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zadolinnyj: Afternoon legends
RgngShnBnr: 100 please Brucey
Pavs: Afternoon all
frenzy: howdy
Pavs: Keep the good form going Mr Zorko please
Gotigres: Even though I have him, I'm hoping Zorko will be moved to the forward pocket as a decoy forward, on his way to 65sc
Silz90: Hope so tigres
Pavs: Noticed we disagree often Gotigres :)
Gotigres: Haha Pavs
navy_blues: pretty sad we have a race caller who shows up a majority of our footy commentors
navy_blues: commentators
pcaman2003: I wonder how we'll invent our loss today.
UncleSniff: Not hard Navy; just don't talk about yourself and "the old days" all the time. He's got no ego, just a good caller.
UncleSniff: I apologise in advance to Zorko owners, I picked him up this week
navy_blues: i agree Uncle he descrbes the footy better as well
Gotigres: That's the way Zorko. Thanks Uncle
sheezel420: Ty Zorko, love you
UncleSniff: I dunno what Zorko is sooking about, horrible technique from him. High every day....
Pavs: Looks like he is being made accountable today Uncle
pcaman2003: Zorko lol!
navy_blues: now 50m given away by Z
BigChief: Gday chat. Well done Dorko. FA and then a 50. Doing very well.
clay007: What was dorko doing?
Manowar: eeeww eeeww, Dorko
pcaman2003: Clay. Not exactly sure, but he's a huge help to the Hawks.
Birdman18: Who cursed Zorko?
Pavs: It's a GoTigres thing Birdman
clay007: Gotigres did birdman! His fault!
UncleSniff: That'd be me Bird, already apologised in advance
pcaman2003: Birdman. I cn't take responsibility as Voodoo doll out of action:)
Gotigres: Guess what guys. I've just seen my opp has changed captain from Zorko to Gawn. Go Zorko!
clay007: Sniff trying to claim it. Wowee!
TheLegend6: Hahah Zork man wtf
BigChief: Another FA on Dorko. Loving this so far.
Pavs: Thats not a free kick
Manowar: Gawn out?
Birdman18: All it needs now is for Zorko to do his hammy and I'm smashing the tv
clay007: Why are you asking that Manowar? Heard something?
pcaman2003: Good first qtr, but a couple of missed opportunities.
CamT: I was going to say exactly that, Birdman18. He's due :O
UncleSniff: Gawn doing a fitness test pre-game. You just wouldn't risk him would you? Looks to be a calf issue...
naicosfan: what are you talking about manowar? what is your source
Manowar: having fitness test on his calf now
BigChief: He is a big troll clay.
naicosfan: oh god.. this is for sure a shower week for my team
Manowar: BigChief you have no idea,
UncleSniff: Looks very proppy. Gawn test is legit. On twitter and Triple M went with it
Hazza09: Who ruined Zorko?
zadolinnyj: Common lions
Pavs: Why would I not have put the E on Sweet
Celeb13: Josh Jenkins tweeted abut Gawn too
UncleSniff: Ouch Pavs
Pavs: Dumbass me
Manowar: you must have taken advise from Big mouth Chief
pcaman2003: Pavs. I hope Gawn is out. I have E on sweet. Opponent gets a donut if Gawn out.
CamT: This commentator is good. Doesn't try to impress everyone with his brilliance.
Pavs: My opp has Naismith so no real damage. Just to overall standing which is huge anyway
BigChief: Keep it up Troll.
original: Wtf did Zorko do
zadolinnyj: Cmon boys. Letís get it back to the days where we complain about players, tog and umpires
pcaman2003: Looks like the popcorn may be coming out again soon.
Pavs: Umpires have been a little bit crap Zado now that you mention it :)
CamT: Didn't pay for the article but there was a story about Zorko being treated for a niggle , mid week.
TheLegend6: zorko doesn't look sore, just off today
original: CamT pretty sure that was based on an insta post where he was getting needling
Pavs: Getting followed everywhere by Macdonald
navy_blues: bris getting smashed atm
pcaman2003: I can't see big Neddy coming in for Meek now. Meek is a goer.
Gotigres: Is Sicily back?
pcaman2003: Gotigres. He tonned up his last few games, so think he'll be okay.
circle52: @camr It was more a promotion for his accupuncturist
Pavs: No pressure from Brisbane today.
CamT: haha fair enough, circle52. Thanks for clearing that up.
circle52: Agree Pavs and ro be honest Hopwood pressure missed
frenzy: brissy off the canvass
Pavs: Game not over yet Circle they are a good side a good side
desa2024: Looks like Gawn has been ruled out, according to some Twitter accounts
wadaramus: Can Dorko recover to a half decent score from here, whad a king size spud!
pcaman2003: Handy last second goal b4 half time.
TigerTime1: "according to some twitter accounts" - do you mean the fake warnie account that's clearly a troll?
snake_p: Gawn playing
original: Gawn playing
m0nty: Gawn is playing but does have left calf soreness.
Lions1980: the so called pic doesnt even look like gawn
circle52: Good to see another Lions supporter joining chat. Welcome
tajtaj16: it was defs gawn lions
Lions1980: ta mate
Pavs: Mitch Cleary say's he is playing along with m0nty good reliable sources there
exatekk: Mitch cleary reported 4 minutes ago that Gawn is in desa
CamT: Reville had better not get subbed.
frenzy: marshall to go big
pcaman2003: I expect the usual opposition fightback and over run us again 2nd half..
frenzy: next goal wins pcaman
pcaman2003: frenzy.I thought we'd win last week, but look what happened:(
Ash777: go hawks
frenzy: was brutal
pcaman2003: Keep cheering us on Ash. We'll probably need it.
Pavs: A very congested game this one
Ash777: Hawks defensive positioning is so poor
pcaman2003: Ash. It's been suss all year. Hopefully they'll gel again soon.
Ash777: lol cj gave the kid a hi-five
navy_blues: meek in rooms
bhg26: Log on, see Meek injured and Zorko on 30, log off
pcaman2003: And here we go again.Another good lead to be squandered. Sigh!
shancrows: Zorko you flog
navy_blues: bring breust on
Yelse: doesn't mitchel put a tag on any1 but diacos?
Yelse: how did zorko jump to 47 without doing anything
pcaman2003: Yelse. Who do you want tagged?
Ash777: Hawks seem to perform better when they don't have a big lead.
DiggaDogga: He got a kick Yelse, but crazy. He had 14 possies for 30 before that at 85%... Clangers aside.
Ooost: Zorko :D
pcaman2003: Ambrosia having a big qtr. Added about 37 points
Bluebagg11: Is Meek done?
Pavs: Oh well might have to leave Dermie and go to the other game.
pcaman2003: Ambrosia on a mission. Was either 37 or 38 at half time.
DiggaDogga: Brucey Rev punching out another 70+ would be a pearler
EvilMonk: Zorko's having a dog day
Ash777: dear sub
lana2146: So glad I didnt buy the Dylan Moore hype
pcaman2003: Zorko another FA. He's given us a very handy 3 goals. Thanks Dayne! Champion!
EvilMonk: when do you reckon you're safe Hawks? :P
DiggaDogga: Not sure Moore had hype lana. Ave 90+ last 3 years
Silz90: Pcanan you guys going to win?
pcaman2003: When we're 10 goals up Evil.
pcaman2003: Silz. Never too sure. We're capable of big stuff ups.Lol!
circle52: Safe pcaman we can not kick straight,
Silz90: I know what you mean good luck
EvilMonk: Think you're safe this time, Brisbane can't kick a goal
EvilMonk: this comment didn't age well
pcaman2003: Sshh!. They just kicked one.
Ash777: bailey needs to be tagged in last qtrs
EvilMonk: sorry pca I'll stfu ! haha
pcaman2003: Please tell me we can't lose it from here.
Ash777: they're home!
BigChief: Should be safe now pcaman. You can't lose again surely.
Silz90: Gunston !!!
EvilMonk: impossible to lose from here
Yelse: tada lions will struggle to get to GF now
BigChief: Daniher you clown. Took too long.
EvilMonk: lol Daniher took nearly his full 30.
pcaman2003: BC. Nah! He needs to take all the time he can.
BigChief: haha pcaman for you yeah he does :)
pcaman2003: We're sfae now. Great win Hawks. Well played
Silz90: Thanks for dropping a stinker zorks
Celeb13: Daniher must have a multi on, A-league style
BigChief: Well done Hawks.
EvilMonk: great game of footy Hawks! Congrats
Ash777: good win
Silz90: Great job boys
BigChief: Is that back to back wins over Bris for Hawks?
frenzy: nice hawks
Roarix: Said to a mate Gunston +3.. what a surprise.. 4 goals all year and kicks 4 today.. toss
BigChief: OMG it's actually the 5th win in a row. Bris becoming Hawks bunnies LOL

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