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J.Worrall: Get a long, little doggies!
navy_blues: more like pups the way they have been playing
Gotigres: I am proud to announce that I no longer have any Richmond players in my team.
FoopyTime: all doggies supporters should be cheering for a tigers win
FoopyTime: the quicker you get rid of bevo the better for the team
soup: Wonder what the excuse will be for the shocking crowd tonight, sure the tigs fans will come up with one
J_Herer: the battle of the draft picks, Tigers need to lose!
TimT14: Let's go tigers! Expecting a big game from Vlastuin
Gotigres: As I traded out Campbell, watch him kick 5 goals tonight
zadolinnyj: Dogs will smash tonight
lana2146: Bont Captain lets goooooo!!!
StuL: Go dogs
Gotigres: 180 please vc Bont
lana2146: Lot brung in Dale lets see how he goes
Stu7: Gotigres C Naicos?
LionBoy: Did the deed last week Lana and was good. Hopefully again.
JaiDay12: Brought* Lana
StuL: go bont!
Fromage: I am going to regret taking the c off bont and putting it on English
banta: Terrible non holding the ball call
Stu7: Go Huge Bont
Gotigres: 100 point win for the doggies coming up
Yelse: tigers this is terrible!
StuL: Go Bont go.
BigChief: Was hoping for a Rich win just to see if Bevo would get sacked :P
StuL: go tom brown.
TimT14: We're actually so bad
wadaramus: Evening All, go massive Bont!
wadaramus: Ditto StuL go Tom Brown!
FoopyTime: naa tim have faith im all aboard the tigers train tonight
J_Herer: Tigers playing draft picks well
StuL: unlikely leader brown.
LionBoy: Might be the half time lead Goti
pcaman2003: Get going English and stop fluffing about.
StuL: get back on bont. i guess he wont
Gotigres: 1 point to tigers is exceeding expectations
wadaramus: Lift Bont you soft cock.
StuL: My pet hate is players being benched esp when its too long. bont spent a qtr of the qtr on the bench.
lana2146: Come on Bont ya gtfg lol
Silz90: Short is back maybe sideways from roberts
StuL: yay Darcy
BigChief: Where are the Bont points CD? This is not like you
colin wood: come on Bont FFS
StuL: Should have captained Darcy.
Silz90: Ankle for shai?
StuL: my oppo captained Flanders. a safe bet really.
original: 12,000 traded out Darcy.
Hughsy: You beauty Darcy
Gotigres: I was one of them original
OffaStep: Me too, Gotigres. Held Cadman, Trading both over 2 rounds but held the wrong one...
colin wood: come on bont get to 60 by the half please
Gotigres: Wines, Grundy, Rankine, Meek and now Darcy. All traded out just before they go huge
Manowar: bring on the cumberman
TorturedSC: who's out next week Gotigres?
Doggie Doo: Why do many have Bont as SC Captain Can't see him going even 120
Stu7: Bont has gone into a coma
Manowar: because Gawn was showerhouse!
colin wood: Doggie beacause hes playing a VFL side tonight and is chasing a brownlow
Gotigres: Cadman Tortured
EvilMonk: Yeah i guess at half time its easy to say he shouldn’t be C now @Doggie lol
soup: Doggie doo you also didn't see why people would have butters captained during his 175 game so don't go the early crow
Stu7: Nice contribution Evil
StuL: need to find another go to captain than bont i think.
TorturedSC: Ton incoming next week for Cadman
EvilMonk: Cheers Stu7, always happy to meet a fan
Manowar: i'm putting the C on Butters now
StuL: i need to get Butters then i will captain him
pcaman2003: Geez English you great giraffe.stop being a spud
StuL: come on bont. big 2nd half
Silz90: Goty contender
BigChief: Not watching but is Bont getting Bevo'd and playing fwd?
Ash777: Tigers on for the spoon
TheLegend6: yeh we definitely are the worst team in the league this year
colin wood: bont lifting
Silz90: Bont is playing mid but richards and treloar having good games
LionBoy: Darcy Macrae and Dale salvaging my Cadman disaster somewhat
BigChief: Thanks Silz.
Ash777: what a horror season tigers
Silz90: banks not in a good way
StuL: as if you would trade darcy
original: Richmond fans should be furious at Hardwick and the admin for state of the club
EvilMonk: Wouldn’t be too furious about 3 flags tbh
Silz90: Hardwick is a legend but he jumped off a sinking ship half way through the year
LionBoy: Three GF wins. They’re paying the piper Silz
2Ph0nes: orginal agree won 3 flags, didnt think id see one lol
navy_blues: now
navy_blues: now CEO leaving too
Ash777: They had their run.
Silz90: He brought over Tim and Jacob and sold the farm?
Roarix: Fk Id take one flag atm.. dont care what happens afterwards.. tags fans dont give 2 cares, it is what it is now
2Ph0nes: dimma and the afl had a plan, he was always going to coach GCS
Catatafish: Is English just tapping it to Tigers players like a big galoot?
Silz90: Only cats, swans and pies don't bottom out, hats off to them
EvilMonk: We were 17th few years ago silk
EvilMonk: Apologies, autocorrect. Silz *
Silz90: One off though really evil. I can't remember the last time you finished that low
JockMcPie: trading out sam darcy this week hurts...
Stu7: Keep the foot on the gas Bont
TorturedSC: English has engine, has never been a great tap ruckman
EvilMonk: 99 wooden spoon. Real lackluster after 2011, for a few years 12th and 13ths
EvilMonk: Most teams peak and trough. Think cats are the exception, they are rarely ever bad
Birdman18: Expected from English. My R2 pos is cursed this year. I reckon I average 70 there this year
2Ph0nes: syd and cats have big advange of where they play home games
EvilMonk: Can we get the gun out for Richard’s? Unbelievable game by the blood jut.
Catatafish: 66 for 91 suggests a little worse than not great tonight.
BigChief: Jock why would you trade Darcy this week when be of 42 and playing Rich and Lobb not playing?
hexada: lift bont n english good work darcy though
LionBoy: How so 2phones
JockMcPie: easy in hindsight isnt it hey :')
EvilMonk: Darcy almost good enough to hold, not a bad F6 honestly.
Ash777: Port still spoonless
soup: Big last quarter please king
Hazza09: Do something English you flog
BigChief: Was harder to trade him than keep with his matchup this week tbh
JockMcPie: he could have easily done a cadman and scored 10. just the luck of the draw, had to maintain upgrade cadence
BigChief: Wrong game Soup LOL
EvilMonk: I mean, if he broke his leg against the Tigers maybe lol
BigChief: If you got a premo from Darcy then fair enough Jock :)
Birdman18: But that premo better have been Heeney, Flanders or Zorko otherwise it was probably not much better
Yelse: i went darcy to oliver wat a waste
BigChief: Bont cracked the ton before Darcy. WOW
EvilMonk: Even U-H is on the board now, rip tigers
TheLegend6: Finish strong bont
hexada: how is english so low
Catatafish: Stop tapping the ball, English. You just go backwards.
EvilMonk: Not a huge stoppage game @hexia
Catatafish: Not watching, but he's either got every hitout sharked or CD are cows.
LuvIt74: Average this week cant be under 2500
EvilMonk: Sorry @hexada man apple autocorrect is flowering shower
BigChief: Under 2500 LuvIt? You are dreaming mate.
Getup: Was thinking the same bc
hexada: richmond vs roos would be a cracker game
LuvIt74: @Bigchief ok not under 2400
BigChief: I think 2350 will be close to the avg score this week.
Roarix: Such a lovely set of Saturday night football games we got given here
pcaman2003: English with those stats and only on 80? Seems horribly low.
Roarix: On for 2380 with a player short.. not bad
hexada: garcia outscoring english
CamT: 2,417 with Roberts on the field and Clohesy off.
BigChief: If I get 2450 I will be happy. Only Daicos and Reid 2moro
UncleSniff: Playing against English owners who got on the ruck merry-go-round makes me so happy
EvilMonk: Turns out Bont C was fine lmao
LionBoy: Slow down Bont. Got my nose in front.
Pokerface: $ for Tom Brown. He's still earning
Gotigres: Good to see a couple of close games tonight
LuvIt74: Projected 2578 so far it's been a mammoth weekend of footy
EvilMonk: Where’s that dogs bloke? Mate bont is 140
Hughsy: if i didnt butch my captain on Ryan id be close to ya LuvIt
LionBoy: Gonna need about 130 from JDaws tomorrow. :0
UncleSniff: The star being on Harmes offends me
soup: Doggie doo where you at mate
Yelse: just getting worse and worse for tigers
Ash777: Tigers used a monkey paw didn't they
EvilMonk: Is the cherry the best? Richard’s been awesome
TheLegend6: insane injury list
JaiDay12: Monk Cherry means a player who was doing well, but top their game off, had a sublime final quarter
Malaka: Ash777, that's bad, but it comes with free Frogurt.
EvilMonk: Cheers m8 was just reading them ^.you
Gotigres: Tigers have 11 premiership players out there and this is the best we can do?
LuvIt74: @Hughsy i have the bont as my C but wish i had Ryan as my VC bloody huge
Doggie Doo: lol Soup
Hughsy: i mean this round... ryan got 111
LuvIt74: Cant wait for this round to be over cant wait to see if i'll get back in top 1% overall after this round
GinniFan: Well done captain Bont and beautiful from Darcy

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