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Longgo: how we feeling about this one?
slydon: honestly sh***ng myself
Longgo: same here slydon, happy nick bryans getting a chance
soup: graham full game you beauty
soup: also shattering news about mykelti. he was so fun to watch last night
FreeHughsy: had no bombers going into last round, now ive got merret and ridley
beerent11: Looking forward to this. Got 5 in it.
Longgo: Ridley absolute star
soup: got 5 as well and they're all in the same team haha
FreeHughsy: I love ridely
soup: rids one of my favourite players but too injury prone for me to pick unfortunately
FreeHughsy: ridley*
Gotigres: I've got 6 gc players including Moyle who I got in this week
frenzy: Riddler is cheapish
Wends: Afternoon all, hope your Butters' have been minimal and your Ryans max this weekend.
pcaman2003: Try getting the pill Rowell.
soup: wends unfortunately i am a dawson and stewart owner
beerent11: Martinís tank is approaching peak Gaff
beerent11: Game is a bit too open for Matt Rowell at the moment
pcaman2003: Arvo Wends. Brought Martin in this week.. Backline nearly complete.
Noxious: I've had an absolutely shocking round. Too many premos not playing and the ones that did weren't much better
Wends: nooo soup :( Hope capt not Dawson. I finally cut losses & ditched Disco 2 rds ago. And arvo pca... what a relief :)
soup: dont worry went with the crowd and VC'ed Daicos, missing six premos this week so had to play it safe
FreeHughsy: also really love nick bryan, shame we have too many rucks
Raspel31: At least you didn't cap Dawson soup.
beerent11: Backline and mids complete.(including clarry). Fwds a puzzle. Xerri at r2.
Wends: I did a rd 12 hail Mary & bought in Hind this wk. O no... Flanderserses
pcaman2003: beer. Forwards awkward this year. Waiting for DPP's after this round to go shopping.
BigChief: pcaman DPP was last week.
bhg26: DPPs were this round pcaman, only boak got forward dpp
EvilMonk: Sexy boy needs to bring me 100+ again. Come on sexy
pcaman2003: BC. Lol! I missed the boat for this week. Thought it was after 12. Cheers!
beerent11: Curnow after his bye, rankine when he comes back. Maybe Zorko if he drops a bit.
original: Is Flanders coming back?
Wends: Flanderses' coming back on... ankle strapped, fingers etc crossed
pcaman2003: bhg. Poo! Thought they'd offer a few others
Raspel31: Fingers crossed indeed Wends.
Wends: Agreed evil... surely it's sexy time
original: Thank you for doing the lords work Wends
naicosfan: big sexton!
frenzy: Bryan goes well
Wends: *Sorry original - guess he didn't make it back on
StuL: bugger off sexton
original: Wends you were really doing the devils work. Damn you
Wends: Multi tasking original :) it's not my strength
pcaman2003: Wends. Misinformation! You'd do well as Trump's campaign advisor :)
Wends: Lol pca... sent his team my CV for 2016... maybe this year? And there you go OG... back on!
naicosfan: ffs miller
Manowar: Moyle, chop chop
Wends: Lift Graham... at least make yr BE pls
StuL: come on graham. i.need you.
pcaman2003: Martin gone very quiet this qtr. Did I moz him?
Manowar: Rowell some idiot put the C on something
Wends: As the Ball Boys wld say pca... reverse moz moz moz
2Ph0nes: gutsy manowar, he's only made 1 ton in last 4 games
StuL: Go Chlohesy
Manowar: yeah, i thought Rowell could handle the peptide takers
FreeHughsy: tf bombers
Hepatitis: i own anderson, and he only plays well against shower clubs at heritage bank
StuL: come on graham. dont get dropped.
soup: graham the second quarters started mate
FreeHughsy: thats a lot comign from a richmond fan hepa
original: Sorry wends as pay back I would like graham to not make BE and get dropped
bhg26: Martin went home at qt
Wends: Abt to convene Graham support group sunday meeting StuL. BYO tim tams.
Legix: Martin what are you doing
Noxious: Contract year for stringer?
pcaman2003: Rowell going backwards the useless sod. Ordinary last week too.Sigh!
Legix: Yes it is Noxious
bhg26: Moyle do something, anything
beerent11: Hahaha moyle
pcaman2003: Did Martin crap his pants? He stinks something shocking.
Wends: Whoa, that's way harsh original!
Legix: Martin has lost the kickouts to Ridley it seems
beerent11: Yep legix. One more mouth to feed back there.
exatekk: i think that was on the cards Legix
beerent11: He was great in the first quarter donít forget. Just had a quiet 20 minutes. Not concerned.
soup: tuktuk clohesy moyle graham! do sometinK!
Ooost: Sexton :D
2Ph0nes: lol u dont have graham
naicosfan: ffs rowell miller and clohsey
FoopyTime: good martin is horrible with the kick ins
beerent11: Rowell is going ok
beerent11: You blokes expect 120 from every player every week.
FreeHughsy: bloody oath beer
Troglodyte: Evening lads - countdown to rage trades right?
naicosfan: rowell is an uber, i expect more from him
StuL: Go Graham.
Silz90: lets go rowell
SonOfAGun.: great kick!
Troglodyte: C'mon Nicky Martin - get back on the fireballs...
StuL: Martin has dropped off since i thought about getting him in but didnt.
Silz90: love the bloke bagging the umps on tv lol
naicosfan: umps so biased for dons
Troglodyte: oh and go GC
Wends: Woot, Graham alive! LIFT!!
navy_blues: essendon gone home
naicosfan: commentators*** not umps
soup: call me mental but i'd rather listen to kelli than dwayne
SonOfAGun.: 4.9 bwhahaha
beerent11: Nic Martin you star!
BigChief: Don't crow too early Son as it will come back to bite you in the ass.
Noxious: I'd rather listen to Kelli than Dwayne, JB and BT
Troglodyte: Clohesy rallying to avoid being traded next round - love to see it
SonOfAGun.: Hahahaha
navy_blues: omg martin
Silz90: Dwayne but kelli takes the cake
FoopyTime: flower you martin
Legix: Martin omg
soup: hahaha sucked in martin you crab
bhg26: You cannot be serious martin
Troglodyte: wtf Nicky Martin - olay olay olay
Silz90: thanks martin ofc my opp doesnt have you
shancrows: Traded Martin in this week lol
Noxious: Langford been real quiet
FreeHughsy: is sexton a keeper - lol
StuL: flower off sexton.
GinniFan: Sexton gonna kill me in my game
SonOfAGun.: Here come the bombers
Silz90: sexton d7/f7 i wish i kept him
FreeHughsy: 0.3 merret killing me
soup: flower sake dons stop giving sexton cheapies
NickyD: Trading Miller's ass. He's not a premo.
Noxious: Not far off doing the same Nicky. But got a few other issues first
FreeHughsy: hind for brownlow?
Troglodyte: Lift GC... and Clohesy
StuL: ffs sexton is killing me.
naicosfan: thats touched
SonOfAGun.: flower u ump
soup: up the coasters
StuL: come on graham
Wends: Yasss Hind* (just fake news that it was touched lol)
SonOfAGun.: Why didnít he have a shot?
bhg26: Because being 35m out on a slight angle is a really tough shot sonofagun
soup: you might be right nickyd, has only gone large against the shower teams and has a tough run home
SonOfAGun.: fair enough lol
naicosfan: my plan is now sidewaysing miller to bont next week
FreeHughsy: frustraiting watch
naicosfan: good qtr rowell flanders sexy man, stuff u miller
Birdman18: Kicked ourselves out of it
beerent11: Magic number Martin
slydon: f scoring at this point i need a win here for my own ego. come on bombers get up
Wends: Hmm original it seems my reverse moz overcame yr Graham moz after all ;)
Raspel31: I once owned Langford- sharing secrets.
soup: im gonna need 20 trades for next week
beerent11: Everyone doing ok. Happy.
SonOfAGun.: Very happy
beerent11: Had to be htb
naicosfan: had to be htb against langers
SonOfAGun.: Holding the ball ump
FreeHughsy: langers?
SonOfAGun.: smh
Noxious: surely htb
Cam123: Miller has to go, he's costing me big time
PowerBug: he kicked the ball
Wends: Good call w thw Flanders heart m0nty
naicosfan: went for the fend, barely hit the kick, saw similar thur and fri night, called ball.
FreeHughsy: ok... but he got a kick away, so not htb naicos?
LionBoy: Rubbish call
PowerBug: "barely hit the kick" = he kicked it
Migz: wow, thats tough, i thought htb
naicosfan: as i said, he got a kick away, yet been called htb, the rule is inconsistent, not sure why they changed it
PowerBug: Now that one... that was htb after he played on
FreeHughsy: thats one thing i dotn understand about footy, the mark, so many thing you can and cant do and always circumstantial
Silz90: umps stop ruining the game
Silz90: long is under rated in that fwd line, he played well against the blues
Hadouken: Cam123 me also mate, touk to gulden this week, or rnd 14 im stuffed !
naicosfan: touk clangering it up
soup: flowering hell touk there goes my matchup
SonOfAGun.: goal for goal
McSquire: Miller rarely in the centre bounces today
StuL: Sexton go away.
Wends: Hind leg it
poolboybob: Sexton has been a great sleeper cash cow
Cam123: Touk to Gulden sounds like a plan. Also cooked re Darcy, Reid, etc etc, need about 21 trades this week
clay007: The clock stuck on 11:55
Silz90: anyone bringing in ridley next week
Migz: i made a crazy call and brought him in this week breaking my 2 game rule silz
Birdman18: Can't really bring in a player for 1 game before their bye Silz
BigChief: I have enough on the rd 14 bye already Silz, so nope.
Silz90: great decision migz
StuL: Go Flanders
lana2146: Yea Ridley looks good
huffpuffly: keep going flanders
SonOfAGun.: yesss
Silz90: i agree bird but im stuffed for rd 14 so its a no for me
slydon: already have him silz, hes a jet. top 3 defender
Stu7: Essendons shower kicking will cost them this game
Hadouken: im going reid to 200k,boak and miller to gulden dunkley. done
Birdman18: Same Silz. I'm going Kerch and Neale in this week off their byes. If Kerch is back in
lana2146: Hind looks so good wish I got him at 290k
SonOfAGun.: get off the ground stringer
TheFilth: R14 bye is the problem 4 Ridley Silz90 - already have Zee & Martin
Manowar: Rowell, flower c'mon
SonOfAGun.: great team play stringer
lana2146: Yuck stringer
ausgooner: No bombers in my team so I got Ridley as soon as SC opened last sunday
Silz90: are you keeping kirch if you bring him in? hopefully he doesnt impact fisher too much :(
Noxious: Don't even complain about Rowell when Miller exists
LionBoy: To true Sonof
Manowar: we are so proud of you
hexada: what the hell is touk and clohsey doing
Noxious: what is this umpiring
Silz90: miller finishing strong
FreeHughsy: it was a throw before yous complain
soup: well done touk please big plays
LionBoy: 11 pts. Worried. Cmon suns.
original: That htb was ridiculous
lana2146: Great goal young lad
Silz90: get a touch martin you crab
lana2146: Come on bombers
Legix: Good work Rowell
GinniFan: flower off sexton
LionBoy: Not a great weekend for umpiring
SonOfAGun.: come on ump smh
naicosfan: haha onya touk
FreeHughsy: bs
original: Touk great last qtr
Noxious: If suns win then Dee's go from 4th to 10th in one round
Legix: What a horrendous 50 metre penalty
SonOfAGun.: great game flowered up again
navy_blues: wd coasters
soup: omg touk!
Claudius: Touk with the comeback!
amigaman: Nice win AFL and umpires
LionBoy: Not a great weekend for umpiring.
JohnHoward: so whos trading miller out again?
Birdman18: These umps. They've inserted themselves again
FreeHughsy: did touk just get 30 points for that lmao
LionBoy: Touky!!!
FoopyTime: thats so flowering dumb umps
Hepatitis: brilliant. power off dons flogs
BigChief: 100% it's a 50. Laverde gave it to wrong player.
TheFilth: Geeez Touk the seagull...
Noxious: Been crap calls both ways, essendon have had plenty
dibba23: the "but its technically correct" brigade will be full force after this
original: What was touk at 3qt
EvilMonk: @Birdman I feel for you dude, it's just so frustrating each week, not just our games but all games I watch I reckon.
hexada: touk ledge
LionBoy: Yep. They had to get one right BC
NickyD: WTF Touk saved his ass
Manowar: suck it Essendon!
Dondeal: Only in the AFL do the governing body make total rule changes mid game and cause chaos
bhg26: Geez howís the torp
slydon: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
FreeHughsy: bombers are protected by the umps but gold coast are even more protected.
slydon: umps ruin it again
Gelly: cop that essendon
BigChief: Suns in the 8 now.
pcaman2003: Sorry people. I broke Martin for you this week.
FreeHughsy: gelly, no need
EvilMonk: I don't think anyone is particularly protected, as much as the pure incompetence.
suns4ever: Shouldn't have been caught holding the ball lol
LionBoy: Great stuff Suns
soup: back to reality dons
FoopyTime: umps ruined a great game
FoopyTime: no one comes to watch the umps bro stay the flower out of it
Manowar: welcome to loserville Essendon..
original: Poor umpiring both ways. Htb on suns in their fwd line worse than the bombers one late
Claudius: Clohesy, Darcy, Wilson, Reid chopping block
FreeHughsy: suns, you won because we didn't kick straight
original: Touk was about 50 at 3QT no?
BigChief: Carl beat Suns, Suns beat Ess, Ess beat Carl next week?
Pavs: 44 I think original
Manowar: umpiring was excellent today
DaMeatloaf: Stupid sexy has done it again
soup: original he was on 57 when he ran on the field with 6:30 left. unreal
jlitza: the salt is palpable
Claudius: 10 diposals 4 contested free kick x 2 and goal in the last Q
soup: would have been happy with an 80 haha
LionBoy: Hughsy thatís a disgrace
Gelly: what a great game
FreeHughsy: was talking to suns4ever, not the suns as a team Lionboy

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