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bhg26: Flanders out with illness if anyone needs to make changes
carl: Thanks 26 just got home didnt know.
Pavs: Nice icons m0nty. Great work again
navy_blues: ty bhg lucky had dempsey on bench
navy_blues: see how many qtrs blues play today hopefully more than 1 or 2
Troglodyte: Go the Sons
Manowar: do something Flanders
cherry9: How is that not HTB to Clohesy.
EvilMonk: Flanders still on my ground, Richards on the bench, no emergency. FML
Manowar: how sad for u
GinniFan: Flanders out and Rogers sub. damn
Manowar: clanger Clohesy
bhg26: Come on Sexton start seagulling
Manowar: Z good
pcaman2003: Get going Rowell and Sexton.
Birdman18: Who's the Muppet who put yellow numbers on this GC indigenous guernsey? Can't see them
Pinnas: Im bringing Sexy back! Alex Sexten. Im bringing him back into the fold.
DidgeBird: @navy - hopefully not half a qtr XD
Hazza09: ffs choosy get to a 60 at least you hack
pcaman2003: Work harder Rowell and get ya score moving.
soup: Nandos tag a bit of a joke
DaicosQB: Richards as the sub is a massive let off for Flanders being out. Almost makes up for leaving serong captain... almost.
naicosfan: what happened to flanders just tuned in
pcaman2003: naicos. Illness
Troglodyte: Allergies, allergic to hard work.
naicosfan: cheers pca, bit disappointing.
pcaman2003: Rowell to tackle his way to a score. Possessions are good too lad, so get them.
navy_blues: a free amazing
EvilMonk: you're only +34 for the year, I can see the complaint @navy :P
EvilMonk: Umps doing their "evening it up" thing this game obviously
pcaman2003: If tackles are 4pts, then how is Rowell's score so low?
EvilMonk: 33% efficiency @pcaman
JaiDay12: @pca check his accuracy
Stu7: Come in Miller ffs
navy_blues: well monk how many have they missed so far? be realistic
EvilMonk: plenty. I'm not defending umpires, not at all. But you being +34, #1 in the comp
EvilMonk: means you have the least to complain about
naicosfan: what a goal
circle52: As a neutral navy been a few both ways but only 10 frees all up so far keeps game going.
pcaman2003: I understand his DE low, but 4 cp's 2 effective touches doesn't seem to add up
navy_blues: lol ok monk keep watching with your 1 eye
EvilMonk: ^_^ I picked Carlton, it really doesn't fase me, but all good m8
BigChief: You would be wrong Evil. Suns +44
EvilMonk: true @Chief - GC went +11 last week v Geelong. My stats two weeks old.
DidgeBird: we all act like every team is as fair as each other... some teams play dirtier / cleaner - hence FK +/-
miersmessi: cats or giants this arvo lads?
FoopyTime: the orange team cause its in geelong
pcaman2003: You spud Rowell. Put in some effort at least.
Troglodyte: Why couldn't the AFL stagger these games, both HT sucks...
navy_blues: agree trog
Troglodyte: We built this city...
BigChief: Blues keep kicking it to Andrew's advantage.
pcaman2003: Rowell not tageed,but not getting the ball. What's the go with this ex contested beast?
BigChief: pcaman 1 on 1 with Cripps and Rowell tackled every time he gets it.
sheezel420: you answered your own question, its because it's being played uncontested
pcaman2003: sheezel. Are you saying then that he's a one trick pony?
sheezel420: unfortunately yes, and I have him too :(
pcaman2003: I've seen him play good uncontested footy before, so what's changed I wonder.
BigChief: 2 free kicks in 3 qtrs is a joke.
pcaman2003: Has Sexton come out this half? He's not scoring.
LachieMcL: He just did a rippa kick in but didnt go out of square lol
navy_blues: exactly chief if that was happening to certain ppls team in here there would be mayhem crying everywhere
pcaman2003: BC. Mus be some sort of record, surely
LachieMcL: and Rowell has never played uncontested footy lmao rarely ever goes above 30 touches also
BigChief: navy it looks like Collins is holding McKay every contest.
Raspel31: Meeting the big Ange seems to have fired Walsh up- go lads- go Spurs.
LachieMcL: go suns beat this shlt team
BigChief: 19 1/2 years LachieMcL mean anything to you?
Raspel31: Oh poop- just home from soccer and Flanders out- guess I am far from alone.
BigChief: He was out with illness Raspel
EvilMonk: I woke up to my zero aswell Raspel, fun times
fruity: l have Flanders but luckily l had Richards as (E)..100 sc points..Thank you.
EvilMonk: surprised ump didn't pay a free to Cripps there lol
Raspel31: You are a very, very naughty boy fruity.
BigChief: Evil more surprised he didn't give 50 to Suns for umpire contact.
EvilMonk: Not when it's Patrick Chief, come on now :P
McSquire: Fantasia killing it as usual
Troglodyte: A-Sex didn't get the message about covering for Flanders I see...
BigChief: Wow Fantasia got a kick.
pcaman2003: Rowell 60 pts worth of tackles. Rest of his game worth 19. Joke!
Number 8: Mitch McGovern needs a permanent band-aid icon
BigChief: Good call number 8.
beerent11: Not a joke pca. Thatís what makes him do good. The tackles keep his floor high.
BigChief: ZWi;; 4 goals? Thats a huge surprise
beerent11: So good, not do good.
BigChief: ZWill even
pcaman2003: beer. Love his tackling,but to me his score makes no sense.
Stu7: Come on miler
Raspel31: Lay at tackle Rowell!
BigChief: Nice goal HBB
pcaman2003: One day Rowell might hit a team mate with his disposals.
Hazza09: get off the bench Walsh ffs
EvilMonk: Carlton do very well each week 21v23. Nice of them to donate Orazio each week as well
BigChief: Carl trading Fantasia to Coll for Hill
pcaman2003: Good win Blues. Your mids tore GC a new one.

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