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J.Worrall: Carn Tiges
zadolinnyj: Gents
soup: kane sub not ideal start to week
frenzy: howdy
Noxious: What was he thinking
J.Worrall: Strawny's back!
Troglodyte: Dawson to limp to a tonne. Thanks
LionBoy: Hi all. VCíd Dawson for a high risk high return POD. What could go wrong?
Troglodyte: Dowling the only crom in my team atm.. for a good reason
piesfan420: if strachan can get a game next week and score decent we gonna bring him in or his 3rd game
BigChief: Gday all. Not much LionBoy apart from his big toe issue.
wadaramus: Two free kicks, two goals.
Noxious: I have bowling and Burgess, both on fire so far
Gotigres: Same with me Lionboy.
soup: and both were there wada
LionBoy: Be interesting to watch HTB interpretation tonight.
wadaramus: I disagree soup.
soup: geez mcintosh has a smashed lid
Gotigres: More likely to limp to 50 Trog
soup: sholl you crab
Troglodyte: Fine by me - getting him r16
Raspel31: May the worst yeam lose.
BigChief: Borlase rucking?
Troglodyte: Get moving new-Crouch
bhg26: Too soon to bring up that name trog, the wound is still fresh
naicosfan: matt crouch was the reason i liked adelaide. just a head down player, gets the job done, elite handballer
naicosfan: too bad hes injured
Gotigres: Almost put the vc on Dale. Watch him go 150 tomorrow
LionBoy: VC probably academic. Angry Gawn gonna be scary big on Monday.
fishman_da: Dawson is injured again isn't he
BigChief: Dawson has a big toe issue.
bhg26: Is there an issue with his big toe or is there a big issue with his toe chief
shancrows: We're that bad we're making richmond look good omfg
navy_blues: go tigs go
soup: this is how i felt last week shan
LionBoy: Or does he have a really big toe?
naicosfan: dawson failing will help me this week, as i have 2 more players on the bye this week than most others to free up r14+15
sheezel420: Dawson lmao
Troglodyte: Geez new-Crouch's TOG is high
Raspel31: Didn;t want to dump Dawson after one week but now time fot the kind buller?
original: Did Dawson drop catch count as a Clanger? Sc looks low
Noxious: Same Naicos, I have 6 premos out this week
soup: come on jaws
soup: yes original
natomate: Can you all relax, its been 1 quarter and Daws has been around the place. He doesnt look injured
naicosfan: hopefully it works out noxious, expecting to drop in ranks this week and excel the next couple.
original: Mark and effective kick to goal only 5 sc for Dawson? Surely not
soup: bont would get 50 points for that same passage original
wadaramus: Ahh, sending a defender forward to kick goals.
wadaramus: They're defenders for a reason.
Gotigres: Also goal assist original
Hepatitis: Samson Ryan is the worst player to put on a Richmond shirt for 15 years
LionBoy: Think he got 7 orig but point about Bont comparison is valid.
Troglodyte: So much for Laird going to halfback
Noxious: Yeah I had a bad week last week and this week doesn't look great either but next 2 should be good
soup: short memory hep, aarts comes to mind
FlaggersXD: Castagna says hi Hep
Raspel31: New to this game- are the Crows based in South Australia?
Troglodyte: Wasn't Tambling going to flip the coin for this game...
soup: haha was thinking him too flaggers but they would have just pulled the 3x premierships
frenzy: soup call sholl a crab again, worked a treat
soup: no can do frenzy, dawson will be copping the reprimands now
frenzy: crab soup or clam chowder
Fromage: Fogarty is a seagull at best. He canít compete
Troglodyte: Think my boss is at this game. Gonna pile up tissue boxes on his desk if Tiges win...
soup: yeah ump nankervis just went horizontal of his own accord play on
OffaStep: McAuuuuulife. Mcauuuuuulife.
natomate: Trog why u talking about result, its 2 goals in it.. fml
original: How low impact is laird
pluggerpig: how can keays not get near it these days? was a lock for 25+ not long ago
soup: how dare you talk about the outcome of this match trog
natomate: Dawson +8 gotta be
Fromage: Told you forgarty is a seagull
BigChief: He said "If Tiges win" nato. DUH
natomate: soup hes talking about buying tissues for his boss, not even halfway through the 2nd, its dumb as shower
Legix: Is Soligo the new Will Brodie? Whatís going on with his TOG
Troglodyte: outrageous right ;)
original: Relton Roberts says hi
OffaStep: Hey potatomate. Where's the spud icon go?
Hazza09: Anyone go early on Dowling?
natomate: Between your missing teeth step
Fromage: Dowling vs Dawson
Noxious: Yeah Hazza I did, not sold on it yet
natomate: Fro, dawson will +40 him
OffaStep: Up your Aarts is the correct answer, potato.
J.Worrall: Strawny!!
soup: ROB is trembling right now
natomate: Onya step
Fromage: I cashed out Darcy and considered Wil Dawson or Dowling
J.Worrall: Back at ya, original!
navy_blues: very soft free
BigChief: OMG the crazy frog song.
Hepatitis: Standard soft free against us
Number 8: Wow. That's a free kick? Good grief.
clay007: What is the opposite of a soft free?
soup: plugger would have kicked 2000 if he played in todays game with frees like that
SonOfAGun.: Crazy frog as your goal song cringe
wadaramus: A soft cock.
clay007: lol wada
jezzas-cow: ive just turned the footy on, Is Max Michalanney getting cbas or just intercept marks?
original: Ffs Dawson take easy effective kicks please
BigChief: soup he might have kicked 3000 even.
clay007: Michael Anne is playing well off half back. Reads it well
natomate: Dawson suddenly shot up to 55, whingers were complaining when he was on 12 like he was done for the game
Harmzy99: Dawson is everywhere I love it
OffaStep: Aarts, potato. Aarts.
soup: yeah we all should have gotten our crystal balls out and known he was going to have 40 points in 10 minutes
clay007: Not everywhere Harmzy, have not see him in my living room yet.
original: 50m penalty against laird then. Love it
natomate: soup, its called not overreacting and seeing that hes fine and around the ball
natomate: everyone quick to jump to injury etc
OffaStep: Aaaaaaaarts.
Hazza09: Sweet to Strahan next week
Silz90: Welcome to ff nato
Troglodyte: Don't get your panties in a twist nato, its only Thursday
Dondeal: CD twits just gave that I50 clanger to Laird
BigChief: He said it himself natomare that he has an injury. Even his coach said it. Learn to read before mouthing off
clay007: bigchief off the top turnbuckle
natomate: everyone quick to jump to injury for his score.. it clearly wasnt. he wasnt hobbling around
Ash777: Last time ROB was dropped he came back in like 2 weeks
Troglodyte: Need a tissue?
FoopyTime: he just sucks at the moment move on
OffaStep: Everyone. Clearly. Aarts.
Hepatitis: Adelaide r abysmal
Noxious: Theyre winning hep lol
Fromage: Bigchief drive by
shancrows: We should get priority picks then right Hep?
clay007: Offastep, have you been drinking? Aaarts?
natomate: Who set this site up?
TheOnyas: onya shorty
Roarix: "picks" .. you aint that bad
FoopyTime: theyre playing like shower tho nox i want the crom back from last year, was great to watch
Hepatitis: U should be winning by more against us at home. Kicking it to Samson and kosi
BigChief: You found a way in natomare, you can find your way out. Simple really.
natomate: Dawson playing FF
wadaramus: What a superb half of footy.
natomate: Did u make it chief
Noxious: Yeah I know just stirring, bit of a downfall considered they were picked top be at least top 8 if not top 4
Troglodyte: Sound the torn-nato warning BC
original: Who did Rachelís just burn? Was it Dawson?
BigChief: If I made it I would have banned you weeks ago natomare.
OffaStep: Nah, just want to get the great man's name back in the historical record after the earlier slander.
Roarix: Balta only has 2 scores bigger than this.. and of course oppo in draft has him.. what a joke\
natomate: Onya softie chief
natomate: silence the opinion of people you dont like 🤡
clay007: Trog loading the gun for the bigchief! I think you love it. lol
wadaramus: How do people get so powered off with other people so easily?
clay007: I'm feeling for ya Roarix. That is so annoying.
wadaramus: Where is the love?
clay007: I'm with you wada. Outrageous!
Roarix: Welcome to the 21st century wafa
Roarix: wada*
Troglodyte: lol wada
Roarix: Sure is Clay.. while Hinge and Vlastuin are putting in their worst perforamcens.. smh
Troglodyte: This is crowing to be a long weekend...
Roarix: Ghee wiz.. performances* super spelling there
OffaStep: Human crabs, wada. Gotta drag everyone else down rather than let them climb out of the bucket.
wadaramus: I'm sitting here listening to a $50 analog radio so I can sync 5AA wit the TV.
wadaramus: The sound is flowering terrible.
OffaStep: "silence the opinion" said the spud who's done nothing but hack on people's opinions.
wadaramus: But I tolerate it.
wadaramus: There's a lesson in that for all of us.
soup: would still sound better than selwood's dribbling wada
OffaStep: I'm logged in via HAM radio, wada. Over.
Troglodyte: Don't worry wada, they can never tear us apart...
Roarix: He had an absolute mare at one point soup..
wadaramus: Zacly why I don't listen to the corkheads on the TV soup!
LionBoy: Whatís a radio
wadaramus: Roger that Offastep, over.
wadaramus: It's a machine that receives a signal and puts out sound Lionboy :)
Roarix: Clearly Lion hasnt been in a car before..
OffaStep: Put the TV on and face the other way, Lion. It's that.
wadaramus: Before you could listen to whatever you want whenever you want..
wadaramus: You had to listen to what the radio played and be happy with it.
LionBoy: Ahhh like flushing toilet. I get it. Thanks gents.
OffaStep: Readin this studbater? Nice talk. Friendly talk. Fun all round. Feel free to join in!
Brian00173: Does Strachan get a few weeks in the job, or does ROB come straight back??
Troglodyte: Wheres th Starship commercial, had that stuck in my head all day and its not even on >.<
frenzy: they have 'Valves' in them wada
OffaStep: Starship is what happens when great bands stop taking psychadelics.
Troglodyte: Up your Aarts Offastep - they built this city, this city of rock and roll...
wadaramus: We built this city Offastep?!
wadaramus: Mmmm, valves...
wadaramus: They open and close.
wadaramus: Back on the game please.
OffaStep: Compare We Built this City and Sara to White Rabbit (or any other track on Surrealistic Pillow). Radio pap.
frenzy: picture tubes in ya tele
m0nty: yes, back on the game please
OffaStep: You made that sound dirty, frenzy...
missmagic: is vlastuin injured or being tagged?hes been fantasy irrelevant for 3 weeks or more now
OffaStep: Apologies. Get McAuliffe on ASAP!
Troglodyte: Throw in a Butts joke m0nty and you got a deal
FreeHughsy: Brian i think its sensible to keep a strict no redhead policy in supercoach, makes things simpler, too unpredictable.
soup: at this stage offa just dont sub him on
wadaramus: Seymour!
OffaStep: BE - 5. Surely he can rack up enough to keep his CG ticking. Only need him to play a couple more...
clay007: Is there such thing as a ranga clanger?
FreeHughsy: hear me out... name one consistent ranga in the afl
wadaramus: Tom Brown you spud, you're only in my team as a punt on making the best 18, but lift you hack.
grossn: consistently good? or just consistent?
clay007: A ranga clanger would be the opposite of the Bont tax
clay007: Ling back in the day, maybe Vossy
Troglodyte: This is crowing to be a close game, hopefully crom not counting on ump decisions going their way...
FreeHughsy: consistently good
OffaStep: Pink? Wrong kind of consistency?
wadaramus: Really can't work out how we've gone backwards on last year, but we suck.
Troglodyte: Clarry doesn't count - coz he's albino
Kidult: Tom Green is consistent
Noxious: Clarry isn't consistent anyway, unless you mean consistently inconsistent
clay007: Wada, I wonder whether you are missing the leadership of Sloane.
wadaramus: We are deadset pathetic at the contest.
Roarix: Maybe Vossy? Come on Clay.. everyones taking Voss over Ling..
wadaramus: Absolutely limp bizkit around hte contested ball.
FreeHughsy: i wouldnt say tom green has been consistent this year.. at least in sc terms
OffaStep: Missing the ten-toed stability of Dawson.
clay007: Sorry roarix, you are right. Was Buckley a ranga?
Troglodyte: Where has new-Crouch gone?
Roarix: Keays playing a role on Vlastuin? bloody killing me
clay007: lol offa
FreeHughsy: In conclusion, its a no on the ranga strachan
Roarix: Hahaha not quite but what a player Clay
Roarix: Wasnt Dowling on 22 10 min into the 1st?
Manowar: ya FUBAR Adelaide...bye bye Nicks
clay007: Alright Roarix, Akermanis, despite his ridiculous use of peroxide was a damn good ranga.
wadaramus: OK, I am calling it, time to go Nicks.
CamT: Soligo's tank is a real problem.
J_Herer: Dowling had 2 average kicks, got benched, now quiet, solid kid there, they need to blood him more
wadaramus: Whatever you're "teaching" them is not working.
Roarix: What heroes wada
Roarix: Not wrong Clay
Roarix: want f*agan wada*.. time for bed
Manowar: Hamill lol
BigChief: WTF Adelaide. Come back and I see this rubbish?
natomate: Dowling vs Dawson - close battle
wadaramus: Do you want Nicks Roarix? At least you've played finals.
Noxious: I'm feeling dowling was not a great choice
LionBoy: Daw son slow start but might still make my Gawn captaincy decision a bit tricky.
wadaramus: And how does get flowered sound, I'll go to bed when I want to, I'm not 10 years old.
shancrows: We keep losing Nicksy will get sacked. Thanks Tiges 😘
navy_blues: lol wada
Raspel31: Imagine saying to your grandchildren I lost to Richmond ib 2924.
Troglodyte: Baker you beaudy
clay007: I think Laird thought you were talking to him Roarix. I think he is in bed and Nicksy reading him a story
FreeHughsy: Either raspel in a different universe or i am lol
navy_blues: 2924 rasp lol
frenzy: Nicky whoop
Roarix: Wada I was saying time for bed cause i keep making grammar mistakes haha.. wasnt meant for you
Raspel31: The extra 900 years was a slip and a gift.
Roarix: time for bed for me.. ffs i go again, im done
thommoae: How many croms did Hinge burn there?
clay007: That was a bloody good point by Adelaide
frenzy: dem fat fingerz rasp
Raspel31: Hufe Frenzy- change everything I mean to say.
OffaStep: Richmond to win the 2924 flag with a team of Aarts clones. Mark my wrds.
J_Herer: Adelaide should appoint Matt Crouch as coach while he is injured, teach them clearances and possession gathering for us
Troglodyte: That's too far in the future Offa, you'll upset nato with that talk
Raspel31: 2925 looking even better Off- lot yo look forward to.
wadaramus: Kick it to the boundary and contest the throw in.
wadaramus: This is Nicks' game plan.
wadaramus: I'm flowering sick of five years of this bullshower.
wadaramus: Get some new tricks Nicks!
Troglodyte: Get on the teal bandwagon wada, the future is rozee...
navy_blues: holiday time kosi
Ash777: enjoy your holiday kozi
Bluebagg11: Has Matty Nicks coached his last game?
clay007: I'm upset also Wada, we have only won 3 flags in 34 years. lol
wadaramus: Pathetic at the contest again.
wadaramus: Never Trog!
OffaStep: Just looking forward to 2525, Rasp. Wanna see if Zager and Evans were right. Nato talking up Aarts, earlier Trog.
Roarix: What is this passage of play..
natomate: rent free toothless
Ash777: the game has gotten interesting
BigChief: We could always use more members at Fitzroy Wada.
Troglodyte: Whoever it was that called a Tiges win at 12min might have been on to something, just saying...
OffaStep: Rentboy, potatobater :)
Raspel31: Being English I simply don;tunderstand why the Crows players are giving the ball to Richmond- new rules?
Noxious: Discount John Noble screwed that up big time
clay007: What is nato on about?
natomate: Dont think you predicted something special Trog, they were up by 2 goals and $2.50
wadaramus: I might just ditch my season ticket at the Crows and go back to the SANFL, support Glenelg.
OffaStep: Either he was saying he's living rentfree in my head or he was inviting me to move in... Not sure, Clay.
Number 8: If the Tiges keep their heads, they'll run away with this
Troglodyte: relax champ, all fun and games here
Raspel31: Have we all traded Harvey Reid- I;m holding off trading this week?
clay007: Wada...only one team wins the gf each year. Look for the positives. Michallaney a future star. Love your team man, good
Number 8: Hang tough, wada. Crows don't quite have the cattle right now
CamT: I've traded Reid.
LionBoy: Big if 8. Still not wiping crows in this.
clay007: I will hang on to reid and Darcy during bye rounds. Hold ya trades
Number 8: Me neither LB. Still reckon it's 50-50. Tigers have too many hotheads
wadaramus: We've been rebuilding since 2018! We should have a competitive squad by now :)
frenzy: yep for Harley Thomas rasp
Raspel31: My point Clay- as will I.
OffaStep: Chaos is a ladder, Rasp. Reid gone for me.
LionBoy: Nanks on top for both teams.
wadaramus: We've got injuries, everyone does.
Vultures: Crow comeback.. Win !!
wadaramus: But our game style stinks like a fart.
clay007: How many trades do you guys still have? I have 19
LionBoy: Crows by 3 goals. Dawson 130
Hepatitis: Must be a long way off it clay
clay007: Interesting Lionboy, good player for both teams
wadaramus: 14 with one to spend this week clay, two upgrades this week.
Ash777: 20 trades left here
wadaramus: Ranked 2700, going hard for the overall.
frenzy: Strachan subbed out Lol
jezzas-cow: lol ranked 27,000 going for mates league, 3/18 btw
Ash777: strachan subbed with awareness I think
wadaramus: How many traded Strachan in this week!
Raspel31: 40 trades left- I've been conservative.
Roarix: Down to 11.. 2 fwd updrages left.. will have 7 left to play with for rest of year
Roarix: That's hoping Sexton can keep posting good scores while there are no fwds
Ash777: They were working heavily on his hammy in the 3rd
jezzas-cow: roarix, what does your def look like
Lodgy: Tiges have proved they can play well, now do they pull back and tank for the best pick?
Gotigres: I have 14 trades left after getting Ridley in
LionBoy: 44 trades left. Had some from last year left over.
clay007: Actually top 3% , nice judgement hepa, keen to know where you at.
Roarix: Naicos, Dale, Ridley, NWM, Yeo and Stewart.. not great
Troglodyte: I get two trades a week, should be enough...
clay007: lol lionboy
Roarix: Starting Stewart over Ryan and taking NWM early hurts.. but its strong if they all do what they should every week
Kidult: Anyone copying abs
Raspel31: Brilliant work LionBoy!
wadaramus: Ahhh, McSpudry, so glad we used such a high draft pick on you.
OffaStep: Be wary they don't spoil, LionBoy. They'll turn premos into spuds.
clay007: I'm leading my private league in pints scored, yet sit in 5th place on W-L. Go figure!
2Ph0nes: surely Ryan will get subbed out soon..
Noxious: Same clay in my cash league I'm second most points score but 11th/12 haha
wadaramus: Every return from a point is the same.
Gotigres: Had a few then clay?
LionBoy: Ahh that explains my potato team Offa
wadaramus: Kick it to a boundary contest.
OffaStep: I really hope you meant "pints", Clay.
Hazza09: Clay im 1st in overall points but 11th on the ladder lol
wadaramus: You are a one trick pony NIcks.
soup: Please ooze keep McAuliffe off
clay007: I just saw that offa, oops. I do like a pint or too
Noxious: Yeah I couldn't imagine having a bad coach for an extended period of time
clay007: lol gotigres
wadaramus: Bahahaha, you're funny Noxious!
BigChief: Time to lift Dawson. Your team needs you.
Ninty: Why would you sub off your ruckman in favour of a 22nd rate ruck
wadaramus: Hip flexor Ninty.
Raspel31: The Crows are my 7th favourite team so importtant to me- carn lads.
Noxious: I think he may be injured Ninty
FoopyTime: injured
clay007: Settle bigchief, he is playing with only 9 toes
wadaramus: What a flowering snoozefest.
Ninty: Oh. Whereís the injury icon?
clay007: Pies your 2nd favourite rasp?
McSquire: Did a groin Ninty
BigChief: 9 good toes clay :)
DukeNewc: At least a 50 Bowling...
McSquire: Well describing it on tv as upper leg injury
Ash777: McAuliffe subbed on
clay007: lol bigchief
OffaStep: Oh oh, Soup.
Raspel31: Lol- without a doubt clay.
LionBoy: You called it Soup
soup: Omg flower you ooze you squid
clay007: Will dowling get a coupla games?
BigChief: Are you tissue shopping yet Trog?
clay007: Dowling got to 50 out of respect for The Duke
Troglodyte: The boss' EA put through an order last week I believe ;)
LionBoy: Dowling!!
Hepatitis: Pls never pick Samson Ryan ever again
Noxious: Go dowling you good thing
clay007: Dowling will get an extra week after that
Ninty: Game on
wadaramus: If they don't give Dowling a good run from here they are a joke.
LionBoy: Game on
BigChief: Dowling offers something. 100% he plays more.
Raspel31: May I politely say- go Crows!
Bulky: Dowling would have to be ahead of spuds like McHenry, Jones and Murphy.
Ash777: kind of hard with injuries hep
Troglodyte: His name is new-Crouch get it right
Roarix: I love having Nank in draft.. thank you king
shagga24: what was that kick?
Roarix: Hinge gets into the game.. Crows start doing better.. what a surprise
Ninty: Fog got the hungers
original: Laird and Brodie smith so weak/poor then
BigChief: Dowling less letter to type though Trog LOL
OffaStep: McAuliffe racking them with limited TOG.
Troglodyte: Games is too close, umps likely to make a last minute call against crom
Gotigres: Too little too late vc Dawson
Roarix: What pressure on the first gamer
Roarix: He rushed that.. why
Troglodyte: wft Dilly Bowling?
Raspel31: Was going to say Offa- 30 points after 8%
OffaStep: Could have scored 300...
soup: have a feeling they are gonna get crommed again
frenzy: some CD love for Billy would be nice
original: Draft opponent has nank. Best 9 score during byes. Ffs
bhg26: Cannot believe mcauliffe was sub over sonsie
soup: was easy to see bhg. still unfortunate
BigChief: Happy with Dawson's score.
missmagic: prestia injury blah blah,why dont thgey just get a permanent recording of that for each game he plays
TheLegend6: up the tigs!
Vultures: I blame wade
clay007: Thought Michalanney would ton up
LionBoy: Rubbish game but good win Tiges. Didnít pick that.
original: See ya Nicks. Hope you enjoyed your time in the league. Garbage. No ROB lol
FoopyTime: goodbye thursday night foopy you will be missed
wadaramus: For what Vultures?!
soup: 32 in 12% game time well done kane
Troglodyte: 5 day break, get's ya every time
wadaramus: I almost feel compelled to call 5AA to vent my spleen.
Vultures: The support or the lack there of
wadaramus: I've been supporting for most of my life mate!
exatekk: flower this shower. bring on the devils. im done
Ash777: Out Nicks in Burns
Manowar: Oh Rachele, you did it again!

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