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J.Worrall: Go Young and Jacksons
J.Worrall: Parker, mint0?
Yelse: who is everyone VC and C. Thinking Ryan/daicos into butters
circle52: Serong into Merrett - Will assess other C options if Serong goes bad
EvilMonk: Evening lads, I reckon Serong will score well
missmagic: got a few draft teams,but serong to anderson at least twice and ryan with the V in one team
Silz90: Vc on serong
Yelse: do free really have a tagger?
missmagic: got serong naicos and anderson in a st.kilda team as imports and went serong V over naicos
Silz90: ryan crowley is playing tonight yelse
wadaramus: Ryan VC anyone?
wadaramus: XDon't have Serong in SC, had to settle for Butters.
frenzy: butters vs norf
CamT: I've gone Ryan (vc), wadaramus
Pavs: Evening all. Ryan into Butters for me.
naicosfan: vc ryan serong daicos richards
naicosfan: and jackson
wadaramus: May the SC gods be with us, enjoy the games!
CamT: Backed Richards to kick 3 @$15.80
SonOfAGun.: May is not in this game
GARDS16: címon serong
flibbity: may the force be with you
wadaramus: May the 4th was a couple of weeks ago.
original: luke ryan would be on 30 if he was bont
Ash777: crap didn't realise sean darcy is back
Troglodyte: Go Walyalup
wadaramus: Zacly Original, 2 kicks 2 marks 100% DE.
Gotigres: I want the Pies rookies to win tonight as I have Dean, Sullivan and Richards with the E, all ready to be looped on field
naicosfan: bruh, freo go from not knowing where the goals are to kicking deadeye from the sheed pocket
BigChief: Sheed pocket is at MCG naicos
SonOfAGun.: Pearce is a brick wall
original: naicos except amiss
Gotigres: Touch the ball Jackson
2Ph0nes: freo should trade darcy
original: hayden young gone from absolute butcher to surgeon
naicosfan: haha keep Amiss-ing
SonOfAGun.: A miss
Troglodyte: Bad luck 'Nev'
Gotigres: That happened when I traded him out original
Ash777: Cox looks lost out there
jezzas-cow: 12 year olds
zadolinnyj: Lads
SonOfAGun.: nice flick pass
zadolinnyj: Flick pass then a try
2Ph0nes: got stuff Ryan gets those chips son!
Silz90: why did gc get rid of sharp?
PigeonPies: he requested a trade?
BigChief: He wanted to go home to WA Silz
Gotigres: So far I'm very happy I held Charlie Dean for 10 weeks
pcaman2003: Sorry in advance. Have VC on Serong. Will stink it up tonight.
Silz90: thanks guys
zadolinnyj: Blink and Serong goes 5 possesions
Devero_D: What was the Serong clanger? I didn't see it.
naicosfan: handpass to mihocek devero
pcaman2003: Devero. HB to opponent I think
BigChief: HB to oppo Devero
Gotigres: He should have 2 clangers Devero. One was having a kick smothered and the other was a handball to the opp
Devero_D: Ta
eaglesrick: first timer here, hello legends
Silz90: welcome mate
pcaman2003: WSelcome eaglesrick.
Number 8: Howdy Rick
jezzas-cow: hey eagles
CamT: Hi eaglesrick
BigChief: Richards started well.
Gotigres: Hi eaglesrick. Welcome
Pavs: Welcome eaglesrick
Devero_D: A new Eagles fan? The Reid effect.
wadaramus: Eaglesrick is in the house, you're welcome here mate :)
pcaman2003: With Darcy back, Jackson back to doing very little again.
eaglesrick: seems like i know all you flowers, ive been here for years
Silz90: when did richards get to 30 lol not complaining
jezzas-cow: richards being in f6 is making my forward line look juicy
Devero_D: Jackson has been terrible most of the year.
slydon: go richards you gun (on field this week for me)
Pavs: How big is the house Wada? Do we get to kick anyone out?
Silz90: fyfe pull your finger out
EvilMonk: Lol Fyfe you flog
jezzas-cow: lift fyfe
BigChief: Get off the bench Parker :)
DANGERous: Richards on my bench after seeing Garcia score last night
wadaramus: This house in infinite Pavs, but I guess m0nty has ultimate control over capacity and evicting transgressors :)
jezzas-cow: How is everyones multis look like?
Pavs: Damn I just started writing down candidates :)
naicosfan: richards on my field after seeing darcys score last night
BigChief: Dogga keeps HBing to teammates under pressure.
wadaramus: Jacko keeps handballing to players under the pump.
zadolinnyj: Good jezza
beerent11: Surely those of us that still have Fyfe have no right to whinge. We knew the risks. Get over it.
zadolinnyj: Need more scoring
naicosfan: extremely soft
wadaramus: Good quarter, but that is a shower free kick.
Silz90: soft free kick
eaglesrick: what the
SonOfAGun.: great goal ump hahaha
navy_blues: omg umps extra man for pies tonight
2Ph0nes: lol garbage free
zadolinnyj: Weak free kick
slydon: wowee
wadaramus: I don't think players should celebrate gift goals, get excited when you actually earn it.
BigChief: Fyfe will score 69 again.
Gotigres: How many points for Dean with that free?
JaiDay12: Very self righteous of you to say Beer
bhg26: Umps having a great week so far
TorturedSC: That's almost matchfixing levels of a BS free
Silz90: i have to keep fyfe untl his bye beer :(
wadaramus: Umps changing the course of a game again...
pcaman2003: Wada. That's his specialty.
UncleSniff: I didn't sleep last night after making Grundy my VC, thank god I put the C on Harrison
PigeonPies: umps keep ruining games, wtf is that free?
Gotigres: Surely Dean gets points for his free. BS if he doesn't
DANGERous: nice start Fyfey, really helping us out
pcaman2003: Uncle. Lol! The perfect pick.
bhg26: Fyfe gets 10 fantasy points he gets 120 supercoach keep going fyfe
UncleSniff: Enjoy your last season Fyfe. You've been a gun, but you are now just out there running aimlessly... Sad to see
Gotigres: free kick goal assist must be worth 10 sc points surely
UncleSniff: Thanks pcaman, I am ranked in the top 10, look at how good I am!
wadaramus: Fyfe was a good pick early, but trade bait weeks ago surely.
Pinnas: Im watching this game naked with my Dad!
EvilMonk: Sounds hot
UncleSniff: In all seriousness though pcaman, go Richards! I could get you on the field if you keep this up... Sullivam. Ramp it up
CamT: Fyfe will be on Freos books until the end of 2025.
shagga24: Jee,
UncleSniff: Ouch, surely not Cam? They will just pay him out surely? Looked shocking for weeks now
UncleSniff: Not talking about SC, just actual footy
wadaramus: Ryan you hack, clangers will kill your score you imbecile!
PigeonPies: luke ryan went up 6 points after turning it over?
CamT: A dodgy contract for sure, UncleSniff
BigChief: Cmon Caleb hit more targets mate.
wadaramus: You referring to the DT score Pigeon?
Dondeal: Cox such a spud
Silz90: ryan is like bont this year for scoring
PigeonPies: no wada, he went up on supercoach
PigeonPies: im talking about the handball after the kick in the pocket
Yelse: dunno why the pies dropped macrea but this harrison kid gonna be a gun
PigeonPies: macrae doesnt really add anything to the team, but probably didnt deserve to be dropped for ed allan
Number 8: Am I alone thinking Jackson is a better all-round ruck than Darcy?
UncleSniff: Macrae is a butcher and has a limited role. I'd be suprised if he wasn't playing for North in 2026
PigeonPies: i know its good for supercoach but they need to stop counting kick ins as a stat, ryan takes one step out to get a stat
wadaramus: Looking like you can't pair Jacko with anyone.
Yelse: i think macrea deserves more run didn't need to put in allan or parker this week need a settled team
UncleSniff: Nobody really knows why Freo have 1.7m tied up in ruckman Number 8. It's very weird.
wadaramus: He's a man that needs his own damn space.
wadaramus: I don't share ruck with no-one!
frenzy: stop kickin points pigeon
thommoae: Agreed Yelse - hadn't put a foot wrong in the last tw
m0nty: this is like Peel vs Sandringham in the Foxtel Cup
PigeonPies: we have too many injuries to have a settled team, but i agree he should be in over allan or parker
Dondeal: What's with Young's gametime?
PigeonPies: frenzy, if you think its deserving of a stat, i'd love to know why
Number 8: That's a big number isn't it, Uncle.? Agree wada, Jackson is twice the player when he's the main man
Silz90: boring quarter of footy
thommoae: Kicking in the field of play. End of story, Pigeon.
frenzy: i think its useless along with hitout stats
McSquire: What a great game to watch
Napper: Sucks when Freo hog the ball and don't know how to move it
wadaramus: Perfect conditions for elite footballers to display a highly skilled game of Aussie Rules footy.
wadaramus: But it's 3 goals apiece.
soup: Imagine being a dorkers supporter and watching this every week.. id swap sports
Yelse: low possession game
PigeonPies: bad take thommoae, cant lie
wadaramus: If I wasn't watching to follow my SC scores I would probably turn off.
cmperrfect: Get off the pine Serong
BigChief: Okay Serong, pull the finger out.
wadaramus: Serong you flaccid phallus.
McSquire: Freon looks most dangerous when Jackson in ruck
Vultures: Serong has a nice bandage on his knee
EvilMonk: Looks like norf would beat either team tonight. shower house
CamT: Dean owners would be powered of if they've kept him for 10 weeks for this.
Slaggy.A.B: Changed my c from strong to Ryan last second
navy_blues: lol mcreery
Ash777: great job Ryan
pcaman2003: My VC failures this year are truly lamentable. Picked only one good one.
McSquire: I went the opposite way Slaggy
2Ph0nes: lol manbun
BigChief: Your over use of the doll is coming back to haunt you pcaman
Slaggy.A.B: Haha mcsquire unlucky
Pavs: Not the first time he has heard that Chief
eaglesrick: richo says get it in and get it deep...good advice for most of us.....
pcaman2003: BC. I said the same thing to Wends recently. The doll is sacked.
Hazza09: ffs Serong
Slaggy.A.B: lol
BigChief: haha pcaman and Pavs
wadaramus: I have to say I do like the relaxed officiating, let the game go, trying to pick up every tiggy touchwood free sucks.
wadaramus: But this means we definitely don't need four umpires.
bhg26: Hodge needs another word for smart, says it nearly every time he opens his mouth
BigChief: Skills are putrid from both teams.
pcaman2003: bhg. That's because he's smart.:)
McSquire: Nah Slaggy just consistent with how Iím travelling this year 😂
Roarix: Not 15.. umpire got bored of Freo playing kick to kick lol
Slaggy.A.B: Ryan should have more with 16 kicks and 8 marks
BigChief: Fk off that is insufficient intent.
OffaStep: Yeah, pcaman. He's not too.... bright?
navy_blues: cmon bhg we have the elite commentators on tonight lol
McSquire: Seriously Darcy is a joke
Slaggy.A.B: Seeing is on track for 60 points less then prj
wadaramus: Half time stink on.
BigChief: Ummm nope Slaggy. only 2 cont poss out of those 19 disp. 68 is correct.
pcaman2003: OffaStep. He probably picks better VC's than me so maybe smarter.
dibba23: freo the most boring team in the AFL confirmed
natomate: Jackson sucks with Darcy in the team
Yelse: clark and ryan just mark kick mark kick every game oh yeah and kick ins
natomate: Slaggy 3 clangers and no contested, Ryan has been mid so its good hes on 68
natomate: Ryan gets an extra 30-40 a game from kick ins hey
eaglesrick: peanut Maynard..... every week
McSquire: Problem for Afro Nato is that Darcy does too. Whatís the use of playing him
naicosfan: freo major ball winners all half backs, how damaging and impactful
piesfan420: so many missed opportunites
Slaggy.A.B: Only had a breif look so yeah with no contested I was probs wrong
natomate: All good slags
beerent11: Scoreboard naicos.
Hepatitis: Wil Parker is a ripper of a character - wonít fit in at Collingwood
natomate: Fyfe has gotta go, was hoping he just got 70-80 to survive , but nah hes gotta go
natomate: Fyfe and Sean Darcy must go
piesfan420: should have got joe richards instead of sullivan ffs
natomate: This website is so scuffed,the site refreshing everytime you post a chat is scuffed hahaahha
Ash777: No hating on the site. Monty doing his best
wadaramus: Start a better one nato.
Pavs: Ask for your money back nato
Getup: Got both pies fan lift pies 🥧
wadaramus: m0nty has given us this place to hang out for so long, we love it. If you think it's "scuffed", find one that's not.
pcaman2003: Hard to believe it was only 5 years ago was Fyfe's last Brownlow
piesfan420: gotta get up tho
soup: Who cares if the site refreshes nato ya plank
Getup: Chips galore for ryan n clarke hard ball gets many just saying have they had any??
soup: Odd thing to complain about
piesfan420: these commentators are annoying
beerent11: He carried them for so long pcaman, his body is buggered.
TorturedSC: nato, it's free mate, might be worth adjusting expectations
soup: Howes omission means I need to field Rogers or Reville, what do we reckon?
piesfan420: id go reville soup
UncleSniff: How is that even a possible scenario soup?
wadaramus: Breville I reckon.
soup: Had Clohesy in m8 and howes d6, now swinging Clohesy d6 and need a mid to cover
huffpuffly: richards same again next half please
OffaStep: Howes out, Sexton up, Breville in?
hawkers317: Joe Richards a great trade in
wadaramus: Spot on Hawkers!
huffpuffly: if only i had him on field hawkers
wadaramus: I had Freijah on the pine with the E, and Garcia to use for the loop.
wadaramus: But traded Garcia to Richards for the coin an put him at F6, so far so good!
BigChief: Now I am going to read chat log after game to see comment from nato
hawkers317: Lucky i kept sullivan on the bench for now can loop him or blake howes on depending on what sullivan scores what score s
Pavs: Used Garcia looped out Comben
wadaramus: BC, nato said the caht was "scuffed" because it
huffpuffly: would it be safe to put the c on zorko on sunday
soup: BC, said that the site is 'scuffed' as it refreshes when you send a message through
wadaramus: Refreshed while we type.
OffaStep: "Blah blah blah scuffed, hahahaha blah blah scuffed."
BigChief: oh boo hoo. Simple answer to that. Go to another site.
hawkers317: Should I trade Graham to bring in Sexton
cmperrfect: 100 pt half. Let's go Serong.
Pavs: Yes hawkers
Ash777: chrome hates javascript so if using chrome switch to edge
Pavs: Past his bedtime Chief
wadaramus: That's what I suggested BC :)
thommoae: Enough of the 'bedtime' quips lads - it's passť.
BigChief: m0nty provides an awesome site for us.
Napper: Stop flowering crying about a guy making a joking comment
wadaramus: That's what I said BC :)
BigChief: Serong's teams mates keep fumbling his passes and it's costing him points.
JaiDay12: the glazing is wildddd
wadaramus: Sledging FanFooty is not a joking comment Napper.
BigChief: haha wada great minds.
Gotigres: Wow, Charlie Dean's score moved
eaglesrick: as a new person here, i would never critisise...
OffaStep: Anyone else ever feel like every new name is spudboy in a fake moustache?
BigChief: You obviously were not here last night Napper to see his crap. No humour in the dribble.
Pavs: I miss Beast Mode
Roarix: Why do I always miss the comment.. damn it
Silz90: i think nato said bont was ripped off last night from cd
eaglesrick: Brayshaw has called this a win already....hes so biased.
wadaramus: You have to not fall asleep like me Roarix.
BigChief: I missed it as well Roar, but chat filled me in.
Hazza09: Serong straight to the bench
wadaramus: Why does the modern game feel attacking but low scoring?
BigChief: No Rick he is just a crap caller LOL
DANGERous: cya later fyfe. done with your shower
Ash777: It depends on the teams playing wada
Oddsy5: wada, defensive structured are more advanced than the offense
Oddsy5: nba is opposite- offense has overtaken defence- higher scoring
wadaramus: It just seems the same every game though Ash?
wadaramus: I get that Oddsy, but in good conditions, we get the same number of I50's, but no-one can convert!
BigChief: Apart from StK games wada :)
Roarix: Aintnoway I VCíd Serong.. I canít take this no more
wadaramus: Sharp has been good in my AF team at M8 :)
Oddsy5: wada the games changed, less 1on1 and more defenders
Roarix: + left Richards on the bench.. where is the forfeit season button on sc?
navy_blues: cox down loll
Oddsy5: will come off their man to intercept a contest between key fwds/defs
wadaramus: OK, every Freo player, just look to kick it to Ryan for me please.
Ash777: Ouch cox
wadaramus: Tough game for the Texan.
navy_blues: leg behind his back ouch
naicosfan: im suprised hes walking
clay007: Why would you laugh at that navy, pretty lame.
eaglesrick: COX...season
Pavs: Agree Wada ton up Ryan
DANGERous: well serong vc failed dont let me down butters
Roarix: Clay, this is navy you are talking about.. expect no less
BigChief: Why are the umpires instructed to stop play every injury? If no stretcher get the game going imo.
SonOfAGun.: Maybe just chill on that commentÖeaglesrick
Silz90: cant we just get along lol far out it doesnt stop
dibba23: there was blood so technically blood rule
Stu7: Come on Narcos
hexada: stay down serong
pcaman2003: Serong didn't turn up tonight. So disappointed
BigChief: Wasn't it dried blood dibba?
Yelse: searing stay down please to get you later
dibba23: bigcheif come on mate what do you mean dried blood
beerent11: Itís all gone to shower in here lately silz.
eaglesrick: Sorry Gun...
Yelse: another pies injury
Slaggy.A.B: Bloody hell clark is killing it
natomate: Sharp lucky, was not high
BigChief: He had been off twice for blood and it didn't look like it was bleeding dobba
natomate: Clark is irrelevant, no one has him - not even 1%
DaMeatloaf: I miss Wahab
natomate: that was so retarded from Clark, had to just go back to ryan, fool
Slaggy.A.B: I do
frenzy: I do
DaMeatloaf: Iíve got Clark in draft heís been excellent
slydon: someone kick a goal ffs
Silz90: glad its a close game maybe serong and fyfe come good in the last
thommoae: Do you miss headaches as well, DaMeatloaf?
original: Sorry all, I traded in Serong
Birdman18: Serong has been terrible tonight. Fumbling and getting wrecked in one on one's
Slaggy.A.B: Nah I like pies kicking. Points so lukey dady can get easy sc for me
missmagic: gotta get darcy off,goes to ground and stays there,caosting when on feet
eaglesrick: watch for Maynard to start something on the siren or before.
Stu7: Come on Naicos
Hazza09: ffs Serong out of all weeks
pcaman2003: Jackson misses so many marks.Be good if he clunked a few more
Stu7: Fyfe has to go next week
soup: About time that little elf had a stinker. Hopefully flies me up the rankings a bit
CamT: Amiss got his two kicks in the first 5 minute of the game.
natomate: who the flower doesnt have N Daicos
hexada: fyfes tog is so low, he looks doneski
natomate: yep 2 have to go next week: Fyfe and Darcy
Slaggy.A.B: Cam 93 percent game time as well for amiss
soup: Fyfe maybe subbed?
Ash777: pls sub darcy
natomate: Fyfe is Doneski Hexada, its not looks it
BigChief: Fyfe most likely to be subbed.
slydon: serong getting f'd by his tm8s
slydon: same as young
Roarix: Fyfe killing my draft..
Ash777: yes darcy subbed
natomate: im bummed I still have fyfe, my forward is flowered, so had to keep the idiot
hexada: same nato, darcy and fyfe gone next week for me though
clay007: I'm bummed I still have Serong. Only tonight though
OffaStep: Just 80 more, Serong.
original: Ffs seeing that was garb
slydon: yes richards
slydon: absolute gun
Stu7: Sharp & Naicos wasted quarter
Roarix: Ffs Richards rack off
pcaman2003: Serong having a real mare. So much for my VC.,yet again.
BigChief: Draper subbed.
Stu7: Now Iím getting flogged by rookie Joe fffs
slydon: red vest on draper not darcy lol
soup: Wowee looping Darcy with Richards has been huge
EvilMonk: Loop shenanigans to get Richards on the ground I reckon lol
Ash777: damn draoer sub instead. There goes a jackson comeback
natomate: Draper but fyfe subbed hahahhaa
pcaman2003: Should have unlimited trades in any week. I'd trade my team out.
original: Sam Darcy on field. Richardís on bench
BigChief: Who is your C pcaman?
natomate: Serong is nearly 700k, at that price u expect 120s per game haha
Slaggy.A.B: Should I take Richardís or Wilson
original: Lol slaggy
naicosfan: vc'd ryan the dirty dog looking good
Stu7: Come on Sharp ya spud
natomate: Ryan for the VC cmon mate!!
Birdman18: 700k you need 130's to maintain that price
original: Pcaman agree. Would love a one week unlimited trade boost once per season
Gotigres: This is disgraceful Serong
natomate: Slaggy... wtf
Manowar: just beat it Jackson!
Stu7: Na Slaggy Iíd field Gary Ablett lol
slydon: do i loop sullivan to? hmmmmmm?
DaMeatloaf: On the VC Ryan train
zadolinnyj: Does anyone think this could get to 154 total/
cherry9: Iíd love to see unlimited 1st qtr only trades allowed. That would be hilarious
wadaramus: Carn Ryan, give us a VC we can be proud of :)
slydon: serong gonna lose big money coz of this
Stu7: Good recovery Naicos
Pavs: Clever Manowar :)
natomate: Sullivan and Richards both on Bench no emergency, Doh
Stu7: Give youíre
slydon: yes zado
pcaman2003: original. Glad someone else agrees. I'd still flower it up mind you. Lol!
hexada: sering could have a mass last qtr never know
slydon: big 4th coming up,
original: Sullivan emergency VS Darcy Wilson. We will see
Stu7: Give yourself an uppercut Sharp
hexada: did fyfe get subbed?
Slaggy.A.B: Not like loop Wilson to put on bech in mid put Garcia in forward line on field the Garcia wonít play and richandsis emg
natomate: I took Freijah as E not Richards
original: Pcaman would love to see the trade assist xalculating 20 moves
BigChief: Would love a cape qtr please Caleb.
pcaman2003: hexada. I like your positivity, but think it's a mere pipe dream.
wadaramus: Carn Jacko, big 4th mate.
TorturedSC: should be Hex, not up to speed
Slaggy.A.B: So whatever Richardís gets I think Wilson will get lower
Pavs: No Hex Draper did
BigChief: If you think Joe scores more take Joe, if it's Wilson take wilson Slaggy.
Yelse: sullivan or wilson or powel
Stu7: Go Sharpy
hexada: pavs thats suprising fyfe has done nothing
Birdman18: Just keep kicking points Collingwood for Ryan
Stu7: Good stuff Naicos keep,it up buddy
Pavs: Agree hex didn.t think Draper was going that bad
Gotigres: Slaggy, last time I had Wilson on the bench he went 120
Slaggy.A.B: Yeah Iím asking you. Do you think Wilson will score more then what Richardís will end up on
hawkers317: Should i field sullivan or howes
Stu7: Powel Yelse
TorturedSC: Walker looks lost as the second tall defender, Draper was doing ok
BigChief: Howes dropped hawk
Stu7: Sullivan hawkers
BigChief: It's your team Slaggy. You pick.
Slaggy.A.B: Ammis is such a flog
original: Hawkers Sullivan over Howes
Gotigres: Probably Richards Slaggy
original: Kinda get excited every time I see Sean Darcy fall to the ground. Sry buddy
wadaramus: Eat more chips Ryan!
eaglesrick: looped Richards on field..thank god
original: Serong game time is not good enough. Bench again
Slaggy.A.B: Hayden young only 68 gt
Getup: Loving the effort from our top players tonight 👏
Stu7: Off the bench Sharp
DaMeatloaf: Give us some wharfie time Jackson!
Stu7: Come on Naicos donít stop now
NewFreoFan: We truly are a rabble of a team, least I got good odds on the Pies to win
Stu7: Great on the bench
natomate: Sharp you spud, you should be on 20 more
shagga24: Ordinary skills from freo when it counts
original: Serong woeful tonight
Gotigres: Go Dean, you can reach 50
OffaStep: Serong, you are absolutely killing me.
natomate: Fyfe the spud
original: Really tough watching this version of Nat Fyfe
eaglesrick: how thw flower was serong penalised ??????????
naicosfan: need more junk from ryan
Birdman18: Fyfe in his prime was one of the few players who could turn a game off his own boot
BigChief: He didn't try to knock it out Rick.
pcaman2003: original. Probably his last year. He's really fallen off the cliff.
Stu7: Ffs Naicos get moving
eaglesrick: he was about the 4th in the tackle. he had zero chance chief
EvilMonk: Hodge loves the pies haha
natomate: Cmon Ryan get that extra 10 -15
BigChief: Still need to make an attempt. It sucks as he is my VC
Stu7: Nice work Sharp
naicosfan: what is that bullshower free kick
natomate: whos your VC Chief
BigChief: Umpire making up rules now? WTF
Birdman18: The ump has just made that up
Calamitous: bald plow
PigeonPies: since when has that ever been a free kick?
eaglesrick: jesus
eaglesrick: under 12s?
TorturedSC: This bald bloke on the take, called the Serong one as well
Ash777: not the first time that has happened
Devero_D: Why did Darcy get that kick and not the tackler Serong? lol
Birdman18: That bald cock is the worst umpire going around
Stu7: What score for VC Naicos?
Oddsy5: omfg that is so stiff. daicos was 0.1seconds from giving the ball backÖ
Vultures: respect umpires.. yeah right
slydon: woweeeeeee
slydon: what a shocking call
Stu7: 20 more Sharpy
naicosfan: take naicos
Stu7: Cheers naicofan
OffaStep: 50 more Serong.
hawkers317: stu I reckon you probably want 125+
original: Commentators are so poor. Maynard huge dive ffs
Ninty: It was a ball up, so Darcy gets the free
Stu7: Cheers hawkers
navy_blues: young richards very impressive
Ash777: did you all not know that was a rule? someone got pinged for it earlier in the season
natomate: Ash shut up, its dumb as shower, its intention
PigeonPies: ash it happens like 10 times a game lol
BigChief: Pies to win by 2 points?
Oddsy5: common sense ash, player got up, cant c ump, hands ball to team8 to give it to ump
EvilMonk: Umpires keeping the dockers in it
pcaman2003: Jackson smells like something I stepped in.
natomate: Serong 8+ for what lol
Devero_D: 2 tackles
eaglesrick: Serong limping to 100.. please
natomate: good kick for Ryan, will get no points cause intercepted ffs
BigChief: nato you clearly don't under sc scoring do you.
NewFreoFan: Big Moose, what's he doing up there
natomate: You are kidding, ryan loses 2 points because he kicks a nice kick inside 50, flower sakes SC is brutal
Ash777: come on draw!
Birdman18: 2 tackles Nato
naicosfan: no way
natomate: Chief stfu, I get the scoring but when something is out of a players control its shower
Ninty: Pearce should be a forward with a kick like that
PigeonPies: that free kick has caused a 3 goal turn around lol
Pavs: nato you really don't get the scoring by the comments you are making
RgngShnBnr: Harsh on Ryan to get a clanger when he bombs it 60 and the forwards don't make a contest
BigChief: It is obvious you don't as you whinge every single time. So why don't you STFU
2Ph0nes: nato is a peanut up there with rooboy and walrus
natomate: triggered baby chief
Ninty: Sharp not very name like
Stu7: Keep going Naicos
Birdman18: Wow another draw
natomate: SHARP, that wouldve been 20 flowering points if he nailed that
Stu7: Good work Sharpy
BigChief: nato is rooboystupid.
naicosfan: ffs
natomate: Chief have a cry G
Ash777: Draw fc on fire!
Ninty: Lol pies choke to a draw, shouldíve lost in the end
navy_blues: nato give it a rest geez
natomate: SHARP would be 150+ if he nailed that GOAL
pcaman2003: Lol! Take 30pts off Sharp
RgngShnBnr: Take Sullivan or keep clohesy on field?
natomate: You take 89 all day every day Rgng wtf are you on
Ninty: Bank the 89 points
hawkers317: Sullivan
Slaggy.A.B: Seeing kinda saved it
Pavs: Is Alex Pearce Jesus?
Slaggy.A.B: Serong
eaglesrick: Pearce is Jesus.
Oddsy5: take sullivan 89 or clarry oliver potential 60 or 110
Pavs: Thought so eaglesrick
natomate: You take 89 points on board if you wanna be conservative
soup: Captain livingstone step right up
eaglesrick: Nice pavs
Getup: Flower sake lucky we didn't lose should of won
Slaggy.A.B: Wagner tripled j. Amiss score and ammis had triple whalers game time
Stu7: Good work Naicos and Sharp
Yelse: game changes with that free kick to darcy
natomate: Such a disgraceful free kick to Darcy, flowering terrible from Nicholls
RgngShnBnr: Richards just got his BE
naicosfan: if it was positive rgng
huffpuffly: went to bed after hill kicked that goal with 8 mins left how did this happen??

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