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piesfan420: need mac andrew to go big tn
Pavs: Field Graham or Clohesy?
EvilMonk: I reckon Graham Pavs - even though Clohesy has the slightly higher average. But don't come at me if I'm wrong :P
StuL: I dont know as much as you Pavs. But I'll go Clohesy because he can score tons
soup: 70 points from tuktuk to win my matchup and end this disastrous week
dearviolet: Would love my investment in Mac Andrew to pay dividends. Even 90+ a week will make me happy
BigChief: Go huge please C Rowell, Miller, Sexy, Clohesy and Graham
pcaman2003: BC. Have C on Rowell too,but need him to score 400.Lol!
navy_blues: another gifted game for dripwood
BigChief: pcaman and thats before the x 2 lol
J.Worrall: hy not have a brand of Mexican tuker.
navy_blues: any other clubwould of dropped him by now
Troglodyte: Already won my matchups - just here to watch the debutants now. Hopefully Reville has a good crack
Wriggs365: flanders, graham, closhey touk and powell this game
BigChief: showerwood to score 45
piesfan420: what do we think lads. Rowell, flanders and mac andrew need to outscore graham and miller by 75
Troglodyte: 100+ last two rounds in VFL
soup: Any merit to the whispers of Dunks paying attention to Anderson?
sheezel420: I have more Suns this year than I did the year they started
BigChief: Starcevich out and Logan Morris in.
navy_blues: starcevich late out
navy_blues: debutant Logan Morris playing
navy_blues: haha chief beat me
BigChief: Morris might be sub now.
soup: CD guys sleeping? 2 missed handballs for touk
lana2146: Projected 2493 going into this avoided the carnage
navy_blues: nice lana
Pavs: Huge lana good luck
soup: thats insane lana, who you got in this?
BigChief: And I thought my 2298 proj before this game was good.
BigChief: Daniher kicks that and missed 1st 1? SMH
navy_blues: hate browny commentating bris games so bias
piesfan420: need miller to have a stinker
BigChief: Have to feel sorry for McCarthy.
soup: Dwayne desperately needs to extend his vocabulary
BRAZZERS: how good has flanders been this yr
pcaman2003: Flanders is the beez neez.
dearviolet: Graham seems to be the starter over over Clohesy recently.
BigChief: Has Clohesy cash gen finished now?
jlitza: went graham over clohesy, hoping this start continues
dearviolet: See how he goes this game, might be a couple of weeks left. Not many good down options.
BigChief: Answerth now looks done and "good bloke" sore.
dearviolet: Go on Mac Andrew. Let's crack a ton again
soup: come on clohesy you nuff
tor01doc: Just noticed Toastie going OK
suns4ever: Welcome to my team Bruce
bhg26: Clohesy with one last punch to the cock for the weekend
original: Stay away from flanders kick ins Powell ffs
navy_blues: dont mind lohmann
pcaman2003: Does Rowell usually have game time this low? Is he alright?
original: Does miller really get points for a smothered clearance kick
JaiDay12: Smothers count as points Original, get to speed nuffy
pluggerpig: thankfully i think literally everyone has clohesy
Birdman18: I've got 5 sub 60s in my team this week. Clohesy may as well make it another
J.Worrall: Do bears really defecate in the wood?
original: Jaiday HIS kick was smothered
wadaramus: Bears always snap a log in he woods J.Worrall
wadaramus: It's the ultimate rhetorical question.
original: Fyfe being sub was a real kick in the nuts. Benched for clohesy
tor01doc: No benching Green but!!
navy_blues: lmao joe
BigChief: Who is this bloke wearing #30 for Brisbane?
EvilMonk: oh no Joe
navy_blues: yeah browny pumping him up lol you better trade him in
EvilMonk: Can't believe Howe was robbed by that bloke for mark of the year. #neverforget
Birdman18: Joey Daniher has frozen as his goal song haha?
original: Ffs mclugg was a poor handball receive
dearviolet: Oh wow Clohesy. Luckily everyone has you. Seems his cash gen is done.
navy_blues: wow now gardiner
ralfsmiff4: Yeah joe has always had that as his song haha, sums him up
BigChief: OMG now Gardiner injured. Brisbane might end up with 0 players on the bench.
sheezel420: suns might bradbury their way to a victory
piesfan420: sell closey?
Norf17: Daniher's song is Frozen for NMD
BigChief: Could be so piesfan.
clay007: That is a tough pill to swallow, just ask David
dearviolet: Depends on BE, think there's bigger fish to fry once again for my team
BigChief: clay can I ask Andrew instead of David?
clay007: You are going back in time their Big Chief, go ahead, lol
clay007: their=there
pcaman2003: Somehow don't believe Rowell will quite get the 350 I need
BigChief: Hasn't Rowell had more than 1 tackle?
Birdman18: Clohesy will be fine for a few weeks still
pcaman2003: Don't know Chief, but his score going backwards fast.
navy_blues: hipwood looks better as a defender lol
BigChief: Suns look awful tonight. Fumbles and turnovers everywhere.
EvilMonk: Breville looks alright
original: Because rayner is a bad shot at goal, mclugg gets less points for the pass. Dislike
Pokerface: agree Evil, Breville is heating it up
soup: stay low rowelly
pcaman2003: Think I'll have my lowest SC round in years.Total disaster this round.
clay007: I agree original, does not make sense to me. Mclugg did his job properly
BigChief: 1 handed handball from Neale.
EvilMonk: 2 mins before the game i switched my pick to the suns. Don't I feel like a genius?
bhg26: Come on clohesy at least try and do something
JMM-7: @pca - my projected is 1950 with 4 x 100+ scores, completely embarassed by this week
pluggerpig: thought my 2150 was bad...
pcaman2003: JMM-7 Feel the same. I'm looking at low 1900's after original proj of 2350+
original: Great shepherd Neale ffs
navy_blues: lachie neale opponent free
shagga24: C'mon Rowell
soup: where the hell is rogers
sheezel420: clohesy lifting
BigChief: Trust Dwayne to bring up old crap about Touk and Zorko.
Birdman18: If some of these gold coast players don't pick up you may as well chuck those projected scores out the window
Raspel31: Would have capped Neale- If I had him.
Yelse: wtf neale someone man up
EvilMonk: Flanders 69, nice
shagga24: Rowell not seeing qtrs out
pcaman2003: Great half C Rowell.Sheesh!
BigChief: They are already in the bin Birdman.
navy_blues: like graham good tackler
Birdman18: Neale going bigger than Ryan at this rate. 220 is on the cards
clay007: agree navy
J.Worrall: Graham is a tackling machine!
Hughsy: ryan was 109 at ht birdman
Fordy13: glad I followed my opponent's lead on switching to Graham instead of Clohesy
pluggerpig: 21 kicks in a half is nuts. on pace for an all time afl record.
BigChief: Putting the C on Rowell and not Bont going to cost me a win :(
NateDoGG84: Hi all, long time user of the site but 1st time using the chat!
soup: Welcome Nate, what took you so long?
Pavs: Welcome Nate
navy_blues: welcome Nate
pluggerpig: Nate came for the ads but decided to give the chat a go too
NateDoGG84: @soup, normally got so much on and just check the stats here!
JMM-7: Gday Nate, my first night in the chat too after a shocking week of SC. Glad most have had a few duds too
NateDoGG84: it seems like im the minority and avoided the chaos of SC this week!
NateDoGG84: traded in parish and put the C on him
BigChief: Oh FFS Dimma. Why put Sexy fwd.
soup: CD just completely ignored that free kick Rogers got at the end of the half
BRAZZERS: lol flanders forward fmsc
pcaman2003: Hi Nate and welcome. Nice work putting the C on Parish. Brave!
navy_blues: rowell on bench? hmmm
GARDS16: clohesy not goin well
soup: quack goes tom berry
pluggerpig: i was so close to putting C on Ryan, because it was down to just him and Bont. Need to go with my gut sometimes.
BigChief: Cats fan saying quack is funny.
NateDoGG84: gotta be brave at time iguess, gawn, teo and reid were my let downs this weekend!
Manowar: yeah, we all had the C on Parish this week!
Fromage: Bont less risky
soup: Can't say nothing with a hidden badge mate
BigChief: Everyone here knows who I follow soup. Cant put it up because there isn't 1
a1trader: think a lot would have had VC on Naicos and looped him
shagga24: Thought I had this round in the bag. Rowell needs to stay off the pine.
pcaman2003: BC.Secretive Hawks supporter.
GARDS16: any word on tom green injury ?
Kidult: he is a test next week @gards
soup: official word is no structural damage and could play next week gards
BigChief: Oh hell no pcaman.
Fordy13: no structural damage, chance to play next week
J.Worrall: How did Nate get his team logo?
pcaman2003: Think I need 7 trades this week. Heaven help me. Anyone else worse off?
Manowar: BC Carlton supporter, deep down search your feelings!
NateDoGG84: no idea?
CamT: 34,871 people brought Jake Rogers in. Never seen anyone hit the Rookie Wall after one game before.
GARDS16: wow wee i might hold him then
Silz90: I broke Rowell ffs sorry
soup: pca. roberts, comben, powell on chopping block and probably darcy and clohesy week after
soup: but no forced trades which is good
jlitza: 35k bought in a rookie small fwd after a good one following a 20?? damn
frenzy: BC silent Norf, Lol
Fordy13: was always a risk cam scored 28 in his first game, no ball down forward either
EvilMonk: I was promised Sexton playing this week. I have a doughtnut and am appalled at how terrible I am
Manowar: J. Rogers season being flushed down the toilet!
BigChief: Oh cmon frenzy even My Roys can win the occasional game. Even if it is in the VAFA :)
frenzy: its a master plan BC
pcaman2003: Lachie tearing Rowell a new one. Didn't see that coming.
BRAZZERS: good lad clohesy keep it going
BigChief: CamT Rogers scored 28 1st game v Syd and 98 v WC. Was always risky pick.
original: Who is taking kick outs with Flanders on ball? Will sexton come in..good ressies stats
Silz90: Rowell low tog. He normally averages 80s
CamT: Forgot about that one, BigChief.
soup: original clohesy has had a few
shagga24: dimma resting rowell toward end of quarters
blashtroko: clohesy moved to HB
navy_blues: haha charlie
CamT: About 40% of the Top 1% of SC coached brought Rogers in this week. Might see a big shake-up in the Rankings in a couple
GinniFan: I need Miller to get 40 more than Rowell to win my league game.. lol
BigChief: "good bloke" thinking it's all about me.
original: Powell having some qtr
DukeNewc: Need Flanders to go big in the last to get a respectable score this week
original: Who wins from here: toukx2 + powell OR Flanders + mcclugg + 60
TimT14: Powell taking the kick ins
LachieMcL: flower kick some goals and marks gc
BigChief: original Touk and Powell
EvilMonk: Umps have lost the plot lol
original: Ffs
original: No bigchief not the answer Iím looking for
TimT14: Rowells score is down because the game isn't contested.. lions basically playing keepings off
Capn_Flash: This might have been the best SC day of my life! Was down 300 on my H2H but have Bont, Neale and a C on Ryan!
BigChief: Rowell just had a shocker Tim.
Capn_Flash: Oppo Has Rowell, Bolton and Amon :)
original: Atkins stinks
piesfan420: rowell stinks
piesfan420: absolute carnage this week
sheezel420: my entire team stinks
CamT: What's your Predicted Score, Can_Flash ?
EvilMonk: pretty average game tbh, thought the Suns were a lot better than this. :/
jezzas-cow: suns vs umps
Getup: 2100 I'll be lucky to get
TheOnyas: Onya Nealey
frenzy: Fitzroy Bears should be home safe
EvilMonk: good comment Norf
Getup: Others??
jezzas-cow: i want to bring in neale but he is too inconsistent
BigChief: Don't insult Fitzroy with that shower frenzy. It was a takeover, not a merger.
EvilMonk: Umps got the memo, Suns behind on frees. Shocking decisions but gotta even it up lmao
CamT: Sad day when Fitzroy were thrown out.
pcaman2003: Rowell firing now. Reached half ton.
BigChief: CamT teams have had just as bad runs but they are still in AFL. :(
EvilMonk: Wowee, pulled some strings in my team to get Rowell in and boy oh boy, have I been rewarded ^_^
original: Hardwick wonít put up with Atkins for long surely
clay007: Favourite fitzroy player was Richard Osborne
JaiDay12: original why on earth do you own atkins
CamT: I honestly think one bad umpiring decision was the tipping point.
frenzy: do they still have Fitzroy on the their backs
CamT: Fitzroy had some great players.
Raspel31: Neale trebled Rowell- ffs.
BigChief: Can't go passed Quinlan and Roos imo
Hughsy: Stupid Sexy Flanders Stuffing Sitters
pluggerpig: triple doubles should be a thing in footy. disposals, marks and tackles. Rare but doable.
Getup: Ironmonger
original: Jaiday I do not own Atkins but have an interest in Flanders and sexton lol
clay007: Wilson was pretty good chief
CamT: Bernie Quinlan unbelievable.
original: Lukosius is pretty disappointing for a high pick
BigChief: Agree clay. Garry was very good
BRAZZERS: pluggerpig good idea, maybe should have an allstar weekend too, and a dunk contest, finals best out of 7 t00
EvilMonk: honestly, Norf would destroy either of these teams tonight. Worst game of footy all year imo
clay007: Wsa gags the first to wear the helmet chief?
Getup: I just like the name he was average at best
sheezel420: ty evil it means a lot
frenzy: Mr universe, Mick Conlan
BigChief: 1 of the 1st clay. Not sure if he was the actual 1st.
pcaman2003: Apart from the Hawks win, I'll be glad this weekend will be over shortly.
EvilMonk: wow a goal, no way!
BigChief: Can't wait to hear Gazey going off about Hawks :)
jlitza: the lukosius disrespect ahaha
clay007: I know, it went downhill after Daicos's great goal pca
pcaman2003: BC. Lol! He'll go right off for sure.
CamT: Micky Conlon, just checked out his YouTube highlights. Better than this game.
BigChief: LOL CamT wouldn't take much really.
piesfan420: cmon mac andrew lift for the last bit
GinniFan: Rogers score hasn't moved in 2 quarters
piesfan420: i dont think ill break 2000
slydon: as a victorian this 7:10 sunday kickoff is ass
slydon: thoughts everyone?
BigChief: slydon I think someone said it's a night game because of public holi 2moro in Qld
Capn_Flash: Agreed Slydon
Birdman18: I hate a late Sunday night game
Hughsy: Yes Slydon, sitting here realizing i wont see the end of the round tonight, gonna have to go to bed
slydon: i get it for local time but my point doesnt change, as a victorian it still sucks
Hughsy: I mean the trades...
CamT: Can we have Best 18 every Round ?
slydon: what time will trade window open? tomorrow morning or like 11pm?
Birdman18: Yeah well what a cock up this round has been
Yeomans: yeah they should schedule all the games for victorian friendly times
BigChief: Football should be Fri, Sat and Sun apart from ANZAC Day. flower these Thurs games.
Birdman18: 8 scores sub 60
slydon: i agree yeomans
Sillybugga: chat showing their age here lololol
CamT: Western Australians can Rage Trade at a respectable hour.
slydon: call me selfish but it is what it is
Hughsy: Definitely Yeomans, us Victorians get hard done by the AFL
Silz90: 2064 with Rowell, Flanders and Graham. What a disaster
slydon: i dont mind the thursday games though tbh, they should just start a little earlier
JaiDay12: chief I don't think anyone will agree with you. I think you have a perceptually shower view of the best day to play foot
clay007: I love Thursday footy chief, why you not a fan
pcaman2003: Victoria home of football should have it all our way,:)
slydon: some of us have work in the morn silly bugga
BigChief: Thurs night games mean kids really can't go.
Yeomans: just play every game in victoria imo, solves the problem
Silz90: I don't mind Thursday games because the work week goes quicker
slydon: let yeomans cook everyone
jezzas-cow: so zorko and neale is on everyones shopping list?
clay007: That is my point silz, but I get it about the kids
BigChief: You seriously think Thurs footy is the best day JaiDay?
slydon: hes got 3 michelin stars
Brian00173: Cant remember seeing a team with three players go 150+ before...
Silz90: Yeh agree with you clay and bc. My kids are too young so I don't mind at the moment
BigChief: But it is all about the money now, not the fans.
Darren67: If a Sunday game is 7pm or so, it should be on free TV not on foxtel etc
JaiDay12: chief of course, it's the most enjoyable atmosphere and makes a pretty boring day exciting
costak7: Only boring conservative old school aussies hate Thursday night footy. Look around the world. Sport on every night
Darren67: We only get Thurs to Sat...3 games on sunday and nothing on TV.
CamT: David Swallow should break the record for the biggest total price drop after this game. Whatever the record is.
BigChief: You are dilusional JaiDay. Fri night is the best footy day.
costak7: Why is it good enough for American and European kids to attend sport. Kids in Spain out till 2am for fiestas haha
BigChief: Why do we need to follow what other countries do? AFL is an AUSSIE game, not some dumb American or Europe crappy sport.
Wriggs365: touk you spud
Wriggs365: think i won 1 outta 2 matchups
Wriggs365: 2 wins wouldve been great
Calamitous: stupid sexy flanders

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