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frenzy: you need a cloud icon for Max, m0nty
m0nty: good suggestion frenzy
navy_blues: king is a dud like hipwood had so many chance
StuL: come on clarry. stay good
BigChief: Looks like the Troll was wrong again.
Stu7: Sinhair & Boner in this one
StuL: Go Gawn
original: Itís a Gawn clinic
navy_blues: wow fritsch handballed off
original: Please good Steele today
BigChief: 1st goal assist of the season for Fritsch?
StuL: Gawn went from 22 to 18 ro
StuL: to 20 to 19 for no apparent reason.
StuL: but hes on fire anyway
pcaman2003: Hawks to beat Brissie. Finally happy. Go Maxy!
BigChief: It would just be an adjustment StuL nothing to stress over.
original: Steele haha ffs
DraperDrip: Switched the C from Gawn to Tractor just before game started
Stu7: Move your ar5e Sinclair
Legix: Is Oliver asleep on the bench or what
StuL: get up clarry.
Yelse: ffs oliver get of the pine
Legix: Oliver heard our spray. Just came on lol
original: Yep captain off Gawn due to calf concern. Ffs
DraperDrip: Some players play better whilst a little injured
shancrows: Oliver you spaz
Silz90: Just noticed Oliver omg
EvilMonk: geez, my Xerri > Marshall trade is looking better and better :/ SC is evil.
Legix: NWM a little too relaxed when disposing
StuL: Yea lift Oliver
shancrows: Please have bad games Steele and Crouch need some luck for a change
pcaman2003: 11 shots to 1 is ominous. Saints behind Hawks on ladder now.
StuL: WM is good lately
Silz90: Saints need better midfielders
slydon: doooo someting marshall
Ash777: Narrm on track for their 2nd win ever
slydon: whats bonner done to cop the names\
BigChief: Crouch will not score more than 0 Shancrows.
pcaman2003: C'mon Gawny and start putting in an effort.
soup: do something steele you muggle
zadolinnyj: crouch to dominate. hope the nuff who said gawn was out gets a well earned break from the site
shancrows: That would be perfect BigChief lol
BigChief: You are right Silz. Steele really needs some support.
Silz90: Muggle lol
BigChief: Crouch isn't playing in this game so he can't score Shancrows.
EvilMonk: My team has gone to shower this week. RIP
pcaman2003: zadolinnyj. Look no further than Manowar.
Pavs: Not Manowar biggest fan but he said it with a question mark. Didn't say he was definetly out
EvilMonk: It's hard to believe we lost to the Saints, looking at them :/
slydon: comp is very difficult to predict this year with so many injuries.
BigChief: Evil what's even harder to believe is Rich beat Syd.
Stu7: I bet St Kilda couldnít believe it either Evil one
navy_blues: there is 1 saints player id try in mids next year let him train with mids pre season
Stu7: Go Gawn 2 weeks with aeverages scores then I drop him and he does this
navy_blues: and already has the tank for it young wilson
BigChief: Agree navy, but wing is good for him this season.
Ash777: stop trading premos
navy_blues: yes give him this year on wing
slydon: id also try nwm in there navy
pcaman2003: Stu7. You dropped a player averaging 128? Lol!
BigChief: 111, 111, 109 last 3 weeks and you say that is average? WOW
slydon: nwm as an outside mid would be elite
soup: How does that count as a clanger to steele just because gawn is a mutant
Stu7: Pca I didnít drop him just as captain so for the confusion as he had 92, 109 and 86 so I went Naicos as VC into C
Ash777: you're looking at the wrong stat soup
BigChief: soup Steele has 0 clangers mate.
Pavs: Dreamteam for Stu7
navy_blues: sure slydon if they dont try these guys they dont know
pcaman2003: Stu7. Thanks for clarifying. I thought you'd gone bonkers.
EvilMonk: I've never heard anyone refer to "drop him" as removing the C lol
Stu7: Big Chief see my last post it was for DT not SC sorry for confusion
BigChief: cl = clearance and kermit is clanger soup.
Stu7: Now you have Evil
soup: BC. that is a fantastic point, muppet icon for me
fruity: Stu7 l did the same thing . Promoted Naicos to (C) after making him (VC)
Stu7: lol pca still am though
navy_blues: lol
BigChief: OMG Todd Viney now playing for Dees.
Stu7: Nice work fruity
BigChief: Yes Steele. Nice goal.
Stu7: Going along nicely Boner and Sinhair
slydon: marshall getting absolutely dominated by gawn
BigChief: Cmon Romar time to start playing.
Stu7: Not wrong slydon
EvilMonk: This is better Saints!
soup: VC/C on Gawn the last three weeks except for this one. typical
pcaman2003: The Gawn calf was obviously a non issue. Killing it nicely.
CamT: I don't think there is a #1 ruckman in any team who is shorter than Marshall.
EvilMonk: would have cost me 100k but I could have picked Gawn instead of Marshall. Don't I feel silly.
2Ph0nes: as expected clarry showerting the bed
soup: nank is shorter than marshall Cam
CamT: You're right, Soup.
BigChief: BJ Williams and Xerri same height CamT
Stu7: Marshal last 3 games averaging 146 so you did the right thing just one of those days!!
BigChief: Would love a 100 point half thanks Romar.
ausgooner: Dawson you beautiful bastard
BigChief: Wrong chat ausgooner
2Ph0nes: lol mate you in the wrong game peanut
soup: wrong chat ya doormat but I agree completely
ausgooner: got too excited lol, moved the C from Gawn to Dawson so you can understand why ;)
StuL: Lift clarry and trac
Stu7: Just saw your comment in the other game ausgooner lol
SydneyRox: gawn materclass there. too bad i also have marshall in my rucks!
slydon: marshall stop being a trainging dummy and do someting!
CamT: was going to pick Clarry next week. Won't bother now.
2Ph0nes: steele needs to lift in his tackling, averages 8 per game
BigChief: Same here Rox, but We must take all we can get today.
clay007: been drinking? lol
slydon: havent started yet today clay!
slydon: not a typical collingwood supporter
slydon: hes waited for roo to come into ruck to start doing anything. picking on kids
clay007: Just checking, bit sloppy on the keyboard.
slydon: phone screen is cooked m8
Birdman18: Marshall playing more like he did for me when I had him
BigChief: 1 letter wrong clay geez.
Pavs: 2 Chief but who's counting :)
BigChief: I don't count the missing capital M Pavs.
StuL: Clarry get back on
BigChief: Oh my bad I missed the missing h.
DiggaDogga: That old chestnut Slydon...
StuL: yay trac
slydon: one pavs, "someting"is intentional
Pavs: Someting Chief hahaha
clay007: I was only joking slydon.
DiggaDogga: Great fellas - grammar check done. I'm here for that kind of stuff.
slydon: dedicated to the great magicmoments
Pavs: Not buying it Slydon nice try though
clay007: Speaking of joking, the saints are having a laugh.
slydon: will happily plug absmagic, the great scodfather
BigChief: Check the other games score clay. LOL
slydon: amazing sc analyst
Stu7: Wake up Boner
clay007: Just did chief, not good from the weagles
BigChief: Cmon Romar, that's enough of the FA mate.
Pavs: Gawn going Huge today
Stu7: Gee Wilson is a good kid
Brian00173: Looks like it was the wrong week to take the C off Max. Looking like 170+ easily at this stage
Stu7: Gawn out of control
DiggaDogga: Romar all of a sudden a Sweet upgrade option?
dearviolet: Glad I didn't fall for the Gawn out posts. King Max
Pevo: Wow. 294 people actually traded Gawn out this week.
BigChief: Wilson a steal at pick 18 for Saints.
dearviolet: Gawn is going to be number 1 ruck this year, don't understand trading him out.
DiggaDogga: 294 just spotted deleting SC app for 2024 Pevo. Kidding themselves.
Gotigres: my opp has Gawn captain :(
dearviolet: I wish McVee was a better supercoach player. I would love to have him in the team.
BigChief: Gawn/Romar will be 1 & 2 imo.
slydon: is maso back in formfor real?
StuL: 100 still possible for oliver
fruity: l need Gawn to slow down...
slydon: 50 point quarter please rowan
BigChief: Yes StuL. Clarry could get 30 in a qtr easily.
dearviolet: Got the C/VC on Gawn permanently, reminiscent of Gary Ablett days
Silz90: Ofc im going to lose now because opp has c on gawn
CamT: I took the (c) off Gary Ablett Jnr the day he scored 256 and put it on Heath Shaw who got 19.
BigChief: Now that was a fail CamT LOL
CamT: No-one had discovered Captain loopholes then, BigChief.
BigChief: I need 105 from Romar and Wilson in last qtr to win cash league matchup
dearviolet: I remember that game CamT, I'm pretty sure it was either my first or second year playing supercoach.
BigChief: I remember playing fantasy when you had to ring up to change your teams each week. That was mid 90's
CamT: That's right BigChief and no way of reversing your trades.
dearviolet: Lol! The effort before internet staggers me. I was born 99 right on the cusp of tech boom.
Gotigres: Why did my opp take the C off Zorko and put it on Gawn? How inconsiderate.
BigChief: That's it CamT. And scores were in the Herald Sun on Mondays :)
bhg26: Lol you guys are old
Pavs: I think they are laughing at you Gotigres
BigChief: Yep and happy in life bhg hehe
Manowar: St
wadaramus: Thank You Max, thank you :)
dearviolet: Would love to see Petracca get DPP in forward.
CamT: Max Gawn sees his BE as a challenge.
EvilMonk: lol May! Looks like he won a flag! <3
soup: haha love to see that from May
BigChief: Gawn has done well for someone who was out of the game earlier.
Danstar: Who did I say to yesterday that Gawn will prob go big today?
SydneyRox: glad i left the big C on Max! the guys a deadset legend.
Kangagang: Love you Cap'n Max!
EvilMonk: Jokes on you guys with Gawn. Marshall is on 69..... nice!
StuL: come on clarry
lana2146: Raise the bat Gawn excellent performance
StuL: a shame not to capt Gawn
wadaramus: Get back on and get to 200 Max!
BigChief: Will 2400 be avg score this week?
Silz90: Stay on bench gawn lol
CamT: 2400 will be great score, BigChief. Flanders missing will cost plenty of teams.
lana2146: 2400+ a very good score ive seen a lot of 2200/2300
DiggaDogga: I think 2400 will be a bit above ave Chief.
soup: good boy darcy
Brian00173: This week it will be those who had Gawn C over the rest. A few other captaincy options underperformed a bit
EvilMonk: I'll be lucky to hit 2200 this week. :(
lana2146: Glad I kept Darcy Wilson
ausgooner: Copped a donut cos of Flanders. Captain Dawson the only thing saving me from a sub 2100 score
navy_blues: scaling to come
StuL: good one wm
soup: Wish Ryan shower the bed on friday, Maxy was my backup captain. Just how this game goes I guess
BigChief: 2320 for me, so happy days.
StuL: whats with that singing
naicosfan: what has mason wood done that steele hasnt to have 15 more sc points
DiggaDogga: Got to be where he got them, in scoring chains, etc Naics. DT reflects the raw numbers diff that we see.
Silz90: 2295 and reid

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