise the bat Zorks!
Noxious: Hipwood is fifo, 1 week on 1 week off
Roarix: Neale deserved Cripps' btw Uncle but we will let that slide with Neale winning it again anyways
UncleSniff: We can't all be gifted father son picks Soup. Take a seat fella.
Brian00173: ^5 nato
natomate: hes not slowing down
Roarix: Bit disappointing this qtr.. hoped to smack this mob.. guess there is still another half to do so
Fordy13: more like one month off one week on nox.
Noxious: I was being generous fordy
lana2146: Is it the tag icon next to windy
Fordy13: thankfully went missing last year in the GF
DrSeuss: Umm thats a mark to the Big O
Noxious: What is actually going on
Roarix: These umps from VIC? What is going on here
Bulky: Umps destroying another game. Absolutely no feel for the game.
natomate: How do people see the % of captain/VC?
Fordy13: you pay that mark to Big O surely
Noxious: Very unlike Bonner to miss a target lol
UncleSniff: Umps trying to keep this close? Damn this is awflower
DrSeuss: Oh look another St Kilda shot at goal from a free. These umps are ridiculous
Noxious: Nato go to players tab and it's under the supercoach plus bit
Roarix: Its not pay the obvious for Brisbane and pay the soft for the Saints.. zzz
Birdman18: Surely Zorko still gets scaled up to 140 even if he goes home now?
FreeHughsy: SC plus - coaches choice under the golden tab in players menu
natomate: Thanks a lot
original: natomate its a supercoach gold feature.
wadaramus: Wingflogger you scab.
Pavs: Not 100% sure Wada but do you not like Windhager?
EvilMonk: VC on Zorks and the Sinclair pod seems to be paying off. Not sure why I picked Marshall though smh
Fordy13: I reckon he loves him Pav
naicosfan: players -> sc plus -> rd14 key stats, then it says C %
Noxious: Took a gamble on Schoenmaker, he looks decent so far, needed someone to fill a defence spot
natomate: Thanks Naicos
Fordy13: yeah if he keeps his spot after the bye he's definitely passing the eye test rn.
Troglodyte: Windy is actually wada's grandson. He's upset because he walked on his lawn...
clay007: lol trog
soup: do we rate jordan clark as a trade in this week fellas
Brian00173: Yep, pretty good Nox, and ok TOG for a first gamer.
frenzy: weird grandad
Fordy13: my opponent going Bont C into Gulden VC atm, so I'm a bit confused.
Troglodyte: Bont might not get up this week, got some sort of bug
naicosfan: yes soup, i wouldve got him in but bought in sheezel instead for his run home
djtranny: @soup I rated jordan clark as a trade in last round but this round not so sure at that price now
SonOfAGun.: The Bont was looking ok on channel 7 news tonight
djtranny: Fml on not getting zorko this week because of his high BE amd thinking surely Ross doesn't let another defender unchecke
original: imagne having zorko and not VCing him
Troglodyte: Good to hear. Just going off the article on AFL website
Fordy13: yeah Bevo said he was crook when he played Collingwood too a few weeks back and he got 180 aa
navy_blues: very nice rayner
Troglodyte: probably just ovulating then ;)
Noxious: Bevo playing mind games that badly he even confuses himself
clay007: Is this schoenmaker going to get a decent run in the side? He looks like a promising late season rookie.
soup: Disgusting from Brisbane fans for booing Reville.
naicosfan: lol soup
OffaStep: Howard back in 4 weeks. Should be OK until then, Clay.
clay007: Thanks offa.
Pevo: Poor 1/4 so far Zorko. Time to sell.
Noxious: Need saints to get more of it so Zorko keeps going up haha
Fordy13: classic soup
OffaStep: Add a bye in and that's one price change for Schoenmaker.
naicosfan: we dont look for cash now offa
DrSeuss: Steele throws his head into the ground - Umps are a joke
soup: Marshall don't knock my VC out you squib
clay007: They are handy late in the season naicos for upgrades
OffaStep: Tackling is dangerous. Got it.
Fordy13: we look for cheap D8 option to free up that last premo cash
BigChief: Evening all. Looking at how Arie is going should StK put NWM in the middle when back?
naicosfan: fair enough fordy
OffaStep: With two to go until premo and a dwindling crop, I want cash to help upgrade my bench with premo loops...
Fordy13: he'll be a handy downgrade R16 if he's named me thinks.
clay007: Surely no-one has 22 premos. I'm in top 4% and still have massive holes
Fordy13: I'm 3 premos off 22.
naicosfan: i have 21 currently, but it is well possible if your team value is 14,200,000+
Noxious: Too many pies icons, eyes are hurting, cant tell who's who lol
clay007: What is your position in sc fordy?
FreeHughsy: 2 holes, McKercher and sexton
OffaStep: 20... if Green and Rowell are premos?
Brian00173: Zorks...see if ya can sneak a possie when u come off the bench will ya...
original: lift steele
OffaStep: Happy with the Sex-hole currently, Hughsy.
Noxious: 20, same boat offa, green, Martin, Miller and carry haha
Troglodyte: My feel is that ShoeMaker takes Bonners position. He's due to be dropped
Fordy13: I have 20 inclding the sexyton
clay007: You guys are good. Ive still got Wilson, Reid, Wilmot, Comben, Darcy in my side in 22
Noxious: I just dropped comben, annoyed much too much last game
Noxious: I know the issue HA, bring zork back on
original: sinclair have to be one of the lowest sc to impact ratio players in the league
FreeHughsy: Wilmot was last year
BigChief: Do I captain Gawn or Flanders this week? Tough call.
naicosfan: finally steele
OffaStep: Hope so, Trog.
clay007: He has averaged 80 odd this year, not bad. been better than stewart of late
Roarix: McKenna is an absolute shocker.. get him out of this team ffs
Noxious: Going Walsh personally BC
DrSeuss: Can we drop McKenna please the guy has been terrible this year
soup: McKenna you leprechaun
FreeHughsy: yeah I looked at him at the start... hes a great player but starting price was too high
Roarix: Answerth has been good this year too Seuss.. McKenna sucks
Birdman18: Get Zorko back on
hawkers317: is zorko injured?
Gotigres: Great chase by Butler
Noxious: Should've ankle tapped him Butler
Roarix: Bailey wasnt even trying to run then.. wtf
Raspel31: I'm sticking with Tracca BigChief- poor chap.
FreeHughsy: yes hawkers broke his back
soup: Zorko get off the pine you crab
clay007: Zorko not injured, just saw him warming up with his zimmer frame on the boundary, good to go
Noxious: Forwards put more effort into playing for holding frees than they do to try mark the ball
DrSeuss: True Roarix - If Zorko is playing off halfback - don't need Mckenna back there making mistakes and not defending
ausgooner: give him a break, he's 35
naicosfan: lol camaniti thinks hes a fwd
OffaStep: Leather poisoning, Hawker.
Fordy13: haha was going to say the same thing offa, he had to have a tetanus shot for the leather poisoning.
clay007: That bald headed umpire is the worst, impacts games too much.
EvilMonk: Lmao that was soft af. Bias cause I have Romar but fair dinkum soft
Gotigres: 150 is not good enough from here vc Zorko
Noxious: Stop taking Zorkos kick ins
original: sinclair PLUM
navy_blues: neale goes down so easy
Roarix: Marshall looks like hes gonna kill someone
Birdman18: Yeah don't take that score Gotigres
EvilMonk: Wtf was that 50. Protect neale at all times
Roarix: That shoulder raising is so weak.. Wilson taking pages out of Ginni's book
clay007: Neale could still ton up tonight
naicosfan: neale is NOT tonning up
clay007: Wilomt a ton. Well done young man!
naicosfan: this spud wilmot taking zorkos points
OffaStep: Windy has been a 4 quarter killer these past few weeks.
Gotigres: Will probably risk it Birdman
OffaStep: I want a tagger option in SC - minus one player's score off a nominated Opp player's.
Gotigres: Maybe half score Offa
clay007: Do the bulldogs tag? Is serong a possible C option? I have bont and daicos, but hearing things about them
Fordy13: who's keeping faith with N Martin?
naicosfan: n martin has best possible HB run home
Fordy13: the worrying thing is that he's getting shifted all over the place though, with Ridley back in.
Hepatitis: Cmon Steele lift
soup: Serong last three average against dogs is 136 or something clay
bhg26: Good debut from Shoe-in maker
clay007: I like those stats soup, thanks.
soup: Stop flopping Owens you plank
Raspel31: Would love to go Ryan to Serong but computer says no.
EvilMonk: flower me Marshall works hard for his points. I can't even hate the guy
navy_blues: lol zorko
Noxious: Oh no Zorko
thommoae: Arie's been knocking on the door since pre-season. Ross clearly wanted to ensure he had his schiz together this season.
clay007: Surely zorko loses 50 pts for that turnover. lol
BigChief: Evil it's those clangers he keeps getting every week which kills his scores.
DrSeuss: Never Change Lions - make mistakes and let teams back in
naicosfan: thank you ump for re-assigning sinclair his kick in
clay007: Did zorko lose any points for kicking it to Henry?
EvilMonk: "No handball from the goal square, reset " shouldn't that be a ball up?
naicosfan: nope clay, +4
CamT: Zorko got 3 points for that kick
FreeHughsy: thats DT
Birdman18: Steele on the bench again at a critical time
Hazza09: flower off Wilson, were was this last week
clay007: Strange scoring then. A turnover goal scores 4 pts. Hmm
Raspel31: Schoemaker great target to help upgrading in r 16.
DukeNewc: At least I don't have to worry about my captain anymore...
soup: Get off the bench Steele you gronk
natomate: Zorko slowed down a lot from HT
Hazza09: who does shoemaker come in for? a dead D7 rookie?
naicosfan: Steele starting HF what is this bullshower
Noxious: Got 2 weeks to work it out Hazza
Fordy13: probably comes in for Draper for me free up a lil bit of cash, either that or Wil Dawson.
Raspel31: Them be my thoughts Hazza- and price won't change.
original: kick a goal steele cmon
Roarix: We are kidding ourselves with some of this ball use decisions
OffaStep: Freijah or Sullivan or McAuliffe for me, Hazza. Via DPP.
beerent11: Not watching. Windhager on Neale?
Birdman18: After all that Zorko is still going to lose coin
natomate: Lol bird
Roarix: This is shocking.. Brisbane and getting comfortable.. some things will never change
DrSeuss: Piggins another free - stupid play Wilmot - stupid play Lions
clay007: Ah chee did not give ball to higgins, nit 50. Sullivan gives ball to daicos free kick in front of goal. Consistency
Noxious: Scoops would be rock solid right now
OffaStep: Like a rash, beer.
DukeNewc: On your bike steele
naicosfan: steele running with zorko? WTF
Slaggy.A.B: Comeback is real
beerent11: Shoe maker good?
navy_blues: cmon saints
Gotigres: Wake up Zorko
2Ph0nes: single fingers?
BigChief: clay StK player called for ball as the ump said. Not a 50.
frenzy: twinkle toes
natomate: Zorko FA gross
DrSeuss: If we lose this - Sack Faygan - had enough of this giving away games shower
Noxious: Ffs zorko
natomate: Zorko gonna have a 30 half
sheezel420: zorko goin backwards when the game is on the line
Birdman18: I swear Steele avoids going near the ball once it leaves a contest
DrSeuss: So its HTB if we lose it - not when St Kilda drop it in the tackle
Noxious: He was on 85 10 minutes into second half, bloody old man
clay007: Umpires get involved again when game close.
natomate: Yep zorks hit 100 with 9 mins left in the 2nd lol
soup: Haha sucked in windhager you maggot
Slaggy.A.B: Omg mcluggage just gaining ten sc while Zorko struggling to gain any
Number 8: That was awful by Windhager, sheesh
Bulky: Another umpire influenced result.
Gotigres: That was not 50
natomate: will zork hit 150
Slaggy.A.B: Yeah he will
Roarix: Umps saved the Saints in the first half.. sweet justice
Number 8: Not the stand rule, m0nty, he crept well over the mark
Number 8: 50m all day, stupid football by Windy
BigChief: He was 3 metres in front of the mark, of course it's 50.
naicosfan: Ffs neale
Roarix: Neale.. come on man.. what was that little dink.. kick through it
soup: Ffs choc I needed that you alien
Number 8: We need to see more of those 50s paid, players taking the power on the mark
natomate: Zorko looks slow and limpy now
natomate: old boy
Roarix: Fk Wilmot is class
Brian00173: Pretty good comeback for Marshall from where he was.
Birdman18: Steele tagging Zorko
TorturedSC: Steele minding Zorko this quarter
DrSeuss: Wilmot has been warming up last few games - look a different team when he plays with confidence
clay007: I think zorko deserves credit for his score, just because he has faded, I'd take 142
Noxious: Definitely clay im not passing it up
Fordy13: absolutely, I'd rather a 142 over a 60
Raspel31: 142 is never enough clay!
thommoae: Is that a target icon next to Jack Higgins? Well, I never!
original: bring in hugo garcia
frenzy: Ross and Bevo, bugger me
naicosfan: yet there isnt one on daniher thommo lol
clay007: lol rasp
Number 8: This has been a surprisingly watchable game
Brian00173: Nice to see Shoe didnt run out of petrol at half time
Roarix: Disgusting to concede 99 to the Saints off all teams but clearly in second gear from QT.. wins a win
original: seb ross in at centre bounces LOL good one saints
Noxious: Went from 39 points down, to 7, back to 26 real quick
Birdman18: Steele is gone for taking Zorko out of the game. Trading the pr*** this week
clay007: That was amazing from butler, great reflexes
BigChief: 1 more goals Saints please.
OffaStep: Hipwood favoured by being a left footer, disadvantaged by being a total spoon.
thommoae: Joe's rejoicing in a flame rather than the oft-used Muppet, naicosfan.
Roarix: 105 pts.. to the Saints.. come on man
Number 8: Game changes when Zorko can't get cheapies ... who'd have thought?
clay007: Maybe 111 roarix
EvilMonk: Getting a tonne out of Marshall is amazing considering. Well done Rowan
original: i hate sinclairs points. weaker points than luke ryan
Fordy13: give Neale some more of them hippy
soup: sincs has been amazing tonight original get off the pipe
Legix: Zorko 30+ to win my multi. Right on time
puckeey: workout runs 20m behind the mark and still manages to get the ball touched
naicosfan: great job sinclair and zorko, disappointed by steele and neale
puckeey: Zork9*
puckeey: Zorko*

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