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EvilMonk: Afternoon gents
frenzy: howdy
FoopyTime: how we all doin today
frenzy: quite possibly the worst team ever assembled
JockMcPie: terrified. got both powell and fisher. this might end my season haha
DANGERous: Go Cheezel
PAFC4eva: Only sheezel this one hope its competitive game
colin wood: 120 for pop a Xerri please
FoopyTime: thats got to be the best defense stevensons ever played
Stu7: Merret, Fisher, Powell, Cheezel Xerri
EvilMonk: I weirdly think this is a scare game for Essendon. Not hate or anything just a feeling
m0nty: Bull Kelly on Bull Zurhaar, it's a bull-off!
FoopyTime: evil im pretty sure all essendon fans feel the same
EvilMonk: @FoopyTime it's almost like you do all your hard work fighting the strong teams, but get a little lazy with the poop
FoopyTime: pretty much spot on evil
original: Had xerri all preseason. Not keeping him for round 1 grr hate myself
FoopyTime: 2mPeter for the love of god put super glue on ya hands
original: What the heck did sheezel do? Was on 11 now negative
FoopyTime: gave away a free and 50. didnt really think it was there tho
JaiDay12: @original gave away a dodgy 50, should've gone with Zorko ffs
naicosfan: gave away a 50 and a fa
original: Ouch. Thanks lads.
Georgeous: finally.. Georgie off the bench
Stu7: Wtf is going on with Merrett is he tagged ?
soup: Carn LDU I believe in you
sheezel420: norf too good Stu
original: Blues fans wanted LDU when we picked Dow. Dow wanted north as he was a fan. Sliding doors
EvilMonk: lol McGrath
FoopyTime: kinda think ldu would have been good at carlton tho
slydon: ive been saying it ever since brad started coaching us.
slydon: when we play against teams where we should win, scott puts younger mids in the rotation for experience while zac sitsfwd
shancrows: Is Merrett injured
FoopyTime: hazza wtf was that
Georgeous: Merret had like 20 possessions in the first half in this game last year
original: Suing north for playing sheezel out of position and ruining sc scores
sheezel420: merrett does this every week and still goes like 120, relax
BigChief: Prob last game for Sheezel in my side with this new role.
sheezel420: trading out sheez after he lost 100k is an interesting play bigchief
EvilMonk: yikes, missed both of them by a country mile. Both lying scumbags lol
StuL: Too many players to trade out. Sheezel has to stay probably. Any chance he will get back to what he was?
BigChief: He will lose even more sheezel420 so better tp cut my losses now.
naicosfan: toby pink reviving himself
slydon: brad thats enough, put zac in the middle
EvilMonk: I reckon Sheez might get a little more time behind the ball again. Espec with McKercher out?
slydon: im in chiefs boat, if sheezel is staying in this role, hes out
sheezel420: yeah evil I'm surprised he's not seagulling today, I admit it's not a good sign
BigChief: That is why I kept him this week with Colby out.
EvilMonk: The replacement for Sheez is what's sketchy though. Like Holmes or someone maybe?
StuL: Its not looking good but who to bring in
CamT: I dumped Sheezel two weeks ago on the advice of Absmagic. Sounded ridiculous at the time.
EvilMonk: oh no, nothing worse than a 15m kick turnover. Out on the full 50m is better, smh.
pcaman2003: Could be bye bye Sheez and hello (possibly) Houston
GJayBee: Sheezel may be human after all
naicosfan: same here cam
LionBoy: Hi all. Took a risk on LDU two weeks ago. So far not going to bad.
StuL: i was wondering why ppl were trading Sheezel
BigChief: Already have Holmes, so maybe NWM, Clark or Richards.
EvilMonk: I've been hurt by LDU too many times to go there again.
DaicosQB: Sheezel has a -15 from a 50m penalty and we're acting like he's shot. He still has 16 for the quarter?
LionBoy: Iím an LDU virgin Evil. Heíll be gentle with me.
BigChief: Maybe even go down to Sexton and upgrade a fwd
EvilMonk: @LionBoy Just hoping he pops your Xerri nicely m8
BigChief: DaicosQB it's not just this game , it's his role change.
EvilMonk: Fisher keeps scoring, and I keep thinking it's bait. It's bait right?
pcaman2003: DaicosQB. He also has a BE of 163 and will keep dropping value.
CamT: The only avenue for big scores at NM is to be taking kick-ins.
Stu7: Ha ha Evil itís hard to believe hey
LionBoy: Traded Xerri out for some Sweet cash. Looking like poor choice.
EvilMonk: To be fair Dwayne, all players are Norf specialists :P
original: Wardlaw 48% tog is insulting
pcaman2003: Evil. Has to be bait. He's scoring well since I dumped his alps.
EvilMonk: @pcaman I swear, it's like these players are checking my team, the moment I dump, they play.
pcaman2003: How very true Evil. Everything I expect to be good does the!
StuL: You'll dump Sheezel and he will come good. maybe
DANGERous: go away fish
pcaman2003: Quite possibly Stul.. Could trade 12 players, and be no better off.
StuL: OfflIoaded pink as a dead rookie. look at him now.
JockMcPie: tom powell might be the worst early season trade-in of all time. sigh
EvilMonk: I like Caldwell, how much will he turn to shower if I pick him ?
slydon: why are we playing down to norths level still... so many unforced errors and sloppy hands
BigChief: You still have Tom Powell? Hahaha
CamT: Exactly, JockMcPie. Most passive mid-fielder I've seen.
slydon: caldwell is probably up there in BNF voting but i wouldnt bring him in my fantasy side...
JockMcPie: i should have traded powell instead of sam darcy! big mistake i made 2 weeks ago
BigChief: Caldwell may be effected when Setterfield returns.
keitho: here he is bigchief no balls calling out others when he's the scrub daddy
Stu7: Keep going Fisher
EvilMonk: why on earth would you not kick a drop punt there lol
Stu7: And whilst Iím at off th bench Merret
slydon: 10k fine u flower flop
JockMcPie: powell comeback is so on
navy_blues: ess giving a lot of frees away
EvilMonk: 20k wasn't it?
slydon: wardlaw has just flowering dropped the ball what the hell
slydon: blow the whistle you maggots
EvilMonk: bit stiff not to get a mark though
sheezel420: If I hear the words Essendon Edge one more time I'm gonna go insane
slydon: these umps can f off
sheezel420: lol sly if anything it was a dangerous tackloe
sheezel420: tackle*
FoopyTime: lol sheezel i feel the same way
DANGERous: comben wants to be traded out with about 22 other players
StuL: yea ok sheezel is done.
EvilMonk: @slydon your boys are only 2 away from Pies total frees yesterday :P you having a good run
FoopyTime: not about the dangerous tackle call thats holding everyday of the week
EvilMonk: lol Xerri just pushed a Norf player in the back then, he looked back like "wtf bro?"
FoopyTime: xerri vs the world and im here for it
EvilMonk: oh that's really rough lol. Poor Cam
original: give us back the defensive sheezel
FoopyTime: god dam im so impressed with durhams improvements this year
EvilMonk: bit better Sheez, get those chips you good thing
DaicosQB: Cook for me sheezel
StuL: sheezel is back.
pcaman2003: A much better last 5 minutes from Sheezel. Picked up valuable pts.
jpso: no way look what happens when they use sheezel
sheezel420: Even Comben, could've been on track for a horrid score
slydon: im 100% triggered
original: sheezel added about 24sc in about 6 mins. i was fuming then bam
BigChief: BZT and Breust subs next game.
pcaman2003: Cheers BC!
soup: Love your work chief
BigChief: Sweet not a late in yet.
slydon: imagine trading sheezel out after two games in a new position
Hazza09: Martin only 15 points in front of Comben, what a joke
navy_blues: martin is a seagull might be more chips in 2nd half hazza
Stu7: Have AVCís in Merret but they way things look might have to put the C on big Maxine
Stu7: How do others think big Max will score against the Weagles?
navy_blues: decided to go butters over max prob wrong decision lol
BigChief: Still tossing yp between Butters and Max for C
soup: Gotta go big maxy chief
circle52: Need Merrett to lift 2nd half as my C
Stu7: Shame the games are so close together navy
navy_blues: martin one frwd hazza no kickins for martin
navy_blues: gone
Georgeous: get in there Georgie!
navy_blues: went serong into butters stu
Hazza09: navy hasn't had a kick in in weeks
Stu7: Thanks for the intel on Martin navy
BigChief: Leaning that way soup.
Stu7: Not happy with 118 navy? Money in the bank
navy_blues: that was too easy
Raspel31: Langford on fire- simply thrilled.
navy_blues: crap round might as well roll the dice stu
Stu7: Iím hearing you navy
Stu7: Merret has forced my hand to go Max
EvilMonk: I really don't understand how he has the fitness to play both games each week. McKay superman
original: powell back playing midfield? clarko as bad as bevo for sc
circle52: Get rid of the stand rule
navy_blues: Guelfi been playing well lately
Stu7: Stay low Martin please
soup: What a kick from LDU
Stu7: Ffs Merret on the bench again - isnít that for resting for having done something
shancrows: Merrett score thankfully cancels out nick Martin opponent score
Stu7: Wakey Wakey Fisher
original: cmon northern kangaroos (NT, FNQ, Broome etc) makes 100% sense
Hazza09: why tf put Martin up forward, flower this
StuL: sheezel yet lives
slydon: final warning to all Zerret cappers, only put it on him in big games.
Stu7: Fisher added 4 to his score since half time, thatís the fisher we know
shancrows: That's such a shower free kick
Stu7: Score Blow out on its way
RuffLeader: Hazza, Martin great for SC, but he couldnít defend a loaf of bread, may as well send him forward
StuL: Who is the 20th team if we had the northern roos?
Stu7: Frankston 2nds StuL
original: give it another 8 years StuL, see if we need one
soup: This is the LDU I signed up for
benzammit: Cruise control all day, now lifting the work rate
BigChief: Is Sheezel finally playing HB?
StuL: talk of trading sheezel premature.
BigChief: He was playing mid/fwd and not getting near it StuL. Not like you complaining about everything.
pcaman2003: Stul. If Sheezel stays half back, he'd be fine.
StuL: Where is he playing now?
BigChief: How long before StuL complains about someone on the bench again?
Birdman18: True Stul. Surely everyone's teams aren't that good that they can afford to trade Sheez. My bench is absolutely flowered
Stu7: Sheezel is the least of my worries
BigChief: Everyone that said possible trade Sheezel said if he stays mid time to trade.
StuL: Not in this game chief
Stu7: Come on step up Merret, Fisher and Xerri this last quarter please
BigChief: Well miracles happen StuL. 100% you do it next 2 games.
Stu7: Go home merret bypass the bench
Stu7: Nice work Fisher
Stu7: Go Xerri you good thang
pcaman2003: Xerri could be huge by now with fewer clangers and better DE.
Stu7: True that pca
Troglodyte: Afternoon lads. Is the Sneezel playing his new role or his old one?
colin wood: Xerri getting ripped by CD. 5 touches 1 goal a contested mark and 2 tackles for 13sc this quarter
colin wood: martin 2 backwards handballs for 8sc..
Stu7: Afternoon Trog, not sure not watching the game
slydon: seems like hes shifted back to his half back/mid role trog
GJayBee: Martin now on watch list. CD favs are my favs
Birdman18: Sheez has gone back because Bergman is gone
Stu7: Whatís the BE for two in the stink?
Stu7: Merret concrete Pumaís
Troglodyte: Might hold him for now. But have the luxury of fixing Powell tonight - you beauty!
Calamitous: Langford you hack, kick a goal
Stu7: Fisherrrrrrrrrrrrr
bhg26: Can you at least kick a goal martin
Stu7: Nice work
Birdman18: We've actually been terrible today apart from about 20 minutes
S in don: Why does fanfooty never have the correct amount of behinds? Essendon have kicked 8 but I can only count 6 given?
DiggaDogga: I'm guessing Sheezel stays for those doubting earlier?
DiggaDogga: Behinds that are rushed not noted here S
jpso: rushed behinds dont go to a player if its by the oppo
pcaman2003: Nice work Sheezel. Keep picking up chips lad.
Migz: rushed behinds for sure
S in don: ahh ok, cheers
Migz: just like byes in cricket. adds to team total but no individual
Stu7: S in don - 2 rushed behinds
Stu7: Come on Xerri
Ooost: Where the Sheezel haters at?
pcaman2003: CD must've taken a clanger of Sheezel. Had 3,now 2. All helps!
Troglodyte: They don't hate him Ooost - they're just disappointed...
FoopyTime: 2mPeter strikes again
pcaman2003: Nup! Now it's been added again. Stupid CD.
Calamitous: nicely done Langy
StuL: Sheeezel is back.
Stu7: Please lift Merret please
Stu7: Spud is now on the bench
Stu7: Fisher going sick good boy
clay007: No Rooboy today lads?
LionBoy: LDU looks like saving my bacon this week. Happy with my two weeks with him. What could go wrong
StuL: second bombers. wow
Stu7: Fetal position clay
Birdman18: Will need to get out percentage up next week instead
clay007: Hilarious Stu7
DaicosQB: Sheezel + Comben no complaints there

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