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Noxious: Now onto the game of the round
frenzy: nice to see the debutant not the sub, welldone WC
Kangagang: C'mon North!
Noxious: I have way too many Norf players in my team haha, lets go boys
Mantaur: How many of us are riding the Wil Dawson rollercoaster today?
piesfan420: idek if i want to watch this
Noxious: I am Mantaur
FreeHughsy: fisher big score incoming
Waddos: Shout out Tom Green
Silz90: I'm looping Dawson so hopefully he scores well
2Ph0nes: no one releavnt should be Mantaur, he was just an replacement to dump
Mantaur: Nice of McGovern to nearly concuss himself to atone for dropping the mark
naicosfan: will dawson brought in as def fwd loop, and some cash would be a bonus
Noxious: high scoring game
Mantaur: It's bowling shoe ugly out there at the moment Noxious
suns4ever: Both teams desperately trying to lose this
Noxious: Wil Dawson having a big one
Noxious: is he injured oh my god hahaha
FreeHughsy: fs wil
Legix: Dawson injured without having a sniff
Mantaur: thank god his breakeven is -46
BigChief: Dawson getting shoulder looked at in rooms.
naicosfan: lol likely to be a loop
Kangagang: C'mon North!
Mantaur: do they just flip a coin to decide whether they'll enforce HTB now?
SonOfAGun.: aflw started early
piesfan420: is will dawson going to come back
Yelse: anyone seen the dawson incident
poolboybob: Starting to think that neither of these sides will win the premiership this season
piesfan420: did u just realise that now poolboybob
soup: Lay off the pipe poolboy
Pavs: Didn't look much to it Yelse. Both going the ball and a shoulder knock
naicosfan: does wil dawsons score count as a played game if hes subbed out?
CamT: The 29 people who traded Dawson OUT this week were in on the fix.
Pavs: Yes naicos
naicosfan: cheers pavs
nbartos: if your relying on Dawson your a Dork
wadaramus: Bloody Hell, I held off on trading Dawson in and then pulled the trigger just before kick-off, faaark!
wadaramus: Wasted trade! Only good for DPP with Fisher!
DiggaDogga: Dawson you soft cock
poolboybob: Too late to reverse trade?
Mantaur: Yeah I dont think anyone captained him nbartos, just a shame to see a player injured 4 minutes into a game
suns4ever: Lucky I had enough for a triple upgrade this week and didn't touch Dawson lol
soup: Me too wada flowering fuming
2Ph0nes: dissapping but no big deal, don't need him for cash gen at this stage of the season
naicosfan: keep goin mcgvoern need a ceiling score from you mate!
2Ph0nes: disappointing*
nbartos: if he is scaled to 0, does your E get included?
Yelse: WTF dawson wasted trade f me
ausgooner: a player's score is counted as soon as they take the field.
Noxious: cmon chom pick it up
Yelse: what exactly was the injury
Noxious: Shoulder Yelse
nbartos: Quality footy this
CamT: They started starting everyone on 1 point because in the early days you would get your Reserve's score when this happene
Silz90: z reid, hore, richards, gibcus and darcy - so many failed rookies
SonOfAGun.: Cherry lol
DiggaDogga: Allergic to contact, Yelse. Took 3 epi pens.
Noxious: Lol dogga
Silz90: get involved comben ffs
Noxious: sound gone for anyone else?
nbartos: Wrdlaw was spose to be a young Gun?
Silz90: yes sound gone lol
naicosfan: nbartos are we watching the same player? he looks great when he gets the pill.
hinsch: At least W Dawson got his BE
Noxious: wtf wet toast hahaha
Cam123: so many Roo players would not be even close to being on another AFL list
wadaramus: That is optimism of the highest order hinsch, glass totally full.
suns4ever: Game of the year this
BigChief: So where is this great WC midfield some clown said English would be playing with?
Noxious: God I hope roos win this
J_Herer: Norf can win a game this year and still get pick 1, go norf!!
naicosfan: about to say the same thing nox
ausgooner: is LDU taking the power. 0 points since the first minute of the quarter
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Jamie Cripps to draw a high contact free on Darcy Tucker.
soup: He's got sheed hanging on him like a coat gooner
CamT: FF Archives Round 9 Frem v Sydney Chat Log ... The famous "Does Kennealey's zero count" day. If you get sick of this gam
nbartos: how could you get sick of this Cam?!
suns4ever: Fisher saving everyone's forwardline
Noxious: I cant find it in the chat log cam
poolboybob: Clearances 27-10. How do you get dominated that badly by North?!?
CamT: lol the game was in 2010
Noxious: oh thatd be why haha
nbartos: Hard to beleive WC rely so much on a 1yr player
Migz: missing kelly and reid is probably why
CamT: Just been reading it Noxious. The good old days of FF.
naicosfan: great quarters fish and gov
wadaramus: Why is Wet Toast in the tagging business, focus on winning the ball, not stifling LDU!
Noxious: Found it, wow the chats seemed so much more active then haha
CamT: It was full-on back then Noxious.
ausgooner: Exactly right Wada, and shame on LDU not being able to beat the corpse of Dom Sheed
Noxious: just kick the ball sleevo
Noxious: Got rid of fisher when he was at like 360k, wasnt scoring, just got him back this round
Noxious: glad i did
navy_blues: no harley no WC by the looks of it
Kangagang: C'mon North!
Noxious: Larkey going huge
DANGERous: lift comben
soup: Score LDU properly CD you cowards
Noxious: Yeah comben is killing me right now
BigChief: Wasn't Culley a tackling machine before his injury?
slydon: sorry i should have stuck around for the answer... what happened to dawson again?
Noxious: Shoulder slydon
soup: Slydon shoulder
slydon: sad days, brought him in this week
slydon: emotional damage
soup: Brought him in 10 minutes before bounce after being adamant on fading him, lack of future downgrade options scared me
colin wood: Nothing wrong with LDU's score soup stop sooking.
soup: Watch the game before you comment Colin you crab, he's been tearing it up all quarter for only 20 points
slydon: i think he will have to sit on the fwd bench as a dnp and dpp, just poor kid
nbartos: if Fisher could tackle his scores would be immense
2Ph0nes: dont be a peanut soup, dont bring in spuds next time champ
colin wood: I'm watching mate and he's actually scored 26pts for the qtr. Which is a spot on.
DiggaDogga: Col is back! Awesome.
BigChief: Fisher tackle nbartos? Are you trying to be funny LOL
DiggaDogga: Bartos, if me mother had balls she'd be me dad
colin wood: Digga, im always here mate have been for well over 15yrs. You new here?
Cascadian: Go Zaccy Fisher you beautiful man
DiggaDogga: No mate, just meant for the day - haven't seen you here this arvo.
colin wood: Yeah i just popped in. found it funny soup whinging about SC scores after he sooked at me last week. we all do it lol
Raspel31: Atta boy Comben- killing it.
DiggaDogga: That is exactly what I was remembering - think we've all been there though
Noxious: go sheez
Pavs: Wouldn't want these non biased people on the jury if my life depended on it colin wood :)
colin wood: damn straight mate
Kangagang: Retire Barrass. Seriously.
colin wood: Pavs lol
colin wood: The cheese, Xerri & fish going big here. shame about Dawson but :(
miersmessi: not sure who believes me but I had larkey until a few weeks ago
nbartos: Retire Barass? Why?
Pavs: I believe you
Raspel31: I believe you miers- not that I really care or relevant.
Pavs: Harsh Rasp :)
nbartos: the Waterman bubbles burst then
Raspel31: It's a harsh world Pavs.
Pavs: Lucky we have you to guide us through it
EvilMonk: 0/4 in the tips this week.
BigChief: 3 goals 15 behinds is crap from WC
Noxious: im 1/4, got hawks right
Pavs: Good for Fishers score though Chief
Brian00173: So I should have put the VC on Fish instead of Bont. Who knew...
BigChief: This is very true Pavs.
Noxious: Ryan should not be getting run down by Xerri
Migz: remember SkiFree. That was the yeti chasing the player
DiggaDogga: Any of you guys around when Best Coast was here? He'd be turning at the sight of this.
BigChief: Seb Ross and Swallow subs next game. Ross is a strange choice given the Saints mids.
DiggaDogga: Saw the Ross one BC. Very strange.
FreeHughsy: do yous reckon tom green will come good?
Noxious: Hope so Hughsy
DiggaDogga: I think he'll ave high 90's at least Hughesy. So trade for maybe a +10-15 per round? I'm holding.
SonOfAGun.: Ooooweee
Pavs: Think this is m0nty's 20 year anniversary this year Digga he has been around a while :)
Number 8: Come on North, you can't be serious!
Legix: Turning into a half decent game
thommoae: Tom will be the bettter for midfield troops returning ... eventually. A bit of a load until then.
Number 8: Some teams just don't know how to win
Raspel31: Norff- don't let it go from here. Your Grand Final.
navy_blues: word has come out to tank lol
Pavs: Maybe longer than 20?
DiggaDogga: That's a fair committment, Pavs. Huge by you, Monty.
Manowar: Go Eagles
Noxious: Man I'm stressing for North fans right now
navy_blues: poor spudrooboy lol
FreeHughsy: im still waiting for a apology from monty for never unbanning my original account
EvilMonk: Lol 0/4 might be 1/4 soon. Poor Norf
Number 8: Oh dear. North are gone. Boy oh boy.
suns4ever: Let's go the winless season, go eagles
shancrows: Come on West Coast
DiggaDogga: Cmon Hughesy. A grudge is a place to park your car.
2Ph0nes: considering half the dribble that comes out your moutgh, you;re lucky your IP wasnt banned which is unfortuante
Legix: I have Duggan 20+ in my multi
Pavs: Reckon you deserved it FreeHughsy :)
sfenda1: what was yeo on at 3qtr time?
FreeHughsy: 2ph0nes - always the centre of joy and happiness
flibbity: a grudge? ive always called it car hole
DiggaDogga: The gas I reckon sfenda1
BigChief: I don't think anyone cares Hughsy.
flibbity: pretty sure you get a diffent IP avery day or so?
Number 8: Bob Skilton holds the record for the most kicks in a VFL/AFL game: 44 in 1967
FreeHughsy: it was a joke bc, where did all this come from, im sorry
thommoae: Some service from Maric.
BigChief: How the flower did WC hit the front?
Migz: ~80s sfenda
Manowar: sack Clarkson!
DiggaDogga: The Waterman bubble officially repaired by the looks.
poolboybob: North gonna North @bigchief
soup: Haha the irony coming from 2phones
NateDoGG84: hey all, advice needed... do i keep yeo score as vc?
NateDoGG84: or daicos as C?
Legix: Nate yes
Migz: i always take any 125+ VC score
Pavs: Yes Nate
suns4ever: Yeo
FreeHughsy: neither, put the C on L.Sullivan, trust me
Migz: even if your captain scores 140 its only 15 points you lose
Noxious: fish off injured according to the app?
navy_blues: what do u think Nate?
Silz90: Did anyone trade sheezel
NateDoGG84: tough one navy... i have a tough opp in cash league,
Pavs: Say it isn't so Noxious
Silz90: Please tell me your joking noxious
BigChief: 100% you loop Nate.
FreeHughsy: please dont be injured fish
Silz90: Radio said he should be fine to come back
elvundir: just had a rub down fish is ok
Noxious: Cant find out why, but yeah says injured
suns4ever: The likelihood of daicos getting 140+ is low. Take the points
Silz90: Fisher losing points harsh for scaling
SonOfAGun.: wow!
Legix: Tough decision on Yeo wow
Migz: uhhhhhh how is that htb on yeo
Noxious: Wardlaw had his head taken off, no free lol
navy_blues: if u didnt take his score and your C had a crap game or got injured u would regret it you need to take it
flibbity: go norf!!
BigChief: Technically he dragged that in, but FFS that's tough.
Number 8: Oh my days!
Jolles: Typical pro Victorian umpires.
Kangagang: C'mon North!
2Ph0nes: yesss!! go nth, spoon still up for grabs lol
suns4ever: Check the umps sportsbet account
EvilMonk: Lol that's a horrible HTB
Raspel31: Boom!
navy_blues: if over 125 that is
TimT14: Hahaha what a ridiculous call
Noxious: 2 opportunities for frees there, cant complain
SonOfAGun.: hearts to hearts
Number 8: Lordy me! Good stuff, North
Kangagang: Amazing!
BigChief: How has Fisher dropped 15 points sitting on the pine?
mags: Think I just used up all my blood pressure pills. Ye gods, North, what is going on?
Silz90: Big chief it's a disgrace
Manowar: reinstate Clarkson!
Migz: they are over 3300 points. they need to -pts cause they prob thought the game was over earlier so over adjusted
DiggaDogga: full 3300 pts were allocated BC. Weighted to all the action influencing result when he is not part of it.
Pevo: Do Norf have a song?
shancrows: Hey guys start Clohsey or take Berry score??
Silz90: Take the points off Dawson. Surely zac got penalised the most for scaling
EvilMonk: Umpires had to inject themselves again. Another ruined result, wonder what could have been
Roarix: Yeo only +2 for a free kick, effective kick, inside 50,
Manowar: thanks W. Dawson
FreeHughsy: and tackle roarix
Roarix: Nice work umps again also. Eagles were awesome to come back from 6 goals down
Silz90: Who was bagging ward learlier
Silz90: Wardlaw*
Raspel31: For every Sheezel there is a Comdeb- sheez. On ya Norff.
Kangagang: Join in the Chorus!
Roarix: Cuts fisher but not Sheezel.. wow
OffaStep: Missed Dawson's shoulder injury. Was there any detail?
Manowar: lol Eagles were awesome for coming back, they were playing a winless North
suns4ever: Why do people still have combden lmao
Roarix: Why wouldnt they suns.. still making money? Or do you not understand SuperCoach?
Silz90: 3rd average off 8 suns
PigeonPies: his job was done on his bye
PowerBug: 98, 80, 87 was a pretty good L3 by Comben to put at F6 whilst waiting to upgrade the spot
soup: Well done LDU, not bad for a spud ay 2phones
Roarix: Exactly right Power
Raspel31: Agreed Powerbug.
Manowar: if you still have Comben your SC season is over..recommend you hit the delete team button!
TheFilth: Comben did his job - he was on BJ Williams as lockdown on the resting ruc/fwd
Raspel31: We are entering the rea;m of morons and angry people.
Pavs: How condescending is to start a sentence with Why do people still have and finish off with lmao. Ridiculous
TheFilth: Rubbish - in the top 2% - I still have Combden - hes not in my best 18 scorers this round
TheFilth: I will probably trade Combden this week though..
BigChief: Some people don't have much of a clue Pavs. SMH
Pavs: Gives me the sh*ts Chief. Juveniles
Raspel31: You can cover next week TheFifth?
BigChief: Agreed Pavs.
TheFilth: I had a bare 18...including Combden & Dawson - I brought in L Neale as an M9 premo as bye cover
TheFilth: May upgrade Combden /downgrade Martin - full premo except for R2 and F4 & F5 - keep Jackson as F6.
TheFilth: Will trade my the worst of my midfield M9 spare premos and use the cash to get an R2 post byes
TheFilth: It's tough for everyone next week - no Gawn, Zerrett, Rowell/Touk, Walsh/Oliver, Flanders, Martin/Ridley etc

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