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KangaBanga: MEEK C? Vs no name Viseniti?
pcaman2003: Kanga. Meek should do okay here. Has a good work rate
Lodgy: go the Hawks! Be competitive lads
Wends: Warnie reporting Ollie Wines a late out?
Wends: Francis Evans replacing
Pavs: Pedal harder Urbs :)
Wends: Wines playing tho... not sure where Warne got that info from?
Calamitous: Get a kick Drew what the flip dude
Wends: Also gday Pavs n pca and all
Pavs: Afternoon Wends and all.
Wends: Not trying to mozz my team but Newcombe still in it. I'm not crying, you're crying!
Pavs: Not the worst Wends. He is finding form
Wends: Seems to have coincided somewhat w Day's return too
pcaman2003: Just come back over. Go Hawks! Expecting a flogging to be honest.
Pavs: Fast start Hawks. Back to it Butters
Wends: It is pca, just not the way you'd imagined :)
Lodgy: hawks defence is a bit weak atm, first time port get the ball down there they made the most of it
pcaman2003: Wends. I'll be more convinced if 10 goals up in last qtr.:)
original: Ruck scoring is so hilarious. Meek 24sc from taps and 1 tackle
pcaman2003: JHF 4 clangers and still 34? Wow!
Pavs: Yep agree original a bit strange
bhg26: Should have been 50 to meek and a shot on goal, esava got 3 calls to go back (I am a meek owner)
bhg26: Drug test on Hardwick incoming
Lodgy: Never picked Hardy as a bloomin deadeye! well done lad
StuL: Go hawks. a huge upset would be good
original: Sc record for a quarter? A goal after siren to win probably tops this tho
Pavs: Think GOD has the C on Hardwicke bhg
original: Sydney win, hawks win, big week of upsets
pcaman2003: Port will improve from here so not counting chickens yet.
pcaman2003: For those that picked Meek, selected well. He's a big improver.
bhg26: Cannot believe the absolute spud that is ned reeves was favoured over meek for so long pcaman
StuL: Visentini looking like keeping Sweet out.
original: Meek is great
Hazza09: watching Meek & Xerri do whatever they want and I have that giraffe English
pcaman2003: bhg. I agree! Reeves will be lucky to get in this team again.
Pavs: Wow wines out
Hazza09: get moving butters ffs
naicosfan: surely butters goes bananas with no wines or rozee
LionBoy: Wines out. Go big HF
Ooost: Amen LionBoy
Gelly: here come the antivaxers
Wends: Keep going Newcy
pcaman2003: Can we have Brian Lake back and power of Frosty? Please!
DiggaDogga: This rubbish showing from PA makes for a Sweet return, surely??
Pavs: Hope so Digga
naicosfan: visentini is getting f***ed by meek
pcaman2003: Is wizard Watson related to Peter Dinklage by some chance?
Raspel31: Covid Digga- he'll be back- go Butters el capo.
Gotigres: Visentini holding his own might not be good for Sweet
Wends: Omg does Mitchell hate newc?
DiggaDogga: Ah, hadn't seen that - thanks Rasp
StuL: we're in trouble with Sweet.
frenzy: how far Soldo off
naicosfan: 25-11 hitouts, i dont think hinkley cares about sc scores, hopefully its not as bad as it looks for sweet
DiggaDogga: Soldo still listed as 2-3 I think- just started running this week?
Pavs: At least 2 weeks away frenzy
frenzy: so if Sweet not back next week....
DiggaDogga: PA getting killed in HO and clearances Stul - think he'll be back if he's well.
DiggaDogga: Spot on Naicos
Pavs: Hopefully get 2 more games out of him.
Devero_D: I think regardless we hold Sweet til his bye.
Pavs: Hard next couple with Xerri and Pittonet
Pavs: Dermott has more makeup on than my nanna
Pavs: She also made more sense
frenzy: lol
pcaman2003: Pavs. Lol! He's a bit of a rambler.
pcaman2003: Perhaps rambler wrong word. Talks in riddles
Noxious: I wish Port weren't FIFO, they're 1 week on 1 week off
Pavs: I like rambler as well pca
Pavs: Still in this Noxious
pcaman2003: No Tigers boy in chats today? Still in shock I guess. 😥
TimT14: I'm here but only play draft
EvilMonk: sheesh what's happening in this game? Hawthorn? My oh my
TimT14: Apparently Naismith did his ACL in our VFL 100pt loss
Pavs: No pressure from Port there
bhg26: Its tragic timt wanted nothing but the best for crayfish
pcaman2003: Tim. I saw that .ACL number 4. Same!
pcaman2003: Hawks need to shut down JHF before ho does more damage.
Brian00173: I think Visentini stayed in because Hinkley wanted to reward a team that beat the cats at home nothing more.
pcaman2003: Tim. emant to read as Shame?
beerent11: jordan sweet not playing?
Raspel31: Are the anger management classes working pcaman~
pcaman2003: Have to go out. Good luck all. Back next week. Go Hawks!
beerent11: hey urbs, how do i put my team next to my name like the cool kids?
Brian00173: Whew...lucky I didn't captain Butters...Zerrett was much better.....eye roll.
Troglodyte: If you find out beer can you let me know too. Ta
Urbs: That's a question for m0nty I'm afraid beerent
cherry9: I think BT is wrong that players are purposely hitting their head on the ground to draw frees
Pavs: Tried can't possibly like Ginnivan
beerent11: no worries>
beerent11: reckon blokes like him are good for the game pavs.
Hazza09: butters a real let down, losing points on the bench too
Pavs: Might have to set up a new account beer. Lots of people asking that question
Troglodyte: Port are garbage in the rain. Its a scientific fact.
StuL: some would have the c on butters
beerent11: not bovered pavs
Kidult: It use to be available clicking on your profile page @beerent
beerent11: lettin it ride on big max
Pavs: I still think your one of the cool kids mate if that helps :)
wadaramus: Butters you hack.
Troglodyte: Are your sure beer, we can help you with a new name...
Troglodyte: How about Norf911
beerent11: right bak at ya pavlova
beerent11: i think everyone knows my team anyway trog.
Manowar: need more, Moore
Troglodyte: NMdefib?
StuL: Good to see Butters down.
aflfanatic: Can Port get up from here?
Hazza09: get off the flowering bench butters you spud
Troglodyte: RooBoyBeer?
Pavs: How long Butters on the bench
sheezel420: no lol
beerent11: all good ideas trog. will take them on board
beerent11: always a cruisy vibe on sunday arvos. less agro usually
2Ph0nes: nice goal rioli, well deserved cone after the game
EvilMonk: I really like that the umps have paid so many frees to Hawthorn after Cornes cried about Vic biad
EvilMonk: Vic bias**
Troglodyte: Whats the Cobra mean on Houston?
naicosfan: need a ton butters you spud
Urbs: The 'Spitter' role, means you start at HB/HF through the middle
naicosfan: why does houston have more goals than ports entire fwd line
Troglodyte: Thanks Urbs. Much appreciated
GJayBee: Because after to scores in the 90s he is due
Lodgy: Dambrosio shoots lightning bolts. Matt suckling vibes
Troglodyte: The JHF and DMoore icons are busted in dark mode
Kidult: broken in normal aswell
Silz90: Disappointing butters :(
frenzy: yep VC butters = epic fail
Urbs: I find they're better in dark mode, but yes in light mode they're a bit rough
Silz90: C on butters I didn't trust gawn after last week
pluggerpig: m0nty genuine offer here as a web designer, id love to help you fix this website. Particularly mobile.
pluggerpig: let me know how to contact you.
2Ph0nes: lol really? he up against blowjob williams
StuL: that sucks silz
naicosfan: butters stuff you (have a l. ryan final qtr pls)
Silz90: Lol that's quality phones
Number 8: For some reason oppo rucks don't go too well against the Eagles
naicosfan: where did u get those stats number 8
Number 8: I think Calvin's scale of hardness tells the story, AF obvs, not sure about SC
carl: Quite happy to have the C on big Max.
naicosfan: according to dfs eagles are the 4th easiest team to vs as a ruckman
StuL: come on hawks. dont die
Silz90: Butters to kick the sealer pls
frenzy: look at butters junk it
CamT: Max should go 150+ this afternoon.
Number 8: Max'
Silz90: I just read gawns 3rd average is 85 against Eagles. Who was the ruck last time?
StuL: I hope so CamT
Pavs: Butters has to stay on. No bench time
Pavs: And on the bench he goes
StuL: Capt Butters has flown home
beerent11: great qtr zakky boy. love the bloke.
Pavs: Back on thats good coaching
beerent11: GOD might have c on hardwick. he does get multiple choices each week
Silz90: Butters is a beautiful man thank you
Manowar: stop the sealer E. Phillips
soup: Houston you goat
Lodgy: hawks in strife in their back 50 still. need another goal if they are to win
Silz90: Is Phillips dropped when Sic comes back.
Birdman18: Probably
Manowar: I will check with Sam Mitchell
Gotigres: Houston could see me get over 2400
navy_blues: ginni leads with head everytime
navy_blues: nice tigs
Pavs: Frost been good last few minutes
BigChief: Has anyone said Frost and good in the same sentence before?
Gotigres: Probably my first good round of the year navy. Better not speak too soon though. Got C Gawn and Ollie to go yet
Silz90: Nice score tigres
StuL: Incredible finish by Butters
navy_blues: goal to finish butters
Silz90: Butters 14 touches or something in the last
beerent11: plenty on here were giving to butters half an hour ago. classic fanfooty
Ash777: what a choke
navy_blues: wow omg hawks
StuL: nooooo. fck it
Birdman18: Wow!
sheezel420: holy shower
exatekk: wow
TimT14: Holy shower
BigChief: How did Hawks lose this?
Noxious: Holy flower
beerent11: unbelieeeevable!
Pavs: Wow awesome come back
StuL: robbery.
EvilMonk: holy flowering shower power
Troglodyte: omg
naicosfan: butters with a luke ryan last quarter, than you for granting my wish
StuL: you have to fcking kidding
carl: People shouldnt stress about the Buttman the lads a champ.
Manowar: Don't be a Goose Hinkley,
Pavs: Butters wont get scaled but deserves another 30 for that last quarter
frenzy: capt Barnett
exatekk: defo pavs
Pavs: pcaman be pi**ed
soup: Anyone captain hardwick?
McSquire: Hilarious the face on Mitchell
Beaza18: Butters ... what a superstar
Pavs: GOD did soup
soup: Gold wasn't it squire?
Pavs: Great commentary as well Urbs
Urbs: ty
bhg26: In Meek we trust

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