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TimT14: Let's go Tigers! Stay competitive and put in effort
slydon: i have no dog in this fight at all so good luck to all
soup: Very bad feeling about this one.
Vultures: Geelong comfortably..
frenzy: traded T Brown so.....
Legix: Step out of the square next time Stewart
LionBoy: Want Stewart to have one more quiet game.
pluggerpig: how many times has Lefau had the first goal this season?
Ninty: Hawk is back! Have a bad feeling with Brown having Cats, Holmes and Stengle in the same game mouldy.
StuL: If we cant beat Richmond...
Ash777: Dusty is back
OffaStep: Playing Sullivan over McAuliffe. Watch him crack his maiden ton.
Ninty: 3rd time plugger
Noxious: Opted not to panic trade Mcauliffe in this round, he's going to make me regret it
Vultures: Holmes hasn't got a heart
Ninty: Dusty was back last week. But always never left playing Cats
Ninty: How are there still 6-6-6 warnings, just pay the fee against us
Ninty: free*
Ash777: hopefully the 6-6-6 warning is gone next season
bhg26: Holy flowering shower mcauliffe
TorturedSC: that's a great cross from Graham
DaMeatloaf: Here at alphabet stadium wishing I wasnít so far!
Ash777: How shower are cats looking atm. poor kicking and fumlbes a plenty.
pluggerpig: Tiges were paying $10
naicosfan: lol stewart
Ash777: Also tigers winning the free kick count
naicosfan: cats NEED jhye clark
Vultures: Cats need Blicavs
Roarix: Scott making his team tank so he can get the chop and come to Lions... I mean a man can dream right?
StuL: How did we win 7-0? Cant beat an egg atm
Ninty: Cats need Danger
soup: So happy I picked McAuliffe over sulli and Harrison. Also do something geelong you muppets
BigChief: Look at the soft draw Geel had StuL.
original: Remember when Jez Cameron was good? My draft team does..
original: Said all year Geelong werenít much chop. Beating Carlton an anomaly thru incredible accuracy
Vultures: yeah, Danger would be handy
Ash777: lol what a goal
Noxious: What a bounce
naicosfan: lets see if tigs can keep this up for 4 qtrs
EvilMonk: What's going on in this game lol? Richmond, is that really you?
Ninty: Lost 3 close games that could have gone either way. This is pretty useless so far tonight but credit to Tigers pressure.
Ninty: Tigers were not bad last week, so Iím not even surprised so far
Roarix: Vlastuin killing my draft team... lift please
Ash777: McAuliffe new rising star
navy_blues: go tigers!!
Ninty: This is not good, thank god for the missed goals
Ninty: Shouldíve played Hardie, 36 disposals and a goal still couldnít get him a game
TimT14: Our kids are applying pressure
navy_blues: this is all your fault Ninty bragged how geelong on top and unbeaten then 4 losses in a row lmao
beerent11: Patrick Dangerfield. Coach or commentator post footy?
pcaman2003: beer. He'll be too busy fishing.
Vultures: get O Henry off
EvilMonk: Not surprised how it's going? I most definitely am
Ninty: Yeah totally lol :rollers:
Kidult: Fisherman/outdoor tv show probably
DaMeatloaf: Thank god Holmes recommitted
Ninty: Henry subbed lol
FreeHughsy: i would love to go fishing with paddy
beerent11: Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again. Too many headbands in the Geelong backline.
Ninty: Heíd love to be fishing right now
EvilMonk: Yeah spot on @beerent the headband ratio is pretty high back there.
Kidult: two other headbands suspended this week
Roarix: flower stewart.. are you for real?
BigChief: Can the real Geel please stand up, oh wait this is the real Geel.
Roarix: Pickett continues to be one of the worst players playing this game.. what a spud
pcaman2003: They're just emulating Bruce Doull, that's all :)
Roarix: Stewart went up for a kick out on the full.. lol well done lad
TorturedSC: Marlion needs some grippo
navy_blues: stengle academy award
pcaman2003: My oppo has Miers and Brown. My weekend is looking rather good.
Catatafish: Cheers Brown, should have copped a doughnut trading in Dawson instead
bhg26: This is so good McAuliffe
Ninty: We need more headbands up forward
EvilMonk: Lefau competing really well. Love that bloke
OffaStep: Should have bloody played McAuliffe over Sullivan but who knew he'd get 80%+ TOG or that the Tiges would be competitive?
MontyJnr: Stewartís score is a joke - 12 kicks and 4 intercept marks for a 54 seriously?
EvilMonk: I did the exact same
runners47: Also happy with MAuliffe - best pickup so far this round
gazza39: Dempsey rewarding my faith in him
soup: Well done McAuliffe, outscoring my Dawson at half time
naicosfan: how are people complaining about stewarts scoring lol, he isnt matt crouch
J_Herer: Lets get Kaleb Smith on for a run so we can see how he goes please
EvilMonk: Excellent by baker there
EvilMonk: Dangerous tackle is a joke there. Under the new interpretation he should've blown the whistle quicker.
Manowar: Hicksville is going to lose it tonight!
JaiDay12: Owning Holmes is an absolute treat
Ninty: Ump very slow with the whistle on the Rohan tackle caused the dump again
Ninty: ZUTH! told you to get around the headbands
original: Lol broad looking for high
EvilMonk: Oh well, it was fun while it lasted lol
Troglodyte: Who or what is a zuth?
Ladbrokes_: Thought about Holmes but Swans, Blues, Dons next 3 was a worry
2Ph0nes: its alright buddy, you won one flag. thats better than nothing :)
beerent11: Disco has got his groove back.
Troglodyte: and who is Disco?
Ninty: Headband FC!
Ninty: Disco Stu? (Stewart?)
Ninty: Zuth = Zach Guthrie, would have thought it was obvious when he goaled
Troglodyte: oh right, I get the reference - guess I'm not that old then
DaMeatloaf: Yikes Stewy pick up the pill ffs
Troglodyte: Sorry Ninty just came back to the game... busy with the missus
Hepatitis: I laugh in disbelief every time ryan marks the ball
BigChief: Ninty just making things up I see. Zuth? yeah right.
Ninty: How? Every Geelong supporter I know calls him Zuth. Itís not Guth because thatís his brother.
Ninty: I donít have any idea about Disco, though.
TimT14: How do you pronounce Zuth?
OffaStep: Flower off Brown. You were just above Broad before.
BigChief: Simpsons referencefor disco.
OffaStep: Disco Stu doesn't advertise!
Troglodyte: Did they consider Zuthrie by any chance? same as the Naicos? consistency is keays...
Ninty: Yeah? But who is called Disco?
Vultures: Michael Roach
Ninty: Zuth / Zuthrie is same same
Troglodyte: no bite on the keays pun? *sigh
clay007: I love the new htb rule
Ninty: I didnít even realise, lol sorry
EvilMonk: @Trog I appreciated it lol
bhg26: McAuliffe on track for a Harley Reid second half
OffaStep: Sorry, Trog. I was Mulin over a reply but came up Short.
bhg26: Ive become numb to your puns trog
DiggaDogga: Just checked in - what happened to Stewart this Q??
gazza39: Wow great chat...
clay007: Digga, had a bad case of athletes foot. They applied cream, should be good now. lol
bhg26: Nevermind mcauliffe great tackle on the bench
Troglodyte: lol some of you pies supporters aren't too bad... when you're not starting fights with everyone
Ninty: Cats havenít won a game since I got married, thatís the real curse to be broken :mad:
bhg26: I think you know what needs to be done ninty
OffaStep: Lol
Ninty: Lol thatís advantage but the other week when we goaled.. flower off
EvilMonk: Good call imo I'm sick of teams getting two chances there. They take advantage and it comes back if they miss
Ninty: Yeah I do agree evil. Just the consistency evil.
Hepatitis: Cats always get. A good run then sook
EvilMonk: Nothing is ever umpired consistently in this game. Inconsistencies is the only constant
gazza39: McAuliffe could be injured, hopefully not
gazza39: Back on finally...
Pevo: There should be two chances otherwise the infringement is not penalised.
Ninty: True, theyíre only human (and not full time)
FreeHughsy: thats poetic Monk
EvilMonk: My pet hate is the 50m penalty atm. Sometimes they can stand sometimes outside 5m.
EvilMonk: Sometimes players at yelled at to stand, other times instant 50m.
EvilMonk: Most inconsistent rule ever implemented and enforced
Vultures: Cats comfortably
EvilMonk: Haha Richo
Gotigres: Stewart underperforming again.
JaiDay12: Gotrigres your team's losing by 17 after being 30 up, worry about that ya nuffy
original: stewart has been on 70 for about 20 mins ffs
Vultures: Duncan rarely fails
J_Herer: nice Dempsey!!!
Ninty: Pickett needs the police badge back just for being a flog
Ninty: Thatís because Richmond have had a I50 in that time original
sheezel420: considered holmes this week, he looks great once again
Gotigres: We were always going to lose JaiDay
naicosfan: consider everyone against the tiges, they dont know how to play with the footy
Ninty: Same game mouldy is on
2Ph0nes: this win confirms cats pure garbage.
mattmac24: Traded out both Bowes and Dempsey this round... Sad
Noxious: Ouch
Troglodyte: walk it off LeChook
naicosfan: far out shannon neale is an ugly fella
J_Herer: Tigers 5-10 year rebuild underway
Ninty: I traded out Moore (Haw) and Bont. Can only see them going down from here so not mad
Silz90: stewart to ton up like last week? disappointing tom
Vultures: Harley Reid misses the rising star award because of a coincidental tackle..
TimT14: Holmes get most touches please
OffaStep: Looks like a cartoon caricature of himself.
gazza39: Ouch Matt!!
OffaStep: Neale, that is.
Silz90: Why would you trade bont? who did you bring in ninty
Vultures: traded out Bont?? lmao
Troglodyte: Tigers will come good with few players back from injury, this scoreline is hardly a blowout Herer
clay007: Wasn't a coincidence vultures, maybe incidental
DANGERous: mcauliffe went home?
Manowar: Stewrat ya Donkey..eeewww eeewww
naicosfan: gotta be satire from the guy who said that
gazza39: Was hoping of course, but did not see this Dempsey, saved my weekend
J_Herer: hahah Trog, Tigers are rubbish, wooden spoon?
Stu7: That would be right traded Dempsey out and he does this you spud
Vultures: Clay.. there's no malice involved just part of the game..
Troglodyte: You are forgetting Norf Herer
gazza39: He's been a hard hold Stu7
Gotigres: Did I hear that right? A Richmond listed player playing for Old Ivanhoe?
Silz90: Cat B rookie
Troglodyte: besides they have crom next week, easy win there
circle52: Got to be a blue moon for Bowes
Stu7: Cheers gazza39
TorturedSC: Some of the experienced players for Richmond have let them down in the 2nd half
original: stewart ya stink
sheezel420: the old gulls cant seagull as well
Vultures: 5 goals is comfortable
soup: How's Pickett gonna run from the cops now?
Troglodyte: Night people. Let's do this again some time...
EvilMonk: Richmond knew the mission. To finish on a noice score.
EvilMonk: Tom Hawkins class act, blokes grown on me over the years.
Rilian: 51pts 1st half for McAuliffe and 5pts in the second..

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