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LuvIt74: Hi guys roughly when will we know if Saxton is the sub or not?
J.Worrall: Sexton named on field in back
frenzy: about 7pm tonite
frenzy: worried Tom Green named on bench
Manowar: Tom Green will be a late out, Peatling in
BigChief: subs named 1 hour before the game every time LuvIt. That has not changed.
frenzy: yep
Hughsy: why do we think green wont play?
Manowar: ankle injury
Hughsy: i know he was injured, but he has been named no?
Fordy13: G'day everyone
Hughsy: steele casually losing a handball
Calamitous: 150 today Marshall
Fordy13: I'm looping Green in case he doesn't score well, I've got Howes' score as backup in the backline if needed.
StuL: NWM on the bench already?
LuvIt74: I'm not sure whether Sexton will end up being sub
LionBoy: Not much luxury to loop Ford. Too many outs. Scary weekend ahead.
SwaggyP: omg watson actually did something positive in a game. Everyone buy a lottery ticket.
Fordy13: he's named on field LuvIt, don't think he'll be sub. He's replacing Powell in the same position no?
navy_blues: sub comes from the 5 interchange players unless late out
bhg26: Love ya work Meek
Fordy13: very true lionboy, thankfully I held Grundy. Will just need to wait for the GWS sub so I can figure out my forward line
Stu7: Saints flat footed
frenzy: not true navy
BigChief: Humphrey will most likely be sub.
Fordy13: I have to choose from Cadman, Comben and Darcy Jones. As I need Livingstone on field to loop captain.
StuL: nwm and wilson lets go
navy_blues: thats how i understand it frenzy
BigChief: Not always the case navy. sub can be any of the 23 named
Stu7: Sinclair will score 50 seeing I brought him in this week sorry guys
LionBoy: Would like WM to outscore Rusty Steele
navy_blues: ok usually 1 of the 5 interchange is that better?
Manowar: Meek smashing Marshall
BigChief: That's it navy :)
jlitza: if moore could be on for yet another big one
navy_blues: thats why 5 are named
frenzy: except when its my player, navy
BigChief: They shud just get rid of the sub and have 5 on the bench.
Stu7: Come on Sinhair
navy_blues: agree
BigChief: should*
frenzy: all 5 named bench can play
frenzy: * all 8 named
StuL: You're slow as crap WM.
BigChief: Both teams having a crack which is great to watch.
GJayBee: lol stu
Hughsy: they have kicked 0 points StuL, be patient
StuL: wilson and Garcia doing good
BigChief: StuL do you know why your players suck? You never praise them LOL
GJayBee: W Milera tricked me
BigChief: hahaha just as i post that you praise Wilson and Garcia
soup: Would have loved this on field last week garcia
sheezel420: Moore, Wilson, Garcia (both loopholed) perfect start
StuL: yea i do. chief. ok. ill lay off WM.
GJayBee: Wilson has found his feet. So glad I didnít trade to early.
StuL: my players suck because i picked the wrong ones.
Hughsy: flower off bonner
imessenger: anyone looking at bubble boy Jack Hayes? been quiet..
ralfsmiff4: damn no strapping on steele's leg! not what you wanna see for those who traded him (me included)!
frenzy: lol
Calamitous: come on marshall, how are you letting meek do this to you
dearviolet: Went Riley Garcia instead of Hugo Garcia on field, ugh
slydon: well nwm has been a super spud this year. been hogging a premo spot for no reason
BigChief: ralf news all week was no tape this week for Steele.
Birdman18: Cala I got rid of Marshall so I don't have to get annoyed at his clangers anymore
Hughsy: jack steele 7 tackles already is crazy
BigChief: LOL Worpel seeing tweety birds after that.
Stu7: Ffs Sinclair
BigChief: Keep those tackles coming Romar
macff: jesus this quarter has been a slog
navy_blues: ppl cry bout their players to early lol
StuL: great going wm. have a rest
BigChief: How long before Frost gives up a goal via a muppet?
Stu7: D1ckheads at Kilda
navy_blues: omg silly 50m going on here
BigChief: Wilkie muppet followed by Seamus LOL
pcaman2003: Ambrosia is so useless. Remind me why we got him .
StuL: WM is uese
BigChief: Was reportedly to be an amazing user of the pill pcaman
Hughsy: StuL, take a break from complaining, watch the game
Stu7: Yes pca so glad I fvcked him off
StuL: never mind
UncleSniff: Wilson looks amazing, like he's played 100 games. Could he genuinely be F6/7?
Birdman18: Steele looking more like himself
Stu7: StuL all good mate
dearviolet: Was thinking the same Sniff. Surely a contender for F6/7 especially with the state of forwards so far.
pcaman2003: Stu7. Wish Hawks would do the same
StuL: righty o hughesy
Manowar: not happy Hastie
Hughsy: good shower wm
BigChief: He can come play for us in VAFA pcaman. Might do okay down here LOL
navy_blues: NWM on fire now
StuL: nwm come to life
UncleSniff: Violet, the Saints players trust him, happy to kick it to him coming out of defense, under pressure
Hughsy: i had faith
northball: 9 kicks for 110m gained nwm is a worse seagull than ryan
desa2024: Cmon NWM, do a Luke Ryan surge
pcaman2003: BC. That's probably about right. Not AFL standard but would be okay in VAFA
BigChief: How was that not HTB?
dearviolet: Hopefully Wilson and Reid can average 90+ for the rest of the season and that semi takes weight off my forward line.
LuvIt74: Poor buggers that traded Marshall or Grundy for Sweet
Hughsy: wm magic
fruity: Need big scores from Meek and Wilson..
StuL: Wilson has become a gun.
UncleSniff: Jesus fruity, hard to ask more from Wilson. Playing a great game.
macff: there is that useless wm again, dodging 5 tackles
UncleSniff: Ooops, misread that. My bad.
Doggie Doo: Wilson is doing fine.
fruity: UncleSniff:l know , l just dont want him to stop...
Manowar: Wilson gun, your standards are low
BigChief: Bonner is the dud in StK def. Gives the ball up all the time.
Stu7: Wilson what a great kid
fruity: Manowar being a North supporter its what l
Calamitous: stay down sinclair
macff: BC has 450m gained at 80% I wish my team had more duds lmao
Birdman18: Wilson could end up as the best rookie this year
Amare: Lift Sinclair you dud
UncleSniff: Very clear why Bonner was cut by Port BC. He's soft, fumbles and turns it over a lot
BigChief: macff are you actually watching the game? He has fumbled it and then has to bomb it straight to the hawks.
BigChief: Long kicks are classed as effective. Guess you didn't know that.
BigChief: Correct UncleSniff.
LuvIt74: Do you guys think Sexton wont end up being the sub?
LuvIt74: i would like to play Sexton but scared he may be the sub or subbed off as i could take Draper's 52 score
navy_blues: another 30 minscu will find out
navy_blues: minutes
BigChief: You have asked this 4 times now LuvIt and been told the same thing every time.
Troglodyte: Afternoon lads. Just been trying to wrangle a roll of wrapping paper...
Troglodyte: Why is it such a difficault skill to master, these women make it look easy...
BigChief: That's why I use gift bags Trog. No wrapping paper needed LOL
Troglodyte: Unfortunately my handle doesn't allow me to take the easy way out BC >.<
Troglodyte: Btw - lift all my players! sorry for the delay...
miersmessi: glad I traded massimo out
BigChief: Hayes subbed so no way he is an option for now in SC
Manowar: don't be frightened, Sexton will not hurt you!
navy_blues: Luvit sry not 30mins had wrong game 1 hour b4 game starts look up the teams u will find it
Silz90: Get flowered marshall
Hughsy: marshall is 500k, welcome to my team.
navy_blues: marshall on 90 with lmost half of footy to go not good enough silz?
J_Herer: St Kilda stats on the right, should be winning
Hughsy: he probably traded him navy...
macff: I mean yeah I am BC, he has been really good today, no need to be condescending my brother
Kidult: Could be a bold move going Gawn > Marshall. back in the younger ruck to end the season better
Manowar: Hayes SC
LionBoy: Her ask Melb supporters if they think being ahead on stats wins the game.
Silz90: Correct hughsy
Manowar: yeah you do that,
EvilMonk: @Kidult also a bald move, considering it's Gawn ^_^
navy_blues: ah ok
StuL: keep going wm. get off the bench
Kidult: 180k freed up and a better bye ruck
Manowar: and wasted trades!
Kidult: I don't think Gawn plays every game to finish
LionBoy: Happy with extra trades. At least I can delude myself that my team is not terminal.
dearviolet: I don't think Gawn to Marshall is a good trade, your team though. I said the same for everyone trading Grundy to English
Hughsy: Kidult, you can do it, but you arent selling it
macff: Lionboy me too although its on life support lmao
BigChief: Only way Gawn misses games is if he gets injured.
Silz90: Just saw meeks score what a freak
LionBoy: Wilson is getting more impressive each outing.
Hughsy: yes nasiah
StuL: Yea Wilson and WM
navy_blues: hobbs and thomas subs next game
navy_blues: so green playing
pcaman2003: Dear Hawthorn list manager. Dump Ambrosia end of season, please!
BigChief: Looks like Green is playing and Manowar wrong yet again.
EvilMonk: Hawthorn are unironically going to be scary strong in 1-2 years. Super efficient at times, just need some time
pcaman2003: EvilMonk. We have the talent, just need to sharpen skills and reduce turnovers.
macff: Agree Monk, love the look of Macdonald, Newcombe and Weddle
Silz90: What did manowar say
navy_blues: keep going hawks
BigChief: Silz said Green would not play.
UncleSniff: St. Kilda are absolutely toast for 24 if they can
UncleSniff: make a comeback
bhg26: I love you Lloyd Meek
pcaman2003: Hard to see Ned Reeves coming back in with Meek going strong.
2Ph0nes: bad kicking bad footy
UncleSniff: Hard to see Reeves coming back in because he's injured also
navy_blues: pca i have a mate in tassie saints supporter and he hates hawks so i need hawks to win lmao
Silz90: Thanks bc your right because gws confirmed no late outs
Geeaad: Lol i was tempted to trade Meek to English, but he's been so good - think ill keep him until his BE is higher than 100
Stu7: D1ckheads saints
UncleSniff: Fair few people traded Meek to Sweet. What a flop that's turned into LOL
slydon: sweets and naismith to marshall next week is looking like a pretty easy decision atm
Kidult: Nice Hugo at 49 with a chance at 70
Troglodyte: Get some goals Wilson
slydon: people think longer than ahead than this weekend sniff
Geeaad: @uncle i was tempted too, ended up going Sweet R3, very good choice
navy_blues: omg marshall
navy_blues: omg ginni
EvilMonk: Not sad we lost Jack right now lmao
bhg26: What a great display of skill from Marshall and Ginni
Roarix: Ruckman taking those kicks.. and these players get paid how much?
navy_blues: if hawks lose this...
Calamitous: go marshall you monster
Kidult: Good to plan about 3 weeks ahead with how prices change
Stu7: Save yourself Sinhair this quarter
StuL: Keep going Wilson.
slydon: kidult sounding like an adult
pcaman2003: Hawks starting to give too much space to opponents for my liking. Tighten up lads!
Kidult: Alloy Steele
Ooost: Steele :D
EvilMonk: Ginni prob just cost me and Sinclair his tonne. So sad right now
EvilMonk: only 23 frees paid this game, letting it go so much more, way better umpiring.
LuvIt74: Whats your thoughts of captain options?
banta: get that acting out of your game young Watson. Not a good look
EvilMonk: I reckon Rowell will bounce back @Luvit if you have him, or Bont should be safe.
Stu7: Naicos
EvilMonk: Great kick young Garcia!
Ooost: If VC has failed. Bont vs The Tigers.
Stu7: Naicos LuvIt
UncleSniff: I've got Bont VC, Naicos C
StuL: Come on Saints
navy_blues: if saints get up its all cos of marshalls effort
EvilMonk: Bont v Tigers should just be a guaranteed 130+ if he plays average, right? lol
TheOnyas: Onya Meeky
navy_blues: who knows with the dogs monk
BigChief: Nothing is guaranteed Evil esp when Bevo is involved.
EvilMonk: Oh true we might get Bevo'd red vest "strategic sub" at 1/4 time @navy_blues
Doggie Doo: I would go with Daicos
LuvIt74: Ive got still got Bont, Rowell, Flanders, Daicos, Miller, Sheezel, Martin & Green
navy_blues: going rowell as C
Hughsy: steele scaled from 126 to 116 ffs
LuvIt74: Yeah im thinking Bont, Flanders or Rowell
pcaman2003: Navy. Was thinking same, but very hot there today,so went Naicos instead.
EvilMonk: Sinclair gone missing, I went too early didn't I?
EvilMonk: arm chop on King maybe? balls to pay it, but wowee
pcaman2003: Ginni turned his back on 2 loose Hawks near goals. You idiot!
BigChief: Well played Hawks. Good win.
LionBoy: Milera 120. Good lad
navy_blues: nice hawks saints are done
Hughsy: well done steele and nw
Calamitous: useless saints
UncleSniff: Put a fork in St. Kilfda, they are done
Yelse: was kings arms chopped?
pcaman2003: Phew! We escaped again. Good win all the same.
BigChief: Meek and Romar share BOG
LionBoy: Good stuff hawks. Ticker!
BigChief: Star for Scrimshaw? No way.
GJayBee: Saints dominate SC scores and still loose
banta: saints szn done. how coaches let oppo mids run around without an opponent I'll enver know. Newc didn't have anyone him
EvilMonk: @Yelse, I reckon it looks worse in slow mo. Think they made the right call in the moment.
pcaman2003: GJayBee. Only 40SC points different,so not much in it really.
Stu7: Ha ha Lyon go back west ya spud
StuL: WM came good. i should shut up more
BigChief: Haha StuL. Maybe wait longer into the game before roasting them.

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