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Number 8: Game starts in 45 minutes, AFL website still hasn't named sub. Useless.
Number 8: Khamis and Answerth named just this second
J.Worrall: My friend lost his Dachsund to a car accident this week. Wrote off his car too!!
J.Worrall: Go Doggies!
Yelse: Will dunk tag bont, doubting VC on Bont
clay007: Why do sides get more time to announce Monday teams?
navy_blues: took vc off bont went dale instead
Troglodyte: Brought in this new rookie Hipwood as a POD for bye cover, should go alright...
frenzy: 6.25 sunday night clay007
LionBoy: Risky move Trog
clay007: That seems wrong Frenzy, thank you though. Sunday teams announced Friday, so Monday teams should be announced Sat night
Troglodyte: You gotta risk it to make the biscuit LionBoy
Troglodyte: After 6pm on Sunday clay007
clay007: Do the dogs tag, was thinking about putting vc on Neale. I have bont also, daics and gawn
navy_blues: omg Trog never would trade dripwood in how he doesnt get dropped amazes me
Troglodyte: Dogs are the most ferocious taggers in the league clay, wouldn't risk it
Troglodyte: Hipwood is due.
soup: choccy on debut, go well son
clay007: Can I assume you did not really bring in Driftwood?
Gotigres: I was going to vc Dale but went Dawson instead navy. He will probably go 150 now. You're welcome mate
Troglodyte: He is as graceful as a gazelle - should run rings around all opponents
clay007: Who is choccy?
navy_blues: ty tigs
TheLegend6: oh great Bont tagged
soup: rayner is such a fraud
soup: neale clay
Noxious: What a bounce
Gotigres: 100 please Freija
LionBoy: Berry doesnít tag often but when he does he can be effective.
Troglodyte: That celebration seemed a little forced...
sheezel420: Come on Neale, don't make me regret getting you over Dunks
FreeHughsy: hilarious that both treloar and dunkley got first goals, best mates
original: This is great Bont.
LionBoy: Bruuuce
frenzy: another butchered VC
Noxious: Its the first quarter, remember dawson last night?
naicosfan: traded in neale instead of bont this week and chucked the VC on him, hope he goes well
TheLegend6: i love libba hahaha
sheezel420: Berry is so flowering soft
LionBoy: Oh sheez. Heís a lotta things but soft isnít one.
wadaramus: Where's the Bont tax, 1 handball, he should be on 50SC :)
J_Herer: must win game for the Lions
sheezel420: Yeah nah
original: Wada hahaha
LionBoy: BT backing the dogs.
Noxious: See there you go
FreeHughsy: onya bont, great kick
wadaramus: How is everyone on this fine Friday night?
wadaramus: Long weekend in SA, party time.
Kangagang: Amazing!
J.Worrall: cornfused
TimT14: Dogs look good early
Hazza09: ffs English get moving
wadaramus: I hear your questions, how does a 52 year old southern bogan party?
LionBoy: Lower the eyes boys
wadaramus: Participating in FF chat logs, that's how!
circle52: When will we stop bombong it into the forwrad 50 too easy for Dogs to spoil.
Gotigres: Life doesn't get much more exciting than that wada
naicosfan: go neale you star
wadaramus: You are spot on Gotigres :)
LionBoy: Doggies in trouble if Hippie is kicking goals.
circle52: Got a few years on you Wada
wadaramus: You know I get bored easily though.
wadaramus: We're vintage models circle :)
wadaramus: I'm off to watch and listen to music videos.
original: English normally smashes bris
wadaramus: I'll chime in with the usual lift commetns.
LionBoy: Big O fired up
FoopyTime: english is an absolute turtle this year
OffaStep: Stay off the Starship, wada. It really isn't good for you.
Troglodyte: We built this city...
wadaramus: Offastep, I heard Underneath The Radar yesterday, forgot how good it was, added it to my Best Playist Ever!
OffaStep: Underworld! Yeah, good track.
bhg26: Why are they time wasting in the first quarter
Legix: Is Macrae tagging zorks?
naicosfan: great qtr vc neale
Brian00173: Can't help thinking he is just trying to stay healthy for a move to WA Froopy....
Migz: did anybody bring in macrae early on thinking he would build back to super premo and been nothing but sad since?
hawkers317: thank god i went neale instead of zorko
wadaramus: Good VC Naicos, I don't even have him in my team :)
LionBoy: Guilty Migz
wadaramus: Not at all MIgz.
Brian00173: Bevo was copping flack for not playing him Migz. He obviously saw something we didn't
LionBoy: That soft guy Berry did a fair job for a qtr on CD darling Bont.
LionBoy: Great Brian. That makes me as smart as Bevo.
naicosfan: wada, it was bringing in him or bont, took on neale because of no bye, and a chance of forward time, bit lucky.
2Ph0nes: peanut would get macca or clarry
CamT: Hard to explain Macrae's decline.Only 29 years old.
clay007: Easy to explain camt. He use to play middle/wing, now forward flank.
Troglodyte: Macca will get a better run when he moves to Norf next season
slydon: dunkley starting to look like a steal for 600k
OffaStep: Bevo gelded him, CamT. Hasn't been the same since.
naicosfan: a half fwd role would explain macraes decline. come to collingwood, play with family and in the midfield.
DaMeatloaf: Playing one of the best inside mids on a HFF or a wing might be it CamT
Hazza09: cmon bont seriuosly
navy_blues: cant see the dogs winning this bris not brilliant but can see them running over the dogs
AussieLion: Evening people. Cmon Lions.
wadaramus: BMTH and BabyMetal, Kingslayer, fully sick!
slydon: lol someone needs to clip jones' running form there, hilarious
frenzy: tell me it's true Trog
naicosfan: keep chugging english
LionBoy: Gotta get through the dreaded third qtr Navy
Gotigres: Get a move on Dale
Troglodyte: Keep goin' Brizzy. Love to see it
AussieLion: Berry doing a job on Bont so far.
Troglodyte: Why is Keath a helmet icon?
wadaramus: Bont = hack.
Noxious: Why is Breville getting booed?
naicosfan: they are saying "bruce" noxious.
LionBoy: Bruuuuce Nox
Noxious: Oh really? Haha
TheLegend6: Bont deserves to be on less than 25
navy_blues: hipwood should have a bye every fortnight lol
flibbity: hah nox i was about to ask the same question
LionBoy: Old ďsoftĒ Berry. :)
original: You nearly fooled us all bevo
Gotigres: Bulldogs players look like they have been sedated
AussieLion: Unlucky Libba.
Brian00173: Can see a blue moon coming for Hippy...
slydon: hippo making a twice in a season appearance
Noxious: Hipwood needs to be checked for performance enhancers
miersmessi: very nice of bevo to give dogs fans hopes
clay007: Trog went with hipwood, great call. This week anyway
Gotigres: Hipwood on track for 130 Trog. You're a genius.
Silz90: Evening I'm trading bont next week
Noxious: Bont will get 80 in the 4th quarter
Troglodyte: My spirit animal came to me in a dream...
DaMeatloaf: Bonk pls
OffaStep: Is your spirit animal a deep sea fish? Hipwood looks like a deep sea fish.
clay007: Can Macrae actually kick? Seems to handball 100% of the time
Troglodyte: Platypus.
dezlav: Got to laugh. Picked up B Reville start of the year as I wanted a non playing E for VC swaps. Now he is a good investmen
Deelight: Did Dunkley die?
OffaStep: Monotreme. Quality.
navy_blues: free kick count bit 1 sided
LionBoy: Yeah Navy. Not sure if doggies read the HTB memos
Legix: Dale what are you doing mate
Noxious: It's lopsided but doesn't seem overly unfair, dogs just getting caught out and heaps of off the ball frees
Silz90: Lions have 6 htb free kicks and bulldogs 0
Troglodyte: Plus Libba got 2 or 3 for smashing Berry in the first 2 mins
Hazza09: your a joke English
Noxious: Freijah scoring better than bont, keep going haha
Silz90: Hard tag on bont? Hopefully he bounces back in second half ffs
naicosfan: neale ghosted this second quarter ffa
FoopyTime: no need to tag bont when hes on the pine for 10min
original: how about those clearances. WBD smashed
Gotigres: Have you got Hipwood vc or c Trog?
AussieLion: Great stuff Hugh
clay007: Neale been flowerful this qtr
Noxious: Hipwoods body has somehow been taken over by prime JonNathan Brown
naicosfan: total of 8 points
TheLegend6: oh thats controversial!
Legix: He kicked it after the siren on channel 7
Noxious: Sounded after the siren for me also
Brian00173: zero clearances for Bont in a half. You don't see that often.
wadaramus: Comfortably Numb - live at the 02 - superb.
Migz: doesnt matter when siren goes off, its when the umprire signals it im pretty sure
clay007: Score review, Clay went too early on a call on Neale, just wanna check. Decision on score board. Clay is an idiot
TheLegend6: siren gate
original: after the siren on kayo
original: glad that isnt reviewed though
miersmessi: hopwood will miss 3 from straight in front next week donít worry guys
Legix: I think youíre right Migz
Silz90: Caleb has dropped 231k this season. Surely he finds a new club next season
original: guys. who is bevo going to sub though?
LionBoy: Just replayed it three times and canít tell for sure so itís a goal.
miersmessi: Should sub McNeil but will sub sanders
Legix: Probably Daniel original
Danstar: Worst umpiring of the year
sheezel420: Danstar cope harder, your mob is playing like div 3 ressies
CamT: 16 free-kicks to 4.
LionBoy: Not sure what youíre watching Dan. Doggies played that half dumb. They wonít do it again.
Migz: @dan maybe the doggies should stop giving away free kicks ;)
Yelse: The time keeper didn't start the clock right 2 secs left on the clock at the bounce 4-5 secs by time neal kicks
original: WBD losing it in the middle. crazy clearance differential
Danstar: Weíve got 0 free kicks from this new htb rule. Lions got about 6 already
Danstar: 16-4 is ridiculous. Gotta admit that at least
sheezel420: Where's the rule that free kick counts need to be equal?
Danstar: When they dont pay 1 team the same frees as they do the other itís a bit unfair
circle52: Often get told that Sheezel when I query lopsided kicks against us.
Danstar: The same htb rule should apply to both teams. Not pick and choose
circle52: There are probably 2 HTB decisions that I argue were harsh rest were definitely there
bhg26: Imagine that sort of thing happening in a grand final danstar
Danstar: Fine to pay the lions ones. But dogs have had 0 paid to them and been so many similar tackles
Danstar: Bhg. Iíve watched that Gf 20 times. Umpiring wasnít the reason y swans lost
Danstar: Anyway. Move Bont forward I say. Let him kick 3 this qtr
Thedude24: poor bulldogs, atrocious umpiring. Footy's tough to watch these days
naicosfan: hipwoods once every 10 round 5 goal game
Brian00173: wouldn't be surprised at all Danstar
LionBoy: Have not seen Hippie catch like this for a couple of seasons.
bhg26: Yeah we had 4 free kicks late in the third quarter but anyway
Migz: english should move to west coast, give him a real midfield to play with
bhg26: surely matt flynn clears him migz
nbartos: too scared to take jones off 100% tog
LionBoy: There ya go Dan. Itís even now.
Danstar: lol 1 down 8 to go
Danstar: 1 down for Bont
Nicko006: Beverige is killing English
Noxious: Bont goal +30
Migz: +30 for bont plz
FreeHughsy: i reckon if you put bont 100% forward he would give ya a run for the coleman
BigChief: No Bont tax for that goal? Should be worth at least 50 points LOL
Noxious: Jinx migz
original: bont +300 wow
bhg26: Migz and Noxious great minds think alike
Thedude24: how so nicko? english getting plenty of opportunity. Just been terrible, big o all over him
original: bevo gunna sub gallagher afer that kick lol
Legix: OíDonnell is good at foopy
miersmessi: heís actually so good the bont
clay007: Macrae in guts
AussieLion: Turnovers lads
clay007: Macrae instant clearance
Danstar: Gallagher has done about 20 of those kicks in the last 4 weeks.
clay007: Then Bevo takes him off.
original: not much this qtr mcluggage ffs
Yelse: whats happened to cameron seems disinterested this year
Noxious: Get off the pine pls zorko
Pavs: bhg what is L Neale like at footy?
Danstar: Lobb been s-house but that looked like a free kick
Migz: small agile aging forward who doesnt like much physical contact so only plays for easy chips yelse. just protecting him
AussieLion: McKenna can butcher it.
DaMeatloaf: Itís baffling clay
bhg26: Not bad pavs
clay007: Macrae mid, send bont fwd, no brainer
bhg26: Flys under the radar a bit
Brian00173: Nice comeback game Libba
LionBoy: Why are the doggie fans so upset?
Migz: loving all the fan close ups after these no calls.
Legix: Lol horrible decision
Noxious: Dogs fans are furious haha
TheLegend6: come on dunks
Noxious: Big O is as well
naicosfan: doggies fans furious after getting destroyed by the green ones (for once)
bhg26: They just arent used to it naicosfan
Noxious: Surely that centerbounce should've been recalled
dezlav: So VC on Bont is no go. C on Daicos or Gawn?
Noxious: Bont still has his 80 point 4th quarter to go yet dez
LionBoy: Angry Gawn I think.
Hazza09: your a fraud English
Danstar: Noxious. Shouldíve been free kick lions after that bounce lol
naicosfan: keep going neale!
Noxious: Yeah im going heeney vc into angry Gawn
dezlav: Noxious. V True but I doubt he'll get a 140+
dezlav: Luonboy. Was swaying that way. 60/40
UncleSniff: As a Grundy holder from day 1, I really enjoy drinking the milkshakes of English owners. They were so smug weeks ago.
Noxious: Same sniff, Gawn and Grundy from day 1, hasn't changed
dezlav: Noxious & Sniff. Me 2
bhg26: After offloading grundy to meek at his first bye, i will be a grundy owner once again next week
TheOnyas: Onya Nealey
LionBoy: Enjoying watching my boys but holy moly my SC team is dreadful.
naicosfan: bont will ton
UncleSniff: Rule 1: Don't pick soft players
nbartos: Oscar 15 contesteds wtf?
UncleSniff: Rule 2: avoid the ruck merry-go-round
naicosfan: dogs players that i have are spudding it up (english) and would like more from freijah
original: its bont time baby. can he get to 150?
bhg26: If he can do what he did last week then yeah original
LionBoy: Finish the job ďsoftyĒ keep The Bont below the ton.
UncleSniff: Bonts ceiling from here is 110, even he can't quite walk on water
TheLegend6: Bont is on
Migz: i mean english is still the 2nd best ruck for the year so not like its a bad choice
Noxious: Garcia going good, I need more from Freijah and zorko
slydon: he immedietly gets a handball and sets up a goal...
Troglodyte: Come on Brizzy - finish them off
LionBoy: Weíre not great finishers this season Trog.
Thedude24: english so bloody clums today. That's fa no. 6 smh
naicosfan: heck yeah neale
UncleSniff: Not if you picked him up in the past 6-7 weeks Migz, it's about his scores for you, not average. Plus Grundy has had bye
Troglodyte: Are these Qld Berries related to that Crom Berry?
LionBoy: lol
Silz90: Junk time bont
Migz: is reville getting booed or are they saying something else
slydon: "bruce"
LionBoy: Bruuuuce
J_Herer: lol dogs
Troglodyte: Not a berry good handball there...
Noxious: Bont getting frustrated
BigChief: Was that greg louganis or Cam Rayner?
naicosfan: bont kicking it out on the foul doesnt lose any points lol
original: it must have been an effective kick out of bounds
Brian00173: Pearce Hanley medal for most likely to go off injured is.......Connor McKenna
LionBoy: Berry wonít get votes but magnificent work on the Bont.
slydon: coulda spent 10k more and got choccy
slydon: very sad
Noxious: Here we go
Vultures: Oh look, Neale spent another 50 bux on a tattoo...
Lions1980: Come on Bont u can have 1 more I dont mind
Silz90: 23 touches and 3 goals. Not bad
ausgooner: Bont can still give us a worthy VC score
TheLegend6: Find pill treloar
J_Herer: Neale looked good tonight, loads of run
UncleSniff: Bont is laughably good. This is actually a bad night for him...
BigChief: 19 touches Silz.
nbartos: pref Neale over Clarry thats for sure
Silz90: I tried to correct myself but message didn't come through my bad
Vultures: 3 goals help
Migz: when does coach get sacked. hes been trash for years
AussieLion: Eric Superboot Hipwood
hawkers317: do i C naicos after failed bont vc
Ninty: Unsure migz. I guess Eagles donít have the money to do a pay out
Stu7: Hawkers got Gawn?
nbartos: vc Flanders for a 150
Gotigres: Well done Trog
naicosfan: thank you very much vc neale
UncleSniff: hawkers, this isn't the place for that advice judging by tonights chat
Vultures: of course hawk
Troglodyte: Gonna have to rage trade now Gotigres, everyone will have him next week...
hawkers317: Dead comment UncleSniff
Silz90: Oliver to neale next week for me
AussieLion: Massive win lads.
Lions1980: on ya lions!
Vultures: Neale's break even is in the 80s.. Price rise
LionBoy: Hope can string a few Aussie
CamT: Is Daicos's Predicted score of 154 any chance ?
frenzy: angry Max dbl ton
naicosfan: i reckon daics can go 140 if not tagged
Vultures: you might be bias naic
CamT: Thanks, naicosfan :)
AussieLion: For sure LionBoy. We canít drop to many more
naicosfan: nah not at all vultures ;) but hes in great form
Vultures: Superstar m8

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