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Ninty: Hope Toma has a huge game. Letís go Cats!
navy_blues: lol he is being gifted games atm charity
Ninty: Still playing on the best defender each week. Frees up others. Itís his time to feast :)
dearviolet: Need a big one from JHF
wadaramus: Why does JHF never smile? He's such a sourpuss.
navy_blues: what crap when harry wasnt kicking goals u guys were wanting him dropped now its toma is different
navy_blues: what other key forward would hold his spot afer not kicking any goals for a month??
BigChief: Where were you last week Ninty? Oh you only show up when Cats have easier game.
Ninty: Ok? Unsure if I ever commented on Harry, good to see him kicking with a routine again.
Ninty: I got married last weekend, sorry I wasnít on here. How was your week mate?
BigChief: LOL thats a new excuse.
J.Worrall: Congrats!
Ninty: nice one BigC, thanks.
mags: @wada JHF never smiles because he regrets his decision to leave the Roos. If only he could turn back time...
Ash777: josh sinn on the watch list
Ninty: Thank you Worrall, good to see itís not all just crap talking here.
wadaramus: Well he needs to turn that frown upside down the sorry sack of shower.
StuL: Stay down Butters.
Silz90: Your the one trash talking every week but congrats mate
Silz90: Wends did you put the c on butters lol
_Wang_: Evening all
Ninty: Stop smiling JHF
Ninty: Lol ok. Cheers
Silz90: That goal was for roo boy
DaicosQB: The best part about this year of FF is the 2 tiger nuffs are finally put to bed
dearviolet: Nice start JHF
Pavs: Evening all. Congrats Ninty
mags: Wake up Cats
BigChief: Cmon Port, bury the pretenders.
frenzy: howdy
Gotigres: Commiserations Ninty, er, I mean Congratulations
Ninty: A bit concerning if premiership ruckman RHYS gets beaten by Dante V #yikes
Ninty: Thanks Pav
navy_blues: go port
SonOfAGun.: Woowee
Silz90: Lol everyone gets a thank you but me #goport
navy_blues: Gotigs im barracking for tigs tomorrow
Ninty: I said cheers Silz, but thanks. Cheers Gotigres.. I meant thank you ;)
StuL: Come on us.
Ninty: It would be nice if we start playing now
Ninty: #doineedtohashtagagain. Who said this was an easy game?
Ash777: someone check if goodwin is coaching them tonight
Gotigres: Thanks Navy. Well done to Blues.
Silz90: Lol ninty
SonOfAGun.: come on gary!!! give the hb
Ninty: #CATS have entered the game #carn
Silz90: Come on Clark I wouldn't mind looping you tonight
Ninty: if that was Toma marking he would have passed it. But at least Gaz scores a much needed goal
StuL: Go Dempsey, a couple of goals
beerent11: Kinky silz.
2Ph0nes: lol stanley sc
SonOfAGun.: -14 bwhahaha
StuL: Go Stengle. Anyone will do
Pavs: Handpass by Miers elite
Stu7: Go Dempsey
Silz90: Stengle what a pick up. He would be handy at the baggers
Ninty: Stanley with the last assist to get off -14 lol
macff: Gryan is my favourite player from another club. What a gem.
navy_blues: wow JHFeverwhere
Ninty: Mullin could be subbed in soon looking at OíConnor on the sidelines
navy_blues: rowan
Ninty: RHYS finally a free kick himself after giving away 27 of them
navy_blues: hawkins on fire what about a igloo for hawkins m0nty?
dearviolet: Need JHF to outscore Butters. Likelihood is low
Hazza09: standard my opponent has JHF going 130
naicosfan: How has port recieved ump benefits at the cattery
original: dumb stewart. but umpire needs to watch that whole interaction. did not pull him to ground
Ninty: just keeping Hawk on ice navy #lol
clay007: Can the horny one stay this erect for a whole game, or will he limp through to the end?
Silz90: Stay low Stewart keep giving away those frees
Ninty: umpires hate Geelong naicos
naicosfan: I disagree ninty
SonOfAGun.: your goal jezza
navy_blues: lmao ninty umps loved against us
Ninty: Havenít won a free kick count this year
original: unlike JC
cmperrfect: Time to retire Tommahawk.
Hazza09: my app has JHF @clay, he's going 150
Ash777: lol @ umps hate geelong
LionBoy: Normally I query those stats Ninty but Stats show Cats get few frees.
clay007: It is as good as I have seen JHF play Hazza. My oppo has him also.
naicosfan: Port look like this, and then become frauds the week after
Silz90: I can't forget that deliberate call in the last few minutes original
LionBoy: Unsurprisingly Pies get the most so far for Ď24.
Hazza09: CD shafting Butters
Ninty: This is yuck. Can we get Selwood and Danger on at QT #cooked
StuL: This is crap Geelong.
macff: Thats crazy Ninty, I checked when you said that and you are absolutely right.
original: haha wow just saw ratugolea's head. kidding himself with that 'hair' isnt he? shave it off man
clay007: I think you need Corey Enright ninty, bleeding goals
DrSeuss: How do Port turn up against Geelong - but didn't show up to the Showdown last week?
navy_blues: i think gee still in this port stop bit like blues
Troglodyte: Whoever this Selwood guy is he must have been a good player to get a stand named after him...
StuL: We need Scarlo Enright Milburn Riccardi
Ninty: Just bring back Snr, we will concede 120 but score 160 ourselves
LionBoy: His parents donated $$$ Trog
StuL: selwood and Danger
Troglodyte: Seuss - sympathy for poor cousins acorss
Birdman18: Port need to settle down a bit
PAFC4eva: Evening people didnt relise this started early pleasantly surprised go pear
DrSeuss: Should build low entries on the Selwood stand so you have to duck to get in lol
Troglodyte: *across town
clay007: Selwood got $100,000 dollars for every head high free kick. That is what funded the stand Trog
navy_blues: lmao
Raspel31: Wgere's Rozee?
Zutroyz: At least it's not raining
navy_blues: lmao Seuss
LionBoy: Love the AFL Country Footy Ad. When is the sequel? Who wins?
Pavs: Bali I think Rasp
KangaBanga: Come on geewrong
macff: Pies are +1 for the season Lionboy, that puts them 11th
Raspel31: Ah, that would be why I brought in Butters Pav- go lad.
Pavs: haha was thinking the same thing watching that Lionboy
RooBoyStu: Clark needs more time on ground
LionBoy: +1 is the differential Mac. They have crazy stat of highest frees against and second highest frees for. Small Different
Troglodyte: Gee this JHF kid is good. Where did you say he played before Port?
RooBoyStu: Sad Clay007 you don't have Ginni anymore to fund dentists for the fans
original: charlie dixon moving slow
Pavs: Put the C on Butters against my own side Rasp. A confusing watch :)
LionBoy: Differential
clay007: No Tuohy, no Geelong!
2Ph0nes: clark tog has never been more than the 60's. it is what it is\
naicosfan: Witches hats
naicosfan: How does butters keep getting scaled down
clay007: You might need to enlighten me on that rooboy.
LionBoy: Did not pick this.
macff: yeah thats what I meant, the amount of frees they get is kind of meaningless given they are punished as often?
StuL: Tuohy and Bowes (managed) is why we're losing.
BigChief: No one did LB but it's great to watch.
_Wang_: Willie hit the bongs. He's on fire
Ninty: Bloody hell
2Ph0nes: lol
RooBoyStu: Beautiful scenes to see the cats fans upset at the ground, boo hoo
SonOfAGun.: Fat lady already singing
Capn_Flash: Tell you what, Ollie wines has been looking great in supercoach. Sad I traded him when I did
Ninty: Bowes being managed with no Danger and Bruhn is cooked
PAFC4eva: where has this been the past 3 weeks port
StuL: This is terrible. And what happens if Sweet doesnt get back.
Ash777: It's official JHF the horny 1
LionBoy: Nearly gambled on Stewart rather than Ryan. Maybe pulled right lever this week.
navy_blues: oh my oh my who was bragging bout no one an beat top of ladder cats the other week
RooBoyStu: Hawkins cooked retire now
Birdman18: Always good to see the cats getting flogged
Capn_Flash: Cmon Stewart
Silz90: You have a lot to say roo when your team hasn't won in how many weeks now
PAFC4eva: Dont jinx us navy shhh
navy_blues: can
Capn_Flash: Port kicking uncharacteristically accurately
Raspel31: I feel every se;f respecting Englishman likes to see The Cats whipped. Go Port!
dearviolet: Agreed Rasp. That circa 200 point loss really drilled it into me
BigChief: Not just Englishmen Raspel.
LionBoy: Stay on the bench Butters
naicosfan: Surely now the witches hats
navy_blues: lmao hinkley
KangaBanga: If cats donít start playing accountable Iíll Spew up!
clay007: No one listen to what rooboy says, just ignore. He is here to stir trouble, don't buy in please.
Capn_Flash: Stewart really should score well woth the ball this much in defence
Hazza09: power off wines
Ninty: Delete the tape and move on to next week
Capn_Flash: LionBoy, what are ya saying!
Ash777: Is this going to be a north 2016 performance from cats?
Mikeagles: witches hats!
RooBoyStu: Silz90 short memory mate, not long ago Carlton were a basket case & still hold record for most weeks on bottom since2000
StuL: No cat is playing well
KangaBanga: Iím gonna Spew up!
original: cats fluked it vs carlton. had beaten no one before blues, shown up two weeks in a row
cherry9: Pretty quiet at the Hattery. Great stuff Port
FoopyTime: bit of a lie they were on top of the ladder at that point so they had to beat someone
Silz90: Most annoying north fan on this page. Probably the only annoying one tbh.
shancrows: How was that not holding the ball twice on Aliir wtf
original: get back on tom stewart ffs
FoopyTime: legit cats should have the witches hats on them
wadaramus: Cats area total rabble!
shancrows: Brought in Oliver and Stewart this week LOL
navy_blues: drought broken lol
dearviolet: Roo boys not wrong though. Be humble in success.
BigChief: Hahaha Stanley subbed.
navy_blues: wow early sub
Ninty: YIKES tactical sub in the 2nd quarter
original: hahah 'stanley looks bemused' seriously. should never see him again
Ash777: Dante slayed his first demon
fruity: expecting Butters to go +120 tonight..
Hazza09: The way Visinteni is playing Sweet is done
StuL: That just means you're finished Stanley
Silz90: I'm not the one trolling all the time lol am I reading this right
naicosfan: Clear throw from butters, but Iíll take it
BigChief: They should play Conway every week to get games into him.
Birdman18: Is it just me or is there a million throws now and the umps never call them
PAFC4eva: Might have to thank the crom for turning our form around
original: do CD let throws go or do they pay a handball? curious
Ninty: Feels like a different game with Hawk goal and Stanley out. Now weíre moving
LionBoy: Not seeing it Hazza. Heís a fast moving tree.
shancrows: I'm with you birdman I notice it also
naicosfan: Yep birdman, need to be a lot harsher
StuL: Our whole team is SC irrelevant
BigChief: Isn't this rugby Birdman? I thought thats what we are watching.
Raspel31: Still feel Cats can win this if they score more goals.
original: stewart intercept possessioncontested effective kick inside 50, goal assist. points baby
clay007: You not trolling silv, you just need to try and stop yourself from buying into the drama
DrSeuss: Umps are too busy listening for bad words rather than considering HTB or incorrect disposal
original: noo stewart no
Silz90: That's fair clay
clay007: Sad news about Cam McCarthy, 29 years.
shancrows: Lol Seuss
Capn_Flash: Crowd sounds amazing!
Mikeagles: yeah shocking news that
original: lot of weird umpiring non calls
Calamitous: Come on Drew
naicosfan: Butters!
BigChief: Out of the blue clay for sure.
navy_blues: wonder who BT is going for lol
macff: Is there something wrong with Clark or does Scott just hate him?
BigChief: Awww crowd not happy with umps.
PAFC4eva: Onya zak
StuL: Sod off Butters
original: clark too much of a fumbler. would still be building his tank
Gotigres: Crowd getting restless
Raspel31: I do not ebdorse Byeer's goal politically but yep!
cherry9: Sometimes you wonder if a goal costs a player SC points because straight to bench
RooBoyStu: silz90 the best stat i saw recently, since Blues last Flag 95, every club has won 1 or more flagsexcept Saints & Fitzroy
clay007: He left the game cos of mental health chief, shame it took a hold of him
BigChief: You can't really still have Clark macff?
RooBoyStu: Every club that was in the AFL in 95. P.S remember 99 lol. Have a good night all, off to work
StuL: Come on Dempsey.
macff: on the bench - what was the alternative sideways trade for nothing?
clay007: Ive still got him bigchief, but an emerg. I will sell him if he gets to 200k
naicosfan: Why would I trade out a rookie with 60k on his head bug chief?
Pavs: Surely the umpires need to buy into Umpires appreciation round. Been rubbish both sides
Ash777: Imagine being a port fan at this game.
StuL: trading clark was pointless. may as well have kept him.
clay007: clark be -1
hexada: has holmes taken stewarts role?
CamT: BT and Richo don't get on.
wadaramus: Cats are rudderless.
BigChief: Because Clark is a dud. I traded him for Roberts in round 2. Happy with that cash gen
StuL: Dempseys fade out is pretty much in line with the whole team.
macff: ok, I had bigger problems than clark lmao
Catatafish: He was getting tagged last time I checked, hexada
dibba23: clark more useful as a loophole
clay007: Wines has rewound the sc clock
CamT: Dempsey's second halves are generally much worse than his first.
BigChief: Since Dempsey moved to wing his scoring dried up.
suns4ever: Port should keep Rozee in the 2s
Ninty: Umpires need to lift, how can we win with 7-12?
Raspel31: Geelong should try harder?
PAFC4eva: like this midfield mix maybe rozzee forward
LionBoy: Surely youíve traded Roberts BC. Big BE. Cash gen over.
soup: Back to reality for the kittens
Ninty: donít be ridiculous rasp. No one has ever lost a game because theyíre no good. Always the umps!
StuL: Suddenly our list looks average.
hexada: houston de killing his score ffs
JezEdwards: PAFC - great balance here tonight.
KangaBanga: Jason is making me horny
BigChief: Yep LB I traded him this week for Ryan.
Ninty: I kept Roberts in def, had no way of trading him with my target ins being Oliver and Harvey Thomas
StuL: Look at Ports scores compared Embarrasing
Ninty: Probably should have traded Colby McK back in instead
Raspel31: As a football coach- soccer- perhaps the answer for Geelong is to score more goals. Open to debate.
LionBoy: Ditto. BC. Put C on Ryan. Off to watch the result.
StuL: Hoping against hope that Dempsey will do something
Manowar: good to see Geelong getting smash down ol Hicksville!
Silz90: Is there another game on wtf
Ninty: Thatís a grab, Ollie!
Ninty: Öas for the kick lol
JezEdwards: Silz - the Swans vs Freo game
Ninty: double header with Motherís Day only having the 2 games on
Silz90: Thanks jez lucky I did my trades before cats game
Silz90: Thanks for the reminder ninty lol forgot that too
ballbag: everytime i hear stengles i feel like kfc chicken
Ninty: Nice Stengle, slowly clawing back
StuL: only 5 goals to go. Im sure we can win from here..
StuL: Stewart will be cheap. But are his SC stud days over
Ninty: Clark best thing heís done, weíre back on! #shutupninty
Silz90: Holmes impacting his score stul these days?
StuL: power off Butters.
PAFC4eva: Super boot farrell
Raspel31: I'm sure you didn't mean that knowing I brought in Burrers this week StuL.
Ninty: Finally someone put Farrell on his alps from running free
cherry9: Whoops didnít know about game 2. Looks like itís Captain Heeney
BigChief: Max doing well again beer :)
BigChief: Oh ffs I spoke too soon
Ninty: Feels like weíve been back for 2 hrs and still 5 goals down lol
Birdman18: Yeah Stewart looks like a 100 is going to be a stretch every game
StuL: Any danger of getting a touch dempsey?
StuL: Butters has stopped this qtr. it wont last
Ninty: Put your Willie away
PAFC4eva: little willie yes
BigChief: Rioli dominating cats tonight.
BigChief: Stopped StuL? He still has 25 for the qtr.
StuL: ok im wrong
ballbag: again drew, like every week, SC fckn useless you are. hack
BigChief: Can BT be any more biased?
Ninty: Wow Rioli undoing his good work just like that
Gotigres: Brain fade there
2Ph0nes: Willie Rioli needs a cone
StuL: There's still no hope. We'll never pull back thar start we gave them.
PAFC4eva: Little willie noooo
BigChief: Port have lost the plot.
Ninty: Giving us a sniff now
fruity: here come the Cats...
Gotigres: Crowd is waking up now
Yelse: port have given this game away
Yelse: coach calls +1 in defence but they go and do that instead
StuL: port are still going to win easily
PAFC4eva: Ape droppings ha ha like it
soup: About time rioli does what he's been doing all season, bloke turns into Superman against us every year
Nicko006: Whatís up with Clarkís low TOG.. the sub has nearly played more than him
BigChief: Damn Holmes looks cooked :(
LionBoy: Another goal to Cats and this game will light up.
Gotigres: There are too many long haired lout seagulls in Geelong's defence for Stewart to go big now
BigChief: Is Hinkley going to use the sub?
PAFC4eva: Georgie
original: whats with atkins this year.thought he was unreal last year
Ninty: Dixon subbed for Frank
LionBoy: Wines great scoring off 69% TOG
navy_blues: clark fumbles to much
original: wow clarke was a top 10 pick. jeepers
desa2024: OMG Geelong doing a Melbourne comeback
BigChief: What pick was Petrevski-Seaton original?
Ninty: Game over
SonOfAGun.: Handy point
Ninty: wow a let off by JHF
Slaggy.A.B: Should I take butters vc
original: haha bigchief, SPS was only this bad late in his career. he started well. 3 brownlow votes in his first few games
Ooost: Yes
Ninty: Time is running out
Raspel31: Yep Slaggy- wish I had-or Serong. Stuck with English.
BigChief: And yet he is out of AFL at 26.
Ninty: Cats have had about 2 top ten picks in 20 years, so itís safe to say they donít know what theyíre doing there
DaMeatloaf: From that first quarter to this.. I love this club. Never say die
navy_blues: 1 point win to port?
macff: didnt you draft Paddy Dow and Lochie O'Brien in the top ten the same year original? lmao
LionBoy: 6 point loss Navy?
bhg26: Thatís probably not the kick Zerk Thatcher
navy_blues: draw maybe lol
original: sick of JHF losing his feet and fishing for high tackles
Silz90: Don't mention Lachie I still nightmares
navy_blues: wd port
original: lol the booing
Slaggy.A.B: Just traded in serong and switch the c from him to Dacia last minute so I could vc butters
Ninty: Poop. Just gave them too big of a head stat
ballbag: drew useless clown cant ton if he tried
Silz90: Ken loved it
BigChief: Surprised the Kardia Park has the Port song LOL
GinniFan: Love you JHF
PAFC4eva: Nailbiter well done port
Ninty: start*
StuL: was never going to pull back that lead
Ninty: Beat Port by 119 in the GF last time they beat us at KP. #omen
Calamitous: Drew you ranga flower
2Ph0nes: cats cooked
soup: Brisbane will be asking for a please explain after that advantage got called back

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