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Stu7: Afternoon all Green & Dempsey in this one
TimT14: Let's go Green and Daniels - 120+ each
StuL: Green and Dempsey yeah
BigChief: Great kick from Gryan to hit Bruhn
circle52: Green and Stewart for me. Time for Stewart to bounce back with 4 def tonning and Dale 99
clay007: In sc, how many pts do you lose if you drop a mark? How many pts if you kick straight to opposition
BigChief: That was terrible to allow O'Halloran a month to get rid of it.
Troglodyte: What's Green like in sc these days?
clay007: Tough crowd. Good chat!
circle52: @clay007 Clanger kicks are listed at - 4. No mention of dropped marks though,
BigChief: Trog getting cheaper by the week and clay it all depends on situation.
clay007: Green started with a clanger kick and then dropped a mark. May last week dropped 3 pts for a dropped mark
clay007: Green not penalised for either.
DiggaDogga: Clay, see the following - situation dependent as per BC
Hazza09: You want to get moving Green?
clay007: Thanks digga, circle and BC. Clear as mud though
DiggaDogga: That's kind of the point - it varies dep on game situation, where on field occurs, etc
DiggaDogga: But agree - Green never went into minus territory - dunno!
clay007: It is blurred, that way they cannot be held to account. Dodgy
circle52: I gave up trying to understand it especially the subjective ones.
McSquire: Stewart struggled ever since he had to play on someone
clay007: I need to give up too circle.
BigChief: Exactly circle. Just accept what CD do as we can't change things.
BigChief: Stewart being tagged by O'Halloran.
McSquire: Yep Chief - every time he has to earn he struggles
McSquire: Stewart will never play another game without an opponent
Stu7: Dempsey usually starts off okay letís hope he does something later on
clay007: Why does Freo's Ryan get such space. Plays on his own like Stewart used to
sheezel420: fisher > stewart
BigChief: Okay Max, stop kicking to GWS
pcaman2003: Clark only 5 off his proj. in half a qtr of playing. Good effort lad.
clay007: Is this Fanfooty forum looking different this afternoon?
pcaman2003: clay. Some sentences getting chopped off on RH side for me
Hazza09: Green such a hard watch
clay007: Same pca, did not know how to explain it
navy_blues: thats better
clay007: Just got fixed. Yay!
GinniFan: brought Green in this week, hope he outscores sullivan on my bench at least
BigChief: It was because of the link posted earlier
Stu7: Same here Ginnifan sorry everyone
StuL: Come on us
BigChief: That was about 65 metre penalty LOL
clay007: You are all over it chief
DiggaDogga: Ah sorry BC. Thought that would wrap around the same.
Stu7: You spud Dempsey youíre going next week
StuL: Dempsey do something
BigChief: Nope because it is all 1 word technically :)
Stu7: Stay low Whitfield
BigChief: Cmon Cats need you to win for tipping
clay007: Are you on the board at Fanfooty BC? You know everything. lol
Stu7: Dempsey definitely maxing out the spudometer
BigChief: Nope clay, just an old fart who has been around
circle52: Need Stewart to get to 72 to satisfy me, Clohesseys 71 on bench
clay007: Well, very observant of you then. Game on now, no easy win for the Cats at the cattery anymore
clay007: Neale has gone with an Addam's Family style of hairdo
sheezel420: Clarky what a man
clay007: Traded him this week sheezel for Sullivan. Typical
Stu7: SPUDempsey on the bench
lana2146: Tom Greens been so disappointing cant believe he was considered a must have top 3 mid
Stu7: And Green great!!
pcaman2003: Have Clark, but bench only. Hopefully he'll make money now.
clay007: Been waiting for him to make money the entire season pca, finally got rid of him
pcaman2003: lana. I think we were conned about his greatness.
bhg26: showerfield is doing my head in
lana2146: Disappointing pcaman2003
clay007: Showerfield should be getting checked for HIA after hit with clark. Hmm
pcaman2003: clay. I've held him for looping mostly. Will wait now and see how he goes.
navy_blues: keep going gws
Stu7: Me think Geelong are in trouble!!!
Stu7: Giants should goals in front with all the points theyíve kicked
DANGERous: get a move on Stewart
SonOfAGun.: Ooowee
Stu7: Itís because Dempsey isnít firing surely
BigChief: Okay Geelong you useless bunch of turds. Lift your game
clay007: riccardi playing out of his skin
bhg26: Anyone know why showerfield keeps getting autocorrected to Whitfield?
Stu7: They are playing like St Kilda
StuL: Conceeding a lot if points again
BigChief: Cats are pretenders.
navy_blues: cameron very quiet so far
Stu7: Terrible city Geelong
Stu7: * city - footy
clay007: Dempsey playing well
sheezel420: sub him off
navy_blues: not over yet tho cant write cats off
pcaman2003: This is still the Cats fortress, right? Or, maybe not!
Stu7: There goes Greene kankle
Stu7: Thanks for fvcking my score up Dumpsey
StuL: Go Dempsey
BigChief: You must have had much bigger issues to still have Dempsey Stu7
DiggaDogga: Chief goes bang!
GinniFan: regretting bringing in Green so far.
Silz90: How is Whitfield going? Hoping he stays low
Silz90: Clark on 58 that's a shock
lana2146: Clark goes ok shame he dont get more opportunity
Stu7: Not wrong Big Chief
TheOnyas: onya holmesy
Silz90: I refuse to sell until he makes some cash I'm stubborn
Stu7: Green wil come good
BigChief: Will Green get his BE of 71?
Manowar: No
StuL: Dempsey go.
StuL: i like being a spud with dempsey
Hazza09: Screw you green, been a hard watch ever since that Sydney game
Manowar: It's over Geelong, get ready for the Scott sook!
wadaramus: Come on Tom Green you insipid soft cock, lift!
StuL: Clark seems to be done
pcaman2003: Wada. Don't go too lightly on him.:)
wadaramus: Bit early for the fat lady Manowar!
StuL: this is why i dont capatin green.
pcaman2003: Does Scott hate Clark. Their best player per minute and only 50%TOG.
Raspel31: Hmm- traded Dempsey but worth bringing back?
Ash777: Clark probably has a poor tank pca
DiggaDogga: Green's Clangers are next level. Seriously shizen night for him.
Silz90: Did anyone bring in Conway
DiggaDogga: That's a hard 'No' Rasp
DANGERous: how do you manage 8 clangers from almost exclusively handballs haha
BigChief: Conway will get subbed. That's how dumb Scott is.
GARDS16: merrett or dawson capt ?
StuL: thes said on the radio he was injured. clark
navy_blues: no ninty tonight chief lol
StuL: which was wrong
DiggaDogga: And no frees against Danger.
BigChief: hehe invisible man again navy
navy_blues: ever since he bragged his heart out geelong hasnt won lol
pcaman2003: Ash. 50% tank, then probably shouldn't be playing.
biggs2dujj: Give Dempsey the turd
BigChief: navy never brag until after you win the flag imo
DiggaDogga: Even Brodie played 60%+...
StuL: definitely dempsesy last game
BigChief: Will another club look at Brodie? I doubt it.
Ash777: Cats may look at Brodie
GARDS16: címon green
DiggaDogga: Any word on dual possie changes post this round boys / girls?
BigChief: DPP is after rd 12 isn't it?
navy_blues: lol academy tom
pcaman2003: I read recently DPP after rnd 12.
navy_blues: didnt need 50
CamT: Dempsey got 3 points for that Clanger
DiggaDogga: 99% sure it is after Round 11, in readiness for Rd 12. But could be wrong.
EvilMonk: frog for Riccardi please, even he knew he shouldn't kick that.
DiggaDogga: Think Dempsey's mum phoned CD and pleaded his case Cam.
navy_blues: how many marks has conway dropped tonight
Number 8: Cadman avoids scrutiny, being in Sydney. Output been very disappointing despite being given every opportunity
BigChief: DPP changes will be made after every six rounds of the season following Round 6
GinniFan: wtf Tom Green??
CamT: haha Digga ... a blind handball straight to opposition. Oh well.
CamT: Tom Green needs this Bye
original: Tom green wtaf man
GARDS16: cats win from here
pcaman2003: Green hardly worth trading out now, dropped so much cash.
Jack SC: GWS win eaay
BigChief: Will the guys in green get Cats over the line?
original: 4 tackles that qtr but feels like he added like 10 points total
Silz90: Umps were shiet in our game today too. They have no idea honestly
Jack SC: What are you smoking BigChief. GWS got the rub of the green that last 10 min.
BigChief: Jack wtf has that got to do with my question? Go back to sleep.
beerent11: Seems like a lot of you blokes watch footy for the umps.
DiggaDogga: Almost feels like first goal wins here.
Jack SC: You literally just said the umpires were going to get Geelong over the line. Which is not what's happening at all.
Jack SC: Maybe you need to wake up and open your eyes.
Silz90: 3 free kicks in 3 qtrs beer it was shocking
BigChief: Jack read it again mate. I never said that at all.
BigChief: Here is what I said Jack SC Will the guys in green get Cats over the line?
Jack SC: Mate, it's exactly what you were implying. Learn English mate.
Pavs: Oh Jack so wrong mate back out of this gracefully
BigChief: Learn to read Jack SC.
McSquire: Embarrassing yourself Jack
Silz90: Jack your wrong re read what chief said
Roarix: Tom Stewart is the biggest SC Fraud of 2024.. imagine starting with him
pcaman2003: Should I get some popcorn? Chat more exciting than the game.
wadaramus: That looks like a question not a statement.
Jack SC: He is asking the umpires can get the cats over the line? What else could that mean.
Troglodyte: This entertainment needs some popcorn... brb afk etc
FoopyTime: you sound upset about it for some reason roarix
frenzy: yep roarix
connrs: Roarix I know the one year i actually went with him i'm spewing
wadaramus: Green you complete waste of a trand and whatever I flowering paid for you, lift!
Troglodyte: btw Go the non-Vic team... ok afk now brb
Raspel31: Green going to be so cheap after the bue but begs the question??
Pavs: Open question Jack not implying anything.
McSquire: Hey Jack you go from saying ďhe literally said ÖĒ realised you were wrong and then said thatís what he was implying.
navy_blues: another draw?
Ash777: boo conway subbed
BigChief: You are clueless Jack. It is an open question and not stating anything.
wadaramus: Cats storming home, where are you Manowar?
circle52: Not the only one who started with Stewar t
frenzy: lol bue but
DidgeBird: I think the question could have been - will geelong get over the line? no need to mention the umpires
Jack SC: Why would you possibly be randomly asking if the umpires are going to get the cats over the line.
Troglodyte: mcmullin would be good if he could shake the vest
pcaman2003: Be over the moon if Clark gets to 80+.
DidgeBird: cats have come back with no thanks to the umpire
circle52: First rage trade of prem may be coming this week.
BigChief: Jack change my word of will to your word of can and you would be correct mate.
EvilMonk: what a tackle by Aleer, great chase
Jack SC: Why are you asking the question in the first place
Jack SC: There has to be some.motivation to ask it
connrs: Anyone else got Whitfield,Stewart and Greene absolute frauds
frenzy: which one circle, lol
Pavs: It's over Jack moving on now.
BigChief: Why does anyone ask questions in here? It's called chat.
circle52: Only missing Whitfield connrs
piesfan420: all the premo selling this game except holmes
circle52: Stewart had him from the start
Troglodyte: Who cares Jack - if that's even your real name
EvilMonk: Not much in it Jack, maybe just leave it. Harmless question/comment dragged on way too long tbh.
connrs: circle i've had all 3 since the start its a nightmare
BigChief: Dempsey to kick the winner for the 2 Stu's
clay007: Don't stop bickering yet guys, trog's just got popcorn. lol
Number 8: Green's K to HB ratio looks ... not ideal
GinniFan: cmon green junk time get to 90+ at least
McSquire: Give it up Jack - seriously you donít get to get harmless questions. Enjoy a good game
frenzy: Capt Stewart it is then
Troglodyte: With Butter(s) on top too clay
McSquire: Only worse than starting with Stewart is recently bringing him in - thatís me
wadaramus: Looking like a close finish, go GWS :)
CamT: Whitfiels 16 kicks for 64 points.
Silz90: Come on stew finish strong
Troglodyte: Screw it just updated my speadsheet - whitfield to ryan
clay007: Not watching the game, who wins from here? Can the umps get Geelong home? Lol
BigChief: Don't you kill Ryan Trog LOL
navy_blues: blicavs be having a holiday id say
EvilMonk: Blicavs gets a week for that I reckon
Silz90: Same mcsquire he was cheap for a reason I guess :(
Gotigres: Can somebody please trade out Stewart so he can go 130 next round. Thanks.
Ash777: another tv for blicavs
Troglodyte: lol clay get some popcorn too mate
connrs: Trog might be my move aswell this week
EvilMonk: oh boy, Greene!
Silz90: Can someone also bring in Ryan and workout ta
GinniFan: tom green going down lmao i hate this
Jack SC: What a goal!
TimT14: Amazing goal
Troglodyte: Don't worry BC I don't believe my trades jinx players like you goosies
wadaramus: Why is Green going backwards?!
LionBoy: If Whitfield concussed it will be 3-4 for Blicavs
BigChief: Honk honk Trog hehe
Gotigres: Kick the winner please Clark
Troglodyte: lol - I'm bringing in McMullin too - love this kids grit
BigChief: Hawkins looks cooked.
clay007: Don't pay the Perryman, don't even fix his price
Gotigres: Guess who averaged 133 before I got him in my side...and 91 since. That's right Green, it's you. You basterd.
BigChief: Does he keep his spot for weeks though Trog?
DiggaDogga: Leave the Greendog alone. He'll ave 105+ still across the year. Haynes has been massive here
Vultures: Tom Green is carrying an ankle injury 3 weeks ago against Swans
Silz90: i brought in zerret and rowell a few weeks back tigres - hope that makes you feel better
clay007: This is a great game all of a sudden. You can feel the tension
Troglodyte: Technically my kids are bastards too Gotigres - but none are called Tom so all good...
LionBoy: Cmon Giants. Do it for Scotty.
Silz90: tom you legend good come back
DiggaDogga: Stewart from 70-95 in last 3 mins?? I'll bloody take it.
DukeNewc: Stewart +15 lol
Silz90: if cats kick the next goal, ninty will join the chat
navy_blues: what a mark
EvilMonk: Aleer you star!!!!!!
connrs: what a mark aleer
Troglodyte: I thought he was a better option to start the season than Thomas and Cadman so might be ok BC
Pavs: How good Aleer
Jack SC: Aleer on fire
Silz90: green up to 100 too wth
frenzy: how long to go
EvilMonk: easy tip, never looked in doubt!
BigChief: Aleer huge in last 5 mins
LionBoy: Strong strong win
pcaman2003: Good win GWS. Deserved it!
Silz90: great win giants, good job aleer
EvilMonk: lol why are the crowd boo'ing? clear throw? Or they powered about something else?
pcaman2003: Real happy Clark got to 90.
DiggaDogga: Stewy 45 in last 5 mins. I call BS with that. No way he influenced the game that much
Kangagang: Aleer's mark was insane.
Hazza09: Stewarts score is a joke
piesfan420: diggadogga i swear he did nothing
GinniFan: wish I bought stewy not Green
Troglodyte: Looks like Greene rates McMullin too - lock it in
BigChief: Agree Digga. Stewart was rubbish all night apart from last 5 mins.
GARDS16: bomber thompson eager to get the party started
EvilMonk: I don't mind saying this, Tomahawk, you're a legend! Thanks for the contribution to our sport.
wadaramus: Tom Green 28 possessions and 17 contested, 77sc, WTF?!
EvilMonk: Hahaha Aleer with the crowd instead of the boys singing the song. You legend!
Melon: 46% efficiency and 10 clangers wada
wadaramus: Too harsh Melon!
Melon: That's CD for ya
beerent11: Not watching. How the flower did disco get to 116? You beauty!

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