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LuvIt74: Some big scores this weekend, I was projected to score over 2500 but scored 2451 hope thats enough to improve my rank
RooBoyStu: Bruce McAvaney has the C on Bruce Reville
Pavs: Good score LuvIt. Well done
naicosfan: great score luvit, 2471 here, with the C on rowell unfortunately
StuL: I need a ton from Laird to get to 2450
StuL: thats good considering Naicos
naicosfan: i'd consider it lucky missing out on a lot of bad scores
lana2146: Ok lets go Lions win
FoopyTime: kelly underwood shouldnt be commentating any games that dont have north of west coast in them
lana2146: Death riding Dawson under 80 hopefully
StuL: Go Laird
Pavs: Backed up your 2481 from last week lana?
lana2146: Any score over 2500 will see green arrows
StuL: Go lions. f the crows
lana2146: Nah only 2380 this wknd pavs
Pavs: Had a sneaky look at your side. Your going great
StuL: Good start Laird
2Ph0nes: picked up Neale as a pod this week
Raspel31: Confucius say 2 team made of poo and 1 plobably win.
StuL: Off the bench Laird
StuL: Stop taking points off Laird CD.
circle52: Nice to see our goal kicking was practiced not this week
navy_blues: wow daniher mark it
2Ph0nes: beef curtin started the game better than last week
AussieLion: Afternoon gang. I see the lions goal kicking from in front hasnít improved
Noxious: 3.2 is better than 2.4 at least Lion. Not that my team can talk haha
Hazza09: power off Dawson
AussieLion: Yeah after last week Nox I shouldnít be complaining. You must be a happy man
DraperDrip: Never going to be great with Joe in your team
StuL: Good qtr Laird
Fromage: Himmel is everywhere
RooBoyStu: Go Bruce, isn't he special
RooBoyStu: Morris didn't eat his nuggetspte
RooBoyStu: *pre game
Noxious: Yeah Lion I didn't have high expectations going into this week so I am very happy
navy_blues: hipwood starring again
StuL: Laird benched again!?
StuL: Laird benched again!? He just had a rest.
StuL: i didnt mean to send that twice obviously
soup: Come on daws repay the faith
bhg26: crouch getting stuffed by cd
Manowar: use your Brain, heroan!
DaicosQB: Crouch SC score still being funnelled to Mcgovern postgame I think
lana2146: Hahaaaha DaicosQB
Manowar: get back on the bench, Dawson
AussieLion: Hippy Hippy Hippy. Dear me
lana2146: Hippy doin what he best at
dearviolet: Is Rankine a top 10 contender forward? I have seen a few nice scores from him this year
navy_blues: bris turnovers omg
LuvIt74: @dearviolet yeah id say he is in a very open and tough selection of forwards this year but he is averaging 93 so yeah
dearviolet: Zorks is definitely on my radar, but finding the right F5/6 is hard
Calamitous: whys laird on the pine so much
LuvIt74: I wouldn't be worrying about forwards until you have full premos in Midfield & defence
LuvIt74: I agree Zorko youd think wuld be F3 at this stage
lana2146: I brought in Zorko this week
Hazza09: Zorko will be popular trade in next week
navy_blues: bris not taking their chances then getting hurt the other way
AussieLion: Set shots just killing us.
StuL: Laird 57% tog. wtf
loginpaul: fantastic effort my baby darling boys - loginpaul
bhg26: Gotta appreciate loginpauls dedication to the bit
dearviolet: Unfortunately my defence was great until McGoverns injury. Will have to wait and see the damage
2Ph0nes: SC forwards are so trash,just not many options this yr
Birdman18: Only way I can double upgrade this week is to get rid of Reid. Breakeven of 130 after today
soup: Toasty completely stopped that quarter
circle52: Curtin subbed out
Getup: Agree phones traded out combome gets the ton last night got 100 should of kept him
Ash777: comben ended up with 98 they robbed his ton
soup: Boosted Comben to Jones, killed me
Hazza09: Impossible to trade out comben & Darcy now
Getup: Yeah keep em hazza another week, that's the thing about these rookies good games bad game's
DrSeuss: The Lions are so stupid - how many times can you give the Crows easy turnovers inside their forward half FFS
Hazza09: Dawson being gifted English's points from last night, CD are a joke
Getup: Had mcrae today happy day's
soup: Oppo has him ay hazza?
AussieLion: They just kill me.
circle52: And we still can not kick straight Dr
DrSeuss: Play best when we play possession games and for some reason try risky kicks - every team punishes us on turnovers
DrSeuss: And yes still allergic to kicking straight
Getup: Will reville keep his spot seuss?
circle52: I think he will getup. Replacement for McCarthy
Hazza09: scored 2460 @Soup and still lost my cash league game, opponent got KOD this week
circle52: Although Rayner has McCarthys spot and Reville filling Rayners
Getup: Cheers circle
Getup: 2359 hazza for me shower
Birdman18: Rankine could be a top 6 forward with Moore, but they're both inconsistent
frenzy: when is Bailey back circle
Noxious: Neale been quiet
navy_blues: omg bris
circle52: Bailey due back 2 - 3 weeks frenzy
StuL: who bought neale as a pod?
frenzy: you just need some CD love now Hugh
StuL: ffs. laird on the bench twice every qtr
DaicosQB: I was going to go Neale, swapped him for Oliver for the $, think it was a lose/lose at this rate
Birdman18: Oliver has looked good the last 2 weeks. He just got robbed by CD this week so don't worry
Raspel31: Surely better options than Neale and Oliver one would think- or not think.
circle52: Prior was subbed m0nty
StuL: pls stay off the bench Laird.
naicosfan: heck yeah crouch
AussieLion: Cmon lads
StuL: ffs Laird on the bench again
lana2146: Dunkley you champ
DaicosQB: I can stomach a slow start from 470k oliver with my team hitting 2500 this week
Raspel31: Relax everyone, Dawson got me over the line.
Manowar: yeah right 2500
naicosfan: manowar im pushing 2500 with rowell C, its a good round for many
StuL: Almost a ton Laird. Terrible tog %.
Noxious: Is Rankine getting more mid time and CBAs?
frenzy: Shadeau uses his head, smart stuff
naicosfan: rankine will never score this high again
StuL: come on lions
Raspel31: Onya Crows.
navy_blues: wow bris season over here maybe
FoopyTime: one holiday to texas killed the season. hate to see it
Calamitous: come on lester, do it for your cousin Moe
Jaypa: Dawson I love you
Noxious: Calam hahahaha
dearviolet: The texas trip couldn't have happened to a nicer team
Raspel31: Rather fond of Dawson too but love is a step too far.
cherry9: I love owning Dawson right now. Foggg!
cherry9: Oh geez, I was on 2 min delay
Manowar: good Brain
Manowar: bad luck Adelaide, season over!
Noxious: Might be a bit premature there Manowar
Jaypa: Nah I love him, stupidly rolled the dice on Cadman and left Garcia 65 on the bench, Needed a Dawson 123
navy_blues: draw
FoopyTime: lol thats both teams seasons done now
bhg26: 2491, last two crouch turnovers cost me 2500
AussieLion: Goal Kicking again.
StuL: That will ruin your tipping
Manowar: so sad Adelaide
TheLegend6: the draw has gotta go
Melon: love the draw
Manowar: look at heroan standing there like a stunned mullet
cherry9: Legend Dawson
naicosfan: 2476, good rd here
Manowar: draw good, two losers to end the round
DaicosQB: Crouch pretty stiff late on, gets the clearances and it's all brisbane waiting at the drop of the ball
DrSeuss: Lions give away a lead, can't kick straight, give away goals from turnovers...same old story
exatekk: flower up man you pleb. wasnt long ago carlton was poo
fruity: Love the draw
navy_blues: u tell him exatekk always idiotic comments
Manowar: thankyou for all the positive feedback
DaicosQB: Manowar just having a bad day, trying to pick a fight without anyone who will give him the attention

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