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J.Worrall: Let's go, Young & Jacksons.
Noxious: Took Daicos' VC score, I hope Ryan, Serong or Gawn don't make me regret that
bhg26: Fyfes last chance after 800 last chances
navy_blues: lets see if this good round keeps going today
Fordy13: afternoon gents!
frenzy: never had a good round
naicosfan: how is that not 50 against pickett for running at jackson when the umps said stand?
Fordy13: my premos have been going nuts but I also traded in Jordan Dawson so I'm feeling a bit so so atm this week.
Fordy13: this game will give me a better picture on how my round is going to finish up
Noxious: How did Treacy get left alone there
Noxious: Dees started strong, not sure what they're doing now
frenzy: stay right there tracca, nice
soup: Stay low shlong
mags: Getting excited, soup?
naicosfan: i hate owning luke jackson rn
Noxious: sam naicos
Noxious: same
FreeHughsy: im afraid to trade jackson out, darcy will get injured the next week
banners87: That free on the siren was for Fyfe, not against him, wasn't it?
Pavs: Against Fyfe to Viney banners
DiggaDogga: It's one quarter boys. Jackson will be OK. Across rest of yr will ave top 8 FWD when gets ruck chances.
banners87: Ahh ok. Cheers Pavs
bhg26: Ryan plays such good footy, teammate takes a mark and he runs behind the ball for an uncontested mark. Love owning him
Noxious: great mark but probably shouldn't have been paid haha
Noxious: yeah bhg I way overpaid for him but glad I've got him in
FreeHughsy: "its coming back... it got there" huddo was tempted
soup: The scenes
Noxious: Please dont remind me
pcaman2003: Keep it up Ryan. You have no oppo, so easy peasy.
FreeHughsy: yes clarry
Noxious: Thankyou clarry
bhg26: Yeah thats a muppet
IcedNippys: what did oliver do?
FreeHughsy: kick the bloody thing jackson
clay007: Kicked a goal iced
bhg26: Fyfe goes bang
Noxious: Kicked a goal nippys
bhg26: Apart from that goal clarry youve done sweet f all, get moving
bhg26: Aaand hes on the pine
IcedNippys: man kinda hope salem falls off, got trac and oliver makes me feel i got the wrong one
FreeHughsy: has underwood commentated a game yet?
2Ph0nes: oliver been ordinary all year, this is hardly a surprise. Just continuing his 2024 form
original: Boy Serong stinks since I got him in
bhg26: Hes been good the last 4 or 5 weeks 2ph0nes, not who he once was obviously but still has been playing well
Bulky: Melbourne boys need to get back on the nose candy.
jpso: oliver can be bye flip worst case
pcaman2003: original. Well, at least we know where to point the finger now.
navy_blues: think dees are wearing lead boots
naicosfan: can serong jackson and gawn do something
StuL: Come on Oliver. worst pick ever
clay007: They probably could naicos and they probably should.
soup: But but but 2phones he scored 140 against geelong that means the clarry of old is back right?
naicosfan: CD not very generous in this game, if serong was bont he'd be on 70
naicosfan: anyone who bought in salem would be happy
Noxious: Was thinking that Naicos. Decided against him, but those who did would be loving it
original: So glad I traded Young out after 2 weeks
bhg26: Me too original, has worked out so well
Fordy13: haha I'm in the same boat original, it let me bring in Ryan + Serong though.
naicosfan: gawn you are now the spud of the game, serong and jackson got moving
Noxious: what's the icon next to dee's players? Or is it broken
naicosfan: pretty sure its the fuel icon, meaning they got nothing in the tank noxious
DiggaDogga: Jackson now on more than Gawn at HT. Stick with him.
slydon: it indicated "running on empty"
Noxious: ah yep makes sense, could've just scrolled down I realised haha. At least Woewodin is okay lol
slydon: another failed C pick for me fml
slydon: clarry could wake up as well come on
Cam123: Petracca killing me
2Ph0nes: doubtful, his second halves are a lot worse overall
m0nty: Woewoedin subsubbedin
Noxious: love it m0nty
Manowar: Gawn in Donkey mode today!
Manowar: because he is Woewoeful
Cam123: Turner having a blinder
Noxious: Pretty poor effort from Tomlinson there
IcedNippys: DAMN looks like melbourne chose not to show up today
Manowar: snow season started a week early this year?
slydon: throw the empty feult tank symbol up on the again at this point
beerent11: Righto lads. Whatís ocurriní?
Manowar: C on Merrett or Rowell?
Cam123: Bombers, Port, Cats 2nd, 3rd, 4th on ladder and can't see any of them challenging tbo.
cmperrfect: Max is spent. Not liking the heat the big fella.
eaglesrick: why are 3 of my 4 players on the effin bench !!!
Noxious: Yeah the way we've been playing I'm not looking forward to playing against Sydney when we do
Noxious: They seem to be the only genuine contender atm
Noxious: Heat? It's only 18 degrees in Alice lol
naicosfan: hell yeah the purple superman
thommoae: It's a Freoverrun! Making the Dees look second rate.
Noxious: And lower humidity than Melbourne atm
original: Ryan do NOT stop
Calamitous: stay down gawnography
Noxious: Clarry went to the Todd Tavern at half time and forgot to come back
navy_blues: melb are deeflated deemoralised and deefeated
bhg26: Cant believe i captained disco dan turner, cant get any captains right this year
naicosfan: serong!
cmperrfect: The purple heat. Not the weather.
Legix: What a goal
Noxious: Makes sense
StuL: Do something Oliver
TheLegend6: Get Darcy off and let Jacko feast please
Pavs: Raspel hacked your account bhg?
thommoae: Turner in defence but looking rather lost. Backman Turner (not) Overdrive?
Noxious: Clarrys cooked
navy_blues: lol pavs
Manowar: its not all bad Melbourne, you have an easy match next week
bhg26: Potentially pavs
PAFC4eva: do you know how long witts out thommoae
Manowar: best to ask his doctor
StuL: go jackson.
naicosfan: blue moon switkowski?
Cam123: Petty in the votes as well - is he even playing
slydon: this loss will really hurt dees late season %
Raspel31: Demons got this.
StuL: Come on Oliver Trac Gawn.
Cam123: Turner 3 votes
The Ogre: C'mon fellas lets get that season high margin off the Tigers
bhg26: Melbourne dedicating this 81 point margin to the late kobe bryant
frenzy: tsatas and swallow subs
thommoae: Hammy PAFC - that's all GC is saying at present.
PAFC4eva: Cheers thommoae a loss it is save trades
Migz: i have to apologise to everybody, i brought gawn in
Noxious: Zach Reid did his shoulder in the VFL
naicosfan: bruh zac reid been very unlucky for all our teams
LachieMcL: ffs gawn
original: Noxious please tell me youíre kidding
pcaman2003: Ryan gathering plenty of chips. Good boy!
bhg26: Goldy a late out, its Ned Moyle time
Noxious: Not kidding sorry Original, I'm lucky I never took him from the start. Unlucky
Raspel31: Draper has now officially outscored Dawson- strange week.
Sn0w0: just started watching, someone summarize the game please
thommoae: No Billings, no Melbourne?
Manowar: 2 Reids out in the same round, that must be a first!
Longgo: Lads
Longgo: when
naicosfan: nice jackson
DiggaDogga: Snowo - Freo unbelievable, Dees absolutely shizen.
Longgo: when did that happen
pcaman2003: My oppo having a mare. Didn't take Bont VC and left C on Gawn. Lo!
Longgo: Lift trac
naicosfan: pca is your oppo a real player? Lol
FreeHughsy: jackson 2 kicks, goal and hitout for 10?
Raspel31: That is rather what you call a grave error pcaman.
Noxious: Pies are 9th now but if Dee's lose any more percentage they'll swap spots
Manowar: until next Monday
BigChief: Nox Dees already behind Pies
Longgo: any updates on the harley reid sitution?
slydon: i did something like that to pcaman
bhg26: Nat Fyfe you beauty!
Noxious: There you go. They were on 104.9 when I sent that
cmperrfect: Time for the witches hats m0nty
pcaman2003: naicosfan Makes me wonder. He's 4th in our league. Or at least was until now.
naicosfan: bruh jacksons points mean nothing because of the margain
beerent11: Lovely work nat
naicosfan: Lol pca
slydon: @long unanimous decsion seems to be 1-2 weeks plus a rest from simmo plus a bye round
TheLegend6: Fyfe got 13 points for a goal and Jackson got 5
EvilMonk: hmm picked Melbourne today. I have no idea about footy anymore.
Longgo: cheers slydon sounds interesting
LachieMcL: melbourne are a pack of pussies
EvilMonk: I don't usually complain about points, but 7 kicks 6 marks, 85%, 1 Clanger. How is he 16 points?
JaiDay12: Monk i think everyone tipped Melbourne you're not alone
pcaman2003: Evil. I'm sure you're not alone. Footy is a strange beast .
Manowar: I'm sad for the Dees today
slydon: i have him, im selling him this week, he dug his own grave for my selections next week
naicosfan: lefau ruptured acl
slydon: might bring him back after bye but harleys made some nice cash
JaiDay12: Monk Wagner hasn't had a single contested possie which won't count for much
Longgo: touch the pill trac u lazy bastard
EvilMonk: so sad @naicosfan, I'm a big Lefau fan
Raspel31: Only 15 goals to go- go Demons!
Birdman18: This is what happens when poor clubs sell home games
DiggaDogga: Monk it is because the game was so over when he came on. His possies haven't influenced the result.
pcaman2003: There's still hope Raspel. No hope!
Longgo: jordan clarks having a good run of form
EvilMonk: @Digga yeah maybe? Seems a little low though for mine.
slydon: wowee dees, embarrassing
bhg26: Did not expect a nat fyfe 105
pcaman2003: Lonngo. He did until he just limped off then Hopefully he's okay.
beerent11: Nearly 100 points birdman. Itís not the venue.
VonHotzen: Not watching, did the Clark ankle injury look bad?
beerent11: Nice price restter bhg
bhg26: Exactly beer, and now should be confident to hold through byes at least
slydon: tough flight home for the dees, gawn probably switched on coz hiz buis class seat was at stake.
banners87: I don't think so VonHotzen. Limped off but will just be a bit sore I think
The Ogre: U could understand 30+ goal margins back in the day. But this when Ur 4th?

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