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soup: steele and wilson please make up for dawson
J_Herer: Lets go Saints!!!
Troglodyte: As one of the few non-Poms on here - go Wex Coast.
soup: go west coke
Noxious: I have no one in this game, I'm just bored at work with nothing to do. Go wet toast
soup: on the tools on a saturday? thats tough
ElstyBoy: Paddy Wow ton - take it to the bank
navy_blues: kelly and waterman out advantage saints now
Noxious: FIFO, power station operator on a minesite and everything is running smoothly, so footy in the office it is
lana2146: Marshall to go hugeeeee
soup: well I tipped saints so going by this week, weagles should take it
BigChief: Lets go Romar, Wilson and Steele.
lana2146: No Waterman saints win
Noxious: Is this Yeo's first game bacl?
Troglodyte: the mascot going rogue is a bad omen though...
soup: played last week also nox, bit rusty as you would expect
Noxious: Ah there you go, I didn't watch much footy last week
piesfan420: need wilson for around 75, that would be good
Cam123: this could be a shocker of a game
BigChief: Cmon Steele get involved ffs.
Noxious: This is an absolute snooze fest already
pcaman2003: Only have Wilson as POD here,so go young fella.
Cam123: Saints will win kicking 60
frenzy: cold steele
Troglodyte: Steele playing that decoy mid role again...
piesfan420: same here pcaman
Raspel31: Perhapds the pivotal game of the season Boxiious- amaxing stuff.
MercAm: Whats up with steele?
navy_blues: reid should be pinned htb a lot more now with supposed rule change
StuL: Come on WM
pcaman2003: piesfan. Hoping he goes big today.
Birdman18: Steele's the first to go once my team is usefully upgraded. So shower to watch
FreeHughsy: glanced at the scores and thought it must be only 5 mins in... ross lyon
J_Herer: windy day freehughsy
Cam123: It's a clear 4-4-2 set up
StuL: Stay down Steele
DiggaDogga: They give Steele 6 pts just for turning up?
naicosfan: steele sinclair and gov screwing my week up, not having bont is enough
Ash777: steele hasn't had his stats addded lol
Noxious: Yeah I cant even find what the 6 is for haha
frenzy: won the coin toss
StuL: Come on Reid.
Noxious: Huge there from Reid and Yeo
soup: steele you are a fraud
Birdman18: He's such a useless captain. Team has been terrible and has a touchless 1st quarter
FoopyTime: im blaming ross the boss before im throwing steele under the bus
DiggaDogga: There's just no fun at the Saints, you can see it. Everything is hard work.
FoopyTime: all ross teams are horrible to watch
Ash777: Pretty sure steele had a kick from a free but it didn't get registered by cd
soup: donut icon for my premo mid. sums up my season
2Ph0nes: reid 2 effective handballs for 31 points, makes sense
pluggerpig: spectacular handballs tho
StuL: Good start. Oppo has Steele
Ash777: Also they miss Jack williams mark?
bhg26: I heard the AFL is thinking of handing Darcy the sentence of having to watch St Kilda play football
bhg26: Wouldnít wish that upon my worst enemy
Kidult: Steele on fire
2Ph0nes: steele must have got a spray
J_Herer: Saints tanking?
Ash777: Wouldn't put it pass Ross to tank considering he wants a new list
StuL: Go Reid. nice
soup: sheed doing a job on steele?
Noxious: Sam Darcy 2 weeks for hit on Maynard
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Harley Reid, not for the first time today, ump unmoved.
obione05: Reid is CD's new Bont
Noxious: Harley Reid just as invisible as Daicos to the umps haha
bhg26: Reidís taking all of crouchís points
Kidult: Need Wilson's endurance to work in the back end of this quarter
Noxious: I swear Wilson was on nearly 30 before
soup: just hasnt had a look at it kid.
Kidult: Steele almost top of the Saints now
naicosfan: flower off reid, give crouch his points back
Legix: Steele huge qtr
soup: wilson crab icon?
naicosfan: huge qtrs so far for sinclair and steele
piesfan420: do something wilson fs
StuL: Come on WM. get moving. Steele has caught up
colin wood: Steeles score is a joke lol. If he wasnt a pop pick hed be lucky to be on 25
soup: yeah colin youve cracked the code, just say youre a non-owner and move on
J_Herer: Battle v Maric match up lol
sheezel420: lift mr wilson pls
colin wood: soup. its pretty clear mate.
naicosfan: i bet you own bont colin, dont complain
colin wood: what does bont have to do with it? lol
FreeHughsy: i have crouch and steele. it all evens out
Ash777: get going wilson
naicosfan: hes CD's fav child, his scoring is so much worse than steele currently.
StuL: Reid what a pig.
Silz90: wow glad i kept reid now
soup: dont complain about a particular player's scoring not making sense when your own players have the same treatment colin
colin wood: look at mcreery last night compare that to steeles now and have a lol
Ash777: Reid loves playing at Optus
slydon: god todays game are so shower
xodeus9: sorry marshall owners, took the VC off daicos and put it on him
2Ph0nes: wheres all the peanuts complaining about Steele now? lol
Noxious: Yes Colin the scoring can be inconsistent, this is my first year and even I've worked that out, move on
pcaman2003: Has anyone checked Wilson for a pulse? Score not moved 2nd qtr.
gazza39: Marshall just horrible lately
DiggaDogga: Col we've all been through this mate. It's aboutt where, when, score chains,etc, etc. Not just raw stats
Ash777: mcreery had the worst de efficiency in the game
colin wood: my own players? what are you on about soup?
naicosfan: looks fine to me colin, mcreery not helped by a 50m give away last night as well as 3 clangers
Silz90: steele 7 tackles 3 clearances 7 contested
sheezel420: good to see maric and williams putting in good performances
StuL: ill take 180 Reid. that will do
Ash777: give the cape to steele
Noxious: Awesome goal
J_Herer: Steele never in doubt!!
Ash777: ok nvm
FreeHughsy: anyone know why reid is on 89?
Pokerface: come on Marshall, what's going on
slydon: coz hes a freak hughsy
DiggaDogga: Hughsy don't start - get a room with Colin.
naicosfan: hes not matt crouch hughsy
Legix: Because he isnít human hughsy
Silz90: bont tax thats why hughsy
TheOnyas: Onya Reidy
colin wood: good boy harley
Pokerface: because he dominated he quarter?
sheezel420: steele has 3 effective disposals and people are defending his score lol
gazza39: Not fan off Reid, glad I have him, SC is all about contested possesion and clearance and he owns that stuff
colin wood: yeah because they all own him sheezal lol
Ash777: I wonder if turns out reid was a tube baby that had the best 10 players dna
Soups07: Because he had 17 disposals hugsey
Pokerface: 7 tackles is huge sheezel
2Ph0nes: clowns thinking possie sis the only stat in sc lmao
Ladbrokes_: Crouch should try moving the ball forward. 35 touches and still less metres gained than Reid
naicosfan: agreed 2phones
2Ph0nes: he's has 2 score involvements, intercept possie and 5 shepards
pluggerpig: is harley reid legit the strongest guy out there or is it technique? man handling everyone at his age
Pokerface: and im tipping you didnt see his smother because you were busy looking up how many possies he had>?
sheezel420: rowell had 15 tackles last week and didnt ton, they give out less for tackles than people think
pluggerpig: imagine when he gets old and has old man strength
Drizzledee: Marshall 5 ffa
Silz90: just backing up what someone mentioned earlier, reid average at optus before today is 103, and other grounds is 71
Drizzledee: Surely not I think a cpl weren't against him
Ooost: looks to be both pluggerpig
Pokerface: no you are right sheezel, it makes more sense that he didn't have a good quarter and its made up...
slydon: its scary plugger. teams will have to start double teaming him
Silz90: reid has another 6 games at home, I might use him as f7/m9
pluggerpig: strength and technique/timing combined i guess. would make a bloody good rugby player.
sheezel420: he defiintely had a great quarter but is outscoring yeo, who has been miles better than him
Silz90: my last message about reid but he had 13 disposals in the 2nd, 7 contested, 6 clearances, 5 inside 50 and 4 tackles
2Ph0nes: who cares
Drizzledee: Please have a 100 point half Marshall
Manowar: I don't
sheezel420: great input 2phones, insightful stuff
Drizzledee: I've got a feeling he will
Drizzledee: Anybody have Duggan ?
Ladbrokes_: Yeo has 60% efficiency to be fair
Ladbrokes_: Double Reid's numbers and tell me that's not a 160+. 34d 12t 600mg 18cp 16cl
sheezel420: i dont think anyones arguing reid's score, the lad has been elite
Manowar: Noooo, CD stole 8 points off H Reid, i'm very angry now!
colin wood: Ladbrokes no it wont be because they have to find pts for pop picks like Steele etc
pcaman2003: I hope Wilson shows up 2nd half. Had a good rest first half.
Ladbrokes_: Hey no complaints from me as a owner colin lol
LionBoy: Tossed up Marshall or Em
sheezel420: ok but seriously what the flower wilson
LionBoy: Tossed up Marshall or English and went English. Happy so far
slydon: marshall i want an 80n point half from you
piesfan420: cmon wilson do something this half
pcaman2003: piesfan. He's now the same score he was at 10 min mark first qtr.Ridiculous!
LionBoy: Nursing Yeo. 66% TOG. Hopefully increased this half but suspect not.
DANGERous: get a move on McLovin
DaMeatloaf: Wilsonnnnn!!!
StuL: why did Reid lose 10 points?
DiggaDogga: Seriously though, how good is Steele.
DiggaDogga: And yeesh - Wilson and Marshall
Birdman18: Saints just aren't using Wilson enough
DaMeatloaf: Iíd rather be marooned on an island than have to watch Lyonball every weekend
slydon: the governor having zero impact tonight. scared of the ball
Manowar: if you still have Wilson, maybe it's time to hit the delete button!
soup: Can we fast forward to Sunday so I can trade this spud out
piesfan420: wilson at least get to 50-60 u clown
pcaman2003: Fortunately only best 18 counts.
wadaramus: Good one Wilson.
StuL: Steele sod off
wadaramus: Come on NWM, lift!
LionBoy: Wish it was best 14 PCA
piesfan420: same lionboy
navy_blues: great start thurs and fri now back to reality lol
gazza39: Spud Lyon has NWM forward ffs
naicosfan: WA not been updated for the new htb rules?
pcaman2003: Things that grim Lionboy?
LionBoy: Ditto Navy
StuL: come on wm.
StuL: wm. has exploded
LionBoy: NWM awake
Noxious: NWM doing his best for west coast here when it comes to goalkicking
slydon: finally ross has moved NWM up the pitch
naicosfan: onya sinclair
slydon: surprised its taken 12 rounds for it to happen
StuL: come on Reid. almost nothing this qtr.
Kidult: Wilson surging
Dondeal: This umpiring is terrible
Birdman18: Holding the ball has gone straight back to where it was after 3 games
Birdman18: This is why these different interpretations are bs. Make the rules clearer
pcaman2003: Wilson has almost tripled his 1st half score. Lol!
wadaramus: The poor umpires haven't got a flowering clue what is going on.
Noxious: Steele looked upset
wadaramus: Thanks AFL, for flowering up the rules of the game.
navy_blues: was expecting overkill of htb calls this week but nothing diff really
slydon: 2 weeks for reid?
Legix: Reid will unfortunately miss a week for that
Pevo: These umpires do not know how to make a minor adjustment.
StuL: Reid in trouble. great
DiggaDogga: Goodbye Harley for 2.
Ash777: first darcy then reid out of the rs contention
Birdman18: Darcy ans Reid gone from the rising star gome in one week?
Yelse: rising star goneee
sheezel420: yep bye bye reid
Devero_D: Why is that even a rule? Suspensions are handed out so easily nowadays.
lana2146: McKercher odds going down
Raspel31: Very angry today wada- chill pill.
FoopyTime: westcoast player does something bad
Ash777: Wilson now leads rising star probably now
FoopyTime: schofield sees nothing
naicosfan: atrocious umps
Kidult: Steele found the hole in the ground again on this side of the ground
lana2146: Kerch then Wilson
Legix: Agreed Ash777. Wilson should be favourite come Monday
original: Donít stop now Steele. Keep going
navy_blues: was only matter of time the way harley plays
naicosfan: good junking up gov, need a huge qtr from steele and sinclair
Ash777: still a chance for sanders to make a statement
beerent11: Bit disappointed about Reid. Iím heading up to the big smoke to watch the eagles game next weekend. No Harley it seems.
Birdman18: Steel a total score of 13 outside of the 2nd quarter. What a spud
StuL: 0 for Reid that qtr
J.Worrall: Oh, Harley won the TV!
StuL: hes still losing more points. wtf cd?
LionBoy: Be some big money lost on HR betting for Rising Star
pcaman2003: Phew! Wilson back out there.
original: Jack Steele going backwards ffs was on like 74
navy_blues: AFL prob lets reid off somehow
navy_blues: keep going
lana2146: Bets be refunded if Reids suspended
StuL: Reid on minus points this half. So much for 180
sheezel420: reid is no moore, still a baby
LionBoy: Not if itís all in betting lana
navy_blues: reid might get off cos he is a good guy lmao
bhg26: Darcy didnít get off for hitting Maynard navy, appears they discarded the good guy rule
flibbity: haha can you sling him cripps lawers number navy?
FoopyTime: he hasnt got off yet... bhg
lana2146: Yes lion boy sportsbet refunds any rising star that is ineligible due to suspension regardless all in
StuL: Come on Reid. ffs. talk about unevrn halves
beerent11: Did anyone see the hawks game? Was Moore playing fwd or through the mids?
frenzy: harden the flower up Harley and win this game
navy_blues: already emailed flibb
StuL: reid is still losing pounts. why?
FreeHughsy: forward beer
LionBoy: Mainly fwd beer
DiggaDogga: I'd say 80% fwd from what I saw beer. Kicked 4 in 1H and set up another 2. Clean as.
wadaramus: Do I have to do this again, lift NWM!
pcaman2003: beer. He played mostly forward. Played a great game.
beerent11: Haha frenzy. Itís his 11th game!
beerent11: Cheers comrades
Birdman18: Reid out of gas or something?
Silz90: Reid on fire this half since I left the house lol
OffaStep: Playing forward?
DaMeatloaf: The tag has worked and once again Ross ruins the fun
Ash777: Reid has the windhager tag
wadaramus: He's got the clamps on.
Silz90: Dam stuff you ross the boss
pcaman2003: My opponent has Reid so I'm not complaining. Come on Wilson.
Birdman18: Steele needs this assist
StuL: reiid kosing more points
StuL: losing my game now. steele v reid
original: McGovern really a late charge of points.
original: What a turnaround from Steele Q1. Youíre back in my good books
beerent11: Heís so good to own original
beerent11: Gov that is.
OffaStep: How many points did Reid get for that mark and kick?
Birdman18: 4 points Offa
StuL: now reid is off. great half. gone backeards since ht
Noxious: Reid's just scared of suspension. Might go see his gf in Vic on his time off haha
pcaman2003: I swear McGovern has Gorilla glue on his hands.
naicosfan: McGovern you star
frenzy: luv the Gov
OffaStep: Cheers, Birdman. This game kills me.
Noxious: Looked high
Noxious: Nevermind
naicosfan: they are taking advantage or reid
sheezel420: harley reid LMAO
Birdman18: Reid blowing up
Legix: Reid pointed at the umpire multiple times. Needs to be careful
FreeHughsy: love you harley :)
beerent11: Wow. Govs ownership is up to 6% now. Thought there were a lot more comments about him lately
StuL: ffs. my game is gone on the back of reid.
Noxious: Harley Reid trying to tank for next year's Harley Reid
pcaman2003: Reid having a mare 2nd half.. Think he needs the bench again.
OffaStep: THat was total shower.
2Ph0nes: he's lost the plot lol
Birdman18: Did anyone see if that was the same ump that paid downfield on Reid that he mouthed off to?
StuL: lost 15 points this half.
DaMeatloaf: Got WoodÖ in draft
slydon: hes a fiery one thats for sure
lana2146: Weak as ps free kick on reid
sheezel420: norf 140 IQ not getting reid
DiggaDogga: Cmon Stul. He will be great but can't rely on a 1st yr player to win in SC.
Jolles: Typical pro Victorian umpires.
DiggaDogga: Go Steele
LionBoy: Phew. Will take the Yeo and NWM scores. Was looking a lot worse.
Noxious: Get Marshall off, no duty of care
naicosfan: he cleared that 75 lol
Bluebagg11: Ummm Ive been at work. Wasnít Reid on 90 at HT. What theÖ..?
navy_blues: marshall over rules doc lol
StuL: you dont expect to be on 71 after being 86 at ht though dogga
Noxious: Marshall pulling a Jeremy Cameron. Should get a week for ignoring docs
FreeHughsy: no bluebagg... you must have been dreaming
DiggaDogga: 100% - no doubt it has been a shocker 2H for him.
Legix: 2 more touches Sinclair please
DaMeatloaf: Does Harley apologise post game? Wilson! I'm sorry, Wilson. Wilson, I'm sorry!
Birdman18: Marshall won't be playing next week now
OffaStep: Was so up and about after Reid's 1st half. Haven't come down this hard since the 90s.
Ash777: waiting for umps to get orders to force players off after headknocks
beerent11: Chicken wing tackles the next thing for the afl to target.
beerent11: Gov again.
lana2146: Marshalls fine heíll play next week
StuL: Reid killed me
naicosfan: huge last quarters gov steele and sinclair
beerent11: Lucky itís just a game huh stul
naicosfan: first and last exciting st kilda game
Jolles: David King is so flowering annoying.
wadaramus: King is a complete flog.

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