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frenzy: go freo
EvilMonk: Saints guernsey looks awesome
pcaman2003: Go Serong. My C for this round. Fingers crossed!
navy_blues: agree frenzy
Calamitous: go euro yroke
RooBoyStu: I want to acknowledge Adrian McAdam, Liam Jurrah, Tarryn Thomas, Willie Rioli and many more Indigenous stars, forgot Kra
RooBoyStu: Krakouers*
bhg26: Haha RooBoy spud, its been a while since we've seen it
navy_blues: lol spud status well deserved
PAFC4eva: Fitting
Pavs: hahaha
navy_blues: BC will love this
Troglodyte: Go Walyalup
Wends: Evening all. Lovely acknowledgements rooboy.
slydon: need a good one from jackson tonight with no shrek
OffaStep: Can you change CamT's name to CaarmT for the fortnight, m0nty?
Troglodyte: Hopefully it ends all the talk about 30yr old flags - potatoes don't have flags
RooBoyStu: So now i just watch all the spuds comment, amazing he can do icons but not fix spam on site
flibbity: what do you have to do to get the spud icon?
lana2146: Marshall to go huge tonight dogger aint no ruckman
Getup: Lucky your not banned spud just saying
RooBoyStu: No more comments from me enjoy your fairytale chat with no truth just what you want to hear
Troglodyte: RooPoo - you are the spam
navy_blues: ouch that hurt
RooBoyStu: I'm unleashing now Carlton will miss the 8 and this site is flowered like all of you goodbye fwits
Getup: Hahaa spud that he
OffaStep: Some good fairytales have trolls, Roospud.
bhg26: Nananana, nananana, hey hey hey, goodbye RooBoy!
EvilMonk: I appreciate the spud more than just banning
EvilMonk: Never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake
Getup: Nice spud don't go we will miss ya 🤣
DiggaDogga: Look out, Roo is off to have another pull over his grade 3 teacher.. See you in 30 secs mate.
Pavs: Um no more comments. At least be a man of your word
BigChief: Good evening chat. Go big Romar, Steele, Wilson, Serong and Ryan.
Wends: My ruck decisions this year have been appalling.
JezEdwards: Is it me, or is Ryan playing up high def/wing? Or was that just for those plays?
navy_blues: did u see our new spud chief
sheezel420: Roo having a complete mental breakdown, very entertaining
Pavs: Got dragged up high Jez
BigChief: No navy. I don't have 1. Who got it?
Fromage: Seeing C
slydon: do we think webster is having another holiday?
Troglodyte: I just wish he told us how to change his icon before he left, I still can't work it out :(
Silz90: What did I miss lmao
navy_blues: rooboyspud lolol
bhg26: Havent seen CamT so far after last game, either hes banned or still crying after having to listen to welcome to country
Pavs: m0nty changed it Trog
Slaggy.A.B: lol camt a racist
BigChief: Hahaha navy. a few years late imo. Trog it was m0nty who gives out the spud icons.
StuL: Jackson Serong Sharp Wilson WM. lots of interest in this one
sheezel420: Flower off Marshall
StuL: and ryan
Troglodyte: How to Walrus get it last season? His comment were tame compared to RooPoo
Wends: Agreed sheezel420.
slydon: jeez the other game is starting to look real bad
Troglodyte: *did
EvilMonk: VC on Ryan looking a little sus at this stage
BigChief: No sheezel. Need a huge score to cover the crap from others.
original: love u dow
pcaman2003: Have a few in this ,but Serong my only POD and is C.
sheezel420: Having english over rowan last few weeks has killed me
beerent11: Serongs been on the bench a while stul. Just saying.
pcaman2003: EvilMonk. Don't worry, he'll collect heaps of chips later and score well.
EvilMonk: lol crowd asking for deliberate from a spoil. feelsweird
BigChief: I took the vc off Ryan and screwed up putting it on Daicos :(
Getup: No sheez is he out?
pcaman2003: Off the bench Serong.
EvilMonk: bit unlucky @BigChief bloke had 40 touches, just clangers all day
Wends: That would be my voodoo doll pca... shld I cease & desist?
StuL: Serong tog % plummeting.
beerent11: Still on the pine
EvilMonk: I still have way too many dockers in my team lol.
pcaman2003: Wends. Yes please! I need his big score. I'll return favour one day :)
beerent11: Still there.
original: dockers and port best for byes
clay007: Why don't the pies have an indigenous name?
Wends: Sorry! consider it done :)
Hazza09: Your a joke Fyfe
bhg26: Dont know how Fyfe is such a horrible shot for goal
clay007: Garru means Magpie in the native tongue
BigChief: Yeah saw he had 11 clangers Evil.
EvilMonk: YŠlla-birr-ang is ours @clay007 . Pies tend to not deviate too much from tradition though
clay007: Thanks Evil, did not know that. Cheers
Getup: Wouldn't mind Sinclair getting a little more involved not watching the game tho
BigChief: Dogga started well.
original: ive got steele in classic and draft. why did i do it
StuL: go jackson.
pcaman2003: Jackson waits until my opponent has him, then scores well. Sigh!
EvilMonk: @pcaman just having Darcy out, helps his score heaps. More ruck time, Jackson is like Grundy, prefers ruck time.
BigChief: Because he is a star original.
StuL: go sharp too. making cash and scoring
beerent11: Haha original. Heís averaging 115. Canít ask for much more.
EvilMonk: the early trigger on Sinclair for me, is a regret. Just not getting the back half touches like he used too
JezEdwards: Very glad I kept Sharp, Stu!
lana2146: Rucks have been destroying saints this season highest opp scores
Troglodyte: Nice one Serong, keep going
clay007: Why would you kick it to Fyfe in the fwd line? That makes you question why he plays there
beerent11: Serongís a star
TheOnyas: Onya Clarky
Wends: Sharpie bringing a tear to the eye after mid-related disasters so far. Also, lovely clay & Evil re local words 4 magpie
pcaman2003: EvilMonk. Absolutely. Hope Darcy out for a!
BigChief: Evil Sinclair been playing mid last few weeks.
Wends: Wakey wakey Steele. Game started already
StuL: about time i had some players scoring this round
pcaman2003: Serong should improve his score with more TOG. Putting my faith in him tonight.
Getup: Bought in serong this week my apologies if he spuds, not watching sts any chance of winning looks like they started ok
Hazza09: Steele not a top 8 mid, trading him after the bye
Getup: Freo lifted last 5mims
StuL: God has the VC on Jackson
original: serong is really short hey
EvilMonk: Yes more cheap chips Ryan
BRAZZERS: where's the genuis that said last week sinclair is a bargain lol
bhg26: Good stuff Peroxide Prince
EvilMonk: Feeling conflicted at the moment. Picked saints but I need Ryan to intercept everything lol
Wends: You may be onto something there Hazza
Noxious: Who's tagging serong
Wends: Tonight's the night Clark goes >100 in AF?
Wends: Superman icon for Marshall Urbs, sigh...
slydon: glad to see jacksons having a great game for once
Getup: Is it one sided evil monk??
bhg26: How the flower is ryan not on 70 at least, two handball intercepts and 2 intercept marks plus a score assist
Slaggy.A.B: C on ryan
StuL: come on WM. Rubbish as usual.
nbartos: Adelaide and Freo always get screwwd
pcaman2003: First time I put the C on Serong. I'm definitely jinxed.
Hazza09: WTF Steele
Birdman18: Flower you Marshall. Every since I traded him out he's gone nuts
StuL: Serong spending a lot of time on the bench
pcaman2003: I'm sure my voodoo doll is responsible from years of abuse:(
Getup: Vc zerret into gawn for me pca lucky to get 2200 this week
Wends: Same birdman... hung onto others too long, hence jumping the gun on ditching Marshall.
beerent11: Heavily bandaged leg may be a factor stul
nbartos: never seen freo do anything but bomb in, this is diff
Hazza09: Who the flower is tagging Serong?
BigChief: Saving Serong for a huge 2nd half I hope.
pcaman2003: Getup. That sounds pretty good. Should do okay out of one of those.
Capn_Flash: Traded Marshall in this week! Finally I get some good luck. Sweet missing was actually good for me!
DANGERous: tag ryan
Capn_Flash: I think windhager Hazza
EvilMonk: Zerrett will go huge Getup I like it
sheezel420: lift ryan
Kidult: Gawn > Marshall looking good early
Urbs: Windhager is following Serong around tonight. Paton on Clark but that's not doing anything.
slydon: LFG jackson
pcaman2003: beer. Maybe should've gone Ryan C after your suggestion.
Wends: Need to use that voodoo doll wisely & more sparingly maybe pca ;)
shagga24: Steele not having a good game at all
Getup: Finger's crossed monk
sheezel420: Flower off Ross Lyon, scared of a little Serong are you?
pcaman2003: Wends. It ran away already.
Birdman18: Wends he got us with that knee injury
EvilMonk: Good bit of footy saints. They look so much better with a bit of urgency
shagga24: Would have thought Ryan would be higher than 60
Wends: I got sucked in completely Birdman :(
Kidult: Everything he is touching is positive. only 1 tackle and still on 40
clay007: You were right shagga, 61
pcaman2003: Some lightening quick HB's by Serong. Good last few minutes
BigChief: Amiss doing his name justice tonight.
shagga24: I knew it
Manowar: Jackson, hehe
beerent11: I wouldíve if I had him pcaman. I canít pay 600k+ for a defender.
beerent11: Serongís only 7 points behind , mind.
Kidult: it should be agoal as he has 3 misses
slydon: really need nwm to get more of that pill
Wends: Cmon Steele... big 2nd half
BigChief: As long as he kicks it straight to Ryan or Serong slydon :)
beerent11: flowerin champion data is ridiculous in scoring rucks.
pcaman2003: beer. Serong has done a gr8 job of catching up. Hopefully continues this form.
slydon: chief, the kids a gun i dont understand why he doesnt get big mid minutes
BigChief: agree about being a gun, not sure mid time is in his future though.
beerent11: Fingers crossed pca
slydon: chief saints are playing with three mids exclusively almost. hags, steele and dow i think sincs is the rotating mid
Calamitous: Marshall you sexy man
slydon: they need sincs in defense more and let nwm run with
slydon: theybe already got steel and windhager for big bodies, they need some class with the ball
Slaggy.A.B: Had the v c on marshshal not sure if I sued use it or wait for Zerret
slydon: its the same situation people claim about bolton and rankine. they are absolute class and through mid... would be unreal
slydon: use it slaggy, hell end on 170+, zerrett tends to let the younger mids run wild against "mismatched" teams like north
slydon: hell score but marshall will be bigger 100%
Ash777: This about LDU to saints?
Kidult: Cats will play for LDU I think
slydon: no ash, NWM playing more mid minutes
slydon: many teams will kidult
slydon: hed be a perfect replacement for mcclugage at at brisbane as well if he leaves
Ash777: Sounds like they rather trade in a player.
BigChief: Slaggy surely you are joking about waiting for Merrett over Romar?
UncleSniff: You drunk Sly? Bit of chat spam. In what world is LDU a McLuggage replacement at all? Totally different players...
pcaman2003: Another great round of SC. Naicos VC fail and now Serong C fail.
DANGERous: leave Serong alone!
Getup: Not watching s
BigChief: Serong not dead just yet pcaman
naicosfan: vc ryan failing not good enough (pls have an 80 pt qtr)
slydon: im saying hes an upgrade in the position sniff
BigChief: No way is LDU an upgrade for McCluggage slydon.
Wends: Wilson scoring in the break... what a little trooper in my shizen-fight of a team
Getup: Stupid question who wins from here.?
sheezel420: None of us for having to watch this shocking game
Kidult: @getup Ryan
bhg26: Freo please feed it to the peroxide prince
pcaman2003: BC. Not yet, but needs a massive last qtr. Can't see it happening.
BigChief: The team in front at final siren maybe Getup.
Hazza09: cya steele, never again
slydon: im open to admitting i underrate mcclugage, i just dont think hes as good as other mids in the comp
Ash777: hopefully draw fc get their 3rd win
Getup: Not watching bc tipped the sts only got the brizzi game
Getup: To watch
slydon: i rate him probably in 15-20 LDU would probably be 10-15 with a better upside IMO
BigChief: Could go either way Getup. Not a great game to watch.
Bluebagg11: Two pigs in one night!!
clay007: Great comeback w-m!
EvilMonk: I'm back boys what did I miss? Wow Ryan has really gone poop rip my vc
clay007: Does anyone know who the subs were in the brisbane game. No green or red vests
JockMcPie: pretty easy to work out who the subs were based on time on ground. lefau and mccluggage subbed out respectively
BigChief: Answered on other chat clay
EvilMonk: Huge touch Marshall wow
Ash777: lol crazy stuff
TorturedSC: Coulthard and brain
BigChief: slydon you think LDU 10-15 mid in the AFL? He wouldn't be top 30 imo
nbartos: touched my alps
original: ryan vanished after HT?
clay007: Was it an IQ test Jock? Sorry Einstein. lol
slydon: i think if you consider age, potential and team makes a big difference to where i put him
EvilMonk: Sheesh phillipou touch the footy
JockMcPie: @clay007 all good, i respect not everyone here has as high of an IQ as me. happy to help!
slydon: the north effect is real, loko at goldy and mckay when you put them in remotely decent sides
clay007: Great win by the pies Jock. Was there until the end! We won by the length of Izak's hammy. Go Pies!
BigChief: Jock 50 isn't a high IQ though.
beerent11: Serong is gonna make it an awkward vc decision
JockMcPie: carn pies. also BigChief just because your IQ is lower than your shoesize doesnt mean its the case for the rests of us!!
BigChief: Take 125 I think beer.
sheezel420: serong can still go 130
BigChief: Wow Jock I didn't know I wore 122 size shoes mate.
beerent11: Got max or Merrett to follow
EvilMonk: Amiss? More like Alotmiss! Got'em
pcaman2003: They will bench Serong and kill his score. Just wait!
pluggerpig: another wayward night for george soros jr
beerent11: Usually the benchmark bigchief
pcaman2003: Bingo!
EvilMonk: Dropped a sitter, oh no
BigChief: There ya go Evil Phillipou touched it LOL
EvilMonk: Ryan getting all the chips now. Go you seagull get those chips
slydon: love finally getting a big game from jackson, holding has paid off
pcaman2003: BC. Good thing they don't get paid by the possession.
FoopyTime: serong get back on and rack it up i want me bet to get up
pluggerpig: this Europe vs Wales footy is interesting, really is a global game now
beerent11: Serong has same amount of disposals as Ryan. Ryan has 5 cp. serong 13 cp. ?
EvilMonk: Oh dear mark not paid rip phillipou
TorturedSC: Loving the Ryan to Clark chips as an owner of both
slydon: Disposal eff @beer
Noxious: Ryan's behind worth big points I guess haha
TorturedSC: Also marks beer
beerent11: Whoís had a bigger impact?
BigChief: 75 to 81 slydon. I think it's kicks to HB the difference
BradVICITY: Ryan more eff and also 13 marks
Getup: Sts are shower
EvilMonk: The saints going forward is as impotent as a goal umpire with DRS
BigChief: Also disp in d50 worth more I think.
slydon: its cheap points chief
slydon: theres a reason leigh montagna still gets ripped about kick out points
pluggerpig: Marshalls numbers are nuts
Birdman18: I hate Marshall
EvilMonk: All my dockers tonned up except draper. Gotta be happy with that
slydon: i told you marshall was going 170+ (whoever was tossing up zerret and marshall)
BRAZZERS: steele bin
Gotigres: Nice game Jackson
Slaggy.A.B: Yeah that was me
slydon: is anyone else watching on kayo and can hear the producer counting down in the background?
TorturedSC: yep
BigChief: That goal is for Evil 100%
EvilMonk: Haha yes @slydon
Slaggy.A.B: I was marshal tosseruperer
FoopyTime: the king brothers are complete shower
sheezel420: sly I thought I was going schitzophrenic
BigChief: I can hear it on Fox Footy slydon
snake_p: yes Sludon better than last weeks vacuum cleaner
GinniFan: dogga first 100+ since r2
Wends: We need to start a club Birdman
pluggerpig: i think they are counting the viewers slydon
slydon: lol kinda funny tbh
slydon: plugger there are at least 100 people watching this one. theyre counting the viewers of the bri v ric game
pluggerpig: countdown voice sounds like the "always watching" old woman from monsters inc
Slaggy.A.B: Traded Jackson for Zorko
EvilMonk: Always watching wizowskiiii
BigChief: Okay beer Max, Merrett or Butters?
OffaStep: Cueing the ad break (20 seconds) and no ad spiel then warning 15 secs, 10 secs, 5 secs ads back.
beerent11: Letís go maxy!
slydon: waste of a sideways, bringing zorko next week for hugo and either graham or messi plus 270k bank
slydon: im going butters chief
pcaman2003: Good luck beer. I can't put the moz on you now. Cheers!
slydon: as i said earlier, zerret will play mostly fwd rotating mid if we are struggling
BigChief: slydon if Ess stuggle against Nth then sack Scott. Should be a flogging.
Manowar: St Kilda poo poo
BigChief: Romar beat Jackson so how does Jackson get the star?

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