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Hughsy: Chaos late outs
Gotigres: Greetings. Got Oliver in this week.
J.Worrall: Go Dees, go Maxy!
Fromage: Come on McKay
Baldfrog: Voss wanting to lose this? Making Hewett sub is rediculous
Fromage: McKay and Oliver this week
BigChief: What late outs Hughsy?
frenzy: evening chaps
Pavs: Evening all. Bit of carnage this week.
dearviolet: Max to 200 easy
bhg26: Clarry masterclass incoming
FoopyTime: evening lads
BigChief: Would be nice dearviolet, but 130 closer to what Maxy will get.
Pavs: Clarry taken over from Libba this week bhg. Hope you are right
StuL: We're trusting that Clarry is back i guess. too late now. he's in.
ReggieOz: Go Dees Go Max Go Clarry
dearviolet: I'll take either Chief. Just hope Petracca pulls the pin and scores over 100 at least
Baldfrog: Getting Clarry for 480k is like getting a 1/2 price chook to good to refuse
Fordy13: Evening lads.
Zutroyz: Evening all
BigChief: And straight to the bench for 10 mins :(
wadaramus: Top of the evening to you all :)
Hughsy: any VC walsh or gawn people, ive gone gawn
Zutroyz: Had to find a way to replace Libba, Yeo, ZWilliams, Rozee and Sweet with 3 trades
Zutroyz: Gawn Hughsy
wadaramus: Gawn Hughsy.
Norf17: Gawn for me Hughsy
Norf17: Trac being tagged, might be a handy straight swap to Clarry next week
dearviolet: Free kick Cartlon
Hughsy: Jeez thats soft
Zutroyz: Crows fans Crouch or Soligo? I've gone Soligo
Brian00173: Took a punt on passing up Gawn VC.
StuL: Should have got martin instead of clarry probably
Baldfrog: Why ask then Zut?
BigChief: J. Martin is a huge in for Blues.
StuL: gawn is perma vc
Zutroyz: I only went Soligo because Crouch is on extended bench. That feels like a late managed
Fordy13: I went Roberts + Williams -> N. Martin and Jones.
ralfsmiff4: Are free kicks against scored more harshly when it directly results in a goal (e.g. Gawn earlier) vs anywhere on ground?
zadolinnyj: Lads and wends
Zutroyz: If crouch will play I'd probably swap
StuL: Tracca get moving.
Fordy13: Soligo is looking really good Zut, he's on my watchlist
BigChief: Not for next 4 weeks StuL.
Norf17: Ralf early actions seem to carry a big premium
bhg26: Walsh is everywhere
fruity: Olivers had 2 kicks , handball and contested mark and has only 7 SC points confused
CamT: I got Soligo @$418,000. An absolute gun.
StuL: off the bench clarry. down to 63% tog
LionBoy: Same for Max Stu
Wends: Evening zado and all... v on Gawn bc other options scanty
Brian00173: Short turnaround to manage for the Dees...
Bulky: Early days but it looks like the awful Melbourne has turned up tonight.
Brian00173: ned to Rowell? Did he get locked in the dunnys at 1/2 time?
LionBoy: Maxie got a niggle? Where is the big fella?
cmperrfect: Get off the flowering bench Max
Brian00173: Oops....old message snuck through....
ralfsmiff4: ball on other side of the ground for ages! max can't get on
BigChief: He can't get on LB. Ball on far side.
pcaman2003: Gawn still on the bench.Get out there Gawny.
dearviolet: Horrific by Melbourne so far.
StuL: 48% tog for max.
macff: The players dont control their rotations lmao
Ash777: I forgot the brother joined the club
frenzy: thats why Max should rest forward
wadaramus: Just stay on the ground Max, rest in the forward pocket.
wadaramus: Zacly frenzy!
dearviolet: Carlton free kick
wadaramus: Dees looking at a donut quarter!
BigChief: You can rest at qtr, half and 3 qtr times Max.
cmperrfect: Why do I still have Trac. Sigh.
JezEdwards: Did Trac get stuck on the tram? Where is he?
LionBoy: Keep going Howie. Might be a fair loop.
Norf17: Kennedy has killed him Jez
macff: he doesnt choose that, rotations are built around a coaching system
Wends: Did goody learn nothing from bev?
Pavs: Thanks for the lessons macff.
dearviolet: Well, game over from here
J.Worrall: Is that a tramtrack?
Bulky: 4 or 5 shockers in a row from Trac.
bhg26: Clarry fantasy masterclass in that 5 second patch
Wends: Gawn v walsh in two of my leagues a harsh reality check
ballbag: @m0nty thats gotta be a penguin icon next to all players surely
wadaramus: Tasty pink sprinkled donuts for all Melbourne players!
BigChief: WOW. Didn't expect that from either Melb or Carl.
macff: I mean you can be like that pavs but reading the chat here its pretty evident people think players are being lazy lmao
J_Herer: Tracca can look forward to a fresh George Hewett tag later in the game
StuL: clarry trac gawn. all not good. its only carlton for crying out flavin
wadaramus: mmmmm donuts...
sheezel420: How is Walsh only 49?
Stephen001: I have never seen Melbourne not score in the first quarter ever.
Pavs: Just let people vent mate. Don't need to be picked up on everything.
cmperrfect: Cerras turn to warm the pine this week.
BigChief: Sheez 3 cp and 61% de is why. Look at all stats.
StuL: just because im wearing a pink shirt doesnt mean im a pink donut eater
Silz90: Come on maxxy I have the vc on you
wadaramus: Did someone insinuate that StuL?
Silz90: How is everyone Thursday night going
BigChief: mmm pink donuts, drool.
macff: yeah, one thing is everything - aside from the irony, carry on
Fordy13: I almost VCed Maxy 10 mins before game, just can't pass up some other options.
wadaramus: Insert Homer J Simpson here BC.
Pavs: It was 2 things mate but we will move on.
BigChief: 100% wada. Love Homer.
Wends: Lol silz, we've done it again!
Silz90: Not again wends why do we keep doing this
BigChief: Lever on Durdin small miss-match.
Wends: Who can tell? On the bright side Gawn only 50 pts to catch walsh
Pavs: Melbourne panic kicking. Good pressure Carlton
LionBoy: Gawn will still go 130-140
StuL: Im not liking Oliver taking 12 touches to get to 24.
ballbag: since when does a ruck go 130-140 against carlton?
macff: Here is hoping Lionboy! Made him my VC without checking the forecast!
bhg26: Just needs 60 touches stul, no worries
wadaramus: Oliver SC is garbage.
LionBoy: Itís in the bag ball.
Fordy13: they haven't in the last month against Pittonet ballbag
Wends: Atleast windsor has caught up to Howes
macff: Melbourne down 10 in CP but feels more
dearviolet: Get on it Petracca, convert this
Wends: Coldblooded ballbag!
BigChief: That would be round 1 from Nank Ballbagg
J_Herer: Teams often crumble after playing the Cats
ballbag: icecold Wends
fruity: Cmon Walsh ton up before half time...You can do it...
dearviolet: Petracca on fire.
BigChief: Dees back in this.
J_Herer: Blues fans nervous (hats off to Tracca for playing through this)
Pavs: Nice Tracc fire up
navy_blues: they were always in this BC not nervous Herer this is usual stop by bues
BigChief: Looks like Maxy going to bench again.
navy_blues: blues
BigChief: Very true navy and that's not a free for ins int.
ballbag: how is tracca on 50 with 3 effective touches
StuL: come on clarry. another dud trade. followed the mob.
dearviolet: Free kick Carlton
StuL: how is oliver only on 33 with 14.
Hazza09: Can't see Gawn going big tonight
BigChief: yeah we get it dearviolet, give it a rest mate.
BRAZZERS: clarry is a seagull thats why
Norf17: 3 clangers at 57
dearviolet: Still got 5 more to make up the differential
BigChief: Maybe Melb need to stop giving away obvious frees and put their head over the ball
soup: All the clarry melts with the pitchforks out for CD already, long season ahead blokes
Fordy13: glad we didn't play this Blues side last week.
soup: Upset we didn't play this dees side last week
LionBoy: Yeah Soup. Not so impressed with our win over Melb a few weeks ago now.
StuL: it doesnt look like good clarry is back
Wends: Keep going maxy big fella
BigChief: Short spell on pine for Max. Like it :)
StuL: Gawn will be fine.
Pavs: Now Tracc thinks his is full forward, back on the ball please
Kidult: he was knackered coming back though and TDK just took it out the ruck
ballbag: no soup for you oliver
Jukes: No way they counted that last kick after the siren for Walsh??
Fordy13: Tracc will look good at F4 after DPP updates hahaha
Number 8: Suspect Walsh's kick counted because the umpire hadn't yet whistled time
Silz90: Did they show the proposal on TV. It's all happening tonight lmao
BigChief: It's half time when the umps hear the siren, not when it goes off Jukes.
StuL: everyone got sucked into billings. clarry might be the same. stupid trade assist.
BigChief: No Silz. They were showing Sarah Jones etc.
Slaggy.A.B: Oliver looked so good but has no sc
StuL: SC has been brutal on him.
StuL: How did we lose to Melb but beat Carlton?
Fordy13: Carlton
BRAZZERS: I think i'ts been fair, butchered, clangers, no hard footy. it is what it is
Fordy13: Carlton's defence has been brilliant tonight, McGovern big in.
BigChief: 3 clang, 1 FA, 57% de & only 2 cp is why Clarry sc score is low. Pretty obvious if you look @ all stats & not just disp
UncleSniff: Pretty happy one of my SC rules is paying off; don't pick fat druggos. It's simple, but effective.
BRAZZERS: baggers butchered the pill against the cats but dominated clearances and cntested footy. Cats were clinical tho
KangaBanga: Keep going VC Walsh
ralfsmiff4: omg that review hahahahah
BigChief: That's prob touched but you can't overturn on that evidence.
ralfsmiff4: how is this a professional sport, the resolution on the cameras (and if arc has better access, show it on tv!)
StuL: i almost hit reverse trade at 7.29. i wish i did.
Silz90: Who hit Jacob?
ralfsmiff4: Agreed BigChief impossible to overturn if that is the same footage that the arc is accessing
clay007: It is pretty professional ralf. I don't think it will effect the result too much mate.
sheezel420: get off the pine walshy
UncleSniff: Oliver has played 1 good game and is his price for a reason, very happy to gloat about avoiding him like the plague.
StuL: do something oliver. here we go a kick.
StuL: totally got sucked in by the number of ppl getting him in uncle
original: big sook may
LionBoy: Fire up Maxie
beerent11: Am I banned?
ralfsmiff4: I will say it's encouraging to see them doing more of these reviews happening in between goals and the centre bounce
beerent11: Nope guess not.
frenzy: Lol beer
UncleSniff: StuL, also avoid YT "professionals" like the plague. You'll do much better... Believe me
Pavs: Only a matter of time beer :)
ralfsmiff4: Compared to earlier this season when there were so many score reviews
UncleSniff: You're still welcome apparently Beer, well done son!
BigChief: Newman in trouble.
soup: See you later grub
beerent11: Agree pavs.
ralfsmiff4: The 'just calma down' guy is my quality though UncleSniff. Knows his stuff
UncleSniff: Newman in zero trouble BC, hit shoulder not head
UncleSniff: Trust me, I'm a doctor remember?
StuL: clarry on the bench again.
BigChief: Dream on Dr Uncle.
UncleSniff: ralf, I retract my statement just for him as an exception. SCodfather is decent...
m0nty: new basic role icon
CamT: Newman will get a couple of weeks for that.
UncleSniff: Dr. Sniff thank you BC, please get it right and address me appro[riately
BigChief: Yeah okay Dr Uncle.
original: newman be fine
StuL: tracca and gawn need to lift too
UncleSniff: Got it spot on with Rozee thought didn't I? ;)
BigChief: And you can address me as BigChief.
ralfsmiff4: I get what ur saying though, Sniff, so many of them have no unique opinions/thoughts, most just regurgitate other info
slydon: Do something clarry
beerent11: Gawn Bont most popular vc/c?
CamT: I went Gawn -> Bont
BigChief: or Bont Daicos vc/c beer.
Hazza09: Do someting Gawn ffs
UncleSniff: I'd go one further ralf, I think they actively try and mislead their followers to make their decisions better.
StuL: overall will be plummeting again with these dud melbourne players
UncleSniff: I've got Bont > Naicos, kicking myself to not VC Walsh but it was a risk
soup: Cerra in rooms
BigChief: Cerra to be subbed?
soup: Looking like it chief
soup: Sucked in kozzie you sniping dog
UncleSniff: Unlike Port, don't think we'll take a risk with a prime mover BigChief... Should be subbed
RooBoyStu: Gawn doesn't like getting his beard wet in the rain
clay007: You think Walsh's score of 90 with 7 mins to play in 3rd qtr a good vc option Sniff
StuL: Get out of my team Clarry.
ralfsmiff4: Lmao I'd doff my cap to them if the YT creators were that strategic with their content
UncleSniff: He's slowed up clay certainly, but boy can he score fast
BigChief: Wasting more trades hey StuL?
original: billings lol
clay007: Good player sniff. What is the story with cerra? Sniff too much
UncleSniff: ralf, just the amount of "I completely changed my mind from what I said, but told nobody" is insane.
beerent11: Jake weitering is so bloody good.
StuL: sure am chief.
Hughsy: Oliver gets 2 classy handballs - 2 points
UncleSniff: Reckon he doesn't sniff enough clay, worked out altright for Swanny, Dusty and Cuz. Agreed?
soup: Yeah he loses points for being a junkie hughsy
RooBoyStu: Weitering will be at Arden St in 2025
StuL: i think this season is shot. too many dud trades
clay007: Lol sniff! You on fire.
Devero_D: It feels like they gave Oliver the clanger for the FK against Bowes
UncleSniff: You'd have to pay him $2m to endure that tortune Stu....
McSquire: Donít have Oliver, but would love to know where all his clangers are. Iím obviously watching a different game
BRAZZERS: the only thing Dusty sniffs is 3 norm smiths and being the greatest to play the sport
soup: Open the other eye brazzers
UncleSniff: Keep telling yourself that Braz :D
Slaggy.A.B: I got Oliver last week jumped on him early should I hop out soon
RooBoyStu: Will Carlton choke? lol
beerent11: 80-90 for clarry is good. Will build into the second half of the season.
sheezel420: brazzers full nuff
clay007: Brazzers...rumour has it he gives his bonds boxers a sniff before bed.
navy_blues: how many wins u have this year roo? lmao say no more
UncleSniff: He's M9 at absolute best Beer....
StuL: i hope youre right beer
Hughsy: UncleSniff have you been sniffing something illegal?
RooBoyStu: navy_blues we weren't expected to be top 4 contenders
J.Worrall: This is why we still have Petracca
dearviolet: Shish, what a game
GinniFan: Yes Trac!!
Slaggy.A.B: Ooooo yeah thanks Petracca
Hazza09: can Gawn put on a 70 point qtr?
RooBoyStu: Petracca BOG by the length of the Flemington Straight
navy_blues: yeah that will never happen again
UncleSniff: Not tonight Hughsy, but I'm not adverse. Sue me...
UncleSniff: Melbourne players dropping the ball all night.... Crazy
Norf17: Anything to say about that call violet?
StuL: vc gawn is not going to work today
clay007: Roo...think about the rubbish you put out. You open yourself up man. Be nicer!
navy_blues: your just a troll rooboy
soup: Howes done SFA for two and a half quarters
LionBoy: Pittonet or Xerri prize for most improved ruck this year?
Hughsy: gawn going down when carlton midfields grab the ball in a 1on1
Raspel31: Hmm- just home. No set and forget for Maxy but go Walsh you good thing.
Brian00173: Hopefully thats the last time Ollie Hollands is dropped and just plays out the year
Calamitous: what happened to Cerra? hopeless
Pavs: Are you on tonight Lana?
clay007: According to Kingy, Elijah was gonna be huge for the blues. Ollie is better I think.
UncleSniff: Xerri LionBoy, but we like Pitto. Warrior.
Norf17: Xerri Lionboy, first year as #1
Pokerface: Meek says hi
original: steven may is a great player, but he sure does yell at his mates a lot. never his fault
BigChief: just ignore the troll navy.
original: clay kingy has no idea. having a go at weiters this week, was our best player last week
LionBoy: Yeah probably agree Norf but still not sure where 2024 Pittonet came from
UncleSniff: Thanks for Pitto Hawks. It's so easy to grab good rucks for nothing. I can;t believe Strachan from Adel hasn't been got
navy_blues: funny thing is he is never on when norf play lol
clay007: Well he is eating his words tonight original, weitering been huge. A great Morn Peninsula product.
2Ph0nes: surprised how pop clarry was this week, been ordinary all year. last week isnt sustainable, will give 80-90's usually
original: 2phones. yep agree. 2/8 decent games
LionBoy: First goal to Demons will light this up.
clay007: Navy...rooboy is a troll, always looking for a bite.
beerent11: Mondays experts, always know whatís best, always tell ya what ya shoulda done
LionBoy: Or not
UncleSniff: Not happening LionBoy :D
navy_blues: yes agree clay
Norf17: Can you lads tell me how I can get my team logo next to my name?
clay007: You are a jinx lionboy. lol
UncleSniff: Oliver was an easy pass to be fair... People just got sucked in Beer
soup: Think you can only do it when you create your account norf
UncleSniff: I think you've just got to troll enough, then you get it Norf17... worked for me
Pavs: Have to do it when you sign up Norf17
2Ph0nes: wanted to see clarry back it up, wa sprepared to eat another 30k and it wouldve been hard to resist him tho
clay007: Funny part is navy, his team are the laughing stock of the AFL. Rooboy, probably time to quieten down.
BigChief: contact m0nty Norf17. He runs this asylum.
LionBoy: Clay I predicted Gawn 130-140. Enough said
UncleSniff: One man band Petracca
Norf17: Thanks boys
clay007: You should cop a week suspension Lionboy, or be put in hia protocols. lol
2Ph0nes: give tracca the atlas
LuvIt74: I don't get why Oliver was highly traded this week yes he's dropped $200k & low BE but he's been scoring very poorly
soup: Hahaha the asylum
UncleSniff: Selwood and Phillips really battling hard for who can be more boring and monotone here. Tight contest.
original: unclesniff shocking aint it
UncleSniff: Good call 2phone...
LionBoy: Low risk Luv. Low BE. Great history. Positive signs. Can hold him two weeks with little downside.
NickyD: Oliver will be better, team got smashed today. Many Dees low today.
UncleSniff: Not true LionBoy, he's clogging up a hot midfield spot now
BigChief: free kick Melbourne hey dearviolet.
beerent11: The voice of reason nickyd
clay007: The pies surely get credit for the blues form tonight. We showed them how to play.
soup: Gawn you muggle
ralfsmiff4: Used my final boost to trade in Gawn last week. Sorry everyone. I did this
UncleSniff: Unfortunately it's not over here Clay. Never easy for us baggers...
clay007: Not true sniff, we showed you how to win when it is tight. Insert Daicos. Tonight, insert Cripps
Wends: Damn ralfsmiff, did you have to?
UncleSniff: We are down in the FK count and Melbourne have DTB all night BigChief... not sure what youre seeing
LionBoy: Uncle thatís assuming heís not back. Judge next week.
soup: Umpire appreciation round off to a flyer
sheezel420: appreciate deez nuts
soup: Don't threaten me with a good time sheezel
clay007: Cripps just can't get in front of Walsh in sc. Cmon Crippa, lift you legend
BigChief: Exactly UncleSniff. Dees ump fav in 2nd half and dearviolet was saying FK Carlton earlier.
soup: BT try not to barrack against Carlton challenge
UncleSniff: There's no doubt in my mind they "even games up" BC. It disgusts me on the weekly.
LionBoy: Next goal to Demons and this game will light up. :)
dearviolet: Free kick Melbourne
clay007: If you look at the stats, pretty tight game. Can Dees win? I think it is possible
sheezel420: Walshy's score has been waiting to pop all game... any minute now
Calamitous: come on demons
macff: They reckon they dont look at stats at HT but nights like tonight show...
dearviolet: Don't worry buddy, I'm not biased in my slags
original: terrible call
Fordy13: jeez that's rough
BigChief: soup you will be waiting 10 000 years for that to maybe happen.
FoopyTime: the flower is that a dangerous tackle
Hughsy: Carlton being babied by the umps entire game
JezEdwards: How was that against Roo?!
Fordy13: Rooyen actually controlled that pretty well, Kemp just slipped/gave up
dearviolet: Umpires rubbish this game.
BigChief: Will we see Ninty tomorrow night if Cats are losing?
Pavs: Agree Fordy
soup: Give that wonka fringe player an oscar
UncleSniff: Melbourne fans can't complain, at least 8 DTB frees have been missed
BigChief: Report Kemp for staging?
Oddsy5: logged in to say that was a terrible decision
FoopyTime: dont feel the umps have been all that bad this match tbh that was just a shower call
TimT14: AFL is slowly becoming the WWE with these storyline premierships
Fordy13: I'd say it's just been average lots of missed calls on both sides.
Norf17: Guessing there is a no swearing rule here?
clay007: Crippa and walsh 115 each. Beat him crippa
slydon: introduce a 5k fine for flopping please
ralfsmiff4: lmao oddsy, made me chuckle
navy_blues: soup u guys have 1 of the biggest oscar winners yet and he is getting gifted games atm guess who?
Fordy13: Carlton had the rub before half time, definitely evened it up after half time, but Melbourne have lifted too.
dearviolet: Missed calls or bogus calls, pretty average
BigChief: Carl have stopped the attacking play which got them the big lead.
FlaggersXD: Carlton the most protected species on the planet
soup: Wouldn't have a clue but he wouldn't need an oscar with that premiership medallion around his neck
UncleSniff: Soup has never watched a Joel Selwood match it appears...
Pavs: Might have a few around his neck Soup. navy making it personal
BigChief: Well done Viney. Great effort.
Fordy13: what a goal
soup: Have means current tense mate, we don't currently 'have' selwood, Carlton fans missing English classes doesnt surpriseme
FoopyTime: what a goal
ralfsmiff4: That was unreal
navy_blues: personal? pavs so no one responds to comments on here?
DraperDrip: Viney always gives 100%
BigChief: Game on.
GinniFan: That's an awesome goal
Fordy13: that might be the lift that Melbourne need
clay007: Na Chief, 3 goals in 4 mins, unlikely. I will eat my words though if you are right.
UncleSniff: Never easy for Carlton supporters. My heart thought it was having a chill Thursday
navy_blues: talking tomahawk souo
Pavs: Had a bit of a look navy couldn't see where soup said anything about Carlton. Might have missed it though.
BigChief: 7 points now clay. 3 mins.
DraperDrip: Lets go trac
macff: they are just venting Pavs lmao
clay007: Don't worry sniff, we showed you last week. The blues will win
LionBoy: Cough cough choke choke
Fordy13: Game on
Ash777: surely blues cant mess this up can they?
soup: Nah pavs I rip Carlton all the time, won't lie. Have toned it down a bit lately though
bhg26: Wowee
dearviolet: Come on dee's.
UncleSniff: Atlas Petracca. Curse him.
soup: Carlton fans calling our key forward out for staging for the umpires, how ironic
Pavs: macff living rent free in your head :)
ralfsmiff4: ANB having quite a season. Constantly improving even with 160 odd games under his belt
BigChief: Picket to kick the winner
macff: not that deep my guy just funny
original: fritsch should be fined for that dive
UncleSniff: Another drop/throw. Insane
Fordy13: close chief
Fordy13: that point will save Carlton
wadaramus: Outrageous comeback from the Dees.
LionBoy: Maxie!!
Ash777: carlton are cooking!
Oddsy5: jeezuz this will be a good minute to watch!
navy_blues: blues do this all the time play only 2 qtrs
Wends: Maxy beautiful man!
soup: My bald goat, raise the bat please maxy
navy_blues: about time
BigChief: Blues hang on. Not sure how though.
clay007: Told ya sniff. Pies have taught the blues well
dearviolet: Carlton escape once again.
Fordy13: how's the pulse blues fans
original: escape lol
BigChief: Blues fans hearts won't handle this all season
Silz90: I hate going for the blues lol
TheLegend6: how'd they almost lose that
UncleSniff: Bloody hell Clay, we finally got a DTB
Pavs: Deserved win Carlton
FoopyTime: was a good game cant be mad about that
soup: Deserved W, great Thursday viewing
Wends: Bad luck dees, amazing comeback
BigChief: Gawn 20 points for that goal?
navy_blues: we play top footy then stop dont bury sides
UncleSniff: My heart....
RuffLeader: Brodie Kemp with the match winning dive in the pocket
LionBoy: The game lit up.
ralfsmiff4: Umps being booed to kick off umpire appreciation round lmao
dearviolet: Carlton are a nice team, even if Free Kick Carlton is a meme, it happens to everyone
original: some shocking non calls and calls. but they had the balls to pay that last plum HTB. if cripps was HTB so was that
clay007: Great win blues.
Silz90: Ur taking the pi55 violet lol
UncleSniff: Petracca deserved 200 and an atlas. Crazy.
soup: Trac or Walsh with the three votes?
Wends: Windsor muchos gracias for saving my bacon
ralfsmiff4: Cardiac carlton haha fitting name
original: still not sure how petracca got away with that throw of newman
BigChief: original because it is Petracca.
dearviolet: Silz, games over, adrenaline is running out, I have no reason to be taking a leek. I like Carlton, my grandmothers team
Pavs: Or Newman holding Petracca original :)
blashtroko: m0nty how was petracca too good for kennedy? Got well beaten until moved perma fwd
blashtroko: (and off kennedy)
Wends: Wonder how Tracc heat maps traccing?
original: Pavs was just two blokes jostling for position..
Pavs: Agree original if they don't pay the first one don't pay the second one
Whiskeyjak: blash - Trac went forward and dobbed five. Broke the tag and beat Kennedy. Easy.
UncleSniff: Test

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Mr FootballThe Mr Football fantasy management simulation is being developed for a soft launch as a mobile game for Android and iPhone in 2023. It is a collectible card game set in a different world, one where Ross Oakley failed and there is no national league… but footy still thrives. Become the coach of your own team, recruit players by opening card packs, train them up, play teams from all over Australia and try to win it all! Check out the latest rules document from the original browser game on the Mr Football board.