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frenzy: evening chaps
navy_blues: HTB mayhem tonight lol
Gotigres: evening all
J.Worrall: Evening all. Carroll still getting games. Why is he in my side?
piesfan420: evening lads
exatekk: hi all. no stress this week. holding trades and just following my multis :)
piesfan420: got the vc on walsh tn
KangaBanga: How many rotations can Charlie make before getting pinged HTB?
Gotigres: Same with me Worrall. Hoping for more than 6 points tonight
zadolinnyj: Gents
zadolinnyj: Go the draw
Troglodyte: Go the non-Vics
Manowar: hurry up and finish the lame song, then we can smash Port Power
Noxious: Hate having to be the new htb rule guinea pigs
FreeHughsy: Hughsy is back
original: Quack quack. Dive
clay007: I think it is a little early to start crowing. lol
Stu7: Walsh & Boak go lads
Raspel31: Peddle harder M0nty.
m0nty: sorry about that, did some upgrades this week
Norf17: Does monty manually type every play?
SonOfAGun.: Yes he does
blashtroko: Cincotta seems to be going to Butters
clay007: Burgoyne looking silky
bhg26: Houston was a great trade in last week
Norf17: me too BHG
Raspel31: Upgrades worked a treat.
clay007: Geez the chat in here tonight is almost non existant.
clay007: existent
Noxious: Might get sweet back now if soldo gets a week haha
Stu7: Boak ya soud
Jack SC: Lol there is no world Sweet gets anything for that. Hands on the ball
Kidult: M0nty needs to lower his chair to prevent him swinging his legs and knocking out the plug
slydon: one week for soldo pretty unanimous?
thommoae: It was a Cochin repeat - except Soldo was genuinely after the ball. No case to answer.
soup: If Clark got a week last week then who knows what's gonna happen, surely nothing though
wadaramus: He bumped his head, probably a week.
Getup: Who's tagging who drew chico?
2Ph0nes: Soldo playing well considering his missus left him
Jack SC: You're all complete nuffies. It's not a week at all. He was clearly contesting the ball only and didn't leave his
J.Worrall: New socks, m0nty?
Jack SC: Feet and didn't choose to bump. Nothing to answer for. Same as butters earlier this year.
original: Sweet back next week then
clay007: You are calling us nuffies Jack, but you called Soldo Sweet, pot calling the kettle perhaps
FreeHughsy: Not watching... how many weeks will soldo get? is it worth a reversal to keep sweet?
wadaramus: Do you have Soldo in your team Jack?
Stu7: I bought Boak in this week sorry everyone
EvilMonk: I reckon he gets a week. I must be a nuffie as well
J.Worrall: Who didn't trade Sweet already?
Noxious: Nah probably not Hughsy, butters did the same thing earlier in the year and got nothing
Jack SC: I had literally just read sweet the line before. Pretty easy mistake. Still not a week
wadaramus: I did not trade Sweet.
clay007: All cool Jack, we are all experts until we are not
clay007: All cool Jack, we are all experts until we are not.
Noxious: I've still got sweet also, had bigger problems
BigChief: If anyone knows what the clown Christian does with Soldo you are miles ahead of everyone else.
2Ph0nes: same wada
clay007: Wines on bench for a long time. Heart issue again?
Number 8: Soldo looked at McGovern before bumping in, reckon he's in strife
clay007: Nope, back on
JaiDay12: Clay your joke didn't land whatsoever.
clay007: I was not being funny Jai. Thought he had been off for a long time. End of 1st and start of 2nd.
huffpuffly: come on walsh do something
BigChief: Enough of the clangers Walsh.
Cam123: Hi, from a newby
clay007: That was what happened when he was subbed a few weeks ago. I still have him.
bhg26: This is bullshower houston
2Ph0nes: port have the bye next week, ppl that still have sweet will trade him anyway
Cam123: Hello All, newby here
slydon: walsh doooooo sumtinnnkkkkk
wadaramus: Howdy Cam123, feel free to speak your mind :)
FreeHughsy: you have to be careful around JaiDay clay, ignore him
BigChief: Walsh is doing plenty, plenty of clangers.
circle52: Evening all finally got on
clay007: Thanks hughsy, you never know really.
Pavs: Welcome Cam123
Number 8: Hiya Cam, get stuck in!
Cam123: Long suffering Blues supporter. Have Walsh & Houston
circle52: Blame me for Houston btought him in this week.
Norf17: Sweet isn't get back into the side with Soldo playing like this
bhg26: Not just on you circle, did the same as well
wadaramus: Lift Walsh you soft cock!
Raspel31: Strangely enough resisted Boak - bring him in next week?
circle52: Only have Houston and Burgoyne.
JaiDay12: Be careful of what Hugh? Quite a low blow by Clay in regards to what he said
Number 8: Looks like you brought him in to play on the bench, circle
gazza39: Taggers back in vogue, and please stay low Houston
Cam123: How the $%& does Fantasia get a game
clay007: Why was it a low blow? I was concerned there was an issue. Hence, I asked the question.
2Ph0nes: guys behind a screen are much tougher than walshy
LionBoy: Hi all. Not watching. Whoís on Walsh?
circle52: Drew
Norf17: Couple very odd blokes in the FanFooty chatrooms
LionBoy: Ta Circ
wadaramus: Drew LionBoy.
shancrows: Walsh trash
gazza39: Thought McEntee would tag again, did a big job last time
clay007: Taggjng is back in a big way. It is starting to hust some premos.
LionBoy: Was gonna VC Walsh as a high risk POD manoeuvre. I didnít.
Noxious: If he doesn't get injured/suspended I can't see Sweet coming back in, Soldo is huge
Cam123: Think Daicos will go large, VC on him.
LionBoy: My call too CamÖ.sorry.
Yelse: Bont could go large against us tomorrow
BigChief: Don't ask questions clay or someone will abuse you.
Cam123: My C choices this year have been appalling. Changed Gawn to Petracca last week and Gawn got 170
clay007: I can cope with abuse Bigchief. These are only words. I just hate my words being minced
Hazza09: Sweet aint coming back
Raspel31: Put the V on Walsh they said. Glad I'm deaf. All pals here chaps.
BigChief: Same clay.
clay007: Do the bulldogs have a run with player?
Cam123: Ryan must be a C consideration, huge seagull and Freo play that crap chip it around game
Ash777: They've trialed players Clay with the role
clay007: I just know that you are a beacon of knowledge bigchief. You help many of us on here. Thank you
Ash777: Gallagher & Garcia
wadaramus: Another highly skilled game of Aussie Rules footy at the highest level.
wadaramus: I could probably see a better game in the SFL.
clay007: I think the dogs will be too strong Ash. I am not sure who to vc, bont or daicos. Gawn c
wadaramus: Aldinga Sharks vs Port Noarlunga Cockledivers.
Pavs: Chief is definetly a beacon. Not sure about the knowledge part though :)
naicosfan: bruh why is houston getting attention and walsh + butters tagged.
Birdman18: Walsh with 6 clangers already. What a spud
Ash777: If freo dont double team Gawn they're stupid
clay007: I agree Cam. He rocks around with no opponent Ryan
Ash777: Dogs game to lose with all the pies outs
Tea_Bagger: Because he had 42 possies last time they played
wadaramus: If it wasn't for following the SC scores, I wouldn't watch this garbage!
BigChief: You taught me everything I know Pavs. So if I know SFA it's because of you.
wadaramus: Now I have to look at David King's fat head blurting somthing inconsequential.
Cam123: If the Bluebaggers are to get up, Charlie needs to kick a bag
clay007: Cripps not copping any heat here. I have Cripps, oppo has Walsh. We need some Cripps heat in here to fire him up
BigChief: Cripps saving himself for 2nd half clay.
clay007: Ash, you have naughton, libba and richards out. They are hard to replace
clay007: I hope you are right chief
Ash777: your key forwards are frampton and johnson
LionBoy: 70% TOG Clay. Carrying injury?
Pavs: Aw shucks Chief I'm like your mentor. lol
Birdman18: Cripps will outscore Walsh, Clay. Walsh's score in the second half will be weighed down by his terrible efficiency
clay007: Don't get me started Ash. That is not sending the fear through any side. lol
LionBoy: Walsh will ton up Bird.
BigChief: And yet your teaching skills are lacking Pavs hehe
clay007: Interesting observation Lion boy. I hope that is not the case. This is a big game for the blues.
clay007: Birdman, I have my fingers crossed that Walsh continues to turn the ball over. I need Curnow to stay away also.
Ash777: both teams are even here hope blues lose tho
LionBoy: You saying Blues donít fire when Walsh fires?
LuvIt74: Will Soldo get a week or get off as i missed it?
LionBoy: Sorry Clay ignore that. I see the Pie connection. :)
BigChief: They just showed Soldo hit again and he hit McGovern before touching the ball. He looks to be in trouble.
Ash777: Ralphy made it clear Soldo looks to be going for the ball
Vultures: He'll get off, Luv
clay007: I actually want the blues to win Lionboy.
clay007: If you had of told me that at h/t the best blues would be, kemp, newman, dekoning and boyd, I'd have thought you mad
J.Worrall: Get off your freakin' Blue rear end, Cripps!
Vultures: Boyd's the only turn up
Cam123: Newman having a good run, but don't have the kahunas to pick him
clay007: Thanks Worrall, that's what we need.
clay007: chat has gone quiet, lift team
FoopyTime: this game kinda snooze tbh
Noxious: Yeah pretty boring
Cam123: These 2 teams nowhere near the Swans
clay007: Only 4 pts in it, cmon lads
BigChief: Blues fwds look disinterested to me.
wadaramus: It's boring as batshower.
Pavs: Don't want to go off early clay.
shagga24: Don't know why they start the round with these blockbusters
clay007: Lol pavs
soup: Mclovin is the biggest flop
Cam123: Saints should always play first match of the round to get the crap game out of the way
clay007: If it wasn't for this game, I would be watching a flower show with my wife. Thanks AFL
clay007: Big chief, McKay disagrees
soup: I'd rather the flower show clay, this is a snoozefest
Cam123: Fantasia the difference between the sides....
thommoae: Is that a flower show, clay or is that a rating of the show's quality?
OffaStep: Was that the filter, Clay? A flower show could be interesting if it was...
bhg26: Wait a flower show or a flower show clay?
original: Haha that htb thatís rubbish
clay007: You don't know my wife Soup. I'd be yawning me head off. lol
Vultures: But they're finals contenders
clay007: Flower meaning poo
wadaramus: WHy can' the most skliful players in the country deliver better quality football?
sheezel420: walsh has no tank
OffaStep: Ah. A shower show. Could be interesting if that wasn't the filter...
Pavs: bhg is still in clay :)
eaglesrick: Cripps owners hurting
clay007: You are a funny man pavs.
LionBoy: JHF is very watchable.
Ash777: why did I trade out Mead :(
clay007: You should teach bigchief this considering you are his mentor.
pcaman2003: Is Williams being wasted deep forward again? Send him back Vossy.
Pavs: Can't teach old dogs new tricks clay (Chief is old, very old)
original: Howís that not htb? Ridiculous
Cam123: Come on Charlie
Tea_Bagger: Good to see umpires are paying those rubbish holding the ball frees both ways! Todd Marshall. Woeful
BigChief: Not wrong Pavs.
clay007: That appears quite obvious Pavs. I just hope you have tried
soup: Carlton hater here and HTB frees have been very one sided
BigChief: How was that not HTB on Butters?
Tea_Bagger: Blues will have to overcome the bad calls from this second half, hopefully they can hold
clay007: Blame the team, not the umpires tea bagger
BigChief: Dixon subbed.
Noxious: There's been bad calls either way, the umps aren't making this game close, the inaccurate kicking is
Raspel31: On a bright note Walsh hasn't had a clanger for 5 mins.
Kidult: Walsh scores better when he has less of it
Tea_Bagger: Sorry dirt but the umpires decide games with their whistles every week. Iím happy with the team.
soup: Houston quietly putting together a great performance
naicosfan: tea bagger what are you on about theres still a qtr to go
KangaBanga: I canít believe itís not butters
2Ph0nes: wheres the muppet that said walsh wouldnt score much in the end half because of his butchery? had 39sc in the 3rd.
2Ph0nes: 2nd*
nbartos: butters vc ffs
Kidult: 6 tackles helped after only having 7 disposals
Hazza09: Houston getting sucked off by CD
naicosfan: hazza hes really not
wadaramus: Slob a knob Hazza.
clay007: Crippa! You beauty!
Ash777: Cripps 2nd brownlow incoming
BigChief: There ya go clay :)
clay007: Crippa! You beauty! 2.0
clay007: Well played Big Chief, You said he would have a big 2nd half, and you right. Pavs take notice
Brenno1990: Cmon Butters Lift
BigChief: My walking stick whispered it to me clay :)
Pavs: Nope
FreeHughsy: These fox footy commentators sound like they don't wanna be there tonight
clay007: Cmon Pavs, own it, Big Chief knows more than you.
Ash777: carlton breaking some club records this season
Bluebagg11: My captain!
wadaramus: I listen to the radio.
Pavs: He's a grumpy old man clay with an addiction to angry pills
clay007: Finlayson, what a goal
eaglesrick: Cripps 40 points this quarter so far.
BigChief: Weitering has been quiet tonight. Unusual to see.
Pavs: Who listens to the radio wada :)
clay007: That does not reference his intel
BigChief: No high on Walsh? WOW
Brenno1990: How is that not high on Walsh
Gotigres: Oh wow, Carroll already 3 points
Pevo: Walsh never had a free arm to dispose ball...
wadaramus: I think it was The Members.
Pavs: The sports perhaps?
Raspel31: Walsh kicked straight- all good, phew.
wadaramus: Classic 80's rock either way :)
LionBoy: Sports
Birdman18: Pevo he had a free arm and didn't try to kick it
BigChief: Birdman where was Soldo's arm? Pretty sure it was over the shoulder.
Gotigres: At this rate Carroll will be worth about 10k in a few weeks.
wadaramus: Soldo is a hack.
wadaramus: Bring back Sweet.
original: bring back sweet. would have kicked 3g
Birdman18: Yeah true. Forgot about the over the shoulder
BigChief: Carroll can't play next week surely.
Vultures: Walsh ducked lol'
zadolinnyj: Butters stopped
BigChief: pcaman are you happy now with Williams?
thommoae: Er Third goal Monty?
Cam123: Great last quarter Bluebaggers, we'll take this win away from home
Birdman18: Butters only 6 kicks all night. He's lucky to be on 97 I s'pose. Ah well
pcaman2003: Not sure how Williams goes from 77 to 84 with mark and goal. Go figure!
Gotigres: Looks like Gawn capt
BigChief: Last qtr pcaman, you know what happens.
wadaramus: Port always an over inflated ego based on a gifted draw by the AFL.
TimT14: Kick one more zwill
BigChief: TDK bog by a mile. Fed the Blues mids all night.
navy_blues: walsh has no tank lol
Cam123: Port will make the numbers in lower part of the 8, but won't win a final
BigChief: Great win Blues.
pcaman2003: BC. Iknow! The usual mystery CD scoring system designed to befuddle
wadaramus: Time for the Port ferals to call 5AA begging for Ken to be sacked.
pcaman2003: Good win Blue baggers.
Tea_Bagger: Solid game to kick off round 12
original: port have got no heart. cos a she devil stole it
wadaramus: LOL original, please elaborate!
wadaramus: If you want a good laugh, tune into 5AA radio :)
original: wada an old anchorman quote - theyve got no heart tho, this part is true
original: had ZWill for 3goals..but mcgovern let me down
BigChief: 9 clangers and still scored 112. Walsh you champ :)
TheFilth: 6 kicks? - can't believe it- that's not Butters. Nice win Blue baggers
TheFilth: Hinkley once close to a flag - near Ken is now far Ken - time to go
Legix: You all come out in the last 5 minutes when the games over. Real men

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