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SonOfAGun.: congrats ward
don key: should be a cracker of a game !!
Calamitous: go big ricky martin
thommoae: Vale Cam.
BigChief: Hmmm who is the #12 for GWS? Forgot he was playing.
FoopyTime: hope for a good game of foopy today
StuL: Lets go Green.
SonOfAGun.: Ump whistle didnít last long cooked
dearviolet: Need q decent one from Jones
StuL: Green starting on the bench. bugger
SonOfAGun.: They playing for the sheedy cup
BigChief: David Rodan with the grin every goal. I like it.
Noxious: He's always so happy
StuL: Go D Jones too. No more dud rookies pls
dearviolet: Jones get a touch
navy_blues: there u go violet Jones touched it
banta: get hungry merrett. lift
bhg26: Wtf merrett
pcaman2003: I'll have to get Martin. He never seems to have an opponent.
thommoae: Parish throws his head on the ground. Ump not buying what he's selling ... this time.
StuL: stay down zerrett
Stu7: Iím doomed now Merret not performing
slydon: stay down zerret, be cheap for me next week
StuL: merrett will be fine
J_Herer: Stay down Merrett and Green
BigChief: Gift goal to Darcy Jones. Will take it :)
Pinnas: Boys glistening, the ball pinging around, muscles flexing, buttocks clenching. Loving this contest.
Noxious: No complaints there chief
TimT14: 160 would be nice Tom Green
dearviolet: Jonesy time to ton up
StuL: Go Darcy Jones. Darcys everywhere this year
slydon: cadmans 100% out this week. he had one more chance to perform but is scared of the ball
soup: You might be loving it a bit too much pinnas..
original: This is unacceptable Whitfield
Calamitous: come on whitfield, you can't just kick it out and do nothing else
StuL: Should have got Martin damn it
Hazza09: Green on the bench again ffs
EvilMonk: To be fair, it hasn't really been up Whitfield's end lol
suns4ever: Whitfield tagged 2 games in a row so good, get nice and cheap lachie $$$
lana2146: Rolled the dice and VC Martin
lana2146: Whitfield not top 6 defender tbh
sheezel420: showerfield doesn't have the same ring to it
BigChief: Ess thrusting fwd and missing the hole.
don key: all i have is martin and hogan missed out on jones
frenzy: schitfield
StuL: go jones
Calamitous: Gresham you stkilda reject, give it up
BigChief: Damn Darcy J. don't give away frees please.
Hazza09: a nice 80 jones today please
navy_blues: lmao stringer
EvilMonk: Stringer lol
SonOfAGun.: Jake omg hahahaha
pcaman2003: Some terrible HB's when kicks are a better option.
soup: Stringer you crab
BigChief: He nearly missed the lot LOL
navy_blues: go gws
Calamitous: now we're talking whitty
don key: are the kelly;s related?
EvilMonk: Handball to Goldy's ankles isn't going to help much.
Hughsy: My team is flowering disabled
banta: fn lift merrett useless
2Ph0nes: sorry lad but hope jones showers the bed
FoopyTime: i want good game of foopy not bad game. wake up pls
Manowar: stronger peptides required next week!
GJayBee: Green respawned
2Ph0nes: lol let it go mano
FoopyTime: cant tell the commentator doesnt like essendon much
soup: Beautiful goal
thommoae: Class goal
BigChief: Who is wearing #12 for GWS Manowar? I forgot his name.
navy_blues: lol
Ninty: Sorry Iíve arrived late today. Is T Green playing?
BigChief: ask Manowar Ninty. He knows everything apparently
Manowar: Green visited the Essendon rooms before the game ankle ok now!
Noxious: Taylor stitched up
pcaman2003: C'mon Darcy! You've gone very quiet this qtr.
EvilMonk: Buckley owes Taylor a car lol
BigChief: He went to Carlton and got the paper bags from under the table.
jlitza: i <3 the glorious seagull
FlaggersXD: Carlton visit the umpires rooms every week
Noxious: Do they even get a car anymore?
FoopyTime: nope
Cascadian: Martin is butchering it today
pcaman2003: The Hogan shuffle works as well as it did for Fred Flinstone.
BigChief: prob been 15 years since they gave cars out as prizes. I guessing time though.
StuL: i doubt they get a car. Those days are gone.
Noxious: Stringer meant that
Hazza09: Ofcourse Martin back to his butchering games
FoopyTime: best accidental assist of the year award goes to stringdog
soup: Calculated from stringer
StuL: Happy for Martin to not go huge
soup: Passed on him in favour of McKercher this week so happy for that too stu
dearviolet: Lift Jones
J_Herer: Stay down Merrett and Green!
Pinnas: Jeremy Hogan, Lachie White and Steve Durham for me today. Hopefully I can pay back the 4k I owe my father in law!
Pinnas: I owe him 4k, I bet my car I would win footy tipping. I keep get 3 or 2. Maybe this week! Can't afford my house repay
soup: Anyone get parish?
StuL: Whats happened to Parish? He used to be SC relevant?
Yelse: what we thinking guys C Bont or Naicos
soup: King Bont Yelse
Bean.: Bont tagged by pickett?
StuL: Bont
Yelse: @bean didn't realise tigers tag
Bean.: they tagged petracca
BigChief: Bont prob get Bevo'd and play perma fwd this week
StuL: Jones and Green both benched. typical
soup: flower sake slow down zerrett
StuL: Martin and Zerrett stay down
BigChief: Time for Taylor to go to Langford.
J_Herer: Cadman sub please
Noxious: Langford vs GWS
StuL: Jones pls get the ball
StuL: cadman ouch.
BigChief: He never touched him. Poor umpiring.
dearviolet: I panicked swapped Garcia for Jones and it hasn't paid off. Womp womp
J_Herer: Cadman going to lose $50k in AF at this rate
Stu7: Off the bench merret
BigChief: Guessing you had bigger problems Herer to trade him out.
slydon: bombers coming with a genuine edge this quarter and i foooooken love it
Stu7: Merret and Sinhair have cost me my round the spuds
Noxious: coming and edge in the same sentence is wild
FoopyTime: just want consistency from umps, if ya going to be showerhouse do it the same for both teams if your
naicosfan: tom green gets a touched, goes up a couple points and then instantly gets scaled down, wtf is this?
FoopyTime: mashallah stringah
RuffLeader: Umpires trying to nullify the Essendon momentum.
frenzy: teabag
naicosfan: touch*
hexada: where is merrett? lift ya dog
dearviolet: Merrett stay down.
StuL: Merrett is doing crap then.
Manowar: Merrett inject yourself into the game
Stu7: Is Merret being tagged?
FoopyTime: these umps ffs
soup: Essington getting robbed
Jack SC: Green on fire!
StuL: Green is everywhere.
pcaman2003: Go Green! Fast scoring few minutes.
Noxious: Has Green shot up like 35 points in 5 minutes? Swear he was just over 50
TheOnyas: onya greeny
BigChief: #12 been very clean with his hands.
frenzy: the old one two, BC
navy_blues: gws went for a nap at half time yet to wake up
J_Herer: Zerrett the next King to fall
Kidult: Merrett will have an impact on the result and finish close to a ton
original: Cmon BDaniels
soup: The one time Jones is in space and the bloke butchers the kick ffs
Kidult: #nonowner
Wriggs365: can green get the flower done
RooBoyStu: Cadman lol
Wriggs365: Get him injured
Geeaad: Merrett 68 now? Wtfffff gtfo
Wriggs365: if only manyard was here
RooBoyStu: Merrett 15 disposals harsh magnifying 🔎
FoopyTime: ok go bombah
pcaman2003: They have Jones running with Martin. Seriously? Lol!
Ash777: darcy jones makes caleb daniel look tall
Silz90: Is Martin turning it over? Does might make finals this year
slydon: so glad i looped h. garcia with cadman and nyoun as dnp
slydon: certainly paying off rn
hexada: silz martin had some shocking turnovers in the 2nd
J.Worrall: Maynard G. Crebbs?
UncleSniff: I feel like I'm breaking even luck wise passing on Jones, but bringing Martin back in from the cold since R1 & 2
hexada: big last quarter coming up, time for martin and merett to go off
KangaBanga: Trade out King or Cadman this week?
RooBoyStu: Hind becoming relevant again, amazing when he gets a full Match
slydon: both kanga
UncleSniff: We need the typical BS Martin goal in the last to save him, he's done it to be not owning him twice, lets see it
Silz90: Thanks hex that killed his score
circle52: Bailey Humphrey and Charlie Lazarro subs Suns Roos game Noah Cumberland and Luke Cleary subs Tigers Dogs game
slydon: nah we still dont like him rooboy
UncleSniff: No Stu, nobody is going to go for Hind LOL
Sillybugga: Merretts kicking the difference
DukeNewc: Lovely scaling on Merrett by CD +10
RooBoyStu: POD then lol
UncleSniff: Merrett being on 78 is a joke haha
Ash777: did guelfi paint his nails
RooBoyStu: Cheats CD helping the sheep so we get our winter wool and lamb chops
colin wood: Lol @ merretts score. Helping the sheep out with their scores.
colin wood: Sillybugga hes going at 61% lol
UncleSniff: Apologies for bringing Martin back lads
macff: you guys are right, its all a conspiracy specifically against you lmao
Ash777: merrett has a bunch of goal assists in the last qtr
Kidult: This half his enjoying the score involvements
slydon: also take that magnifying glass of zerret, disrespectful to my captain. the kids are getting a look in
Silz90: Finish strong zac
Raspel31: Perhaps time to move Cadman on? Asking for a friend.
BigChief: Schitfield showing no respect to his tagger. He now has 3 goals LOL
FoopyTime: ba ba ba bomba
Ash777: cadman has hit the bugers
nbartos: star Geulfi
colin wood: Ash he had one and went up 16 for it
J.Worrall: Myfriend says "yes",Raspel
StuL: i dont mind the bombers winning
hinsch: If you have a player as a sub eg Thomas and he does not play do you get the E score
TheLegend6: Went the POD play to Parish this week... sigh
BigChief: Thomas subbed on for Stone.
UncleSniff: You don't hinsch, but it doesn't matter now. He's in the game.
BigChief: Okay Darcy J. Time for some magic.
Noxious: Martin hasn't had a touch this quarter fml
LionBoy: Not watching. Why Cadman so absolutely woeful?
StuL: come on Jones. camt afford you being dropped
Wriggs365: this is a low scoring fantasy game for giants
pcaman2003: BC. Was on 20 at qtr time, so not expecting much now He's cooked today.
Hazza09: been getting pounded by Martin for 6 weeks and now he showers the bed
FoopyTime: ok now the methhead hind is kicking goals
slydon: still dont like him but lets flipping goooo
Manowar: Merrett, the 3Q time pep up has worked
Stu7: No Merrett off the bench
BigChief: pcaman we can only hope for Darcy J. :)
Capn_Flash: Tom Green has played amazing for someone just off an injury
pcaman2003: Stu7. Leave him on the bench. He makes a good bench ornament :)
navy_blues: hey stul cameron out for next week for concussion if you didnt know
Stu7: No pca SInclair has already fVcked me
J_Herer: Is Martin resting on field?
Manowar: no problem Geelong still have
BigChief: Need Merrett under his be and lose more cash so cheaper to bring in hehe
pcaman2003: Stu7. That's okay! All my players do that to me :(
Stu7: Whatís happened to Martin?
LionBoy: Go Cadman!! Doubled his score.
Capn_Flash: Give Cadman the Astronaut or the wall. he's been so absent!
naicosfan: whitfield going at 94% give him a blue moon
pcaman2003: Stu7. I think Jones climbed up his alps.
Hazza09: You absolute spud Martin
StuL: didnt know navy. ok
Capn_Flash: i take that back he got a kick I think!!!
Stu7: Pca itís like that for the last 2 weeks
Noxious: Both Hawkins and Cameron out next week
BigChief: Hawkins prob play with Jez out.
Manowar: Hawkins dropped to the seconds
naicosfan: green stuck on bench ffs
PAFC4eva: Geelong should be copping a fine for leaving cameron on field
StuL: jonea on the bench for ages
BigChief: It's Geel not Port PAFC so they will be safe.
PAFC4eva: Figures big chief
2Ph0nes: glad i didnt get jones
slydon: be aware, do not take the bait of hind as a pod, he will be sub next week.
LionBoy: They must be fined. Was way to blatant.
Noxious: Didn't realise Martin was still playing, thought he went home already
BigChief: AFL can't take the Cats old age pension from them.
KangaBanga: Sexton finally playing. Hallelujah
naicosfan: ffs stop kicking it to this seagull
Gotigres: Thanks for such a great game Cadman. My ranking will really get a boost.
FoopyTime: these umps
Noxious: Please goal here Martin
colin wood: plus points for merrett with ineffective possys! Thank you CD!!!
RooBoyStu: Better icon on Merrett whoever put the magnifying 🔎 wasn't watching at 15 disposals still wouldn't put ying yang
navy_blues: still complaining bout umps foopy you have won
Hazza09: Ofcourse Martin butchers it again, stuff this
pcaman2003: Jones looks like he should be in under 10's
LionBoy: Cadman 100 next week Ďcause Iím trading him this week.
FoopyTime: thats not how complainging about the umps works tho navy
StuL: Bombers might be the real deal finally. to play finals at least
banta: Toby Greene sucks so overrated. Washed up nowadays
FoopyTime: you get to have your whinge when your teams playing same as i do winnning or not
navy_blues: sure but games over lol
Gotigres: Completely agree with you LionBoy
BigChief: Toby you goal guts. Should have given it to Darcy J.
Wriggs365: good durham
J_Herer: perfect prices falling game tonight
navy_blues: wd dons
StuL: bombers!!
Hughsy: That was a insane game
hexada: n martin de let him down again
Wriggs365: green didn't ton up ha
2Ph0nes: Wriggs365 no one plays afl fantasy lmao
Birdman18: Carn the Dons
BigChief: Wriggs what are you on about? He got 114

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