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BigChief: OMG Grundy has a huge shiner. Did he get that at training or last weeks game?
frenzy: evening chaps
macff: last week BC
bhg26: Last week chief
JezEdwards: Vale Cam McCarthy.
original: blakey leaing head into ground..
Manowar: Fyfe on bench already
LionBoy: Got the C on Ryan. Sorry owners.
original: shoulda traded fyfe lads. will drop cash for a few weeks time to upgrade
JezEdwards: Agreed Original. I thought I'd go one more week...
Yelse: enough pine young get onto the ground
Manowar: tag Clark, pointless Horse
Ash777: bought in Ryan this week
Hazza09: you had a rest last week Fyfe ffs get off the pine
Number 8: Maybe Clark is the only one slow enough for Jordon to keep up with
bhg26: How the flower did he do that
Raspel31: Twas I brought in Serong this week- I take no blame or thanks.
AU_Falcon: whats the go with defenders being tagged now
frenzy: its a thankless task Rasp
Yelse: fyfe getting involved now
Raspel31: Appreciated frenzy- lol.
BigChief: Okay Ryan get involved.
original: should lpay brodie over omeara
navy_blues: omeara should have 2 goals
Silz90: Stay low ryan pls
original: Ryan needs swans to kick behinds
Yelse: wtf young on the pine again
Yelse: do they go on the bench on their own or is it set or get told
original: you can't be a young owner and not know that he loves the pine
JezEdwards: Going early, but glad I kept Sharp. I know value is plateaued, but I'll take pts now
original: was debating luk ryan or serong this week. wonder which one i picked ffs lol
LionBoy: Least you didnít C him Orig. :(
BigChief: Fyfe pinned HTB 3 times already
bhg26: Iím loving our pressure
clay007: fyfe only player in afl being pinged for htb
original: took c off him in draft 5 mins before draft lol. unlucky lion
dearviolet: Traded Sharpie and kept Roberts, hasn't paid off.
Troglodyte: Grundy got a bit of a Asgard look about him...
bhg26: 16 frees in a quarter flowering hell
RooBoyStu: Imagine trading Sweet in for Grundy lol
bhg26: Free for Jackson tripping over
original: kicks like that, still think he can be a forward with darcy in ruck. NO WAY trade one
dearviolet: Can't believe people did that. Rooboy
Gotigres: Snail for Fyfe?
Hazza09: who ruined Ryan?
naicosfan: Is Fyfe not getting deducted SC for his F/A
naicosfan: Hazza some spuds captained him in this feed
GJayBee: Ryan and Houston killing me. I saved all my pennies
beerent11: Anyone else got heeney?
LionBoy: Already apologised Hazza. Put C on him.
beerent11: Fyfe 3 frees against still on a good qtr time score
bhg26: Point of difference this year beer, doubt anyone has him
fruity: beerent11 : yep
beerent11: 1st week with serong. No jinx so far.
bhg26: Then why would you say something beer
GJayBee: Who is Henry?
beerent11: Tempting fate bhg.
Raspel31: Serong and Butters might just have been good trades this week- hmm.
beerent11: 200+ easy bhg
GJayBee: Went Ryan instead of Butters or Henry.
Catatafish: I did, Hazza, sorry about that lol
bhg26: Iíll take that and a swans win beer
original: can the swans PLEASE kick a behind so ryan gets more bs points
Raspel31: Eozee to Buttwes and Green to Serong- not wanted but que serong serong. At least no private ryan.
Ash777: Ryan had a huge score last week so this might be nature bringing him down to earth
frenzy: lol thought U were English raspel
Gotigres: I can understand now why Fyfe always handballs
naicosfan: They are not kicking points therefore no l Ryan score
Yelse: thats not a free hardly touched him
LionBoy: To make me feel better what is the lowest Capt score recorded?
Raspel31: Get new glasses next week frenzy- detached retna from soccer- lol.
beerent11: Unfortunately Ryanís be is only 64
naicosfan: Tom green last week lion boy
original: no one really thought freo were a chance did they?
naicosfan: Freo would be winning if it wasnít for there shower goal kicking
Ash777: thought this would be a closer game than the cats/port 1
beerent11: Far out serong is the bog by miles but his teams getting pumped. Gun.
2Ph0nes: vc serong looking pretty good
bhg26: Chad bog beer
2Ph0nes: ryna having a mare
Hughsy: Kick a point you stupid sydney flogs, ryan needs his cheapies
Hughsy: I have the C on Ryan
beerent11: Iím afraid I must disagree kind sir.
Yelse: ryan and young need to lift fyfe doing good top 6 fwd
original: we need cheap kicks for ryan please
2Ph0nes: no, serong on pace for 44 possies and 22 contested. he bog currently
naicosfan: Serong on track for 50
beerent11: Bhg has always had eyes for Chad.
original: serong low impact
Raspel31: Damn- why on earth did I bring in Serong- damn.
Slaggy.A.B: Just bought in Serong this week great choice
bhg26: If my mid has 25 and 4 goals Iím taking that over 40 touches
beerent11: Yep. You mentioned that rasp.
bhg26: Now if serong gets 50
Gotigres: Why did I not make Serong vc?
JezEdwards: Geez. How many free against for Fyfe?
original: when will we get a behind. Luke ryan only scores 150+ with behinds
Slaggy.A.B: Just kick a dam point
Raspel31: Sincere apologies beer.
beerent11: Should be on about 55 jezedwards. Might even make his breakeven.
Gotigres: It's not the end of the world if Ryan scores 70-80
original: kicks a point. after HT. flower sc i'm done
beerent11: Accepted
beerent11: Cleaver harsh on serong. Maybe an atlas more apt.
original: brought in luke ryan instead of serong. convinced myself the team balance was better
Urbs: Team effort I'm afraid
beerent11: Fair
beerent11: Team game
original: na serong no impact. if he was having impact they wouldnt be this bad. not wrong
original: at least we're all aligned on what we need to see this half. sydney kicking behinds
BigChief: 1.8 to 9.0 says a bit about Freo atm.
bhg26: I donít want that original I like goals
Slaggy.A.B: Omg kick a goal freo
BigChief: Is this the real Syd team? 10 goals straight.
beerent11: Yeah flower Luke Ryan
bhg26: Uncharacteristic of us chief
bhg26: We have usually missed 4 or 5 sitters so far
desa2024: Did anyone here VC Serong ?
desa2024: Spewing that i did not VC Serong
original: a behind and ryan isnt deep ffs
BigChief: flower off Clark, that's Ryans job
bhg26: And Ryan still doesnít get the kick out
Slaggy.A.B: At least serong is going for 170+
Ninty: Ah can always count on Freo making you feel better about your own club
beerent11: You should have vcd serong
Slaggy.A.B: Desa I didnít vc serong I traded him in at least
bhg26: What the flower is with these not 15 calls? Kicking it well over 20 metres and theyíre calling play on
Gotigres: 11 scoring shots each
Ninty: Hate not having Serong. Started him last year and got burnt. One year early :(
BigChief: Is Ryan actually playing on someone?
StuL: Come on Ryan.
Ash777: this could be dockers 2nd lowest score in the club history
desa2024: Great trade in Slaggy
beerent11: 644k for a defender? Thatís a lot.
BigChief: hahaha bhg that kick from Lizard went 10 at most mate.
gazza39: Is the right ninty the cliffs coming dumb alps
bhg26: Not that one chief thereís been 2 others
Slaggy.A.B: Scores reversed exactly
BigChief: sorry bhg been watching other game
Ninty: Well said gazza mate #derp
Slaggy.A.B: Can we talk about how n blacky has 95
bhg26: That sounds racist slaggy lol
original: slaggy. bulk kicks, bulk efficiency
Slaggy.A.B: Brooooo omg didnít mean it like that hahahaha
gazza39: No need for hashtags just replying to your childish comment
StuL: Come on Jackson
bhg26: Suuure slaggy
BigChief: Heeney you goose, why play on. Just kick the goal.
TimT14: Autocorrect is based off your everyday keystrokes slaggy
Ninty: Sorry bud, just trying to decipher your comment. Iím out. #bye
Birdman18: So glad a got rid of Roberts
BigChief: gazza no need for the personal abuse. It is actually against Fan Footy T & C of the site.
gazza39: not rocket science, enjoy the playground
original: grundy eye looks horrific
original: can we talk about how fyfe sc isnt 30? 4 frees, awful efficiency
Ninty: And lol at saying Iím the childish one with your ďdumb alpsĒ comment. :thumbsup:
Slaggy.A.B: Hahaha Tim maybe I am lol
original: lol muppet for that
naicosfan: grundy bleeding in the eye?
Raspel31: Serong got this.
naicosfan: serong is class
Birdman18: How good is Serong?
beerent11: So bloody good
dearviolet: Putting the C on Serong gonna be massive
original: fyfe lol
bhg26: Can our key defenders stop getting injured
beerent11: Heís him, as the young folks say
BigChief: Who is the goal kicking coach at Freo?
bhg26: Beer with the how do you do fellow kids energy
naicosfan: this is atrocious
StuL: Fyfe and Roberts stinking which is good. No getting their BE heroics
bhg26: Freo all over us
Stu7: Roberts ya spud
Slaggy.A.B: Sorry what did serong do before missed it
Hazza09: power off Fyfe
BigChief: Freo might miss from the goal line tonight.
sheezel420: fyfe loves a clanger
gazza39: McCarthy possibly a distraction coz nothing else could explain this
BigChief: Bullet pass to Frederick Slaggy who then missed the shot.
DaMeatloaf: Go the lizard! Got him in a draft
GinniFan: Lift Fyfe and Ryan!!
naicosfan: serong is giving it his all.
Stu7: Finger out Toberts ffs
Birdman18: Ryan needs a last quarter like he did against Port to salvage this
original: ryan please make it to 85
naicosfan: salvage an 80 at least ryan
Slaggy.A.B: Thanks chief
bhg26: God itís flowering 10:30 stuff Perth night games
Troglodyte: a bit of Jordon on Jordan action going on...
Manowar: only way Ryan is getting to 80+ is if showerney start kicking points
StuL: Lets go Ryan.
Leechy: who cursed Luke Ryan?
StuL: Keep going Serong
Leechy: cmon Ryan get to 80
Birdman18: Freo are a disgrace
naicosfan: this is why we bring in ryan
bhg26: Thatís some good seagulling there
JMM-7: @leechy my bad
Kidult: Freo will play kick to kick after 20 mins
CamT: +15 for Ryan
original: young is garb
Leechy: Ryan get to 90 now cmonn
Hazza09: get off the bench Fyfe you sped
gazza39: you know you in trouble when a bombers fan is up and about lol
RooBoyStu: Freo pathetic performance for McCarthy, no wonder flagless
Birdman18: Ryan could still go 100 if he keeps junking it up
clay007: He will get it easy Leechy. Freo cannot control the ball.
Silz90: Weak comment roo
naicosfan: fyfe another FA
BigChief: Silz you need to ignore the troll mate.
JaiDay12: Roo you're extremely tasteless, have some respect
Ooost: power weak mate
clay007: you got sucked in silz
navy_blues: wonder when a team only scored 2 goals in a game b4?
Leechy: @clay007 hope so
naicosfan: why is this spud clark taking ryans kick ins
BigChief: Just to pi55 us off naicos
StuL: go sharp
Gotigres: I remember in the mid 80's Carlton kicked 1.11 or something like that at the Western Oval
Leechy: freo stop trying please we need Ryan points lol
2Ph0nes: spuds dont get tagged nackers
BigChief: Wasn't that in the 90's Gotigres and it was pouring rain.
Gotigres: Oh maybe BigChief, and it was probably raining
Hughsy: Jeez fyfe
bhg26: Can you call it an impressive kick if it goes sideways?
Manowar: Fyfe, Donkey needs to retire now
Slaggy.A.B: Ryan 2 highest for freo what a save
Birdman18: Sharp needs to settle down. Trying to kick goal of of the century for his hatrick
CamT: SC masterclass from Ryan, this quarter.
Hazza09: ffs Fyfe, trade at 7pm on Sunday
Hughsy: Good last qtr ryan, saved me
beerent11: Great mark bad decision
kisip: Oh fyfe why?? Atleast ryan is junking it up
bhg26: Ryan often has ridiculous last quarters
Slaggy.A.B: Ryanís ton
BigChief: Ryan been very quiet and still get a ton (atm)
Birdman18: Love that Ryan has junked it up. But how is it possible with SC's scaling? Game is dead
Leechy: Ryan massive quarter love to see it
bhg26: Heeney needs a goal to keep the streak alive
clay007: yes chief but seagulled the flower in the last 10 mins
Fordy13: big game for me, Ryan, Heeney, Serong and Grundy :D
Silz90: Any chance you can ton jackson
Slaggy.A.B: Would of liked to see more disposables from serong in the last 30 had like 5
slydon: if jackson can crack a 95 ill be happy
Hazza09: I love you Ryan
slydon: i got werong, jackson, heeney and ryan in this, big scores
Fordy13: Fyfe not so much though.
naicosfan: same here slydon
BigChief: Yep clay and loving the seagulling.
Slaggy.A.B: I have serong heeny Ryan sharp and butters and wines tonight also Robertís but heís not good rn
Manowar: everyone has them,
bhg26: If Fyfe didnít give 800 frees away heíd have a good score
slydon: 2300 could be avg this week if it continues
BigChief: Slaggy Roberts be 107 and is going to lose cash quickly.
original: luke ryan. you are him
2Ph0nes: thanks mate for letting us know who is in your team, been waiting all night for that reveal, cheers
Leechy: keep kicking points sydney love this
slydon: i did also have butter from the other game
Slaggy.A.B: Yeah going to jump off hime and up grade to solilgo
slydon: one more tip and kick jackson
fruity: fyfe you're fired!!!!!!
bhg26: 1 last free against for Fyfe
Slaggy.A.B: Thanks for the positivity 2phones
Hazza09: ffs Fyfe cya later
fruity: Ryan you seagull....
naicosfan: good games heeney, dogga and ryan, excellent serong
jlitza: wines, serong n heeney, good night :)))
BigChief: Can't believe my lowest scorer is Holmes. I will crash back to earth tomorrow for sure.
beerent11: Who gives a shower whoís in your teams boys
mbaden85: an absolute pummelling

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