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bhg26: Apologies to Zorko owners this week
Gotigres: Got Zorko in this week so hopefully nothing bad happens with him
DiggaDogga: Ive C'd him so let's hope he holds up..
Gotigres: This is already looking ugly for Richmond
TimT14: Priority pick request
slydon: poor tigers fans... anyway back to the other game
BigChief: Hey m0nty is it possible for everyone to get the Aboriginal flag as our icon for the next 2 weeks?
Slaggy.A.B: Why sorry to Zorko
Slaggy.A.B: I got him in this week could have got Steele
Slaggy.A.B: Who is Monty
BigChief: m0nty owns Fan Footy Slaggy
Troglodyte: m0nty is the AI Bot that runs this site Slaggy
slydon: big chief we dont need them all to have aboriginal flags, especially if theyre not aboriginal
slydon: like im all for supporting indigenous round but it will make it harder to identifiy individuals for no real reason
TimT14: I think he means us
seanfc99: when do the witches hats come out...
sheezel420: even we aren't this bad
BigChief: I meant us in chat slydon.
Kidult: witchcraft after 8pm
Gelly: go richmond
slydon: my point still kinda stands...
TimT14: Need Neale to kick a goal here for $1k
sheezel420: like 60% of the team is under 10 sc
Gotigres: 200 points coming up I feel
slydon: if there was a way to shade in the names with the black orange and yellow in the right order i think would be better
Jack SC: Tim stop gambling. It'll ruin your life
original: praying for richmond friends and family
_Wang_: This is gunna be very ugly
soup: Anyone else get some zork on their fork this week
Gotigres: yes soup
shancrows: Need you to lift Brown jeeeeez
Gotigres: Thanks original
original: on the positices: youve shut cameron and hipwood out of the game well
original: spoke too soon
Ninty: Party time already for Lions. Great grab by Ah Chee
Slaggy.A.B: Got some fork on my zork
BigChief: Time to sub Zorlo. Save his old man body Faagan
Gotigres: thanks Zorko
Capn_Flash: My ins are doing amazing! Zorko and Marshall both gonna go 150+ hopefully
beerent11: Thatís fantastic news cap!
JockMcPie: i would like short to touch the ball more thanks
original: maybe vlaustin to touch it 17 more times
bhg26: Cant recall the last time 6 players went 70 plus sc in a half
Jack SC: Well there is on 5 now.
bhg26: Thought that dunkley mark would take him to 70 jack
Manowar: country road, can Brisbane supporters be anymore lame?
Kidult: Yeh he only got +3 for his last two marks and disposal
Manowar: Faagan use your Brain!
Fromage: Zorko 2nd week
BettsMagic: 2nd week? Whatcha mean Fromage?
slydon: zorko and richards are pretty much loc ins next week
Slaggy.A.B: Zorko in this week what a daddy
BettsMagic: The Sandwich Press BRUCE! Let him coooook!
Troglodyte: Zorko as a unique - you beauty - wished I'd C'd him
Roarix: That is Rayner in a nutshell..
slydon: i cant watch this anymore
slydon: "hes already dead"
Roarix: I could see a comeback happening..
Roarix: Andddd I spoke too soon
UncleSniff: You drunk Sly? Bit of chat spam. In what world is LDU a McLuggage replacement at all? Totally different players...
UncleSniff: Wrong chat. I must be drunk... hahaha
BettsMagic: Dat Richmond trainer 😍
clay007: Who were the subs? No green or red vests
BigChief: Brain and Coulthard subs
Ninty: Brain and Coulthard green vests.
Ninty: McCluggage (tactical) and Lefau subbed out
clay007: thanx
slydon: LOL even monty DGAF about this game
hexada: needed mcClug for 25 dirty sub vest
beerent11: Nice work brucie
jlitza: imagine not putting the vc on zorko lmao
Slaggy.A.B: Went Ryan instead of zorko
Manowar: has the Richmond coach been sacked yet?
Manowar: here we go Lame time again!
Number 8: Fitness guy goes first
BradVICITY: Not much he can do when most of the team has no experience
slydon: this is brutal
slydon: tigers are a shell of the club they were 5 or so years ago
TimT14: We're not even up to VFL standard
Gotigres: Zorko was a great trade in for me
Cyberdyne: hardwick gtfo at the right time
slydon: GN everyone, see you tomorrow for another one of these when essendon meet north at marvel
Number 8: Like the look of McAuliffe
slydon: i swear to god we need this percentage so dont you dare perform the way you performed against wet toast
Birdman18: Zorko what a king

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