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J.Worrall: Go Norf!, Out ya come, out ya come!
Gotigres: Thankfully Sexton is playing as he is covering Jackson up forward.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Let's hope he makes a ton more cash for his owners.
RooBoyStu: We'll win tonight. Why aren't the Toothless Tigers under the media microscope? Won 1 game lol
RooBoyStu: Go support the Toothless Tigers page Gotigres
pcaman2003: RooBoy. Current temp is 31 and feels like 34. May suit GC better. We'll soon see.
J_Herer: Come on North win one tonight!!!
RooBoyStu: pcman i know my cousin lives here and I'm here Merci beaucoup
frenzy: whats a win, never heard of it
pcaman2003: RooBoy. Ya better have a few frothies while you keep hydrated:)
soup: Sheez starting forward
Raspel31: Rowell already passed last weel's score.
pcaman2003: Went from Rowell to Naicos, then back to Rowell as my C.. Indecisive I know, but hopeful.
hinsch: Lucky I traded out Comben this week
Raspel31: Best of English pcaman.
sheezel420: big game please comben i beg you
pcaman2003: Raspel. Not my strongest point
LionBoy: Brought in LDU last week. What could possibly go wrong?
soup: You can't be serious lion
LionBoy: Sometimes itís a game of hunches Soup. Worked well with starting Heaney. This one maybe not.
soup: Comben where was this the last month you plank
Stu7: Go you good thang Fisher
original: Sheezel hff. Not what we signed up for
soup: Reckon he's worth it to anti-POD and trade out original? Roles can change any week which is scary
wadaramus: Evening All, give me some reward for faith LDU!
BigChief: Raspel I think are mixing Rowell and Green up.
LionBoy: Sounds like itís just you n me Wada
soup: I've been asking the same thing for 6 weeks wada
TimT14: Fire up Anderson and Rowell
original: Go sexy Flanders. Draft c
BigChief: Is Sheezel playing fwd, mid or back tonight? Or all of the above?
Gotigres: Wake up Rowell and Clohesy
cherry9: Shocking for Ben King to completely ignore Clohesy wide open
wadaramus: Get off the pine and tear GC a new alpshole LDU!
Gotigres: That's the way Clohesy. Take note Rowell you amateur
pcaman2003: Looks like Rowell staying away from the ball again.
original: Sexton better than Atkins hey Hardwick
Silz90: I brought in Rowell last week sorry guys
Gotigres: Keep going Sexton
Raspel31: Still think a great cap option despite score pcaman..
navy_blues: lmao
BigChief: Haha Curtis.
Silz90: I got kissed on the d, fielded comben because yeo was out
wadaramus: Stupid sexy Flanders.
LionBoy: Gotta take that from LDU with 70% TOG.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Waiting for his big score in the second half after restful 1st half.
LionBoy: Two rubbish games tonight.
TimT14: Anderson and Rowell you're making me worry
JohnHoward: proud comben holder here
RooBoyStu: Just like your team LionBoy rubbish in response to GF defeat
RooBoyStu: Absolute muppet
Jukes: Who has been taking the kick outs for the Roos?
Silz90: You reckon your mob can get up john
macff: jeez stu, pretty trolly until somebody tells the truth about your team lmao
sheezel420: norf dont have hipwood so already better team
GinniFan: Finally got rid of Sexton last week and now he gets the call up. Also benches Comben fml
RooBoyStu: Who's your team macff? No logo gutless
soup: Clohesy!
macff: Pies man Stu, feel free to let fly
Georgeous: get in there Georgie!
BigChief: macff don't feed the troll. Just ignore the crap.
KangaBanga: flower my alps
macff: also dont know how to put a logo on lmao
Stu7: Come on Ka Powell
RooBoyStu: Skunks don't know much lol
pcaman2003: Stu7. More like Ka Plonk again,just like last week.
Silz90: Trust me it's not worth it macff
Getup: Haha rooboy thought you'd be watching y I ur
macff: Im learning this Silz, all that build up for skunks
Stu7: Yeah pca it started off good as soon as I brought him in heís a spud
Getup: Your game spud
colin wood: come on touk get the pill
KangaBanga: South of Melbourne Devils 2027
original: Donít stop flanders
Stu7: Stay down Rowell
pcaman2003: Stu7. To top it off I dumped Fisher 2 weeks ago.
BigChief: Okay Mr Rowell the game has started.
Yelse: wheres powel playing tonight?
colin wood: im with you Stu
dezlav: Why did I put Comben on the bench
Stu7: Nice colin wood
Getup: Early days collin
Norf17: LDU is all sizzle no steak
original: Clohesy punishing me for benching him
Stu7: Same here dez
BigChief: I was benching Clohesy until Graham was dropped.
clay007: Ive got sheezel and oppo has clohesy, not steering in the direction I thought.
original: Bigchief he has been down a few weeks. Happy to hold tho!
Stu7: Same here BC blessing in disguise
wadaramus: I wish I could trade you LDU, you're a spud.
BigChief: Same here original. Been a good cashy
Silz90: Cholesterol kick starting his cash gen again
Stu7: Thatís its Powell
Silz90: Clohesy*
pcaman2003: King. Lol!
Stu7: Cholesterol silz lol
original: Sexton holder. Go baby
sheezel420: watching north gives me a massive cholesterol kick, and not in a good way
Silz90: Lol oops
Stu7: Fisher going off
Silz90: Comben hasn't moved since qtr time come on mate
BigChief: Trading in Rowell has been a huge fail. Got 1 good score the 2 crap.
pcaman2003: Rowell going off too. Like a prawn in the hot sun. He stinks!
Stu7: lol,pca
KangaBanga: How many more losses for Norf to be the worst team in history?
soup: Fisher stealing kerch's kick ins flower sake
pcaman2003: I have a gift for picking the right C each week. Just ask Roweel
Raspel31: Who did you cap this week pcaman-asking for a friend.
StuL: North have to lose every game to be the worst. Fitzroy won one in i think their last season.
StuL: Go Chlohesy
pcaman2003: Why Fisher? Why now for FS.
JohnHoward: if shiels wasnt friends with calrko he would struggle to get a game for glenroy
BigChief: flower off StuL Fitzroy got shafted by the AFL. Not even close to the worst ever.
Calamitous: love your work flanders
Yelse: North has so many 1st round draft picks should be doing better
Loggy17: SC scoring seems so rigged and trivial/objective
original: They were just poor
oc16: i think you mean subjective
BigChief: Yes originsl we were poor. 1986 won a final and end of 1996 gone. Ess have not won a final in 20 yrs but still survive
LuvIt74: Thank god i didn't trade comben out this week
J_Herer: Lets go Clohesy!!!
LuvIt74: Whats the go with Rowell?
Silz90: Rogers on 40, I will take that
StuL: I dont disagree they were shafted chief.
StuL: captain clohesy.
Ash777: how does LDU not have a tackle
BigChief: Sorry StuL but I am a very passionate Fitzroy member.
Manowar: me too, got the C on S Clohesy
LuvIt74: I think its time for North to merge with another team or just go
Ash777: need to bring in more players with attitudes like greenwood
StuL: Ross Oakley killed Fitzroy. One man can make a difference if he has power.
Ash777: Fitzroy was different circumstances
clay007: Do we need to worry about how clarko is using The Cheezel tonight? Is he Bevo 2.0?
original: i truly feel for fitz fans. wish it didnt happen
BigChief: No it wasn't Ash, we were 100% shafted by Oakley and the AFL.
Hughsy: He has a very young team clay, I feel he has the right to move around his players, unlike bevo
BigChief: Given zero hand outs, priority picks or any assistance from those flogs.
clay007: True hughsy, but I have a sc team to
Hughsy: Derms commentating is driving me nuts
2Ph0nes: sheez will be a bargain in a few weeks
pcaman2003: Rowell to the bench after almost 4 mins. Not heat tolerant?
2Ph0nes: derm is a nuffie but so is hearing Jobe.
pcaman2003: Sexton started well, but backed right off
clay007: I think derm is quite knowledgeable, was a champion of the game.
northball: derm knows a lot, but can't really synthesize what he is trying to say so it comes out in dribble
CamT: Rowell has the wrong body type for Darwin.
original: wrong complexion too
soup: Curtis has black mould on his brain
CamT: Brilliant, original :)
LionBoy: Collins is all guts. 100% TOG in Darwin.
pcaman2003: CamT. You're right of course. He needs two more legs and an extra heart.
BigChief: Rowell avg is approx 115 in Darwin over 6 games.
clay007: big chief over the top rung. Well played
original: hae lived in darwin, fun place, no chance a footy team needs to be there permanently. place is tiny
original: any chance nyuon comes back?
naicosfan: C on rowell not ideal..
BigChief: Darwin is bigger than Hobart original.
macff: not in terms of population bc
CamT: You're in good form, BigChief.
BigChief: Original said Darwin is tiny, not low population
pcaman2003: 9 touches for a mid. What a spud. Rage trade incoming
Stu7: So many players I w at to
Stu7: So many players I want to trade out of my potato farm!
colin wood: Xerri has stopped come on big fella
pcaman2003: I don't have a spud farm. It's a turd farm.
original: bigchief just brought up hobart street view. looks bigger
Calamitous: fisher needs a seagull next to his name
Stu7: lol pca
LionBoy: TurdÖ
Yelse: why do they bother tagging just get structure and mids right first then tag later
hexada: clohsey, touk and flanders u guns, what is cheezels doing ffs
Roarix: Good week on the cash gens.. Clohesy, Comben, Wilson, Darcy
Roarix: Sexton and Garcia doing decently in the 2 games atm.. maybe there is hope yet
Birdman18: What is the point of tagging Rowell if you're getting flogged?
Stu7: Ffs Xerri
The Ogre: Just do a head count in Hobart
circle52: Alex Davies was subbed out m0nty
BigChief: Ogre if pop says 250k, then that would be 125k bodies right?
soup: Love ya tuktuk
Roarix: Davies done more in an AFL than he did in the VFL 2 weeks ago lol
The Ogre: Yeah but think of the beanie sales
Calamitous: mcdonald give it up mate
BigChief: At least get a goal or 2 Rowell ffs
blashtroko: christ above dont do that to me monty
circle52: Heart for Colllins monty 100% TOG into 4rg quarter
Silz90: That's why I shouldn't pay full price for premo, lift rowell
BigChief: Rage trade of Rowell and Sheezel this week for a few I think.
hexada: where is cheezels playing?
Stu7: Not for Sheezel surely BC his first low score
naicosfan: i traded sheezel out this week, but C on rowell. oh well 2500 out the window
hexada: mckerch and fisher took his good role might be a trade if it continues
BigChief: 73 last week Stu7 for Sheezel in role change
Stu7: Hexada Fisher playing back?
hexada: yeah stu
Stu7: Oh BC forgot about that yeah role change concern
BigChief: His be this week 168 and with this he could be gone if this mid role continues.
Stu7: Thanks hexada
CamT: absmagic, gave us the heads up about Sheezel -> McKercher, two weeks ago.
BigChief: Well done on cash gen Clohesy. Great to see.
CamT: Auto correct changed Sheezel to Shekel. lol
hexada: i just dont want to trade to mckerch then it swaps back would be a waste
BigChief: Agreed hexada. I don't want to trade Sheezel only for Clarko to put him back next week.
Hughsy: jeez im loving this round
Hughsy: derm is creepy
BigChief: Rowell getting some junk time. Like it.
Hughsy: yes sexton, fielded him
navy_blues: roboy gone missing???? lolol
pcaman2003: Good lad Sexton.
soup: And if sexton holders couldn't get KOTD any more (yes I traded him)
navy_blues: rooboy
BigChief: No staminar navy. Done after approx 3 strokes.
soup: Good boy LDU
Hughsy: what does KOTD stand for lol
pcaman2003: I hate you Fisher, but love you Clohesy.
soup: Kissed on the doodle hughsy
LionBoy: Heís a hard watch Soup but hanging in.
BigChief: kissed on the eggplant emoji
UncleSniff: Clohesy actualy is Messi
soup: Should have considered the norf factor when I started him lion, his scoring hurts so hard due to big losses
LionBoy: I jumped on two weeks ago. Not committed yet.

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