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BigChief: Let's go Capt Max.
ReggieOz: Go Dees Go Max Go Clarry
exatekk: those eagles tops are fire!
Gotigres: Totally with you on that BigChief
slydon: chief, the least monty could do is put the indigenous names for the teams in the scoreboard
Manowar: k'mon Waalitj Manowar
Pavs: Could be a good game for Clarry this one
slydon: imo eagles and adelaide have the best jerseys this year
Stu7: Catain Maxie and lieutenant Oliver
Stu7: Letís hope Pavs
piesfan420: need petracca and windsor to combine for 150 to win surely
BigChief: Petracca started fwd.
Fordy13: I'm worried, 111 in front. I've got Gawn + Howes and he's got Gawn (c) and Oliver.
Stu7: I need 180 from Maxie & Clarry
Fordy13: Jackson and Houston have saved my opponent's bacon.
Stu7: Will be tight Fordy
Stu7: Good,luck
dearviolet: Lol its happening again
StuL: Go big Gawn.
Fordy13: thanks Stu.
Manowar: do something Gawn
piesfan420: great windsor love that
Stu7: In early Manowar good stuff lol
StuL: gawn hit out to advantage is meamt to be 4 points. so why did he only get 3?
Pavs: Sheed running with Oliver
2Ph0nes: lol dont analyze every point, complianing about sc scoring wont solve anything
Manowar: i will call the SC police to look into that 1 point theft
StuL: yes do that manowar.
EvilMonk: alright, when's it time to panic and admit I put the C on Trac? smh
Stu7: Great Clarry on bench I swear these guys know that theyre in my team
piesfan420: petracca do something
Manowar: done, report pending investigation
bhg26: Gawn it is flowering BJ Williams pull your finger out
StuL: come on Max. Not a good start
Stu7: While youíre at it Manowar can you give me an analyses on why my players play so shower each round
2Ph0nes: BJ risen to the occassion
Stu7: Off the bench Clarry
StuL: what has gawn done to lose all his points?
Stu7: This is a tragic start for Gawn and Clarry for me
EvilMonk: 33% efficiency and a FA
Fordy13: head high tackle Stu
Stu7: Both on the bench
naicosfan: gov had some scaling due from last week
naicosfan: reid hitting his be this week
navy_blues: very nice goal
EvilMonk: hooley dooley, the kid is exciting, no doubts about it.
Fordy13: of course Reid is going to go 100+ haha
BigChief: Fair goal that.
navy_blues: left trac behind
Ash777: what a great goal
Pavs: Thats why you keep Reid in your side
navy_blues: prob goal of te year
lana2146: So glad I ignored the masses n kept Reid
ThomasJack: G'day all, first talk talker, long time lurker
naicosfan: i went from reid to zorko so im not too mad
piesfan420: same naicos
LionBoy: Reid got me to Zorcs. Can live with that.
bhg26: Same here naicos
Stu7: Welcome Thomas
Pavs: Welcome ThomasJack
EvilMonk: alright, 5 points for my captain. I'm cooked, get me out of the oven
StuL: this is looking dire for captain gawn
BigChief: I went Reid to Serong, so it's a win imo
2Ph0nes: lol reid had to go, you team is mediocre if you kept him. it is what it is
LionBoy: Welcome to the cesspit Jack
Capn_Flash: Sweet missing was the best thing that has happened to my this year! Went from getting Merrett to marshall
Capn_Flash: and kept reid instead of cadman
ThomasJack: just want everyone to know I traded Reid over Fyfe :)
lana2146: Ranked 170 something I kept him 2phones
ThomasJack: This is a great watch... not
GJayBee: Going, going
LionBoy: Iím suspecting my conning ploy to C,
Pavs: Your man Roberts got me to Zorko bhg
ThomasJack: Got Fisher and Zorko though so maybe I shouldnt care lol
LionBoy: to Capt Max may becoming unstuck
lana2146: Reid going for ROTY playing FWD could be worth the hold
piesfan420: no way i lose when i only need petracca and windsor to combine for 97
Yelse: I need Gawn C to get 129 this isn't looking good
bhg26: Yeah flicked him to Clarry pavs
pcaman2003: Geez just got back. How the flower did Hawks lose? Disgraceful!
Fordy13: don't worry lads, Gawn will get 50 in the last quarter
2Ph0nes: lol i need receipts
Stu7: You little ripper Clarry - Chucky doll is back
StuL: oliver is coming good. Should have captained him instead
EvilMonk: gee, this isn't the Wet Toast from last week. Almost entirely unrecognisable
colin wood: stay down max
naicosfan: when will gawn get score?
BigChief: Reid will not be top 6 fwd. Yes he will have his good games but was happy to get premo for him.
Stu7: Quiet please Colin lol
soup: gawn you spus
soup: spud
Pavs: Went to Clarry when Libba was ruled out
bhg26: I hate you Max Gawn
piesfan420: how does gawn have 17 fantasy but only 2 sc
frenzy: Lever pulled
EvilMonk: Are we able to please gift 100 to Petracca? I've got about 15 100+ players this week
EvilMonk: and I'm going to get shagged with a 60 on Trac
Yelse: Gawn on 2? not moving even with frees for and tackle and hitouts
Stu7: lol frenzy
2Ph0nes: youll get good games form clarry, but you'll also get 80's like last week. long as ppl are okay with that.
beerent11: ahh well at least clarry is going ok
Gotigres: 10 hit outs for 2sc.Way to go Captain
piesfan420: yelse im confsued aswell
Silz90: I brought in the pig this week, its a risky pick
BigChief: CD is having a laugh at us with Gawn
beerent11: stepping stone at the worst 2phones. 460k when i bought him in.
Silz90: I said in the last game that gawn has a 3 game avg vs west toast
StuL: Gawn has won hitouts but got nothing. surely some of them have to be to advantage
piesfan420: next week what do we think, bring in waterman for windsor?
2Ph0nes: i suspect gawn will has a correction at 1/4 time
beerent11: and j mac doin the business as usual.
Fordy13: jeez I'm glad Waterman missed last week.
ThomasJack: Waterman has improved so much
cherry9: Gawn will get scaled to 111 regardless
Stu7: As long as itís not an erection 2Phones
Pavs: Waterman possessed
navy_blues: wouldnt be surprised if some clubs taking interest in waterman
Stu7: I hope so cherry
BigChief: I suspect Gawn will rise at 1/4 time.
ThomasJack: There we go Gawn
frenzy: lotta lov for Gov beer
EvilMonk: @Stu7 erection isn't censored? I like it.
Fordy13: look out boys Gawn double figures
piesfan420: CD better look at gawn
Stu7: Clarry tracking along well
2Ph0nes: Stu7 lol, who knows with BJ Williams around lol
Stu7: lol evil
Stu7: lol 2Phones
beerent11: my most favourite frenzy.
Silz90: I hope the Eagles win today
original: 355 lead vs Oliver Windsor and Reid..looking shaky
Birdman18: Love how Gawn has the on fire symbol when hes on 13
2Ph0nes: lol birdman, symbols are based on DT
Pavs: Thats DreamTeam Birdman
frenzy: Wattaman he is, flying
StuL: Clarry looking good after all.
Kidult: Didn't expect the Gawn > Marshall trade to work out so well just in 1 week
StuL: come on melbourne
Silz90: Just saw the Reid goal, what a freak
soup: can't wait until hes doing it in the hoops silz
BigChief: Dream on soup. Not even close to the Cats age bracket.
EvilMonk: Melbourne look like absolute passengers right now. Where's the pressure?
Stu7: Letís go Maxie
Ninty: That joke is old now chief
Silz90: Lol just banter ninty even danger joked about it
soup: Like our list ninty
StuL: Come on Melbourne. this is getting embarrassing
navy_blues: but true ninty lol
soup: howes sneakily putting together a decent score
Silz90: Hard tag on Oliver? Can't they tag someone else
EvilMonk: I've checked the ladder and Trac's average and I can confirm I'm in some sort of weird nightmare
StuL: Now Oliver will be kept down damn it
BigChief: Just like the Geel list Ninty, OLD
soup: haha stay low satan
soup: beat you to that joke chief, too slow (just like our list)
BigChief: Yeah soup I was afk
Pavs: lol soup
StuL: Gawn on the bench. There you go chief
Pavs: Need to play Tracc in the middle 80% of the time
EvilMonk: Yes Trac! There's hope!
StuL: Come on Oliver.
StuL: This is going terrible in SC terms
2Ph0nes: have a rest Clarry, good lad
BigChief: Okay Mr Gawn pull ya flower finger out.
Stu7: The tag on Clarry is destined to kill my round
StuL: the tag seems to be working to crush Clarrys scoring
Silz90: Glad I kept Reid for now
Hazza09: Redi on course to reach his B/E
Stu7: You d1ck head Gaws
Stu7: Gawn
piesfan420: CD really screwing gawn
Silz90: Gawn will probably score 120 plus
Birdman18: 4 points for Gawn's hitout to advantage, kick clearance and assist?
Stu7: I hope so. silz
StuL: this is why we question CD. Gawn lost 3 points for nothing
BigChief: Yeah that is BS Birdman. Pretty obvious the kid doing stats doesn't have Gawn
navy_blues: umps give reid ages to get rid of the ball
Kidult: kicking off the ground is a clanger most of the time
StuL: And what Birdman said
bhg26: Tagging Clarry now is next level hatred
frenzy: Ginbey has come on leaps and bounds
Stu7: Come on Gawn
shancrows: Please lift McGovern ffs
StuL: hit out to advantage. 1 point for some reason.
gazza39: Thanks Capt Gawn flower me
naicosfan: i need another 200 points from gawn (C) and mcgovern for 2500, not looking good
beerent11: 35 pt qtr max!
navy_blues: glad i took butters as c
StuL: The only other capt option was tracca and i wouldnt have thought to do that
beerent11: this is the first week all season that mcgovern hasnt been a unique for me.
beerent11: toughen up princesses its just a game
StuL: If i owned butters i might have captained him damn it.
StuL: Damn it Reid. i needed to trade though
Pavs: Reid not a top 6 fwd i get that but what are the top 6 fwd's going to be?
bhg26: Gawny youíre breaking my heart!
Pavs: *Who are
LionBoy: Gawn will get us 110.
StuL: Gawn just went up to 40.
naicosfan: heeney, flanders, zorko, rankine, jackson, moore,
naicosfan: and/or macrae
nbartos: Reid CD and umpires wet dream
frenzy: the phone at CD won't stop ringing
navy_blues: bhg looks like heeney will def be in mids for another month at least with parker on report
bhg26: Heens was never moving anyway navy
FoopyTime: yeah if the vfl follow same grading system as afl parker is gone for atleast 3 weeks
EvilMonk: with the damage @Foopy I reckon he gets like 5
FoopyTime: never over estimate horses ability to mess with my supercoach team bhg
StuL: come on Gawn. This is showere
FoopyTime: could deffs see it evil. elected to pump hit high
navy_blues: very nice wc
StuL: come on dees this is shower
EvilMonk: Melbourne gone back to sleep
clay007: What has happened to May?
EvilMonk: nothing @clay - it's only the 19th, we have heaps left.
TorturedSC: Ben Brown is useless as the forward coming up the field
StuL: Go Gawn
EvilMonk: my joke was about the month, but he's unironically on 19 as well. The odds ^_^
colin wood: how has gawn got 18sc this quarter ? lol
EvilMonk: lol why is WC boo'ing two hands in the back? Don't they know the rules out there?
clay007: I only needed May to get to 28 pts, he is making hard work of it.
BigChief: I think David Neitz, Garry Lyon or David Schwarz would still be more effective than Brown.
TorturedSC: He looks lost without Lever clay
Kidult: John Butcher
TorturedSC: Doesn't seem to be able to jump BC
StuL: Gawn and Oliver getting moving
frenzy: wattaman
BigChief: West Coast fwds making Dees look 2nd rate tonight.
valiantPT: reid owns trac and clarry
2Ph0nes: oliver has had 10 possies, he's been ordinary
beerent11: Playing like 4th year dusty!
beerent11: Been tagged 2
2Ph0nes: lol what about the other 8 ordinary games this year ?
StuL: go clarry. back on track to ton
2Ph0nes: he should always ton against wce tho
beerent11: Your like a broken record 2 phones. We all get it mate.
2Ph0nes: you're*
beerent11: Righto
Silz90: Wow Oliver 12 touches for 76 that's amazing
StuL: Go Gawn. Getting better.
clay007: Noise of affirmation not working tonight for the weagles
EvilMonk: lol how the hell isn't that incorrect disposal?
amigaman: The standard of umpiring this season has been very poor
beerent11: Jez! The spoil! The tackle!
EvilMonk: Tracca don't you dare be injured, I will come out there and fix it myself I swear
TorturedSC: Schofield bias is getting very annoying
navy_blues: soft free
soup: thats why saints got rid of you billings ya crab
Stu7: Thanks a lot Gawn for fvcking my round up ya spud
EvilMonk: can we get the frog on Jack Billings please? absolutely muppet ^_^
Kidult: Go away Gawn!
StuL: Huge qtr Gawn.
LionBoy: Think I underquoted at 110. Go big Max. 130.
navy_blues: love how ppl blame the players when they make all the moves for their team lol
StuL: Gawn and Oliver what a qtr. All that stressing for nothing.
Malaka: Harley Reid is worth two #1 picks!
EvilMonk: Na, with the exception of me blaming all my players, I don't do that often @navy
naicosfan: great quarters mcgovern and gawn, keep going
Raspel31: And they said time to let Harley Reid go- I rather think not.
StuL: Reid will get his BE which was 120 sometjing. pity i had to trade him to get a ruck.
LionBoy: Howís the scores? Around 2400 par?
Yelse: can gawn get 40 more? he looks disinterested this game
StuL: only 2250 odd for me.
CamT: 38,008 people traded Harley Reid out this Round.
Silz90: 2315 with Oliver, reid and gawn. Not great :(
Gotigres: And so my curse continues. Young, Grundy, Rankine, Meek, Darcy and now Reid.
colin wood: StuL why stress when CD looks after Gawn lol
Birdman18: Yeah might be about 2250 for me too this week. I've had a shocker in the midfield though
The39Steps: I'm 2040 with Gawn (c), Ollie, Howes and Reid.
jezzas-cow: yes we know, Harley Reid is a generational talent
StuL: it wasnt looking after him in q1
Capn_Flash: Just checked back in, I always had faith in Gawn. Also damn! WCE! Wow
Pavs: He would look good in hoops though jezzas
CamT: Harley Reid knows exactly when to fend off.
LionBoy: Looking like. Wide score range this week. Changes to rankings ahead.
Stu7: Come on Clarry and Maxie big last quarter please
naicosfan: 2450 currently with gawn c and mcgovern to go.. up into the top 2k hopefully
LionBoy: What Stu said.
Stu7: Ffs Clarry get the fvck off the bench
jezzas-cow: One day Pavs, one day...
jezzas-cow: imagine that Holmes and Reid
original: Go Gawn you good thing. Will end up 2380odd for me, ok
beerent11: In max we trust
EvilMonk: Oh nice, he's still in the game, go Tracca please
BigChief: Keep dreaming that Reid going to Cats.
LionBoy: Need another 20 each to Clarry and Max
beerent11: 2702 with max c, clarry and McGovern to come. Should be round 3400
Pavs: Well he's not going to Fitzroy Chief :)
frenzy: Lol beer
Raspel31: Is Ben Brown a good trade option- asking for a friend?
LionBoy: Beer is God
BigChief: We couldn't afford him Pavs. We couldn't even afford Ben Brown.
Stu7: No not you now Gawn on the bench
Yelse: if reid leaves eagles will be bombers blues or pies
BigChief: Reid going to join Tassie with Sanders and McKercher.
Pavs: Your account has been hacked by Beast Mode I think beer
nbartos: Fritch sc a joke
BigChief: Must be the Stu name that has to complain about the bench.
jezzas-cow: Chief, Reid grew up in geelong, makes sense that he comes home
J.Worrall: Is that direct from footywire, BC?
Stu7: Canít help,yourself can you BC
StuL: Gawny Get back on. Thats for chief.
BigChief: Jezza the Curnows also grew up there.
Silz90: Keep going clarry feels weird owning him
BigChief: Stu7 well you can't help but moan about the bench.
Stu7: Nice StuL
StuL: Go Clarry. Back to getting tons lets jope
Yelse: geelong will go through a rebuilt at that stage he go to premier contenders
Pavs: Geelong don't do rebuilds under Scott Yelse.
Getup: Traded Reid this week everyone that kept him thank me fkmsc
LionBoy: Get on Max
jezzas-cow: Thanks Getup!
Birdman18: Goodwin turning into Bevo
clay007: Never seen May play this bad. Dropping marks, falling over, no intercept marks. WTF
Yelse: get gawn back on now
Birdman18: Keeping Gawn off
StuL: go clarry. hes back baby!
BigChief: How good has Waterman been this year. WOW
Stu7: Free chat ainít it BC
LionBoy: Go Weagles
Migz: i still cant get over the fact that jack williams face look like a default character in an RPG
Stu7: Nice wok Clarry
DaicosQB: Reid Gawn Oliver walked into 2400 do I dare dream to 2500..
naicosfan: waterman to collingwood, somehow, at all costs
Getup: Agree bc crazy
Raspel31: Being new to this game why do Melbourne keep stuffing up?
frenzy: wattaman, wattafreak
BigChief: Yes Stu7 but every time 1 of your player s is on the pine you moan about it.
Getup: Your welcome jezza
Stu7: Is that a problem is it BC
Birdman18: Party tricks out now from WCE
StuL: come on gawn. you're so close
Getup: Who would of picked this 🤔
Stu7: Ditto StuL
Migz: and this is without Yeo. proud of the lads
Silz90: Glad gawn didn't go 150 today
beerent11: J Mac star
DANGERous: go on Clarry
J.Worrall: you're, and have piked ...
StuL: Melbourne never been in it.
jezzas-cow: Go clarry cook
frenzy: ton up Gov, nice
Number 8: Is Dewar going to get a run?
Stu7: another 20 Maxie
J.Worrall: *picked
EvilMonk: Can I please get some junk touches for Tracca? At this rate I should have captained Sexxy boy in GC
beerent11: McGovern was in hospital last week with suspected internal injuries. Turns out they do make em like they used to.
jezzas-cow: Evilmonk, i reversed my trade to cop his score lol
nbartos: microscope May
Manowar: Waalitj Manowar are going to win
Pavs: haha Worrall correcting others (as always) then correcting himself.
beerent11: Bit embarrassing that wore all
Raspel31: Confucius say man who cap Tracca need brain surgery.
StuL: clarry keep going.
Getup: Yay just got to 2175 great week bullshower
soup: Imagine trading Reid out this week, couldn't be me
beerent11: *one
LionBoy: Clarry finishing strongly.
Silz90: Get off bench Reid
J.Worrall: my "c" key works spasmodically
beerent11: *worrall
jezzas-cow: How does Steven May have a 3 round avg of 113 and only have 25?
Yelse: eagles gone beat a few team in the west
LuvIt74: bloody hell there will be a ton that score 2400 to 2600+
Stu7: He should do Number they are so far in front
Migz: didnt everybody trade reid out this week? It was unlikely he hit his BE
BigChief: May and Lever need to near each other, even in SC scoring.
LuvIt74: I think ave this week will be 2400
soup: I'm only on 2400 so hopefully not luvit
Getup: Haha suop that is me
BigChief: be near*
Number 8: Just on now, Stu
LionBoy: Different player without his Leverage Jezza
GinniFan: Reid actually close to his BE, crazy
Stu7: Cheers Number
Manowar: traded Reid for Zorko, did I flower up?
EvilMonk: I count 16 better captain options I could have picked this weekend. Facepalm
Birdman18: 2400 seems like am average score this week going by my leagues. I'm gonna drop heaps
Raspel31: Your intentions were honourable if misguided manowar.
soup: If someone at the start of the week said LDU and Zorko would be my highest scores id call them mental but here we are
StuL: traded reid because i went sweet at r2 and needed to get an r2 damn it
LuvIt74: @Manowar same here how can you ask that when Zorko scored 161 and will be more consistant then Reid
Silz90: Lost to someone who scored 2477 with Jones on field wtf
navy_blues: wd wc great win
Getup: Traded him to serong mano i did flower up
GinniFan: trading out reid hurts with this score but i doubt he'll go this well every week (cope)
slydon: wowowowowowowow redi you flowering star
slydon: it pays not to jump ship from two bad games. same as sheez
StuL: stoked that clarry looks back.
Pavs: Manowar is a troll Luvit he is just fishing.
DaicosQB: 2499 get flowered give me a point sc go on
Migz: until reids tank increases i think he will be a high impact but only mid-good SC player
Manowar: depends on what round Zorko goes down know its going to happen
beerent11: Billingís life just flashed before his eyes
LuvIt74: Actually i think average this week will be around 2450
Number 8: Maxy disappoints again versus WCE
beerent11: Some highly owned premo low scores
Devero_D: There's no chance. Maybe the top 5% are averaging that.
Manowar: Waalitj Manowar good win
GinniFan: I got 2175 idk how you guys are getting 2400+ lol
EvilMonk: looks like 2510 with Tracca captain. Could've been amazing
McSquire: Whatís your team called Luv It ?
Capn_Flash: Howes, youve done well, but you got to go
slydon: 2381 with a sweet and naismith donut
StuL: What a game. Who tipped the eagles?
slydon: me, one of my mates is a huge dees fan and i did it to spite him
valiantPT: reid got above his breakeven wow
Pavs: Thanks m0nty. Love this site
huffpuffly: harley reid

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