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J.Worrall: Evening all. Get Dachshunds.
piesfan420: evening lads, heeney or bont vc
J.Worrall: Sanders in
J.Worrall: ... as sub
navy_blues: evening all
frenzy: evening chaps
J.Worrall: Pedal harder pls. m0nty
navy_blues: went heeney vc
CamT: Thanks for the history lesson Uncle Bill.
Pavs: Evening all.
Troglodyte: Go Sidleee
zadolinnyj: LSDs and ladies
zadolinnyj: Vac bont. Was on heeney
wadaramus: Go Sam Darcy!
Troglodyte: Any good mids getting fwd status this weekend? F4-6 options are garbage...
J.Worrall: Uncle Bill was great
pluggerpig: evening fellas. swans by 35
StuL: Lets go Bont.
zadolinnyj: That will be concussion. Sanders early on maybe
Hazza09: Get moving English you giraffe
Fordy13: Darcy's is going to make some cash :D, already hit his BE haha
J.Worrall: Yep,ub is mae
Fordy13: Grundy stop it! Stop giving away frees
FoopyTime: Get minson off
natomate: There he is Hazza, thanks Grundy
natomate: Grundy -16 HAHAH what a sight
Noxious: Good start Grundy ffs
zadolinnyj: Grundy great start
Jack SC: Grundy MVP thank youuu
StuL: Grundy lol.
LionBoy: Evening all. Hoping Macrae answers the many many critics.
CamT: Is that really minus 16 for Grundy ?
natomate: Yep free kick then a 50 to give a goal away hah
LionBoy: Not hopingÖ.. needing
2Ph0nes: 4 clangers in 8 minutes lol, must be a record
cherry9: Errol. Pls lay the Gulden egg tonight
natomate: I love gulden but boy his role on the wing can be super quiet sometimes
Bluebagg11: Negative 18? What is going on???????
FLeAGles: bruh, what has grundy done!!????
ballbag: -17 must officially be the lowest SC score ever. im feeling a penguin coming on
natomate: Minus for bonty too
Fordy13: ffs Bont haha, what is with these guys giving away cheap 50s
natomate: Thatll minus 6 or so for bont ?
FLeAGles: what is grundy on?
CamT: Lets see if CD give Bont minus 10 for that
cherry9: Yeah trading him in was a dud move by me.
EvilMonk: few frogs early! Lol! Evening lads, hope you're all well!
pluggerpig: Bont gets a +3 for touching the footy there
naicosfan: heeney lift
natomate: Gulden is delish, wish he got more CBAs
FLeAGles: heeney is guaranteed to start selling at some point this season
CamT: Bont only got +1 for that 50 metre penalty
thommoae: Traded Bont out; thought he'd get the Jordan tag. Hm.
pcaman2003: Not in a rush to put Roberts on.
FLeAGles: hes got no chance at the brownlow
ballbag: @nato be careful boss. youre sounding like mcavaney. next youll call him Gulden Syrup
LionBoy: 5 players negative.
Fordy13: he's the sub PCA
Ash777: trading out premos crazy
Jack SC: That free was against Bont not Macrae lol!
pluggerpig: great startey amartey
EvilMonk: few softies early. Just let it go umps, it's okay, they're big boys they'll sort it out.
LionBoy: Itís Bont Jack.
thommoae: Bont not playing like a premo lately. Looked sore.
Fordy13: damn tag role on Dale, le sigh
cherry9: No it wasnít Bont free, he came in after
pcaman2003: Fordy. Ta! Wasn't aware of that.
Fordy13: no worries :).
LionBoy: Itís Bont Cherry.
pluggerpig: McLean definitely gets haircuts from his mrs at home
navy_blues: keep going richards
Raspel31: I did think about bringing in Treloar this week- just saying.
frenzy: one of your great qtrs JMac
LionBoy: Going early. The Macrae experiment is over.
Fordy13: Tag the kickouts you pest Jordon :D
ballbag: was treloar the one that snapped both hamstrings within a couple steps few years ago?
natomate: Grundy has recovered 25 hahaha
EvilMonk: the gigaChad is on the board
natomate: Wait what just happened to Gulden, he went from 20 to 37
original: gunna be grouse when bevo subs sanders out at half time
Pavs: Sanders was the sub original?
Gotigres: He can't original
BigChief: You're not real smart are you original. Sanders was starting sub.
original: don't underestimate bevo
original: that was too easy boys
LionBoy: Bevo might still do it Chief
Fordy13: lol original good one
Pavs: Stupid comment mate
soup: finally a good start from tingles
original: lionboy knows
Gotigres: lol original
Raspel31: What a surprise- Sanders does well after we've all dropped him- have to love the Bevo.
BigChief: He could bench Sanders for a half, but impossible to sub him.
JohnHoward: adam trealoar averaging a 117 thise year..... most underated sc player ?
LionBoy: Think we get that BC.
natomate: 13 Grundy after being minus 16 wow
EvilMonk: underpicked cause of his history though @JohnHoward. The guy usually gets injured multiple times a year
Fordy13: sitting at #10 SC scorer John, definitely a POD but he tends to have a soft tissue or two during the year.
Fordy13: he's also been benefitting from Libba being out John
naicosfan: is bont gonna get that fa paid to him that was put on macrae
Number 8: m0nty, I think I asked you this a few years ago but can't recall the answer. Can we have a countdown clock instead?
original: garcia less game time than sanders. ouch
Number 8: Is only a countup clock available in the stats feed?
LionBoy: But looked good with the ball orig. Bevoed.
Manowar: C E.Richards
Hazza09: How is English only on 34?
Jack SC: Is Ed Richards a must have?!
naicosfan: bont not paid that FA..
pluggerpig: Gulden VC.. will he hit 130?
LionBoy: Wake up Darc
Number 8: If a countdown clock is available, who here would prefer it to the countup clock?
pcaman2003: Anyone else dump D Jones for Freijah?
frenzy: how so original, you looking at the wrong column
Fordy13: yes get caught Adams, I love ya but my opponent has him.
pluggerpig: i did pca
Manowar: Naughton done knee
J.Worrall: Only til Libba is back, Jack
pcaman2003: pluggerpig. Hopefully he' pays off in spades.
original: jordan following richards now
zadolinnyj: Grundy done alright from negative 18
Fordy13: ended up on a 39 point first quarter without the -19 zado haha
EvilMonk: So many clangers Grundy. yikes
BigChief: Why would you move Ed? He has been dominating. Oh it's Bevo
Hazza09: power off English, worst trade in
original: frenzy. the click column is TOG %. garcia still less than sanders
2Ph0nes: he wasnt really negative 18, score was corrected. they took one of his clangers off him
pcaman2003: Okay Darcy! Time to get involved again. No touches since early 1st qtr.
Number 8: Anyone have a view on the countdown vs countup clock or care factor zero?
naicosfan: just look at the afl app then
huffpuffly: bont going well for 7 touches
pluggerpig: ed sheeran in my side next week i think
LionBoy: Like the countup 8. Love the pain of the last minute.
original: i prefer countdown clock
LionBoy: Itís Bont Huff.
huffpuffly: yeah mate
huffpuffly: should've put a vc on him
Fordy13: yes Grundy get that ball!
natomate: Bont 8 touches for 49 hahahaha what a powerer
Number 8: That's fair LionBoy but I agree, original, for those of us wanting to only use this site, countdown is a nice option
BigChief: care factor zero. Never look at it.
Manowar: Grundy poo poo tonite
original: darcy free against. droppd mark. FFS
Number 8: Be nice if we could choose countdown or countup. Just not sure FF gets the countdown clock as part of its feed
huffpuffly: yeah where's grundy gone need something big
Fordy13: my opponent has Darcy as do I. I'm unhappy he lost points but happy Grundy gained them
frenzy: JMac is broken
natomate: gulden 100% TOG hahaha wow
pcaman2003: original. He;'s back to where his score was 6 mins 1st qtr. Hopeless!
Fordy13: Darcy is like a baby giraffe out there haha all legs and neither of them are working together.
original: 2024 not the year for the macrae family
huffpuffly: darcy is 208cm geez
natomate: Hes useless ay Fordy ffs
pcaman2003: Fordy. Exactly! He looks very awkward and gangly
Gotigres: How did you miss that Dale?
Number 8: Grundy outworking English, Grundy has found a new gear these past few weeks
Fordy13: I obviously want him to score well, but I'm looping him on the bench so not the end of the world.
pluggerpig: guys i was just taking a dump and thought of the best nickname of all time. Ed Sherrin.
pluggerpig: pants around ankles coming out to type that for you all
original: he shouldnt be trying to body grundy
Fordy13: who had Gulden VC
pluggerpig: me with gulden vc
huffpuffly: wish i did fordy
pluggerpig: my opponent last week had the team name Gulden Shower. i chuckled.
LionBoy: Yeah Darcy is scrawny but go back and look at Jack Darling at same age. Similar build. Similar outcome ahead.
natomate: wow Gulden VC is a POD, its a chance to be decent
EvilMonk: that's a classic @plugger lol
Raspel31: Surely time to sub Richards Bevo?
Fordy13: Gulden showering you with points so far Plugger
original: bont 14 meters gained. sheesh
Fordy13: no doubt Darcy will be a gun, his contested marking is very solid already.
natomate: 19 Darcy lol
clay007: Gulden shower reminds me of my favourite book, Yellow River by IP Daily
LionBoy: Itís Bont Orig.
natomate: -10 for bont for that FCA goal
frenzy: one mark lol
Devero_D: Compare Grundy's stats to Bont and tell me how it makes sense.
huffpuffly: come on the dogs don't let them run away
hexada: freeijah and darcy gone to sleep
original: bont lose 0 points for that HTB resulting in a goal?
BigChief: Nice goal Sergio.
LionBoy: Thatís it Garcia. Youíre gonna get benched and dropped.
ballbag: fckn useless jordan
clay007: Guys, stop hating on the Bont tax. I have Bont and I love it. Tax em more
natomate: Bont lost 2 points for a free kick against HTB inside 50 which resulted in a goal LOL
natomate: and got 6-8 for a mark and kick
Pavs: World record pace mentioning Bont tonight
natomate: Bont tax is so real
BigChief: That was not high on Chad.
LionBoy: Itís Bont Nat
Fordy13: that is a terrible call, great tackle.
original: i have bont too, but its getting ridiculous
zadolinnyj: Was not high
FoopyTime: wtf was that call
EvilMonk: oh dear
natomate: Why is there bont tax? haha its so wrong
Gotigres: Bad luck Warner but I'm really happy
natomate: It was a kick inside 50 to a swans player, anyone else doesnt score for that
BigChief: Agree with the 50m penalty though. Can't point at big screen.
huffpuffly: james jordon wake up
pcaman2003: Nice Errol,so keep goingl
clay007: Can you point at a small screen?
FoopyTime: the ump just doubled down even tho he knew he flowered up
natomate: Gulden loses a point for the same shower as bont
natomate: Gulden from 80 to 76 for 2 kicks inside 50, one intercepted flower me
Yelse: justsaw the teams why is Fin macrea dropped
navy_blues: that freijah reminds me of libba way he runs etc
clay007: All right lads, time for some of you to check your blood pressure. A lot of sweating over a few points. Sheesh!
Ash777: So hows that bont trade going
natomate: Bont tax ia a flowering joke
natomate: Nearly 30% discrepency between DT and SC, who? only Bont
natomate: 30points*
LionBoy: Was tossing up Serong or Bont next week. Decision made.
natomate: Bont Lionboy? crazy how much they love him
LionBoy: Yeah Nat. Can whinge or get on board. Lock in ďBĒ Eddie.
natomate: so true Lionboy, I just whinge, who else has a 30 point difference between fantasy and SC its unbelievable
Danstar: Bont was in everything that qtr
natomate: Bont 40k less and wont go up much if at all, 139 BE
Danstar: Blakey is 24 points. Grundy -24
DaicosQB: I spent enough years crying at bont SC numbers, you just get him in set and forget each year
Raspel31: Poor old Bevo must be wracking his brains about who to sub out- must be Bont, Treloar or Richards?
BigChief: Richards doing concussion test now.
original: bevo planning to sub out nick daicos
natomate: Wtf is wrong with Darcy
original: did they really take oints off darcy for that 'drop'? ridiculous
Raspel31: Lol chaps.
natomate: Darcy is a scuffed giraffe
natomate: The umpire literally just copied Bont, thats disgraceful
navy_blues: bont calling his own frees now lol
CamT: If Bont says it was high, who's going to say it's not. lol
BigChief: Adams got Bont high nato.
natomate: HAHAHHA that was not high, watch the replay, bont just told the umpire what to pay
Silz90: NATO let it go and enjoy the footy
Pavs: Agree with Silz. Drop it already
Silz90: Bont is going 150 tonight
natomate: +10 for bont for that kick
BigChief: okay nato we understand you hate the Bont tax, but as Silz and Pavs have said give it a rest.
Pavs: Idiot
2Ph0nes: m0nty freijah has moved forward this 1/4 mate
Troglodyte: Lift Naughton
Pavs: m0nty needs to put an age limit on this site :)
Silz90: I have naughton and richards in draft, that's rough
hexada: darcy lift big fella, gone next week anyway
runners47: Not too long on the pine, Grundy...
huffpuffly: up heeney
BigChief: Trog he might lift his leg on the bench.
BigChief: Tough for sure Silz. Hope Ed gets cleared.
Troglodyte: Got Bevo'd hey, oh well Go Sidleee Swonce
original: bont sc haha this is crazy
Raspel31: Bont will be back in the 4th qtr.
Stu7: Go Friejah doing well
Hazza09: You're a fraud English
BigChief: Na Trog did a knee. Not sure of severity though.
pcaman2003: Looks like I'll be looping Freijah from the bench.
Silz90: Hope so he was killing it early
Stu7: Off the pine Bont
Troglodyte: Oh, thought it was a broken icon, that explains the TOG
Kidult: Looked like a MCL, ACL and meniscus injury.
frenzy: its a tomb stone trog
Troglodyte: Gotha thanks Team - Go Swonce
BigChief: Oh ffs Ed.
LionBoy: Did say Richardís would get subbed out.
Troglodyte: Gotcha* bit of carnage in this game
soup: Looping Darcy with Richards might have actually worked
Silz90: Oh Dam that's unlucky Ed. You got him in classic?
Splatsa: Taylor adams is poverty rn
BigChief: And yet he wasn't subbed.
Vultures: you don't see NRL destroying their game with this concussion protcol rubbish
LionBoy: Youíre a tough marker BC. :)
bhg26: Just marked Logan McDonaldís shot btw
Dondeal: Ed Richards just done the snow or what?
original: decided to loop garcia over darcy. ffs darcy on field
Troglodyte: Hey, um, this may be a silly question but which player is Heeney?
BigChief: Well you were trying to be a smart ass. So of course I will mark you tough.
original: warner score vs bont score
EvilMonk: @vultures, I'd prefer to trust medical professionals and keep our players safe
Kidult: same here @original. It's a shame Naughton wasn't there to take a man away from him
pcaman2003: Darcy looks totally out of his depth here. Looks way too slow.
Silz90: Warner is a gun obviously. Huge figjam though
Kidult: easy to double team him now
LionBoy: Geez Vulture. Comparing AFL guidelines to NRL is low balling. Let them tread their own path.
BigChief: That can not be a serious comment vultures?
natomate: No free kick for gulden, he didnt ask for it like bont
Raspel31: Doggies have more mullets than any other team- thought that might get them over the line.
Yelse: is every head tap a concussion now days?
Kidult: Game is close enough to kick two final quarter goals to get 60+
Birdman18: Expected from Darcy though Pcaman. That's why I benched him
Vultures: 20 teams and 8 on the bench should suffice..
Gotigres: Did Heeney get subbed?
EvilMonk: @Yelse docs check the player if they get hit in the head, yes. Then they do some tests
Number 8: Players do a medical test for concussion, if they fail they are out of the game for their own wellbeing
Devero_D: Heeney is rested and about to come out on fire after Warner gave them a gut shot.
BigChief: I doubt it Gotigres. Game too close for that to happen.
Danstar: Pcman dogs 5 day break. Only 2 left on bench.
Vultures: @Monk.. hear about the vax side effects ?
ballbag: so darcy kicks first goal was on 20sc and has done fck all since? how can ppl be so useless?
EvilMonk: @Vultures are you seriously equating vax with head high contact in AFL? You flog.
Vultures: monk, you're trusting an over reaction
natomate: Darcy is a flog, yuck
BigChief: Vultures needs the spud icon
pcaman2003: In 2Ĺ qtrs Darcy has added 8 SC pts. Spudding it big time.
kano: Vultures for the burger.
CamT: If Vultures didn't get the Vax he doesn't deserve a Spud icon.
frenzy: i need popcorn for this
Vultures: They're suspending players for tackles, the AFL is killing itself
Troglodyte: I want the burger :() Go Swonce
Silz90: Popcorn time lol
EvilMonk: You don't have to watch, go watch something else.
bhg26: Chad is god
Vultures: @monk, you don't have to reply, GFY
BigChief: If you want to talk about others sports Vultures go find another site and don't let the door hit you in the ass.
Pavs: Dont be that guy that ask's for his autograph please bhg
EvilMonk: @Vultures but when you say unsubstantiated bull shower, then I must reply.
FoopyTime: ill give you a 6 pack and a packet of doritos for him bhg
Fordy13: man is the Chad a trade in after his bye.
Birdman18: Warner needs to settle down a bit
Silz90: 3 votes warner tore the game open
Vultures: unubstantial, is that your word for the day ? Congrats..
EvilMonk: flower mate, go to bed.
Troglodyte: My green players don't seem to be getting points, must be broken - refresh...
clay007: The magpies are fighting.
Fordy13: Chad making me question my well laid bye plans.
Vultures: @Munk I don't have a bed time like you do..
desa2024: Time to get the Chad into my team after next week!
ballbag: @monk & vultures f that aint a toothless fight if ive ever seen one
Stu7: Come on Bont re: DT points
Fordy13: was looking at Dunkley post bye but wowee, Chad is making a case.
Kidult: Finally strong hands Darcy
Vultures: that boat sailed desa
Troglodyte: I have a bed time, coz I'm soft - Go Swonce
UncleSniff: Dogs Drs early assessment of Naughton is that it doesn't look like ACL. Hopefully the case for the big fella!
Fordy13: night Trog, sweet dreams.
Fordy13: don't give it to Adams damn it, my opponent has him.
pcaman2003: A group of Magpies are often known as a "mischief". I see why now :)
Troglodyte: I'm stay up late to see if Heeney gets fireballs again...
BigChief: Fordy he only has 30. Let him have some points LOL
Vultures: only a family member would have Adams
naicosfan: heeney a few more junk time goals please
Fordy13: Grundy only has 67, if he can get to 90 he can have some more Chief haha
EvilMonk: Heeney! so nice!
natomate: Heeney needed that
Birdman18: Lol the old bag giving Heeney the double bird
natomate: Fordy thats ridiculous, adams is on 35 what do u want him to get hahah
blashtroko: How about that from Mr. Special!
natomate: FFS bont whats he get here 100?
Fordy13: look I love Adams, but I'd love for him to get a -35 hahaha
original: bont +10 for that behind
Yelse: f off that was a clear tap from grundy not english to heaney
BigChief: Dogs need to sack Brad Johnson as goal kicking coach LOL
Kidult: Nice Garcia
Silz90: Bont +20 for blinking
Raspel31: Atta boy Garcia- small mercies.
runners47: Macrae back to his early season non-form
clay007: Why wouldn't bevo chuck macrae in the guts?
Fordy13: he's been smashed every time he's gotten near the footy runners.
BigChief: clay because it is Bevo.
natomate: That was out by SO FAR lol
DaMeatloaf: Cmon Lizard get me a ton to start the draft week!
Vultures: coz Bevo thinks he is a rocket scientist
naicosfan: freijah to outscore heeney
Troglodyte: Macrae to Norf for a future 2nd round pick...
natomate: English to end 110
Fordy13: only Heeney's second score under 100 for the year at this stage, his lowest was 98.
BigChief: Both Macrae's to Nth Trog.
Silz90: Macrae to pies?
Vultures: lol trog
Raspel31: Fat lady not singing yet Fordy.
soup: How the flower is freijah on 77
frenzy: done trog, sign me up
natomate: Does bont get 10 points for spoiling that for a behind
pcaman2003: I swear I saw Darcy run faster then 3mph just then.
Vultures: Hell No Silz
Fordy13: I hope she hasn't starting singing yet Raspel.
natomate: She has starting singing its over
bhg26: Rampe just winked at us after that
Fordy13: Heeney to kick the match winner +50 pts
pcaman2003: Why bother putting Roberts on with a few minutes left Horse, you plonker.
Pavs: Seen you then bhg. Why are you wearing a bulldogs scarf?
Vultures: the fat chic is clearing her throat
BigChief: And a Dogs beanie Pavs.
natomate: Im still singing, dogs wont have the run with no bench
clay007: Yes vultures, that is because she choked on a dorito. She knows this game is still on.
Number 8: Dogs are flogging English with TOG. Unsustainable.
Silz90: Bont to kick the sealer
Vultures: A Swan sealer coming
Yelse: i swear grundy has had so many tap outs that went to english score
Fordy13: here we go Grundy get some kick marks
Troglodyte: I got winked at once - by Elton John ;)
Fordy13: that's pretty soft
BigChief: That's a tough 50.
natomate: Was over anyway but looked soft
original: sub him bevo. do it
Fordy13: that's so soft.
natomate: Thats not 50, game was done, but what a joke
Pavs: Bad call umpire
cherry9: BS 50 killed the game. Thanks ump
Silz90: Softest free kick
Gotigres: terrible 50
Fordy13: there we go her throat's clear
naicosfan: shower umps all night for both sides, how do the flogs still have jobs? ruined this game.
Dondeal: Muppett for the ump
pcaman2003: Wow! 50 for that? Disgraceful call!
thommoae: Tough tough call.
BigChief: Was it Elton John or Priscilla Trog?
Kidult: That was a dumpire!
Fordy13: don't mind these stoppages, Grundy some free points
Troglodyte: Sir Elton. Brisbane 2006 I think
Vultures: Technically arrived late & knocked the ball out
navy_blues: wow umps
Birdman18: These umps have ruined the end of the game
naicosfan: how many 50m's?
original: LOL darcy ffs
natomate: Vultures thats a shower call, maybe in 0.2 slow mo, not real time
Fordy13: these 50s are rediculous man, he's a big boy there's a thing called inertia.
BigChief: Wow another soft 50.
EvilMonk: 7 @ naicos
DaMeatloaf: Gee whiz those blokes in green are having a great year
natomate: Gulden went missing last 10
pcaman2003: You're gone from my side next week Darcy. No effort tonight at all. Useless!
original: players go over the mark 50% of the time. caleb daniel just did too
McSquire: How quickly has Macrae gone backwards this year - terrible and slow
original: pcaman me too. its good tho, needed to move people on
Fordy13: makes my life a bit easier, I can field Richards now and leave Darcy unlooped.
Silz90: Umps called deliberate r u serious
original: macrae touted as the premo fwd preseason too, prior to inj
natomate: 138 from bont for 26 and no goals, sure
pcaman2003: original. I'll cash him in while he's still worth something. Needed an upgrade anyway.
blashtroko: errol did absolutely not put a cherry on top
naicosfan: same fordy
original: amazing all bonts touches are contested but no one elses were
natomate: Yep blash, errol was 117 at 3qtr time right?, couldve easily gone 150 if he just picked up a few touches
Troglodyte: Night lads. Let's do this again some time...
thommoae: Why would Daniel kick that out deliberately?
natomate: Same pcaman hes gotta go
Hazza09: power weak English
McSquire: Bont almost as much as Warner - review into CD scoring required
natomate: Warner, 4 goals, 25 touches, huge impact, won his team game. Bont 8 points less for doing flower all
DaMeatloaf: Bont higher TOG than the Chad, donít forget he gets points for being out there
pcaman2003: Bont also 20 cp's to Warner 11. Big difference !
McSquire: Bont starts 30 for winning the toss
natomate: Yes but what did his 9 extra CP do...
pcaman2003: natomate. They earn quite few points.
LuvIt74: Bevo wont be giving the sub to daniels after these injuries but then again its bevo so wtf knows
natomate: Gulden only 9
natomate: English is becoming a very expensive average ruck
BigChief: nato Warner 6 clangers and 2 FA. Learn how SC scoring works before moaning.
natomate: Treloar shouldve been closer to the bont
2Ph0nes: bato u joking, bont had 3 more mark, 2 of whoch contested, 2 more tackles, 5 more contested possies. seems right

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