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m0nty: new icon
frenzy: howdy
zadolinnyj: Go crows
pcaman2003: Hi all! Go Hawks! Hoping for a good tough game.
Troglodyte: Go the draw
Noxious: Afternoon all
youthuck: herro
Troglodyte: Great icons m0nty. Are you working on a Change Team Icon feature?
Stu7: Hi all Laird in this one hoping he plays more than 65%
zadolinnyj: Iíll take the draw for multi
youthuck: lads how do I add my team badge next to my name?
bhg26: Whats with crouchs tog?
FreeHughsy: lol bhg
Noxious: bhg would've marked that
bhg26: Should be a textbook mark there noxious
bhg26: I dont need Reeves to play well after holding meek
Stu7: Laird lining up to his reputation in the bench again
soup: Get going Dawson you crab
Noxious: if hawks could kick goals crows would be in serious trouble
Raspel31: Dawson definitely needed a rest after that kick 10 minutes ago.
wadaramus: I've loooked all over the place youthuck, but I can't find where to edit account details!
soup: Youth I think you can only do it when you create your account
J_Herer: I could never figure out the team badge thing either
Noxious: pretty sure you have to email m0nty youthuck
wadaramus: I'm sure we used to be able to edit our profile, even modify our username!
Stu7: Quick Laird get on the bench youíre at 63% game time
thommoae: 'zere a roof on the MCG these days, Monty? Closed?
Legix: Whatís the speculation around Dawson that Garry mentioned?
soup: Was a fitness test before the game legix. Foot complaint
pcaman2003: Hopefully the Hawks can keep this momentum going.
Noxious: He was nearly a late out, foot issue I believe
Stu7: Legix foot
m0nty: Gunstall's first goal raised the roof, thommo
fishman_da: Hey Wad ... yeah, my username is wrong too. NFI how to change.
shancrows: Change the game plan Nicksy you turd
Legix: Thanks soup
Legix: Cheers lads
soup: Shan asking for miracles over here
Noxious: Shancrows, maybe Hinkley was a late in as replacement coach
shancrows: Hahaha Nox I needed that laugh we might get smoked
soup: Gold noxious
Noxious: I'd love to give them the benefit of the doubt but it's not a great start
LionBoy: Hi all. Cheering for Hawks. Belted my boys last week. All is forgiven.
soup: Kill the ball ROB you drongo
Stu7: Nah Nox wasnít Ross??
Stu7: * it
pcaman2003: Nice Ambrosia. Keep up the good work lad.
soup: Two gifts there for the crom
shancrows: Not a fan of the rule changes tbh. That's not ball
Bulky: Obviously prior opportunity no longer exists.
J_Herer: M Crouch owning the pine this week
zadolinnyj: What was that free
Raspel31: Crows got this- no brainer.
J_Herer: stop being potatoes crows!!
LionBoy: Hardwick laser. 12 goals 3 for the season.
soup: Will day sc relevant?
shancrows: flower we needed that. I'll take luck goals all day lol
soup: Tex you flowering oaf
J_Herer: soup - had him last year, goes well, then gets tagged, coming off an injury I think, building now
LionBoy: Only got 19 on the field. Donít be number 19 Daws
soup: Yeah had him last year too and just love the way he goes about it, no DPP this year probably is the deal breaker
pcaman2003: soup. Would like to see a few more games from him b4 deciding.
sheezel420: Moore you beautiful man
Noxious: my brother brought Day in and has C on him, could be onto something
shancrows: Day is a great choice but can't pick them all haha
zadolinnyj: I got day in as well
ThomasJack: Hello Everyone! Tough watching Day, decided against him with his bye and needing to use 3 trades
frenzy: I don't know what Day it is, Lol
ThomasJack: 10k short of doing it in 2 trades
wadaramus: Crows have absolutely no courage or skill to move the ball on quickly.
wadaramus: Then they kick to a contest and have no skill to collect the ground ball.
shancrows: Get Berry on Nicksy ffs. At least he has a crack
soup: Slow down moore I need you after your bye
J_Herer: full spuds
LionBoy: Woeful defence Crows. This might get ugly.
soup: And he goes again
pcaman2003: Dead eye Moore.
Troglodyte: Good to finally see Mitchell's vision assuming this was deliberate. Looks good though
shancrows: I can't believe Smith still gets a game. He's so bad
Cam123: Looking for forward options - Moore is as good as any
Noxious: Moore seems to either go huge or like 60 though which sucks
Cam123: True, as do a few other forwards, thinking just Charlie at F6 and roll with it
pcaman2003: C'mon Ambrosia. You haven't touched it this qtr. Get going!
soup: Dawson get off the pine and start leading by example you donut
Raspel31: Dawson won't make my top 18 at this rate- set him fee- he;s innocent.
wadaramus: Oh hello, moving it quickly actually works.
soup: I only have 18 this week so I'm cooked, freijah my lowest before today
Noxious: I only have 17 so I'm extra cooked, didn't want to panic trade so just sucked it up
Noxious: UFC tackle
Troglodyte: Happy for Dawson to lose some $ before he comes in in round 16...
LionBoy: Dawson can put on big score in a qtr. fingers crossed.
Troglodyte: Hawks are temporarily my second fav team atm...
Cam123: Crows nothing like last year, they played some good footy, rubbish now
Sainterz17: Happy I have moore
Cam123: Ginnivan a huge tosser
soup: Hahaha sucked in ginni you melt
wadaramus: If Ginnivan didn't act so pathetically power weak, there wouldn't have been any remonstration.
wadaramus: And therefore no turnover free kick.
wadaramus: Ginnivan is a massive flog.
soup: Hope they lose by less than a goal now
pcaman2003: Ginnivan has slotted in well
Noxious: i dont get it, you've won holding the ball already, why keep carrying on
Raspel31: Rage traded Bont out last week.
Noxious: You rage traded out the best player in the AFL?
wadaramus: You did not, surely you jest!
Pavs: Fishing Rasp?
shancrows: Another smith turnover time to retire
frenzy: I should listen to rasp more often
Pavs: Thats a NO frenzy
Raspel31: Perhaps Pav- of course I didn't.
wadaramus: WHy would you make such a silly statement then?!
wadaramus: Bloody hell this game is hard to watch.
Raspel31: Why is the world as it is?
thommoae: Bit early for malt whisky isn't it, Raspel?
wadaramus: If it wasn't so cold outside I would feel guilty for wasting my time watching this garbage.
Troglodyte: Almost as silly as pundits thinking crom make finals this year...
naicosfan: i have not been around here long, but i sure know to take anything rasp says with a jar of salt.
slydon: im waiting 45 minutes for a flippin zinger box, what am i doing with my life
Raspel31: Who actually had the vc on Bont last night- got stuck with the sorry Naicos score?
slydon: i just want some munchies, fml
Pavs: That's me Rasp first right decision all year
frenzy: raspel trading 101
pcaman2003: Raspel. Finally made the right call and VC'd the Bont.
Raspel31: My opp too Pavs- me Naicos- but have Bont. Interesting tussle. Well done.
crowman83: Wadaramus Iím at the game mate. Feel sorry for me
pcaman2003: I'm starting to feel better about holding on to Ambrosia.
naicosfan: i dont have the bont, had vc naics
naicosfan: i was hoping to get him discounted at his bye, most likely not now
Raspel31: Worse fates naicosfan and onya pcaman.
wadaramus: crowman83, I hope we have an improved 2nd half.
Pavs: My opp made 4 trades this week and still projected 200 behind me. Strange
wadaramus: We're lucky to only be 5 goals behind, got to put a dent on the lead in the third quarter.
pcaman2003: Pavs. Maybe strategy not his forte.
crowman83: Dawson definitely doesnít look right.
frenzy: finally broke into the 50k, look at me go
Pavs: Nor common sense pcaman traded out some good players on the bye
pcaman2003: Pavs. Hard to fathom the logic, if there is any
Raspel31: I never trade out guns in the byes Pavs- just factor in one round likely to lose. Chance for upgrading surely. But every
Pavs: Agree Rasp hate the byes but part of the game i suppose.
soup: Pathetic from Adelaide
Ash777: Oh Dear adelaide
pcaman2003: Wowee! The Hawks are tenacious today. The future looking good.
Jolles: This new HTB is ridiculous.
naicosfan: they have to be consistent with htb, if the fog tackle was called, moore had to be called there.
StuL: Go Laird
shancrows: Does the ball have aids adelaide flower lift
Kidult: he playing the long game to get you iin the GF @Pavs
Ash777: 2028 and onwards will be horrible for byes until a 20th team
wadaramus: The umpires are so confused and it's all due to the AFL constantly changing the "interpretations".
LionBoy: Hate to say it but thinking Crows and Lions are two most disappointing teams for 24..
Pavs: Thats my game Kidult :)
shancrows: What happened to Tex? Missed the sub
thommoae: Any love for Bevo today Ash?
wadaramus: Tweaked his back.
PAFC4eva: Wtf crows gifted soft draw again an serve up $hit like this
Pavs: Groin soreness shancrows
shancrows: Thanks Wada
Ash777: Yes he's building something good.
shancrows: Thanks Pavs. PAFC crows have had a terrible draw for a team that didn't make finals
Raspel31: Still think Bevo's a moron but backed up by some great players.
Troglodyte: lol PAFC - it's the great mystery
Noxious: Come on Burgess I need some points out of you before you're gone
PAFC4eva: Caught me a shanfish a beauty to
shancrows: When my team plays bad I'm gullible but maybe I'm always gullible heheh
Kidult: sacrifice every win in 2024 to see the back of him
pcaman2003: Moore is on a mission this week.
Number 8: A free kick for you and a free kick for you and a free kick for you ...
Number 8: Have we got Oprah out there with a whistle today?
Raspel31: Get you Kidult. Agree
shancrows: Just checked free kick count it's not good for us but we've been bad regardless
PAFC4eva: Time to change the bait i need to lure the elusive wadafish
Noxious: A lot of the hawks frees have been from dumb acts by crows players tbf
Ash777: bevo had some real shower assistant coaches in 2022-2023
wadaramus: You'll need a big fat pilchard on some ganged 4 O's to get a trophy fish like that mate :)
Raspel31: Thank golly Dawson benched- not touching the ball in a qarter very tiring.
Ash777: Ginni got a high free!
shancrows: I agree Nox , Hawks far superior very very frustratinf
PAFC4eva: Changing the rig now :)
shancrows: Nicksy study the footage. Train the team to play like Hawks have today.
pcaman2003: Ash. Yeah, he doesn't get those too often :)
LionBoy: Donít. Care what tactics or systems you have. Effort wins 9 times outta 10.
Noxious: Hawks just look so hungry for the ball, if they played like this for a full game against us they wouldve thrashed us
bhg26: crouch getting stuffed by cd yet again
Pavs: Also known as the nostalgic fish wouldn't bother PAFC a poor eating fish
PAFC4eva: Nicks has pinched hinkleys play book only 1 page
Noxious: 1 full page? Has Hinkley expanded with new plays a bit has he?
navy_blues: what a flogging just checked score at local footy atm
PAFC4eva: ha ha a trumpeter fish maybe pavs
Raspel31: I had my couch stuffed yesterday.
Pavs: More a rock fish
Troglodyte: Dawson been on the ground too long - needs a breather...
frenzy: a jelly fish with no backbone
shancrows: The offseason can't come quick enough lol
Noxious: Geez that was a nice play
FreeHughsy: good comeback crouch
bhg26: Look at crouchs score compared to lairds, how are they close?
PAFC4eva: Nice one frenzy lol
navy_blues: Dylan Moore show by the looks ofi
Cam123: Hawks will be such a good side in a few seasons, just give up some easy goals at times
Ash777: Clangers and frees bhg
FreeHughsy: comeback?
LionBoy: Look out. Not possible is it.
naicosfan: clangers unfortunately and scoring while the margain is huge is my guess bhg
pcaman2003: We're doing some awful turnovers last 5 minutes. Very costly.
shancrows: flower come on boys
bhg26: But free kicks are already in the score like fantasy, both have had the same clangers from general play
PAFC4eva: A cromback nice m0nty
soup: dawson a POD VC/C this week unfortunately
LionBoy: Butler and Trey subs
Raspel31: Given tog and fluffs- Crouch- well done.
LionBoy: Trew
soup: cheers lion
Pavs: Waterman out for the Eagles
Raspel31: In breaking news my grandmother's tiddly winks team are having a mid week game with Adelaide.
Cam123: Wonder if the Saints will employ the 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 formation today
Troglodyte: Crom might struggle in that game Rasp...
Raspel31: I think Dawson last touched the ball an hour ago- wtf?
Sainterz17: Weíll do the dont show up formation
soup: flowering hell Dawson
Legix: Dawson slipping on banana peels today
Noxious: how is that not htb
Troglodyte: Dawson is taking a pay cut so he can join my team in R16...
pcaman2003: How was that not a free to Breust. OMG!
Harmzy99: This Crouch second half has been incredible
bhg26: If only he was scored fairly for it harmzy
Birdman18: Moore will be a good f7
naicosfan: crouch is robbed tog and sc points, hate to see it
StuL: Come on Laird. going the wrong way
bhg26: Seeing crouchs score compared to newcombe is quite depressing naicosfan
frenzy: much in that Ned bandaid, I need Meek back
Brian00173: Dawson....on your bye.....goneski!
naicosfan: for sure bhg
Norf17: Did Laird pass away 3QTR time?
J_Herer: yep Adelaide players rotations cant be trusted, gunna dump them also
Brian00173: Any info on why Walker was subbed out?
Raspel31: Never trade guns on a bye. But by all means trade Dawson.
pcaman2003: Keep going Ambrosia and ton up like last week.
soup: back injury i believe brian
Kidult: dodgy back
Troglodyte: lol Rasp
Troglodyte: Good to see a few new faces on here. No crom supporters hopefully - enough misery already...
soup: ffs adelaide play hawthorn again later in the year, dawson stinker again most likely
Brian00173: Ive held him all year rasp. The occaisional great score has been good, but genuine premos dont have a floor this low.
Brian00173: Thx soup
pcaman2003: Chol gone for about 10 marks and taken none. Clunk one at least.
shancrows: 10 games in 7.5 years at mcg no wonder we struggle there
Raspel31: Agree Brian- he's Gwn.
sheezel420: Still more games at the g than us shan
pcaman2003: Defence anyone! From one end to the other way too easy. Not good.
Kidult: Hawthorn would be one win outside the eight if they didn't lose to port
PAFC4eva: Im no coach but why is crouchs time on ground so low head shake
LionBoy: 6 goals to draw it. Can Dawson kick them all please? Asking too much?
Noxious: Hawthorn would be on top of the ladder if they'd won every game
LionBoy: Now itís 7. Doubtful
Raspel31: 7 now- but no Lion.
DiggaDogga: ROB running that 50 like he's trying to escape a nursing home
pcaman2003: Noxious. Lol! Aint that the truth?
DiggaDogga: Crouch no tank. Think Brodie, etc. Always been that way. Not going to develop a bigger one now
pcaman2003: And Ambrosia tons again. Well done lad. I'll hold you longer.
Noxious: cmon burgess, couple extra points please
FreeHughsy: did crouch actuaaly get only 4, for a mark, kick, tackle, and handball?
Noxious: thankyou
bhg26: How can i submit a formal complaint to champion data about the horrible treatment of matt crouch?
pcaman2003: Noxious. Your plea for points is answered. Try it again.
Raspel31: He's ubcomfortable with bing held pcaman. I take it back Dawson- amazing last quarter.
sheezel420: It's junk time hughsy
FreeHughsy: its crazy
bhg26: Walsh wasnt scored this harshly and he had 9 clangers at 52% efficiency
DiggaDogga: bhg - mark it c/- M Bontempelli. It'll get there.
soup: dawson you are poopoo
LionBoy: Dawson needs 8 points to make my top 18. Sad.
Raspel31: Don't have him-but what a hero Crouch given tog.
Troglodyte: All these late goals aren't crowing to be enough...
soup: crouch would be on 260 if his name was bontempelli
J_Herer: nice DT Matty!
FreeHughsy: ok but dawson got 10 points for the mark and kick, in the same sequence sheezel...
naicosfan: how does crouch get +2 for a contested effective handball clearance
sheezel420: Premo Moore 3 times better than spud Dawson confirmed
Noxious: Burgess better than Moore confirmed
frenzy: Crouch not in the CD team of the century
frenzy: well done Horfawn
Troglodyte: Crowing to be another short season for Adelaide...
Noxious: Sorry not moore I meant dawson haha
bhg26: Im off to the Champion Data headquarters for a nice friendly chat
J_Herer: good come back from Sic dog today
frenzy: say hello to m0nty bhg
2Ph0nes: lol ppl with sicily lmao
sheezel420: 87 is a decent score considering how dominant they were, was hardly down there
Pavs: Don't be a jerk 2phones sheesh
crowman83: Absolutely insipid crom
soup: get ready to learn tasmanian dawson
J_Herer: dont on sic dog, just noticed him way down at the half, did well to get top 3 for the day
Manowar: Adelaide are poo poo, Nicks off

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