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J.Worrall: Evening all
Fromage: Evening he/she - bring politically correct 😬
J.Worrall: Get a long, little doggies
frenzy: howdy
flibbity: hello my friends, go football
Yelse: Diazos or Bont VC bring in Harrison or freijah
EvilMonk: Evening lads looking forward to a ripper game. Good luck dogs
circle52: Same question VC Yelse and I have both Freijah and Harrison
Pavs: Sitting right in the middle of the fence on that one Yelse?
circle52: At the moment on Daicos with not a lot of confidence
aflfanatic: VC on Naicos tonight.
flibbity: i went Daicos VC
circle52: I've been getting splinters all day Pavs
navy_blues: think pies win even undermanned cant trust dogs
navy_blues: wenr vc bont dont know why lol
frenzy: I missed Freijah, so he'll go big now
aflfanatic: Agree navy- dogs system is terrible
Pavs: Opp has Daicos so might have to go that way but toss a coin
navy_blues: hope so frenzy
SydneyRox: Daicos VC tonight, lets hope for another big one!!
thommoae: Evening all. Tips?
Fromage: English vc
naicosfan: how tf is nick on 20
Noxious: How is Naicos on 20 for 1 touch? Not complaining as he's my VC
Ninty: Iím surprised Jaicos doesnít kick more goals, always good around the big sticks.
naicosfan: vc nick, brought in english this week
Pavs: It will sort itself out naicos
lana2146: That naicos score is wrong
EvilMonk: Glad I traded out Darcy. Muppet act
Hepatitis: Brilliant work darcy. Shame heís not concussed
bhg26: Was Darcy going the smother?
sheezel420: holding darcy was a disaster
naicosfan: cheers pavs, hope not tho
Pavs: haha bhg love it
Ninty: What was that - very ordinary by Darcy
xodeus9: 21 point kick from daicos
Birdman18: Darcy just destroyed his score without touching it
Ninty: Apt name with ďhepatitisĒ, clown. I donít like Maynard but you donít wish that on a bloke.
nbartos: great hit
navy_blues: maynard got some maynard treatment lol
lana2146: 21 point kick wtf
Noxious: Who's tagging Nick?
nbartos: just needed to put out the fake spoil like Mayn did
Bulky: Naicos will be on 100 points with 5possies at this rate. LOL.
EvilMonk: Listen to this toxic chat. Come on guys, don't want those sorts of hits
2Ph0nes: wow dale on fire, keep it up lad!
Noxious: Sam Darcy tanking
pcaman2003: Darcy you clown,get off the ground.
bhg26: Darcy is a great hold so far
EvilMonk: Darcy another 50 lmao
lana2146: Should have a icon next to the tagger Monty
Roarix: Very happy to let Darcy go.. doing well
Birdman18: -19 lol. Should have traded him ans taken the donut
Stu7: Darcy -20 lol
navy_blues: omg 4 x 50m already lol
naicosfan: these umps need to chill on 50s
Roarix: Its raining 50s..
Harmzy99: Can't help but be concerned by the amount of blokes happy to see a very very late hit
connrs: Dale already on 45?
Gotigres: What a pity Darcy's score won't count for those that have him
Stu7: Pi55a birdman
pcaman2003: Under 5 mins of play and 4 x 50's given already.
Zutroyz: -20 is that some sort of minus record
Ash777: fyi cd counts 50m penalties for as meters gained
Noxious: Grundy was on the same last week
Cam123: C'mon Sullivan, get to 60!
Ninty: agree evil and harmzy. Chat is filled with 12 year olds at times
McSquire: Dale on 47 lol
bhg26: Pies fans booing o Donnell thinking heís Darcy lol
2Ph0nes: lol pies fans think o'donnell and darcy same player lmao
lana2146: Sullivan should go over 80
xodeus9: i was flowering around with trades right before lockout and got locked out with sullivan on bench fml
Yelse: did maynard get hit on the head?
Legix: Good lad Dale
Roarix: Peak pies supporters to boo the wrong player
gazza39: The SC scoring is def not correct yet, will even out soon
McSquire: How are Collingwood doing this without Cox ?
bhg26: Doggies look utterly flowering hopeless
navy_blues: should of taken pies odds
pcaman2003: This could get ugly very quickly if the Pies kick straighter.
Zutroyz: Well this is rather boring. Give the dogs 10 minutes to turn up, or I'll swap to the rugba
Vultures: Bye.. lol
bhg26: Darcy actually looking good since coming back on
lana2146: Go the Knights for me
Yelse: this is concerning maynard not back yet
navy_blues: on bench now yelse
Ninty: Heíll be back on soon by the looks of it
Noxious: He's back Yelse, 15m for concussion test
Zutroyz: Are you a Novacastrian lana?
Zutroyz: Games picked up a touch, might stay, sorry Vultures
Hepatitis: Not surprised it was daicos who was hit - flog
EvilMonk: Another dog act
Vultures: pun intended lol
LionBoy: Hi all. Missed the start. Darcy -20. What happened?
Ninty: I wish you could ban people in this chat
navy_blues: lol nothing in it nick added mayo
pcaman2003: I picked Bont for VC ahead of Naicos. Should've known better.
Raspel31: SC scores going crazy- so many points .
EvilMonk: Not much in it honestly. Sucked in umpires
McSquire: Good mark by Shultz easpecially with his head ducked and eyes closed
FreeHughsy: can someone explain to me why i refuse to VC daicos
soup: Naicos sleeps with the lights on
pcaman2003: Raspel. They're on the turps at CD.
bhg26: Bontempelli is good at footy
McSquire: Bulldogs look dangerous down forward with Lobb there
Raspel31: Lol- seems so pcaman- Naicos done zip but 53- I'll take that as VC.
Pavs: Yep he is very
FreeHughsy: thats a outrageously generous statement bhg
Noxious: Lobb looks dangerously close to going back to the VFL
Ninty: Is Naicos untaggable or just no decent taggers in the game? He just reads the play better than anyone else its ridiculou
LionBoy: Frampton isnt
Ninty: How has he done nothing? Clearly best on so far
LionBoy: English Dale Naicos English and Darcy. 4 outta 5 ok.
Legix: Repel you should ban yourself for that comment
LionBoy: Macrae
Dondeal: Naicos got nothing for his last centre clearance?
JohnHoward: im liking the vibe of mr cool calm and collected beverage tonight
McSquire: Thatís what I meant Noxious 😂
pcaman2003: Lionboy. Except you named English twice. Lol!
bhg26: Stroking it magnificently? BT has such a way with words
Ninty: I donít know why youíd play Lobb after his comments. This ainít improving his trade value either
Gotigres: Others may not like Bevo, but I would like to thank him for getting Dale's price down to 422k
naicosfan: english should be on more
Yelse: so the scores are correct?
bhg26: Reckon Darcy gets zero for hitting Maynard. Surely falls under the good bloke rule?
LionBoy: Yeah Pca. Excited to have him at last. Missed Macrae.
McSquire: Lobb next contract will be $200 a game plus $50 per goal. Performance based
Danstar: I got Daicos as my vc. But if Bevo persists with Gallagher on him. FMD
frenzy: Lol gotigres
McSquire: Thought heíd get zero weeks based on the bloke he hit being an crap bloke bhg
LionBoy: Worried bout Macrae. 56% TOG. Gonna be Bevved.
Zutroyz: Does anyone know what Bytel looks like? Apparently he's playing tonight
naicosfan: how does nick have 7 cp for 6 disposals
wadaramus: Go Nicky D, 200 SC would be welcomed having the VC on you.
Raspel31: Agree McSquire-no crocodile tears for Maynard though apparently he loves his mum.
frenzy: its not contested disposals
sheezel420: you can POSSESS the ball without DISPOSING of it, its in the name
wadaramus: Stop nit-picking naicosfan.
LionBoy: Darcy stays in my team each week cause thereís always issues. Not this week.
naicosfan: fair enough guys, im rooting for it, hes my vc, no issue with learning, hey.
aflfanatic: Naicos got FA for holding the ball. Won a CP but no disposal.
LionBoy: Col
naicosfan: cheers lads.
LionBoy: Cool calm Bev has left the building
TheFilth: Bailey Dales performance - a nice job interview for a transfer to Collingwood
2Ph0nes: htb has gone too far in the opposite direction
Bulky: To the surprise of no-one the umpires have totally over compensated holding the ball.
wadaramus: These umps have absolutely no flowering idea what holding the ball is.
Silz90: Richo has no idea honestly he is worse than bt sometimes
wadaramus: Spot on 2Ph0nes!
navy_blues: lol 8m mark
sheezel420: so many awkward silences in the commentary
wadaramus: How the flower does the AFL continue to flower with the rules of the game without accountability!
LionBoy: Love the new interpretation. Move the ball on or suffer the consequences.
bhg26: Just 6 more of those Darcy and weíre laughin
pcaman2003: Garcia is hitting the wall.
TheFilth: The AFL have idea what holding the ball is WADA
2Ph0nes: Silz90 i agree mate, richo irritates me, always complaining, like when he played lol
original: Htb was ridiculous last night
Silz90: You need prior opportunity or why pick up the ball in a contest
beerent11: Gotta have sympathy for the umps. Itís the afl rules committee that keeps making their job difficult.
The39Steps: Very good point @wadaramus. 12 on more than $1m a year. Think their poop doesn't stink. Forever changing rules.
beerent11: They dont know if theyíre Arthur or Martha
Noxious: 3 full sized blokes = 160kg, BT should retire
original: Prior doesnít matter now. Encouraging players to second guess going 4 the ball..bad idea
McSquire: Whilst I agree Beer - please not more sympathetic comments for umpires on here. Sacrilegious
LionBoy: Cmon guys. Give Ďem some credit. The game is so watchable. Fast and furious.
Cam123: Go Freijah
naicosfan: bruh not nobles night
Silz90: Freijah goes alright, glad I brought him in
Cam123: Johnson having a big night
pcaman2003: Silz90. Likewise. He's been good.
original: Wish I did freijah last week. Did this week
pcaman2003: VC on Bont not looking too bad now after slow start.
soup: Glad to see Johnson using his 20th chance in the team very well
navy_blues: lmao golden boy no htb
FreeHughsy: agree pcaman, not beating myself up for not picking daicos anymore
Birdman18: And there is the inconsistency. Daicos HTB not called like the rest
Bulky: The you go. No consistency. Naicos, holding the ball.
McSquire: OMG the Htb doesnít apply to Daicos
soup: Naicos VC here but how the flower is that not HTB
Pavs: Htb Daicos come on
Ninty: Looks like Naicos is taggable now. Shouldíve been htb
TheFilth: Hit a pass Noble
Stu7: Yeah Bulky plain as day
wadaramus: What on earth is wrong with the umpires?
LionBoy: Bad miss Pavs
wadaramus: Too many of them.
banta: Daicos protected species. Disgraceful not holding the ball call
banta: The bias umps have for collingwood is sickening
RuffLeader: If that was any other player, that's HTB, kissed on the d*** every week is Daicos
Sainterz17: Hello
Catatafish: Umpires clearly took on the HTB feedback
Sainterz17: Dogs are coming
Silz90: Harrison get a touch son
banta: Wait for collingwood one eyed morons to back daicos call there
Sainterz17: First time in FF chat
Stu7: Hey Sainterz17
clay007: No Banta, it was htb for sure
navy_blues: ty clay
pcaman2003: Come aboard Sainter and welcome.
Legix: BT does not like Johnson one bit
Cam123: Johnson having a big night
Yelse: Ash johnson really is struggling why not bring in krueger
wadaramus: Courageous effort Sainterz, good luck, have fun!
Pavs: Welcome Sainterz
Stu7: Freddy Mercury goals - I want to break free
Sainterz17: Ash Johnson playing well wonder if he can keep his spot
Cam123: Parker should be subbed in to bowl a few leggies
Noxious: Aj40 is useless, don't blame BT there
Ash777: they played johnson in defense at the vfl then swung him forward in seniors
Sainterz17: Dogs are basically playing collingwood best 10 and then the vfl side
navy_blues: omg bytel
RuffLeader: Collingwood fans mad about umpiring calls like they aren't the ones ALWAYS getting the rub of the green from them
EvilMonk: Jeez some clangers by us right now
DiggaDogga: Yelse, Krueger literally breaks himself inside 5 mins every time.
bhg26: Darcy is a really good mark
LionBoy: Trading him out next week but Darcy is gonna be a star.
Ninty: I feel like both sides have the same amount of average players on the ground
Yelse: ppl talking about pies and frees did you see the free kick ladder so far this year??
EvilMonk: Josh you star
Noxious: Darcy could be going huge right now if not for the -20 he started on
navy_blues: fri night footy prime time but they have D grade commentators
Tea_Bagger: Sainter seems like they arenít missing anyone of any note besides pendles
ausgooner: get a grip, these are the first teamers Collingwood are missing, Cox, De Goey, Elliott, Hoskin-Elliott, Mihocek, Titch
ausgooner: compared to the dogs, JJ, Libba, Naughton, Richards, Smith, Weightman
frenzy: lol teabag
naicosfan: can say the same about ur injury list bagger if u think that
DiggaDogga: Dogs missing Naughton, Libba, Weightman, Ed Richards, JJ, Bailey Smith
Noxious: Cox missing is probably benefiting the pies
ausgooner: stop regurgitating media narratives and think for yourself
Ninty: About the same I reckon gooner. Probably why itís an even game
FoopyTime: dogs are at a disadvantage cause they have bevo as coach
Doggie Doo: Love the comments. You can't buy this entertainment.
Tea_Bagger: Cox is a spaz. And the rest have been out for 2-3 weeks. No excuses
bhg26: Nick Daicos is good at footy
wadaramus: N.Daicos you flowering gun.
EvilMonk: Another daicos goal. Nick this time. Loving the daicos show
LionBoy: Onya Nick. Captaincy matter sorted on Friday night.
Noxious: Good day to have Naicos as VC
Ash777: both missing their best extractors and best key forward
FreeHughsy: i have daicos but dont enjoy when he does well...
DiggaDogga: That's true Foopy. Very true.
frenzy: friday nite comedy fest
Pavs: Yes he is very
wadaramus: True statement bhg.
Birdman18: Disappointed I switched the VC from Daicos to Dale, even though Dale is going well
Tea_Bagger: Nick Daicos is by far the best player in the league!
Ninty: Should just park both Daicos fwd, theyíd kick 100 between them
OffaStep: I'm officially starting a campaign to BT replaced by bhg in the commentary box.
Silz90: Did bevo get a new set of teeth, they look very white tonight
original: Didnít daicos get 10 coaches votes when he had 13 turnovers /30 touches
LionBoy: Thanks Nick. Captaincy sorted on Friday night.
jezzas-cow: Omg Daicos, glad i VCed him
Raspel31: Is Naicos worth bringing in?
OffaStep: Special comments by a wild-eyed, boundary riding rasp.
Cam123: Bevo's new career as front man for teeth whitening ad campaign
jezzas-cow: 81% efficiency too
navy_blues: good comeback darcy from -20
DiggaDogga: Bevo's chompers had a good sheen for months now, Silz. Stunning.
original: Sam Darcy coulda been 70sc
McSquire: Good one Darce
wadaramus: Could be worth a punt Raspel :)
EvilMonk: Jokes on me trading out Darcy
thommoae: I'm happy for ... anyone ... to re[lace BT (No offence, bhg - I'm sure you would be absolutely clinical in Swans games.
LionBoy: I keep threatening to drop Darcy.
jezzas-cow: offa i agree with that, BT is ass
Silz90: Completely missed that one haha
FoopyTime: im onto you ORANGE team supporter, you just want kelly underwood to commentate in prime time
Raspel31: Am considering wada.
jezzas-cow: Sorry guys i traded out Sam Darcy this week, expect him to go large
thommoae: Well, nearly anyone.
bhg26: No doubt I would be thommoae
navy_blues: no swearing in commentary box bhg be impossible if swans playing lol,
Pavs: Well maybe a little bit of doubt :)
frenzy: after his bye raspel, then jump on
wadaramus: Why is it, wherever I go, people are just staring at their flowering black mirrors?
DaicosQB: Foopy I don't care what time the game is on if the Undergod is on commentary it is PRIME TIME
djtranny: Got the big C on Daicos you beauty! Hope pies lose from here but Daicos just don't get injured
bhg26: How dare you suggest i use profanity navy
wadaramus: The world is flowered.
wadaramus: Sorry for the depressing narrative.
Sainterz17: Naicos tag going very well
EvilMonk: #@jezzas same, I traded him out as well. He'll go 120+ now lol
Stu7: Naicos out of control
Danstar: Kept Darcy thinking he could go big with no naughton and pies going after JuH
slydon: sounds like its past your bed time wada
slydon: you had your medaphonil?
Stu7: Is Macrae on drugs?
navy_blues: just a natural talent you have bhg esp when swans playing
djtranny: Yea I traded out Darcy too... But he's def getting suspended so all good
wadaramus: 8.30 is not late slydon.
Sainterz17: My cat performs better than ash Johnson
CamT: Just saw a replay of Schultz mark. How lucky was that ?
OffaStep: OK. Halftime analysis and general existential observations are all yours in the new commentary team, wada.
Pavs: What position does your cat play?
jezzas-cow: I orginally kept him but with Lobb back in the side, (and if he want to leave for a good price) he need to kick some
wadaramus: OK Offastpe, challenge accepted :)
djtranny: Galagher - clearly tagging is not for him
jezzas-cow: @sainterz is your cat a winger? Ruck? Sub?
wadaramus: China is looking to take over the world.
Sainterz17: Intercepting defender just put food on the ball and has more determination than the stk team
jezzas-cow: xD
J.Worrall: The position of the cat cannot be precisely measured at the same time as its momentum.
Pokerface: tbf so does my cat sainterz. and he's dead
wadaramus: The Doomsday Clock is 90 seconds to midnight.
Sainterz17: Poker wouldnít be hard
Pavs: Is your cat named Luke Ryan?
Sainterz17: I wish
OffaStep: Inpenetrable, Raol Duke like musings from rasp who has wandered onto the ground, terrifying the vic kick kiddies.
wadaramus: But Fantas Footy keeps our focus on the important issues :)
Pokerface: Iron Maiden's Two Minutes to Midnight is now stuck in my head. thanks wada
djtranny: @wadaramus yes I came to the same conclusion after watching the first half of this game
wadaramus: You're welcome Poker, my half time tirade is done.
Pavs: How many trades do we all have left?
LuvIt74: Treloar looking real good of late
djtranny: @pavs my let dog is named Rook Lion. Inspired by Luke Ryan
LuvIt74: 17 and 1 boost
Sainterz17: Auskicker has channel 7 team covered
EvilMonk: Ripper game of footy so far. Hopefully it stays high scoring
djtranny: I have 16 trades left after using 3 this week
Pavs: I'm 18 hoping to go through the byes without trading then coast home
Noxious: 14, but it's my first year and I've made plenty of mistakes
OffaStep: Same, dj. Damn Sweet's bodgy immune system and Soldo's Wolverine powers.
Silz90: harrison needs a goal cmon
2Ph0nes: why does bt hate jognson so much? he slip one in his daughter or something
Pavs: I find it difficult to not trade sort of like saving money
FreeHughsy: i prefer to look at the premos to trade ratio, makes me feel better about only having 14 left.
Birdman18: Daicos getting inflated points. He's going huge. 8 points for a kick
bhg26: I have 13 trades but should finish the team with 5-6 trades left
OffaStep: Good point, Hughsy. One shy in DEF, MID done but only 2 premos FWD. Can't work out who fills that line.
pcaman2003: Treloar on my radar. 8 tons and low score of 91 from 11 games.
Pavs: Frampton has to stop hitting people in the back. Tough man
thommoae: Keep it classy 2P.
jezzas-cow: What are these commentators yapping about
gazza39: Garcia you absolute flowering plow
FreeHughsy: as of rn i reckon the best forward line - Heeney, Zorks, SS Flanders, rankine, jackson, fisher... things change though
2Ph0nes: no one wants to pay 650k for treloar
pcaman2003: Garcia will go negative soon at this rate.
Silz90: markov makes me laugh lol seems like a nice bloke
Pokerface: is anyone decent looking likely to get forward status after next week?
OffaStep: Three of those scare me, Hughsy. I'm too risk averse for the 2024 forwards.
gazza39: Just needed Garcia to stay level with Darcy...but oh no that was too hard
Pokerface: i reckon its good. makes people have to think outside the square. its boring everyone having full premo
original: garcia wow.
LionBoy: Macrae bros going head to head for lowest TOG.
OffaStep: The right PODs and well timed trades win it, for sure.
pcaman2003: Move alaong Bont. You've gone quiet again.
Gotigres: Keep going Dean
bhg26: Forward lines that depressing ill have to bring in shai bolton. Could be happy with a 120 one week and then hell get 40
Gotigres: Love that handball Dean. Get the points for the tackle
Raspel31: Thank golly I have 19 as think you'll struggle to make the 18 Garcia.
Silz90: i might go charlie curnow for f6
Pokerface: if you are playing for league, you want mckay or curnow.. sc prelim and gf they have eagles and saints
Gotigres: If you're lucky bhg
bhg26: Also considering them poker, plus have hawks and north after bye as well
Pokerface: dylan moore. hawks have tigers and north rds 23 and 24
gazza39: Garcia giviving me Diarrhea
Pokerface: as an owner i will say its a tough ride though
Silz90: dont mind ed richards
OffaStep: Yeah, I've been expecting the wheels to fall off the Mckay train and missed a lot of points.
LionBoy: Went Sweet to English this week. So far so good.
bhg26: Im going to be a proud Ned Moyle owner this week to cover Meek
Silz90: who is getting subbed for pies? pls say AJ
sheezel420: best game english has played in a while
frenzy: english and the CD love
TheFilth: Hit a pass Noble
Raspel31: That's the spirit Bevo- bench Bont for as long as possible.
Noxious: Has to be AJ, he'd be more useful as a spectator
2Ph0nes: wheres the genuis that said sullivan would get 80? lol
hawkers317: daicos is killing me took the vc off him and put it on butters worked out great
Migz: i mean 30 hit outs and 100% will give a decent score any day of the week
pcaman2003: Sheezel. Which is good. Helps make up for Garcia mare.
Bluebagg11: Naicos for his first double tonne?
Legix: Schultz shower himself a couple times tonight
jezzas-cow: Im gonna call it, Dacis 170 ish
Raspel31: Need Naicos to get 180 to loop as cap?
EvilMonk: Dean can't handle Darcy. Getting absolutely smashed
bhg26: Accept nothing less raspel
Noxious: If Naicos went off for the rest of the game now I'd still take his score
LionBoy: What % picked Naicos as capt? Anyone have that stat?
Noxious: Been burnt too many times with crap captain scores haha
bhg26: 12.6% captained and 26.6% vc'd lionboy
Pavs: Keep the C on B Mckay Rasp
Yelse: where do you get those stats ?
clay007: I changed from Daics to Bontemsmelli at last min. My oppo had daics, wanted pod, I'm stupid
bhg26: Supercoach plus yelse, pay for subscription
jezzas-cow: bhg doing gods work
bhg26: Has all breakevens and projected price changes and stuff, been worth it for me
Cam123: Been rubbish all year with C choices. Changed Gawn last minute last week and he got 170
Silz90: harvey getting involved finally
Bluebagg11: 26 point last quarter and Sullivan gets 80!
LionBoy: Ta. BHG. Can never find that one.
LionBoy: I have plus. Need to look harder.
gazza39: Canít wait to trade Arsia out asap
Noxious: Supercoach plus - coaches choice - all coaches
bhg26: Go to the players tab, click the supercoach plus box and scroll to coaches choice
SydneyRox: Isaac Heeney for captain now!! :)
Gotigres: Nice move up Sullivan.
jezzas-cow: Alright, where do we all think Naics will land??
LionBoy: Thanks BHG. Found it. Worth a look.
Pavs: Excellent bhg always learning
Yelse: thanks BHG
bhg26: No worries, i crave validation
Cam123: Daicos, Heeney, Cripps box trifecta for Bronwnlow
Gotigres: Thanks bhg, even though I don't have Supercoach plus
OffaStep: Gold, bhg. just realised I've never clicked that tab before.
Pavs: Consider yourself validated
2Ph0nes: flower me garcia hit a target
frenzy: can you get hitouts to advantage bhg
LionBoy: Schultz you grub
Silz90: where is nato tonight? bont might outscore naicos at this rate
Pavs: He's more of a forward than a ruckman I think frenzy :)
CamT: Dumb by Treloar. Blind kick.
bhg26: Dont think they keep track of that live frenzy, but the afl website has hitout to advantage rate after the game finishes
LionBoy: Might need Bont in there Cam
bhg26: Assuming you saw my mark in the crowd last week then pavs, im a natural talent
pcaman2003: Well, at least I can take VC Bont's score.
Gotigres: Keep going Naicos, Bont is catching you
BigChief: Evening all. Just home. How has the game been tonight?
FreeHughsy: yes bont
Pavs: Didn't see it (looked hard) heard about it though bhg
bhg26: Best mark of the night, Chads a close second
Noxious: I'm sure it wasn't that close bhg
clay007: Bont only 12 behind daics
Pavs: You tube it mate send me the link
bhg26: I try not to pump myself up too much noxious but youre right
bhg26: I know it was our 5th behind pavs, logan mcdonald missed the set shot
Cam123: Johnson the difference with his 3 touches
Number 8: Bont rocking the Captain Kremmen look tonight
Pavs: Now I've got homework to do :)
Silz90: lets go dogs
c1nman: daicos glazed by umps
Gotigres: You're allowed to touch the ball in the last qtr Freijah
Raspel31: Naicos been useless this half. Gawn cap?
blashtroko: looks like noble sub based on interchanges
ballbag: 26 CP is fckn insane. tigerwoodsesque dominaion. noone even close.
beerent11: Hope Iíve got some non playing players to loop naicos vc.
bhg26: Im going to hunt down Craig Mcrae, needed noble for 2 more touches the flowerwit
circle52: Just made Zorko C
Legix: Damn had Noble 20+ in my multi lol
LionBoy: Did the same at half time Circ
bhg26: The multi was absolutely going to win
hawkers317: c gawn, ryan or serong?
Oddsy5: BT Ďthis quarters been hotdogs and cold piesí is a great call
pcaman2003: Freijah hasn't scored since the beginning of this half. Gone to sleep.
Number 8: Hi kids, Kremmen here
navy_blues: go Bont!
FreeHughsy: oh bont
bhg26: I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds!
DraperDrip: Let's go Doggies!!
Bluebagg11: Bont catches Daicos! Woohoooooo
thommoae: Belated kudos BT. Blue Moon?
Silz90: i called it in early in this qtr lol go bont
OffaStep: My VC Naicos vs my op's VC Bont was looking good until this quarter.
DaMeatloaf: Lotto numbers next pls Silz
Roarix: Unreal.. plan was to VC Bont and forget to fix my C up off Naicos.. and Bont is gonna beat Naicos.. good joke sc
jezzas-cow: If that was a goal it wouldve been counted as 50 points minimum
Migz: Wow i missed a quarter and bont went up 80 points wtf
Roarix: If Naicos kicked that.. :(
Migz: and i have him as captain. wtf happned
Silz90: lol meat loaf no chance but harrison is going to kick the winner
Ninty: That kick to Daicos looked like 5 metres at best
pcaman2003: I finally cracked a decent VC /C for the year.:)
ballbag: were all tethered to the creator @bhg. relax brother
navy_blues: another draw?
Hepatitis: Cop that scum pies
LionBoy: Doggies!!
clay007: pies cooked
Ninty: Dogs all over them. At least Pies have an excuse even though Dogs missing just as much with less on the bench lol
Legix: CD missed a Treloar hb
Amare: hahaha suck shower pies
FreeHughsy: oh bont you beautiful man
navy_blues: Bont 3 votes
Yelse: wtf why would he not sub johnson and did nobble shower move
Silz90: daicos didnt want to get tackled there
Pavs: Bont going massive
Roarix: Not sure how Naicos is so far behind Bont looking at the numbers.. Bont forever the SC lovechild
pcaman2003: Garcia coming home strongly after the low DE and clangers.
RuffLeader: This fourth quarter shows the difference between the Bonts of the world and the Naicosí of the world, different gravy
Ninty: 200 watch
LionBoy: Itís Bont
Pokerface: cos its the numbers you are looking at Roarix. You haven't watched the last quarter have you
Bluebagg11: Daicos has a long way to go to reach Bont. Couldnít tie his bootlaces at this stage.
Pokerface: numbers aren't even that close. Bont has a bigger DT gap over him than SC
Roarix: I hate Collingwood but Daicos to kick the next 2 pls
Legix: Bluebagg11 itís as if heís in his third season
RuffLeader: Not wrong bluebagg
TheFilth: Naicos? trade him out Bluebagg11:
Tea_Bagger: If only Maynard was
bhg26: Good game sanders back to the 2s you go
naicosfan: bruh
Tea_Bagger: If only Nard was KOd then it would have been a perfect night
pcaman2003: Darcy!! Great win Doggies
bhg26: Yessir Darcy!
EvilMonk: Gg dogs.
jezzas-cow: darcy :/
navy_blues: well gotta say im surprised but wd dogs
Silz90: wow darcy what a star
McSquire: Darcy legend
naicosfan: nick gave up, hes the only one doing anything
DaMeatloaf: That Bont qtr was an absolute joy to watch
Roarix: From neg 20.. wp Darcy
McSquire: Darcy 8 points for smother and goal 😂
Roarix: Cant believe I stuffed my C and VC up.. Ill take the Daicos C though
Pokerface: 2 rotations down virtually all game.. well done dogs
Yelse: nobble going off was the changer macrae must hate him
FreeHughsy: expected a little more bont, but it will do
TheFilth: Baggers still salty about Naicos wnnng goal
sfenda1: daicos should have atlas
bhg26: Darcy on 79 is a joke
carl: My man the Bont, you legend my best V selection all season.
TheFilth: iTea_Bagger wishing 4 injuries? really? not mch of a bloke champ
soup: scale darcy up you cowards
Tea_Bagger: Filth, Maynard ruined a players chance to play the game. Talk about a shower bloke
McSquire: Ripped big time Darcy. On 72 before the smother and goal. Wtf
DaicosQB: Tea_Bagger the other 12 concussions were just walks in the park for Brayshaw were they?
EvilMonk: because Maynard going for a smother, meant to take out Brayshaw @Tea_Bagger ? You flog.
TheFilth: Markov & Johnson as key fwds?- out of soldiers - be fine post bye
TheFilth: Tea_Bagger - shower bloke? Look in a mi
TheFilth: Tea_Bagger - shower bloke? Look in a mirror - accident in a contact sport. - wishng 4 players 2 b injured is sick.

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