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Fromage: Lads and ladettes
pcaman2003: Be warned! I brought Heeney in this week.
Fromage: Oh no heeney my c
frenzy: nice pcaman
pcaman2003: Sorry about that.:(
Troglodyte: only a few rounds late...
pcaman2003: Have VC Naicos and C on Serong. Sound reasonable?
Fromage: Changed my C because of pcaman 😜
StuL: sure pcaman
wadaramus: Happy Friday FF'ers.
bhg26: My guess would be a Jordon tag on Walsh
pcaman2003: Fromage. Lol! Such influence. Maybe I should be one of those influencers.
bhg26: Also terrified of Curnow/Mckay with no mccartin
pcaman2003: Stul. What happened to your mob? Dug a big hole and fell in mate.
BigChief: bhg Jordon wouldn't keep up with Walsh Rowbottom better option imo
Pavs: Jumped in pcaman
original: no high free kick LOL
StuL: Our midfield is rubbish.
bhg26: Tagged Anderson out of the game when we played gold coast chief
pcaman2003: Yes Pavs. Shocker of a game for you guys. Scott looked perplexed.
BigChief: Anderson not as quick as Walsh though bhg.
Pavs: I looked perplexed also mate
bhg26: Well hes on him for now
pcaman2003: BC. Looks like Jordan on Walsh after all.
BigChief: Yeah looks like he is. Good for us Walsh owners LOL
StuL: We have GWS next. Could lose that one too.
BigChief: Z Will forward is interesting move.
pcaman2003: BC. Have Williams ,Walsh, Heeney and Gulden.
KangaBanga: Take me S Walsh!
bhg26: Francis on McKay is going to make me pull my hair out
pcaman2003: bhg26. You have hair? Lucky bastard!
Fromage: F you McKay I traded you out
StuL: Not sure about our list.
BigChief: What is hair bhg?
BigChief: Uh oh Weitering injury?
StuL: go blues
bhg26: For now pcaman
FoopyTime: kinda happy atm that i got on the 2.90 odds for the carlton win
bhg26: Francis not afl level, surely hamling has to play ahead of him
FoopyTime: i wasnt a francis fan when he played for the dons and from what ive seen at syd he hasnt got any better
original: they hoping francis learns some fwd craft
bhg26: Yeah he certainly hasnt foopy
BigChief: Francis gone backwards if that is possible. Hamling 100 times better.
Bulky: 1 tackle for Carlton? That can't be right.
bhg26: Also cannot possibly think of a reason why Parker isnt in the team
FoopyTime: unironically the only time ive been happy with him was when he was moved forward
FoopyTime: but that had more to do with the fact we dont have a good foward line
bhg26: 5 more years Will thank you very much
FoopyTime: i like syds midfield atm but cant see why you guys wouldnt put him in either foward or move heeney foward
BigChief: Very nice Walshy
JezEdwards: Evening all. Got Walsh, Heeney and Gulden. Let's go boys. What's everyone's projected?
BigChief: Foopy why would you move 1 of the best players out of the middle? Play Parker fwd.
BRAZZERS: thats jezm are you under the impression anyone gives shower?
bhg26: Parker can play forward, hes a great mark
DaMeatloaf: Do you think they would take Heeney out of the guts Foopy?
FoopyTime: i would play parker forward, i was just putting up 2 options of how he could be put back into the team
pcaman2003: Gulden was another one excellent as a mid.
original: is it really a 50m line at scg or is it 43 or so meters?
cmperrfect: Walsh on track for another 75 pct TOG game
BigChief: Cunningham or Wicks out for Parker
DaMeatloaf: Bhg how many weeks has Parker been fit?
Zutroyz: Cats should be getting in touch with Parker's agent. Fits our age profile
FoopyTime: its horse so who knows what he does with heeney but with how good syds mids are i wouldnt mess with that at all
bhg26: Played last 2 vfl games and is playing tonight meatloaf
thommoae: Lol Zutroyz. Another goodie.
FoopyTime: yeah pretty sure me carlton win bets off now
pcaman2003: Williams getting crap TOG again. Don't expect much from him. Sigh!
BigChief: Isn't 31 still too young Zutroy?
LuvIt74: evening guys i had the E on Graham who didn't play and want to put the E on Brown who wll play will i get his score?
Stu7: Gotta get rid of him pca
soup: Yes you will luvit
Stu7: Best thing I ever did, him and Ambro
pcaman2003: Luvit. You get the lowest score.
original: hey, at least it was a tackle.
Ash777: I think they'll ease Parker in so play mostly forward for a few games
pcaman2003: Luvit. In other words lowest score of playing E
BigChief: How can you have Brown and Graham in the same position LuvIt? 1 is a fwd only and the other is a def/mid.
LuvIt74: @pcaman yeah i know but if one did not play and one does do you get the player that plays score as the other DNP?
pcaman2003: Luvit. Yes!
ElstyBoy: @BigChief Brown is a defender too
LuvIt74: I have both Graham & Brown in defence via DPP
Kidult: You get the only scoring player if the other is DNP
BigChief: Which Brown? Not Ben or Callum.
frenzy: not Jack Graham BC
gazza39: Tipped the Blues went with the info that no team has won after playing Freo lol
frenzy: Tom Brown BC
BigChief: Fair stat that gazza. Not sure that will hold up tonight.
BigChief: Oh forgot about him frenzy. My bad.
gazza39: yeah prob not always a long shot but so was GC last night
EvilMonk: wowee, free kick Carlton, 50m, goal Carlton, gee whizz
BigChief: Do you have any new material Evil? Same comment from you every single time.
gazza39: Didn't see the free kick there
bhg26: Kicked it from advantage anyway gazza
original: his hand caught amarteys wrist and dragged it down, genuinely don't think intentional but a free
EvilMonk: @BigChief sorry mate, I'll be sure to switch it up just for you buddy!
Stu7: Come on Walshy
clay007: If the Afl decides to play 4 x 8 min qtrs, the Blues would win the flag. They find it hard to play whole games
Birdman18: That's all Carlton have I think
EvilMonk: Owies needed to push his face further forward for that free,
BigChief: Free kick Sydney right Evil?
pcaman2003: Williams needs to go to the back line. Much better backman.
soup: Mclovin very clumsy tonight
Raspel31: Well just home and rather poweres as my birthday- hello all and du Heeney and Walsh vx
Pavs: Chief on the angry pills
EvilMonk: @BigChief what's up buddy? Why so angry?
BigChief: Just borrowed them from you from last night Pavs.
J.Worrall: Happy Birthday to you
BigChief: Evil why do you say the same thing about Carlton every week?
clay007: pavs never angry, only when dealing with his mate rasp
thommoae: Lads surely ya Mum told you n
Stu7: Happy birthday Raspa
bhg26: Rowbottom 9 tackles already
Troglodyte: Keep going Jordo
Pavs: Had heaps last night Chief. So would you if you went for the Cats
Birdman18: Easy for Jordon to tag when he doesn't get called holding the man against him
thommoae: Lads Surely ya Mum told ya 'no sharing pills!'
pcaman2003: Happy birthday Rasp.
bhg26: 11 rowey my goodness
BigChief: Rowbottom almost as many tackles as the whole Carl team. Damn
clay007: you can see the swans players on the chirp. this will rattle the blue baggers. now on swans terms
soup: That's something a Walsh owner would say birdman
Raspel31: Cheers all= coming good- interesting.
Ninty: Life is nice when you have Newman C
EvilMonk: @BigChief late answer, was making a cuppa. I don't, I do BT everytime I see a bad free lol
Birdman18: Haha true Soup. I'm watching him closely
EvilMonk: If you see it a lot clearly there's a lot of bad frees with Carlton
bhg26: Chad.
Pavs: Happy Birthday Raspel31
EvilMonk: Chad is a Gigachad.
clay007: Ninty, great pickup. Not a bad score heading into HT
EvilMonk: Happy Birthday @Raspel31 m8
Raspel31: Cheers Pav
BigChief: Maybe watch a Pies game without the B&W eyes Evil and you will see Daicos getting bad frees all day.
Devero_D: Does Grundy get a goal assist for that?
EvilMonk: @BigChief I get you're anti pies, but I watch 9 games of footy a week and laugh at all of them. I know Naicos gets frees
EvilMonk: wtf does that have to do with a bad free this game?
clay007: Easy Big Chief...don't shoot bambi. Daicos is untouchable.
BigChief: You say it EVERY Blues game Evil, not just this 1 mate.
EvilMonk: Dude, you're obsessed, like chill out. The last one I watched was against the Pies
Pavs: wat too many pills Chief
pcaman2003: Back out there Williams.
EvilMonk: He's going hard on me, someone else power him off please.
clay007: Back on the game fellas. Not worth the argument.
BigChief: And you're obbsessed with Free kick Carlton mate. Maybe give that a rest.
original: walsh been owed a free
FoopyTime: how about that local sports team guys am i right?
EvilMonk: cmon Walsh, get me 120+ please
frenzy: Grundy playing showerhouse
Pavs: I think he is on repeat Evil
pcaman2003: I did warn at the beginning I got Heeney in this week. Apologies!
BigChief: Want a tissue Evil? Can't take it huh?
FoopyTime: to be fair to grundy hes only got one eye atm
EvilMonk: @Pavs I'll ignore it, hopefully it goes away, wowe..
soup: Chief must have lost his VHS tape player, can't relive the times his cheating club were last relevant
clay007: Big chief... you are on rooboy stats at moment bro.
soup: Or just a bad week on the tools
Raspel31: And vc on him pcaman- you are incorrigible.
wadaramus: Lift Grundy you flaccid plow.
BigChief: Since when was Fitzroy cheaters soup?
EvilMonk: You know it's bad when a bunch are defending a pies supporter. Big wakeup Chief.
Troglodyte: Umpire appreciation week is over right? Asking for a friend...
beerent11: Donít worry pcaman. Everyone has him. Non factor.
original: played on while he was out of bounds no?
Doggie Doo: Newman such a great pod.
Pavs: Absolutely Trog.
pcaman2003: Raspel. I gave early warning. Who's your c?
beerent11: Anyone got Newman?
naicosfan: everyone has heeney, dont really matter
Silz90: Good evening can we start tagging Warner ffs
Bluebagg11: Sorry lads. Traded in Heeney this week. Figures
pcaman2003: beer. 50% still don't have him in.
Pavs: Drunk tonight Rasp?
Zutroyz: no one playing well for you this week wada?
beerent11: The bottom 50%
Troglodyte: That whistle-happy ump is making me want to and ask my wife how her day was...
Troglodyte: ...and sit through the whole answer
KangaBanga: Brought in Williams this week
beerent11: Now those are dire straits trog
wadaramus: Just Clohesy and Grundy :)
BRAZZERS: grundy done well to get to 46
EvilMonk: Anyone got Newman? Huge half.
beerent11: Grundy still nearly on track to ton same with heeney
Troglodyte: Yep, those constant whistles are grat
Troglodyte: *grating on my ears
GOD: GOD has the C on N. Newman tonight
Pavs: i'm a believer GOD
DANGERous: owning gulden is pain
frenzy: BC has got some pills for that DANGERous
Stu7: That hurts KangaBanga
original: you wanna know pain? my draft opponent has newman (only 11 players on field in draft)
beerent11: Iím in a league match with no common onfield players. Donít remember having that before
Catatafish: Williams still on the bench and out of position? Strategic equivalent to eating lego pieces, I hope Carlton lose lol
Zutroyz: Grundy wil,
Zutroyz: Grundy will ton up wada, can't say that about clohesy though
beerent11: Depends on the Lego piece Catatafish. A spaceship rocket would be ok but not a tree.
Birdman18: Newman on track for 200
Catatafish: Lol either way, it'll hurt you
KangaBanga: Lance Whitnall robbed
Pavs: Don't wanna know where you are putting your Lego pieces beer
beerent11: Would depend on which way the tree was facing on exit I guess.
EvilMonk: How good is Heeney?
Pavs: This year very good Evil but has burnt me big time in the past
bhg26: I love sportsmanship
Catatafish: Stop making good points, beer, it's annoying!
Birdman18: That was good from Heeney
EvilMonk: Good sportsmanship there by Williams and Heeney.
Fordy13: Evening lads, bit late to the party!
Birdman18: Blues getting shredded here
Fordy13: Just in time to watch Sydney walk away with this game wowee.
EvilMonk: Baggers gone home @Fordy
Raspel31: Through some tears in this comp I have noticed players scire more when bot benched- wtf@
Fordy13: Grundy and Heeney looking good! Been a good Thurs + Friday night so far.
bhg26: Chad.
clay007: scire and bot = excessive drinking.
EvilMonk: Boy oh boy, gee whiz, wowee
soup: The Chad.
FoopyTime: thought last year was his break out year, hes gone up another step and is consistant
Birdman18: Walsh definitely not tonning up now unless Carlton come back
J_Herer: jeez Walsh
bhg26: And people said jordon cant keep up with walsh
clay007: no cotrell, no carlton
Ash777: I think blues have already pegged this as a loss considering they dont win at this ground
bhg26: Thats gotta hurt
EvilMonk: Gee, kicking in danger I would have thought
Troglodyte: Keep going Jordo - scoring more than tagging please...
pcaman2003: If only Gulden could get his DE up in games.
Birdman18: Blues look as bad as Geelong last night right now
RuffLeader: No wonder umpires cop abuse, thatís disgusting
Pavs: Last night ancient history Birdman
Bluebagg11: Williams giving Papley a Pat on the back when weíre 7 goals down and he canít get a kick. Time to go buddy. Useless
FoopyTime: yeah sydney 30c and 80% humidity same as darwin no lie
bhg26: Wtf Cunningham goal
EvilMonk: Party time swans
pcaman2003: Bluebagg. Is Williams even fit at present? He looks very ordinary.
FoopyTime: sydneys % just goes up
Ash777: sites says 17c tho... :/
frenzy: witches hats time
Fordy13: he's had a few one week or small niggles in his legs pca, coming back from a glute two weeks ago
pcaman2003: Wake up Gulden. Where are you?
DANGERous: do something Errol
Devero_D: Grundy is just Mr Consistent
Zutroyz: Newman with a 20 point qtr feels pedestrian
EvilMonk: Oh man I'm not even getting a tonne from Walsh? Sad
beerent11: Consistently overrated
original: calm down frenzy. 1:10 sunday will come
Fordy13: he's only like 30ish points behind English Devero, I'm glad I held him and didn't go Sweet R2
frenzy: lmao
EvilMonk: I held Grundy too, not disappointed
nbartos: the Fox out will make way for my man Parker
EvilMonk: The fact that this team didn't have space for a player like Parker, is scary
pcaman2003: With Mills and Parker to return, such a scary thought.
bhg26: And we also have Campbell and Sheldrick usually playing in the 2s as well
Yelse: so if blakey hit his head then williams was in trouble
original: Love sheldrick
original: and roberts. big roberts fan
JockMcPie: this sydney team is gonna look so good going out in straight sets in front of a home crowd
bhg26: No Jock, we'll make the grand final and do what we usually do there
bhg26: Bloody hell forgot about roberts as well
Birdman18: CD packed up and gone home I think
FoopyTime: copy gws grand final performance again?
Yelse: how did the tigers beat the swans
bhg26: Id like to think charity yelse
Pavs: ooh. Sydney grand final bhg.
bhg26: Still dont remember the grand final you refer to pavs
Pavs: Fair enough
FoopyTime: whats a final?
Ash777: I think sydney will win if they make it
frenzy: whats a win
original: charlie thieving walsh free kick
J_Herer: Hope Sydney win it and Heeny gets the brownlow, big pay day for me!!
CamT: Did Curnow just steal Walsh's free kick ?
FoopyTime: i just pray norf dont learn what a win is this week tbh but knowing essington they might
bhg26: I'd be able to live with that J_Herer
thommoae: Yes Cam he did - and he subsequently scored 17 of the worst AF points ever.
thommoae: Lol frenzy
frenzy: youll be safe foopy
Fordy13: man Heeney copped a hospital handball there.
EvilMonk: Don't you dare be injured Heeney
Kidult: I'd like to see Larkey kick a bag on Mckay
DANGERous: cmon errol ffs
Fordy13: that hurt Walsh
EvilMonk: Lol the gigachad looking back smiling at Carroll
Fordy13: yes Grundy get him!
beerent11: Roberts has been quiet
bhg26: Walsh hasnt had much fun today
clay007: raise the bat grundy
EvilMonk: I have both Grundy and Walsh, not sure how to feel about this lol
bhg26: tonight rather
bhg26: Good pass mclean
beerent11: 81 ok for a tagged game. Will take that.
runners47: get back on the field, Grundy
EvilMonk: Feels bad that I didn't get Jordan and week in and week out he tags my mids
EvilMonk: Double whammy
thommoae: Blues spiritless. Can't credit it - gave up ages ago.
Getup: Nice work grundy
Fordy13: I think him and Heeney are done for the night runners.
Fordy13: well I'm wrong about Heeney
nbartos: the Fox out will make way for my man Parker
Kidult: McCartin probably replaces Fox
Devero_D: Walsh has been so beat up tonight
Fordy13: he's going to be a sore boy tomorrow.
bhg26: McCartin replaces francis kidult
Fordy13: I'll take a 111 from Grundy with 75 TOG
Kidult: Francis played well enough I think
FoopyTime: francis is showerhouse
pcaman2003: That's it Errol. Get some more chips.
frenzy: Gulden junkin it up
FoopyTime: complete potato when its an even contest
pcaman2003: Nice win Swans.
J_Herer: Time for a rebuild at Carlton
naicosfan: good score for walsh being tagged + 7 clangers at 55%
original: walsh was on about 40 about 15 mins

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