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Stu7: Afternoon gents Iíve got Naicos & Reid in this
dearviolet: Need a big one from McGovern to seal the win
Noxious: Me too Stu7, that's me finished for the round too
Hughsy: not derm again lmao
Stu7: How big dear?
Raspel31: Ditto Stu7
dearviolet: Need projected and above, so not massive about 93
Hughsy: hard to say how good west coast are right now
Stu7: Cheers Nox
Stu7: Cheers Raspa
Stu7: Cool dear
Noxious: Fast start from the pies
slickbro1: now sticking his leg out to trip? anyone know if that could be fined or nah?
Calamitous: 120 please mclovin
slickbro1: Pendlebury*
Noxious: Tom Atkins got a fine for tripping JHF the other night
dearviolet: Amazing start McGov
Hughsy: lift naicos ya flog
banta: Pies fans booing Sheed is deranged. Ferals
Noxious: Naicos on 335 halfway through the first quarter lol how much more you want
Calamitous: fair reason to boo him mate.
JaiDay12: hughsy yeah mate cuz 35 points in the first 15 minute isn't enough, get a grip you muppet
bhg26: Sheed rent free in Pies fans heads for the rest of their lives
Hughsy: ahaha JaiDay, Hook line and sinker
banta: Fair reason? Coz he kicked a goal to beat you in a final? So he deserves to be bood? Classy Calam lol
bhg26: Hot take, this Harley Reid kid is going to be good. Has just flown under the radar
JaiDay12: Hughsy mate you've got everyone laughing, you're soooo cool spending your arvos on FanFooty, touch some grass you knob
banta: collowobbles going nowhere again this year anyway. lucky last year. back to reality this year.
Hughsy: lmao JaiDay, having a tantrum are we?
Calamitous: can't wait till Lobb joins this stacked pies forward line.
JaiDay12: tantrum isn't the right words. Just glad I'm not spending my 20s and 30s on a football chatroom unlike you
TheLegend6: relax Jai, that's uncalled for
Noxious: You mean the tiktok start Rory Lobb?
Noxious: Star*
Hughsy: ahaha actually JaiDay, im 18 and i like to spearfish and dive... you know... outside
navy_blues: young richards very busy
navy_blues: i like diving inside hughsy lol
JaiDay12: Hughsy I genuinely doubt that, if you were spearfishing you'd spend your sundays on the boat not prancing around on FF
bhg26: Whats an outside?
Hazza09: Put a tag on Daicos ffs
UncleSniff: Guys, we don't want to log on and read these pi55ing contests, take it somewhere else
Calamitous: do you throw the fish back in after you've speared them hughsy>
StuL: Good stuff Reid and Naicos
Jaypa: Get a room you two
BigChief: Lets go Harley and Daicos. Would like 240 between you to get 2450.
amigaman: Nothing changes in here
UncleSniff: Naicos didn
naicosfan: need 350 from mcgovern daicos and reid for 2500 with rowell C
UncleSniff: Naicos didn't get anything for that last kick yet.... hmmmm
Calamitous: come on boys, make up. It's mothers day.
StuL: If they over achieve could get me to 2500
UncleSniff: I rolled the dice on Naicos C instead of Bont VC because I need it to win my money league. 142 from Naicos please LOL
CamT: Suggestions please. Do I take Clohesy's 105 or risk whatever Soligo gets.
dearviolet: Lmao? Take Clohesy score
dearviolet: 1 in the hand over 2 in the bush or whatever
Calamitous: Howe was subbed not Harrison
StuL: take the ton surely?
navy_blues: well if u cant work that out Cam dont ask us lol
dearviolet: I have a feeling McGovern ownership might rise after this week. Him and Mac Andrew have been my defence point of differe
CamT: Thanks everyone.
don key: pies have a great mix of players atm love the newies as well
Noxious: What happened to Howe to get subbed off? I missed it
navy_blues: groin
Jaypa: Old man groin noxious
Calamitous: Richards looks good
Noxious: Bugger, 2 pies down now and both subs used
2Ph0nes: any rookie thats scores well agains wce or richmond u take with a grain of salt
Noxious: Agreed Calam, what's the chance he actually holds his spot though? I brought in Charlie Dean, haven't seen him since
StuL: Naicos you stud.
Yelse: geez pies injuries mounting going the richmond way soon but we blooding youngsters
2Ph0nes: sulli doesnt look like he can back up last weeks efforts
dearviolet: Was gonna use Sullivan as a downgrade option for Roberts this week. Hopefully he can lift a bit
2Ph0nes: job security is big issue with me, mcreery, mitchell, degoey all likely back next week
dearviolet: Could be another Charlie Dean situation. I have no one else to downgrade, hopefully I can afford an upgrade on a down pr
Calamitous: what was that 50 for
Calamitous: what was that 50 for?
Noxious: Dissent I think
Noxious: Joe Richards looks great, but yeah their job security scares me
BigChief: WC used bad words towards the umps I think.
Calamitous: not on umpire appreciation round, surely
naicosfan: oh no
dearviolet: Oh no McGovern
Noxious: Gov looks sore
naicosfan: bit groggy, he'll be right hopefully
2Ph0nes: reid need s abetter 2nd half otherwise his b/e next week will be too high
Yelse: the way the pies youngsters playing they surely can't drop them next week esp Mcrae would be harsh
StuL: yea come on Reid.
UncleSniff: Got to be time for some witches hat soon surely? Everyone except Gov & Duggan
2Ph0nes: yekse agree,currently bytel, harrison markov would go
Calamitous: Liam Ryan looks cooked
navy_blues: harrison howe inj so that prob saves 2 youngsters
don key: who's on reid atm ? doing a good job
UncleSniff: If JDG has OP, I don't see the need to rush him, especially given the kids have gone ok and he was in horrid form anyway
SALAH: potato for Liam Ryan
naicosfan: coll mids nullify opposition mids really well, saw it last week
UncleSniff: Granted you dont play witches hats every week, but the point is there
StuL: Naicos was a good idea for captain if you went that way.
BigChief: don jey they are doing a shocking job. Need to let Harley score more. LOL
DaicosQB: took the Serong VC but Nick is making me question it
thommoae: I went that way. :)
Jaypa: Not really a matter of nullifying their mids, theyre the only ones getting the ball
BigChief: don key I meant :)
UncleSniff: I would have normally taken Bonts score, but my big money league match up made me roll the dice. Pretty greedy.
macff: Daicos is lining up on him but that means nothing bc West Coast can't get the pill
Noxious: I took butters VC instead of Naicos C, shouldn't be too far apart I hope haha
don key: game of the round next week i think uncle!
don key: ta mac
StuL: naicos probably wont double that score. C Bont or butters should be around about the same
UncleSniff: Sydney - Carlton? I'm breaking my Sydney rule and flying up for it don key
don key: agree chief
Calamitous: save your money sniffa, swans unstoppable
UncleSniff: StuL if he gets 143, I'm happy.
UncleSniff: Can't take it with you calamitous, got to enjoy life brother, even if it is in Sydney LOL
don key: neale c for me next week !!
BigChief: Sureley you put the C on Gawn next week against WC
Yelse: Do you guys think sheezel is done with being moved out of def
JaiDay12: guys what do we reckon the average score this week is?
Calamitous: about 5-10 speared fish
navy_blues: duggan on naicos i think
Getup: Naicos c and mcrae keep going!!
thommoae: Lol Calamitous
fruity: Naicos (C) heading towards my best ever SC score 2500..
BigChief: Cmon WC get the ball to Harley more. :)
StuL: Sullivan looking good for a trade. Not sure i have a maxed out player to trade him in for.
Calamitous: how long has McGovern been off for?
JaiDay12: guys if Neale plays well against Crows should I invest for next week (his very easy match up)
naicosfan: hes not on the bench either cal
naicosfan: he might be in the room
soup: Stu if you have howes he might be on the chopping block, or even a biggie type if you have them
Calamitous: oh the calamity
soup: But I still worry for his JS
UncleSniff: Sullivan's heatmap will be interesting, getting touches everywhere. Where is he even playing? LOL
fruity: stop warming the bench Naicos
StuL: dont have Howes soup.
BigChief: It's your team JaiDay so you make that decision.
clay007: So, let me clarify soup, you are worried that LS might have low JS?
StuL: Reid might be close to fattened if he scores low again.
soup: Yeah why wouldn't I be worried, titch and JDG are walk up starts aren't they?
jlitza: ig not really any great fwd line options tho stul atm
clay007: I think it is time to start to think about releasing Reid, not worth 400k in my opinion. Good footballer though
Raspel31: I fear so StuL but Cadman goes 1st- 15 ffs.
BigChief: With JDG having suspected OP Coll would not rush him back and Titch isn't a walk up now.
clay007: I was joking soup, play on letters sort of stuff. I agree with you, but he might generate some cash.
naicosfan: ffs where is go v
Calamitous: not ruled out yet Gov, come on in the 4th and score 50 more points champ
navy_blues: gov out
BigChief: McGovern done for today.
Fromage: McGovern continues to score on the bench
naicosfan: ffs
Calamitous: ffs
2Ph0nes: govnor done
Noxious: Nope he's gone
slydon: at least mgovern has tonned up before injuring himself
clay007: How can they happen fromage, just noticed that then. Scored 10 pts without playing a minute
StuL: 4 more for naicos to stay on track for 160
J_Herer: Harley Reid a bust now, sigh
Calamitous: scale Gov to 120 thanks.
naicosfan: keep scaling
Fromage: Internal injury?
StuL: Reid hasnt been the same since he was 'managed'
UncleSniff: Gov already got scaled from 89 to 100, I wouldn't expect more miracles
J_Herer: Reid playing for a VIC trade?
bhg26: Ffs Harley
BigChief: Great 1st qtr Harley and SFA next 2 qtrs.
pcaman2003: So pleased I put the C on Rowell and not Naicos. What a plonker!
UncleSniff: Daicos with a lazy 43 point quarter, delicious
dearviolet: What's happened with McGov?
BigChief: Daicos we will need you to get 80 this qtr to cover Harley.
UncleSniff: Don't need to cover Harley, everyone owns him. Just need 143 Naicos hahaha
thommoae: Settle lads. Reid is playing FF in a side that's struggling for any forward entries at all.
bhg26: My opponent doesnt own him sniff
thommoae: For that reason Quaynor, Markov and Moore are smoking their pipes too.
BigChief: Neither does mine bhg, but everyone has Daicos so don't need 143.
Jaypa: Reid's field kicking is exceptional
Fromage: McGovern might have cracked ribs
Norf17: The blokes on here complaining about the score of a first year player that everyone owns...
UncleSniff: Fox putting up Tim Kellys profile for a Ryan goal is pretty awkward
Yelse: can anyone explain how mcgovern keeps going up ?
slydon: scaling yelse
dearviolet: Hopefully McGovern injury is like May's and only misses a week or 2. Doubtful though.
slydon: will probably end now unless west coast start scoring more
Yelse: if theres scaling like that then everyone should be going up why isn't harrison etc
RooBoyStu: Just saw on the news 44 bunches of flowers stolen from a cemetery, skunks being investigated lol
navy_blues: how did norf go rooboy? u went missing all of a sudden?
youthuck: How on earth is he scoring from the ambo
BigChief: Stop replying to trolls navy. You know better than that.
Noxious: Reckon Pies might win this
macff: they donated them to norf members because they are in mourning
navy_blues: not reply im asking the boy a ?
RooBoyStu: Just like Carlton supporters the other night when i said the blues hold the record for most weeks last since 2000
banta: Josh daicos downhill skier. Junk time only. Not near an opponent
navy_blues: keep scoring mcgov lol
Yelse: McGovern score is bull sorry 30 + since going off
RooBoyStu: navy since Carlton's last flag 95 every club that was in the AFL then has won 1 or more flags except Fitzroy & Saints
navy_blues: prob be corrected yelse
dearviolet: You see it all the time after games. Don't know why you're so sceptical
dearviolet: Pretty sure it happened yesterday after scores went green. Came back to higher scores
Georgeous: thats not true, GWS, GC and Freo
DaicosQB: hahaha mcgovern still climbing is a little wild, you cant be that far off on scaling
RooBoyStu: Georgeous were they in the afl in 95 lol muppet read my statement properly
Fromage: McGovern to Stewart I think
StuL: God has the c on naicos
Georgeous: you said every team since 95, you didnt say the teams in the comp at 95
Calamitous: almost at 120 gov keep going mate
Georgeous: learn to statement dude
UncleSniff: I do indeed StuL
dearviolet: Oppo has Naicos C, McGov injury could lose me this round.
soup: Is Reid a trade out now
Raspel31: Well he aint a trade in soup.
Noxious: McGovern scored more in the last quarter than some of his teammates and he's been gone an hour
slydon: no
RooBoyStu: Georgeous learn to read since Carlton's last flag 95 every club that was in the AFL then
Yelse: @soup there isn't many forwards
StuL: depends on his BE
slydon: reid is a long term hold, hell have a few more tons and a perfect f7
naicosfan: mcgovern scaling up to a 115
wadaramus: Reid is surviving on potential, I have others to cash in on, but his time will come soon!
dearviolet: Reid will unleash, as sly said, perfect f7.
pcaman2003: Richards ton on first game a nice reward for effort.
Calamitous: McGovern getting touches at the hospital
Georgeous: Ok RooBoyStu-pid, yes that is factual to prove your point that a lot has happened since 95 but omit facts
Pavs: Handpassed the plasma Calamitous
DaicosQB: Any kept count of the big Gov since he was off? Saw he grabbed another 3 pts in the last 5 minutes
Calamitous: i think he was on 94 last time he was on the field
dearviolet: McGov scaling is helping my round out.
don key: well done pies
UncleSniff: Gov went up 24 since going off
navy_blues: think mcgov was 91 when he went off
Georgeous: you cant say, oh all teams, but the expansion teams, but including a team that merged?
frenzy: nice Mcgov
Fromage: McGovern be is 103
Calamitous: i am Mclovinnnn
dearviolet: Wowee that's a some good scaling. I'll take it
RooBoyStu: Ok gorgeous kiss you oops georgeous sorry
BigChief: Was not a merger Georgeous, it was 100% a take over.
Georgeous: Its for Georgie Wardlaw mate
Georgeous: I wont deny that Chief, born and raised as a 'Roy boy
RooBoyStu: BigChief he was still on the ( . ) go easy
Georgeous: At least I have a mum Stu
BigChief: Same and I am still a Fitzroy supporter and member
RooBoyStu: Stalker say hello to your dad
Georgeous: My old man is, I jumped ship to Norf
Georgeous: that would of worked if you'd of said Daddy Stu, I have a terrible dad already
RooBoyStu: I could be your dad lol
RooBoyStu: Happy Mother's Day to your mum she wouldn't forget me
Calamitous: I heard Josef Fritzel was a Roys supporter somewhere
Georgeous: Ah RooBoy, you might as well be saying, I know you are but what am I
RooBoyStu: Say hello to daddy John
Georgeous: how's the wifi connection under the bridge Stu?
RooBoyStu: Got my own home mate I'm a home owner keep enjoying the rent
Calamitous: lot of sexual tension here boys
Georgeous: a cardboard box under a bridge a home I guess, congratz
RooBoyStu: Lol my house is 4 bedroom mate no idea
Georgeous: Youre the one assuming I rent and that I was weaning when Fitzroy died
Georgeous: I am just inferring youre a troll
RooBoyStu: Say hello to your mum
RooBoyStu: My house ca house anyone, your mum and your sis
lgchuson: Good win lads
Norf17: Rooboy you dont happen to be the bloke at Marvel lvl1 with a face piercing?

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