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J.Worrall: Carna SameOlds! Let's show 'em
carl: Sunday night footy, how good is this. Should be a great game.
piesfan420: evening all, need zac williams, ridley and walsh to go big
FreeHughsy: keen to see the mckay matchup
Noxious: Of course Martin is getting tagged lol
Noxious: Martin and Walsh for me
FreeHughsy: goldstein on 27 what lmao
piesfan420: freehughsy bout to say same thing
FreeHughsy: what a beast
Noxious: Standard ruckman score hughsy
BigChief: Cincotta will prob tag Merrett not Martin.
FreeHughsy: what is going on with the scoring lol
EvilMonk: don't tag Martin, he clangers so much he plays for the oppo lol
pcaman2003: Evening! Have Walsh ,Martin and Williams.
clay007: dekoning 28, wtf?
Ninty: TDK could be the best next gen ruckman. Wish the Cats had him
clay007: Langford 14 pts for 1 possie
piesfan420: i think after this round players should go and practice goal kicking
Noxious: Stiff 50m penalty there
Noxious: Not Martin's fault he can't hit a target
sheezel420: Clay nobody has had like any possessions, scaling is always whack early
Legix: Weak 50. Martin miskicked it
piesfan420: mcgovern just got a +20 for that
BigChief: He missed McGovern by 5 metres.
Catatafish: Can't expect much more from those useless lime green flogs
FreeHughsy: these umps, they are holding eachother
original: like that harry didnt get stuck into ben
clay007: Thanks sheezel. You might know more about this than me. Seems weird to me.
original: haha clear free hughsy
BigChief: Ump couldn't see Harry holding Ben's arm.
FreeHughsy: no bias original
piesfan420: get into the game walsh
Ninty: McKay clearly held McKay. Soft 50, Martin rarely gets within 5 metres of his target
original: no free there ridiculous
Vultures: the whine fest
FreeHughsy: is it gonna be like this bombers
frenzy: find some pill zerrett
Vultures: Curnow you star !
piesfan420: curnow oh my
FreeHughsy: i have never seen ridley get bitched.
BigChief: When on Curnow is unstoppable.
clay007: i agree freehughsy
FreeHughsy: tbf he plays his best footy when hes intercepting
2Ph0nes: merrett any chance in getting a kick tonight
pcaman2003: Keep this up for 4 qtrs Martin. Lift Walsh and Williams.
puckeey: There's his kick
piesfan420: im the same pcaman
Hepatitis: Merrett a weak footballer. Goes missing in big games. A good player, but will never be a champion
piesfan420: Good mark from cox
FreeHughsy: he is being hard tagged hepa, what are you on about
original: throw? slow mo looked like HB? or biased
PigeonPies: hepa, dusty got cooked by levi greenwood, all im saying
pcaman2003: Is Williams back or fwd this week?
Legix: Get into the game Walsh
Getup: 2 touches 19 sc hepa??
Noxious: Go Martin
BigChief: Playing fwd pcaman
piesfan420: fwd pcaman
pcaman2003: Thanks BC! Not seeing game at the moment. Will soon though. Cheers!
BigChief: Looked like a throw original.
2Ph0nes: 3 normies, 3 flags, he's the goat thats all im saying. same level as brady and jordan
pcaman2003: Thanks piesfan420!
2Ph0nes: why do you think these traccas, degoey, reid get compared to thim, he the benchmark :)
BigChief: Haha 2phones. Let go of your little pud mate.
Noxious: Brady and Jordan didn't play AFL from memory
piesfan420: walsh get into the game ffs
FoopyTime: thats a stretch but he is deffs the best tiger and best finals player
Mantaur: What's everyone's plan with Walsh? Is he a premo for the rest of the season or will you upgrade him?
FreeHughsy: unacceptable set shot kicking, we need to take our oppurtunities
PigeonPies: nick daicos is the benchmark
piesfan420: mantuar im gonna keep him
Yelse: not watching is walsh ok low TOG
wadaramus: Walsh, Oliver, Green all need upgrading.
original: merrett on 23? kidding no? premium points from CD. no dropped mark negative?
BigChief: Dusty not even in the same class as Matthews, Carey, Ablett Jr or even Greig.
sheezel420: Walsh loves the bench, nothing new
Legix: TOG for Walsh is deplorable
Mantaur: Walsh is surely a notch above those blokes wada, he's still a top 15 avg player
navy_blues: lmao sheezel walsh outruns most players in a game of footy
OffaStep: Nowdays everybody wanna talk like they've got something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips just a
OffaStep: bunch of gibberish mother flowers act like they forgoy about Aarts.
beerent11: Maurice Rioli snr says hello.
Mantaur: Glad I traded out McGrath this week, just in time for him to drop a 140 bomb on me
beerent11: Iíll be finishing my team and then fixing Stewart, green ect.
original: ffs walsh
original: tough guy hind. biig swing
piesfan420: walsh do something u tosser
PigeonPies: barely touched him original cry harder
pcaman2003: Geez Walsh! What is this garbage? Get goingl ad.
Bulky: Walsh channeling Relton Roberts.
Mantaur: Can you yell at him a bit more piesfan420? I think he heard you
original: im not crying pigeon, we got the free (insert shrug emoji)
piesfan420: walsh u spud
sheezel420: Please sub walsh off, I can't handle this any more
PigeonPies: soft free, really tough from carlton there
piesfan420: pcaman im gonna until he does something
Number 8: I'm a bit over these blokes who can't handle a tag without spitting the dummy
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Matt Guelfi to suck a cheap goal from Sam Walsh.
original: walsh not making best 18
PigeonPies: is this the walsh you rate original?
clay007: offa, you are a pain in the aarts! lol, obsessed
Yelse: VC walsh lift ffs and font go to the pine again
2Ph0nes: zerrett 100% tog lol
Number 8: What are they being taught when it comes to breaking a tag or finding other ways to affect the game?
OffaStep: You don't rate him, Pigeon? Seriously?
PigeonPies: not as elite, no
FreeHughsy: crips flowered that kick up so bad it worked
original: harry -1 there cos it counts as a non mark? weird. anyone know?
beerent11: Turn it off sheezel. Reclaim your life.
OffaStep: Some seriously high standards, Pigeon!
original: pigeon is everything ok in your world?
sheezel420: Lol Pigeon, back to your basement. Horrible take
MONEY TALK: walsh is mid, dow is clear
OffaStep: I'd argue he plays his particular role to an elite standard.
PigeonPies: looking real elite isnt he boys
sheezel420: Next time Daicos has a quiet quarter we'll all say the same thing
PigeonPies: daicos cops it more than anyone that isnt gonna work sheezel
OffaStep: Even elites have off nights and there's a lot of game time left.
PigeonPies: carlton have gotten worse since walsh camer back in, stats dont lie
piesfan420: TDK having a really good game
Number 8: Walsh is a hard worker who gets the most out of himself, but not elite until he can find another string to his bow
Roarix: Walsh 11, Acres 9, Durham 24, Hind 4.. draft is so much fun
OffaStep: Yes they do. In fact, there's a famous saying about lies, damned lies and statistics...
PigeonPies: number 8 knows ball
sheezel420: Elite players can single handedly lift their team and win games imo
PigeonPies: they win more games without walsh than with him, that is a fact
piesfan420: what has zerret done to get his 47
pcaman2003: Okay Martin. Second qtr started mate.
OffaStep: Correlation isn't causation.
PigeonPies: yes it is
sheezel420: So you've gone from "not elite" to "causes his team to lose", you're beyond hope
Vultures: 3 tackles 3 free for zerret
BigChief: If Walsh kicked more goals he would be elite.
ausgooner: piesfan you don't reckon 6 effective disposals, 2 clangers, no goals, no assists isn't worth 47?
pcaman2003: They haven't paid Williams CHB to cripps. Wake up CD ya clowns.
Yelse: did they miss the mark and kick from walsh
Roarix: 100% sheezel. Bont, Trac, Butters, Neale, Cripps, Gulden to make a few
PigeonPies: i didnt say he causes his team to lose, i know losing is all you have known for a while though
Roarix: To name a few*
sheezel420: Zerrett major kotd
original: zerrett with a better premium than bont. 60% DE and a dropped mark
piesfan420: i just havent noticed him ausgooner
FreeHughsy: who was the muppet saying merret isnt the real deal
ausgooner: i'm taking the power, zerrett score is rediculous
OffaStep: This chat has 100% more twat in it with pigeon in the room. Fact. BUT is it correlation or causation?
FreeHughsy: lol
Mantaur: Who else jumped on the Ridley bandwagon this week?
piesfan420: its the zerret tax
slydon: our mids have turned back to the mids of old, all possesion no impact
PigeonPies: sorry you got upset so fast offastep, maybe leave the chat then little boy
MONEY TALK: that doesnt even make sense offastep, walsh is a great player but to be known as the greates or elites he has to do more
piesfan420: mantuar had him for 2 weeks now
original: haha offastep
sheezel420: Essendon getting a major reality check
Mantaur: concerned about injury or reckon he'll be right for the season piesfan420?
PigeonPies: elite miids to me are daicos, bont, trac, neale, cripps for example, walsh does not lift his team on his back, fact
OffaStep: Ha! Not upset at all, Pigeon. Just poking fun.
Roarix: Nice toe poke kick there Martin.. only half decent cause heís a seagull
Number 8: I reckon there's an element of causation, Offa. Walsh demands the ball when he plays unlike any other Blue.
fishman_da: Hey Money ... he has 3 Frees against and is working hard. Can't hold the good ones back.
Number 8: Says to me the way Carlton plays on the spread is different when Walsh is in the side
Roarix: Like what an idiot Martin is, how do you think kicking it off the ground back into the corridor is a good idea.. idiot
Yelse: Mckinnes for pies still concussed?
pcaman2003: Martin no stats this qtr. Check his pulse again someone.
piesfan420: he has been looking fine last few weeks hoping he can stay healty dont want to waste another trade mantuar
original: couldn't get ridley. decided to wait n see if he is elite in a few more weeks
Number 8: But his kicking can be floaty and he can also handball to teammates under pressure
FreeHughsy: still better than norths reality sheez
MONEY TALK: hes one of the fittest players, he always works back into a game and gets 25 plus, but they look to cripps to win games
Roarix: Just cost his team a goal pca.. thereís one stat
original: acres haha sheesh
Number 8: His great ability is gut running and inside ball winning, but being easy to shut down is a real issue for him
bhg26: Martin doing his disappearing act again
BigChief: Will Ess Saad get a game next game after 4 goals and 27 disp?
sheezel420: Lmao hughsy, struck a nerve did I?
original: BigChief got injured didnt he?
MONEY TALK: saad had ice on his leg
slydon: hopefully chief, he looks league ready
FreeHughsy: just the truth
pcaman2003: Roarix. He's having a mare qtr.
OffaStep: Cripps is elite. Not sure who would argue against that. Walsh plays his role to an elite standard.
Number 8: Miller, Neale, Walsh ... all struggle to impact games when closely checked
BigChief: Oh did he? I didn't know that.
sheezel420: I'm happy with the many finals we've won in the past 20+ years
FreeHughsy: goldy a actual ruckman unlike draper
Stu7: Come on Riddler
Mantaur: how old is goldstein now? 86?
piesfan420: sheezel420 u guys have won 10 games in 6 years
FreeHughsy: i like to live in the present
PigeonPies: of course you do you havent won a final since 2004
Catatafish: No 50 for that? Useless cows
Roarix: Any player does Number 8.. Trac has before, Bont wasnít really a factor on Friday getting tagged.. Butters last week
FreeHughsy: that was the joke yes pigeon - lol
sheezel420: Then you won't be enjoying this match
original: lol wtf thats insufficient
FreeHughsy: i am sheezel
OffaStep: Hewett is so elite.
PigeonPies: hughsy is use to the pain
BigChief: AFL should just make it last touch out of bounds is a FA
Number 8: You're right, Roar. Maybe we expect more of some players than others. Walsh has been disappointing to my eye so far
Roarix: Nice 2 kicks Martin.. im sorry but he is actually bad
FreeHughsy: exactly
Stu7: Go Riddler you good thing
PigeonPies: hewett is better than walsh
RgngShnBnr: would it kill you to hit a target Martin
OffaStep: Agree tonight, 8.
Noxious: Martin was at 35 at quarter time wasn't he
pcaman2003: Walsh and Martin giving me severe heartburn.
Roarix: Martin more effective punching the ball than kicking it hahahaha
sheezel420: Martin works really hard, he just has no idea how to hit a target
OffaStep: I love Hewitt. Truly do.
pcaman2003: Noxious. Yes! He did get to 37 at one stage.
FreeHughsy: these players are buggered
2Ph0nes: wheres the peanut that was bagging zerrett lol
PigeonPies: so hes elite, right sheezel?
sheezel420: Nice bait pigeon
piesfan420: walsh has finally worked himself into the game these last 5mins
OffaStep: An elite runner. Still a white Erkel.
BigChief: Did the ump just call Mitch McGovern Jeremy?
Yelse: CD missing a mark and kick and a tackle for walsh
FreeHughsy: good riddles and merret
OffaStep: Nice, sheezel. Don't feed the pigeons. Lol.
PigeonPies: todd goatstein
beerent11: Itís a whole bag of peanuts in here tonight 2 phones.
Pavs: Missing Raspel tonight for some intelligent chat
FreeHughsy: at least you have beer pavs
frenzy: raspel wedding again?
Pavs: Nothing wrong with beer
Mantaur: Good to see Ben McKay imposing himself on the game tonight
cmperrfect: Ess the perennial pretenders.
sheezel420: On track for 7 premos to sub ton this week, good stuff
FreeHughsy: that wasnt sarcastic, i believe beer is a respectful and kind gentleman
Pavs: Agree FreeHughsy. Some others on here had too much beer I think :)
OffaStep: beer and pavs appear at half time like Waldorf and Stadler frowning down on the muppets! Lol.
Pavs: Couldn't really understand anything you muppets were talking about during the game Offa :)
FreeHughsy: did cincotta ease off merret, or did he just beat him?
Mantaur: How do we feel about the chrome dome on Cincotta? It's a look, to be sure
navy_blues: pavs is there such a thing as a intelligent pom?? lol
Pavs: mmm Good point navy. Says allot about tonights chat. lol
Noxious: We've got no definitive evidence lol one has 2 touches the other 6 and a goal
Vultures: Here comes the Bombers
FreeHughsy: ill be on my best behavior just for you pavs
Yelse: walsh starts on the bench lol
pcaman2003: Will Martin ever hit a target. Such a lazy kick.
Pavs: Yoy do you FreeHughsy.
RgngShnBnr: rage trading martin the second lockout ends
Roarix: Is Martin for real?? Just drop this guy, his kicking is pathetic
Roarix: His kicking hurts his team badly!
Yelse: Walsh TOG sub 70 and then u have gulden over 90 walsh to gulden next week
OffaStep: To be fair, I worked a Mark Twain quote and a statistician's maxim into my generally lowbrow tomfoolery.
original: walsh nearly lowest game time for carlton. crazy
FreeHughsy: martin is not kicking this lmao
Noxious: Oh no
sheezel420: Roar, when he actually hits targets he's very handy
Roarix: Oml.. not Martin
RuffLeader: Ellijah Hollands hasn't looked this energetic since he did all that coke in GC
FreeHughsy: nevermind
Noxious: Thank God Martin
Vultures: Walsh must be injured then
RgngShnBnr: Martin was trying to kick a point
Stu7: lol Ruff
Roarix: Saw Cornes had a crack on a program during the week at Martin.. fairly so on tonights evidence.. he sucks
Stu7: Walsh will come good he is a champ
sheezel420: Martin for Coleman
Stu7: Today Riddler
BigChief: Gresham just did a Draper.
Roarix: No chance again..
Noxious: Thats more like it
Roarix: There he is.. 1.5 last 6 games hahaha. Such a hack
sheezel420: Roar have you tried being optimistic, having such a negative mindset is unhealthy for your mental health
BOGtenpeli: I come here to check the live scores for the players in my team 1/2 per game, every game..
BOGtenpeli: I see the SAME 10-15 ppl EVERY SINGLE TIME in the comments hahah. Repeating the sameeee rubbish as they were hrs ago
Roarix: You understand the definition of insanity? I assume you do as a North fan
Pavs: Riddles scoring ok Stu7 considering Blues only kicked 3 behinds
BOGtenpeli: Do you guys honestly waste every waking hour of your weekend sitting in a chat room bagging out AFL players..
BOGtenpeli: Amongst each other because their score doesnít impress you this round? Itís pathetic. I really hope youíre all just kids
Roarix: Well watching Martin is the definition on insanity.. keeps kicking and being ineffective
BOGtenpeli: I refuse to believe this is behaviour of grown men with families. Put the phone down and get outside lads! This is sad.
Pavs: You win BOG you are better than us
sheezel420: I know we're all here because we love footy, and being toxic ruins it for everyone
OffaStep: Come for the stats, stay for the friendly banter and unsolicited advice BOG.
Roarix: BOG goes bang.. still mad from the mauling 2 nights ago.. chill out big dog
original: had to pay that after the saad one
FreeHughsy: BOGtenpeli goes off
clay007: Don't disagree bog, but are you ok?
bhg26: That is a flowering ridiculous call
Stu7: Pavs yeah but he has only scored 1 since half time
BigChief: Need a tissue BOG?
Vultures: They're here for the whine and crackers, BOG
slydon: what a grab langers
Roarix: Hahahaha BC
FreeHughsy: I've got a English exam on Tuesday, i might use some of that bog
slydon: accuracy out the window nevermind
Pavs: True Stu hasn't been down there though
original: BHG what call? delib?
bhg26: Seems this BOG is having his fun
bhg26: Yeah orig
pcaman2003: Of course if people don't like the chat, you can always leave it.
Stu7: True Pavs
RgngShnBnr: I wish I was as cool as BOG
original: BHG they did one exact same before. both should be throw in, but precedent set
sheezel420: That's like saying if you don't like living, kill yourself. Terrible advice pca. Some of us just want a place to banter
Pavs: It's good to get life lessons from someone who knows nothing about you thanks BOG
OffaStep: We all gloat down here BOG. You'll gloat too.
Stu7: Who stole my legos
bhg26: Well i didnt see that one just tuned in
Roarix: Great now Durham hurt.. draft copping a beating this week
Pavs: To late he's gone already
bhg26: You doing okay sheez?
BigChief: BOG comes in and complains about us complaining LOL
Roarix: Blues pressure been very good
sheezel420: I don't think so bhg, blame Martin and Walsh
Roarix: And then leaves BC haha
pcaman2003: Sheezel420. It's nothing like tat at all. Sick of disrespectful people thats' all.
FreeHughsy: I have a suspicion that BOG got hit with m0nty's Big Brolic Beautiful Banhammer
RgngShnBnr: Who goes first? Martin, Stewart or Clarry?
original: stewart
sheezel420: Agreed there's no reason to be disrespectful to anyone
Roarix: Nah heís just a man and we are all kids hughsy.. according to BOG anyways
Roarix: Stewart
Stu7: Stewart
Pavs: No he only checks in at halftime FreeHughsy
Stu7: BOG has thrown the line out and sitting back watching the bites
FreeHughsy: i fully believe ridley is a premo with mckay in to take the big body
Mantaur: Ridley's Believe It Or Not
Stu7: Riddler nice work
FreeHughsy: no i reckon he meant that stu
BigChief: Blues keep feeding Ridley.
sheezel420: I don't trust Ridleys body, but man can that guy score
elvundir: Bombers getting their way now but cant score
Roarix: Acres been a shadow of his season tonight.. this guy is averaging 95+.. disappointing
Roarix: Maybe he can kick the winner
Stu7: Cheers Hughsy
Raspel31: Walsh's butt grows ever bigger- wtf?
Roarix: Andddd Martin is back at it again
pcaman2003: Sheezel. I'm waiting until after next weeks bye, and hoping body holds up
Stu7: Ridley = Gun
pcaman2003: Better keep Walsh on the bench, having too much TOG
Stu7: Walsh has Laird syndrome
BigChief: With all of Ess dominance this qtr they only took 10 off margin.
pcaman2003: Stu7. The Brodie / Laird syndrome
Legix: Huge quarter from Martin
sheezel420: When Martin is your best forward you have some serious issues
BigChief: okay 16 now.
Stu7: Not wrong pca
FreeHughsy: yes marto, almost had flashbacks
Noxious: Go Martin
CamT: Brownlow votes will be an absolute raffle for this game.
RgngShnBnr: cant believe you guys were trashing Martin
bhg26: I almost got ptsd from last week with martin running into goal
beerent11: The Martin bashers seem a little quieter
2Ph0nes: true sheez, thats would be fair if hollands wasnt the baggers best forward lol
Legix: Perkins needed to kick that
FreeHughsy: kick the goal mate
OffaStep: Martin's moustache coming in nicely the past few months.
Stu7: Carlton might be in trouble, DONS should be way in front if it were not for bad kicking
Oddsy5: uh sheezel isnt your teams best player a 2nd year player
BigChief: And most of the Martin bashers are Ess fans.
bhg26: Just imagine if martin didnt have 2 left feet, hed be on a massive score
sheezel420: Ikr bhg, I thought he'd miss for sure
Roarix: Martin is still a hack fellas, dont get blinded by a position change to stop him from fking up
RgngShnBnr: Martin finally hit puberty Offa
Ash777: wonder why so many peeps hate on martin here.
RuffLeader: Perkins with an all time bad decision
Roarix: He was costing goals down the other end so how do you fix that? Move him to the fwd line
gazza39: Itís not Offa, but detail on point
navy_blues: we stop every week dont play 4 qtrs been saying it for ages now
Legix: Is Walsh playing injured?
elvundir: Perkins needed to slot that
sheezel420: The second roar and hughsy pop up you know chat is gonna go downhill
Roarix: Look who is talking Sheezel.. calm down hotshot
sheezel420: Martin has been great, if you can't see that I can't help you
RgngShnBnr: how d I get the team icon next to my name
original: hey, we all said trade stewart not martin
OffaStep: Deep breaths and remember the wisdom of BOG, boys.
bombrblitz: 6.13 bad kicking
sheezel420: BOG is the best of all of us
FreeHughsy: im ignoring you sheez for pavs, taking my all
Roarix: You clearly dont look into the game much then Sheezel.. his kicking is horrible and that is a fact
sheezel420: Telling me you're ignoring me isn't really ignoring me lol
sheezel420: He single handedly brought his team back into the game Roar lol
FreeHughsy: geez
BigChief: Don't they pay FA for tackles in the back now?
Roarix: Sheezel.. Martin Disposal Efficiency is at 72% which is below average.. for a half back, that is terrible
original: goldy just blocks at every contest. should be pinged against more
Roarix: Kicking Efficiency at 65.4%.. also below average
Pavs: Drop the hammer FreeHughsy
Roarix: Brought his team back into the game while coughing up 3 goals against them.. what a star
RuffLeader: Roar, do you rate Gulden as kick?
pcaman2003: Nice Willo. Keep going!
BigChief: Martin and Newman are reported to be elite kicks. Both are below avg imo.
Roarix: 58.9% efficiency Ruff.. but Mids arenít usually high as they hack kick out of stoppage a lot
Ash777: Mckay hurt himself
original: agree big chief
Noxious: Carlton love the 4th quarter
FreeHughsy: lol
Roarix: Well Martinís numbers are below average BC
original: Ash777 genetrically yes
sheezel420: Bombers play 1 quarter, disappointing. Wanted an exciting finish
RuffLeader: Yeah Roar, but you are using kicking efficiency as reasoning to downplay Martin
RuffLeader: Yet, also making excuses for Gulden
BigChief: Watch Newman closer Roarix and you will see he is the same as Martin.
sheezel420: Roar just says whatever he wants, you can't reason with him
Roarix: Cause heís a half back.. their efficiencies should be no less than 70% kicking.. surely you are aware of this
Roarix: Because again, itís a fact Ruff.. surely you are not being serious right now hahaha
FreeHughsy: both of yous just shut up lol
McSquire: Merrett 108 is just ridiculous - no impact at all and beaten on the night
Roarix: Well if some of you actually knew behind the scenes of footy clubs, youíd actually realise how much in-depth it is
TimT14: Gresham is horrid
sheezel420: Hughsy still like living in the present?
Vultures: Deep down Roar has a crush on Martin
Ash777: goodbye essendon
Cascadian: Houston is the best kick in the league in my opinion
RuffLeader: Gulden averages 1 more contested possession than Martin, so you are saying he is in tight hack kicking forward more?
Roarix: If you believe a half backer kicking at 65% is a good player, your awareness of the game in depth is poor
Raspel31: Simply amazing what Wal sh can do when not on the bench.
FreeHughsy: jeez sheezel, could you get any less immature, watch the game
sheezel420: I don't blame him vultures, he's beautiful
Roarix: He often is the one getting the HB release from stoppage to then kick it forward and gain territory Ruff.. go watch him
Pavs: He's been struggling lately as well Cascadian
pcaman2003: Raspel. How dare you change the subject mid argument.
RuffLeader: Then why can't he hit a target Roar?
Vultures: Sheez, Martin keeps getting the pill & Roar would love him in his team.. Beautiful ? Nah lol
Roarix: Houston kicks at 81.8% cas.. very good
OffaStep: They ought to consider changing the shape of the ball. Would make everyone's disposal efficiency elite.
Mantaur: Merrett must be sending meat trays to the Supercoach offices like Bont does
Roarix: Because as I said, he is hack kicking it forward to gain territoryÖ
Silz90: Keep booing saad pls
BigChief: 3 best kicks imo are Houston, Sheezel and Gulden
Number 8: Tom Brown from Richmond is shaping up as a great kick
clay007: Is this a normal scoring game for dekoning and menzie?
RuffLeader: If the kick is over 40m to a contest, it's an effective kick, so that theory is a bit odd
sheezel420: Houston is the best by far. Treloar underrated kick
FreeHughsy: i havent rated gulden's kicking the past few weeks,
max41: the lizard is a better kick than gulden
Roarix: Well Gulden goes at 56% but gains meters which is the point for him, efficient or not.. meters gained is elite
gazza39: Ryan right up there as most accurate kick
Silz90: Kane Farrell is underrated kick?
Roarix: Lads im not gonna pull each players kicking efficiency that is mentioned haha, you can find it also
Silz90: Tdk our best player 2 weeks in a row
BigChief: Cripps best handballer?
sheezel420: Ryan always does cheap kicks or bombs it, inflates the stats
bhg26: Matt Crouch chief
FreeHughsy: crouch
sheezel420: BC I'd say Neale, on Friday some of his handballs were otherwordly
RuffLeader: Gulden averages 40 more metres gained than Martin, not much of a disparity
Number 8: ... and Walsh is back on the bench
BigChief: Crouch top 3
CamT: Blakey had 30 kicks for 98 SC points in R7.
beerent11: Got dekoning in draft clay. Goes 90+ most weeks.
gazza39: Ryanís disposal efficiency says otherwise
Roarix: Sheezel at 74% is average. Farrell at 79% considered average
Ash777: libba best
Roarix: But Martin plays behind where Gulden does.. his turns are costly v guldens
FreeHughsy: i didnt want to mention ridley becuase i am bias, but he's a damn good kick
original: efficiency is over rated
Roarix: You are best to compare a Houston to Martin, not a mid like Gulden
CamT: NWM is the best kick in the game atm.
BigChief: Best at getting concussions Ash, yep he is.
Mantaur: It's decided, Ridley is a lock for the rest of the season
BigChief: Gulden is a winger.
TimT14: Luke Ryan has elite kicking
Roarix: Of those mentioned, Ryan is the best at 90.2%
FreeHughsy: i have wm in my team and I watch him closely Cam, i would describe his kicking more as bold than accurate
bhg26: Ryan just kicks it backwards, sideways or long enough to count as efficient timt
Silz90: Ryan is never under pressure. It's easier to hit targets
Vultures: DeKone averages 83 SC
Vultures: oops Fantasy
CamT: De Koning's 3 week average will be about 145 after today.
TimT14: But the point is who's efficient, not who's the best at breaking lines, set shots etc
BigChief: We all see what Ryan does and that's why we don't class him as elite.
clay007: Heeney is a pretty accurate kick, especially under pressure
Ash777: Libba has the quickest hands in the comp
gazza39: Wrong on Ryan but why care Freo will be in the top 4 next weekend
Silz90: Molte bene cincotta
bhg26: Crouchs quicker ash
Vultures: 4 errk average 99 Dekone
Roarix: Martin slip.. Carlton goal.. 4 goal from his mistake.. but hey, he is good.. my bad
FreeHughsy: oh well
bhg26: Trust me gazza, as a ryan owner since round 3 ive been paying very close attention to him
sheezel420: All Ryan does is play kick to kick, no wonder his DE is so high
bhg26: He has the most disgusting role for fantasy and supercoach and thats why i picked him
Vultures: Howz dat 4 typo ?
original: walsh been awful
original: merrett gets away with another throw. worst of the night
BigChief: I am still trying to figure your comment out Vultures LOL
RuffLeader: Roar, blaming a slip, hilarious. Just realised Iím talking to a spastic
gazza39: Thought u guys knew a bit more about footy
xodeus9: if only TDK had got DPP
TheFilth: I wish John Noble could kick like Ryan..
Roarix: Who had the last possession before that goal Ruff? Martin. Keep being clueless though. Keeps his feet, no turnover
Vultures: Roar, he scores points, bottom line when you're not an Ess supporter
Roarix: As you are unaware, these little things get looked at Ruff
CamT: Ryan's fluoro hair and star jumping both contribute to his elite SC scoring.
Number 8: Tidy up your language, Ruff. That's very poor form.
Mantaur: ball dont lie
Pavs: So in summary some players are a very good kick and others not so much. Got it
BigChief: No need for that crap RuffLeader. That word is un called for.
bhg26: Hes my peroxide prince camT
RuffLeader: Haha Number 8, cheers mate haha
OffaStep: Getting a bit rough and raw in her tonight...
Vultures: 90% of Martin's possessions are uncontested.. Gee I hate him lol
Silz90: Lol everyone enjoy yourself it's a public holiday tomorrow
Roarix: Costs his team goals too Vultures.. go pull up Cornesí analysis on him. Itís an issue every week
Legix: Martin my goodness
navy_blues: wd boys in the end
sheezel420: Give it up roar
Noxious: Martin so inaccurate he misses his own foot lol
OffaStep: *here (that wasn't my post-game itinerary)
Number 8: I'm serious Ruff. Pull your head in.
Silz90: Wait maybe not for you roar?
Roarix: Ruff just mad that he realises his knowledge of the game is very basic.. thats okay though
CamT: Private holiday for me in WA tomorrow.
FreeHughsy: oh well
BigChief: Why would anyone believe the BS Cornes spews?
Mantaur: considering the FOUR free kicks he gave away, Walsh did well
Roarix: Point gets proved again.. keep talking though Sheezel
Vultures: Roar, it doesn't matter when he plays for the opposition
Roarix: BC.. go WATCH it, put him on mute for all I care. You can watch miss kicks if Martinís over and over again
Roarix: There are people who understand the game beyond goals and behinds Ruff xx
sheezel420: Roar making it seem like Martin score like 40sc
Number 8: Bombers will be disappointed with this result
RuffLeader: Cheers Roar, youíve proved yourself to be a modern day Ron Barassi. Should coach an AFL side. Haha
Roarix: I will happily show you 4 goals he cost then tonight Sheezel
Mantaur: Bombers probably wanted to get a win tonight, you'd think
FreeHughsy: im over the moon number 8, but in all seriousness it hurts to have had control and not convert two weeks in a row
RuffLeader: Roar, the thing is though, youíve said a lot, but proved not much
slydon: bombers ARE disappointed with this result
slydon: accuracy atm is a coach killer
Vultures: He's like a dog with a bone lol
sheezel420: Nah I'm right Roar, you do you
Roarix: And youve proven yourself to be a base level watcher of the game. Guess I cant really talk in-depth around ppl like you
slydon: whoever admins this shower can we just mute both of them for the weekend
Mantaur: Roarix goes bang
Roarix: Proved not much cause you donít understand the game in-depth so I really was talking to a brick wall all night
FreeHughsy: sheez ya just as bad as him
RuffLeader: You talk like you are a coach at a footy club, in the end you are a nuffy on a forum, like all of us
Vultures: Narcissistic Roar, take a breath
Number 8: Yep, game was more even than the margin suggests
Pavs: Don't know what your voices sound like but they are annoying :)
Roarix: Yeah youd hate to be proven wrong sheezel.. enjoy your 1 win for another 18 months
frenzy: evening chaps
2Ph0nes: walsh ying yang
FreeHughsy: oh well
Roarix: Well just take others know more than you Ruff rather than yapping over and over
BigChief: Get a room Sheez and Roar ffs.
sheezel420: Roar you seem like an angry person, I'm sorry for you. I'm just enjoying the footy because that's what we're all here fo
Roarix: Could you define what a narcissist is Vultures?
Vultures: moving on to projection now. lol
RuffLeader: Hahahhahahahahahahaha enjoy your night Roar
Vultures: Roar, self centred and a lover of oneself
Mantaur: Nic Martin's kicking efficiency tearing families apart tonight
Roarix: Swoops to that level, good one sheezel. Not angry at all, just canít handle stupidly
Roarix: Stupidity*
Roarix: And please tell me where the ďself centred and lover of oneselfĒ ever occurred lmfao
Pavs: No I think you are angry. Some angry typing going on
Roarix: So proving people wrong being a narcissist? Interesting
Roarix: Ive been laughing at the amount of stupidity honestly haha
Vultures: lmao
BigChief: Is TDK becoming an option for R2?
Pavs: Next year BC definetly (saving trades this year)
original: will be too pricy next year, his form with no pitto is unreal
Skibidi: Walsh came back
Skibidi: Odlslslss

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